Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, October 26, 1905, Page 15, Image 15

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iers Are Offering Seventy-
Four for Club.
Demand From United Klng-
Em, South Africa and Orient.
Barley and Oats Are
Quoted Strong. '
l.'HEAT Local market firm and
jhtly higher.
RARLEY Demand goodand prices
liATS Firm tone with lair offer-
"ROT Plenty of poor grapes on
rl'TTER City market oversupplled
ll weak
EGGS Larger receipts o Oregon
Ick reported
rOILTRY Arrivals clean up at
lady quotations.
JOPS Big block -of Wa'shlngtons
ksigned to New, York.
wheat market has a very Arm tone.
movement is not heavy. Farmers are
to be strong holders, expecting higher
later. Dealers yesterday offered 74
for club, bluestcm was quoted at 76""
and Valley at 74 cents. Trading has
en heavy, except for one or two short
I, since the season opened, and tho
I looks for even a slower market from
n. A good deal of the buying is for.
tilted Kingdom with eomo business doing
ith African account. California Is still
Ldy purchaser, and wheat buying - for
i) shipment 1a also under way.
and barley are strong with an upward
Icy. There is an active demand for
lese cereals. Barley offerings arc llm-
ut a considerable quantity of oats are
foreign position of wheat maintains Its
fh, but the American speculative mar-
ive not responded fully to the Liverpool
es. In France the weather Is teason-
character. The country wheat mar-
Ire very qujet. but very Arm. but the
term market is dull. The Petit Journal
Llns that the recent official estimate of
lieat -rop was too optimistic, and eays
France will have to Import 28,000,000
th's season, sooner or later.
I'ollcwing is an extract from a letter re-
frcm a traveling man In Russia: "They
Sup absolutely everything they can lay
lande on but it will greatly diminish
ear!y part of next year. There is a
disposition to sell out all for fear of
troubles. People talk about it .quite
in the trains, streets and restaurants.
peers more than ordinary people, how
lifted they are with the government, so
jlution is not far off. For that reason
rmra prefer to have the hard cash to
vhich is sure to be destroyed. I consider
s being one of the main reasons for
lavy shipments of late. .
I Buenos Ay res Handels-Zeitung of Sep-
1G rays that the weather has Jbeen
llavorable for the growing crops, bene-
rains having fallen, with a lower tem-
The official estimate of the area
Ewlth wheat in Entre RIos is 765,000
against 730,000 acres last year. The Re-
if the River Plate of September 15 says:
rain has fallen. The cold snap has en-
the locusts to be combated with greater
K The army is to assist in the work of
ction. Some further damage has been
Id from a few parts in the Center to
-from frost. The general outlook cpn-
most satisfactory-
kmlUi Secures a Big Lot in Washington
for Shipment East.
Smith, the hop dealer, who has been
hops in "Washington for consignment
York, returned to the city yesterday
Ig and left again at night for tho
ive secured 1600 bales of Yaklmas and
les at other points," said Mr. Smith.
hundred and fifty bales of these are
Lnd the remainder new hops. I made a
advance on a lot .of 195 bales, but
lance on the others. All these hops
Seen shipped to New York. Any grower
bnslgns his hops to roe can be sure to
Itter prices than are offered here, a6 I
the brewers well and am in position to
them to the beet advantage. When I
New York if I do not find the market
the heps will all go into store and
Eicre until I see lit to sell them. I will
ast as much Interest in these goods as
lops were my own. Harry L. Hart will
my representative here while I am in
jigton and will transact my business
be Oregon growers.
dealers are making desperate efforts to
the consignments, but it is only a
sour grapes with them. They nre all
to work consignments on their own
but the growers will have nothing
ith them.
d Receipts of Oregon Eggs Reported
Poultry Steady.
butter market continues In a weakened
Ion, owing to the gradual accumulation
Ikfl by some of the city creameries and
I operating near by.
egg dealers report an increase In re
let Oregon. Eastern eggs continue in
supply, and prices all around are.
poultry received yesterday worked oft
former quotations.
Grapes in Poor Order.
Ing in fruit was quiet again yesterday.
xet was well stocked with grapes, .most
n in poor order. A shipment of lem
is received by steamer. Apples were
il. but the inquiry was slow. 'Plenty
rraae Dananas were offering.
Dressed Meats Slow.
narket for dressed meats is ruling quiet.
while not heavy, arc very liberal
le demand Is backward. Prices gener-
easy with the weakness most pro-
on loins and ribs.
Bank Clearings.
clearings of the Northwestern cities
lay were as follows:
. 936.934
. C04.231
. 567.245
Grain, Flour, Feed, Etc
CAT Club. 74c per bushel: bluestera.
Valley. 74c
t.TR Patents. $.2094.80 per barrel;
ts. 53.904.15;, clears. S3.65C3.90: Val-
.W!, x&xot& nara wneat, 50,303
7.25; graham. 53.253.75; whole wheat. 53.75
64; rye flour. local, 55: Eastern, 55.50S.tiO;
cornmeal. per bale, 5L90&2.20.
OATS No. 1 white feed. 525C25.50; gray.
524.50025 per ton.
BARLEY Feed. 521 per ton; brewing.
521.50; rolled. 521.50022.
RYE-51. 403 1.45 per cental.
MILLSTUFFS Bran, 518. per ton; middlings.
524.50; shorts. 519; chop. U. S. Mill. 518;
linseed dairy feed, 518; alfalfa meal. 518 per
CEREAL FOODS Rolled oats, cream, 90
pound sacks, 56.75; lower grades, 553 6.2.1; oat
meal, steel cut, 50-pound sacks, 58 per bar
rel; 10-pound sacks. 54.25 per bale; oatmeal
(ground). 50-pound sacks, 57.50 per barrel; 10
pound sacks, 54 per bale; split peas. 55 per
100-pound wick; 25-pound boxes. 51-40; pearl
barley, 54.25 per 100 pounds; 25-pound boxes,
51.25 per box; pastry flour, 10-pound sacks,
52.50 per bale.
HAT Eastern Oregon timothy. $UQ15 per
ton; Valley timothy. 51112; clover, 5S9;
cheat, 57.509; grain hay, 5SQ9.
Vegetables, Fruit, Etc.
DOMESTIC FRUITS Apples, 5101.75 per
box; persimmons, 51.25 per box; huckleberries.
7c per pound; pears. 51.251.50 per box-,
crabapples. 51 per box; grapes, 60c51.25- per
box: Concord. 15c per basket; cranberries,
59.5010 per barrel: quinces. 51 per box.
TROPICAL FRUITS Lemons, choice. 54 per
box; fancy, 55; oranges, Valencia, fancy,
555.25 per box; grapefruit, 5303.50; pine
apples, 52.50 per dozen; pomegranates, 52.25
jjcr box.
FRESH VEGETABLES Beans. l$4c per
pound; cabbage. llc per pound; cauli
flower, 75c per dozen; celery, 75c per dozen;
corn, C5c per sack: cucumbers. lo$15o per
dozen; eggplant. 51.50 per crate; peppers, 3c
per pound: pumpkins. 301c; tomatoes. 30
40c per crate; sprouts. Co per pound; squash.
56 lc per pound.
ROOT VEGETABLES Turnips, 90cQ51 Per
sack; carrots, 65gf75c per sack; beets. 85c
51 per sack; garlic. 12c per pound.
ONIONS Oregon yellow Danvera, 5101.25
per sack.
POTATOES Buying prices: Fancy. 70c per
sack; ordinary. 60c.
