Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, April 18, 1907, Page 17, Image 17

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Sharp Break in Prices in Local
Hide Market.
At Chicago, However, It Is Believed
That the Easier Money Situa
tion Will IJelp Toward a
Later Improvement.
The hid market has fallen Into a more
Or leu demoralized condition and local deal
ers have reduced their quotations on preen
hides about 1 cent. The market Is decid
edly Inactive, owing to the lack of orders
from the East, where prices have been de
pressed by the grubby stock offering. The
possibility of a strike among the tanners and
leather workers of California also tends to
check activity In the hide market here.
The situation at Chicago, the principal
hide market of the United States, la ex
plained In late mall advices from that city
as follows:
The packers are taking a more hopeful
view of the situation, owing to a somewhat
easier money market, and state that with
lower rates for time loans the demand for
hides will be sure to show a material im
provement. As far as the present market
Is concerned, however. It is dull and weak,
with no Increase In the demand from tan
ners, except the better call for Texas steers
and branded cows from Southwestern points,
where cattle are running shorter haired and
lees grubby. Sales of Texas steers ahead
Into middle of April salting have been made
from Southwestern packing points at 15VaO
for heavy, 15c for light, and 14 He for ex
tremes. These prices are unchanged on the
light and extreme weights, but higher
on the heavies. Southwestern branded cows
have been sold at 14 hi c. Including one sale
of 10,000 of these at that figure. Branded
cows are obtainable from Northern points at
14c The weak feature of the packer mar
ket Is in native steers, native cows and butt
brands. A New York packer. In order to
And- a buyer, made a material break in
prices and sold February native steers at 13c,
and butt brands and Colorado together at
12c It Is believed that Chicago packers
could not secure over 14c for a block of late
salting native steers, or over 13c for native
cows, but small lots have been moved at Ma
over these prices. The country hide market
has been In a demoralized condition, with
tanners almost entirely out of the market,
and the last sale of buffs in Chicago was at
11c, which Is a drop of c from the previ
ous transaction. One sale of extreme light
country cows was made at ll4c. Foreign
dry hides are also weak, but there Is suffi
cient demand from the smaller Independent
tanners to prevent any material breaks.
Stocks -Here Are depleted by Shipment to
the South.
Onions went up to 4 cent per pound in the
local market yesterday. The same thing that
caused the advance here weakened the San
Francisco market. Oregon has for some time
been practically the only scarce of supply on
the Pacific Coast, and to take advantage of
the good prices below, shipments were freely
made to the South, thus leaving the local
market well nigh bare of stock. A carload
of Texas Bermuda onions la due here Monday,
but as they will sell around B cents. It is
probable that home-grown onions will soon
reach that price.
The San Francisco market was also weaker
on potatoes, owing to heavy arrivals from
tills state and the Bast. The top price for
Oregon Burbanks In the Bay City was $2.30.
Last night' t earner carried but four car
loads, one of which was seed potatoes. The
aext steamer will clean up all that are left
on the docks and this will probably wind up
the water shipments. It is estimated that
only 75 or 80 cars of potatoes will be left in
growers' and dealers bands in Oregon by May
1. There will be no scarcity of potatoes here,
however, for many cara have been ordered
from the East. Whether or not these pota
toes) will keep through the early Summer
months tw a question.
Part of a Car of Florida Stock for the
Local Trade.
The Florida tomato season will be fully
spened today, so far as the local market Is
concerned. A carload of the tomatoes arrived,
at Seattlte yesterday and the Portland allot
ment will reach this city by exprese this morn
ing. It Is understood the tomatoes will be
offered at $4 per crate for choice and $4.50
for fancy.
Oregon cauliflower 1a coming in more freely
and Is quoted lower at 75 cents to $1.25 per
dozen, according to size and quality. A few
years ago It was not thought that cauliflower
could be grown here In the Winter, but the
Industry Is now assuming large proportions.
6c me Oregon asparagus Is coming in, but It
Is stll lhtgh. Three oars of Los Angeles cab
sage are due today.
Apples are arriving yet from the foothills
near Mount Hood and are moving fairly well.
Two cars of oranges reached Portland during
the day. Bananas are due Saturday night.
They were reported from B 11 lings yesterday
in good green condition. This lot come from
Only Small Business Passim Between Deal
erg at Low Prices.
A few transactions between dealers at
around 7o and 7 He, prices that not long ago
would have been considered ridiculous, are
the only signs of life in the local hop mar
Advices from New York City report a
little activity in shipments from the Coast,
but at small prices. A fair quality of Yolos,
, 107 bales, brought only Sc there, and a
112-bale lot 9c, while some good olds from
the same section sold at 6c. A small lot
of Sacramento was offered at 6 Ho and a
small lot of Western 'Washington changed
hands at 9 He. There was a sale of 100
bales of prime Oregons at 10c and a 40-bala
lot of 1103 states brought 44c.
The Washington and California markets
were dull yesterday. Information received
from the latter state was to the effect that
the recent flood will have no adverse effect
on the coming crop.
Outside Orders Vp to the Present Have
Held Prices Steady.
The future of the egg market is somewhat
uncertain. Arrivals are again Increasing, but
at the present time there is a fair shipping
Inquiry that prevents any accumulation here.
So long as the outside demand lasts prices are
likely to remain steady, but without a ship
ping outlet It would be necessary to store the
eggs at a lower price.
There Is still a good inquiry for chickens
that holds quotations at a high mark
There were no features In the butter market
yesterday. The tone was weak all around.
Bunk Clearings.
Bank clearance of the leading cities of the
Northwest yesterday were:
ClMir'.nrs. Balances.
Portland -...$1.3U.JM2 $ 77. SH
'Seattle M l,4ti7,l-l4 1S4.521
Taeoma 7M.:12 4S.173
pokane 9UU,9o7 129,470
$10.50, country S20.50 per ton; U. S. Mills
dairy chop, $15.50 per ton.
WHEAT Ciuo, 7oc; Diuestezn, i c; val
ley, 7iiu; red, 74c.
OATS Xio. l wnite, t-u.ou; gray, tza&tv.
FLOUR Patents, $4.S0; straights, Sa.75;
clears, $3.75; Valley, $3.80g3.tK); graham
Hour, S J. iitf HUUIO wueui uuur,
RYE Sl.4oMl.5w per CWL
BARLEY Feed. $1.50 per ton: brewing,
a23: rolled. $23. 0 & 4.50.
