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Fair Association Sets Race
Dates and Hangs $75,000
for Stake Events.
Otriccrs Selected and Dates Awarded
lo Seattle, Salem, Xorlh Yakima,
Spokane, "Walla Walla
and Lewiston.
New officer of the North Pacific
Fair Association W. H. Wehrung.
president; J. I Smith, vice-president;
M. D. "Wisdom, secretary and
treasurer. Board of. appeals G. A.
Graham, A. T. Van de Vanter and
It. II. CoKgrove.
Racing dates awarded Seattle,
September 3 to S; Salem, September
10 to 10; North TaUima, September
17 to "2; Spokane, September 24 to
2St; Walla "Walla, October 1 to C;
Lewiston. October 8 to 13. Everett
to select Its own dates.
The association will clvc away In
stake events ?73,000.
It took the members of the North Pad
lie Fair Association from 10 o'clock yes
terday morning until late In the afternoon
to straighten out the kinks In the allot
ments of dates, elect officers and arrange
the early closing stakes. "While there
vaf a good deal of conflict among the
various .secretaries representing the
different fair associations of the North
west, harmony prevailed and the meeting,
which was held in the offices of the Rural
Spirit, will mark. It Is believed, an epoch
In the light harness racing of this sec
tion of the country. '
Not all those present who wanted Sep
tember racing dates were able to secure
them. This- was due in part to the fact
that the members of the association were
not Informed as to when the California
season ends. Secrctarly Dan Curry,
rather than accept the dates that were
ottered him. preferred to have the privi
lege of selecting dates before those given
to Seattle or later. Just so that they did
not conflict with those taken by the'other
Secretary R. H. Cosgrove made applica
tion for two weeks of racing, but It was
found that it would be impossible to al
low the dates for a mixed harness and
running meeting, so the additional week
was allotted to Spokane. But the asso
ciation cannot give harness events dur
ing the second week or give a stock show.
During the discussion over the granting
of dates A. T. Vcndcvantcr. of Seattle,
introduced A resolution which provided
that all members of the association should
abide by a two-thirds vote of the mem
bers present on all questions which may
come up at the meetings. This was done
lo head off any member who might be
come dissatisfied with the dates allowed
The Oregonian will start a voting contest on Monday, Jan
uary 15, 3906, to continue until Tuesday, May 15, 1906. The pur
pose of this contest is to send twenty:three of Oregon's, Wash
ington's and Idaho's most popular 3Toung ladies to the Yellowstone
Park, about July 10, 1906. The young ladies who win in this
contest will be the guests of The Oregonian, all expenses to be
paid hy this paper, and care taken to make the trip a decided
success. The winners will be fifteen days on the trip.
Remember the Date that the Contest Starts
JANUARY 15, 1906
fA coupon will appear daily in The Oregonian.
Cut it out, bring it to The Oregonian office, with the name
of the lady upon it for whom you wish to yote, and it will couut
one in her favor.
them and seek to loavc the meeting and
select their own dates. The penalty for
refusing to abide by the two-thirds vote
is that any association bolting the meet
ing is outlawed. Thus, should they give
a meeting, all horsemen who race on the
offending association's track arc out
lawed. The other important resolutions
adopted provided that each association
must give at least two harness events on
each racing day.
In order to make the harness racing
season in the Pacific Northwest one of
the best in the history of light harness
racing, the various fair associations will
give to the harness men 573.000 in stakes.
Owing to the fact that there were no
nreotings at Salem and Seattle last year
the members of the association realized
that in order to keep the harass men
and their horses on the Coast this year
it would be necessary to hang up purses
and stakes which would be worth while
racing for.
It was decided that the various mem
bers of the association name at least two
early closing stakes and the amounts
which each association would give. The
Oregon State Fair Association will have
three $10C0 stakes and one at J2000. The Sa
lem stakes are: 2:20 trot, $1000; 2:20 pace,
$1000; two-year-old pace, $400; three-year-old
trot. $500; 2:25 pace. $1000; 2:15 pace.
52000; 2:10 pace. $700; two-year-old trot,
$400; three-year-old trot, $500; 2:21 trot,
$1000; 2:17 trot. $2000; 2:12 trot, $700.
North Yakima will give a $1000 2:15 pace
and $1000 for a 2:10 pace.
Spokane will Rive $1000 for a 2:16 trot
and $1000 for a 2:10 pace.
