Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, July 30, 1907, Page 5, Image 5

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Farmers in Umatilla County
Are Harvesting a Phenom
enal Crop.
Conditions Everywhere Very Favor
able to Grain of. All Kinds.
Spring Wheat Is Making
Splendid Progress.
PENDLETON, Or., July 29. (Special.)
Umatilla County's wheat crop has not
been injured by hot weather and growers
say that it is past all possibility of such
danger. The weather here Is not con
sidered hot, however, as the thermometer
only registered 92 today and has not been
above that mark for three weeks. The
wheat that is now being harvested Is
In perfect condition, the yield being very
large and the test in many Instances,
phenomenal. Farmers who have been
here for years say that It is the best
crop ever harvested in the country.
Weather Remains Cool and Spring
Wheat Is Doing Xicel-r.
SPOKANE, Wash.. July 29.-(Special.)
No complaints of damage by hot weather
to wheat In the Palouse or in the North
Idaho country have been heard. There
have been light showers recently, and
the weather remains cool. Spring wheat
is making good headway under present
conditions. Harvesting of Fall wheat Is
going on row. and quite a number of
threshing machines will be out the last
of this week. Next week there will be
many threshing machines at work.
Bumper Crop at Lewlston.
LEW1STON, Idaho, July 29. (Special.)
Ideal weather conditions are maturing
the grain in the Ljewlston belt and grain
men predict, with a continuance for ten
days of the clear, warm weather, the
prairie region will turn off the largest
crop In Its history.
Courts Are Called Upon to Rectify
Some of Cnpid'9 Mistakes.
OREGON CITY, Or., -July 29. (Spe
cial.) The divorce market was brisk
today and three suits, emanating in
Multnomah County, were filed In the
Circuit Court. Wilbur F. Brock was
married to ila Brock in Tacoma,
Wash.. April 18. 1893, and he charged
her with desertion June 26, 1905. They
have one child, Wilbur Wesley, aged
13 years. Mrs. Brock appeared at the
courthouse immediately after the com
plaint was filed and accepted service.
Maude Gustln has filed a suit against
Harley J. (Justin, to whom she was
married In Portland, Or., September 12,
'1900. : ..e alleges desertion, and de
sires to resume her maiden name of
Walker. They have one daughter,
Viblan Ethel, aged three years.
Jennie L. Bowers is the plaintiff in a
suit against A. M.'Bowers. They were
married March 31. 1907. The plaintiff's
tnaiden name was Willoughby, which
she wants to resume. She charges
Bowers with drinking and staying out
at nights while they were llviag at
Pendleton, and she was compelled to
cook for a lot of men, who were paint
ing for the O. R. & 1., in order to sup
port and clothe herself.
Keep Fact Secret Regarding Pricee
and Car Movements.
SEATTLE, Wash.. July 29. (Special.)
A confidential circular sent out by the
Shingle Mills Bureau declares that the
fact was known In April to officials
of the bureau that the Great Northern
would move empties to this city in
June to handle shingle shipments. The
news was suppressed, the circular
ays, lest If. find its way to Eastern
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lumber trade3ournals and depress the
market or intimidate retailers who
might fear that rivals would get better
prices when the car situation improved.
The circular says the Shlngrle Mills
Bureau has not griven any single mar
ket quotations because in the earlier
part of the year labor would have mis
interpreted them and made extravagrent
demands for higher 'wages, the prices
would have been copied by Eastern
trade journals and have led retailers
to bear the market and delay ordering
because they did not agree with whole
saler's quotations, and because In May
the quotations would have shown the
beginning of a price decline and would
have oeen widely advertised by whole
salers in a bear campaign. Credit Is
claimed by the bureau in its confidential
circular for compelling wholesalers to
pay not less than $2.25 for stars and
$2.50 for clears, despite an effort the
wholesalers were making to get the
shingles on the basis of $1.75 and $2.
Many of the wholesalers were loaded
up with orders at cheap prices taken
In an agreed movement to keep the mar
ket steady last Winter. The market at
that time showed every indication of
going wild and wholesalers steadied
it by their contracts. When they sought
to buy shingles on the rate tacitly
agreed upon, the manufacturers in
sisted upon higher prices.
Washington Pioneer Association
Gets $20,000 for Erection of
Permanent Home.
BEATTLE, Wash., July 29. (Special.)