CEREAL FOODS Rolled oats, cream, gO
pound sacks, S7; lower grades, $5.5O(&6.o0;
oatmeal, steel-cut. 45-pound sacks, $ii per
barrel; 9-pound sacks, $4.25 per bale; oat
meal (ground), 45-pound sacks, $7.50 per
barrel: v-pound Backs. $4 per bale; spat
peas, per 100 pounds, $4.254.80; pearl bar
ley, $4 4.50 per 100 pounds; pastry flour.
1U-pound sacks, $2.30 per bale.
COKiN Whole, 5; cracked. sze per ton.
HAY Valley timothy. No. 1. S15&16 per
ton; Eastern Oregon timothy, $17 18; clo
ver, $9; cheat, $9; grain hay, $910.
Vegetables, Fruits Etc
DOMESTIC FRUITS Strawberries. 25c per
pound.; appl-e, common, 75c&$1.25 per box;
choice, $1.502; cranberries, $10,50411 per
TROPICAL FRUITS Lemons, fancy. $4
5 box: oranges, navels. $2.50'g3.50; grape
fruit. $3i&3. 50; bananas, 4H5c per pound.
ROOT VEGETAh LiuS Turnips, JlW'i.ZJ
per sack; carrots, $1(1.25 per sack; beets,
$1.23 1.50 per sack; garlic, 7H if 10c per
pound; horseradish, 7 (Stic per pound; chic
ory, 30c.
f orn la, 2 H c per pound ; cauliflower, 7o
$1.25 dozen ; lettuce, head, 35&45c dozen ; on
ions, lOel2Hc per dozen; tomatoes, $2.25.?
4.50 crate, parsley, 253uc; artichokes, 75-soc
lnzen: hothouse lettuce,. pox; peas, izh
fclSc; radishes, 20c dozen; asparagus, 15c
per pounu ; Den peppers, ouo oc per pouna;
rhubarb, 4&L5c per pound; cucumbers, $23;
spinach. $1.50 per crate.
OMU.NS Oregon, $3.o0fi4 per loo.
DRIED FRUITS Apples, 88Hc pound;
nricota. 16 it 19c: Deaches. 11 13c: tears.
llHlo; Italian prunes, 26o; Califor
nia fiers. white. In sacks. S&OHc oer nound:
black. 4H&5c; bricks, 75c$2.25 per box;
Smyrna, 18H20c pound; dates, Parisian, OH
c pound.
POTATOES Jobbing price: $1.85 3 -per
RAISINS Layers and clusters. 2-crown
$2.15, 3-crown $2.25, 6-crown $3.10, 8-
crown ?j.du; torse muscatels, it-crown ec.
8-crown 8 He, 4-crown 9c; seedless, Thomp
sons, 10 He; Sultanas. 8 12 He
Butter, Eggs, Poultry, Etc.
BUTTER City creameries: Extra cream
ery, 27Hc per pound. State creameries:
Fancy creamery, 2b (q 27 H c ; store butter,
BUTTER FAT First grade cream, 2So
per pound; second grade cream, 2c leas per
CHEESE Oregon full cream twins, 15H
16c; Young America, 16 H & 17c per pound.
POULTRY Average old hens, 15 16c;
mixed chickens, 15laHc; Spring fryers and
broilers, 22 H S 25c; old roosters, iJ012c;
dressed chickens, 16&17o; turkeys, live, 13
ft'15c; turkeys, dressed, choice, 18H20c;
geese, live, per pound, 8c; ducks, ldltto;
piireon, $11.50; squabs, $2 3.
EGGS 19c per dozen.
Dressed Meats.
VEAL Dressed, 75125 pounds, 88Hc;
125 150 pounds, 7c; 150 200 pounds, 6c;
200 pounds and up, 6 tie.
BEEF Dressed bulls, Sfjj'SHc per pound;
cows, 5&6c; country steers, 6&7c.
MUTTON Dressed, fancy, 1010Ho per
pound; ordinary, 8 9c; Spring lambs, with
pelts, 13c
PORK Dressed, 100130 pounds, 8H
9c ; 150 u 200 pounds, 7 & 7 H c ; 200 pounds
and up, 6'j6Hc. f
Groceries, Nuts, Esc.
RICE) Imperial japan No. 1, 5Koj Bouth
ern Japan, 6-4oc; bead, 6.75c
COFFEE Mocha, 242J4c; Java, ordinary,
17620c; Coata Rica, fancy. 18i&20c; good, 169
18c; ordinary. 1216c per pound. Columbia
roaet, casee, lou, $14.50; bos, $14.75; Ar
buckle, $16.03; Lion, $15.75.
SALMON Columbia .River, 1-pound tails,
$1.75 per dos. ; 2-pound talis, $2.40; 1-pound
hats. $1.10; Alaska, pink, 1-pound tails. 95c:
red. 1-pound tails, $1.25; sockeye. 1-pound
tails, $1.70.
SUGAR Sack basis. 100 pounds, cube.
$5.37 H ; powdered, $5.27 H ; granulated,
$3.17; extra C, $4.62H; golden C, $4.52H;
fruit sugar, $5.12H; berry, $5.12H; XXX,
$5.02; P. C, $0.O2H. Advance sales over
Back basis as follows: Barrels, 10c; H bar
rels, 25c; boxes, 50o per loo pounds. Terms:
On remittances within 15 days deduct Vo
per pound; If later than 15 days and within
30 days, deduct fyc; beet sugar, $5.02 H
per 100 pounds; maple sugar, 15t 18c pec
Ni'TS Walnuts, 16H20c per pound by
sacld; Brazil nuts, 19c; filbert, 18c; pecans,
J urn boa, 23c, extra large 21c; almonds, 18
fc20c; chestnuts, Ohio, 17c; Italian, 14
to 15c; peanuts, raw. 6&SHc per pound;
roasted, 10c; pinenuts, lul2c; hickory nuts.
I0c; cocoanuts, 3((j90c per dozen.
SALT Granulated, $14 ' per ton; $2 per
bale; half ground, 100s, $10.50 per ton; 60s,
$11 per ton. .
BEANS Small white, 8c; large white,
8c; pink. 3c; bayou, Sc; Lima, 6 Ho; Mex
icans, red, 4c.
HONEY Fancy, $3.253.C0 per box.
Hops, Wool, Hides. to
HOPS 7&10o per pound, according to
WOOL Eastern Oregon average best, ISO
18c uer nound. according to shrinkage: Valley.