Walla Walla will give $100) for a 2:17
trot and $1000 for 2:10 pacers.
Lowlston hangs up $503 for 2:13 trotters
and $500 for a 2:13 pace.
Everett offers two purses of .$500 each
for a 2:40 and a 2:23 trot. A purse of $5
for a 2:15 pace and $$00 for a 2:10 pace.
In order to secure the best and fastest
horses racing in California. M D. Wis
don. who was elected secretary, will
spend several weeks around the Califor
nia circuits.
At Los Angeles.
LOS ANGELES, Jan. 10. Ascot race
Steeplechase, short course. Dcclmo won. Ad
ams -:ccond, Mllas third; time. 3:01.
Brooks course Graphic won. Prescrvater
second. Chickadee third; time. 2:03;.
One mile Mastcrson won. Orflene peccmi.
Good Luck third; time. 1:405.
Mile and a quarter, handicap, $1000 added
IJorchesl won. Orchan (second, Hippocrates
third; time, 2:07.
Brooks course Dollle WcihofC wen. Golden
Freen second. Brigand third; time. 2:(Hi;.
Futurity course Good cheer won. Durbar
second. Ethylene third; time, 1:10!?.
At Oakland.
SAN FRANCISCO. Jan. 10. Oakland
race results:
Three and a half furlonc. 2-year-oldn.
$400 Marion ltoe won. Native Son second,
Clements third; time. 0.42J.
One mile, 4-year-old. pure $400 Phalanx
won, Faetos t-ccond. Alderman Batt thU-d;,
time. 1:40?;.
Futurity course, 3-year-old. pur?e ?40O
Sugar Maid won. Bey del Mundo second.
Grass Cutter third; time. 1:10.
Mile and a sixteenth, the Maxim handicap.
S-year-olds and up. purne $1000 Dr. Gardner
won. I.ubin second. Bed Leaf third; time,
Mile and 50 yards. 3-year-olds and up. purr
$4000 Northwest won. Gateway second. Havl
land third; time. 1:43.
Four-year-olds, purse $500 Princess Tit an! a
won, Andrew B. Cook second, Buby third;
time, 0:59?;.
At JS'cw Orleans City Park.
NEW ORLEANS. Jan. 10. City Park
race results:
Three furlong Bozcrlan won, Kara ma sec
ond. Approbation third; time, 0:55 4-5.
Seven and a half furlong Merely Mary
Ann won. Margaret Angela .second. Gentian
third; time, 1:25.
Sfesrt eert. cteeyleckue Ev&xder wee.
Lights Out second. Pick Time third; time,
33 2-5.
Mile and a sixteenth ModrM won. Lamp
drome second. Little filkln third; time. 1:51 3-5.
Fire and a half furlong Thespian won,
Alrhlp second. Bob In Hood third; time,
1:00 3-5.
Mile and 70 yards Covlna won. Happy Jack
reoond. Double third: time. 1:49 3-5.
Mile and a sixteenth Flying Charcoal won.
Holgerson second, "Wood Shade third; time,
At Xcw Orleans Fair Grounds.
NEW ORLEANS, Jan. 10. Fair grounds
race results:
Five and a halt furlong Vivian won.
King's Get ecend, Maxxini third; lime.
Six furlongs Southern Crew wen. Option
al second. Odella third; time, 1:17 4-5.
One mile Consucllo II won. Sea Voyage
second. Lucky Charm third; time, 1:461-5.
One mile, handicap Horse RadUh won. Kx
cltement second. Held moor third; time,
1:45 4-5.
Six furlongs Gay Adelaide won. Schoharie
second, Ben Lear third; time. 1:18 3-5.
One mile Tyrolean won, Mabel Sim ma sec
ond. Commandant third; time. 0:49 2-5. Kd
Early finished first, but was disqualified.
Will Pitch Both for Spalding and
Davenport Clubs.
CHICAGO, Jan. 10. (Special.) Bob
Welch has signed Skel Roach, of Chi
cago, to pitch for his Spalding- team
next year. The deal is one of the most
peculiar In baseball, and may set the
minor leagues to thinking. By his con
tract. Roach pitches SuntTay and holi
day frames for the Spaldings. He has
signed a contract also to work in one
or more games a week for the Three
1" League, on the Davenport club.
