Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, November 12, 1906, Page 14, Image 14

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Frank Store's
Trunks and Traveling Bags in Great Variety 3d Floor
Blankets, Comforters, Beds, Mattresses Third Floor
Vallier's French Kid Gloves
$2.50 Values $ 1 .45 a Pair
. j
A Thanksgiving Sale of
Vallier's celebrated real
French Kid Gloves for
Today, Tuesday, Wed
nesday 1 000 pairs in the
o every pair perfect, 2
peari clasps, pique stitch
ed, ex tra quality glace kid
in tans, browns, bisque,
cream, white and a few
blacks, all sizes and every
pair fitted and guaranteed.
Regular $2.50 values on
saie at th:s exceptionally
low pries
per pair
1 Msk
Great Sale Fine Dress Trimmings
A very important sale of Dress Trimmings is scheduled for this
week. In the assortment is included black and " colored Silk
Passementeries, black and light-colored Spangled Trimming, black
and colored Braids, black and colored Fancy Braids, black, white
and colored Silk Appliques, Persian Woven Edges, Persian Bands,
black and colored Bead Trimmings, Fancy Beltings, etc., etc.; this
season's latest novelties; to 6 inches wide. Bands, Edges, Fes
toons, Medallion and Applique Effects. Great values at
$ .25 to $ .40 Values on Sale at. Yd. $ .15
$ .50 to $ .75 Values on Sale at, Yd. $ .23
$ 1 .00 to $ 1 .75 Values on Sale at, Yd. $ .59
$2.00 to $4.00 Values on Sale at, Yd. $1.19
$2.75 Embroideries at 89c a Strip
$4.50 Embroideries $ 1 .98 a Strip
x'ffesK T430f Manufacturers' .lengths of
fAVv PHl fine Embroideries and Inser-
4 rc Vi-f-r? tions; Swiss. Batiste, Nainsook
and Cambrics. Two great spe
cial lots on sale today at
very tempting prices.
Lot 12000 yards of Swiss and
Nainsook Edges and Inser
tions, from 2 to 5 inches wide;
dainty designs in grand assort
ments; Embroideries for chil
dren's and infants' wear;
yard lengths ; values up to $2.75
a strip; on sale at this 5 Q
low price; a strip 3Z7s
Lot 2 Swiss, Batiste and Cam
bric Embroidery and Insertion
in grand variety, including
bands for lingerie waists, skirt
flouncings, 3 to 20 inches wide,
etc., etc.; 63,4-yard lengths;
values up to $4.50 a strip; on
sale at this low O Qft
price; a strip. . .H 0
Special Values
in Laces
Point de Esprit Laces and Insertion, from 1 to 5 inches wide;
large assortment of the best styles; values up to 25c
the. yard; on sale at this very low price, the yard .'
Remarkable values in French and Round Mesh "Valenciennes Laces
and Insertions; 1 to 4 inches wide; immense assortment; values
up to $4 per dozen yards; on sale at this wonderfully OQ -low
price, the dozen yards take advantage at,....;
Small lot of white Baby Irish and Venise Allovers, lS-inch; de
sirable:Tor evening waists, yokes, etc.; values up to $4 QQ.
a yard; on sale at this remarkably low price, per yard '"C
frtTG(at" lrVlAt 1000 Tari6 of Corset Cover Em
VVJit 3EI VVCI broideries; neat, serviceable designs;
good assortment; values up to 75c
a yard; on sale at this special 7LQ
low price, per yard 5i7C
Carving Sets Low Priced
200 Carving Pets; nickel trimmed:
each set in neat case; good steel;
a great special value at. set 82.39
Special lot of Carving Sets in case;
stag handles; medium size; J3 50
value a.77
Car-ing Sets In Morocco case;
sterling silver trimmings, stag
handles, good steel; $450 value.
per set H3.57
Carving Sets: extra fine stag
handles, sterling silver trimmed.
assorted styles; $6.00 values.4.78
$8.60 values S6.7S
$40 Suits $29.85
School and College Pennants, All Schools and Colors Felt Letters Made to Your Order
Artistic Picture Framing to Order Custom Shade and Drapery Work Our Specialty
Great Sale Women's Apparel
men s
Portland's largest and best garment store
offers for the great Thanksgiving Sale very
unusual values in women's high grade ready-to-wear
apparel Women's high grade
Tailored Suits in semi-fitting, tight-fitting or
pony jacket styles," also Blouses with velvet
and fancy gimp trimming or self-strapped
and stitched, pleated and gored skirts Ma
terials include broadcloths, tweeds, cheviots
and homespuns in checks, mixtures, plaids,
and plain colorings Suits that are beauti
fully made and finished throughout Good
assortment and all sizes Every garment in
the lot regular $40 value
Today at, per suit.