2ui22e, according to fineness.
AioHAlK Choice, 2i)U2Jhio per pound.
CASCAKA BARK Old. 6&5Hc per pound fl
HlDl&S Dry, No. 1. 16 pounds and up, 20fl
pound; dry kip. No. 1, 5 to 15 jounds, lti318e
per pound; dry calf. No. 1, under 5 pounds,
20ii-2:; dry salted; Bulls and stage, one-third
Us than dry Hint; culls, moth-eaten, badly cut,
scored, murrain, hair-slipped, weather-beaten,
nr smhbv. 2o to 3c per Douud less: salted
steers, sound, 60 pwunUs and over, loc
i'ouno; steers, wuuu, uv to w pounas,
9i&'loc pound; steers, sound, under 60 pounds,
and cows, pound; stags and bulls,
sound, 6;!&7c pound; kip, sound, 15 to 30
pounds, 9ii 10c pound; veal sound, 10 to 14
pounds, low He; calf, sound, under 10 pounds
lljjl2c pound; green (unsalted), lc pound less;
culls, lc pound less; sheepskins, shearlings.
No. 1 butchers" stock, 25(& 3uc each; short wool.
No. 1 butclerB stock, 50tc.tioc each; medium
wool. No. 1 butchers stock, $1.262 each;
murrain pelts, from 10 to 20 per cent less, or
15jl0c pound; horse hides, salted, according
to slxe $2ii(2.60 each; hides, dry, according to
size, $1-&.1.&0 each; colts' hides. 25a5tc each;
goatskins, common, 15i&25c each; goatskins.
Ansora, with wool on, 3oc6$1.50 each.
FURS Bear skins, as to size. No. 1, $5 20
each; cubs, $1U3 each; badger, prime, 25;s50c
each; cat, wild, with head perfect, 3050c; cat, -house,
64i20c; fox. common gray, large prima,
6outOC each; red, $35 each; cross, $5tH5
each; silver and black, $100300 each; fishers,
$:j8 each; lynx, $4.5u6 each; mink, strictly
No. 1, aiicording to size, $1&3 each; marten,
dark northern, according to sice and color,
$lu&15 each; pale, pine, according to size and
color, $2.50&"4 each; muskrat. large, 12ipl5a
each; skunk, 30(a40a each; civet or polecat,
on 15c each; otter, for large, prime skin,
10 -ach; panther, with head and claws perfect,
$2fi5 each; raccoon, for prime, large, o0i&75o
each; wolf, mountain, with head perfect, $3.50
j&; prairie (coyote), 60cn$l; wolverine. $0tfS
Provisions and Canned Meats.
BACON Fancy breakfast, 21Ho pound;
standard breakfast, 19c; chclce, 15c; Eng
lish, 11 to 14 pounds, 17c; peach, lttHo.
HAMS 10 to 11 pounds, 16Hc pound;
14 to 16 pounds, 16c; 18 to 20 pounds, 16c;
picnics, 12c; cottage, llc shoulders, 12c;
boiled, 25c; boiled picnic, boneless, 20a
BARRELED GOODS Pork, barrels, $20;
half-barrels, $11; beef, barrels, $10, haif-bar-rtl?
SAUSAGE Ham, 13c per pound: minced
ham, 10c; Eummer, choice dry. It He; bo
logna, long, tic; weinerwurst. 10c; liver, 6c;
pork, 10c; headcheese. 6c; blood. 6c; bologna
link uHc.
DRY SALT CURED Regular short clears,
dry salt, 12c; smoked, 13c; clear backs,
dry salt, 12c; smoked, 13c; clear bellies,
14 to IT pounds average, dry salt, none ;
smoked, mone; Oregon exports, dry salt, 12 He;
moked. 13H?-
LAJrtn Kettle rendered: Tierces, 12Ho;
tubs. I2ic; 5ta, 12ic; 20s. 12c; 10s, 13i4c;
5c. 13c. Standard pure: Tierces, HHc;
tube, llc;' ftos. llic; 20s. ll,c; 10s. 12c;
5s. 12Hc Compound: Tierces, ttc; tubs, 9e;
50s, Oic; 10s, 9a4c;-5s, 9Hc
Dried Fruit at New York.
NEW YORK. April 17. Evaporated ap
ples slightly easier in ton as offerings ap
pear to be Increasing and demand continues
lisrht. Fancy, 8c; choice, 7o; prime, 6H
He; poor to fair, 5H6c.
Prunes are unsettled on spot, owing to
offerings from speculative holders and the
absence of Important demand. Quotations
range from 8 He to 12 H c for California
fruit. Oregons are quoted at 5Hc to 10c.
Apricots are quie and unchanged. Choice,
17.l8o; extra choice, lSH19c; fancy,
19? 20c.
Peaches, barely steady. Choice, 11211 Ho;
extra choice, 12 $f 12 He; fancy, 12 H & 13c;
extra fancy. 13 l",c-
Raisins are unchanged. Loose muscatels,
8 $ 10c; seeded raisins, 71 11c; London
bxyera, $1.50 61.60-
New York Cotton Market.
NEW YORK, April 17. Cotton futures
closed steady at a net decline of 6 ij 1
points. April, 9.55c; May, 9.64c; June, 9.6Vc;'
July, 9.67c; August ana aeptemoer, a.iuc;
October, 9.92c; November, 9.96c; December,
10c; January, 10.15c; February, 10.21c;
March, 10.2Sc.
Dairy Produce in the East.
CHICAGO, April 17- On the Produce Ex
change today the butter market was strong.
Creameries, 22 30 He; dairies, 20 4 28c
Eggs, steady; at mark, cases included, 16c;
firsts, 16 H c ; prime firsts, 17 c Cheese,
firm, 13 15c
Damascus creamery hmterla. X, 0 &
PartiantL 2W
No General Outside Participa
tion in Stock Market.
Course - of the Money Market Is a
Subject of Uncertainty The
Foreign Financial Situa
tion Improves.
- N
NETV YORK,. April IT. The only factor of
any Importance to be' drawn from the action
of today's stock market was its narrowing pro
portions, due to the decline in general Inter
est In the operations. The demand from un
covered shorts, which was responsible for yes
terday's brisk price movement, In spite of the
small dealings, was carried somewhat further
today before it had exhausted its Influence oa
prices. Dealings lapsed into a state of leth
argy. This condition Is regarded as rather
seasonable, especially as following so impor
tant a liquidation as was completed last month.
