Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, October 17, 1906, Page 14, Image 14

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Passing Street-cars Interfere With Students' Work CALLS HIM SHYLOCK
Northern Pacific's Annual Re
port Hints at Policy.
Ella G. Andrew Answers Hus
band's Divorce Complaint.
Maryland Physician Cures Himself of
Eczema with CuticuraRemedies.
Prescribes Them and Has Cured
Many Cases Where Other Formulas
Have Failed Dr. Fisher Says:
Hill Plans Increase of Portland &
Seattle's Original Mileage Over
$6,000,000 Set Aside lor Bet
terments and Extensions.
In a significant statement made in
the annual report ot the Northern Pa
clflo Railway concerning the Portland
& Beattle, a policy of further exten
sions, both in Oregon and Washington,
Is foreshadowed. That the original
mileage projected by the Portland &
6eattle from Portland to Spokane and
Texas Ferry, will be very largely In
creased during the next few years is
announced in the report, which says:
"Examination of the country tribu
tary to your lines and surveys of rail
roads to serve such country are being
in ado In order to provide for proper
development of branch lines for the
protection of the company's Interest."
This indicates that the sharp
brushes with the Harrlman Interests
that have so far enlivened the inva
sion of Harrlman territory by Mr. Hill
are but the beginning of a campaign
'of rival railroad building along the
Columbia Klver and into the rich ter
ritory of the two slates still lacking
railroads that will mean much to Ore
gon and Washington.
The battle for the north bank has
been almost unprecedented in Ameri
can railroading, and it Is still being
bitterly fought; but the annual report
of the Northern Pacific managers indi
cates that Mr. Hill means to have fur
ther tussles In this territory with his
Preparation for this competition for
the trade of Oregon and Washington
Is now being made. Out of the surplus
of til. '".37. 74D. left after the payment
of dividends, the Northern Pacific has
set aside $f,. 081. 980 for betterments and
reserve fund, leaving a net surplus for
the year of $5,555.7(10. It is not un
likely that this fund is to be used for
acquiring rights and laying out new
lines in this section cf the Northwest.
The year's business shows a marked
increase over the previous 12 months.
Gross earnings show an advance of
$10,500,000 over last year while net
earnings increased over $6,200,000. The
gross earnings totaled $61,223,475, and
the net amounted to $30,128,043. The
total mjleage is now 5401, an increase
of 103 during the year.
The annual report makes the first
formal statement of the plans of the
Portland & Seattle. An interesting
statement, in view of the rivalry of
Harrlman and Hill for the north bank,
is that the Portland & Seattle, when
completed, will connect with the line
being built Into the Clearwater section
under the Joint control of the Union
Pacilic and the Northern Pacific.
The report says it Is expected that
the line from Portland to Pasco and
Texas Ferry will be completed by the
Autumn of 1907, and the line from
Pasco to Spokane early In 1908.
Good Progress Made on Hill's Bridge
Over Willamette.
The first caisson for the Portland &
Seattle bridge across the Willamette be
low the city has been placed in commis
sion and is sinking to a solid foundation
to support Pier 5 of the million dollar
bridge A second caisson la now being
built for constructing the foundations for
Pier 4. and will be launched Saturday
of this week. Engineer Ernest Nlcker
son plans to have the entire structure
completed by the close of 1907.
The first car of granite blocks for
canine the piers arrived yesterday from
Index, Wash., and more loads of the
,amo material .will be coming almost
dally. The steel for the bridge Is coming
In from the Eastern mills and Is- being
piled on tho west side of the river from
which the construction work Is being
It is hoped to keep up the caisson work
all Winter. The engineers in charge of
the bridge do not expect water high
enoUKh to interfere with caisson sinking,
although shoul3 such an element enter
Into the situation, delays will be ex
perienced At the worst It Is believed
that the periods when work cannot be
carried on will be short. After one or
two piers have been sunk to foundations,
the bridge builders will not be Idle, even
though the stage of the water Is such
that the caissons cannot, work, for the
completion of the piers already placed
and facing them with granite blocks will
keep the men busily engaged.