DRIED FRUITS Apples, 7Q9c per pound;
apricots. 1212c; peaches, 10iffl2c; pears,
none; Italian prunes, none; California figs,
white, 400c per pound; black, 405c; bricks,
12-14 ounce packages, 75085c per box; 58
ounce, 5202.40; Smyrna, 20c per pound; dates,
Fard. 51.40 per 15-pound case.
RAISINS Seeded, 12-ounce packages, S08c:
10-ouncc. 910e; loose muscatels, 2-crown,
77c, 3 -crown 7H0"?ic. 4-crown 808Vsc: un
bleached seedlefts Sultanas, 607c; Thompson's
seedless unbleached, 8Q8c; Thompson's fancy
unbleached. 1212c; London layers, 3-crown
whole boxes of 20 pounds, 51.75; 2-crown, 52.
Butter, Eggs, Poultry, Etc
BUTTER City creameries: Extra creamery.
8O032c per pound. State creameries: Fancy
creamery. 25030c; store butter, I6SI6V3C
EGGS Oregon ranch. 29030c; Eastern, 240
25c: Oregon storage, 22 23c.
CHEESE Oregon full cream, twins, 133
14c; Young America, 1415c.
POULTRY Average old hens, 1112c;
young roosters, 30011c; Springs. ll13c;
dressed chickens, 12Q13c; turkeys, live, 160
17c; turkeys, dressed, choice, 19021c; geese,
live, per pound, 809c; geese, dressed, per
pound. 10014c; ducks, 14gl4c; pigeons, 51
1.25; equabs. 5202.50.
Grocerle, Nuts, Etc.
COFFEE MocmV, 262Sc; Java, ordinary.
18022c; Costa Rica, fancy. 18020c; good. 16
018c; ordinary. 10012c per pound; Columbia
roast, cases. 100s. 514.25; 50s, 514.25; Ar
buckle. 515.75; Lion, 515.75.
RICE Imperial Japan. No. L 5c; South
ern Japan. 4.850' 5.10c; Carolina, 7c
SALMON Columbia River, 1-pound talis,
$1.75 per dozen; 2-pound tails, 52.40; 1-pound
flats. 51.85; fancy. ll-pound flats. 51.80;
-pound flats, 51-10; Alaska pink, 1-pound
talis, -90c; red. 1-pound tails, 51.25; sockeye.
1-pound tails. 51-70.
SUGAR Sack . basis. 100 pounds: Cube.
55.90; powdered, 55-65; dry granulated, 55.55;
extra C, 55.10; golden C. 54.95; fruit sugar.
55.55; advances over sack basis as follows:
Barrels. 10c; half-barrels. 25c: boxes, 50c
per 100 pounds. (Terms: On remittance with
in 15 days, deduct c per pound; if later
than 15 days, and within 30 days, deduct Vic
per pound; no discount after 30 days.) Beet
sugar, granulated, 55.35 per 100 pounds; ma
ple sugar, J5018c per pound. .
SALT California, 511 per ton. 5L60 per
bale; Liverpool. 50s, 517; 100s. 516.50; 200s,
516: half-pound 100s. 57; 50s, 57.50.
NUTS Walnuts. l5c per pound by sack,
lc extra for less than sack; Brazil nuts. 16c;
filberts. 10c; pecans, J umbos. 10c; extra large,
17e; almonds. I. X L, 16c; chestnuts, Ital
ians, 15c; Ohio, 54.50 per 25-pound drum;
peanuts, raw. 7 He per pound; roasted. He;
plnenuts. 10j?12c;. hickory nuts. 7c; cocoa
nuts. 7c; cocoanuts, 3590o.jper dozen.
BEANS Small white. 34cT large white. 3c;
pink. 3c; bayou, 4c; Lima. 4c; red Mex
ican, 5c
I ,
Provisions and Canned Meats.
HAMS 10. to 14 pounds. 14c per pound; 14
to 16 pounds. 13$ic; 18 to 20 pounds, 134c,
California (picnic). 9c; cottage ham. c;
shoulders, 3cballedharn. TZic; boiled picnic
ham. boneless, 15c
DRY SALT CURED Regular short clears,
lie; dry salt. 12c" smoked; clear backs, 11c;
clear bellies. 14 to 17 pounds average, none;
Oregon exports, 20 to 25 pounds -average,
Ufcc; dry saU, 12c smoked; Union butts,
10 to IS pounds average, none.
BACON Fancy breakfast. 19 He per
pound; standard breakfast. 17 He; choice.
16c; English breakfast, 11 to 14 pounds. 15c;
peach bacon, 14c
PICKLED. GOODS Pork, barrels. 518; -barrels.
59.50; beef, barrels, 512; -barrels.
SAUSAGE Ham, 13c per pound; minced
ham, 10c; Summer, choice dry. 17Hc; bo
logna, long. 5Vlc; weinerwurst, Sc; liver. 6c;
pork, 9010c; headcheese. 0c; blood, 6c; bo-
lornn matinac llnlr ill.
CANNED MEATS-Corned beef, pounds, per i..o; iwo pounas. xz.35; six pounds.
58. Roast beef, flat, pounds. 51.25; two
pounds, $2.25; six pounds, none. Roast beef,
tall, pounds, none; two pounds. 52.35; six
pounds, none. Lunch tongue, pounds, 53.15.
Roast mutton, six pounds. 58.50.
LARD Leaf lard, kettle rendered, tierces.
11c; tubs, llic; 50s. llcj 20s. llr. 10s.
llc; 5s. 11T4C Standard pure: Tierces, 10c:
tubs. 109ic; 50s, 10Uc; 20s. 10?4c; 10s. 10c;
5s. 104c Compound: Tierces. 0c: tubs. OUc:
COs, OUc; 10s. 0c; 5a. 6c
Hops, W00L Hides. Etc
HOPS Oregon. 1905, choice. 11013c; olds. 9
WOOL Eastern Oregon average best. 19
juwer Braaeu oown 10 i&c, according to
shrinkage: Valley. 25027c per pound.
MOHAIR Choice. 30c per round.
HIDES Drv hM- Vn 1 in
up. 16H17c per pound dry 'kip. No. 1, 5 to
jv iwuiiuo. jimioo per pouna; ary calf. jio.
1. under 3 pounds. 17016c; dry salted, bulls
and stars, one-thlrri than n
moth-paten hnrtltr tnt n,-i4 1 j
clipped, weather-beaten or grubby. 203c per
iiuuim jtooi. cajtea niaes: steers, sound. 60
pounds ana over, 9010c per pound; 60 to 60
pounds and over. 9010c per pound; 50 to GO
pounds. 8H09c per pound; under 50 and cows.
S09c per pound: salted kip, sound. 15
iu ov pvunus. ifc prr pouna; salted veal,
eound, 10 to 14 pounds. 9c per pound; salted
(grcen unsalted, lc per pound lees; cull, lc
per pound less). Sheepskins: Shearlings, No.
a uuicurm mocK, .ookc; snort WOOL
wool. No. 1 butchers' stock. 6O0SOo; long
wool. No. 1 butchers' 6tock. 5101.50 each. Mur
rain pelt from 10 to 20 per cent less or 42
14c rir nonnri! hnnwt MAce witA
cording to size. 5101.50; colts" hides. 25050c
ratuj KoausKine, common, luiac eacn; An
irnra with n-f.l nn "Ml Rfl
BEESWAX Jood. clean and pure, 20022c
jwr pouna.