The field is still full of rumors of conse
quences left by the severe decline in prices
which took place then and the heavy
losses involved, The fair inference that
much Is to be done In the way of
repair of damage done at that time gives
credibility to rumors and makes sentiment
sensitive to their increase. The losses in
volved, it is generally believed, have fallen
upon speculators of the important kind and
whose operations have been relied upon, for a
long time past for-leadership of any -important
movement in the market. It la rather
obvious that the , purely investment demand
for stocks, which was conspicuous at the ex
treme low level of prices and which may be
relied upon to effect an actual, reduction of the
floating supply of stocks, has died out almost
entirely at the recovered level of prices and
has aubaided also in the bond market. The
course of the money market with any active
resumption of demand for currency from the
Interior is another subject of uncertainty.
With the added problems of the outcome of
the year's crops and the extent to which the
slowing down in trade may go, the halt in
stock speculation becomes Intelligible.
News developments were of small conse
quence as they air ec ted the market. Much
responsibility for the reaction was attributed
to a published report that hearings would be
resumed tomorrow by the Interstate Com
merce Commission into the Harriman railroad
operations, with an application to the courts
to enforce an answer to questions refused be
fore. The strengts of the morning was con
nected to an extent with the further recovery
in copper metal in the London market. Money
here was firmer, although the change was
scarcely perceptible. New York exchange at
Chicago has fallen to 25 cents discount, while
foreign exchange here Is firmer. Discouuis
hardened in London and the likelihood of a
further reduction in the Bank of England's
discount rate la lessened by the movement of
gold from London to Paris. It is explained,
however, that this movement Is due to repay
ment of London discounts, purchased last year
by the Bank of France. The movement, there
fore, represents a working back to normal
conditions which is expected to operate to
wards the easing of the stress which has been
perceptible In Paris. Today's statement of the
Imperial Bank of Germany also showed a
rapid further recuperation from the strain of
the April settlements reflected in the state
ment of two weeks ago. Last prices of stocks
were near the lowest.
Bonds were irregular. Total sales, par
value, $1,298,000. United States bonds were
unchanged on call.
' Bales. High,
Adams ExDrees
20 H
Amalgam Copper.. Sl.bOO
Am Car & Foundry 8t
uo preierrea (N
Am Cotton Oil 100
American Express
Am Hd & Lt pf..
Am Ice Securities
Am Linseed Oil...
do preferred .....
Am Locomotive. .
do preferred
l,i66 '63H 62
7i6o6 i32
100 li'S4 1084
200 124 122
8,766- 2j
15,700 94 93
"4,800 99 9Si
i.4O0 607i 58
6.3U0 1774 175
700 29 28
"iiio6 42Tt 41 H
G"0 13 H 13 H
IOO 150 150
10,700 134 132i$
"4266 "S5T4 "sl
2,300 27& 264
"6o6 '19
. 6K 79M! 79H
700 186 185
' "6o6 'so"
m bmelt & Kefln
do preferred
Am Sugar Refining
Am Tobacco pf....
Anaconda Mln Oo..
91 H
Atchison 15,700
ao preierrea
Atlantic Coast Line
Baltimore & Ohio
do Drererred
Brook Rao Transit 4.4O0
Canadian acinc. . .
Central Leather...
do Drererred
Cent of New Jersey
Chesapeake & Ohio 3.4O0
una urea,t w eastern
Chi & Northwest..
Chi.. Mil. & St. P.
Chi Term & Trans ....
do preferred
C, C. C. & St. L.
Colo Fuel & Iron..
Colo & Southern..
do 1st preferred...
do 2d preferred..
Consolidated Gas. .
Corn Products
do preferred. . . .
Delaw & Hudson . .
23 2
Del., Lack. West
JJ en & K10 o ran de
do preferred
Distillers' Securit.. 2.000 71
Erie 8,7K 24
do 1st preferred.. f(K 5314
do 2d preferred!. . SiK) 36
General Electric. . . 300 147
Great Northern pf 8,800 133
Illinois Central...-.
Int. Met 200 25 H
do preferred 4oO 604
International Paper , .
do preferred
Inte rotational Pump
do referred. . .
146 'A
58 H
14 H
Iowa Central
do preferred
Kan City Southern
do preferred
Louis ft Nashville
Mfxlcan Central. . .
Minn. & St. Louis
M., St. P. & S.S.M.
do preferred .....
M lasouri Pad fle . . .
Mo., Kan. & Texas
do preferred
National Lead ....
Mex Nat R R pf
N. Y. Central
N. Y. Ont. & West
Norfolk & Western
do preferred
North American.
Northern Pacific.
Pacific Mail...
Pennsylvania .....
People's Gas.......
Pits.. C. C. ft 3. Im
pressed Steel Car
18 18
30 3tf
100 116 116 116
1,100 22
21 2
73 1
1.10O 74
1.900 36 35
5O0 66 66
2.2O0 62 60
""eoo 118 iif"
""COO 76 75
"7o6 72 72"
12.200 13114 129
4O0 27 27
25.1O0 125 123
1.000 92 90
t t
400 36 35
11 1
j 1
do preferred
Pullman Pal Car.
Reading 148,200 107
go 1st preferred
do 2d- preferred. .
Republic Steel 700 29
do preferred 600 85
Rock Island Co.... l.NX 11
do preferred...-, 200 49H
KUDDer Lioooe pi.
Schloss-Sheffteld .
100 63
St. L. & S. F. 2 pf
St. boutnwest.
do preferred. . . .
Southern Pacific.
do t) referred ....
'. 40606 S3 81
"pr6 '21 20
ftOO M W
20 14S 145
2S$ 2iZ 27
loo 2915 29
7i0 54 54
.168,500 139V4 134
! ""366 '72 72"
'ss'tL "S6
, 9,200 lOlJ 100
! ""466 25 "25
Southern Railway. .
do preferred-. . . .
Tenn Coal 4 Iron.
Texas & Pacific. . .
Tot.. St. L. ft West
do preferred. . . .
Union Pacific...
do preferred....
U. 9. ExpresB....
V. S. Realty
U. 8. Rubber
do preferred-.-.
U. S. Steel
do preferred. . . .
Virg.-Caro Chem.
do preferred ....
do preferred ....
Wells Farco Exp.
Westinghorse Elect
Western Union....
Wheel & Lake T5rie
100 824 82
Wisconsin Central loo 19
do preferred 100 y t
Total sales for the day. 750,100 shares..