A large quantity of concrete has been
tamped Into the caisson now sinking to
give It sufilolent weight to sink readily
into the aand and clay of the river bed.
The big structure of timbers, concrete
and iron is working slowly toward a bed
of solid or cement gravel 40 feet below
the low water mark of the river. It Is
planned to penetrate this stratum several
feet wdth the caisson. It win then serve
as a eoHd base which will hold up Its
share of the Ms, double-track bridge that
will carry Hill's trains into Portland.
W. A. Moors Distributes Copies ol
Abstract of Law.
W. A. Mears, secretary of the North
FactiYe Coast Jobbers' & Manufacturers'
Association, hfts given a helping hand to
shippers in this territory who are more
or kiss at tea in regard to the provisions
of the amended Interstate Commerce law.
He hs secured abstracts of the act and
Is circulating them for the benefit of
the larger shippers in Portland. The
abstract of the law chosen by Mr. Mears
is that prepared by President Stickney of
the Chicago Great Western Railway.
The pamphlet offera In condensed form
the substance of the new law. which Is
i!?igned to rrevent railroads from giving
any one shipper an advantage over
another. It calls attention to the vital
points of the law and Is in such form
that a busy man can understand the
act at a glance.
Visit of J. P. O'Brien to Chicago May
Mean Settlement.
It would not surprise local railroad cir
cles if the terminal war between the Port
land Seattle and the Northern Pacific
Terminal Company were to compromise
and the litigation be dropped. A move
ment to meet on common ground Is now
on foot. It is understood that the mat
ter has been taken up in Chicago and
General Manager O'Brien, of the Harrl
man interests, and a leading figure of
the Northern Farlrio Terminal Company,
leaves today for Chicago. It Is thought
that he goes on a mission of conciliation.
President CM. Levey of the Portland
& Seattle is in Chicago, where It is known
he has taken up the terminal question
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.................... ...................
GITATION for the relocation of the
Williams avenue schoolhouse,
which stands on a block surround
ed on two sides by double car tracks and
by paved streets carrying heavy business
of all kinds, has been resumed. Estab
lished about 26 years ago. when the block
on which it stands w-as surrounded by
timber and underbrush, it is now in the
most Important and noisiest districts of
the East Side, with brick buildings
springing up on all sides and electric
cars passing every few minutes.
Yesterday the building was occupied
by 750 pupils, who pour out of the Will
iams avenue and Russell street entrances
at noon and In the evening, covering the
car tracks with children, big and little,
many of whom have no appreciation of
danger. Owing to the extra precaution
exercised by motormen and teachers, no
serious accidents have yet happened, but
with representatives of the Harriman
Interests. The departure of Mr. O'Brien
for the East is taken to mean that a
settlement is in sight and that his pres
ence in Chicago Is necessary to advise
the Harrlman members of the conference
fully in regard to the questions pending
An early sattlement of the terminal row
is desirable from all points of view. The
Improvements mapped out by the terminal
company, to Include the doubling of the
yard capacly. are held up on account of.
the unfortunate tangle, and until the
yards are added to. shippers will labor
under a handicap, as the present capacity
of the yards has been reached.
Already protests have been made at
the congestion, but improvement must
wait upon the agreement of the directors
to go ahead and also the procurement of
blocks permitting the extension. The land
the company intended to be used for the
purpose was snapped up by the Portland
& Seattle for its own terminals and this
formed the basis for the litigation re
cently Instituted.
Longshoreman's Case Against Brown
& McCabe Is on Trial.
Twelve jurors in Judge Cleland's de
partment of the Circuit Court spent
yesterday afternoon learning the art
of loading a tramp steamer with a
cargo of lumber, they having been se
lected to pass Judgment in the case
of Carl Anions, a longshoreman,
against Brown & McCabe, stevedores.
Anions Is suing for $25,000 damages
for the loss of his right leg, which
was crushed by a sling of lumber
striking him when engaged In help
ing stow the cargo of the steamer
Tottenham on January IS.
