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Meets Every Requirement for
Great Teachers' Conven
tion in July, 1906.-
President Schacfer and Treasurer
Wilkinson Are Impressed With
Advantages Offered and
Citizens' Hospitality.
Portland "will be, In all probability, the
lucky city to secure the annual conven
tion of the National Editorial Association,
which is to be held about the middle of
July. 1906. If such luck befalls, the peo
ple of Portland will have an opportunity
to entertain approximately 20.000 teachers
and persons engaged in the cause of edu
cational advancement throughout every
part of the United States. "While nothing
of the association. It was also said that
no community had been found by the
committee which seemed to be more thor
oughly in earnest In regard to securing
tha meeting of tho association than was
The visitors loft last night for their
homes in the East. Professor Schaefcr
returning to Harrisburg. Pa., and Pro
fessor Wilkinson to Emporia Kan. The
result of 'their visit to the city will be
known when they report their findings to
the main committee, about the middle of
What the Press Agents Ss.
Three More Performances of This
Stupendous Production.
You Tiave three more opportunltlM to ee
Klaw &. Erlanger'a stupendous production of
General Lew "Wallace's great drama. "Ben
Hur." nt the Marquam Grand Theater to
night and tomorrow night at 8 o'clock with
the last performance Saturday afternoon at
2 o'clock. This beautiful play has been
Crowding the Marquam for the past week
and Indications point to a repetition of this
remarkable buslnor, although Rood seats
may be had fpr all three performances.
A Great Romantic Actor.
"White "Whittlesey, the brilliant young' star,
who is delighting Portland audiences at the
BclaAco tHls week In the charming romantlo
comedy. "Prince Otto," has won his way
steadily to the head of his profession and
is now agreed to be one of the greatest ro
nrnntlc actors in America. The lqcal public
has fairly gone wild over him and no more
popular star has e-er appeared here. H
appeals to all clashes of theater natrons anji
never falls to please his audiences. In
"Prince Otto" this week he 1 winning new
William F. Laisner and Wife in
Divorce Contest.
Husband Charges Defendant With
Improper Conduct and Says
She .Left Him -3 Times
in Eight 1'enrs.
"William F. Laisner testified yesterday
before Judge George that his wife, Mar
tha H. Laisner, left him -no less than 25
different times. He said she frequented
dances and associated with other men,
and did all manner of things which a
dutiful wlfo ought not to do. This and
other evidence was given by Laisner at
tho trial of his suit against his wife for
a divorce. Mrs. Laisner Is contesting the
case, and she also asks to be granted the
custody of their child, a boy 6 years old.
.The litigants were married in Vancou
ver. Wash.. in 1S37. Laisner Is a ship
wright, and has worked In A-arlous navy
yards. He has resided in Portland for
Lady Baltimore
definite Is known regarding what the de
cision of the association will be. It sterns
to be practically certain that the visit of
Professor N. C. Schaefor. president of the
association, and of Professor J. N. Wil
kinson, Us treasurer, who have been In
the city for two days on a tour of in
vestigation, will result in the final selec
tion of Portland as the chosen place.
Four cltler San Francisco. Portland,
Salt Lake and Denver are making efforts
to win the committee to make a choice
favorable to each, and from Indications
Portland is now the leader in the race.
It Is the wish of the association to come
to the Pacific Coast for the 1906 meeting,
and, as Portland and San Francisco are
the only Coast cities In the race, and as
California has already twice entertained
the convention. It therefore would appear
that Portland is sure to win.
.Impressed With Portland.
Not only this, but the two gentlemen
who have been making and are now to
continue an inspection of the different
cities striving for the convention, were
much Impressed with their visit In the
city, and, while they would not tell the
snature of the recommendation which they
are to make to the executive committee
in November, still they are outspoken in
their appreciation of tho courtesies shown
them and of the advantages seen while
The committee before departing last
aiight over the Short Line for the East,
stated that Portland had met with every
:requlrcment asked by the National Edu
cational Association. These requirements
are several In number, and a signed
pledge was given to the committee yes
terday afternoon. In which it was prom
ised that each and every one of the con
ditions named by the association, would
be met prior to the coming of the conven
tion, provided Portland was chosen as the
.place of the next meeting.
Every Requirement Met.
