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VOL. XLVI.-XO. 14,326.
Republican Is Elected
Governor of New
York by 50,000.
;kes Great Gains in Large
Up-State Centers of.
Tammany Defeats Non-Parti-
san Ticket for Judges.
UcCarren's Fight on Hearst Fails to
Carry City of Brooklyn Republi
cans Control Legislature, but
Democrats Claim Gains.
NEW YORK, Nov. 7 According to re
rns received up to an early hour this
ornlng, Charles B. Hughes. Republican
andldate for Governor, has been elected
v 5,000 or more plurality. Outside ot
rr -at r New lork. v'.tli li election S.s-
I ricta missing'. Mr. Hugues .as a t-iIt. l-
of about 124. CXI In Greater New
ork, with 69 election districts missing.
IV R. Hearst, the Demo- -ratio and Inde-
I endence League candidate, has a plu-
Iallty of 75.036 Mr. Hearst carried all
ne boroughs of the greater city, despite
ie tact that the early returns seemed to
idlcate that he had lost Brooklyn.
No definite figures are yet available as
the results with regard to the subordl-
ite state officers, and both Democrats
lid Republicans are claiming victories
om Lieutenant-Governor down.
I The indications are that the State Leg
ist ure will show little change in its po-
llcul make-up.
The Tammany Judiciary ticket In New
rk County, with the exception of Otto
jsalsky for General Sessions Judge, Re
.blican. has been elected. The Judiciary
minators' ticket was defeated..
Istate Chairman Max F. Ihmsen, of the
I dependence League, claims that Hearst
9 been elected. He sent out late last
ht telegrams to all Independence
ague watchers to be on guard to eee
it the full vote was counted.
ighes' Victory Marked by Surprises
on Many Sides.
CEW YORK, July 6. According to ln-
Inplete returns from all over the state
eived up to 10:30 P. M., Charles E.
Lshes, the Republican candidate, has
n elected Governor of New York State
I-jr William Randolph Hearst, the nom
e of the Democratic party and the
iependenoe League, by approximately
lurallty of 40.000. Two years ago Gov.
.or Hlgglns was elected on the Repub-
;n ticket by 80,560.
ma doubt was expressed tonight as
the fate of the Democratic and Inde-
Ldence League tickets outside of Mr.
irst, several of the New York newe-
lers which have been supporting Mr.
Lrhea declaring that there was a chance
tha subordinate officers of the Demo-
I tie and Independence League comblna
1 having been elected.
I Where Hughes Got the Votes.
I .no latest figures seems to indicate
It Mr. Hughes plurality above the
I rue exceed 115,000.
p offset this, Mr. Hearst's plurality in
I iter New York will probably be from
) to 80.000.
Brooklyn, where Senator Patrick H.
parren made a bitter fisht against Mr.
rst. the latter carried the borough
la small plurality, probably 4000. At
time it seemed that Hughes had been
essful In Brooklyn, but the late re-
t s wera all strongly In favor of the
ocratio candidate.
-. Hearst has been given a majority
learly 70.000 In Manhattan and the
x. wueens uounty, which Includes
Island City, has gone for Hearst by
li 60(0 to 8000. and Richmond. Btaten
id. hue also given the Democratic
Udate a plurality.
Hearst Gains in Cities,
was generally expected, Mr. Hearst
ed his greatest strength in the cities
ighout the state, and took out of the
libllcan column a number of the more
rtant municipalities which hereto-
h.ave been Republican. Among the
li which gave Harst a plurality were
ilo, Rochester. Utica, Troy, Elralra,
Little Falls and Johnstown. All
lasso, except Utica and Rome were
Republican two years ago. Mr. Hughes
did not gain a single city.
The Republican ticket was successful,
but sustained various losses in Syracuse,
Gloversvlfle, Amsterdam. Ithaca, Schenec
tady. Watertown and Flattsburg.
