Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, October 27, 1905, Page 11, Image 11

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Water Board Again Decides to
Open Bids and Invites
Telegram From Ttisdon. Iron Works,
of San. Francisco, Forces Board
to Action,, and Former De
cision Is -Revoked.
The telegram to Mayor Lane from the
RlBdon Iron "Works, of San Francisco,
that forced- tho "Water Board to permit
competition from the riveted steel manu
facturers, followu:
"We understand that nil pipe bids
have been rejected and that new tend
ers -will bo asked for costlron only.
We want a chance to bid again on steel
pipe and have the bids compared on
their relative merit, life and cost ot pipe
to be duly considered."
The corporation la one of the largest
of lto kind In the United States, and
ha for yeara been a keen contender for
Government shipbuilding contracts In
volving millions. Upon receipt of this
telegram Wednesday evening. Mayor
Lane held a hurried consultation by
telephone with. Dr. Josephl and Mr.
Bates, members of the "Water Board,
and arranged for a special meeting of
the body yesterday afternoon, at which
time the surrender occurred.
Another complete 'back-down from its
attitude on the water pipe question waB
Teslftered against the "Water Board yes
terday. Tho night fcofore Mayor Lane had
received a telegram from the Rlsdon
Iron Works of San Francisco that loft
the Water Board no alternative but to
reopen the bids- for material for a main
from Mount Tabor to Highland".
There was no mistaking the ring of this
telegram, hence Mayor Lane got busy
with his telephone and soon Dr. Jop'phl
and George "W. Bates were In poscsslon
of full details. Dr. C. H. Raffety could
not be reached, but it Is known that
the Mayor felt the necessity of calling
a. special meeting of the body for yes
lcrday afternoon. The Board hurried
through the unwholesome business that
called it together with as little delay
as possible. It did not tarry long over
details, but speedily adopted a resolu
tion calling for new bids November 27,
or Ave days later than the other one,
and permitting steel riveted piping to
enter the competition with castifon.
There is hardly any doubt that the
merits of the two materials will now
be freely ventilated. The matter hap
received publicity all over the country.
and It will have a tendency to- Invite
competition from every portion of the
L nlon. both in riveted steel and castiron.
and that is apparently what the people
of this city desire.
The Rlsdon Iron "Works has had some
of the most extensive shipbuilding and
mining machinery contracts ever award
ed on this Coast, and has an immense
plant at North Beach, on San Francisco
bay, large enough to absorb half a dozen
concerns of the Oswego type without
experiencing any appreciable difference
in size. The corporation has been an
active competitor for Government ship
building, on contracts involving the ex
penditure of millions in the construction
of warships for Uncle Sam, and it goes
-without saying that it will have repre
sentatives here prepared to' annihilate
some of the Ideas prevailing in the Water
noard concerning tho relative merits of
riveted steel and castifon.
Christian Temperance Union to send tem
perance speakers to the different public
Oshkosh Man Alleges False Pre
tenses of Timber Locators.
H. Hartzheim of Oshkosh, Wis., called
upon District Attorney Manning yester
day afternoon and wanted a warrant
sworn out for Messrs. W. H. McCrossen
and J. W. Gardner, a local firm of tim
ber locaters, charging them -with obtain
ing money -under falBe pretenses.
It seems that Hartzheim together -with
ten other men from the same town was
induced to come out to Oregon for the
purpose of locating timber claims in
Douglas County by Messrs. McCrossen
and Gardner, and have since found that
the land located was barren and worth
less. When this fact was discovered,
Hartzhelm's companions, J. J. Duzan,
Louis Mehdler, J. C. Ansuscn, M. Duzan,
F. Steppes, J. H. McManamy and W. H.
St. John. compelleS him to execute a
deed of trust in their favor for property
in Wisconsin valued at an amount suffi
cient to cover the expenses of the party
to Portland and all they had paid In
agent's fees, and left him to secure re
dress from McCrossen and Gardner.
Hartzheim left the office of tho Dis
trict Attorney -with the assertion that he
would return later and swear to the war
rant but neglected to put in an appear
ance and the warrant was not Issued.
East Side Traffic Being Looked Into
by Officials.
The, people of the East Side may have
a new depot if the Investigation now
bolng carried on by General Manager
J. P. O'Brien shows that the volume of
business done at that point merits such
an addition to the building equipment
of the Southern Pacific. The requests of
the rcsldonts of that part or the city
have not been pigeonholed or refused
by the management of the railroad
company, but a force of clerks is now
at work estimating, from the records of
the company, the amount of business
done through tho East Side , depot, or
by the East Side interests, and if tho
Sergeant Taylor Accused of
Testifying Falsely.