Besides the platntiff two witnesses
were placed on the stand by Anions'
attorneys. John F. Logan and Glltner
& Sewall. The witnesses. J. Holbrook
and W. O. Fisher, were longshoremen
who were engaged on the same vessel.
They testified that the stevedoring
Arm had not provided a safe means
for loading the vessel, because the
steam from the engine's exhaust was
so discharged that it was Impossible
for the engineer to Bee the lumber as
It was swung onto the Bhlp.
The defendant is represented by At
torneys William r. Fenton. R. A. Lett
er and A. N. Dibble.
Jury Gl-ves Them 50 Per Cent.
After being out only 15 minutes,
the Jury that listened to the testimony
In the case of O. C. R. Ellis and W.
E. Kahler against Cord Sengstake, re
turned a verdict awarding the plain
tiffs $337.50. with Interest. The de
fendant was sued for $675. commission
on the sale of real estate In Holladay's
Addition, the case having been tried
in Judge Gantenbeln's department of
the Circuit Court. The plaintiffs al
leged that they had the property list
ed, that they worked to find a pur
chaser and at last secured one and
Introduced him to Sengstake. This
purchaser later purchased the proper
ty, but the defendant alleged that the
sale was made through another real
estate firm. The property was trans
ferred April 11. 1936.
Disagree as to Wedding Date.
Some member of the family of Mr.
and Mrs. Balls has made a mistake.
Philip T. Balls is suing for a divorce,
and the case has been contested. This
caused the mistake, for the plaintiff
alleges in his complaint, which was
filed in the Circuit Court several
months ago. that he and the defendant
were married at Port Arlington, Vic
toria, Australia. December 29. 1900, but
now Mrs. Balls has filed an answer in
which she alleges that the wedding
took place at Rutherford, New Jersey,
July 1, 1SS5. This is the first case on
record In the local courts where a
warring husband and wife differed so
much that they could not agree on the
date and place of their wedding.
Suit Over Loss of Lesr-
Frank Ray yesterday began a suit
In the Circuit Court against the Jones
Lumber Company for $25,000 damages.
Mr. Ray was injured In the mills of
the company on May 6 last, he alleg
ing that the accident was due to the
frail support about the machinery
where he was assigned to work. Ray
declares that as a result of the acci
dent his left leg was so badly crushed
that It had to be amputated.
there have been many narrow escapes.
Relaxation of this watchfulness on tna
part of some motorman might result
in a car dashing into, a bunch of school
While this constant danger Is one of
the reasons for agitation for a reloca
tion, another reason is the noise of
street cars and general traffic on two
sides. Principal S. U. Downs says that
since the completion of the hard pave
ment on Williams a-enue the noise of
passing electric cars has Increased so
much that . it interferes with work in
many of the class rooms, especially in
those facing Williams avenue and Rus
sell street. Russell street was recently
paved with hard brick, which causes a
noise from passing wagons. On the
whole there is a constant roar from the
outside wafted Into the classrooms, where
quiet is necessary to good .work.
The schoolhouse Is an old and poorly
East Side Improvement Asso
ciation Urges Purchase.
Indorses Move to Buy Tract on Top
of Mount Tabor for City Res
ervoir and Recreation
It was the unanimous opinion of those
present at the meeting of the East Side
Improvement Association last night that
the city should own the top of Mount Ta
bor for public park and for reservoir pur
poses. The association went on record
with the following resolutions:
Whereas. The city and especially the East
Side, needs more parka, and that Mount Ta
bor Is now available for these purposes,
therefore, be !t
Resolved, That It Is the senee of the East
Side Improvement Association that the City
of Portland should own a tract Including the
summit of Mount Tabor, of sufficient size
to make a public park, and also ground for
a reservoir for the proposed second Bull Run
pipe line, and that steps should be taken at
once looking to the acquisition of this land
for these purposes by submitting the propo
sition of purcahse to the voters at the next
election, for which purpose this association
pledges its hearty support.