As a result of the scratching and the
voting for the same candidates under
different party emblems, the returns for
the subordinate offices on the various
tickets are so complicated as not- to be
available tonight.
Tammany Judges Elected.
Great interest centered in New York
in the campaign waged for the judiciary
ticket named by a committee of lawyers
headed by Joseph H. Choate and ex
Judge Alton B. Parker. The Tammany
and Independent League Joint' ticket' has
won over the non-partisan candidates by
big pluralities.
State Senator Thomas F. Grady, of
Tammany Hall, has been re-elected over
Thomas Rock, who has been known in
the campaign as "Eight-hour" Rock and
who claimed he had been "tricked" ' by
the Independence League.
Throughout the state there has been a
notable falling off in the . vote of 1904.
which was a Presidential year. The Re
publican ticket showed the1 greatest loss
in this respect, especially in the cities.
Hughes Does Not Feel Elation.
In claiming the election of Mr. Hughes
tonight by a large plurality, Republican
State Chairman Woodruff said:
"I knew all along we had lost the labor
vote. Every possible thing was done to
recover it, but I think without avail."
Mr. Hughes said:
"I am very much gratified if I am elect
ed, as now seems to be the case. What
ever my plurality may be, my feeling
is not of elation, but of responsibility."
Hearst Does Not Admit Defeat.
Neither Max F. Ihmsen, chairman of
the Independence League: W. J. Conners,
chairman of the Democratic State Com
mittee, nor Mr. Hearst was willing to ad
mit defeat at a late hour tonight. .
There were many odd turns to the bal
loting. Here in New York it was Rich
mond Borough that defeated Mr. Hearst
for Mayor a year ago, and it was Brook
lyn, with a big plurality, which helped
him to make the race so close. Mr.
Hearst barely carried Brooklyn today, but
ran ahead In Richmond.
In Schenectady, one of the best organ
ized labor cities in the United States, it
was expected Mr. Hearst, would have a
substantial, plurality. The Republican
ticket was successful by . 374 .votes as
against a Higgins plurality ot- 16a . two
years ago. "' ' ' "' '-'i. ' ' ' ' :i
' Republicans Control1 Legislature.
While both . the . State . Senate and
Assembly will be strongly Republican,
the Deuiccrats are claiming that they
have made gains. The complexion of the
New York congressional delegation, it is
believed, w'il undergo but slight changes.
Hearst Gains In Clties
BUFFALO. N Y., Jfov. " & City com
.plete giver. . if vnc3 -CJBw. SUKrswJaxa
li- ivM -siius vi-eui d 'Hy and L.
rick 32.020. The K Democratic gain over
1904 Is 2118.
complete gives Hughes. Rep., 2393; Hearst.
1943. .
ELMIRA, N. Y.. Nov. . Elmlre com
plete: Hughes, 3146; , Hearst, 3S47. Net
Republican loss over 1904 is 1008 votes.
ROME. N. Y.. Nov. 6. Rome complete
gives Hughes 1730. and Hearst 1826, com
pared with 1954 for Higgins and 2123 for
Herrick in 1904.
Hughes Describes Feeling Produced
by His Election.
NEW YORK. Nov. 6. When seen at his
home at 9:30 o'clock tonight Mr. Hughes
"I am very much gratified if I am
elected, as now seems to be the caEe, but
I am not accustomed to speak In detail
upon matters about which there may be
any uncertainty.
"I understand, however, that my elec
tion Is pretty well assured, but whatever
my plurality may be, my feeling Is not
one of elation, but of responsibility. That
is all that I care to say at present."
Hearst Refuses to the End to Admit
NEW YORK. Nov. 6. More perfect
weather for an election never favored
the voters of Greater New York. The
day was bright and the early poll was
unusually heavy In every section of the
Of the 400 persons arrested for alleged
violations of the election law, 343 were
In Manhattan, according to Superintend
ent of Elections Morgan's statement.
