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Three Members of Joint Rail
road Committee Angry.
Entire Commission Question Put Up
Into Air by Wavering of Major
ity on Manner of Appoint
ment of Commissioners.
SALBM, Or.. Feb. 7. Speelal.) Though
the Joint railroad committee of the two
houses yesterday decided on the Chapln
bill for a Railroad Commission, and re
solved on the changes it would recom
mend In thnt measure, the question again
Is up in the air tonight, as several times
before, and three members of-the House
committee threaten to bolt the joint com
mittee and recommend to the House the
appointment of the three commissioners
by a state board and election by the peo
ple In 1908; perhaps even the substitution
of the Jackson bill for the Chapln meas
ure. This is the outcome of a meeting this
afternoon of the Joint committee, which
went back on its decision of yesterday
to the extent of deciding to recommend
that two of the three commissioners' ap
pointed by the Governor shall hold office
until 1910. and that but one shall be elect
ed In 19i.
Today's outcome was opposed in the
Joint committee by Senators Wright, Not
tingham, Bingham and Miller, and Rep
resentatives Coffey and Edwards, making
ctx In all. The three negative voices were
those of Representatives Jones of Polk,
and King and Holt. These three yester
day had agreed to have one commissioner
hold until 1910, and were then Joined by
Wright. Miller and Edwards. Jones, Holt
and King had brought themselves to yes
terday's agreement with reluctance, and
when today Wright, Miller and Edwards
declared themselves In favor of allowing
another of Governor Chamberlain's ap
pointees to hold until 1910, and only one to
be elected in 1908, they "went into the
The four minority members of the com
mittee yesterday were Bingham, Coffey,
Nottingham and Bowerman, the last
named of whom today was absent.
Friends of the Chapln bill see the meas
ure in danger of going to pot over the
manner of selecting the commissioners.
The chances are considered good of the
railroad question making a battle on the
floor of both houses.
Today's developments are a fair sam
ple of the waverings to which the joint
committee has been subject. First it ap
peared to favor appointment by a state
board and election by the people in 1908.
Then it favored appointment by the Gov
ernor. Next it compromised on letting
the Governor appoint until 1908. Then It
agreed to let one of the Governor's ap
pointees hold until 1910. And finally today
it decides to let two of the Governor's
appointees hold until 1910.
W. W. Cotton and W. D. Fenton, attor
neys for the Harriman roads, were here
all day, but did not appear before the
committee. They were said to be seeking
to have the review powers of the courts
widened beyond what the Chapln bill now
anows. and to have each Congressional
district represented by a commissioner and
the state at large represented in the third
liarge Grist Ground Out at Last
Night's Session.
SALEM. Or.." Feb. 7. (Special.) The
House tonight passed local bills as fol
lows: H. B. 370, McCallon Fixing salary of
Sheriff of polk County at $a00, an in
creane of $JO0 pr annum.
H. B. 24;j. by Drl.coll Restoring? custody
of Multnomah County jail to Sheriff and
fixing price to be paid Sheriff for feeding
prisoners at 1214 cents per meal.
H. B. 31T, Pike Creating 12th Judicial
Ilstrlct of Gilliam, Wheeler and Sherman
Counties, fixing salary of Circuit Judge
same as paid other Circuit Judges of state,
and Prosecuting Attorney $3000 per annum.
Oovtrnor to appoint officers to serve until
general election in 1008.
H. B. 20H, Moore Allowing County Su
perintendent of Baker County $400 per
nnnum traveling expenses.
M. B. 35H. Dobbin Fixing salary of
County Superintendent of Wallowa at $1000
per annum, and $200 per annum traveling
Substitute H. B. 18.1, King Flxinfc sal
aries of Malheur County officers.
H. B. 80. Driscoll Fixing salary of Au
ditgr of Multnomah County at $3000 per
. annum and two deputies at not to ex
ceed $150 and $90 per month.
Substitute H. B. 204 (by special commit
tee) Protection of China pheasants in Jack
eon County.