TALLOW Prime, per pound. 303Hc; No.
and crease. 2SM5c
FURS Bear skins, as to size. No. X. 52.503;
j eacn; cuds. iq: naoger. iycoc; wilfl cat,
with hpnrt nrf ort 1,n,j. Mim Rmv.
fox, common gray, 50070c: red, 53R5; crostl
wtjio; silver -ana niacK, fluwaAM; ma
ers. X5?6: lvnr. 54 HO (ti ft- mlnlr trl1r 1C
1. according to size. 5102.50; marten, dark
Northern, according to size and color, 5100
15; marten, pale, pine, according to size and
vuiui. t-.imt, jnuattrai, targe, ivviiSO
otter, nkin. 56010; panther,
with head and claws perfect, 5205; raccoon,
prime. 30050c; mountain wolf, with head
iit-iirei, i..uti); coyoie. ouc'fli; wolverine
58; beaver, per skin, large. 5500; me
dium. S34: nmnll IltfT'T Krt- L-li. -n ct r.
CASCARA SAG RAD A fChittam bark)
7; ii ot, nvtujuuiK o qua my.
WHITE LEAD Ton lots, 74c; 500-pound
101s. c; less tnan &oo-pouna lots, 8c.
COAL OIL Cases. 52.05 per case; Iron bar.
rels. 15e per gallon; wood barrels, 18c
GASOLINE Stove gasoline, cases. 25Hc
72 test. 27c; C test. 35c; Iron tanks. 10c
LINSEED OIL Raw, 5-barrel lots, 49e
1-barrel lots, 50c; cases. 55c; boiled, 5-bar
rel lots. 51c; 1-barrel lots, 52c; cases, 57c
Dressed Meats.
BEEF Dressed bulls. 102c per pound;
cows. 304c; country steers. ?04Hc
VEAL Dressed. 75 to 125 pounds, 707 Uc:
125 to ou pounds, 3H05c; 200 pounds and
up, 5303Hc,
MUTTON Dressed. . fancy. 6H07c per
pound: ordinary. 405c; Iambs. 77Hc
runa iiittwu, ivu io litv pounQS, 70
i 72 u , iuu uuu ujj, uwvc iJcr pound.
Coffee and Susar.
NEW YORK. Oct, 24. Coffee futures closed
steady at a net decline of 0 points to an ad
vance of 5 points. Sales. 60.000 bags. Includ
ing Xovember, 6.i0c; December. 0.7006.80c;
January, 6.85c; March. 7.05c 8 pot Rio, quiet;
No. 7, SHc; mild. dull. Cordova. 10013c
Sugar Raw, quiet and steady. Refining,
2 15-1 6c; centrifugal. 96 teet, 318-16c; mo
lasses sugar2 11-lGc Refined quiet; crushsd.
. 55.4 powmd, 54.80; granulated. 54.70.
Stock Prices Break in Final
Hour of Trading. .
Speculative Interest Centers In the
Eastern Coalers Gold bearing
the Export Point Selling
of Rock Island.
NEW YORK. Oct 25. Today's active mar
ket was irregular and uneven up to the
abrupt general fall In prlcee in the final hour
of trading and the conflicting currents in the
market were so striking at times as to give
Jt a decidedly feverlh tone. Speculative in
terest entered on the group of coalers in
which there wu 'come degree of excitement
and an advance to record prices in Important
members of the group. Including Reading.
Delaware & Hudson and Central Railroad of
New Jertey.
A conspicuous leadership In the operation
was held by operators on the floor of the ex
change who have figured prominently In the
transactions in Reading for many months
past. No actual news was forthcoming to ex
plain the movement beyond general considera
tions bearing upon the trade, but many sur
mises were afloat as a reeult of the large de-
jnand for Lehigh Valley In Philadelphia. That
company's recent purchase of the Coxe Bros.
Company and the accompanying movement in
the other coalers give riee to the conjecture
that mpre effective combinations are working
out in this group of properties. The publica
tion of an elaborate analysis of the Reading
property and of 1U capabilities was another
stimulating influence. Reports that the Dela
ware & Hudson stocks had eecured an option
on the Wilkesharre & Eastern were declared
to be without foundation by the present own
ers of the property. Trade reports pointed to
gr-at activity in the industry, but dwelt with
omt insistence upon the action of the com
pany in accomulatlag stocks aa a safeguard
against possible labor troubles. The market
passed over this suggestion with an. equanim
ity not always shown towards anything bear
ing on the labor question.
Some of the" specialties received further at
tention, but there was & marked disposition
to discriminate among the members of this
group which was a result of the uneasiness
caused by the low grade of some of the stocks
which have been stirred up into prominence
lately. Some of theee were influenced by spe
cial considerations. There were points of
weakness among minor stocks throughout, some
of the low-priced issues suffering sharply from
movements to take profits. The pressure upon
Rock Island was especially threatening.
Money continued relatively easy, but as a
result of this condition foreign exchange made
a further advance to within the immediate
neighborhood of the gold export point. A de
cline in sterling exchange at Paris and a
further rise In the discount rate at Berlin
were additional factors 'making' toward gold
exports. New York exchange at Chicago also
fell to a discount.
The cpeclal weakness of the Metropolitan
stocks was commented upon. The fall in tnese
stocks and the heavy selling of Rock Island
were the principal factors In breaking the
market and In causing the decline of the last
hour, which carried prices comprehensively be
low last night's level. Hasty covering of
shorts Induced a sharp rally, and the Irregu
lar closing tone left price changes very Ir
regular and not important except in a lesser
number of stocks.
Bonds were irregular. Total sales, 53.170,000.
UnltodStats 2s declined 1 per cent on call.
High. Low. bid.
bC S4!4 85
Adams Express.....'
Amalgamated Copper 80.400
Am. Car & Foundry 7,500
42& 41 H 42SS
00 nreierrea.......
Amer. Cottori Oil....
500 S2?i 32&
do preferred
American Express...
33 SOTi 31
27 27H 27U
Am. Hd. & Lth. pfd.
American Ice
Am. Linseed Oil....
40Vi 40
do preferred
American Locomotive 42.700 71
do preferred .......
1.500 11091 nm 1163
Am. Smelt. & Refln..
2S.400 131i 129 143
lV.ioo iiiii iisii m
300 102i3 102 1C2H
3.000 120 118 110,
14,200 KVi ISS
300 205i 105 105
900 165 163H 103
22,400 113Ji 1124 lf3
400 03- 97H 7H
500 77?s 76i 701
7.S00 172A 171t 172?,
2,900 234Vi 236Vi 233
2,500 4tf 45H 45T,
400 105H 104H 104-i
7.600 5S 56t 56 ii
300 77 75 76
900 22 21 21H
do preferred
Amer. Sugar Refln...
Am. Tobacco, pfd....
Anaconda Mining Co.
do preferred
Atlantic Coast Line..
Baltimore & Ohio...
do nref erred
Brook. Rapid Transit
ijuiaaian racioc....
Central of N. J
Central Leather
do preferred
Chesapeake & Ohio..
Chicago & Alton....
do preferred
Chicago & Gt. West.
Chicago & Northwest
Chi., Mil. & St, Paul 13.100 182 lb0 1S1
Chi. Term. fe Transit
200 18 17
do preferred
C. C, C. &. SU Louis
Col. Fuel tc Iron....
Colorado & Southern
do 1st preferred...
do 2d preferred...
Consolidated Gas....
Com Products......
do preferred
Delaware &. Hudson.