Up to midnight neither Mr. Hearst nor
(Conoluded on Page 4.)
James N. CD let t (Rep.). California.
, - .
L . ' A
f i ?
Election Struggle Has
ProVen Drawn Battle.
Fusion Beaten in Keystone and
Bay States.
Colorado Probably Republican and
Patterson Will Lose Senatorshlp.
Babcock and Wadsworth Beaten.
Longworth Goes to Congress.
TIONS. Now York Republican Governor
and Legislature. Probably no
change In Congressmen.
Fenneylvania Republican Gover
nor; no change In Congressmen;
Republican Legislature.
Massachusetts Republican Gover
nor, state ticket and Legislature;
no change In Congressmen. '
Colorado Claimed by both parties,
although indications favor - Re
publicans; Republican Legisla
ture. California Republican throughout.
Idaho Governor In doubt; Con
gressmen and Legislature' probaX ,
hly Republican. .' ; : :'
' Montana : Republican ' Congress
men and. majority of Legislature.
Illinois Republican ' state offices
and Legislature; ' probably no
change In Congressmen. ,
Nebraska. Republican Governor and
no change In Congressmen.
Wadsworth. of New York, and
Babcook, of Wisconsin, defeated
for Congress.
Elections were held yesterday in 42
boi of Instances were of tnusual interest,
it may be said that, generally speaking,
there were no great surprises. Through
out the South the Democratic state and
congressional tickets have been elected
by the usual majorities. In the West
and East the states that were aligned
two years ago in the Democratic or Re
publican columns show no material
change, the Democrats making gains In
some Instances and the Republicans in
others. .
Country Vote Elects Hughes.
The Republicans retain control of Con
gress by a good majority.
Perhaps the widest general interest in
the elections centered In the remarkable
fight for Governor which has been waged
in New York State between Charles E.
Hughes, the Republican candidate, who
throughout the campaign has had the
support of President Roosevelt, and Wil
liam Randolph Hearst, who has been run
ning as the regular Democratic and In
dependence League nominee. The latest
returns available show that Mr. Hughes,
while losing nearly all of the principal
cities of the state, was successful by
about 50,000 plurality. The rural districts
brought about the Republican victory.
In New York City the Tammany Hall
Independence League Judiciary ticket was
successful, with possibly one exception,
over the candidates named by the non
partisan "Judiciary nominators."
Moran Loses In Bay State.
Massachusetts has re-elected Curtis
Guild, Jr.. Republican, as governor over
District Attorney John B. Moran, of Bos
ton, who was the candidate of the Demo
cratic party, the Independence League
and the Prohibitionists.
In Chicago It is estimated that the In
dependence League ticket polled 40,000, but
there was a heavy Republican plurality
for the state officers.
Pennsylvania has elected Stuart, Repub
lican, Governor, over a Fusion opposition
by the usual Republican plurality.
Michigan, Iowa, New Hampshire, North
Dakota, Connecticut, Indiana and Wis
"w 'vKyMWM. rfxv
S. '
CbarkM K. Hmrhes (Rev.), New York.
consin have rolled up Republican plural
ities, although there was some falling oft
from the usual vote In Iowa.
In Minnesota, Governor Johnson, Dem.,
was re-elected by the largest majority ever
given a Democrat In the state.
Nebraska shows big Republican gains.
Republican Gains in Ohio.
Ohio also shows Republican gains over
the Pattison vote of Vast year. The Re
publicans expect a plurality of 75,000 in
the state.
The constitution of the new State of
Oklahoma will bo written by Democrats.
The Indians voted the Democratic ticket
almost solidly.' Oklahoma also went
strongly Democratic In choosing delegates
to the constitutional convention.
Governor Koch is probably re-elected in
Kansas by a greatly reduced majority.
The result in Missouri was in doubt at
a late hour. The Democrats regained
some of the Congressional districts they
lost two years ago.
Longworth Wins, Wadsworth Loses.