The association requires that an audi
torium capable of seating 5000 be provided
lor the convention's main assembly head,
quarters. In addition to this, ' churches or
Hialls are to be furnished sufficient to ac
commodate 17 departments, which will
number from S00 to 2000 persons each. A
room or a scries of rooms must be pro
vided large" enough to house the bureau
of registration and 15 clerks, a joint rail
way agents' office and 10 clerks. Another
large room for the accommodation of
the executive committee, the secretary
and 17 clerks is requested.
Entertainment Is desired for the execu
tive committee and the board of trustees,
and it is further stipulated that a bureau
of Information shall be maintained for at
least four months prior to the opening
of the convention. Besides this, subcom
mittees must be provided sufficient to
attend to all local interests and details
consequent upon the coming of so many
visitors and delegates to the city. It is
also desired that entertainment be pro
vided for 10,000 delegates, at rates rang
ing from $1 to $1.50 a day. Hotel rates
must also be submitted, subject to the
approval of the executive committee.
It Is further required that at least 2000
additional members shall be secured for
tho association in the States of Oregon,
Washington and Idaho by the time the
convention meets In July.
It is also asked that a one-fare rate
plus $2 be secured from the railroads.
Entertained at Commercial Cluh.
Yesterday the two visiting members of
the National Association were shown over
the city under the guidance of State Su
perintendent Ackerman, City Superintend
ent PJgler and Tomf Richardson, "of the
Commercial. Club. In the morning a visit
was made to many of the grammar
schools of the city, while at noon a re
ception was tendered to the guests by
the Comerclal Club, a large number of
the prominent business men of the city
attending and meeting the two men from
the East Following the reception, a
luncheon was given to tho men by the
club, during which the general situation
of the state educationally was discussed
hy those present.
It was during' tho luncheon that Pro
lessors Schaefcr and Wilkinson stated
that Portland had satisfied them as being
prepared to meet with .every requirement
laurels at each performance and has made
a host of friends.
Saturday Night Douhtful.
Saturday night of this week will undeubt
edly be lost to the "Jolly Grass "Widow"
Compdhy, which, la meeting' with groat suc
cess at the Baker Theater this week, lnce
negotiations for & special train may not be
successful. At any rate, they will be here
every night this week and will give a mati
nee Saturday.
A Play With Moral Lesson.
A play that teaches a moral and stirs, ono
to do better deeds, and to be Satisfied with
life as one finds It, Is always to be com
mended, and this Is what Will C. Murphey
has accomplished In his wonderful story of
"Why Women Sin," which a being present
ed at the Empire Theater this week. The
matinee Saturday promises to be one of tho
largest in the history of this theater.
Advance Sale for Tho Sultan of Sulu.
The "Sultan of Sulu" will be the attrac
tion at the Marquam Grand Theater next
Tuesday and Wednesday nights, October 31
and November 1. This organization comes
with the prestige of a four months' run at
Wallack's Theater, New Tork. and from all
account the production will vie In eplendor
with any of the latter-day lyric compositions,
Mr. Ade, the librettist. Is credited with having
a most efficient colaborer in musical setting
In the person of Alfred Wathall. a young
Western composer, whose composition has
been awarded most generous praise. The ad
vance ale of seat? will open next Saturday
morning at 10 o'clock.
Whittlesey in "The Manxman."
Commencing Monday night hlte Whlttletey.
Portland's favorite actor, will appear for a
week in Hall Caine's masterpiece. "The
Manxman," supported by the full strength of
the Belasco Stock Company. The play will
Te superbly mounted and will be one of tho
biggest events of the season.
Unusual Attractions.
The attraction at the Baker Theater next
week is known as the "Washington Society
Girls," an offering of unusual strength and
attractiveness among burlesque organizations.
The 30 handsome show girls have been se
lected with a care, not alone for their beauty
but for their ability to jlng and dance as
well. The engagement opens Sunday matinee.
A Family Story.
The story of "Dora Thome" Is too familiar
a one to permit of much comment. As a
play It a provoking widespread Interest, and
much surprise is manifest that o fnicceseful
a novel In the day and time of book plays,
has not found its way before the footlights
long ere this. "Dora Thome" will be at the
Empire Theater all next week with the usual
matinee Sunday.