H. B. IIS. Slusher Giving Sheriff of
Morrow County same- fees In civil cues
that are allowed constables.
H. B. 212. Merryman Fixing salary of
County Superintendent of Klamath County
Bt $12')0 per annum.
H. B. 22, King Fixing salary of As
sessor of Harney County at $1000 'r an
num. S. B. 103, Smith of Umatilla Fixing
houndary between Union and Wallowa
Counties,, as agreed upon by Joint commis
sion. H. B. 303, Belknap Fixing salary of
Crook County Assessor at $1000 per annum.
H. B; 259. Belknap Providing for five
Deputy Assessors in Crook County at sal
ary of $10n per annum.
H. B. S2S, Merryman Allowing Assessor
of Klamath County $300 per annum for
deputy hire.
H. B. 330. MerrymaTi Authorizing Coun
ty Clerk of Klamath County to appoint two
deputies, salaries to be fixed by County
H. B. 301, Donnelly Providing for Crook
County Deputy County Clerk at $900 and
Deputy Sheriff at $1200.
H. B. 295, Jackson Regulating trout
fishing In 1'mpoua River.
H. B. 141. Beats Abolishing closed sea
son on Tillamook County streams.
H. B. 23, Jackson Protection of salmon
In I'mpqua River.
S. B. 30. Bingham Allowing Lane County
Schcol Superintendent $200 per annum and
S. B. 1B, Cole Changing time for hold
ing court In Sixth Judicial District.
H. B. 356, Bones Fixing salary of Coun
ty Treasurer of Yamhill County at $900 per
H. B. 341. Northup Consolidating Port
land Justice Districts in one department.
H. B. 376. fpmeyer (by request) Fixing
Linn County Treasurer at $1200 per annum.
H. B. 374, Coffey Repealing Portland
Gas Company's franchise.
H. B. 359. Merryman Fixing salary of
County Treasurer of Klamath County at
$1"00 per -annum.
S. B. 103. Coshow Allowing Douglas
County School Superintendent clerical as
sistance. H. B. 24T, McCue Fixing salary of Jus
tice of the Peace at Astoria at $'J00 per
annum and constable at $780.
H. B. 387, Washington County delegation
Fixing salary of School Superintendent of
Washington County, at $900 per annum.
S. B. 11, Beach Fixing salaries of Dep
uty County Clerks of Multnomah County as
follows: Two chief deputies at $150 per
month, other deputies at from $00 to $123
per month.
S. B. 100. Malarkey Creating office of
Deputy Constable for Portland at salary
$1200 per annum.
Au, Cfuiho b'UlaH, saJgrlas ai twaJL
deputy clerks for Douglas County Bt $1000
and $800 per annum, and Deputy Assessor
at $1000 per annum.
Xew Bills In the House. ,
SALEM, Or., Feb. 7. (Special.) The
following bills were introduced In the
House tonight:
H. B. 393, Upmeyer, by request Prohibit
ing carrying liquors into prohibition coun
ties and districts.
H. B. 391, Rackleff Providing a salary
of $125 per annum for the County Commis
sioners of Curry County.
H. B. 392, Freeman Repealing all per
petual franchises.
H. B. 393, Northup Limiting to 1500
the number of names allowed on the Jury
list, with a minimum of 1000, In Multno
mah County.
H. B. 304. Northup Amending insurance
law and requiring all life insurance com
panies to file reports with Insurance Com
missloner by March 1 annually, showing
value of all policies In effect December
81 preceding. In same manner as nre insur
ance companies.
H. B. 395, Farrell, Chapln, Beals and
Newell For sterilization of feeble-minded,
epileptic and insane persons and prisoners
In the state penitentiary.
H. B. 396, Simmons, by request Making
Judgment lien creditors prior to all other
Hens, except prior mortgage liens, where
Judgment debt is for improvements that
have enhanced the value of property.
H. B. 397, Beals Repealing article 1,
chaDter 11. article 39. relating to lease
by County Courts leasing toll roads.