NEW YORK, April 17. Closing Quotations
TJ. S. ref. 2s reg.104 (D. ft R. G. 4s 95
do oupon 104 N. Y. C. Q. 3s 93
V. s. 33 reg ioz xorth. Pac. ss... 71
do coupon. . . 103 H ;North. Pac 4s. . .101
TJ. S new 4s ree.329U South. Pac 4s 88
da coupon. ...laOHillnioa pae. 4-L--.lU
U. S. old 4s reg.l01!Wis. Cen. 4s 89
do coupon 10411 Jap. 6s 2d ser... 97
Atchison adj. 4s 91tJap. 4s ctfs... 91
Money, Exchange, Etc.
NKW YORK. April 17. Money on call.
easy, 23 per cent; ruling rate, 2 2
per cent; closing bid, per eent; offered at
2 per cent. Time loans, firmer; so nays.
S&4 per cent; 90 days, 44 per cent;
six months, 5 per cent. Prime mercantile
paper, 6 per cent.
Sterling exchange firmer, witn actual dusi-
ness in bankers bills at $4.8545 4-8o50 for
demand and at $4 82454.8250 for 60-day
bills. Posted rates, $4.83 and $4.SG. Com
mercial bills, $4.82 4. 86.
Bar silver, 65 C
Mexican dollars, S0c
Government bonds, steady; railroads, ir
LONDON. April 17. Bar silver, steady,
304 d per ounce.
Money, 12 per cent.
The rate of discount in the ooen market
for sliort bills is 3 3 per cent; do three
months bills, 3&3 per cent.
SAX FRANCISCO, April 17. Silver bars.
65 c.
Mexican dollars, 50 61c.
Drafts, sight, par; do telegraph. Sc.
Sterling, 60 days, $4.82; do sight.
Daily Treasury Statement.
WASHINGTON, April 17. Today's state
ment of the treasury balances shows:
Available cash balance $248,073,721
Gold coin and bullion 109,343,905
Gold certificates 88,583,690
Another Sale of Home Telephone Five Per
Cent Bonds at 85.
A private sale of Home Telephone bonds
at 85 was reported at the Stock Exchange
yesterday. Associated Oil advanced sharp
ly to 43. J. j. i-ee stock was oirerea at
16, with 8 bid.
v Official prices were as follows:
Bank stocks Bid. Ask.
Bank of California 360 ...
Bankers & Lumbermen s .... 103
Merchants National 177
Oregon Trust & Savings ..... ... luO -
Portland Trust Company 120
United States National 200 ... -
American Biscuit Co. 6s .... 98 100
City St Suburban 4s . 92
Home Telephone 6S 85
O. R. & N. Ry. 4s 99 loo
O. W. P. & Ry. 6s 100 103 H
Pacific Coast Biscuit 6s 96 100
Portland Railway 5s 98
J. C. Lee Go's 6s ... 100
Miscellaneous stocks-
Associated Oil 43 44 ,
Home Telephone 34 40
J. C. Lee Co 8 16
Pacific States Telephone ...... .... 10O .
Puget Sound Telephone ... 40
Mining Stocks
Lakevlew 24
Manhattan Crown Point 20
Potlcie Mining 20
Washougai Ext 25 26
Yaquina Bay Telephone 5 ...
Oregon City Mill & Lumber 6
Alaska Petroleum 12 16
British .Columbia Amal 03 05
Cascadla 20
Mammoth 03 12
Morning 03 05
Standard Consolidated 06 10
Tacoma Steel .. 08 14
Coeur d'Alens District
Bullion 09 10
Copper King 18 21
O. K. Consolidated 04 . 05
Happy Day ' 05 n5
Snowshoe 40 48
Snowstorm 2 SO 200
5000 Home Telephone 5 per cent bonds,
at 85, private sale.
5 Associated Oil, at 43.
Eastern Mining Stocks.
BOSTON, April 17. Closing quotations:
Adventurtt 3.50
Osceola ...-..$133.00
Allouez 51. (Ml
Amalgamate! 91.S7H
Atlantic ... 12.50
Parrot 20 23
Qulncy lis. 00
Shannon .... 17.00
Bingham ... 17.00,
Tamarack .. 107.0"
Cal. & Hecla 835.0U
Trinity 20.25
U. S. Mining 63.50
U. B. OU 10.25
Centennial .. 30.00
Cop. Range.. 79.50
Daly West. . 16.25
Utah 61.00
Franklin ..." 16.50
Victoria .... 7.50
Granby 130.00
Iale Royale.. 18.12
Winona .... 8.00
Wolverine .. 155.00
North Butte. 86.25
Butte Coal.. 2.KT.0
Nevada 14. OO
Cal. & Ariz.. 157.00
Mass. Mining 5.87 V,
Mtcnigan ... 14. uu
Mohawk 77. 00
Mont. C. & C 2.50
O. Dominion 51.50
lArlz. Com... 25.50
Price, Current I vocally oa Cattle, Sheep and
, '
The following prices were quoted in the
local market yesterday:
CATTLE Best steers, $4.754.90; me
dium, $4.254.50; cows, $3.754; fair- to
medium cows, f 3. 25 3.50; bulls, 1.602;
calves, $4.505.
SHEEP Best. $6.256.50.
HOGS Best, J 7.25 7.60; llRhtweiRhts, $7
7.25; etockera and feeders, $6.7o7.2o.
Eastern Livestock Prices.
KANSAS CITY. Mo., April 17. Cattle
Receipts, 8000. Market steady. Native
steers, $4.756.40; native cows and heifers,
$35.40; stockers and feeders. $4S.50;
bulls, $34.50; calves, $4&7; Western fed
steers, $4.253.50; Western fed cows, $3.25
Hogs Receipts, 11,000. Market, Be lower.
Packers, $6.456.55; heavy, $6.45 6.50; pigs
and lights, $8.40 8.57.
Sheep Receipts, 4000. Market, strong.
Muttons, $5.256.40; lambs, $74x8.50; range
wethers, $5.307.40; fed ewes, $58.25.
CHICAGO, April 17. Cattle Receipts,
23.000. Market, steady to 10c lower. Beeves,
$4. 25 6.65; good to prime steers, $5,83
6.65; poor. to medium, $4.255.S0; stockers
and feeders, $2.905.10; cows $1.78 4.80;
heifers. $2.65 5.30; calves, $4.50 6.