Studies Railroads in America.
Cilaro Sakuma, who was sent here last
Summer by the Japanese government for
the purpose of studying railway conditions
in the United States, expects to depart
for Chicago In a few days. He is quite
intelligent, and delivered an Interesting
address In English upon tho occasion of
the National Convention of Railway
Agents, which convened here a short time
ago. Although called upon unexpectedly.
Sakuma acquitted himself In creditable
style, and received the lion's share of ap
plause from the assembled delegates.
Since then he lias learned a great deal
about railroad matters in this country,
and this information will probably soon be
embodied in a report to his government.
Charged With Offense.
In a raid on a disorderly house at
289 Taylor street. Detectives Kay and
Jones last night arrested the following
oh a charge of breaking a city ordi
nance: Allie Bell, Carrie Huntington,
Mabel Barnes, John Gallagher, Eugene
Schwab, Peter Hoffman.
Those who wish to practice economy
should buy Carter's Little Liver Pills.
"Forty, pills in a vial; only one pill a dose.
29 years. The maiden name of the de
fendant was Martha H. Taylor.
Laisner testified that his wife frequent
ly beat him. and threw dishes at him. He
told of meeting her at the Oaks In August
last. He was dancing with another wom
an, and she with another man. Mrs.
Laisner struck the woman he was with,
and then struck him. Her escort told
her to go ahead, and he would see her
through. Laisner said he complained to
the manager, and the following week was
informed that his wife had been barred
from further attendance at the Oaks.
Laisner told of a similar experience at
Cedar Park, and enlightened the court
concerning numerous family jars. He
called witnesses to prove that his wife
had a bad reputation. One of his wit
nesses. Violet Myers, took Mrs. Laisner'a
part, and said she was a good woman.
Mrs. Mary Knless testified that Mrs.
Laisner was in the hopfield a year ago,
but did not pick any hops. She kept com
pany with a man named Smith.
Witnesses for Mrs. Laisner testified In
her behalf, and said her reputation was
always good. These witnesses were
friends of from 15 to 20 years standing.
It was shown further that Mrs. Laisner
put 5550 of her money in their home prop
erty at Albino. This she received from
her father's estate.
Mrs. Elizabeth Grier, mother of defend
ant, who had trouble with Laisner result
ing in her sustaining a broken arm. oc
cupied the witness-stand when the court
adjourned for the day. The trial will be
resumed this morning.
One Dealer Pleads Guilty Warrants
Out for Others.
H. F. Taylor, a storekeeper on the
East Side, formerly a janitor at the
Courthouse, was fined 13 by Judge
Frazer yesterday for selling tobacco
to Ernest Dubolse. a minor 16 years old.
Taylor informed the court that he does
not keep cigarettes in stock, and is
very careful to obey tho law. and had
no recollection of making the sale to
Dubolse. Ic stated that he thought
tho boy must be mistaken. The boy was
detected smoking by Officer H. H. Haw
ley, of the Boys' nnd Girls' Aid So
ciety, and told Depufy District Attor
ney Galloway that Taylor's was ono
of the places he patronized.
Taylor after telling the court that
he did not Relieve he was guilty, con
sented to plead guilty, saying it was
as cheap as to hire a lawyer and stand
trial. The court had no alternative
than to Impose the lowest fine.
A bench warrant is out for Sam
Llchncr on a charge of selling tobacco
to Ernest Dubolse. and warrants are
also out for E. F. Glblin and Otto and
Rudolph Volker for selling tobacco
to minors. Tho authorities are deter
mined to break up the practice.
Goldstein Makes Payment.
'Samuel Goldstein escaped commit
ment to the County Jail yesterday by
paying $53 to clerk H. C. Smith, of the
State Circuit Court, as ordered by
Judge Frazcr. The money is for the
support of Bctsle Goldstein and her two
children. The Goldsteins have a suit
pending in the divorce court and Gold
stein declined to pay alimony. He said
he had no money and was unable to
borrow from his friends. All he had
was a certificate for $200 which is not
due. Judge Frazer told Goldstein to
produco 550 before 12 o'clock yester
day or go to jail. Goldstein made good
at 11 o'clock. The divorce case has not
yet been feet for trial.
Complications Over a Note.
"Is there such a person as L. S.