H. B. 398, Jackson, by request Dividing
state into ten mineral districts, creating of
fices of State Mineralogist at $2000 per an
num. Assistant State Mineralogist at $1500
per annum and District Director at $600 per
H. B. 399, Burns Amending law as to
sale of foods and drinks so as to apply to
firms and corporations as well as to indi
viduals. H. B. 400, Knowles Extending closed sea
son for salmon fishing to cover the follow
ing periods: March 13, noon, to April 20,
noon, and August 20, noon, to September
15 noon, or between hours of 6 P. M. Sat
urday and 6 P. M. Sunday, in any week
between April 20 and August 20. (This
bill was recommended by Joint committee
on fisheries of Oregon and Washington.)
H. B. 401, Jones of Polk and Lincoln-
Placing natural oyster beds under control
and regulation by the State Board of Fish
H. B. 402. Gray of Jackson Authorizing
County Judge and Commissioners of Doug
las County to transfer certain land to John
Xew Bills in the Senate.
SALEM. Or., Feb. 7. (Special.)
Bills were Introduced in the Senate to
day as follows:
S. B. 194, Malarkey Authorizing forma
tion of religious corporations.
6. B. 193, Beach Governing appeals to
the Supreme Court.
S. B. 190, Coshow Fixing boundaries be
tween Coos and Douglas Counties.
S. B. 11)7, Hodson To regulate bailment
of grain for hire.
S. B. 198, McDonald Appropriating $2000
for First Eastern Oregon Agricultural So
S. B. 199. McDonald Fix salary of Treas
urer ol Union County.
S. B. 20O, Iaughary To fix penalty for
forgery of public documents.
S. B. 201, Laughary Increasing salary of
County Judge of Polk County.
S. B. 202, revision of laws committee -Sutistitute
for S. B. 155, to regulate the
Issuance and payment of time-checks.
Bills Passed by the House.
SALEM, Or., Feb. 7. (Special.) The
House today passed the following: bills:
S. B. 61. Whealdon Amending law and
providing that unused balances .of appor
tionment of school funds be returned to
general fund of county.
S. B. 1, Miller of Linn Changing time of
meeting of State Board of Textbook Com
missioners. H. B. 53 (substitute by committee on re
vision of laws) For recording conditional
sales of engines and other machinery and
to prevent same from becoming a part of
-realty, to which attached until they are
paid for 37 ayes, 10 noes, 4 absent.
H. B. 283, by committee on ways and
means Appropriating $2300 to pay bal
ance of claims due - Indian War Veterans,
not Included in appropriation of 1003.
Bills Killed in the House.
SALEM. Or., Feb. 7. (Special.) The
House today Indefinitely postponed
further consideration of the following
H. B. 43, Barret of Washington Prohib
iting the operation of traction engines over
any of the public highways of the state
except by special permit of County Court.
H. B. 193, Kubll Amending road law,
subject being covered In another bill by
Bill Favored by the Osteopaths Is
, Favorably Reported.
Sentiment in the House, respecting
osteopaths, may be said to have been re
flected in the report of the committee on
health and public morals which this
morning was favorably reported in Rep
resentative Wilson's bill, House bill Nov
236. creating a state board of osteopathic
examination and registration, consisting
of five members, to be appointed by the
Governor, to regulate the practice of
osteopathy within the state. Bills of this
character are usually referred to the com
mittee on medicine and pharmacy which
Invariably Is composed of physicians and
druggists, who are generally not too
friendly towards the osteopathic frater
nity. So when the Wilson bill came up
for second reading and reference in the
House, friends of the measure were suc
cessful in having it referred to the com
mittee on health and public morals by
which a favorable report was made.
The feeling in the House appears to be
favorable to the bill which gives these
practitioners an Independent state board.
A similar bill in the Senate was
adversely acted upon by the committee
on medicine and pharmacy, and a sub
stitute offered giving the osteopaths one
member on the State Board of Medical
Examiners. The bill is . a special order
for 12 A. M. Tuesday.