Del. Lack. &. WtflL.
Denver & R. Grande
do preferred
Distillers Securities.
do 1st preferred...
do 2d preferred...
General Electric
300 40 40
3,400 101H 100
3,000 40Vi 4Vi
400 62U
100 44
400 1S5U
2,400 14H
237 232
4S5 485
34 34H
45 44K
49 4S
81T4 SIM
73 72'i
1.200 1S9U 1SS
Hocking Valley
Illinois Central
International Paper..
do preferred......
International Pump..
do preferred
Iowa Central
do preferred
Kansas City South..
do preferred
Louisville & Nash....
Manhattan L
Met. Securities
Metropolitan St, Ry..
Mexican Central
Minn. & St. Louts....
M., S. P. & S. S. M.
do preferred
Mlsrtouri Pacific
Mo., Kann. fe Texas.
do preferred
100 S4T4 SIT
19.200 154 152
19.900 S0H 7Tl
29.300 126H 122',i
2,200 24T4 24
National Lead
Mex. Nat, K. r. pfd
New York Central....
N. Y. Onu & West
Norfolk & Western..
do preferred. ......
North American.....
Northern Pacific
Pacific Mall
P., C. C. & St. Louis
Prested Steel Car....
do preferred
Pullman Palace Car.
do 1st preferred...
do 2d preferred...
Republic Stel......
do preferred
Rock Island Co
do preferred
Rubber Goods. ......
do preferred.......
fchloss-Ehef field ....
St. U & S. F. 2d prd
St, Louis Southwest,
do preferred
Southern Pacific...
do preferred..
Southern Railway....
do preferred
Tenn. Coal & Iron....
Texas & Pacific
ToI St. L. & West..
do preferred
Union Pacific ;
do preferred
IT. S. Express
V. S. Realty
U, S. Rubber
do preferred
V. S. Steel
do preferred
Vlrg.-Caro. Chemical
do preferred..
do preferred........
Wells-Fargo Express
Westinghouse Elec.
Western Union
Wheeling & L. Brie.
Wltconsln Central...
do preferred.....:.
13,700 354
31.700 56U
24,000 SS&
100 9S
11.000 204
22,300 SO?;
200 82
PS 97U
202 202
12.400 53
1.100 101 101
22. COO
300 lrovi
700 37
133 134
96 95i
100 ps ss
1.700 54 53
300 110 110
63.200 39 - 3SU
18,100 105 104
JUU .16 33 33
500 107 107 100
1,600 22 21 21i
4O0 42U 4liT
42 41 41
400 176 174 174
200 31 30 30
1.000 62 61 61
Total sales for the dar, 1,213,400 shares.
"EW YORK, -Oct. 25.-iClosing quotations:
V. S'ref. 2s rer.103 ID & R. G. 4...l0li
do coupon 103 IN. Y. C. G. 3i. 99
U. S. 3s reg lOS&lNor. Pacific 3s.. 7SH
do coupon 104U
Nor. Pacific 4s..l04i
U. S. new 4s reg. 104 H
do coupon 104;
U. S. old 4s reg. 133 H
do coupon 134 H
Atchison Adj. 4s 99
So. Pacific 4s... 95
Union Pacific 4s.l35H
Wis. Central 96fc
Jap. 6e. 2d ser.. 93
Jap. 4H. cer... tfi
Stock at Load oh.
LONDON. Oct. 25. Consols for money.
58 9-16; consols for account. st.
Anaconda ...... CVi
Norfolk Wert. 90
do preferred... 95
Ontario & West. 56:4
Pennsylvania ... 74
Rand Mines SI
Atchison 81U
An nrf erred... 1074
Baltimore & O..106U
Can. Pacific 177
Ches. & Ohio... 59 H
C. Gt. Western. 22H
C M. & St. P .1S7
De Beers 17 i
D. & R. Grande. 34 H
do preferred... 90U
Erie 50 H
do 1st prrf. ... S4
do 2d pref 74 H
Reading 64 i
ao 151 prei....
do 2d nref-... 50
So. Railway 3S
I At n referred 102
So. Pacific 73 i
Union Pacific... J3T
do preferred... 99
U. S. Steel 39 H
Illinois Central. 1S5
do preferrea...ius
Louis. j& Nash. .157 fwabash ...
Mo. Ks A T. . 33?i
An nrt erred..- 43
N. T. Central... 137H
Spanish Fours... 03
Money. Exchange, Etc.
NEW YORK. Oct. 25. Money cx call,
steady, 3H04H per cent; ckwlng bid. 3 per
cent: offered 4 per cent. Time money, steady;
CO and 90 days, 5 per cent; six months. 4H
per cent. Prime mercantile paper, 586 per
Sterling exchange, strong, closing steady,
with actual business in bankers blltn at
54.SCS504.S69O for demand, and at 5I.S320
4.&330 for 60-day bills. Posted rates. 54.OT&
0I.S4054.S7H. Commercial bills. 54.S304.S3H.
Bar silver 62?ic
Mexican dollars 48c
Bonds Government, easy; railroad, irregular.
LONDON, Oct. 25. Bar silver, steady. 2STid
per ounce. Money. 3X04 per cent. Discount
rate, short and three months bllla 4 per cent.
SAN FRANCISCO. Oct. 25,-Sllver ban.
62ic. Draft, sight, 5c; telegraph. 74c Ster
ling, eo days. 54.S3H: sight, 54.S7H.
Dally Treasury Statement,
WASHINGTON. Oct. 25. Today's Treasury
statement shows:
Available cash balances 5130.640.S57
Gold coin and bullion - 75.43S.633
Gold certificates 42.771.590
Seven Cars of Oregon Burbank Pota
toes Arc on the "Way to
" San Francisco.
SAN FRA"NCISCO. OcU 25. Special.) Local
operators In California wool report an easier
market. Good wools are being taken care of.
but lower grades are neglected. Prices for all
descriptions remain unchanged.
Hops show more movement it 10013 cents.
Grain speculation was more active than for
several month. Trade In December wheat
was of big volume, and the price rose to
5L41. May closed at 51.44 bid. Cash
prices were firm in sympathy. The strong
Eastern and foreign situation was the main
cause of strength. Barley futures fluctuated
violently, but fell off from the high points.
Cash barley was strong. All through the state
choice barley is in active demand. Oats were
steady. Bran is easier, on account of heavy
arrivals from Washington. Hey Is Arm.
About 12.500 bunches of Hawaiian bananas
arrived, mostly too green for immediate use.
The riper portiori is selling brfekly at 51.50
2.50. Citrus fruits are steady. New navel or
anges. 53.6084; new grape fruit, 538 Lem
ons are easy at 51.50SC.50. Good apples are
In fair demand and steady. Grapes are dull
and easy, aside from fancy shipping selections
Ordinary potatoes are dull and easy, but up
per grades are firm. Seven carloads of Ore
gon Burbanks are on the way and due in a
few days.
Dairy products were fairly active on the
exchange. Fancy butter was easier. Cheese
was firm. " Selected eggs were scarce and
high. Lower grades were easy. Receipts. 14.700
pounds buttr, 3800 pounds cheese, 5730 dosen
VEGETABLES Cucumbers. 75c81.23; gar
lic. Sf6c; green peas. 3&5c; string beans,
3Q7c; tomatoes, 50c SI 1; okra. 60875c; egg
plant. 40360c
POULTRISTurkey gobblers. 20? 25c: rooat
era, old. 54.603; rooster, youhg, 54.685.50;
broilers, email. 53.5064: broiler, large. 53
63.50; fryer. 53.50C4; hen. 5486.50; ducks,
old. 54.6085; young. 5466.