By the arrangement the Davenport
people get the experience of a wcll
trnincd, hard-working player at much
less expense and get rid of the expense
of carrying- him during- a large portion
of the time he would not bo working
for them. In case he was signed the
regular way. This gives to the Spald
ings a star for the prairie and semi
professional games and Incidentally
the player gets enough mld-weck work
to keep him in shape.
For the player this means steady
employment through the Summer at a
salary above most of the minor league
Display of Pigeons Finest Ever Seen
In Northwest.
The annual poultry show of the Oregon
Poultry Association opened yesterday
morning at the corner of Front and Sal
mon streets, and in spite, of the late ar
rival of many of the coops the judging
began in the afternoon. Tho number of
entries, both In chickens and pigeon?, is
the largest ever exhibited by the associa
tion. The pigeon display outranks any ever
held in the Northwest, both as to the
quality and number of birds shown. This
display alone Is well worth seeing, but
the officials have been unfortunate in
selecting the place they did for holding
their show.
At night it Is almost impossible to find
the place where the show Is being held,
and this will keep a great man people,
who would otherwise visit the show, from
peeing the splendid exhibition.
Tcxans Lynch Negro Murderer.
HOUSTON, Tex-. Jan. 10. B. F. Har
ris, the negro charged with tho as
sassination of Ozro Polk at Bchrings
Mill. Monday night, and who was tak
en from officers last night at Lasallc
by a mob. was lynched early today at
Moscow. Texas. There were .about 70
men In tho mob. The negro when
asked why he killed Polk, said at first
that It was an accident, but later said
"de klll4 Pelk "far fun."
Lumber Crashes Into Hold of
Steamer Tottenham.
Accident Occurs In Peculiar Manner
Wlillc Vessel Is Loading Lum
ber at Inman, Poulscn
& Co.-s Mills.
Miraculous was the escape of a num
ber of longshoremen from serious In
Jury yesterday afternoon In the deep
holJ of the big British steamer Tot
tenham, when a lot of heavy timbers
slipped from the sling- by which they
were being hoisted from the wharf
Into the hatch and shot Into the hold
of the vessel. The only man hurt was
C Amonsen. who was not quick enough
on his feet and as a result lies at St.
Vincent's Hospital minus his right foot
which was crushed, necessitating am
putation. The accident occurred at about 3
o'clock. No one seems to know exactly
how It happened, except that the hook
released Its hold on the chain holding
the lumber as It swung over the large
hatchway. With a terrific racket, the
heavy pieces landed on tho timbers al
ready stowed away. Amonsen was pin
ioned between two of these by the
forco of the blow.
Amonsen met with a similar accident
about two years ago when his left foot
was badly crushed and for that reason
he was not as quick as his fellow
workmen in getting out of harm's way.
He is a single man and lives on a scow
on the east side of the river.
The Tottenham Is receiving her car
go at the mills of Inman, Poulsen & Co.
and will finish loading In a couple of
weeks. This Is tho first accident of Its
kind along the water front In many
Captain Anhagcn Dies and Officer
3IIHcr Falls Overboard.
SAN FRANCISCO. Jan. 10. The Ger
man ship Alsternlxle arrived today at
Santa Rosalia In charge of the first of
ficer after a most eventful and disastrous
voyage from Hamburg. Fifteen of the
crew arc down in their bunks with
scurvy and the vessel was brought Into
port by half a dozen of men barely able
to walk.
While far to the southward. Mate Asch
man reports. Captain Anhagen died at
the height of a storm, and shortly after
ward Miller, the second mate, fell over
board and was drowned.
The Alsternlxle Is well-known In Port
land. About two years ago she carao here
In command of Captain Anhagen to load
lumber for China, and In trying to sail
In over the bar went on Peacock Spit. She
struck an easy position, however, and was
hauled off without much damage.
Rickard on a Vacation.
ASTORIA. Or.. Jan. W.-SpccIal.) Chief
Engineer Rlckard, of the lighthouse, ten
der H athcr. has beea granted a leave of
JANUARY 14, 1906
You Will Notice Conditions of the Contest
Remember, everybody reads the great daily of the Pacific
Call on your friends and request them to save their coupons
for you. They count a vote each.
The Yellowstone National Park is one of the most delightful
parts of the American Continent.
In fact, everything that money can buy and a newspaper can
secure for its guests.
absence for two weeks. While Mr. Rlck
ard is away. Chief Engineer Wilson, . of
the Manzanlta. will be in charge of the
Heather's engine-room.