Mrs. Duniway Again Carries Suf
frage Fight Into Legislature.
SALEM. Or., Feb. 7. (Special.) Ballots
for women will again be made an issue
In the June election, 1908, if a constitu
tional amendment proposed by Represent
ative Jones, of Folk, shall be adopted toy
the Legislature and submitted to the
electors at that time- The resolution for
the amendment has been drafted by Attorney-General
Mrs. Abigail Scott Duniway, president
of the Oregon State Equal Suffrage Asso
ciation, Is here today urging the amend
ment. She is enjoying the courtesies of
both houses, by unanimous invitation,
and Is quite sanguine that the amendment
will go through the Legislature, thereby
saving the labor and expense of proposing
it under the initiative.
Mrs. Duniway says that the lawmakers
who are not being asked to go on record
as favoring the amendment on its merits
seem quite favorably disposed toward a
resolution to expedite the labors of -the
women as a matter of courtesy.
Against the Poll Tax Law.
SALEM, Or.. Feb. 7. (Special.) The
House today accepted a favorable report
of the committee on assessment and tax
ation on Representative Newell's bill for
repeal of the $1 a year poll tax.
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(Continued From First Page.)
question. I hold that the substitute bill
is not proper, and cannot be so adopted.
Freeman In the City of Portland there
are a number of perpetual franchises; in
fact, I hold in my hand a list of them, fur
nished by Mr. Leslie Scott, including the
Portland General Electric Company, the
American Postal Telegraph Company and
the Southern Pacific, on Fourth street.
Davey Asks Information.
Speaker Davey Was the Portland Gen
eral Electric Company given a perpetual
franchise from the State of Oregon, or from
the City of Portland alone?
Freeman From the State of Oreogn.
Driscoll For the City of Portland only.
Rodgers I would like to know what the
question before the House Is? .
Speaker Davey Shall the report of the
committee be adopted?
Freeman I wish to make a little ex
planation here, which, I think, is in order,
if I will be given an opportunity to make it.
Coffey I rise to a point of order.
Speaker Davey The gentleman will be al
lowed to make his personal explanation.
Freeman The question is whether or not
the bill is a propel substitute for the bill
as presented by Mr. Coffey. I think every
perpetual franchise Is on the same basis.
Every perpetual franchise granted by the
State of Oregon stands In the same light.
This Coffey bill is Just chipping off one
little chunk of the block. It is not helping
the people as they wish to be helped. We
have reported back a substitute which in
cludes the revocation of all these fran
chises along the line of what the people
want. It removes all the perpetual fran
chises In the State of Oregon. This gas
franchise was granted In 1859, when the
City of Portland was no larger than the
City of Salem is now, and because the fran
chise was not set aside as the city grew
the company has now become an octopus
which the people wish to throw oft. There
are others In the same boat. "If it is up to
the delegation to furnish relief, this is
the bill we want to substitute and not make
this delegation the prosecuting attorney
for The Oregonlan against any one of them.
Speaker Makes His Ruling.
Speaker Davey The position of the chair
Is that as this was a bill referred to the
Multnomah delegation that committee has
no authority to bring in a bill covering the
entire state.
Driscoll The gentleman has said it is the
amended bill he has offered this House.
Why did -he not introduce a bill to this
House to repeal It?
Freeman I did introduce a bill.
Speaker Davey The question is decided.
The clerk will read the next report.
Freeman This was offered, not as the
report of this committee, but offered on be
half of the delegation, to be referred to
whatever committee might be designated.
Speaker Davey The gentleman may in
troduce a new bill.