Mail Orders Promptly and Carefully Tilled.
Women's Suits $9.65 Each
Special lot of 100 women's Jacket Suits; fitted back,
fly front, coat collar velvet trimmed and tailor
stitched straps, also fly front and collarless, braid
trimmed and tailored straps, . light and dark ma
terials, best patterns, all sizes; regular CO CLZ
$15.00 values, on sale today at S 7OJ
We present . for your choosing the . greatest stocks
of women's high-grade ready-to-wear apparel in the
city Suits, Coats, Furs, Silk Coats, Skirts, Waists,
Evening costumes, Wraps, etc. Every new fashion,
every new material, and at the -most reasonable prices.
One Hundred Women's Boxcoats at $6.85
One Hundred Women's Boxcoats at $9.45
100 women's -length loose Back Coats, in green and gray mixtures, with broadcloth collar and trimmed
in fancy braid and buttons; this season's very best styles and unequaled in value at this ft
low price take advantage of this great opportunity; per garment yOOJ
100 women's S-length loose Back Coats; black and white invisible plaids, with black velvet collar and cuffs,
also brown and gray invisible plaids, collar and cuffs red velvet trimmed; a style and quality &Q A..
Coat other stores ask $15 and $18 for; our special price for this sale, per garment p-r.'J
New Silk Petticoats
$8 Values at $5.25
200 plain and
changeable Silk
Petticoats; made of
splendid quality
taffeta silk ; full
flared; tucked,
shirred or hem
stitched flounce ;
white, light blue,
gray, tan, green,
red, brown, laven
der and black; reg
ular $S values on
Special lot of 100
Plaid Silk Waists;
tailor-made effects;
1-inch tucks down
the front ; brown,
red. blue and green ;
handsome 6tyles ;
regular $5.50 values, but they will Oft
be placed on sale at this low price., v"
$8 Values at $4.85
Value extraordin
ary in , women's
walking Skirts
Light and medium
gray plaids made
pleated style and
trim'ed with tailor
stitched bias folds;
all this season's
best style Walking
Skirts An advan
tageous deal with
a large New York
manufacturer en
ables us to offer
this lot of only
one hundred $8
values at the phenomen
ally low price of each
We're Sole Agents for Perrin's Real French Kid Gloves
Sole Agents for La Grecque Corsets Second Floor
$4.00 Cloakings $2.00 Yd.
$1 Messaline Silks 63c Yd.
In the Dress Goods Depart
ment today we place
on sale an unusual bargain
in 50-inch fancy and plain H
colored Bearcloth and As'J W
tv r1iV?inre maan CrV "V
brown, castor, pink, light
blue, gobelin and black, suit-K
able for Infants and Child-;!
ren's Garments, Evening i
Wraps, etc. Regular$4.00 f
a vara vai. r(
at, per yd... H &.JJ
i : mm
3000 yards of new Messaline Silks for Waists and Cos
tumesFine quality pink, light blue, nile,
reseda, gray, black, navy, white and garnet
Regular $ 1 ,OQ value, on sale at, per yard . .
Extra ! Scruple Line of
Fine Linens Half Price
Manufacturer's Sample
line of fine Linens Jap
anese hand drawn work
done on the best Irish
linen doylies, tray cloths,
tea cloths, scarfs, center
pieces in a very large
assortment Only a few
patterns in each kind
Values ranging from 18c
to $7.00 each, on sale
while they last at one
half regularprices Every
housewife in the city
wants to share in this
grand bargain Better come early if j
you want the best values at . ' & ACw
Lot 2 About 300 sample pieces of hand - embroidered
Japanese linen centerpieces and tea cloths embroidered
in silk on linen and linen on linen All sizes, splendid
assortment Values ranging from 50c 1
to $ 1 2.00, on sale at half regular price Z JTlCC
Rogers "1847" Silverware
Sugar Shells, at, each.... . .54
Butter Knives, at, each. . . .41J
Pickle Forks, at, each 41
Sngar Tongs at, each. . . .74
Cream Ladles, at, each....6o
Gravy Ladles, at, each 82
Beef Forks, at, each 54
Cold Meat Forks, each 67
Cake Forks, each 67 6
Pie Servers, each $1.62
Knives and Forks, shell satin, set
of 6, for, set S3. 85
6 Fruit Knives for $1.47
All lines of sterling Silverware
sold here at. very lowest prices.
