Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, November 24, 1906, Page 18, Image 18

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Po rtland Agents for Bqtterick Patterns Xmas Delineator Store Open Tonight Until 9:30 School and College Pennants on 3d Floor
In t he Toy Dept., Third Floor, Today Demonstration of Mechanical Toys of All Kinds Toy Display Is Complete Bring the Children
Th e Meier (Si Frank Store
6 to 9:30
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Black and white gauze and silk
Fans, spangled, painted and lace
trimmed; very best shapes and
designs, fancy carved bone sticks;
$1.25 to $1.75 Tallies, on
sale at this low price, ea. wV
$4.00 Fans $1.39
Specjal lot of high grade gauze and
silk Fans in black and white,
spangled, painted and lace trim
med novelties, newest shapes and
designs, fancy carved and inlaid
bone sticks ; $2.00 to $4.00 values,
en sale from 6 to CI 1Q
9 :30 at low price. . . S
25c Hdkfs. 12 Vic
"Women's pare linen unlaundered
Handkerchiefs with 14-inch hem,
beautiful hand-embroidered de
tngn in corners; large assortment
of patterns; best 25c values, on
snde from 6 to9:301212C
at only, each & I
M'k'toshes $4.89
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men's wool Mackintoshes,, full
length, 16 to 20 years, values from
$13.50 to $18.00 each, on sale
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6-n sale in Clothing Dept, 2d floor.
Roosevelt Farms
Roosevelt Stock Farms, contain
ing animals, wagons, etc., etc.;
please the little children.
35c value at 20
50c value at 39.
f$1.25 value at 99.
On sale in Toy Dept., 3d Floor.
Men's Robes
Special lot of Men's Blanket Bath
or Lounging Robes in dark grays,
dark browns, tans and blues, all
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sale 6 to 9:30 at N J.W
On sale in Clothing Dept., 2d floor.
Shoo-FIy 49c Ea.
Special lot of 100 children's Chair
Horses or Shoo-fly, regular 85c
values, on sale tonight A.Qf
from 6 to 9:30 at
Toy Department, Third Floor.
Great Book Sale
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Corelli, Scott, Fleming, Hugo,
Clay, Southworth and others;
great special values, 6 OQ
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2000 Lindsay Globes, very best
quality of imported opal. . . .16
''Block" Gas Heaters, can be put
on any fixture; will heat a small
room quickly; great value.. 29
In the Stationery Department,
white and colored "Writing Pa
pers, plain and ruled, values up
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Trunks and Traveling Bags Great Variety' 3d Floor
We Are Agents for Columbia Yarns Complete Stock
The Meier (2b Frank Store
Men's Wear Specials
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Ties, made full French fold, from the
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the city at, each JvJC
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value, at 2 pair
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gray; Cooper's form-fitting underwear; all sizes, Shirts
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v .
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sale at this low price; included will be found Strongheart
two-step, Love's Conquest, waltz; Red Domino two-step, Cavalier,
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Me Back to Dear Old Georgia." ""Wait on the Corner for I tt
Me," "Won't You Take a Float with Me," others, at..
Late Dance Folio, latest Songs, 50c value, copy 23
Sheet Music Department, in the Balcony, near Alder-Street entrance.
$ 7.50 Lace Curtains $4.95
Special lot of white and beige Lace Curtains with allover figures or
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patterns. Regular $7.50 values. On sale today only
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Evening Apparel Vs Off
Thanksgiving Sale extraordinary of magnificent Evening and Recep
tion Gowns; superb costumes, the best efforts of the leading Paris
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The Meier &. Frank Store
$1.00 Veiling
At 21c Yard
1500 yards of Chiffon Cloth
Veiling, 20 inches wide, ftilk
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effects, in large assortment of
choice patterns, black, white,
brown, navy, green, red and
old rose; values up to O 1 o
$1.'00 a yard; on sale IC
In the Book Store we are show
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Calendars, "Nutting" Calen
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range all the wav from lc
up to
See them in the Book Dept.
Wolf River
Apples $1.50 Bx.
On sale in the Grocery Depart
ment today, 200 boxes of fine
quality Wolf River Apples,
superior quality eating apples
for Thanksgiving. Great spe
cial value . at, I .f
Phone Exchange 4.