Coffey I move It be adopted. Mr. Speaker
and members of this Assembly: The city
of Portland wants to get rid of the gas
franchise. If a vote was taken in the City
of Portland today I believe I am safe In
saying, and truthfully saying, to you that
80 per cent of the vote of the City of Port
land would be in favor of this bill. Now,
I do not object to Mr. Freeman's hill, and
if Mr. Freeman will produce his bill if he
is acting fair and square, trying to do what
Is right by his constituents and by the State
of Oregon let him produce his bill, have
It entered on the calendar, Introduced to
first reading and then put up to the mem
bers of this House, I will support It. But
I do object to the stealthy manner in which
It is Introduced; It is simply In here to kill
this other bill.
I am explaining why I think this report
should be adopted. It Is true there are
a majority of the Multnomah County del
egation against this bill, and they have
dragged The Oregonlan into it. I do not
care anything about what The Oregonlan
wants; it is what the people want. If The
Oregonlan wants what the people want,
I say good for The Oregonlan.
Freeman's Final Stand.
Freeman The question Is whether or not
this report should be adopted. Now. is
this House going to adopt it? If this were
some local measure, such as the payment of
a County Judge or District Attorney, or any
other local matter which might come up
here, and the majority were in favor of
one thing and the minority in favor of an
other, is this House going to ratify the
minority or the majority? That Is the
question whether or not they are going to
take the report of five out of 12 and adopt
it; whether or not the House is going to
adopt the minority report. If it Is, the
sooner we know it the better.
Northup I would like 'to say Just what
occurred in the meeting of our delegation
this morning. I object to the adoption of
this report for the simple reason that it
Is not a correct report. We met there
this morning, and of the Representatives
there were 11 present. Five of them voted
In favor of this bill. Introduced by Mr. Cof
fey, and six of them against it and In favor
of the substitute. When the result o
vote was made known, Mr. Driscoll, chair
man of the committee, refused to sign the
report of the majority.
Driscoll I desire to explain.
Davey You can explain. Mr. Driscoll,
as soon as Mr. Northup has finished.
Northup Now then, one report Mr.
Driscoll's report, the minority report
comes in and Is read as the majority re
port of the delegation. I ask you gentle
men, is that fair play?
Driscoll I want to state that I do not
consider the report of Mr. Freeman a proper
report to bring before our delegation. I
do not think it Is, and I do not think
the House does, either.
Speaker Davey The votes have been
counted, resulting In 25 ayes, 2.1 noes. The
motion Is carried and the report adopted.
Stormy Scenes In Committee.
Representative rrlBnii Ahotm...
the delegation, presided at the meeting
at which the majority and minority re
ports were framed. It proved chaotic in
the extreme, as many as half a dozen
at times occupying the floor simultane
ously. After the delegation had voted
favorably to report Northup's bill pro
viding for A rnnRdlMnHnn nf tha -DnH,innj
justice districts Into one department.
Chairman Driscoll read a letter from D.
B. Piper, managing editor of The rro
gonlan, dated February 6 and addressed
to the members of the Multnomah delega
tion, calllnc 'their attention in v,
eral demand on the part of the people
oi .r-oruana lor revocation of perpetual
franchisee! held h.r the T'riT-t T t ti .7 n
pany and other companies. The letter
was as follows:
Calls Attention to Pledges.
Gentlemen: We beg leave to call vour at
tention, respectfully, to the subiect of r-
petual franchlsesi in the CUy of Portland,
which was an Issue in the primary election
msx April ana in the general election last
June. Each one of you then nominated and
elected announced yourselves in favor of re
pealing perpetual franchises. The Oregonlan
then took the liberty of asking you. In behalf
of the people of Portland, your views on this
Bubjeot, and the readiness of your responses
caused It to believe that It was not presum
ing too mucn m doing so.
In Portland are highly valuable street fran
chises, capitalized for millions of dollars by
their possessors, who draw interest and divi
dends on such capitalization at the expense-of
the people. ' These franchises cost their pos
sessors nothing, when granted, and the per
petual class of such grants return nothing to
the city as compensation for the privilege of
using the public streets, save for a small fran
chise tax, from an assessment of but a small
fraction of their capitalization.