Sensational Incidents In Hearing of
G. Farshman, Charged "With.
Keeping His Saloon Open
After Hours.
"I peeked through the doors and
uw two men drinking at the bar,"
paid Sergeant Taylor.
The officer deliberately lies." re
torted G. Farshman. defendant.
"I rwear the saloon was closed be
fore 1 o'clock." ald rollceman
Thompson, of the Upshur-street sta
tion. "If Captain Bailey had confidence
in this man Thompson, why did he
detail Berseant Taylor to close that
saloon asked Deputy City Attorney
"Do you think, Mr. Thomas, that
Sergeant Taylor-went on the stand
and deliberately perjured himself?"
asked Judge Cameron of W. E.
Thomas, counsel for the defense.
"I certainly do believe he did," re
plied Mr. Thomas.
After one- of the most sensational hea:
ings ever conducted in the Municipal
Court, during which the lie was passed
between tho defendant and the arresting
Family of Lettcrcarrler Cook Is Af
flictedHealth ' Officer Quar
antines Seven Cases.
Smallpox has prevailed at Laurelwood
Park, a suburb in the eastern part of the
county, for the past month without any
report having been made to the authori
ties, and tho indications are that there
will be a serious spread of the disease be
fore it is finally checked. Children from
infected houses have been attending tho
public school In the district, and the
grown people have traveled about freely,
not suspecting the true nature of the
This state of affairs might have con
tinued until there was an epidemic had
not Mrs. A. Williamson .visited the office
of Health Officer Dudley Evans yesterday
afternoon and made a report. She said
the had noticed that the children in tho
families of Mr. Siebold and Mr. Cook, her
neighbors, were afflicted with an eruptive
disease, which she strongly suspected was
smallpox. She did not think so at first,
and especially when Mrs. Cook scouted
the idea in response to an inquiry, but
when one after another became afflicted
and remained so for weeks she became
convinced that it was smallpox. The
cases must have been of a mild type, be
cause all tho children have recovered, and
no physician has been called to attend to
any of the cases. Mrs. Williamson re
marked to Mr. Evans: "I .don't care to
have this spread over the whole commu
nitj." Mr. Cook is a mailcarrJer, and has been
constantly at work.
Mr. Evans, with a supply of disinfect
ants and yellow flags, hurried at once to
the scene, and on investigation ascer
tained that there were seven cases of
smallpox, and ordered a strict quarantine
ef the houses. He will go to the school
house this morning, and make an exam
ination, and enforce vaccination among
all the pupils. Mr. Evans is Indignant
that people are so careless in these mat
ters, and do not Immediately consult a
Tuesday night, at the home of Samuel XV. Dunlap. at Stewart' Place, near
Arista, saw the culmination ot a, romance of love through correspondence that
has been going on for some time and which has had a; an agent and co-operator
the mall wervlce of 1'ncle Sam between Garnet, Kan., and Stewart's Place.
Mr. Dunlap. who Is a Jolly old bachelor of about 50 years, has a fine rnch
in Clackamas County, where he lives most of the time, but for the past few
months. In fact almost a year, he has been working In the Interest of the Dun
lap Bros, grocery store at Stewart's Station, which undoubtedly enjoys a mo
nopoly of the highest order. Since his arrival at Stewart's Station, where his
father and mother live, he has gradually succumbed to the artful phrases of
the publication ef an introducing agency until the climax was reached last
Tuesday night, soon after the arrival ot the happy bride from Garnet Kan
when Rev. T. B. Ford, of the M. E. Church at Sunnyslde. performed the sacred
marriage ceremony at the home of the bridegroom in the presence of the bride
groom's father, mother, four brothers and a cousin, besides numerous friends
of the family. Mrs. Dunlap's maiden name was Ada XV. Bowen, but Cupid
played his part well with photos and letters as his tools and now they are
married and happy. After tho ceremony the young people present serenaded
the nowly-wedded oouple and many friends arrived to offer best wishes for the
future, which, from all outward conditions will surely be realized. The early
part of next week will find the happy pair, married under peculiar but ro
mantic circumstances, well en their way to the Highland District, where the
ranch is located.
Preparing for Opening Session.
LOS ANGELES. Oct. 26.-There was in
tense activity among the delegates to tho
convention of the National Woman's
Christian Temperance Union today in
preparation for the opening session of the
organization at tho First Congregational
Church Auditorium, tomorrow morning.