Hogs Receipts today, 27,000. Market, Bo
lower. Mixed, $6.556.7B; heavy. $6.30
6 70; good to choice heavy, 6.656.75;
rough heavy. $6.356.40; light, $a.506.75;
pigs, $6.10fi 6.65.
Sheep Receipts, 20,000. Market, steady
to 10c lower; lambs. $6.50 8.50; native and
Western sheep, $4.506.70; yearlings, $6.75
T.25; Western lambs, $6.65 8.65.
SOUTH OMAHA, April IT. Cattle Re
ceipts, 8500. Market, slow. Native steers,
$4&5.85; Western steers, $3.255.25; Btock
ers and feeders, $35; calves, $36.50;
bulls. Stags, etc., $3f 4.50.
Hoes Reeelnts 8000. Market Bo lower.
Heavy, $6.306.42; mixed and light, $6.33
6.42; pigs, $5.606.25.
Sheer) Receipts, 15.000. Market, stronger.
Yearlings, $a.so7.ia; wetners, o.soioni
ewes, $5.258.40; lambs, $7.50 8.50.
Prices Paid tor Products In the Bar City
SAN FRANCISCO, April IT. The follow
ing prices were quoted tn the proauce mar.
ket yesterday:
FRUIT Apples, choice, $2; common, $1;
bananas. $11. 60; Mexican limes. $68: Cali
fornia lemons, choice, $4.SO; common, 75oj
oranees. navel. $lffS.50; pineapples, $4.
VEGETABLES Cucumbers, $1.251.75; gar-
lie, 84c; green peas, 45c; string beans,
nominal; asparagus, 7llc; tomatoes, 46o.
EOGS Store, 1821c; fancy ranch, 22c.
POTATOES Early Kose, J l.ouio 1. 10; sweeia.
$4 1.50; Oregon Burbanks, $2 2.30; Oregon
seed tfurDanas,
1.90: garnet Chile, $l.GO; River . Whites,
$1.85 2.
rujtONS Yellow. $3.30S4.
BUTTER Fancy creamery, 22c; - cream
ery seconds, 21c; fancy dairy, 21c; dairy
seconds, nominal; plcklea, lua
WOOL. Fall, Humboidt and Mendocino, 1
14c; Nevada, 1516e; south Plains and Ban
Joaquin. 6fa8c; tamos, npiuc.
HOPS California. 812c
CHEESE Young America, lB16c;
Eastern. 17 c
HAY Wheat. $18823; wheat and oat, $11
21; alfalfa. $Si 11.60; stock. $8.50 10;
straw. 45 75c
MILLS TUFFS Bran, $2223; middlings. $27
POULTRY Turkeys, gobblers, nominal; tur
keys, hens, nominal; roosters, old, $4.505;
young, $7.809; broilers, smalt, $2.503;
broilers, large, $43: fryers, $67: bens. $5
8.BO: tfueks. old. $3r6; ducks, young. $68.
FLOUR California family extras, $4.85
5.30; bakers' extras. $4.6o4.B0; Oregon aud
Washington, $3.7584.50.
RECEIPTS Flour, 23,696 quarter sacks;
wheat, 150 centals; barley, 4070 centals,
oats, 1945 centals; beans, 1050 sacks; corn.
SO centals; potatoes. 5125 sacks; bran, 237
sacks; middlings. 984 sacks; hay, 223 tons;
wool. 49 bales; bay, lllO tons.'
Wool at 6t. Loots.
6T. IOUIS. April IT. Wool, steady. Me
dium grades, combing and clothing, 22
24c; fine light. 20$r2!o: heavy nne, 1617oj
tu washed. iSiioIa
Weather More Favorable in
the Wheat Belt.
Chicago Market Drops Sharply With
Heavy Unloading Declines
Also In the Corn and
Oata Pits.
CHICAGO; April 17. The liberal selling
of wheat was a feature during the greater
part of the session and was due largely to
a belief that Improved weather conditions
for the new crop are at hand. Another rea
son was the near approach of delivery time
on May contracts. On a report of killing
frosts throughout Kansas, Missouri, Iowa
and Illinois, the market opened excited and
strong. Continued absence of rain in Kansas
and Nebraska aided- the bullish sentiment,
but before the end of the first half hour a
brisk selling movement developed and prices
broke sharply. The immediate reason for the
change In sentiment was an official forecast
of showers for several sections of the Win
ter wheat belt. The market at times rallied
moderately on covering by shorts and de
clined again Just before the close. The
latest recession followed a report of snow
In Nebraska. The close was weak, He lower.
May opened 14o to V4e higher at
78e to 78 He sold oft to 77o and closed at
7777V4c. July opened Hc to a,V4o
higher at 80c to 81c, sold at 81HC and de
clined to 7979'c. closing at 79to.
The corn market opened firm in sympathy
with wheat, but free selling by a local bull
soon caused an easier feeling during the first
hour. The close was steady. May opened He
to 4c higher at 4714c to 47c, sold off to
46463&c and closed c lower at 46c.
July opened c to c higher at 47f4c to
47c, soltl n" to 47c ana ciosea at 4iic.
Mav oats ooened Uc higher at iHo
to 43 c, sold off to 43c and closed c lower
at 4314c. July opened !c to 14c higher at
4014 c to 40c, declined to 4UC ana cioBea
at 4040c.
Provisions opened easier but became firmer
on buying by shorts. At the close July pork
was up 5c, lard for was 214c lower and
ribs were unchanged.
Leadtng futures ranged as follows:
. nu. Ul.h Tyi. f!
May t .-sV S .7SV4' $ .77 .77'
July Klli .Bi1 -'i"s
September ... .82 ..82 .814 .81;
December o14 .o14fc .e-js -fti8
May ......V. .47H -TA
July 47 .47 .47 .47H
September ... .4 .4a -
May ......
.43 .43
.411 .40
.35 .35
.43 .43
.40 .40
.35 .35
May 15 85 15.924 35.80 15.92
July . 15.90 16.00 15.87 lo-OTft
May 8.60 8.65 8.55 8.60
July H.tft MU owi
beptemDer ... e.iso 0.01 0.00
May 8.42 8.47 8.42 8 47
July 8.02 8.75 8.00 8.75
September ... 8.72 8.75 8.70 8.73
Cash quotations were as follows:
Flour Steady.
Wheat No. 2 Sprin. 8083c; No. 3, 75
83c; No. 2 red, 76k779ic.