Congressman Nicholas Longworth was
re-elected in Cincinnati.
Congressman J. W. Wadsworth, for
many years chairman of the House Com
mittee on Agriculture at Washington, was
defeated in the Thirty-fourth New York
The Republicans carried Utah, Wyo
ming and Washington, and seem to have
lost Nevada, while both parties are claim
ing Colorado.
Montana seems o have been carried by
the Republicans, and Texas takes its
usual place In the Democratic column.
Babcock Knocked Out.
Congressman Babcock, of Wisconsin,
formerly chairman of the Republican
Congressional Committee, failed of elec
tion. - In Rhode Island, James K. Higgins,
Democrat, was elected Governor.
Joint statehood for New Mexico and
Arizona is defeated in Arizona, which de
feats the proposition.
Rons Far Ahead ol Ticket In
ST. PAUL, Nov. 7. At 2 o'clodk this
morning the Indications are that Gov
ernor John A. Johnson, Dem., is re
elected by 50,000 plurality -and that as
later returns are received. this plurality
will- be materially increased. A. L.
Coe. Republican candiate for Governor,
ran far behind the rest of his. ticket,
the election of which is claimed by
from 25,000 to 60,000 plurality. The
Democrats, however, maintain that if
Johnson's plurality goes above 60,000
he will pull through one or two of the
candidates for other state offices. .
The returns on the Legislature,
which will elect a successor to .Sena
tor Nelson, are meager, but indicate
that the Republican majority will be
much .-educed. Eight of the nine mem
bers -of Congress from the state are
telegtiaphs'"6hi6 VICTORY
Chairman Dick Claims the State by
COLUMBUS. O.,. Nov. 6. At 1 o'clock
this morning Senator Dick, chairman of
the State Republican Committee, sent the
following telegram to President Roosevelt
and to the chairman of the Congressional
Committee. '
"Ohio Republican by not less than 76,000
and elects 17 Republican Congressmen,
three Democrats, with one district in
Chairman Garber, of the Democrarlo
committee, stiU refuses verbally to con
cede the election of the Republican ticket,
the nearest to that being a statement that
the Republican plurality would not exceed
Figures are yet incomplete, but such
returns as have thus far been received
indicate a Republican plurality of not
less than that secured by Pattison
(Dem.) last year, when he won by
Republicans Win in Delaware.
WILMINGTON, Del., Nov. 6. It was
stated at 11 P. M. that the Republicans
have carried Delaware and elected Bur
ton for Congress over Marvel, Dem.
They will also control the Delaware
Legislature that will elect a successor
to United States Senator Allea, Republi
can. A vote was taken today throughout
Delaware on the initiative and referen
dum. It was not opposed to any extent
arul will be adopted.
Democrats Win In Tennessee.
NASHVILLE, Tenn-, Nov. 6. Reports
from all over the state Indicate a large
falling oft in the Republican vote and
that the majority of Patterson, Demo
crat, for Governor will approximate
North Dakota Goes Republican.
FARGO, N. D.. Nov. 6. Scattered re
turns indicate that Fisk has been elected
Judge of the Supreme Court over Knautt
the Republican nominee. For Governor,
Sarles, Republican, and the rest of the
Republican ticket are elected.
- 5
Cbarte O. Stockslager (Dem.), Idaho
Republicans Claim Plu
rality of 6000. '
Present Governor Is Said to
Have Lost Home County.
Stockslager Say9 He Has a Plurality
of Over 7000, and That the
Democrats Have Captured
the Legislature.
BOISE, Idaho, Nov. 6. (Special.) It has
been impossible up to this hour to get
any satisfactory returns from the south
eastern part of the state, while those
from other counties of the South are
meager. It is shown that Ada County
has gone against Governor Gooding by
about 500. though the Legislative and
county tickets carried by some 2000.