There were brief meetings of the different
executive boards today, receptions to del
egates by the local temperance workers
and evangelistic services at the Trinity
Methodist Episcopal Church.
Tho Los Angeles Board of Education
figures are favorable for the proposi
tion the company may authorize the
erection of a combination frolght and
passenger depot.
Mr. O'Brien stated yostorday that
3ie had not disposed of the .matter in
any way and would not until ho had
collected the data. If it wore a passon
ger depot alone that was desired the
question would not be ao serious, but
the selection of a site for the erection
of a freight-house was another mat
ter and difficult. He had directed that
the exact amount of business handled
In that district, both in the rush sea
son and during: the dull months, bo
complied for his information, and from
that some idea of the justice of tho
requests made could be determined.
Until that compilation Is made no ac
tion will be taken by the company.
Mr. O'Brien will meet with the peo
ple of the Bast Side during the early
part of the coming week, at which
time it Is probable he will be able to
announce what. the company will do.
'John and Bobert ilacKenzIe. of Port
land, left yesterday for tho East upon re
ceiving news or the unexpected death of
their mother.
Miss Ella Lucille Mason and Miss
LouiEe Vaughn have Just left Portland
for a trip around the world. They go
first to New York, where they will Join
Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Chase, of Pacific
Grove. CaL The party will sail for Na
ples, November' 4. and will trarel during
the Winter in Southern" Europe. In the
Spring they will go north, and return
home by way of China, Japan and Ha
waii. CHICAGO. Oct. 26. (Special.) Oregon
ians registered today as follows:
Auditorium H. S. Jordan, Portland.
Hotel Morrison E. F. Davis, Oregon.
Kaleerhof J. B. Boe and wife, F. B.
Slllsbec and wife, Oregon.
Briggs House S. XV. Crowoll, Oregon.
NEW YORK. Oct. 26. Special.) North
western people registered today as fol
lows: From Portland W. IL ICennedy, at tho
From Port Angeles, Wash. J. Cain, at
the Wolcott.
From Tacoma XV. D. Tyler, at the
Grand; G. F. Buloy. at the Westminster.
From Seattle U. Eckstein, at the Im
perial. From Spokane H. Brooks and wife, at
the Fifth-Avenue.
officer and counsel for the defense de
clared his belief that perjury had been
committed by Sergeant Taylor, G. Farsh
man was found guilty of keeping his sa
loon open in violation of law yesterday
Prompt relief in sick headache, dizzi
ness, nausea, constipation, pain in the
side, guaranteed to those using; Carter's
Little Liver Pills.
People who suffered from rheumatism
have taken Hood's SarsaparlUa and found
lactic? relief
two men drinking at the bar," said Ser
geant Taylor, testifying on . the stand.
"Officer Johnson ran around the saloon
to see what kind of a place It was. When
he came back, Z knocked on the door.
Farshman. who was behind the bar.
grabbed the whiskey glasses and rinsed
them, and although I told him wc were
officers, he did not let us In until I
threatened to break the door."
"Sergeant Taylor deliberately lies.'
said Farshman. when he mounted the
stand. "This is a 'Job,' put up on me
by enemies. I sold no liquor , after 1
o'clock; I never do. The men" In the
saloon were carrying In wood for me.
There were no glasses In sight, and I
was not behind the bar."
Policeman Thompson, attached to the
Upshur-street station, was the star wft-
neaa for the defense. He was ."roasted"
by Deputy City Attorney Fitzgerald for
his part in the matter.
"I swear that the saloon was closed
before 1 o'clock," said Thompson. "I
was there about 12:55. Two men were
there besides Farshman., When I left reflected in the growth of its educational
ine piace was closed." raiimuons. uierKe Musical Institute, al
"Tf fnnfaln T)illv tin, I ready equipped With five snlpnrllr! lnmi
this man. Thompson, why did he detail S-WK'nT' 1nls ,t.I15c;
piano for use i uut,G vimeron. i a. uie jusuiuic on landers street. It Is
"Do you think. Mr. Tjiomas. that Ser- the quarter-grand style Chickerlntr. Mrs.
geant Taylor went on the stand and de- Gierke s favorite In both practice and
Musical Institutions, Colleges and
Schools Select Pianos at Eilers. A
Grand and Two Uprights for
"Dierke Musical Institute Four
Pianos and a Pine Pipe Organ for
"Willamette University," One for
the "Shaver School," Two for
"Albany College," One for "Agri
cultural College," and One for Miss
The growth of tho West Is splendidly
UDerateiy perjured himself?" asked
Judge Cameron of counsel for the de
"I certainly do believe he did," replied
mt. j. nomas.
concert work. At the same time. Mr.