Drug Sundries
and Stationery
La Premier Castile soap, at 8
Sanitol Tooth Powder or Paste,
great special value at 18
Violet Toilet Water, bottle 49
A Pure . Vegetable Shampoo
and Hair Food; special
at OC
35c Face Powders at 23
Chamois Chest Protectors, cha
mois both sides; can be
washed; great special yOf
value at ZrC
Fancy Back Combs, pretty new
styles, values up to $1.25; at
this low price AjQf
each TsC
Fancy Box Papers, Eaton-Hurl-burt
's best linen, put up in gift
boxes ; values from 50c to $2.00
On sale at 1-3 off Vi Off
Odds and ends of fine Linen
Papers, best quality, white,
blue, gray and other tints; reg-
'ular 35c and 40c val
ues; on sale at
Aluminum Ink Stands, fancy
. patterns, very pretty, J 2c
$2.00 Fountain Pens, every one
guaranteed; great Q 1 A.Q
special value, ea. r 7
Complete Line of "Peninsular" Stoves and Steft Ranges
"Willamette" Sewing Machines $18.00 to $35.00
The Meier Frank Store
Children's Coats $4.45
Special lot of Children's full length
Coats of cheviot, trimmed with fancy
buttons, collar 'and cuffs trimmed with
red and fancy braid, colors brown, blue
and green, ages 6 to 14 f A A C
years; great values at... OHT.UJ
Special lot of Children's Cheeked
Dresses in red, green, blue and brown,
pointed yoke, trimmed with cashmere
and narrow soutache braid, cuffs and
collar trimmed of same; ages 6 to 14
years; great value at this
special low price, each..
Children's full length Coats of crushed
velvet, box 6tyle, trimmed with fancy
buttons; green, red, brown and gray;
.ages 2 to 6 years; great ft
special values at iJHr.CU
Children's Box Coats of bear skin, full
length; red, white, gray and brown;
douBle-breasted, button-trimmed, ages
2 to b
value at. .
years ; grand
Women's $ 1 .50Underwear98cEa.
Special lot of Women's "Wool Mixed Union Suits, high neck and long
sleeves, good heavy "Winter weight, beautifully made and perfect
fitting garments, in white and gray, all sizes, regular
$1.50 values, on sale at T ,
1000 pairs of women's fine black
Hosiery, embroidered instep, pret
ty patterns, dots, bowknots. rings
and fancy clocks, all j C
sizes, great value at mtJ
Women's Hose
At 25c Pair
Women's Neckwear Specials
"Women's white and ecru Venise lace
Tab Stocks in the flatiron effects,
new. and attractive styles, regular
50c values, on sale today at O 1
this low price, each ........ C
Women's cluny lace Jabots, made of
extra fine cluny lace and collar
trimmed in white or light blue;
pretty styles for evening O 1
wear; 50c values, today at. . C
"Women's Venise lace. Chemisette,
made of fine Venise lace in floral
design, white and ecru, best 1
b'5c values, on sale todav at C
Lace Ties, made of . fine quality bobbinet, beautifully )1 -trimmed
in Venise lace; 50e values, at C
"White wash Stocks made of fine batiste and trimmed with
baby Irish lace, handsome styles; 50c values, at
Jap. Drawn Work Pieces at
l2 Regular Prices
Great Saturday sale of choice Japanese Drawn "Work Pieces, all pure
linen, in sizes 18xl8-inch, 24x24-inch, 30x30-inch, 36x36-inch, 45x45
inch, 54x54-inch, 20x45-inch and 20x36-inch, 20x54 and 20x72-inch
squares and center pieces, scarfs, traycloths, etc., etc., in great as
sortment; values ranging from $2.00 to $13.50, on sale at U
J2 regular prices , 2
Every housewife is interested in this grand offering.
The Meier Frank Store
6 to 9:30
$5.00 Sets at 69c
Remarkable values in "Women's
hand-embroidered Collar and Cuff
Sets, made of pure linen, hand
somely embroidered in both floral
and conventional desigus; $2.00
to $5.00 values; on
sale at low price of.... O-rK
Women's Hosi'ry
500 pairs of Women's Fleece-lined
Black Cotton Hose, seamless,
good Winter weight; sizes 8',j to
10; best 25c values; on 1 T
6ale 6 to 9:30 only at. . . OC
Men's Kerchiefs.