Washington went against Gooding by
about 1000 and elected the entire Demo
cratic ticket. Boise County la Democratic,
also Owyhee and Elmore, though the
latter seems to elect- one member of the
Legislature Republican.
Canyon County is very close on Gover
nor, with the chances that the Repub
lican Legislative ticket is elected. Custer
and Lemhi have not been heard from.
They are conceded to the Democrats.
Cassia Is close, with chances favoring
the Republicans, as is Blaine. Lincoln
has not been heard from, but it is claimed
by the Republicans. Dubois claims the
election of his American party ticket In
Bingham. The other southeastern coun
ties have gone Republican, Oneida by
2000. and Bannock by 1000. Bingham is
claimed by the Republicans by 1500 and
Fremont by 2600.
The figures indicate the reelection of
Governor Gooding by perhaps 4000, though
it may be lower than that. On the
Legislature the Republicans seem to be
safe. A summary of the Republican claim
is as follows:
Ada 4'Latah ..2
Bannock 4; Lincoln 4
Bear Lake...... . 3Vez Perce..... 6
Cassia 2!Oneld& ............ .
Elmore ...... ...It
Fremont 61 Total 0
Idaho . ....... .....(
The chances favor the Republicans
gaining from that list more than they
stand to lose from the others.
Bingham . . . . . .4)emhl ...... .3
Blaine -. SiShoehone ....4
Boise .Washington .. 3
Canyon ....... ...... ,4iOwyhee 2
Elmore . lj
Kootenai 6 Total 32
duster .. ....3l
At Democratic headquarters at 1 o'clock
this morning the leaders claimed that
Stockslager had been elected by from
3000 to 7000 majority in the state and
Dubois controls the legislative votes to
the state. Judge Stockslager telephoned
from Hailey to the Democratic headquar
ters at 12:30 saying; "I have Just received
word from Dubois to the effect that I am
elected by a big majority, and that he Is
assured of being returned to the United
States senate."
2:30 A. M. It now looks as though
Gooding's plurality would reach 7600.
Democratic Watchers Question Right
of Judges to Vote.
BOISE, Idaho, Nov. 6. (Special.) The
election In the southeast appears to have
passed oft very smoothly. In two places
challengers were arrested, but so far as
can be learned, there were no otMr ar
rests. During the day a great many were
claimed by the Democratic managers and
all denied by the Republicans.
The cases verified were at Rexburg and
Sugar City In Fremont County. At the
Curtis Guild. Jr. (Sep.), Massachusetts. .
i:i . v. -
: ,. , .... r .je . '
former place A. H. Buchanan, American
party candidate for Sheriff, and J. A.
Kinney, candidate for Surveyor, were
arrested for challenging the right of the
Judges to vote. At Sugar City John Hop
kins and Will Mulklns, challengers for
the American party, were arrested. In
both cases the men were locked up. It
Is said those at Rexburg have been re
leased. It has been reported that arrests were
made at other points, but information
from Idaho Falls is to the effect that
they have no knowledge . there of any
others. .
Head of Republican Ticket Turned
Down in Northern Idaho.
BOISE,' Nov. 6. Scattering returns in
dicate that a landslide has overtaken the
head o the Republican ticket in the
north and central portions of the state.
This (Ada) County has gone against Gov
ernor Gooding by a majority of a few
hundred Kootenai and Latah Counties
in the north are claimed by the Demo
crats to be against Gooding, while Wash
ington, Elmore. Boise, and other central
counties appear to have gone the same
Nothing has been heard from the south
east, the Mormon section of the state,
but it now seems quite certain that Good
ing will be defeated unless he makes up
his losses in the Mormon counties. The
remainder of the Republican ticket seems
to have run well, but how the Republican
legislative ticket is affected is not clear.
In Ada County it is elected by a good
Gooding Carries Nez Perces.
LEWISTON, Idaho, Nov. . (Special.)