EGGS Fancy ranch. 49c; Eastern, 20827c
BUTTER Fancy creamery, 31c; creamery
seconds, 24c; fancy dairy, nominal; dairy sec
onds, nominal.
WOOL 8an Joaquin. 0814c; lambs. 12815c.
MILLSTUFFS Bran. 521.608220: mid
dlings. 2082S.
HAY Wheat. 511.50810-50: wheat and oats.
511615.60; barley. 55811: alfalfa. 50.5089.50;
clover. 5&&11; stock. 55S7; eraw, per bale.
POTATOES Salinas Burbanks, 90c851.2S;
swet. 75c851.35.
CHEESE Young America, J4814c; East
ern, 15810c..
FRUITS Apples, choice, 51; common. 40c;
bananas. 51-5083; Mexican limes. 54; Cali
fornia lemons, choice. 53.50; common. 51.50; or
anges, navels, 53.5084; pineapples, 524J3.
RECEIPTS Flour. 9337 quarter eacks;
wheat, 4258 centals; barley, 3S13 cental; oats.
BOSS cental; beans, 1S.5GS sacks; com, 1200,
centals, potatoes, 1135 sacks: bran, 40.767
eacks; middlings, 130 sacks; bar, 160 tons;
wool, 6S2 bales; hides. 1357.
Mlnlag Stocks.
SAN FRANCISCO. Oct, 25. The official
closing quotations for mining stocks today
were as follows:
Alta 5 .03
Alpha Con 11
Andes 29
Belcher 29
Justice 5 .03
Kentucky con. .0
Mexican 1.35
Occidental Con. .87
Best & Belcher 1.55
Ophlr 5.75
Overman ...... .in
Potosl 15
Savage ....... .51
Scorpion 13
Beg. Belcher... .04
Caledonia ....
Challenge Con.
Con. Cal & V.
Crown Point. .
Exchequer ....
Gould & Curry
ISlerra Nevada. .33
Silver Hill 92
Union Con 52
Utah Con 5"l
Yellow Jacket 23
Hale fc Nor.
Julia .06
Adams Con 5 .30
Alice .37'
Breece 43
Brunswick C. .45
Comstock -Tun. .08
Con. Cat & V. 1160
Horn Silver... 1.73
Iron Silver... 3.70
Leadvtlle Con. .05
25. Closing quotations
Little Chief 5 -05
Sierra Nevada.
Small Hopes...
BOSTON. Oct. 25. Closing quotations
Adrenture ..5 S.62
Allouex 45.25
Amalgamated 85.12
Am. Zinc... - 9.00
Atlantic ... 27.0O
Bingham . . 31.37
Cal & Hecla 685.00
Centennial .. 32.76
Cop. Range,. 74.25
DalyJWMt H-00
Dominion C. 78.00
Franklin ... 18.37
Isle Royale. . 25.50
Mont. C. k C-5 2.75
North Butte.. 36.50
Old Dominion 31.50
Osceola 112.50
Parrot ...... 26.75
Qulncr 106.00
Shannon .... 8.12
Tamarack ... 126.00.
Trinity 9.23
United Cop.. 33.50
U. S. Mining
U. S. Oil...
Victoria .....
Mass. Mining lo.izt
Winona ..
69.00 (Wolverine
Metal Markets.
NEW YORK. Oct. 25. The London tin
market was Irregular with spot closing at
148. 12. 6d. and future at 14S. Locally
the market was dull and lower with spot
quotations at 32.35832.65c.
Copper wa lower In London, closing at
70 7f. for futures. Locally the market was
quiet with lake quoted at 1 6. 370 16.75c;
electroylytlc at 16.25810.62c and casting at
Lead was unchanged at 14, 17s. Cd In the
London market. Locally the market Itt re
ported firm with spot supplies quoted at
Spelter was steady at 6.1596.36c locally.
but was eaaUr abroad at 245. 13. 0d.
Iron was lower In the Snfcllth markets, with
standard foundry clelng at 51s. asd Cleveland
warrants 62. 8d. Locally the market is
firm. No 1 fouedry Northern is quoted at
51SJ6818JO; No. 2 foundry Northern. 517.7641
18.00. No. 1 foundry Southern at 51&2631S.M.
axd No. 2 foundry SoBtbers at 517.754118.00.
Russian Disorders Stimulate
' All Wheat Markets.
Private Cablegram Reports That
Offerings in Czar's Country
Have Ceased Altogether.
Cash Prices Strong.
CHICAGO. Oct. 25. The wheat market was
strong from start to finish. At the openinr.
the December option was up 1?c to &c
at S7837c Higher prices for wheat at
the leading European grain centers gave im
petus to the market here The advance at
foreign marketa was7 reported as mainly due
due to news of increasing disorders in con
nection with the railway strike In Russia.
Cable advices today indicated that as a re
sult of the stoppage of railway operations, all
shipments of grain from Russia might be shut
off In the near future. An English authority
reported the cancellation of contracts for two
cargoes of Danublan wheat. The situation
was given a lltttle darker aspect by a private
cablegram which stated that Ruaslan offer
ings of wheat had ceased altogether. In the
pit the demand for wheat was active and
general throughout the greater part of the
session. Offerings were chiefly from longs.
Strength Qf cash wheat at all the principal
grain centers of the United States helped
to stimulate bullish sentiment. At &Sc. the
December delivery touched the highest point
of the day. During the last half hour the
market reacted slightly on the profit-taking.
The close, however, was firm with December
8e up at 87ic. . May sold between SS
and S9c and closed at a gain of c at SSc
Urgent export demand caused strength in
the corn market, December closed c up at
A strong tone prevailed in the oats market.
December cloned up at c at 29c.
Strength of grain bad a sfeadylng effect
on the provision market. The volume of
trading, was small. January pork, lard and
ribs closed & shade higher.
The leading futures ranged as follow:
ODen. HIeh. Low. Close.
Dec 5 .87 "5 .SS $ .87 5 .87
May SSH .SO .S3'- .53
Oct. 51i .52 . .31; .51
Dec (old)) .46 .46 .46 .46
Dec (new) .454 .46 .43 .434
May 45i .45 .45 .45
Oct '.' .29
Dec. 294 .30 .29 .29
May 32 .32 .32 .32
Oct 10.10 16.12 16.00 16.00
Jan. 12.35 12.40 12.30 12.37
Oct, 7.05
Nov. 6.97 7.02 6.97 ' 7.02
Jan C.77 6.SO 6.75 6.77
Oct 7.65 7.65 7.47 7.47
Jan 6.47 6.52 0,47 6.50
May 6.65 6.70 6.65 6.70
Cash quotations were a follows:
Flour Firm.
Wheat No. 2 Spring. 56887c; No. 3, 77
ffS7c: No. 2 red. S76SSc
Corn No. 2. 53&53c; No. 2 yellow, 54c
Oats No. 2. 20 Tic; No. 2 white, 304 ft
31c; No. 3 white. 2930c
Rye No. 2. 70871c.
Barley Good fetdlng. 38c; fair to choice
malting. 42g47i
Flax seed No. 1, 92c; No. 1 Northwest
ern, 98c
Timothy seed Prime. 53.20.
Mess pork Per barrel. 516 16.10.
Lard Per 100 pounds. 57.03.
Short ribs sides Loose. 57.454? 7.50.