The entire fortune of Miss Loretta
Denny,, a pioneer of 1851 and sister of
A. A. Denny, who founded the City of
Seattle, Is to be given to charity. By
the terms of her will which was filed
today, the Pioneer Association will get
120,000 to erect a permanent home, $26,
000 will be set aside to provide scholar
ships in the University of Washington,
120,000 goes to the Jessie Kenney Home
for old people, J10.000 is to be , given to
a pulmonary hospital if one is founded
within five years, the Seattle General
Hospital gets a like amount and several
other charitable and missionary societies,
including the Salvation Army, get be
quests ranging from J1000 to J10.000.
Miss Denny came here a babe In arms
by the way of The Dalles. Or. She had
been, for many years, one of the widest
known charity workers in the city and
died last week.
Movement at Walla Walla to Resist
Advance In Warehouse Rates.
WALLA WALLA, Wash., July 29. (Spe
cial.) Fifty-nine representative of the
Walla Walla County Graingrowers' Asso
ciation met Saturday and discussed the
warehouse difficulty, with a view to pro
viding ways and means to compel the
railroads and warehousemen to reduce
the exorbitant charges now Imposed upon
them for the storage of their grain. The
additional charge was announced last
week when the combination of ware
housemen gave notice that the storage
charge would be Increased from 50 cents
to 75 cents a ton, and that, after January
t an additional charge of 10 cents a ton
per month would be placed into effect.
Prosecuting Attorney Rupp appeared be
fore the meeting at the request of several
members of the association. Mr. Rupp
stated that he was powerless to take ac
tion against the warehousemen, inasmuch
as there is nothing under the state laws
which would justify him in going ahead
with the case.
A committee consisting of Messrs. W.
H. Stlne, Thomas Ennls, Richard Thomp
kins, Edward Reser and Archie Donohue,
was appointed by the association to work
in conjunotion with the Commercial Club
and to thoroughly investigate the present
condition, apd if possible, bring relief to
the grain growers of Walla Walla County.
Escape From Idaho Pen.
BOISE, Idaho. July 29. (Special.)
Wearing his prison stripes, H. F. Mallon,
who was sentenced from Shoshone
County, April 30, to the State Peniten
tiary to serve two years for burglary, dis
appeared from the stone quarry on Table-
Rock this afternoon, and although it was
discovered in about 15 minutes that he
was gone and guards have since been
searching for him, no trace of Mallon
has been found.
289 Washington is the center of in
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"The Largest
After Shooting Brother and
Sisters Attempts to Take
His Own Life.
Henry Had Long Been Insane.
Doctors Say Three Victims Have
Good Chance of Recovery.
Mother Is Prostrated.
VERSAILLES, July 29. The death of
the great American soldier himself, and
an attempt at self-destruction on the
part of his son, Henry, who ehot two
sisters and brother on Sunday, last at
the bedside of his dying father. Im
parted additional sadness today to the
shocking tragedy in the home of Major
Henry A. Huntington, which has
caused a sensation in the American col
ony and diplomatic circles of France.
Major Huntington died this evening,
shortly after the new was given out
of his son Henry's unsuccessful attempt
at suicide, but the father was spared
the anguish of knowing of the terrible
crime which shattered his household,
as he was unconscious to the end.
The prostrated wife, his daughter,
Edith, and his son, Douglas, whose
slight wounds permitted them 'to pay
the last honors to the dying man, were
present in the chamber when the end
Foiled In Attempted Suicide.
According to the police, Henry at
tempted suicide in his cell with a pocket-handkerchief,
which he tied around
his neck and fastened to the bars, seek
ing to strangle himself slowly by
means of a tourniquet. The jailer,
who had been Instructed to watch the
prisoner closely, detected the act In
time to prevent serious results, and it
was announced that Henry had not suc
ceeded in Injuring himself. It is stated
by close friends of Major Huntington
that after his quarrel with Henry, he
had drawn up a will leaving all his
property to his wife and the four other
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children, but that in view of his recon
ciliation with Henry on Sunday, he tore
up this will and made a new one in
which Henry was given an equal share
with the others. It was the protests
of the family against this, according
to statements, which led Henry to his
rash act.
Three doctors today held out some hope
for the recovery of Alonzo and Elizabeth.
Edith's wound Is - not serious. Mrs.
Huntington's life is despaired of. Major
Huntington never regained consciousness,
and was in complete ignorance of the
It was learned today that Major Hunt
ington's brother died In a madhouse suf
fering from delusions somewhat similar
to those of which Henry is possessed.
Trouble Was of Long Standing.
Henry's wife, in an interview, said this
trouble dated from the last anniversary
dinner of her marriage. She declared that
on this occasion her sister-in-law spoke
ill of her to her husband.
"I ean never forget," Mrs. Huntington
went on, "that my husband broke with
his family rather than permit me to be
insulted in his presence."