O. 11. & X. Co. Files Dill for $60Q0
Against French Bark.
ASTORIA, Jan. 10. The Oregon Rail
road & Navigation Company today filed
the bill for towage of the French bark
Jean Baptiste Into port, in the sum of
$6000. Samuel Elmore & Co., her con
signees, at once made and delivered a
general average bond to cover the
claim and Captain Delahovc has cabled
his Paris owners for Instructions in the
On Friday, December 29 last, the
Jean Baptiste, In endeavoring to make
port, after a voyage from Newcastle,
was 'driven near North Head and let
go her anchors In the soundings. Her
position was deemed perilous in the
event of a storm and the bar tugs
Wallula and Tatoosh stood by all
Dae to Arrire.
Steamer From.
Despatch, Son Francisco...
Cascade. San Francisco ...
Senator. San Francisco ....
Roanoke. San Francisco ...
Aragonla. Orient
Columbia, San Francisco...
Northland. San Francisco...
Sue. to Depart.
Steamer Destination.
Columbia, San Francisco ..
Alliance. Cooa Bay-Eureka.
Noras City. San Pedro....
Despatch. San Francisco....
Noma City, San Pedro ....
Senator. San Francisco ....
Northland, San Pedro
Aragonla. Orient
Carrying mall.
.Jan. 11
Jan. 12
.Jan. 14
.Jan. 15
.Jan. IS
.Jan. 10
.Jan. 24
.Jan. It
.Jan. 12
.Jan. IS
.Jan. 15
.Jan. 1C
.Jan. 1G
.Jan. 2S
.Jan. 2S
night, making fast Saturday morning
and hauling her seaward.
They did not make port until Sunday
evening, but arrived in good shape, ex
cept for the loss of one anchor and a
The heavy towage Is In the nature of
salvage claims. The vessel is still
discharging cargo at the Elmore pier
Independent Steamship Ticket Office
Incorporated In Portland.
Harry Young, agent for the North
Pacific Steamship Company: Captain
W. H. Patterson, a well-known river
pilot, and Robert A. Hume, manager of
the Central Sand Company, have or
ganized the Independent Steamship
Ticket Company for the purpose of
handling tickets for the several inde
pendent steam schooners operating
between Portland and California ports.
Articles of incorporation were filed
"The object of the company Is not
to unite the several interests for the
purpose of cutting rates or Indulging
In rate slashing, but simply for the
purpose of centralizing the ticket busi
ness ot the many Independent steamers
and steam schooners plying between
Portland and California ports," said
Mr. Toung In stating the objects of
the new company. "Plans are tentative
as yet, but the intention is to handle
the sale of tickets from sorae centrally
located office. At "present the traveling
public is put to considerable trouble
Jb securing tickets by reason of the
various agencies being spread all over
the city and along the water front.
"The establishment of a steamboat
line between this city and Yaqulna
Bay will be revived next Spring and
the Independent Steamship Ticket Com
pany will. In all probability, also look
after that business."
Mayflower Breaks Her Shaft.
ASTORIA, Or., Jan. 10. (Special.)
While the steamer Mayflower was making
a trip up Young's River last evening her
propeller struck a snag, breaking the
shaft at the hub. She was towed back
to this place this morning for repairs.
Marino Xotcs.
The lighthouse tender Heather leaves
today for Gray's Harbor with supplies.
The French bark David de Angers left
down yesterday morning bound for Ta
coma to load wheat.
The steamers F. A. Kilburn, Homer,
South Bay and Northland sailed last
night for California ports.
The steamer Alliance arrived at 8
o'clock last night from Eureka and
Coos Bay, bringing freight and pas
sengers. The British ship Vanduara cleared
yesterday with 106,167 bushels of
wheat, valued at $84,932, for the United
Kingdom. "
The schooner Robert Hind will leave
down this morning bound for San
Pedro with a cargo of lumber. The
schooner Beulah sailed from San Fran
cisco yesterday.
The British ship Eskasoni has been
ordered on the drydock, the surveyors
having found this necessary to ascer
tain whether or not the hull was dam
aged in the stormy weather on her way
out from Europe.