Short clear sides Boxed. 5388.25.
Clover Contract grade. 613.23.
Receipts. Shipment.
Plnitr hnrrls 46.000 48.000
WIimi. buihels 292.S00 16.300
rum hunhel 133.000 167.100
Oats, busneis i-o,ouv
w - -1- iwi j (too
Rye. bushel..
Barley, bushels....
Grain and Produce at New York.
NEW YORK. Oct, 25. Flour Receipt. 2S.
300; exports. 29.200. Firm, and nominally
Wheat Receipts. 4S.C00: exports. 29.200
bushels. Spot firm. No. 2 red. KJVic elevator
and B4c f. o. b. afloat: No. 1 Northern Du-
li.m OTil. f .0. h. afloat: No. 1 northern
Manitoba. Wic f. O. b. afloat. The wheat
market was strong and active today, reflect-
mnn.1 hlrhr foreira
markets, bullish Russian news and big clear
ances. The big addition to the world' stocks
nmmniHt late nelllnr. however, and tne close
was only teady at c net advance. May
closed 92c: December. 934C.
Hides and wool Firm.
Hop Easy.
Change In Available Supplies.
NEW YORK. Oct. 23. Special cable and
telegraphic communications received oy tsraa
streets show the following changes In avail
able supplies as compared with previous ac
count: Wheat United States and Canada, east of
the Rockies, increase 4.702.000 bushels; afloat
for and In Europe, increased 2.900.000 bushels.
Total supply increased 7.002,000 bushels.
Corn United States and Canada, east of the
Rockies, decreased 1.03S.00O bushels.
Oats United State and Canada, east of the
Rockies, increased 3.732.000 bushel.
Grain at SanFraaelseo.
SAN FRANCISCO. Oct, 25. Wheat stronger,
barley steady. Spot quotations:
Wheal Shipping. 5 1.37 8 1.42; milling.
Barley Feed. 51.1281.15; brewinr. 11.18 9
Oats-Red. 51-1581.50: white. 51.3581-43;
black. 51.6081-75.
Call board sales:
Wheat. December. 51-42. May. 51.45; bar
ley. December. 51.164. Olay. 51.20; core, large
yellow, 51.401.43.
Minneapolis Wheat Market.
MINNEAPOLIS. Oct, 25. Wheat. Decem
ber. 838S3c; May. S6c; Xo. 1 hard. S5
S3c; No. 1 Northern, S3; No. 2 North
ern. 82c ,
Wheat at Liverpool.
LIVERPOOL. Oct, 25. Wheat December.
7; March. 6 lld. Weathtr in England to
day was cloudy.
Wheat Higher at Tacoma,
TACOMA. Oct. 25. Wheat, lc higher; blue
stem, 77c; club. 74c; red. 70c.
Prices Quoted Locally oa Cattle, Sheep asd
The following livestock prices were quoted
yesterday In the local market:
"CATJJTLE Good steers, 53.2583.60: fair to
medium. 52.7583; good cows. 52,502.66;
common cows. 51.7582; choice light calve.
160 to 173 pound. 54.7585; large fat calve.
HOGS Best, suitable for packers. 56.15
6.25: fair to medium grades, 53.756; light
fat weight. 120 to 140 pounds. 55.2383.50.
SHEEP Good fat sheep are strong at 54.25
1 1
Prices Current at Kaasaa City, Oatafe aad
KANSAS CITY. Oct. 25. Cattle Receipt
1700; market stoady. Native steer. 54
6.50; Western cow. 5 1.75 3.25; Western
steers. 52.758-4.30; native cows and heifers.
51.754? 4.75; stockers and feeder, 52.504f4.J5;
bulls. 534? 3: carve. 52.80 4V 6.50.
Hegs Reeetsta 14,000; mxrktt S10c lew.
Bulk of sale. 35.0385.10; heavy. 53.05
05.15; packers, 55.03?5.12 T!gs and light.
Sheep Receipts 5000; market steady.
Mutton. 54.25496; lambs. 55.73 0 7.50; range
wethers. 54.60' 6; fed ewe. 53.7584.75.
SOUTH OMAHA. Oct. 25. Cattle Re
ceipt 5500: market steady. Native steer.
5485.904 cows and heifers. 52.7504.50;
Western steers, 5383; Texas steers. 575
4: cows and heifers. 5283.63; canners. 51.73
4J2.30; stockers and feeders. 32.5084.10:
calves, 538-5.75; bulls, stags, etc.. 51.73
Hogs Receipts 5600; market 510c lower.
Heavy. S4.9CQ5.10; mixed. 54.95e5.50:
5595.20; pigs. 54.2305; bulk ot sales, 54.95
Sheep Receipts 24.000; market steady to
easier. Westerns. 53.50 86; wethers, 55
3.50; ewes. 54.50 8 3; .lambs. 567.30.
CHICAGO. Oct, 25. Cattle Recelots 22.-
000; best strong, others steady. Beeves.
2.7086.30; stockers and feeders. $2.10
1.30: cow and heifers. 51.1564.50: Texas fed
steers. 53.4084.40; Western steers. 53.25
Hogs Recelots todav. 26.800: tomorrow.
22.000; market 5810c lower. Mixed and
ouicners. 05.40; good to choice heavy.
to.l5tri.40: rough heavy. 54.7584.00: light,
54.00 85.33: pigs. 54.75 0 5.30: bulk of sales.
4.90 5.30.
Sheep Receipts 30.000; market weak.
Sheep. 543.ap; lambs. 54.7587.65.
iiAXE coujtty; hopgrowers
Buyers in the Field Looking for Bar
gains Do Kot Meet With
Much Success.
EUGENE. Or.. Oct, 25.-(Special.)-The hop
market here has taken a slight change for
the 'better the past day or two. although
prices still rule low. Three sales are report
ed to have been made last night by Smith. An
derson and LUes. The first' two sold to Horst
at 10 cents, and fhe goods grade prime.
Several buyers are around trying to pick up
some at low price, but growers a a rule
are not as keen to sell as they were last week.
Hop Sales at Silverton.
SILVERTON, Or.. Oct. 25. (Special.) X.
Wolf & Son purchased the entire crop of
hops of lis bales of John Bonner and 39 bales
of Old Bowen at 9 cents.
T. A. Ltvesley. of Salem, bought the en
tire crop of 330 bales of hops of Richard
Harding at 10 cents a pound.
Heavy Sales at Salem.
SALEM. Or.. Oct- 25. (Special.) There was
a hca-y pressure to sell in the local hop mar
ket today, and about 1500 bales ef prime hops
changed hand here at about 10 cents a
pound. Only one lot of choice hops was sold.
the Dave Dove crop, 75 bales, to Fltchard, at
.12 cents.
Dried Fruit at New York.
NEW YORK. Oct. 23. The market for evap
orating apple Is firm and It is reported that
prime fruit for late October deliveries has
sold at 8c Common to good are quoted
at 586c; nearly prime at 7gSc and prime.
Prunes are quiet with comparatively little
demand for forward shipment from the Coast
reported. Spot quotations mnge from 4 to
Apricots are unchanged. Choise fruit is
quoted at S?9c; extra choice, 980i, and
fancy. 108 lle.
Peaches remain nominal with very little
fruit available on root.
Raisins are somewhat unsettled. It Is re'
ported that the combination has offered a
limited quanltlty of seeded, raisins slightly
under the opening prices. The offerings .are
tentative, however, and subject to further
consideration. Muscatel (loose) 67c; j.
ed raisins. 5U6Sic and London layers at
Coffee and Sugar.