Another resolution was also adopted fa
voring the taking of steps for laying the
second pipe line to Bull Run, as soon , as
It can be done, and the association de
clared itself in readiness to support a
movement to bring the matter to a vote
at the next election.
Henry Meyer called attention to the
condition of the Grand-avenue fill and de
clared that the nil should be planked. On
motion the matter was referred to Coun
cilman Bennett, with instructions to ask
the Executive Board to lay temporary
plank across this fill, so it may be used
this Winter, as it is evident that it will
soon become impassable unless this be
W. I. Boise called attention to the con
dition of Madison bridge over the Wil
lamette River, which he said must soon
be replaced with a steel structure. He
said it was a wooden bridge, and unfit
to carry the heavy electric cars that use
it. The association decided to take up the
matter of a new structure at a future
Councilman Bennett said that it was
of vital Importance to property -owners
that some way be devised to reduce the
cost of street improvements. He said the
excessive cost was caused by the long de
lay in paying contractors, so they were
compelled to add 15 and 20 per cent more
to their bids than they would if they re
ceived their money promptly. He urged
that the association consider the question
of a remedy by which contractors will be
paid promptly, even If an amendment to
the city charter be made.
H. H. Xewhall reported on the condi
tion of East Stark street improvement,
showing that progress is being made.
Montavilla Board of Trade Helps
Neighboring Suburb.
A meeting of the Montavilla Board of
Trade was held last night and reports
of the various committees heard. A
resolution was adopted similar to the
one adopted by the Mount Tabor Push
Club for the purchase of the top of
Mount Tabor for reservoir and park pur
poses. The location for a park is ideal
and an attempt will be made to con
struct one of the finest parks in the
city. Four delegates were chosen for
the Initiative One Hundred, which meets
October 19. The fight over the opening
of Villa avenue, which has been agi
tating the Montavilla people for some
time, was settled at the meeting last
night. The demonstrance committee ap
.peared before the Street Commissioners
arranged building. It stands on a block
of great commercial value, which is esti
mated to be worth. Judging from sur
rounding valuations, above $50,000. It
is thought that block for a new loca
tion could be secured for from $15,000 to
520.000, and the remainder of the money
obtained from the sale of the school
block could be applied toward the erec
tion of a modern schoolhouse. Whether
the present building could be used for
any other purpose is not known.
For these reasons there is agitation
for relocation. It is urged by residents
that the dirBculties and dangers sur
rounding the present building will in
crease as street car and general traffic
Increases, but there Is left only a few
places in Upper Albtna where a suitable
block for 6chool purposes could -even now
be secured. A few years' ago an at
tempt was made to have the building
moved, but it failed.
and succeeded In having the width of
the proposed street reduced from 70 to 60
Boy Attendant of Ablngton Building
Cage Will Lose Leg.
Through wearing a pair of roller
skates while he was on duty as elevator
operator in the Ablngton building yester
day morning Arthur Jensen, St9 Thur
man street, met with an accident that
will cost him his left les and that al
most proved fatal. Hia foot slipped from
under him as the cage shot upward, and
his leg was scraped to the bone from
the knee down.
His cries of pain brought tenants of
the building to his rescue and he was
removed from the cage, which shot to
the top of the shaft and jammed against
the roof. He was taken to St. Vincent's
Hospital, where it was said last night
that he will recover, but will lose the
Roller-skating had become such a pas
sion with the lad that he could not re
frain from indulging In it even during
his working hours, although he had been
repeatedly warned against wearing skates
when in the elevator.
Pretty Young Woman Insane.
Wanting to kill some one and not
the least bit particular as to who the
victim shall be. Miss Venna Alice Poul
sin has been closely guarded at the
County Hospital during the past two
days. She was brought there last Sat
urday and soon afterwards grew vio
lent and began to talk about wanting
to murder somebody. A complaint
charging her with being insane was
sworn out yesterday and she will be
examined this morning. Miss Poulsin
's pretty in spite of the fact that she
is gaid to be a drug fiend.