The streetcar and the telephone franchises
have limited duration. Practically all the
others are perpetual. Of the perpetual fran
chises, some were granted -by the city, which
can exercise the same power that granted
them, to revoke them. Others were granted
by the Legislature of Oregon, and these It
seems the city cannot revoke, since they are
In the hands of the lawmaking power of the
The two street franchises, of perpetual dura
tion, granted by the Legislature, are those of
the Portland Gas Company. These the city,
evidently, cannot repeal. All others the city
can repeal. Again, the Legislature would seem
to be prohibited from repealing the others by
the amendment to section 2 of article 11 of
the Constitution of the State of Oregon, en
acted last June, as follows:
Section 2. Corporations may be formed
under general laws, but shall not be created
by the Legislative Assembly by special laws.
The Legislative Assembly shall not enact.
amend, or repeal any charter or act of In
corporation, for any municipality, city or
town. The legal voters of every city and
town are hereby gran-ted power lo enact and
emend their municipal charter, subject tr the
constitution and criminal laws of the State of
Forbidden by Constitution.
And -the Legislature would seem to be
further restrained by the following constitu
tional amendment adopted at the same time,
after section 1, of article 4, containing the
"The Initiative and referendum powers re
served to the people by this constitution, are
Bereby further reserved to the legal voters
of every municipality and district, as to all
local, special and municipal legislation, of
every character, in or for their respective
municipalities and districts."
The City of Portland has granted railroad
franchises on Fourth and East Second streets,
under an act of 1862, empowering cities to
make such granUs. and has granted railroad
franchises on minor streets. It has granted
franchises for electric light and power wires,
now owned by the Portland General Electric
Company. It has granted a franchise to three
telegraph companies and to the Portland
Hydraullo Elevator Company. It has granted
a gas franchise. In East Portland, before con
solidation, and this franchise Is now possessed
by the Portland Gas Company. All these are
perpetual street franchises, their duration not
having been fixed In the grants. These, ap
parently, the Legislature cannot touch, on
account of the constitutional amendments
above cited.
But two other franchises for gas, besides
the one cited for East Portland, having been
enacted by the Legislature, one In 1850, the
other in 1874, the Legislature evidently can
The people of Portland are demanding that
all perpetual franchises be revoked and that
the grants tor the use of the public streets,
made years ago, shall be supplanted with new
ones giving the city power to collect compen
sation commensurate with the privileges al
lowed and to regulate price and quality of
service. This question will be brought up In
the city election next June, when an endeavor
will be put forth to elect a Council that will
revoke the perpetual franchises granted by
the city. The two perpetual franchises which
the city casnot -repeal, can be repealed by the
We therefore respectfully ask that these
matters be considered by you as members of
the Legislature of Multnomah County. Yours
truly, .
Managing Editor Oregonlan.
Representatives Show Hands.
Representative Coffey's bill proposing
the repeal of the rrancmse or tne fort
land Gag Company was read and then the
members of the delegation began to show
their hands.
Representative Freeman led off as chief
spokesman for the opposition to the
Coffey bill.
"I do not think this delegation or any
member of the delegation should appear
as special prosecutor for The Oregonian,"
he said in excuse of the position on the
question he was about to take. "The
Portland Gas Company should not be
singled out as the only corporation whose
franchise should be revoked. We should
do as we said we would In the primaries
repeal all perpetual franchises. This same
condition that is now presented in the
case of the Gas Company will appear in
other cities of the state within a few
years and some bill should be passed
that will cover perpetual franchises that
have been granted throughout the state."
Freeman offered a substitute bill for
that offered by Mr. Coffey by which the
repeal of all perpetual franchises hereto
fore granted is called for and limiting to
a term of 15 years all such franchises
to be granted in the future. He moved
that the committee adopt the substitute
bill instead of the bill by Mr. Coffey.
Chairman Driscoll called Mr. Freeman's
attention to the fact that a meeting which
had been called for consideration of pure
ly local legislation affecting Multnomah
County should not undertake to recom
mend bills of a general character that
apply to all sections of the state.