Corn No. 2, 46Vi46c; No. 2 yellow, 46.c
Oats No. 2, 42'c; No. 2 white, 44!344c;
No. 8 white, 40i&42c.
Eye No. 2, 66c.
Barley Fair to choice malting, 69?1C.
Flaxseed No. 1, $1.12; No. 1 Northwestern.
Timothy seed Prime, $4.2o.
Clover Contract grades, $14.50.
Short ribs Sidea (loose). 8.308.40.
Mess pork Per barrel, $16.0216.12.
Lard Per 100 lbs., $3.87.
Sides Short clear (boxed), $S.759.
Whisky Basis of high wines, $1.29.
Receipts. Shipments.
Flour, barrels 85,400 4'J.UOO
w neat, ousneis ............ .tm.buu iu,ouu
Corn, bushels 387.000 160,600
Oats, bushels 453,600 JS.400
Eye, bushels 5,000 4,000
barley. Dusnels o,4W .....
Grain and Produce at Jiew York.
NEW YORK, April 17. Flour Receipts,
10,000 barrels; exports, 15,000 barrels. Steady
but dull.
Wheat Receipts, 69,000 bushels; exports.
92,700 bushels. Spot market steady. No. 2
red, 83c elevator and 84c f. o. b. afloat;
No. 1 Northern, Duluth, 82 c opening nav
igation f. o. b. alioat. After a sharp open
ing advance, due to cold weather in the
Southwest and heavy covering by room
shorts, wheat broke more than lo a bushel
and was weak up to the last hour, when new
buying caused a rally. The decline was
caused by rain rumors and heavy Western
unloading. Final prices were c lower.
May, 85c: July, 87o; September, 88c;
Wool, hops and petroleum Steady.
Hides Quiet.
Grain at San Francisco.
SAN FRANCISCO, April IT. Wheat, firm;
barley, firmer.
Spot quotations
Wheat Shipping, $1.30 1.85; milling,
$1.45 1.50. 1
Barley Feed, $1.20 1.22; brewing,
$1.22 1.25.
Oats Red, $1.301.T5; white, $1.B01.65;
black, $1.852.25.
Call board sales
Wheat May, $1.80.
Barley May, $1.22; December, $1.23.
Corn Large yellow, $1.35 1.40.
Minneapolis Wheat Market.
MINNEAPOLIS, April IT. Wheat May,
T9?ic; July, 81 -Sic: No. 1 hard, 8383c;
No. 1 Northern, 8282c; No. 2 do. 80
80c; No. 8 do, 7870c.
Wheat at Tacoma,
TACOMA. April 17. Wheat Steady.
Sluestem, 7778c; club, 75 76c; red, 73
Metal Markets).
NEW YORK. April 17. Tin in London de
clined slightly, with spot closing at 185
2s 64 and futures at 182 2s 6(1. Locally the
market was quiet with spot at 40.35 40.55a.
Copper in London was about 2 lower,
with spot and futures both quoted at 90
10s. Locally the market continues dull and
there is more or less controversy over the
proper quotations with some of the big pro
ducers claiming that the quotations com.
monly accepted are too low. Under the cir
cumstances the prices given must be regards
ed as more or less nominal. Lake, 2425o;
electrolytic, 23.50 a 24.50c; casting, $22.60
23c. -
Lead In London was Bs higher at 20 2s
6d. Locally the market was dull at 86.10c.
Spelter In London was) unchanged at 25
10s. Locally unchanged at 6.706.80c-
Iron was lower abroad with Btandard
foundry at 54s 4d and Cleveland warrants
at 55s 4d. Locally the market was un
Coffee and Sugar.
NEW YORK. April 17. Coffee futures
closed steady at a net decline of 10 20
points. Sales were reported of 68,750 bags
Including May, 5.555.B0: June, D4OWS.0UC
July. 5.405.45: Beptember. B.355.40c; Oc
tober. B.SSc: December, 6.855.40c; Janu
ary, 6.45c; March, $5.405.50c Spot coffee,
easy. N o.7 Rio, 64c; No. 4 Santos, 7"o
Mild coffee, easy. Cordova, 912'40.
Sugar Raw, firm; fair refining, 8.23c;
centrifugal. 96 test, 8.73c: molasses sugar,
8.04c. Refined, steady. Crushed, $3.50; pow
dered, $4.90; granulated. y4.EO.
Corner 6th and Washington Streets,
Member Portland stock Kxc Hanaro
Postal Telegraph Commercial Cables,
Clarence H. Mackay, President.
Chicago, EI., April 17, 1907. " ' -
Louis J. Wilde, ,
Portland, Oregon:
i There is absolutely no foundation for the reports of sale or probable sale
of Automatic Electric Company to Bell interests. Such statements are will
ful and malicious falsehoods. Send us a copy of paper containing them;
and we will turn it over to our legal department for prompt action. The '
circulation of such reports is the highest compliment to your good judgment
in the installation of automatics as against their antiquated apparatus.
Defamation is always the final resort of the defeated. J. HARRIS,
Vice-Pres. Automatic Electric Co.
Below is a paid advertisement by the Bell Telephone
Company to discredit the Automatic Home Company :
By Skillful Juggling of Finances of Companies They Are
Made to Look Prosperous at First, But Finally Fail
(Oakland Inqulr
The Pacific Coast haa suffered Its share,
rather more than its share, perhaps, from
wildcat telephone financiering.- There are
a few apparently successful Independent
telephone enterprises In different parts
of the country which are used as stalk
ing horses by promoters; but their perma
nent soundness has not yet been proved,
whereas the unsoundness of the majority
of independent telephone undertakings is
80 patent that it Is a wonder how any
one was ever induced to put money Into
Jones and Smith, for example, organ
ized a Home Telephone Ccttnpany, with
a capital stock of $150,000, authorized 5
per cent bonds of $150,000, giving a total
of $300,000. The same Jones and Smith
then agree to construct a telephone plant
of 1000 subscribers on account of the
Home Telephone Company and take in
payment for this plant $100,000 in capital
stock and $100,000 in bonds. Again the
same Jones and Smith form an under
writing syndicate in which they are
slightly interested, the syndicate agree
ing to purchase the bonds at 80 with a
50 per cent stock bonus. The underwrit
ers pay $30,000 for $100,000 of 6 per cent
bonds and $50,000 of stock.