Established 25
Years in Portland
superiority. Talk with the physicians of this institution and you will
find them cultured, scientific gentlemen of great learning and experience,
and a few moments- conversation will convince you that we thoroughly
understand our business.
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f this is let continue in its own course without attempt to stop it.
the course terminates in a complete mental derangement. We cure
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Varicocele is a diseased con lltlon of the scrotal veins. It may be
caused by blows, kicks, falls, heavy lifting, mumps, early indiscretion,
or may be a symptom only of some special weakness.
The proper treatment consists of local arplication for the purpose
of dispelling the stagnant blood and contracting the swollen veins, as
well as internal medication to strengthen tho nerves which govern the
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Says Lawyer Spouse Loans Money at
Exorbitant Interest and Claims
He Is TTsing Some of
Her Money.
A safe and certain get -rich-quick schema
was explained yesterday in an affidavit
filed in the Circuit Court by uii G.
Andrew, whom Charles B. Andrew Is
suing for divorce. The couple were mar
ried in Denver October 21, 1S90, soon af
terwards moving to La Porte. Ind. The
plaintiff came to Oregon several years
ago. In the affidavit that was filed yes
terday Mrs. Andrew says:
The plaintiff during almost all tho time he
has been in Oregon has had something like
$17,000, which he has been loaning lor short
periods of time and at exorbitant rates ot
interest. It Is the plaintiff's practice to se
lect a money lander, the lender finds a bor
rower and this borrower pays to the so-called
agent an enormous brokerage, which Is di
vided between the plaintiff and the broker;
the plaintiff has admitted that this was his
method of carrying on his business.
Mrs. Andrew also declares that she sent
her husband $11,700 after he came to Ore
gon. She did not follow him West for
several months. This money, she says,
was from the sale of a farm near La
Porte, the land having been purchased
with the joint earnings of the couple, and
the delendant maintains that she contrib
uted considerable sums towards the
price of the property.
She further alleges that her husband
borrowed from her mother the sum of
$1000. "which he lost In gambling in grain
on the Chicago Board of Trade, together
with large sums of money which he re
ceived from me."
Andrew is suing' for a divorce on the
grounds of cruelty, alleging that his wife
so nagged at and abused him so that he
is suffering from attacks of neurasthenia
and has been forced to give up the prac
tice of law and has been rendered unfit
to attend to other business matters.
He says that she once threatened to
commit suicide and have her body sent
him as a Christmas present.
Convicts Taken to Salem. -
Closely guarded by Sheriff Stevens
and his chief deputy, Jacob Proebstel,
Frank Smith, alias Bodwell and Mike
Potato, were taken to the penitentary
yesterday. Smith w;as sentenced for
larceny, while the vegetable-named
prisoner was convicted of a statutory
crime. Smith is one of the trickiest
men ever confined in the County Jail,
having once sawed his way out and
liberated five others. He served a term
in the Montana penitentiary, and Is
also" said to have spent several months
in the big prison at Salem a number
of years ago.
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EAST via
Leaver. CNION DEPOT- Arriv.
for Salem. Rose
burs, Aajland.
Sacramento, Og
flen, San Fran
.ifcco. Stockton.
Los Anereles, El
Paso. New Or
leans and the
Morning- train
connects at
Woodburn dally
except Sunday
with trains tot
lit. Angel. Silver
ton, Brownsville,
Springfield. Wend
tlng and Natron,
fiugene passenger
connecta aft
Woodburn with
Mt. Angel and
Siiverton. local.
Cor v all U passen
ger. Sheridan passen
ger. Forest Grove pas
senger. 7:25 A, M.
8:00 A. M.
10:35 A, U.
T:p0 A. M.
:50 P. M.
58 :00 P. M.
11:00 A. M.
5:50 P. M.
8:33 A. M.
52 :50 P- M.
510:20 A. M.
Daily. Dally except Sunday.
Depot, Foot of Jefferson Street.