Cleaveland?" Frank Loritz and and John
Dltchburn. attorney, want O. XL Smith,
a real estate dealer, and John Hall, at
torney, to produce L. S. Cleaveland, It
thero s' such a man. Mr. Dltchburn, rep
resenting" Lqrltz and wife in a suit In
which Cleaveland is named as plaintiff.
' Vf
. v
Author of The Virginian.
T WAS at King's Port not 'its map name, of course
that Mr. Wister found Lady Baltimore and laid the
scene of his love-story of the Carolinas. Imagine the
most charming of Southern cities; old and shabby, hushed
and gray but peopled with a high-bred society more ex
clusive and self-sufficient than that of any court in Europe;
a town where the atmosphere and the small talk of the
forties are still preserved. In this rarified atmosphere rear
a native lover, and at last confront him with a fiancee who
spends her summers with the Newport "smart set" playing
bridge, drfnking high-balls and smoking cigarettes.
JIT A bull in a china-shop would be a more welcome guest
Til than was this young woman when she descended on
King's Port. Was it any wonder that the old town was set
by the ears, that the young man wondered if he hadn't made
a-mistake, and as many social tangles presented themselves
as a dozen chapters would scarce unravel ?
In this week's number of
4 . .
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5 Cents the Copy of Dealers Everywhere
filed a motion to this effect in the State
Circuit Court yesterday. Loritz borrowed
$400 from O. M. Smith secured by a note
and mortgage. He paid $100. leaving $200
still due. which Mr. Dltchburn says his
client offered to pay and the money was
refused. Cleaveland says he holds the
note and mortgage, and through John
Hall has filed a foreclosure suit. Mr.
Dltchburn asserts that he desires to And
Cleaveland, and has been unable to do so.
Divorce Case Set for Trial.
The contested divorce suit of Alice
Goodwin against Edward H. Goodwin has
been set for trial Monday next. About a
year ago Mrs. Goodwin caused the arrest
of her husband because he was living
with another woman. Some sensational
disclosures followed and the criminal pro.
cecding was finally dismissed. Then came
the divorce suit on the ground of deser
tion. Goodwin is contesting the case be
cause the wife wants a share of his
property and alimony. He says he made
a settlement with her in February last
for $450. of which he still owes $55. which
he is ready and willing to pay. The liti
gants were married in New Tork in 1S95.
The defendant has been engaged in the.
powder (business.
Court Brevities.
James Preston, a young man. pleaded
guilty before Judge Frazer yesterday to
unlawful relations with Frankie Mencle,
15 years old. and was sentenced to six
months on the rockplle.
H. L.,Keyes. a saloonkeeper at Sixth
and Oak streets, pleaded not guilty In the
State Circuit Court yesterday to a charge
of permitting Ina Abraham. 19 years old.
to frequent his saloon. The law prohibits
females under the age of 21 years from
going into places where Intoxicating
liquors are sold. The trial was set for
November H.
Notice of appeal to the Supreme Court
was filed yesterday by tho Portland
Cracker Company In the case in which
Multnomah County recovered a Judgment
for $SSt taxes. The cracker company
compromised the taxes years ago for
$250. The county alleged that it never re
ceived the money and never authorized a
compromise and sued for the full amount.
Jacob Ludwlg. an employe of the Port
land Flouring Mills Company, who was in
jured In an elevator accident on July 31,
yesterday "filed suit against the company
in the State Circuit Court for $633 dam
ages. He says he was crushed and
bruised and his ankle, back and head
were injured. The accident was caused
by a belt getting out of place, and Ludwlg
fell a distance of 12 feet.
First-Class Mall Increasing.
First-class mall matter handled by the
Portland Postofflce during the lifeof the
Exposition has Increased about 15 per cent
according to a statement made by Post
master John Minto yesterday, and stneo
the close of the Exposition Just about that
amount has fallen off. '
Last May permission was given by the
Postmaster-General for an increase of
mall clerks. Seventeen were engaged,
seven of whom havo been discharged
while from the outlying districts threo
others have been called In. This leaves
the present force only three short of the
number when the Increase was ordered.
This arrangement is only temporary and
an adjustment is to be made soon in
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Erie Takes Its Xew Purchase.