On sale in the Basement.
Berry Spoons, each $1.03
6 Coffee Spoons for $1.18
6 Bouillon Spoons for... $2.37
6 Oyster Forks for $1.60
Nut Sets, at, Set $1.82
Nut Cracks, at 54
Bon Bon Spoons at, each. . .67
Knives and Forks, satin finish,
set of 6 for, set. ...... .$3.75
Cut Glass Spec'ls
$1.50 Nappies for, each. $1.19
$2.25 Nappies for, each. $1.77
$3.00 Nappies for. each. $2.37
$5.50 Cut Glass Bowls. .$4.37
$6.75 Cut Glass Bowls.. $5.40
$S.50 Cut Glass Bowls.. $6.SO
$11.75 Cut Glass Bowls. .$9.67
$12.50 Cut Glass Bowls. .$9.84
$7.50 Celery Dishes for.$6.10
$1.50 Violet Bowls for. $1.19
in the
Big Basement
50c and 60c German China Plates, on sale at. . . 33
$1.25 fancy China Celery Trays, on sale at 99J
60c fancy China Celery Trays, on sale at.... 48J
75c fancy China Celery Trays on sale at.... 59
$2.25 fancy China Celery Trays on sale at $1.79
25c fancy China Cake Plates, on sale at.... 19
$1.00 fancy China Cake Plates, on sale at.... 79
Decorated Turkey Platters, on sale at, each 84
$2.50 nickel-plated Five o 'Clock Teas, each... $1.99
$3.50 nickel-plated Five o'Clock Teas, each... $2.79
$10.00 Coffee Machines for this low price, each. $7.98
$6.00 Chafing Dishes, on sale at this low price. $4.79
$9.50 Chafing Dishes, on sale at this low price. $7.59
5-light Brass Candelabras; regular $S.OO Jl
values, on sale at this low price, eacn.
ri-licht Sih-er-Plated Candelabras; regu
lar $9.00 values, on sale at, each..
Silver-Plated Candlesticks, on sale at, each $1.99
Brass Candlesticks, on sale at, each 52
$1.00 Gilt Candlesticks, on sale at, each 79?
Metal Candlesticks, at this low price, ea 27
Candles, all shades, on sale at, each 5 and 3"
Candle Shades, on sale at the low price of, ea. . .25J
Large showing of Candle Shades m beautiful styles
Vases, Salt and Peppers, Wine Decanters, etc., at very low prices.
Chinese "Music" Must
Cease at Midnight.
Portland Celntlnlii IVot Allowed
Hrreafter to Celebrate Birthday
if Join and Other Important Oc
ranious A They Would.
ORDERS were issued yesterday that
the "music" which has been played
heretofore by the Chinese In the celebra
tion of their various and numerous holi
days, theatricals and festivals shall cease
at midnight. It has been the practice of
ih Celestials to keep the horrid agony
of sounds, the screeching discords of
drum ar.d fiddle going until as late as 5
o'rlork in the morning. Yesterday was
the birthday of the Joss or some equally
important occasion, and the big Chinese
headquarters directly across from the
police station at Second and Oak was the
center of attraction for the Chinese. The
conglomeration of sounds was something
terrtffic until the police put a stop to it.
It was w,hen this was dune that the "big
fixer" went over to the station and tried
to get clemency but Captain Bailey re
fused to allow the music to proceed and
the birthday of the big joss was not'prop
erly celebraied in consequence.
There has been much complaint regard
ing the unearthly noises that are made
by the Chinese on these occasions and
it has been decicJed to put a. stop to that
sort of thing after the midnight hour.
The natives of the Flowery Kingdom who
inhabit Portland are much Incensed over
the new order of things and maintain
that . they cannot do without their
"music" and that It is a hardship on
them to suppress the music and in this
manner interfere with their religious The new order is in force, however,
and there is no more Chinese music after
the midnight hour In Portland.
Woodstock and Adjoining Suburbs
Discuss the Proposition.