At 12:30 this morning, fragmentary returns
from throughout Nez Perce County indi
cate Gooding and the whole ticket car
ried the county by majorities ranging
from GOO to 1000. Scratching of the ticket
has defeated Munroe (Rep) for Sheriff
by about 200. Needham (Dem) may be
elected County Attorney over Crow, in
cumbent, by half the majority.
The Legislative ticket is Republican by
a safe majority. Majority figures are im
possible this morning, owing to the rain
storm making the use of telephone wires
to outlying precincts impossible.
Nothing Definite in Idaho.
BOI9B, Idaho. Nov. 6. (Special.)
Everything is in doubt at midnight. It
will require figures not in yet to de
termine which wins either on the Gov
ernorship or the Senatorship. Until the
north is heard from more definitely, and
the southeast it will be Impossible to
make a definite statement of the net re
sult. Idaho County Votes for Gooding,
GRANGEV1LLE, Idaho, Nov. 6. (Spe
cial.) Republicans concede the Democrats
have carried Idaho County by majorities
ranging from 60 to more than 100. Gooding
has carried the count? by 250, taking the
remainder of the 6tate ticket with him.
The Legislative ticket is Democratic.
All Offices Go to Allied Ticket by
Big Vote.
RENO. Nev., Nov. 6. Vote counting,
which Is progressing slowly, Indicates
Democratic-Silver, party victory. Sparks,
for Governor, Is running ahead of
Mitchell in all quarters. Returns show
Bartnett, for Congress: Sweeney, for Su
preme Justice, in the lead.
The Democratic landslide In other sec
tions of the state is being repeated in
Reno and vicinity, which is, up to mid
night, swinging large, majorities to the
Democratic-Silver party ticket. At mid
night the vote stood 209 to 160 in favor of
Bartnett, Democratic, for Congress, as
against I. J. Smith. Sparks, for Gov
ernor, has 19S votes against 128 for
Mitchell, Republican. James G. Sweeney,
for Supreme Justice, has HI votes agamst
Dodge's 160: Dave Ryan. Democrat and
present incumbent, has 211 voteB against
his opponent for the office of State Treas
urer. Richard C Stoddard, for Attorney
General, beats Springmeyer, Republican,
and James T. Boyd, for State Senator,
who Is pledged to vote for Francis G.
Newlands. Is ahead, at this hour, of his
Republican opponent. R. W. Parry.
Stop Santa Fe Cars in Darkness and
Escape With Plunder When
Alarm Is Given.
ALBUQUERQUE. N. M.. Nov. 6 Word
reached this city this afternoon of a hold
up of Santa Fe passenger train No. 1 at
Gallup. The train had stopped and the
train crew was in the dining-room when
three men entered the coach, armed with
revolvers, and made the passengers hold
up their hands, securing several hundred
dollars In money, several grips and over
coats from the passengers.
The bandits then moved toward the
front end of the tram, when some of the
passengers gave the alarm and the men
escaped into the darkness. The robbers
are thought to be. tramps who had been
forced oft freight trains during the day.
' Afe , "
Edwin S. Stuart (Rep.), Pcnnsrivaula.
Y v tf 7
Sure of Majority of 50
at Least.
Democratic Gains Do Not
Equal Griggs' Hopes. '
Wadsworth, of New York, and Bab
cock, of Wisconsin,.. Return to
Private Life Cannon Wins
by Old Majority..
WASHINGTON. Nov. T That the Re
publican party will have complete control
of the Sixtieth Congress is indicated by
election returns received up to 1:30 o'clock
this morning.
The Democratic party has held the solid
South, but failed in ite efforts to invade
to any extent the districts now held by
the Republicans in any other section of
the country. James W. Wadsworth. a
notable Republican figure in Congress,
was defeated in New York, and the latest
returns Indicate that J. W. Babcock, who
has for several campaigns previous to
the last conducted the Republican Con
gressional fight, has been defeated In Wis
consin. At 2:45 this morning returns from the
Congressional elections show that 197 Re
publicans and 150 Democrats have been
elected to the Sixtieth Congress. Thirty
nine districts are still to be heard from.