Dierke added one more TCImhnll nnii a
fine Hobart M. Cable tn th union.
did collection of fine nianos alrendv In ns
at the Dierke Musical Institute. Both
Mr. and Mrs. Dierke .sneak in warmest
"I can't erA with vnnr lw nf t I terms of Kimball nlanos. and tViov-
maticr. rrplled Judge Cameron, "and . u " pianos oi inorougn artistic
in view of all the circumstances. I wiii QHty, and also of greatest endur-
ISfiJK.. dcfcndant and sPend Willamette University at Salem is to
sentence. I hav n von- hue, mn.imi tu
After Mr. Fitzgerald made his remark I faculty has selector fmir
about Policeman Thomnson. thi lnitnr t Eilers Piano House for its muslr do-
arose and attempted to defend himself riuenb now m cnarge oi Miss Helen
but Judge Cameron ordered him to rft h-a.1?Ee.ath'w?n- the glorious Chickering.
down I Muui wnicn-no conservatory is com-
vi. .u jiu- nuuuri ji. e,aoie manos.
and nnnthp- Vlmhnlt T.- ,.
iuxo seen inai woman aouDied un maxe. menuoned unvc hin in tn h
with cramps of the stomach and thri I University for many years.
Or fmir- TrhlaVI- rHf. i .t .. I Miss Dorothon Vnqh. In f a nf p. TTnTar,-
sald Mrs. Cattrina Karir. referring n ?.aJ,'...seJected pr neJ studio, which she
Mrs. Carolina F.rm.r nn frii ;" ""A"" Jn& Portland, one of the
nrnf. t i excellent Hauaorir pianos. This Is the
$.Mno, and bus,vc lanugo at 410 make prominently exhibited and used at
..rl airceu "ie Illinois and California huildlngs.
hy. you don't mean to infer that wnIcn has been receiving a great deal
she drinks, do your asked City Attorney I ?f commendation from the best musical
Fitzgerald of tho witness. fucKf ' . a P,ano wn worthy a place
"Well, she has crnmn, of tho ntnm.h iV "i? lu0 ,' a Kian such high
retty regularly, and hrin w n- 'ul .i,1
io mighty quick." was the reply. been acquired from the most cmlnonr fnZ
Mrs. Tenner is ajjed 53 vears. hut fmm I structors of London and Berlin.
the evidence adduced. It antiMrc fh. . Albany College Is colne to be very aet
sho can talk. ,ve ,n musical work this season, under
"I don't care to repeat .here w ww " ?,.piS8a"c' lLr.Crooki. and
words that woman ao&Tled tn I r"VT,"V"uic ."ment in tne iiands
orcn. Mid Mrs. Karg. "What she said merit, who has selected two beautiful
until iu De neara oy mtie folfc?. Liiogsn m. i-aoie pianos.
"Wc are willing to move from the com- l..Tne Agricultural College at Cnrvallls.
munlty." spok un tho husband of th !e m?lca' department of which Is under
the able direction rf Prnfoconp -vr
Goodnough. has selected a fine Hinze
Willamette Unlversltv has nriviwi a
COIirSC Of DlDe-Orcan Instnirtlrin nnA tho.
order placed by them for a Kimball Tubu
i?r ,pe Organ is now being executed by
EHcrs Piano House. It 13 expected that
the pipe organ will he delivered and set
iJP, SP time during the ensuing week.
This is a two-manual and pedal organ,
containing ail the Hcces.soris that dis
tinguish the Kimball Pipe Organ for its
extremely light touch, wonderful evenness
and beauty of tone.
On thrjeels of these remarkable sai?.
the pHtPicpo House have Just re
ceived aTWirder from the Portland School
Board for another (the fourth) Hobart
M. Cablei piano. This has been delivered
to the Shaver J School, making In all 13
pianos in the rtast week sold by this es
tablishment to (educational institutions.
ourcutiiy iow prices prevail on an pianos
defendant. "In fact, we had planned to
move next Monday. Our neighbors are
not so vers congenial, anyway, and we
waui a enanjre.
Upon the agrcemont that th Pormpr'
shall move, the cu was continued until
next Tuesday, at- which time it will be
oismisscd if the move Is made.
"There'll be two rooms between us nnrf
ril keep away from her said Umhrniia
Jimmy bherldan. charged with beating
ma wiie.