Thinks Pledge Is General. .
Freeman insisted that the nature of the
pledge to which the members of the
Multnomah County delegation subscribed
last Spring was such as to bind them to
a cancellation of all perpetual franchises.
""The platform on which the members
of this delegation was elected on the
question of perpetual franchises," said
Northup, "did not specifically apply to
the franchise of the Portland Gas Com
pany or to any other one corporation. We
should accept the substitute bill and
repeal all of these franchises and not
subvert oar platform to singling out one
corporation and pass up all other
"I will preface my remarks.'" said Rep
resentative Coffey, "that I Introduced the
bill for the repeal of the gas company.
What the delegation does with this bill
is immaterial with me, for I shall take
the matter up on the floor of the House.
The people of Portland are oppressed and
overcharged by this corporation and I be
lieve that the bill I have introduced has
the indorsement of 80 per cent of the
people of Portland.
"I will favor Mr. Freeman's bill but
not as a substitute for my bill, which pro
poses the repeal of the gas company's
franchise. This substitute bill has been
brought In for the purpose of shutting
out the vital thing for which the people
of Portland are asking the repeal of the
franchise of the Portland Gas Company.
That is the only corporation in Portland
operating under a franchise that was
granted absolutely by the state. This
franchise should be repealed by the
Legislature and the rights conveyed
thereunder restored to the control and
regulation of the people."
Beach for Freeman Bill.
Senator Beach said he circulated the
platforms that were signed by the legis
lative candidates and In procuring the
signature of these candidates thereto re
marked that he called attention to the
signers that they would be expected to
make good at Salem when legislation
touching on the subject of perpetual
franchises was presented. He construed
the pledge to mean a promise to enact
such legislation as would revoke all per
petual franchises heretofore granted, and
for that reason he would support the sub-
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Our showing of "quaint furniture" embraces the most characteristic
designs of the craftsmen' builders. Pieces for the living-room, library, dining-room,
hall and den, in the popular fumed and weathered oak.
"Schemes for Quaint Furniture," a booklet by the Stickley Bros. Co.,
of Grand Rapids, Mich., showing correct treatment in interior decoration,
will be sent free on request to intending home-builders.
stitute bill, as against the bill by Mr.
Coffey, which singled out but one corpora
tion. He made the statement that a
failure on the part of the delegation to
stand in and indorse and support the
Coffey bill would probably result in caus
ing The Oregonian to "pound some of
the members of the delegation on the
back for their position." but, "he said
In conclusion, "The Oregonlan does not
control our destinies."
Senator Bailey placed the same con
struction on the platform the members
of the delegation had signed and de
nominated as-the sequel of a personal
quarrel between The Oregonian and the
Portland Gas - Company the effort to
secure the enactment of a bill that would
repeal the perpetual franchise of that
Chairman Driscoll again insisted that
the members of the delegation were not
living up to their ante-election pledges
when they sought to dodge the issue
by substituting such & bill as that pre
pared and offered by Freeman for the
measure that was designed to reach the
corporation against which there was just
cause for complaint. He explained that
the Legislature was required to repeal
this franchise of the gas company before
the city authorities could have any con
trol over the matter.
After the Gas Company.
"It Is the gas company we are after,'
said Representative Burns, who admitted
that under the charter the City Council
could repeal or amend the charters under
which the street railway systems of that
city are operated, but he said the as
sistance of the Legislature In the re
peal of the gas company's franchise was
necessary before the city could exercise
the same rights in dealing with that
Motion of Freeman to substitute his bill
for that introduced, by Coffey was sup
ported by a vote of 8 to 5. The ayes
and noes on the motion were demanded
by Coffey, who, when the result was
announced, said:
"Gentlemen, I shall take my bill before
the House and make a fight for it on
the floor of the House."