Gains Satisfy Democrats.
At Democratic headquarters here It was
etated at 2 o'clock this morning that the
Democratlo Congressional gains In the
East had fulfilled their predictions that
a gain of 18 or 20 districts had been made
in the East. As to the West, the returns
received by the committee are said to
have been too meager to warrant a state
ment. The only disappointment' in the
East was the failure of the Democratic
candidate for Congress in Delaware.
The Democratlo gains so far indicated
are two in Illinois, five in Missouri, five
In Pennsylvania, one in Indiana, one in
Ohio, one fn New York, one in New Jer
sey and one In North Carolina. The Re
publicans gain one In Kentucky.
Independent Beats Wadsworth.
The defeat of Representative Jamea W.
Wadsworth in the Thirty-fourth New
York district by Peter A. Porter was the
first disastrous news to reach Republican
headquarters from the East. Mr. Wads
worth, who is the chairman of the House
Committee oa Agriculture, wired Chair
man Sherman that he was beaten. Mr.
Porter Is a Republican and began his
campaign as an Independent candidate.
He was subsequently Indorsed by the In
dependence League and then by the Dem
ocrats. The 13th and 23d Illinois districts were
regarded as normally Democratic dis
tricts and had been marked off for re
capture. The returns indicate that Cald
well and Foster. Democrats, are undoubt
edly elected in these districts.
Whlhtler Knocked Oat.
In the Fourth Missouri district. Repre-
(Ooncluded on Page 4.)
The WfluAixer.
TESTERDAT'S Maximum tempwature, 68 4e-
groo: minimum. 41.
TODAY'S Rain, southerly win.
Hughe ftlectcd In New York by B0OO0 plu
rality tvad Heaxat glvee up reluat&mly.
Pag 1.
Republicans have majority of at Least 50
In Congreae. Page 1.
Republicans carry Massachusetts by re
duced majority. Page 7.
Republican., carry Pennsylvania, but lose
Five Congressman. Page 2.
Republicans carry Colorado and every
Northern 6tatd except Rhode Iataad.
Page 3.
Comment of New Yorlc lYewpapar on
H carat' a defeat. Page S.
President dismisses from army three whole
companies involved in Brownsville riot
and may courtnoartlal white officer.
Page 7. . ttri4riti
Xew roads and. trafls for Crater Lake Park.
Page 5-
Robbers hold ud train on Santa Fe road.
Page L . a-:&&22)
Mutiny of nearly whole Memnhlo police
force. Page e.
Harrlman declares Pish broke word to htm
and will be btaten. Page 4.
Hawaiian Band stranded at Ogden. Page 3.
Drunken man waika before train, dragging
boys with his to death. Page 15.
Pacific Coat.
Larry gulllvan turns Democrat and gives
Nevada a touch of high life in cam
paign. Page 6.
Lonls Deoney confesses to murders and rob
beries committed in ben franclsco wltn
Kanaka accomplice. Page 6.
Pacific Coaet Political.
P. M. Glllett, Rep., probably elected Gov
ernor of California by 10,000 majority.
Page 5.
Gooding, Rep., for Governor, rune behind
ticket in Northern and Central Idano.
Page 1.
Washington goes Republican by 20,000 ma
jority. Page 6.
Portland and Wrtnity.
"W. M. Ladd consents to extension of street
through E&at Side property. Page 10.
Southern Pacific incorporates to build rail
road from Beaverton to Oswego; will
abandon Fourth street for freight busi
ness. Page 14.
Triel of Henry Hose for murder n earing
end. Page 11.
Bast Side Improvement Association de
mands better fire protection. Page 11.
J. Whyte Evans obtains option for lease oa
H. 1 Piuask's Washington Uacft ihtook.
Pag 10.'