"A policeman will go to the house with
you to help you get your things, and
mon you must take to the woods," said
mt. Fitzgerald.
No." replied Jimmy. "Pnrtinnd' mv
home, and I refuse to leave it for any
body. Xot me: I'll stay in this town.
iiu raaiier wnat happens. I promise to and organs of ofcr Exnosltlnn ttnoVWhini,
Keep away from my wife, though." embraces o--riitIre line. Including Chlck-
Jlmmy was dlssharged, as "his wife I er,nss. Webers of Xow Tork. and the
tailed to n nnnn tn 1.1 i wonaeriuiiv noDuiar Kimtwiii rr rhirvn-n
v iMVF.-wuitr mill. I iwy I t.-o.. i j , j
are ?cow-rin-Mti-. i c..w D j r, I I payments. If desired.
. . ... ruiiiuuu. nc I KHr Planx TTs..cA VI Ti-,.l,l.
is a iamiuar timiro nhnnt i, "oiii6iuii.
mnkfM. hi j . , ' V. I turner x HrK ifc.igm.nj streets,
, iuuiiu-i ix-irairiiig umoreuas
Frank Fisher proved himself to be a I on them, with a frantic mntorman mnV.
irtriar. wncn placed on trial before Judge ng signs that he could not stop. The
mini nil th rane nlntfnm f U . 1
Ine car iumnod nff In nfAt- The thma.
score passengers inside the car fought
wi.dly with each other to escape, block
Ilg the doorways'. As the runaway car
reached tue rear olatform. those nesr
the doorway pulled back the paasensrers
who were stepping out on the platform,
thereby undoubtedly saving several lives.
This platform was split into pieces by
ine impact.
The sides of the Fourteenth-street car
became -detached from the roof and col
lapsed Inward, while the root came down
cn the heads of the imprisoned passen
gers. Men broke out the windows, and.
crawling out of these openings, drew the
women after them.
The Christopher-street car was not so
badly damaged, although flying glass cut
some of Its occupants badly. The Delan-
cey-street police station was converted
Into a temporary hospital. J4 injured be
ing cared for there by surgeons, who
were summoned with ail possible speed.
Divide Mineral Exhibit.
j-ameron. He was charged with larceny
i reiuse to permit this case to co
on. sam tne lad,
after Deputy Dis
trict ' Attorney
Adams had placed
the prosecuting wlt-
nesf on the stand
and began question
ing him. I haven't
entered a plea yet.
and I want an at
torney present be-
before any evidence
io produced."
ou pleaded not
guilty yesterday."
replied Mr. Adams.
"I did not," de
clared Fisher.
Reference to the
doou siiu wea iner,, . ,
uuj wan riBin, nu to He lUilroaded.
Judge Cameron was
obliged to grant a continuance until to.
day. Attorney Watts will represent the
boy. The latter Is a stranger, in the
city, but he said in court yesterday that
he had money coming from home nnd Mison tester, the Klondike Quartz
that he proposed to fight the case to a' King." who had a large collection of mln
finish. He declares he is innocent of the eral specimens at tW Lewis and Clark
ONE thing you want in an
overcoat is plenty of
room. It takes more
material to make a
Kirschbaum Coat:' big, warm,
gener us the height of overcoat
luxury inside and out. Made by
"The Greatest Overcoat House,
in America".
Ask for Kirschbaum Clothes
(W arranted). Good stores every
where, $1 2 tO $25. Look for label)
Wear the Eastern Styles.
A. B. Kirschbaum & Co.
(Makers) Philadelphia and New York
charge. He 1? alleged to have stolen
eome revolvers.
Fair, and who offered a large exhibit
for placement in the prososed memorial
building which seems not to be realized.
will leavo Portland In a few days for
the East.
Mr. Foster has decided to divide the
exhibit and will give port of it to the
Chamber of Commerce for Its permanent
exhibit and the remainder as an addition
to the exhibit now housed In City Hall.
This division will give approximately
2500 specimens to each of the Institu
"I Was There A-Watchlnr Them." Ser
jeant Taylor.
morning. Iri view of the circumstances
surrounding the case. Judge Cameron
suspended sentence.
Farshman conducts a saloon at' 523
North Twenty-fourth street, and Is one
of the most widely known liquor dealers
In Portland. He has been In the bus
iness many years. He was arrested last
week by Sergeant of Police Taylor and
Patrolman Johnson, of the headquarters
staff. Thlo, notwithstanding the fact that
the establishment lies in the territory
of the Upshur-street station. A tele
phone message informed Captain Bailey,
commanding the second relief at head
quarters, that Farsh man's place, was
open and that llqubr was being sold
-Sergeant Taylor and Policeman John
son hurried to the scene on a car, reach
ing there at 1:30 A. M. What they
found was related In detail during the
hearing yesterday.