200 dozen Men's pure linen Hand
kerchiefs, all width hems, the best
25c values, on sale from 1 9
6 to 9:30 only at 1 C C
Saturday night sale of Women's
Hand Bags in black, brown, tan,
seal and walrus; new style straps
and Vienna handles, coin purse
and card case; $1.50 1 fQ
to $2.00 values, at...N ViP
Silk Umbrellas
Special lot of 50 Women's 26-inch
Umbrellas, fine silk and mercer
ized covers, guaranteed rainproof, J
f 1,-1 i l
lancy goia, silver ana pearl nan
dies; regular $6.50 ami $7.50
values, on sale from fl A Q 8T
6 to 9:30 at, each.. J. iFJ
Women's pure gum rubber I rouse-
hold Gloves in black, white and
maroon; best $1.00 values, oi
sale from 6" to 9:30 at
this low price, pair
Aprons 25c Each
Special lot of Women's white lawn
Aprons, tucked and plain hem
med, neat and serviceable styles,
regular 35c values, on IT
sale from 6 to 9:30 at.. JC
Curtains 50c Pr.
500 pairs of white Nottingham
Lace Curtains, floral patterns, 315
inches wide bv 2:?4 vards long,
regular 85c values, on C
sale at low price, pair.. vV j
ExtensionRodsZc j
5000 1,2-inch Brass Extension Rods
with silver ends, 54-inch exten- j
sion'; value extraordinary 9
from 6 to 9:30 at, each C
Children's Vests
Children's ribbed cotton Vests, in
gray and white, good weight and j
sizes to fit children 2 to 7 years I
of age; best 35c values, on sale j
6 to 9:30 only at this 1 OlAp I
low price, each & I &
Only small quantity. Come early.
Old Wooden Blocks Which Munici
pality Did 'ot Guarantee
Cause Trouble.
Property owners who are protesting
ncainst the well-nigrh impassable con
dition of First street, will probably
have to hear the expense of repairing-
it. Three years ago, when the
pavement was laid, the city guaranteed
it for ten years, but it is asserted
that the sections of the pavement now
worn out were not guaranteed. New
wooden blocks were not laid on all
jiarts of the street because it was
bnlieved that the old ones were good
onough for the time being. It is said
that it is the old blocks that are giving
the trouble.
Yesterday afternoon at a meeting of
the executive board, a petition was
presented by the First Street Improve
ment Association asking the city to
make good its guarantee, as the street
from Madison to Stark street is in
need of repairs. City Engineer Taylor
stated that the old pavement was the
source of the trouble. City Attorney
McNary declared that he did not be
lieve the city had authority to make
the improvements asked. The matter
was referred to the street committee
of the executive board.
The report of Chief Campbell and
Teputy Fire Marshal Roberts was read.
It states, among other things, that
the electric wiring of the City .Hall
is defective. Many features of the
wiring system were condemned in the
report, and immediate steps will .be
taken to remedy the defects. The re
port says it will cost approximately
jlOOO to make the alterations. The re
port was referred to the City Hall
committee, and the Council will be
asked to make an appropriation to
cover the expenditure.
The following bids for street and
sewer improvements were opened:
Trinity place, "Warren Construction Com-
winy. $5240.64.
RusfoII street. Warren Construction Oom-
i pany. JUi.BH.OS. t
Mlrhljr&n avenoe. H. J. Ewinjr Company,
1 ;J30; R. 1. Dcbuhr. t-SOO.8.
Garfield avenue, Stephen Bros., $1056.60.
Marion avenue. H. Howard, $15,870; Gie
blsoh & Joplin, $13,316.
Stanton street. Bechlll Bros., $11,290.80; H.
Howard, $11,567.
East Ninth street. Pacific Bridge Company,
Rodney avenue. H. Howard, $4S15.
Wood street, H. Howard, $4u95.8S.
East Sixth street, O'Neill & Co., $10,307.41;
Luodtrum& Johnson, $10,861.40.
Dekum avenue, Stpphn Bros., $12,603.15:
H. Howard, $12,652.26; GteblHch & Joplin.
Kuat Sixteenth street, 11. Howard, $4589.16.
Eat Taylor street. Concrete Conartruction
Company. $497G.R4; Joplin & Meeks, $5289.50;
H. Howard, $5423.78; Franey & Company,
$5470.22. '
East Sixth street. Pacific "Bridge Company,
East Taylor street. Concrete Construction
Company. $1393.67; H. Howard, $4713.85.
East Thirteenth street, H. J. Ewing Com
pany, $4451.50: R. J. Debuhr. $3971.17.
