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involved. The men demand an Increase in
wages of 25 cents a day.
Arrested for Blacklisting:.
EVA NSVILLB, Ind., Oct. 8. R. B.
Keeper, a train dispatcher for the Louis
ville & Nashville Railroad, was arrested
here today by Deputy United States Mar
shal Charles Johann on an indictment
returned by the Federal grand Jury at
Springfield. Ills. The charge is that
Keeper discharged a telegraph operator
because the latter Joined the Telegraph
ers' Union.
Store Headquarters for Picture Framing
Good Merchandise Only Quality Considered Our Prices Are Always the Lowest
Desperate Charge on Cana
dian Sawmill Costs
Two Lives.
in Portlan
Machinists Want 8-Hour Day.
CHARLESTON. S- C-. Oct. 8. Sever
al hundred machinists of the Southern
Railway struck for an eight-hour day
Sale E
Desperate at Seeing Places Taken by
Strikebreakers, Strikers Attack
Mill and Fight Hot Fifteen-Minutes'
BUCKINGHAM, Quebec. Oct. 8.
Two men were killed and a dozen
wounded In a conflict between striking
mlllhands and provincial police at
MacLaren's sawmills here this after
noon. The drastic measures taken by
the authorities to Quell the riotous
strikers have had a telling effect and
no further trouble is expected.
The dead.
Millworkers' Union, leader of the
strikers; he was 30 years old and mar
XAVIER THERIEU. a mill hand,
leaves a widow and five children.
Five of the wounded men are ina
rerious condition.
Resolve to Clear Out Enemy.
The strike at the mills began on
September 15. The workmen's strike
fund and their small savings had van
ished and they had begun to feel the
pinch of hunger and cold. The an
nouncement made today that the mill
owners would import labor and start
the mills put the men in a desperate
frame of mind. A meeting was called,
at which incendiary speeches were
made. About the middle of the after
noon the men decided to clear out the
strikebreakers. A mob of 200 men
armed with revolvers and other weap
ons rushed up the hill leading to the
Volley Cheeks Charge.
The millownes, who had looked for
violence, had posted 40 detectives and
special policemen on the outskirts of
their property. There was no parley
ing. The first rush of the strikers was
met by a volley from the revolvers in
the hands of the police. Belanger, who
was leading the mob, fell at the first
volley, with two bullets in his head.
He died where he fell.
The strikers sought shelter and
opened fire on the police, many of
whom were hit. . A desultory fusillade
was kept up for 15 minutes, the strik
ers standing their ground and the po
lice remaining behind their hastily
constructed barricades. It was appar
ently by mutual consent that hostili
ties were suspended while both sides
removed their wounded.
As there appeared t0 be a likelihood
of a renewal of the trouble, an appeal
was sent to Ottawa for troops. They
arrived tonight and went into camp
near the lumber yards.
Alexander and Albert MacLaren.
members of the firm, fought beside the
police in the battle with the strikers.
So fax as could be learned tonight,
the most seriously wounded are:
Felix Fauville, shot through abdo
men, will probably die; Baptists
Blemo, shot through head and arms,
serious; Felix Lacolle, shot in arm;
Abelard Hamelin, four bullet wounds:
Edward Miner, shot in head; Xavier
Trembley, shot in arm and both legs;
Isador Renaud. wounded in back;
Herbert Berler, Montreal police contin
gent, shot in breast; Frank Kernan,
Chief of Buckingham Police, and his
deputy, James Kernan, Peter Pickard,
Leyotte and several others.
The strikers declare they will elect
another leader and continue the strike
Their former -wages of $1.25 a day,
they declare will not keep them and
their families alive.
Shea Causes Building Strikes.
CHICAGO, Oct. 8-The factional fight
which has been in progress for several
months in the ranks of the Teamsters'
Union., has involved the building trades
of this city, and considerable trouble is
anticipated. The teamsters are divided
into factions favoring Cornelius P. Shea
and those opposed to him. Shea has
agreed with a number of building
trades to refuse to handle any
building material which is delivered at
buildings In process of construction by
any teamsters other than those support
ing Shea. Several small strikes have al
ready resulted.
Three hundred and fifty jewelry-workers
struck today in 32 shops where an
eight-hour day was refused.
Scarcity of Textile Workers.
PROVIDENCE. R. I . Oct. 8 -Cotton
mill agents in Rhode Island complain of
a scarcity of help in some departments,
end assert that in this respect the in
crease of wages granted early last Sum
mer did not have the beneficial result
hoped for. In one large mill there are
said to be 600 looms idle. This scarcity of
labor has brought about keen competi
tion among mill officials in offering in
ducements to families of workers to be
come permanent help.
Tie tp All Southern Railway Shops.
ATLANTA. Ga.. Oct. 8. Two hundred
men employed in the Southern Railway
shops in this city struck today under in
structions from the Machinists' Union.
The strike covers the entire Southern
Railway system, and about 1000 men are
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ventlon or after th convention. I had at the
convention 213 -otee from up the 8tat and
outside of the city In -which I lived, and the
vote of thl city was stven to me. or rather
part of It was given to me, because the Dem
ocratic rank and file of this city had de
clared for me. and the hoeaes did not dare
defy that declaration.
I have made no private promise to any Indi
vidual or to any Interest, and any statement
that I have or Intimation that I have Is a lie.
In conclusion Mr. Hearst said:
I feel sure that I could have been more
popular with my fellow-newspaper men if.
when Invited. I had been willing to enter into
a trust with them to raise the rates' to ad
vertisers and keep the wages of employes
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New Plaid Silks
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Plaids From France
More beautiful and exclusive than any other
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Only one disadvantage you may be unable
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' Boeder Mast Go on Gallows.
SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 8. Leon Boeder,
convicted In the Superior Court of Cali
fornia of the murder of his brother-in-
law, Joseph BILse, In this city, January
11, 1901, for the purpose of collecting $6000
insurance, must hang. Without a dissent
ing voice the Supreme Court sustained the
verdict of the trial court today and denied
a motion for a new trial.
Boeder, according to the evidence placed
at the trial, took Blase to the top of Rus
sian Hill, In the vicinity of Taylor and
Green streets, struck him with a black
jack, cut his throat and then threw the
dying man over the cliff. Blase was
found dead at the bottom of the bluff the
next day. The dead man had held a life
insurance policy for $3000 and an accident
policy for the same amount, payable to