"I peeked through, the doors and saw
Follows Manager of the St. Johns
Woolen Mill and Confronts
Him With Revolver.
Henry Orcgle. manager of the woolen
mills at St. Johns, was held up at Hol
brook at 7 o'clock last night and robbed of
$23 In gold coin. Oregle was on his way to
Castle Bock, and walked from LJnnton to
Hibernians Hear Address.
Division No. 1. Ancient Order of
Hibernians held an unusually interesting
meeting In their "hall at Second and Stark
streets Wednesday evening. A pro
gramme was given in the early part of
the evening with special music and an
address by E. H. Deery. Mr. Deery has
Just returned from travels In Ireland and
gave a vory Interesting account of his
trip. Lunch was served at the close of
the programme and dancing occupied tho
jaio nours ot tne evonipg. jonn Ifarrell
and J. E. Malley were In charge ot tho
evening's entertainment.
mltted the robbery followed him. and as
he ncared Holbrook. confronted him with
a drawn revolver and ordered him to turn
over his money. The highwayman then
beat a rapid retreat, and Mr. Oregle re
ported the occurrence to the business peo
plo ot the town. News was sent to Sheriff
Word by telephone, and he dispatched
Deputy Sheriff John Grussi to the scene.
W. W. Cotton Is a Witness.
W. W. Cotton, general counsel for tho
O. R. & N.. will leave for New Tork
Saturday where he will testify before tho
United States District Court in the case
of Tt. A. Graham nf fWio "Rnv nnlnnf
SMASHED BY RUNAWAY CAR H i. R-.& a old ono
iua.1 OAs okq oexore tne courts tor
3Iany Panlc-Strlckcn Passengers In
jured In New York.
NEW TORK, Oct. 25. A runaway street
car on the new Wllllasmburg suspension
bridge across the East River today
caused the Injury of 23 persons, two of
them being fatally hurl. For 1000 feet
down the incline on the Manhattan ap
proach of the bridge a Christopher-street
car ran with Its brakes out of order un
til It hit and demolished a standing Four
teenth-street car, in which were ia pas
sengers. In this latter car most of tho
injuries occurred. It was 10 minutes be
fore the broken roof, sides and floor ot
this car could be taken off from the last
passenger who was buried under the
John Holdcn, motorman of the Chris
topher-street car. who remained on the
front of his runaway car trying to stop
it up to the last 10 yards of the down
hill rush, was caught between the two
cars, receiving a fracture of tho skull
and Internal injuries from which he is
expected to die.
George Bryld. an employe of the West
ern Electric company, also suffered a I
fractured skull and was taken to tho hos
pital, not expected to live.
Tho Fourteenth-street car, blocked by a
truck, was standing near the end of the
bridge above Attorney street. Its pas
sengers saw the other car bearing down
number of years, and was brought by
Graham In the first instance for an al
leged breach of contract by the railroad
company. Mr. Cotton will bo away from
Portland for six weeks or two months.
Many of your neighbors have used
Mellm 8 Food for their children. Ask
them what they think of it; look at
their children and see the result of
using a proper food. . Mellin's Food
will give the same good results if
you will use it with your baby.
Send for a sample, we will send it
free of charge.
Hnia'c Fl b tke ONLY Ufa
r taxa & tf14 mtoal.
Otto FiechtPs Famous Tyrolean Quintette
And other high-class specialties every evening and Sunday
matinee. New Ladies' Bohemian Orchestra, eight pieces,
under direction of Miss Schroder. The largest music hall in
the West, covering a space of 140,000 square feet; cost
$130,000. Entrances at 21 North Third street, 21, 23 and 25
North Second street, and 243, 243 and 247 Burnside street.
$300,000 "Worth of Gold Medal Winners at the Lewis yj
and Clark Exposition are now offered ro you
The sale begins daily at 10 A. M. in the Oriental
building. All the Japanese exhibits will be sold. Now i
is the time to get a beautiful and artistic
If you want a Christmas present or a wedding or
birthday gift buy now and savo 400 per cent 25
CENTS ON THE DOLLAR is the ruling price.
The beautiful and artistic wares and manufactures,
: the art treasures of Japan are "going for a song."
Now's the time to sing.
Los Angeles and New York.