East Eleventh street. Concrete Construction
Company. $140.70.
Ankeny street. Warren Construction Com
pany, $1785.51.
Sewer, East Pine treet. Keating & Franey,
Sewer. East Taylor street. Bechlll Bros.,
$765.67: Keating & Franey. $882.60.
Sewer, East Twenty-ninth street, J. B.
Slcmmons. $429.60: Keating & Franey, $409.78;
G. Gordon. $447.70.
Sewer, East Main street. Bechill Bros.,
$1420: Keating & Franey, $1525.
Sewer, East Twenty-seventh street, Bechill
Bros., $378.85: Keating A Franey, $365.22; G.
Gordon. $465.40.
Sewer, Price Mreet. J. B. Slemmons, $370.40:
G, Gordon, $370.20.
1000 pairs women's 16-utton Suede
gloves at $1.19 a pair. The greatest glove
event of the year! They are here in all
colors, . such as greens, reds, grays,
browns, black, etc., and are standard $1.75
quality. All sizes. On sale for this day
only. Our $1.50 line of fine kid gloves, 95c
a pair today. McAllen & McDonnell.
Ladies' coats and suits today at Le Palais
Royal, 375 Washington street.
Watchman Run Over by Train.
NORTH YAKIMA. Wash., Nov. 23.
(Special.) Jacob Johnson, the Northern
Pacilic watchman at Topenah, was run
over by a freight train this morning and
instantly killed.
Women Were Alarmed Over Report
That Such Title Would Make
Amendment Illegal,
The members of the State Suffrage As
sociation had something of a scare last
week, when it was unofficially reported
to them that the title Equfi.l Suffrage"
for their proposed amendment was not
legal, and even if carried by the vote of
the state would not be valid, but that the
title should be "Woman's Suffrage." This
meant, apparently, that all the signers of
the petitions which have been circulated
since the defeat at the last election would
have to be approached again and the long
list of names which have been secured
would have to be made up and verilied all
At the meeting of the association last
week the matter was quietly discussed
and it was determined to ask the State
Attorney-General for an official opinion,
and this was accordingly done. Mr. Craw-'
ford has answered, putting all fears of
the suffragists at rest, for it transpires
that the scare was created only by the in
quiry of a suffragist of Coos Bay, who
thought he would like the term of woman
suffrage better than equal suffrage. The
letter of Mr. Crawford to Mrs. Duniway
is self-explanatory:
"Salem, Or., Nov. 19. 1906. Mrs. Abigail
Scott Duniway, President Oregon State
Equal Suffrage Association, 292 Clay
street, Portland, Or. Dear Madam: Re
plying to yours of this date, relative to a
formula of petition for equal suffrage
amendment and stating that you have
been informed that the same must be
woman suffrage amendment, or words to
that effect, permit me to say that your
informant is mistaken. We informed the
equal suffragists of Coos County that they
could not change a petition after it had
been circulated. In other words, after the
petition was signed, then it could not be
changed, because the signers of the pe
titions are fixing their signatures to a
certain statement which they are sup
posed to have read and examined for
themselves, and they sign that petition re
questing that that matter be enacted into
law. Therefore this office held that no
one had any right to change the wording
of the proposed amendment after it had
been signed. If a change is desired, then
a new petition would necessarily have to
be circulated. However, as to the form
ula or heading to go on the ballot, at the
last election it read: 'For Equal Suffrage
Constitutional Amendment," and the
amendment was entitled 'Equal Suffrage
Amendment.' I am of the opinion that it
was sufficient, and I am also of the opin
ion that if it is entitled 'woman suffrage
amendment' it would also be sufficient
and legal In either case. Very respectfully
yours, A. M. CRAWFORD.
"A thing that pleased me very much in
this matter," said Mrs. Duniway yester
day, "was the prompt offer of a number
of our prominent members to begin the
arduous work of securing signers to the
petitions all over. They did not hesitate,
but immediately offered to begin on new
lists. We have secured fully the number
of names required something like 8000
but all the lists have not yet been veri
fied, as this takes some time. The suf
fragists are not letting any grass grow
under their feet this year, and we arc
most hopeful of flne results."
Conventions to Organize Labor Party
Called for Next Friday Night.