Leave Portland dally for Oswego at 7:40
A. M.; 12:60, 9:05. 6:20, 6:25. 8:30. 10:10,
11:30 P. M. Dally except Sunday. 5:30, 6:30,
8:40, 10:25 A. M. Sunday only, 9 A. M.
Returning from Oswego, arrive Portland,
dally. 8:35 (A. M. . 1:55, 3:05. 6:15. 7:35, 8:55.
11:10 P. M.: 12:25 A. M. Daiiy except Sun
day, 6:25. 7:25. 9:35. 11:45 A. M. Sunday
only, 10 A. M.
Leave from, same depot for Dallas and In
termediate points dally, 7:30 A. M. and 4:13
P. M. Arrive Portland, 10:15 A. M. and 6:25
The Independence-Monmouth Motor Line
operates dally to Monmouth and Alrlie, con
necting with 8. P. Co.'s trains at Dallas and
First-class fare from Portland to Sacra
mento and San Francisco. $20; berth. S3.
Second-class fare, $15; second-clas berth
Tickets to Eastern points and Europe; also
Japan China. Honolulu and Australia.
CITS TICKET OFFICE. Corner Third and
Washington St, phone Main 712.
Citw Ticket Agent. Gen. Paatt. Agt.
Upper Columbia River
Steamer Chas. R. Spencer
Leaves Oak-street dock every Monday,
Wednesday and Friday at 7 A. M. for THE
DALLES and STATE PORTAGE, connecting
COMPANY STEAMERS lor points as rar
east as HOVER.
Returning, arrives Portland, Tuesday.
Thursday and Saturday at 3 P. M. Low
rates and excellent service.
Phone Main 2960 or Main 8201.
San Francisco 6 Portland
Steamship Co.
Leave POKTLAXD, with freight only.
S S. "BARRACOL'TA." October 23.
S' S. "COSTA RICA." October 28.
S S. "AZTEC." November 7.
Leave SAX FRANCISCO, with freight only.
3 S. "COSTA RICA." October 20.
S S. "AZTEC." October 2.
6. S. BARRACOL'TA. October 30.
Subject to change without notice.
v..tht received dailv at Ainsworth Doelt
X Phone Main 263. J. H. Eewion, Agent.
Ladies! Ask your Druggist for a
t bl-ohen-ter PJJIs in Kd
ind Cold metallic boxes, sealcdVV
with Blue Ribbon. Take no other.
'ist and ask for v
Through Pullman standards and tourist
sleeping; ears daily to Omaha. Cnlcaco. Spo
kane; tourist sleeping car dally to Kansas
CUy. Reclining chair cars seats free to the
UNION DEPOT. Leaves. Arrlvee-
SPECIAL for th. Sast :30 A M. 5:00 P. M.
via Huntington. Pally. Dally.
For Eastern Washington. Walla Walla.
LeUton. Coeur d'Alen. and Great NorLhera
for the Ease via Hunt- Daily. Dally,
tngton. j
fSSTi'A:i'D - BIGGS 8:15 A.M. o:00P. M.
LOCAL, for all local
points between Blses I
and Portland. I
FOR ASTORIA and :S:00 P M. :5:00 P.M.
ay point., connecting I Dally Dally
with steamer for Ilwa- except except
"A"'1 '"', Eeaca Sunday. Sunday.
earner Hassalo. Ash- 'Saturday
dck- ;iO:OQ p. M.
eonDATJ0- 0r- i7 ;0 A. M. 5:30 P. M.
ron City and lamhlU Dally Dally
River point,. Ash-st. except except
dock(water per.) j Sunday. Sunday.
For Lewleton, Idaho, and way points irons
Rlparla, Wash. Leave Rlparla 6:40 A. M..
or upon arrival train No. 4. dally except Sat
urday. Arrive Rlparla 4 P. M dally except
Ti.-I .. . r u t i . " "
, - i 'in fi ana v asnuigion.
Telephone Main 71. C. W. StlnKrr. City
Ticket Agt.; Wm. McMurray. C.en. i'ass. Agt.