Major Huntington was one of the best
known Americans In Paris, and he and
his family have long been taking promi
nent parts in the social and official gaiety
of the French capital. He was a retired
Army officer, and prior to taking up his
residence abroad lived in Chicago, where
he was an associate of those prominent
in Army and business circles. In Paris he
became well known for his after-dinner
speeches at the American Club, of which
he was one of the organizers. He was ex
Attache of the American Embassy at
Major Huntington and family always
took a leading pert in the social func
tions at the American Embassy. Several
years ago the family took a fine old
residence at Versailles where the major
was better able to pursue his studies of
French .art and literature.
He enjoyed independent means. With
ex-Ambassador Porter, he compiled a
list of French officers who participated
with Lafayette in the American Revolu
tion. For this he was decorated with the
Cross of the Legion of Honor.
Another Version of the Shooting. '
Another version of the shooting was
received today. It seems that Henry,
the youngest son of Major Huntington,
has been considered unbalanced men
tally for years. He had a mania that he
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on the Coast"
had solved the science of curing disease
and constantly conceived the most pre
posterous remedies. His father, having
found it Impossible to control him, g&ve
him an allowance and permitted him to
go his way. Henry has lived in Paris
or Aisne where, some time ago, he mar
ried the daughter of a doctor. There
was no family estrangement. When
Henry arrived yesterday in response to
a message he strutted into the bedroom
of his parent, mumbling about his father
not receiving proper ireaimenu no am
not kneel at the bedside and ask for
giveness, as has been reported, but he
began Interrogating Major Huntington.
When his father, whose mind Is wander
ing, replied Incoherently, Henry turned
abruptly to the family and said, angrily:
"Don't you see that you are killing
Shoots In a Frenzy.
He at once became more excited. The
family tried to persuade him to go into
the drawing room and talk the matter
over there. He refused and Insisted that
the only way to cure -is father was to
administer the blood of a dog mixed
with sea water, a remedy which be had
Tiring of his persistence, his brother
Douglass finally opened the door and
"I am the eldest, and I ask you to
leave and not return."
Edith Huntington also abjured her
brother to depart and not create further
disturbance. They pushed Henry toward
the door. Suddenly he drew a revodver
and fired one shot each at the brother
and sisters. In the meantime one of the
guards of the Versailles Park, who hap
pened to be in the kitchen downstairs,
accompanied by the Household servants,
rushed to the room and wrenched the
revolver from the hands of the madman.
When Interrogated by the examining
magistrate, Henry Huntington admitted
the shooting. He declared his acts were
an outcome of family, troubles and he
manifested no repentance for them.
Score Perish by Black Hand In New
York Tenement Fire.
NEW YORK, July 29. The explosion of
a bomb, placed, the police believe, by
agents of the Black Hand In an Italian
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grocery store on Christie street, started
the fire which swept through the Italian
tenement and destroyed the lives of a
score of people and injured 15 others. The
noise of the explosion caused a panic in
the densely populated district. The police
say that many perished in the flames,
fearing to escape to the streets, where
they believed death awaited them from
the dreaded Black Hand. A second ex
plosion from a kerosene tank followed
and the whole lower floor was a mass
of flames. The fire shot up the stair
ways, cutting off all escape from those
in the bedrooms above.
Many rushed to the fire escapes,
which became clogged with frightened
people. The houso was filled with dense
smoke and the flames rushing upstairs
drove the half crazed people toward
the roof. The flames killed many as
they were about to be rescued from
the 'roof, while others were, overcome
by smoke. There were many heroic
rescues by firemen.
The bodies of the dead were found
In all manner of places. Four women
were discovered dead in a closet where
they had rushed to hide from the
flames, which soon found them out.
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The body of one woman was lying;
over a child as though she had tried to
protect it from the flames. Five bodies
were found crowded around one door
way upon the top floor, showing that
they had been struck down while try
ing to escape.
Only five of the victims had been
Identified at an early hour today. They
were Marlite de Dollc, hlsAvlfe Amelia
and their two infant children, and
Frank Fields, a bedridden cripple, who
was carried out alive by the firemen,
but who succumbed to his injuries af
ter his rescue.
The burned building was one of those
old-fashioned tenements of the East
Side, with a store on the ground floor
and the apartments upstairs crowded
with tenants, mainly Italians. The flre
started in the rear and swept through
the building with a rush. One man
was found wandering delirious in the
street, suffering Intense agony from
burns which extended from head to
foot. His clothes had been burned from
his body, only here and there a shred
remaining attached to the blistered
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