Those voting to substitute the Freeman
bill were: Senators Bailey and Beach;
Representatives Beverldge, Chapln, Far
rell, Freeman, Northup and Wilson. Those
opposing the shelving of the Coffey meas
ure were Adams, Burns, Beutgen, Coffey
and Chairman Driscoll.
The majority members signed a report
to the House recommending passage of
the substitute bill. Beutgen signed with
the majority, making the number nine.
The minority report recommending pass
age of the original Coffey bill were Ad
ams, Burns, Coffey and Driscoll.
Protest Sent From Astoria.
ASTORIA, Or.. Feb. 7. (Special.)
The County Court this afternoon made
an order protesting against the pass
age of the proposed law creating the
Port of Columbia as follows:
In the matter of the proposed legisla
tion for the improvement of the Columbia
River above Astoria, it appearing to the
court from reports in the papers that leg
islation is proposed to Incorporate the Coun
a 3
giggg so tun or sunenng, danger and tear
y that she looks forward to the critical
nour wita apprenension and dread.
Mother's Friend, by its penetrating and soothing properties,
allays nausea, nervousness, and all unpleasant feelings, and
so prepares the system tor the
ordeal that she passes through
the event safely and with but
little suffering;, as numbers
have testified and said, "it is .
worth its weight in gold." $1.00 per"
bottle of druggists. Book containing
valuable information mailed free.
' '
Established 25 Years
In .Portland.
There are so many men suffering from chronic pelvic diseases, and
the greater number of these victims are still more unfortunate in
treating with doctors who know only enough to produce temporary re
sults, or a false cure, if they succeed in benefiting the sufferer at alL
There is no such thing as a partial cure of a disease, and the physi
cian whose method does not eradicate every vestige cannot rightfully
claim to do more than relievo.
We earnestly desire having all discouraged sufferers and men con
templating having themselves cured of any of the diseases we treat
pay us a personal visit or write us regarding their condition. Do not
hesitate because you have failed to receive a cure in treatment with
your family physician ; seek medical attention from a physician who
thoroughly understands your case and can cure you safely, quickly
and permanently.
Those conditions existing where
, men are merely living a life of
existence, loss of memory, no
vitality, pains in the back, tired
feeling In the morning, loss of
sleep, no ambition and, in fact,
you seem to, believe that there is
no hope for you. But stop, there
is. If you will call and see us
you will 3ay the same. We are
specialists for these troubles. Call
at once.
STRICTl REi We cure this hy methods known only bv IS, we belngr
the originators of this. We cure stricture never to return again.
OIR MKTIKIDS AHF1 OUR OW, hut we have many IMITATORS, who
try to duplicate this treatment. Being unable to do so, they give you
an inferior treatment, which oftentimes will make the patient worse.
Office Hours: SiOO A. M. to 8i30 P. M. Sundays, 0 to 12 M.
"quaint" or "crafts-
' ' flnni' riwi n lit a J
u.coii:a die tut; ui-
rect outgrowth of the de
mand for furniture that
combines rn its construc
tion simplicity, durability,
comfort and attractive
ness. Its strong and simple
ties of Multnomah, Columbia and Clatsop
Into a district for the purpose of raising
nnney by tnxatlon to improve the .Columbia
River, and the court, while not being fully
conversant with Its provisions at this time,
does hereby protest against the same, and
the clerk is Instructed to forward a copy o(
this order to each of our Representatives
In Salem.
Your health depends upon the condition
of your biood. Keep It pure by taking
Hood's Sarsaparllla.
Fragrant floral blooms, plant-milk, vege
table essences compose Satin skin cream.
Is to love children, and no
home can be completely
happy without them, yet the
ordeal through which the ex
mother must pass usually is
t I InAnyUncom-
as. . -sj W i IT X
piicaiea case.
No Pay Unless Cured
Not only causes that constant
bearing down feeling. but It
causes many reflex "conditions In
juring not only the parts but the
whole system. The wormlike
veina in the acrofcum often cause
very serious complications? that
necessitate an operation. If taken,
in time there is no need of an
operation, as our methods have
proven from time to time.