Th Fabt Mail
" Daily. PORTLAND Daily.
Leav. Time Schedule. Arrive
e,, To and from Spo-
8:30 am kane, St, Paul, Mln-pw am
neapolls. Duluth andi
11:45 pm All Points Eaat Via 6:50 pm
Seattle. I
To and from St. I
Paul. Minneapolis,
6:15 pm Duluth aba Ail .3 :00 am
Points East VU
(irrat Northern Steamship Co.
Sailing from Seattle for Japan
and China porta and Manila, carrying-
pas.ngers and freight
S. S. Minnesota, October 20.
b. 8. Dakota. November 28.
(Japan Mail Steamship Co.)
S. . TOSA MARU will sail from
Seattle about October 10 for Japan
and China ports, carrying passen
gers and freight.
For tickets, rates, berth reserva
tions, etc.. call on or addresa
H. DICKSON, C. P. & T. A..
122 Third St.. Portlund. Or,
i'Done main ghv.
Deparu ArrlT.
Yellowstone- Park - Kansaa ,
City-St. Louis Special for
Chehalls. Centralia. Olym
pia ray'a Harbor. South
Bend, Tacoma. Seattle. Spo
kane, Lewiston. Butte. Bil
lings. Denver, Omaha.
Kansaa City. St. Louis and
(Southwest 8:30 am 4:Wt
Jiorth Coast Limited, eleo
trlc lighted, for Tacoma,
Seattle. Spokane. Butte.
Minneapolis. St. Paul and
ths East 2:00 pm T:00 an
puget Sound Limited for
C laremon t . Che hal i a, Ce n
tralla. Tacoma and Seat,l
only 4:80 pm 10:05 pnt
Twin City Expresa for Ta
coma. Seattle, Spokane,
Helena. Butte, Et. Paul,
Minneapolis. Lincoln.
Omaha. 6t. Joseph, St.
Lou la, Kansas City, with
out change of care. Direct
connections for all points
Etast and Southeast 11:45 pm 0:50 ptS
A. D Charlton, Assistant General Paesen-
ger Agent. 255 Morrison at., corner Toird
Portland. Or.
Astoria and Columbia
River Railroad Co.
5 A'nonA aiain tKU. ki
Leave. TJNION DEPOT. Arrlvea.
Daily. For Maygers, Rainier, Daily.
Clatskanie, Weatport.
Clifton, Aatoria. War
8 00 A.M. renton, Flavel, Ham- 11:55 A.M
mond. Fort Stevens,
Gearhart Park. Hea
elde. Astoria and Sea
shore. 7-00 P-M Express Dally. 8:30 P.M
Astoria Express.
s- a btptwarT.
"coaim'l Agt., 248 Alder stl G. fc P. A
Fhose Main 006.
Columbia River Scenery
Regulator Line Steamers
Daily service between Portland and
The Dalles except Sunday, leaving
Portland at T A. M., arriving about o
P. M., carrying- freight and passen
gers. Splendid accommodations foa
outfits and livestock.
Dock foot of Alder street, Port
land; foot of Court street, Tha
Dalles. Phone Main 914, Portland,
From geauie at P. li.
for Keichlkao. Juaeatsj
Ekagway. Whit. Horssaj
Dawton and Fairbanks.
S. S. City or Seattle. Ootsw
ber 2, 12. 22.
S. S- Humboldt. Octobrt
4. 14. 24.
S. S. Cottags Cty (via EltkaX Oct. T. Mt
From Seattle at 9 A. M. Umatilla. Ooj
tober 2. 17; City of Puebla, October 7. 2aJ
Queen. October 12. IT.
Portland OfBce. 249 Washinsrtoa St.
Main 229.
G. M. X-ee. Fuss. A Ft. Agt.
C. T. DUSAKS, O. P. A.. San Francisco.
Steamers Pomona and Oregon for Salem
and way landings from Taylor.street dock,
dally (except Sunday) at 6:45 A- M.
Otaca and Sock. loot Jlot aw