NEW YORK. Oct. 25. Coffee futures closed
steady at a net loea ot 2$25 points. Sales
were reported of 123,000 bags. Including Nov
ember at 0.556.65c; December, fl.5ftg6.75c;
January, 6.70c: March 0.807.00c; April 7.05c;
May 7.0OS7.15; July 7.2007.25; September
7.3067.45; Spot Rio easy; No. 7 Invoice 8c;
mild quiet; Cordova 10Q13.
Sugar Raw, quiet; fair refining 2.1516c:
centrifugal 96 test, 3.1316c; molasses sugar
2.11616c; refined quiet; crushed, 5.40; pow
dered, 4.S0; granulated. 4.70.
Dairy Produce In the East.
CHICAGO. Oct. 23. On the Produce Ki
change today the butter market was steady;
creamery. 17fi22c; dairy. 1720c. Eggs, firm;
first. 21c; prime firsts, 23c; extras, 24c.
Cheese, strong; ll"4S12c
NEW YORK. Oct. 25. Butter and cheese,
unchanged. Eggs, Arm; Western fancy se
lected. 25c; do average, best. 24325c
New York Cotton 5'arket.
NEW YORK. Oct. 25. Cotton futures closed
steady at a net advance of 1S&20 points. Oc
tober. 10.42c; November 10.45c; December.
lO.BOcj January. 10.71c: February, 10.79c;
iiarcn. .iv.aac; April, lu.twc; .May,
Wool at St. Louis.
ST. LOUIS. Oct. 25. Wool, steady. Medium
grades combing and clothing 2631c; light
fine. 22327c; heavy fine, 19g23c; tub washed
Furtd Xot Yet Equals Hospital Fees
for Unfortunate.
The fund for tho relief of Miss Anna
Loubet was increasejd yesterday by the
sum of 513. The contributions were
liberal in proportions, ranging from 1
to 55. The total sum now on hand 13
small, however, still being a trifle less
Mthan $225, which is less than enough to
pay the hospital fees at St. Vincent's.
There has been talk of sending- the
unfortunate young woman to the
County Hospital, and this she hopes to
avoid. "When seen in her ward at the
hospital yesterday, the helpless, stran
ger In a strange land was propped up
with pillows, busy with her needle
work. She said she was making some
fancy trifles In the hope of helping
defray the hospital fees.
Helpless and alone, she bears her
misfortune with touching fortitude.,
Her ono fear seems to be that she will'
be .sent to the County Hospital; her
one hope that she may be given scien
tific treatment. It is possible she may
never recover tho use of her limbs.
Yesterday she was In a cheerful
mood at an unexpected pleasure that
had come to her. Someone had found
the rosary which was under her pil
low the night she leaped from tho
burning Stateroom Inn, barely In time
to escape incineration. The rosary was
a gift of her mother in France. This
and her Bible are the only parts of her
personal effects that were saved rom
the Are.
"I am grateful to the people of Port
land for what they have done for me,"
she said. "I have no claim to Port
land's consideration, and that a people
who are not my people take this kindly
interest In me makes my suffering eas
ier to bear."
The subscriptions to the fund re
ceived yesterday by The Oregonlan
were: Cash, 51; Mrs. C H. Roberts, $2;
li. Gerllnger, 55; cash, 51; Charles
Marias, 52, and cash, 52.
Former Friends Become Foes.
' "Mysterious" JBllIy Smith, the ex-weltsr-
weight champion pugilist of the world.
and his former backer and friend. Jack
Fahie, have fallen out. That is. they had
a "slight difference." as Smith puts it.
the result of which was that the boxer
put his formerjnanager hors du combat
with a coupleof his old-time blows.
According; to Smith. Fame, who refuses
to talk about the affair, had meddled in
some of his private business and he de
cided to put an end to 'such interference
by resortinjr to his ring- powers, at which
game Fame is also adept, but the former
champion scored first and that was all
mat was necessary. According tn v-
wltnesses, Fahie went down and out in .
couple of punches.
Marriage Licenses.
HARMS-SCHWA vnrn r. t, .
. . . V. I) tt tint ins.
30. Cornelius; Lizzie Schwander. 20.
ruit'ER-CLARKE-Harry E. Potter. 33.
Woodlawn: Maude E. Clarke. 25.
tXNTZ-1ROUSCH Engelbert Frantx. 23.
293 Burnslde street: Mary Rousch. 21.
BERNER-SEARS Herman C. Berner. 24.
310 East Ninth street: Minnie J. Sears. 27. .
.i..vAufcu-wui(.MA. James H. Alex-V
nder. 42. 40S Tvpntv.ilTt), .,r-a, -
Worman. 35. '
o-,Hr,Fr.MAN-HATCK-Rob,,rt O. HoffmaH.
-a. 33 North Park street; Pearl L. Hatch. 19.
MURPHY At 330 Clay street. October 23.
to the wife of William D. Murphy, a son.
TIERNEY At 21U KlYtoonth .tr..l
ber 20. to the wife of Dan, Tlerney. a "daugh-
M'CLTJRE At Good Samaritan Hospital.
October 23. William H. MrClure. a native eC
Pennsylvania, aged 38 years. Remains re
moved to Ncllgh. Neb., for Interment.
Building Permits.
W. 3. STEELE. JR. Dwelling. Monroe
street, between Rodney and Williams .ave
nues, 51400.
W. B. STEELE. JR. Dwelling. Monroe
street, between Rodney and Williams ave
nues. 51400.
lyn and East Seventeenth. 51230.
lyn and East Seventeenth. 51250.
lyn and East Seventeenth. 51250.
lyn and East Seventeenth. 51230.
MARQUAM ESTATE Repair of store. 145
Sixth street. 575.
R. B. LA 31 SON Repair of dwelling, 349
North Thirty-second street. 51300.
JOHN PEARSON Dwelling. Schuyler and
East Twenty-third streets. 54300.
Warehouse.- Johnson and Thirteenth streets
'.North."" 53550. t
W P. THOMAS Repair o dwelling, ion
and Division streets. S300.
dry. East Eighth and East Alder streets.
Ileal Estate Transfers.
P. Hermann and hunband to N. Hen-
shaw. lot 0. DioeK -11. cuy
J. W. Miller to N. Henshaw, lot o.
htArV 0 1 1 rltv
R. 31. Thomas and husband to T. J.
Glover. lot 1. block 24. Woodlawn..
;. G. Robinson to Security Savings A
Trusty Co.. ea3t or, east 101s
3, block 135, Couch Addition
A. Splndler and wife to Portland
Trust Co.. parcel block 1S5, city ...
H. Melster to Enterprise Brewing Co..
lot 2. strip 5 feet wide and 100 feet
long south of lot 3. block 137. Couch
H. Melster to same, undivided In
terest let 1. and 10x100 feet south
side lot 14. block 137. Couch Addi
tion v;'-
J. A. Strowbridge estate to W. T. Bur
rls. lot 3. block 5. Strowbridge Ad
dition Arleta Land Co. to P. Mayberry. lot
21. block 3. Arleta Park No. 2
Arleta Land Co. to M. I. Mayberry.
lot 22. block 5. Arleta Park No. 2...
Same to csune. lot 14. block 12. Arleta
C. W. Pallett and "wife "to "Security in
vestment Co.. blocks 70. 71. S9. 90.