During the regular course of business
at the Federated Trades Council meeting
last evening the formal launching of the
proposed union political party was the
principal topic of discussion, and the
plans promulgated met with the entire
approval of all delegates present. Per
manent organization of the party will
be effected at a meeting to be held in
Union Hall, Second and Stark streets,
next Friday evening. Delegates from 53
unions in Portland will take part In the
The good roads' committee appointed at
the last meeting of the Federated Trades
Council a week ago reported that it had
conferred with the State, Good Roads
Commission at County Judge Webster's
office and that the plan advocated by
union labor met with some indorsement
by the commission. Several clauses in
troduced by the labor delegates relative
to the working of state prisoners on the
roads ' were incorporated in the articles
drawn up by the commission, and the
proposals will be further discussed at the
meeting to be held at the same place next
Monday evening.
The council acted on a bill to be in
troduced at the next session of the Legis
lature providing for the creation of a
commission to devise remedial legislation
restricting special privileges of corpora
tions and to provide for the repealing of
laws and parts of laws that conflict with
the proposed drafts.
The ordinance now before the City
Council presented by the Musicians'
Union and providing for the repeal of
the law against music in saloons was
unanimously indorsed, as it was shown
that music is permitted by the city in
the Hotel Portland and Hotel Oregon.
An outline of a proposed bill to be. pre
sented by the Miners' Union of Bourne.
Or., at the next session of the Legisla
ture providing for the appointment of a
State Mining Inspector, was read before
the meeting. No definite action ,was
taken, but a committee was appointed to
inquire into the merits of the measure.
A, movement is on foot to revive in
terest in the Building Trades Council,
which organization has been in a dor
mant state ever since the building trades
strike three years ago. The organization
has not gone out of existence, but meet
ings are no longer held.
W. H. Fitzgerald, secretary of the
council, was appointed business agent at
a stipulated salary, and will devote his
entire time to the business of the coun
cil and kindred organizations.
Great special sale of men's, women's
and children's underwear today. You can't
heat our prices. Come and be convinced.
McAllen & McDonnell.
Hog Brings High Price.
OREGON CITY. Or., Nov. 23. (Special.)
That hog-raising in Clackamas County
is not unprofitable was demonstrated yes
terday by George Luzelle. of Mountain
Ash Farm, who sold to a local butcher a
registered Poland China hog that dressed
473 pounds. For the hog Mr. Lazelle re
ceived $..2r,.
The Beef Trust had several cars of dressed meats returned to them from Seattle on account of the flood.
These meats have been distributed among many markets in Portland, and, after laying around in the cars for
several days, will be offered to the general public for Saturday's trade. Don't eat this meat. Eat Smith's
absolutely fresh Oregon meats. . Oregon-bred, Oregon-fed, city-dressed just to the taste of Oregon people.
Prime Rib Roast Beef, per lb 10
Rolled Roast Beef, per lb 10
Porterhouse Steak, per lb 12
"T"-Bone Steak, per lb 12VZ
Tenderloin Steak, per lb 10
Sirloin Steak, per lb 10
Round Steak, per lb 10
Hamburg Steak, per lb 10
Rump Roast Beef, per lb.. 8
Pot Roast Beef, per lb S
Corned Beef, per lb 6
Boiling Beef, per lb. 5 Beef Stew, per lb. 5
Liver, per lb 5 Beef Suet, per lb. 5
Mutton Loin Roast, per lb .12Vz
Mutton Loin Chops, per lb .1212
Mutton Shoulder Chops, per lb 10
Mutton Shoulder Roast, per lb 8
Mutton Stew, per lb .-. 5
According to the testimony of General Nelson A. Miles, U. S. A.,
the Beef Trust meats killed more soldiers in the Spanish-American
War than did the enemy's bullets.
Leg Pork, per lb 12V2
Pork Shoulder Roast, per lb 1212
Pork Shoulder Chops, per lb 12Vuh
Leaf Lard, per lb L2V2
Salt Pork, per lb lSVztf
Pork Loin Roast, per lb 15
Pork Loin Chops, per lb 1 tc
Our Own Lard, 5 lbs. for 60?
Our Own Bacon, per lb lT1?
Hams, per lb 17
Veal Breast, per lb 8
Veal Stew, per lb 6
Veal Shoulder Roast, per lb 10
Veal Shoulder Cutlets, per lb 10
Veal Leg, per lb 12V2
Veal Rump Roast, per lb 12V2
Veal Loin Roast, per lb ....1212i
Absolutely fresh,
healthy, wholesome,
clean, pure,