The British ship Hyderabad finished
loading yesterday at Mersey dock and
may leave down today If a crew can
be obtained In time. The Hyderabad
came up from San Francisco and few
of the men who signed there cared
about taking the long voyage to Eu
rope. The Merchants' Exchange received a
message from San Francisco stating
that the American schooner Jennie
Wand was stranded outside of La Paz,
and would be a total wreck. The crew
was saved with difficulty. The schooner
left Astoria December 4 with a lumber
cargo for La Paz.
The British ship Afon Alaw went to
Banflcld's dock this morning to dis
charge ballast. Captain Davies visits
Portland for the first time but has
been on the Pacific Coast many times
since 1869. when he first reached San
Francisco on the old bark Globe. The
voyage from Junin was uneventful
except for a gale oft the Coast when
some sails were blown away. Captain
Davies, who Is now 62 years old, stands
high In the estimation of his crew.
Domestic and Foreign Ports.
ASTORIA. Or.. Jan. 10. Condition of the
bar at 5 P. M.. rough; wind, light, north;
weather, cloudy. Arrived down at 3 and
sailed at 11:30 A. M. Steamer Czarina, for
San Francisco. Arrived down at 0 A. Jr.
Steamer Argyll. Arrived at 0 and left up at
11:30 A. M. Steamer Alliance, from Eureka
and Coos Bay.
San Franctaco, Jan. 10. Arrived at 8 A. it.
Steamer Tampico, from. Portland. Arrived
at 9 A. 3f. Steamer Senator, from Portland.
Arrived at 1:15 P. if. Steamer Aurella. from
Portland. Schooner Jennie Wand, from As
toria, stranded outside La. Paz and Is a
total wreck; crew saved.
Redondo. Jan. 10. Sailed Schooner Louis,
for Portland.
London. Jan. 10. Arrived Steamer Mesaba.
from New Torir.
JpiI?.?Hth' ,Jan 10- Arrived Steamer Kais
er Trtllhelm der Grotse. from New York.
San Francisco, Jan. 10. Sailed Steamer
Coptic; for Hongkong; steamer Asuncion, for
Astoria; steamer Olympic, for Gray's Har
bor: steamer Umatilla, for Victoria; steamer
Vienna, for Seattle.
Entries Close for Auto Races.
NEW YORK. Jan. Ml TCntrl fnn rhm,
fourth, annual International Ormond-Day-
tona Beach automobile races, which
closed yesterday, show 22 Individual com
petitors, with a total entry in all tho
166 races.
The touring car which figured in last
Winter's tournament has been eliminated
with the exception of in one event, in
which the regular stock car will appear.
In horsepower the entries this year
show an increase of 'more than 23 per
cent, and for the first time in the his
tory of automobile racing two cars, one,
of 200 and the other of 50 horsepower,
will be seen in competition. From tho
point of number the foreign cars will
be in the majority.
Society Men Accused or Abducting
Relative of Vandcrbilts.
NEW YORK, Jan. 9. Margaret Blake
Robinson and Louise Scattergood obtained
yesterday from Supremo Court Justice
Davis a writ of habeas corpus requiring
Mrs. Louise K. Reynolds to produce in
couTt tomorrow morning the person of
her niece, Anne KIssam Hays. The peti
tioning women allege that Miss Hays is
being deprived of her liberty by her rela
tives, with the object, apparently, of get
ting her away from the society of Miss
Robinson and Miss Scattergood.
Miss Hays is 28 years old and has an
Inherited Income sufficient to support her
self comfortably. According to attorneys
for Miss Scattergood and Miss Robinson,
she Is related through the Kissam family
to the Vanderbllts. Miss Robinson Is
secretary of the Sunshine settlement. Miss
Scattergood Is a trained nurse, and was
at one time In attendance on Miss Hays.
These women allege in their affidavits
that on November 1 last Miss Hays was
forcibly removed from her home. 8 Lower
Place, Yonkers, by her two brothers.
Frank K. and William Hays, and her
aunt, Mrs. Reynolds, with Dr. William J.
Sherman in attendance. She was put In
a closed carriage, they allege, and taken
to St. John's Hospital, In Yonkers, whero
she remained about 24 hours. At 1 o'clock
in the morning of November 13, tho
women say. Miss Hays was taken away
from the hospital in an automobile to
some place to them unknown. Since then,
as they put it, she has been kept in somo
secret place and prevented from com
municating with her friends.
Mrs. Reynolds, the women say, knows
where Miss Hays Is, and had complete
direction over the alleged removal of her
niece. Therefore the writ is- directed to
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