NEW YORK. Oct. 23. At a meeting
of tho directors of the Erie Railroad
today. Russcl H. Harding was elected
vice-president of that company and also
of the New York, Susquehanna & "West
ern Railroad Company. The Pere Mar
quette directorate was reorganized, most
of the new directors being In the Erie
board. F. D. Underwood, president of
the Erie Railroad and Cincinnati. Ham
ilton & Dayton Railroad, was elected
president of the Pere Marquette.
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"Jefferson.' Oct. 10, 20, 30, 0 P. M.
"Dolphin." Oct. 3. 13. 23, 0 P. M.
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EAST via
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6:oo P. Si.
7:30 A. M.
4:50 P. M.
110:43 P. Mr
(J Vi.lilV.iJ cv
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Sacramento, wg
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Sheridan paasenger
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10:33 A. SJL
3:30 P. M
tS:23 A. !L
tl:50 P. M.
Daily. JDally except Sunday.
Depot, Foot of Jefferson Street.
Leave Portland dally for Oswego at
A. SI.; IZ.oU. 2:03. 4. o.M. tt:i3. 7:4-. 10-.
11:30 P. M.. Dally except Sunday. 5:J0.
S.35. 10:25 A. it. Sunday only. U A. M.
Returning from 0weo. arrive Portland,
dally o:30 A- M.; 1:33. 3:03. 4:53, C:20.
0:53. tl;10 P. St., 12.35 A- M. Dally except
Sunday. 0:23. 7:23. 0:30. 11:43 A. M. Sunday
only. 10 A. M. . ,
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termediate points, dallv. o:00 P. M. Arrtv.
Portland. 10:10 A. M.
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necting with. S. P. Co.'s trains at Dallas and
First-class fare from Portland to Sacra
mento and San Franctsco. 520. Berth. $3.
Second-class fare. 515. Second-cJasa berth,
Tickets to Eastern points and Europe: also
Japan China. Honolulu and Australia.
CITY TICKET OFFICE, corner Third and
Washington street, l'hono Main 712.
City Ticket Agent. Gen. Pass. Agt.
Ocsart. Arrlre.)
Yellowstone Park-Kansas
City. St. Louis Special
for Chehalls. Centralla.
Olympla. Gray's Harbor.
South Bend. Tacoraa.
Seattle. Spokane, Lew
lston. Butte. Billings.
Denver. Omaha. Kan
sas City. St. Louis and
Southeast S:30ata 4:39 pa
North Coast Limited,
electric lighted, for Ta-.
coma. Seattle. Spokane.
Butte. Minneapolis. St.
Paul and tb East.... 2:00 pm 7:00 a m
Puget Sound Limited for
Cnenalls. Centralla. Ta-
ccma and Seattle only. 4:30 pm 10:53 pr
Twin City Express for
Tacoma. Seattle. Spo- -kane.
Helena. Butte.
Yellowstone Park. Min
neapolis. St. Paul and
tha East 11:45 pm 6:50 ptst
A. D. Charlton. Assistant General Passen
ger Agent. 233 Morrison St.. corner Third,
Portland. Or.
Astoria and Columbia
River Railroad Co.
g:00 A. M.I
T:00 P. M.
For Maygers. Rainier,
Clatskanie. Westport.
Clifton. Astoria, War
renton, Flavel. Ham
nfond. Fort Steven.
Gearhart Park. Sea
side, Astoria and Sea
shore. Express Dally.
Astoria Express.
11:20 A. SL
0:50 P. SL
Comm'l Agt.. 248 Alder st. O. F. & P, A.
Phone Main 000.
For Southeastern Alaska
Steamers leave Seattle 0 P. Si.
S. S. Humboldt. S. S. City
of Seattle. S. S. Cottage City,
October .10. 13. 17, 21, 23. 27.
For San Francisco direct.
Queen. City of Puebla. Uma
tilla. 0 A. M.
October 10. 13. 20. 23.
Portland Office. 240 W ashington st. Slain 223.
C D. DUNANN. G. P. A..
San Francisco.
Steamers Altona and Oregona
For . Oregon City. Buttevllle. Champoeg.
New'berg. Salem and way landings. Lear
Taylor street. 0:43 A. M. dally, except Sun
day. Oregon City Transportation Co., Phone
Malz 40-
rf train