Territory embracing 13 square miles.
and having a population of nearly
12.000. including Woodstock. Ivanhoe,
Tremont, Anabel, Arleta, Nashville and
all the southeastern district up to the
Lents section, will probably be knock
ing for admission to Portland before
long. The movement for annexation is
now taking definite form. At the meet
ing of the "Woodstock Improvement
Association, Friday night last, the sub
ject was discussed favorably. It Was
decided to push the matter vigorously
and get a vote on annexation at the
June election.
President C. Ben RIesland. of the
Woodstock Improvement Association,
said last evening that the people of this
territory are taking action for the rea
son that they are convinced that it is
only through annexation that they can
hope to get Bull Run water. He esti
mates the population that will be in
cluded in the city at 12.000, which may
be larger by June, as several hundred
new houses are being erected there
He says that In some parts of the
suburb there will be an actual water
famine next year. Last Summer there
was a shortage, and this shortage will
be greater next year. It is claimed
that the resources of the local water
companies will not be adequate.
The inducement which the district
win offr to Portland for annexation is
the revenue which 12.000 people will
bring. This will be a considerable
item in case Portland decides to lay
another pipe line to Bull Run. build an
other reservoir and purchase more
This annexation movement does not
yet include Lents, the dividing line be
ing at Gray's Crossing. At Lents there
is a. movement to incorporate, which
has a considerable following, -as well
as some opposition, it is thought,
however, that incorporation eventually
will be dropped at Lents, and that the
people will join the movement for an
nexatidn with the territory to the west.
Will Burn Mortgage.
Next SaturcJay, November 17, a special
meeting of Columbia Grange, Patrons of
Husbandry, will be held for the pur
pose of burning the mortgage on the
Grange building, east of the Sandy river.
November 3 at the regular meeting the
final payment on the building was made
and the mortgage that had stood over the
property came Into the pdssession of the
Grange. There was so much rejoicing
over the happy event that it was decided
to hold a special meeting to celebrate
the event. The building of the hall was
the outcome of a gathering of a few
farmers at a private house several years
226-22S Alder Street, Bet. First and Second Streets
Today and Every Day you
should eat Smith's Meats.
They are Fresh, Clean and
Wholesome .'.
Oregon's food inspector has
pronounced them perfect.
And they are Cheap the
Whole Year 'Round .". .".
Porterhouse Steak, large, with a
heavy tenderloin, per lb IS1:
Small porterhouse Steak, lb 10i
"T"-Bone Steak, with a heavy ten
derloin, per lb
Sirloin steak, per lb lOe
Tenderloin Steak, per lb. IOC
Round Steak, per lb. IOC
Loin steak, per lb 10?
Hamburg Steak, per lb 10J
Prne Rib Roast Beef, per lb.. IOC
Rolled Roast Beef, per lb XOtf
Pot Roast Beet, per lb 8?
Beef Stew, per lb S
Boiling Beef.per lb 5
Corned Beef, per lb 6
Mutton Shoulder Roast, per lb. ..St
Mutton Shoulder Chops, per lb. .IOC
Mutton Stew, per lb 5ff
Mutton Breast, per lb
Leg Mutton, Mr lb Js!J
Mutton Loin Roast, per 10.
Mnt.r.on T.oin Choos. tier lb.
Pork Shoulder Roast, per lb..
Pork Shoulder Chops, per lb.
T o- Pnrk npr Ih.
Pork Loin Chops, per lb 15
Pork Loin Roast per lb 15
Pigs' Feet, per lb ,.-
Leaf Lard, per lb 121"
Salt Pork, per lb 12v2
Veal Shoulder Roast, per lb... IOC
Veal Shoulder Cutlets, per lb.
Veal Breast, per lb
Veal Stew, per lb
Leg Veal, per lb
Veal Rump Roast, per lb
Veal Loin Roast, per lb
Veal Rib Roast, per lb
Bologna Sausage, per lb. ...
Frankfort Sausage, per lb. ..
Our Own Lard, 5 lbs. for....
Hams, per lo
Breakfast Bacon, per lb.
Liver, per lb
Hearts, per lb
. .lO
124: C
. . .soe
" 5 c
The Beef Trust markets have flung out their banners saying they are fighting
the Trust. They are using Our Motto. Show your contempt for their falsehood
by Not Going Near Them.
Patronize Home Industry
Trade With Smith