Jones and Smith construct a plant cost
ing $65,000. They have received from the
syndicate $SO.0O0. They make an immedi
ate profit of $15,000 cash and still have
fcavono Rtock. The underwriters sell the
bonds to the public at $95,000. They receive
from the puDlic $o,ouo, tnus maning a
$500.00 REWARD
Challenge to. the Bell Telephone Company
T -arill rav it500.00 to any charitafile organization in this city if The)
Mornins Oreffoniari, the Evening Telegram and Evening Journal will inves-
& s. . , 1 "t 1 A a 'A. Al V. 1 sV
tigate every sentence ot tlie above aavenisemeni ana prim, vuc wuoio uuui.
If any more unsigned lies appear anywhere in any form discrediting thfj
securities end, which I represent, I will appear before the Grand Jury with
such information as I am liable to dig up.
"Western Philosophy says: "Live each day so tha't you can look everjr
damn man square in the eye and tell him to go to Hell."
"Home Bonds," No. 5 LaFayette Building, Portland, Oregon.
. s
Call or write :
Investment Banker
Falling Building,
Third and "Washington Sts.
forth German loyd.
BTronprlnz.Apr. 23,noonlKaiser, June 4, 10 A M
Kaiser, May 7, 10 AM K. Wm.II.,June 11.6AM
l.WmII.,Myl4, 7:30AM iCronprlnz. June 18,10AM
Kjonpr.lni.My21, lOAMiKalser. July 2, 10 A M
Chemnitz Apr. 25Frled-rich May 18
Main -...May 2lP. Alice.. ... May 23
Kurfuenst .. May 9lF5remen My 28
Rheln May 16Main June S
Calls at Plymouth and Cherbourg.
AT 11 A. M.
Neckar April 27;P. Irene June 1
Barbarossa May 4 ,Xeckar June 8
K Luise May 11IK. Lulse June 15
tL. Albert May 18K- Albert June 28
Omits Genoa.
From Bremen Piers, 3d & th Sts.. Hoboknn.
North German Lloyd Travelers' Checks
Good All Over the World.
OELRICHS CO., No. S Broadway, N. T.
ROBERT CAPPELI.E, O. A. P. C;, 758 Van
Ness Ave, ban lfrancisco, Cal.
tor lurvania, Albany. Indepentienc, Sa
lem Steamer "POMONA" leaves 0:45 A. M.
Tuesday, Tnursday and Saturday. -
Fir Salem and way landings Steamer
"OREGON A" leaves 6:4ft A. M.. Mondays.
Wedi.daya and Fridays.
Foot Taylor trau
Columbia River Scenery
lotlvAlOB HSU, STgAMKttrt.
Dally service between Portland and The
Dalles except Sunday, leaving Portland at
7 A. M., arriving about 0 P -M-, carrying
freight and passengers. Eplendld accommo
dations lor outfits and livestock.
Dock, toot ot Alder at Fori land; foot of
Court t-. Tne Dallas. Paoue Mala &14.
San Francisco & Portland S. S. Co.
Operating; Only Direct Passenger Steamers.
Prom Alnsworth Dock. Portland, & A. M. :
S. 8. Costa Rica, April 21, May 1, 11, etc
S. S. Columbia, April 28, May 6, 16, eta
From Spear St., San Francisco, 11 A. M. :
S. 6. Columbia, April 21. May 1, 11, etc.
8. S. Coeta ltica, April 2S, May 6, 16, eta.
Phone Main 208. - 48 Washington St.
North Pacific S.S. Co's. Steamships
Roanoke and Geo. W. Elder
Sail for Eureka, San Francisco and
Los Angeles direct every Tuesday at
8 P. M. Ticket office 132 Third
St, near Alder. Both phones, M.
1314. H. Young, agent.
er, July 23. 1906.)
profit of $16,000 cash, and they still havei
$50,000 of stock. If the market for bond
is not good, they sweeten lt to the pub'
lie by giving up to the purchasers part
of their stock, which they can afford to
do, as it costs them nothing.
In order to convince the publlo that
their proposition is a good one, they make
a prospectus which on paper shows Inter
est on bonds as earned and likewise a
small Interest on the stock. They sell
some stock at a very low price and by-skillful-
manipulation create a temporary
market. If the speculative public rate
up this stock and enables lt to be unload
ed at an average price of 60 a further
profit of $50,000 Is divided among tua
The securities being digested, the pub-,
lie have gotten a telephone exchange
which cost to construct $ti5.000 and for
which they paid $145,000. After running
it for a short time the new owners find
that they need money for extensions and.
having $50,000 of bonds and $50,000 of
stock in the treasury, they proceed to.
sell it. The market breaks and they are
unable to realize. Pretty soon their
credit is exhausted, and interest la de
faulted, a receiver is appointed.
The receiver sells the property for 50
cents on the dollar. That part of the pub
lic that paid $50,000 for stock loses all,
and that part that paid $95,000 for the
bonds gets back 26 cents on the dollar,
and the Bell Company gets a lot of cheap
property with which to strengthen lta
In planning your Eastern
trip, write or call on the un
dersigned or your nearest
ticket agent, and learn what
the Burlington can do foe
you: for any diverse routes
that may be offered, the map
will show the great variety
of routes possible to holdera
of Burlington tickets; we
have three gateways, St,
Paul, Billings, and Denver,
to Chicago, St. Louis, Kan
sas City and Omaha. Tha
map shows what a conspicu
ous portion of the througH
route the Burlington trunk;
lines form. . , '
Let us help you along-.
Gen. Asjemt B. A Q. R
100 Third st. Portland, OrV
Alaska 1907
S. S. Spokane, June 14
25 July 12, 26 Aug. Ba
Queen, July 10.
S. S. Senator ........ -Jnne
S. S. President June 4
Skas-way, Sitka. Joneaa sad way pertm.
Suiting- 9 P. M.
H. S. S. Co.'s Hemboldt. . .April 3-13-22
Cottage city, via Sltlut April 7-21
City of Seattle....; April 17-27
Salllny; 9 A.M. From Seattle. s
City ot Puebla ......April 6-2TJ
Spokane April 29
Umatilla April 15-30
City Office, 249 Washington St.
WashinKton-street Dock.
Dally, except Sunday, for Tns Dalles ano)
way landings, it 1 1 M., returning 10 J
M. Fast tune, bast service.
Phone. I Main. 18 Hume. A, 11. . ,
Grain Floor. Feed. Etc.
. MILLSTVFFS Ttran. city $17. country
"VtU per ton; xmudlings, $-02(1; shorts, city