Palatine Hill No. 3
C. A. Llndell and wife to J. Llndell.
lots 3. 0. 7. block 23. Woodlawn ....
Title Guarantee & Trust Co. to C. E.
Baughman. lot 10. block 23. Mount
Tabor Villa - n
31. Keegan et al. to J. A. Solfelt. lots
6. 7. block 39, Couch Addition
J. Stlmeprler and wife to C. Schelde
man and wife, lot 7, block 12. Lin
cola Park Addition
F. Wolf and wife to W. A. Chalmer.
lot 7. block 4. Farrell's Second Ad
dition Portland Lone Fir Cemetery Co. to
T. W. T. Bishop, north lot 33.
bloek 24. Cemetery .-
Victor Land Co. to H. W. Kaasebaum.
lot D. block 3. Cole's Addition to
East Portland
H. E. Noble and wife to W. Robberd
Ing, lot 6. block 6. Highland Park ..
The Portland J. Mlneret and wife. Chi
cago: C. Town. San Francisco; S. H- French.
Lamar. Mo.; F. L. Sommer. H. F. Sommer.
New York; W. A- White. Detroit; J. M.
Moyers. Washington. D. C; J. B. Sharpc and
wife, C. E. Price. New York; A. Carter and
and wife. San Francisco; F. M. Clapp and
wife. Cleveland. O.; G. A. Walz, J. F. How
ell. New York: J. B. Adams. Dulutht H.
Motter. Goldtleld; J. J. Hayes. Wallace.
Idaho: H. 31. Freeman. Chicago: F. Jaynes,
San Francisco; Miss E. J. Wrlghtman.
Washington. D. C; J. M. Richardson. Bos
ton. F. W. Gaston. Tacoma; T. H. Hebert.
Chleago; S. J. Freedman and wife. Mrs. Bar
ton, elty; R. G. White. S. V. L. Lepprow.
New York; H. H. Edmunson. 31l9 A. H. Ed
munson. Toronto; J. S. Merrill and wire. Los
Angeles; G. W. Donovan. St. Paul; G. K.
Burton, city; E. H. Shepardl. Hood River;
J. W. Wyman, Pasadena. Cal.; H. L. Valen
cell. R. Gaelet and wife. New York: C. K.
Henry and wife. HUtsboro. Or.; A. Duchamp.
city; E. D. Rood. Seattle; Helen M. Richard
son. Boston; J. J. Hall. Denver: M. C. Moss,
Milwaukee; J. E. Ransom. E. R. Pels. Chi
cago; F. E Brlghtman and wife. Seattle: E.
W. Maekey. E. G. Greene, Jamestown; J. N.
Mackie and wife. Chicago; N. D. Josephl.
New York: H. C. Henry. Seattle; C. Whitney.
Ohio; J. S. Baker. W. S. DImlck. Tacoma;
G. T. Ramsden. G. O. McFadden. R. J. Mc
Fadden. Miss E. J- McFadden, Halifax: H.
H. Jaeobson. New York; M. L. Brain. M. E.
Monaretz. Minneapolis; W. B. La t man, Ta
coma. -
The Oregon Charles W. Wilcox. New
York; C W. Maynard, J. M. Medler. Che
halls; C. E. Brelsford. Plqua. O.: Horace II.
Allen and wife. San Francisco: James B.
Kerr. J. W. Gragg. St. Paul: Henry Mcin
tosh. Pittsburg; C. P. Helnlnger. J. B. Hall.
R Hllllker. San Francisco; C W. Stone.
Warren. Pa.: Clifford Caust. Parkshlll. N. Y.:
W. K. Macfarlane. Seattle; II. Kneugh and
wife. Wisconsin: II. H. Hess. J. W. Harris.
Denver; Charles H. Davis. Pueblo: A. W.
Kugler. Denver; J. A. Kane, D. A. Donetson.
San Francisco; M. Ellas. Seattle; W. E.
Bollng. M. R. Manning. C. W. Becker. Aber
deen; H. T. Moore. Chicago; O. S. Ryerse,
W. H. Southard. Minneapolis; P. H. Bernaye,
W. O. Speer and wife. San Francisco; J. H.
Farquhalson. I. E. "Farquhaison. Buffalo; J.
G. Blake, Seattle: A. Fink. Los Angeles; E.
Westmeyer. New York; Charles Meyer. Den
ver; O. C. Jacobs. Minneapolis: Abe Hyman,
San Francisco; Maurice Winter, city.
The Perkins H. P. Berg, city; F. A.
Louis. Colby. Kan.; Mrs. W. H. Wallace.
Mrs. M. J Owen. Tacoma: Emit Brocks.
HlllsboroW. H. Farber, Nellgh. Nob.; W. B.
Cole, Trout Lake; J. D. Gordon. Dundee: R.'
O. Applegate. Kansas City. Mo.: A. C. Shaw.
Tacoma; F. D. Wolfrom. San Francisco: W.
S. Wood and wife. Miss Wood. Grant's Pass;
Mrs. Llttlefleld. ilrs. Bryan, Newberg; F. B.
Rowell and wife. Dallas; J-. E. Hlggins and
wife. Astoria: G. A. Freedman. San Fran
cisco: G. F. Kirabcll. Pendleton: G. W. Goss.
Sedan. Kan.; B. Clancy. Perry. Or.; S. P.
Edwards. Pendleton; S. L. Oppenhelmer, San.
Francisco; P. J. Byrne. H. E. Wilson. As
toria; Mrs. J. G. Manllck. Peoria. III.: Laura
Belle Manllck. Broken Bow; J. E. Rlchter.
Bertha Earnest. Dallas; J. A. McCord. Se
attle; J. Crlas. Chicago: H. N. Osle. Seaside:
Dr. F. J. Wakeman and wife. Kansas City.
Mo.; E. 31. Langemo. P. C. Langemo. Dallas,
Tex.; H. A. Chapln and wife. Miss Chapln.
Chicago: Vic Raymond. Heppner: L. J.
Cromwall and wife. Salt Lake; J. Mott. New
York; P. H. Hartman. Seattle; E. O. Jasmer,
Chicago; Mrs. E. Grant. Vancouver. B. C
The St. Charles A. R. Roberts. Rainier:
C. 31. Phillips- and wife. Scott's Mills; J.
Day. Rainier; Mrs. Hawley. Miss Hawley,
t Central la; O. P. Rich. Orient; Bella New
house. Newberg: J. F. King. Aurasvllle; G. L.
Ackley, J. Brion, Kansas: J. L. Sheets.
Stella: J. H. Gray; F. Ott. Dayton: Mrs. A.
B. Clayton. Cape Horn; T. A. 3IcEldowney
and "wife, city; W. W. Smith; G. F. Otis.
Pasadena; O. Potter. Denver; J. B. Hoss.
Salem; C. Rhelnhelmer. Woodland; H. Mc
Closkey. Los Angeles; E. Ferrel; C. E. illles.
Hubbard; G. A. Warren, Washougal; W G.
Rhude. North Yamhill; W. A. Straw and
wife. Wasco: J. K. Durllng and wife. Mrs.
W. B. Hunsberger. Wadsworth, O.; W. A.
Hendrix. Dufur: J. McCuIlock. city: C. Frey,
Tekoa; G. A. Rualerholz. Reuben; C. Wright,
Tacema Hols l. Tacoma.
Asasricaa plan. Rata. 33 aad b-b.
Hotel Doelly. Tmcosaa. Washtafftsa.
Suroptan plan. Ratss 75 cents ta till
pet day. 7r 'bva.