Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, October 26, 1905, Page 11, Image 11

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State Captures 997 Medals
and Diplomas in Hor
ticulture Contest.
for the payment of such claims against the I discussion" the alleged defects of. the
city. 1 find that even you, yourwir. wane ij. Martin Compa,nys bid. The Oresoitfan
mch'Jn'a Sfig- Sr! did mention them, as everyone know, ho
and the selfsame member of the board for has read The Oresonlan articles and as
exactly the sane kind of pipe for tne cu h ept yy no
use In Its water system. I find, too, that I r
when a contract exactly the came in every i uoudi teauiy.
particular was entered Into -with the Oreeon
Iron & Steel company on September lb, iw.
wee bit over a year ago, that you roaae
argument In an critorial In The Oregoaiao
Indorsing It as the right thing, and tne
only thing to do. Thus there was legal
opinion of high authority emanating from a
man who had been an Attorney-General of
the United States, and a member of Presi
dent Grant's Cabinet, for that oonrtructlon
01 tnis clause of the charter, unere
the apparent consent and participation of
the able Cltv Attorney, and likewise the
consent and partiqipatlon of the expert City
Auditor. Mr. Thomas C. Devlin, all tuny
Wasco County Has Most Gold and.
Silver Medals, "While. .Tackson
Has the Gre;Jtet Xum
Jhcr of Awards.
Complete returns of prizes awarded No
Oregon and Oregon exhibitors In the Hor
ticultural division at the Lewis and Clark
Imposition were announced yesterday by
Director of Exhibits Honry E. Dosch.
The list was compiled from findings pre
sented by group Jurors two weeks ago.
Oregon took a total of 997 awards, of
which 101 are gold. 158 silver. 348 brohze
and 392 diplomas of honorable mention.
Appeal to Officers of Law to Prevent
Arrest of Children. j
Mothers and fathers of 13 little chil
dren, all under the age of 15 years,
made piteous appeals and wept on their
knees before the officers of the law
vncinrv mnminc to nrevent their
trf "wa? vou3 children being; arrested and taken be
fore the Juvenile Court.
Last week a Junk shop at 355 Water
street, owned by TL Schnltzer. was
broken Into by children In that neigh
borhood, the boards were torn from the
rear of the shop and a large number
of bottles and a large quantity of brass
was stolen. Three days ago Detective
Hellyer located one of the little fel
lows and on being threatened with ar
rest he broke down and gave the names
of all the boys and girls Implicated In
the robbery.
Yesterday subpenas were served on
the parents tf the children compelling
them to appear before Judge Frazer
Saturday morning. When the papers
were served on the parents of the chil
dren many of them broke down and
orled when notified that their children
were undor arrest- They i begged the
officers to give the children another
chance, saying that they would see
that the stolen articles were returned
or would make good the loss. As the
arrests had been made, the boys and
girls will have to appear before the
Tho names of the children arrested
aro: Gerald Huff. Rudolph Berg-, Frank
and Blance Good.
Phillip Cramer. William and John
Gocrz, Luther Erlckson, Conditio Far
relll, Mike Parltelo, Peter Santalll and
Harry Davis.
at the city charter. Lastly, there was you.
until recently, for many years back as most
of us- can remember, the sole arbiter oi pua
lle opinion In this state, openly Indorsing
such construction of the charter, and ay-
InK that it was good. This was the exact
state of affairs aB I found them when as
Mayor I Investigated the matter for guid
ance in my conduct. Not quite fatlsfled,
however. In my own mind, that It was the
right thing to do, yet not wishing to do any
aot of Injustice to anyone. I sought an
opinion from an attorney of high irtandlng
In this community, and his opinion cols
cloed with that of the gentlemen referred
to by me. as well as that given by you. and
not wishing, as 1 have said, to be un
just. I did not protect the bid at the time
It was submitted. The bid then having b-en
accepted, right quickly I And that with
"Williams out" and myself a Mayor "In."
the at-poct of the situation and Die opinions
-at yourself and the gentlemen named by
me above (with the exception of Judge
Williams, who to now 111, and hawt t been
heard 'from) have changed, and the proper
Interpretation of the clause Is quite to tho
contrary, and In this, their last Interpre
tation I am quite willing to say tnat J Be
lieve that they are light. At any rate. It
looks to me like the only right way for the
city to do its business, whether the charter
specifically says w or not. The cltyi offi
cer should not be allowed to da business
with the city in -any suite whatsoever.
So lar as I am concerned. It quite suits
me, that the city's affairs should be kept
-T..r- r, rtrnrnn'c ctnnililur is as COlfl
niroA with other competing states Is not above reproach. Then la much of the peo- I Hobart, Gertrude
pa.-! W1 " . . U . . " t. 1 nln-n rnnnoi- .rnlll .-lt- tAr. I T.mln Pernor
known densely at tms u. - " ,s much for a T actuVg as Mayor to learn
known that neighboring states have pnea of Uje ..lng , of OMt
up many awards out at xxs uuiv iu a u- m0Rey l9 expended; and for a time It Is
licved Oregon leads all competitors in going to devolve upon mo to keep the affairs
VorHfMiitiirni exhibits. Durinir this week of the city clean, and come out of this office
V.. valine nhtninml bv other states will above fwsplclon. If I can. and I am solne
bp announced In making the announce- to do the best that I can. and all that I
De announcea. in "V"b . can to arrive' at that end. and any klndlr
"l?.1 ims 1 .n il in advlPe whlch ay friendly citizen, or other
laDitsnuig a uuw VT ,r person, can give me which will tend to ac-
have the medals ana diplomas aibumuau i com pi lab such a result, or any hostile crltl-
within two -weeks. The time usuany re- cism which will act as a warning to steor
quired for' this work is several months, me clear of shoals, or point to tho safe
and nil awards at the St. Louis Exposl- harbor of decent government for this elty'e
-i o nf ovn vet distributed. ? mK administration Is going to
...... i uv cneenuiiy welcomed by me. If at any
Great Fruit ExhlUltS. urne i occupy a positron that is untenable I
A story of South Dakota ranch
life by a. new writer, with some
tremendously strong situations
and a. splendid Western atmos
phere. The hero is a veritable
young Lochinvar, and his success
(n both life and love, in spite of
an apparently hopeless handicap,
makes a stirring and vital story.
A.C. McClurg & Co., Publishers
Superintendent Ackcrnian Proposes
Changes Be Made by Assembly.
"The compulsory education law is
valueless because It does not make any
T?1 ohecrfu"' change It to the tenable one Particular countv or state officer re
in lis exhibits of fruits Oregon covered itcan , be pointed out to me. lulte well f?2 1 2 ST I
itself with glory. The btate goi gum imwn. not allow n,Jfelf "Cr;: f mw
n cMs for cold storage apples, crop of e governed by any of the precedents uhlch Bes to the trouble of seeing whether
0: peaches. cherries, strawocrneb.
grapes, peach-plums, watermelons and
cantaloupes. Silver medals were awarded
onnioc nf last, vear's crop, pears.
.,;t,- atirtrot. and vocetablcs. A
bronze 'medal was awarded for cranbor
have been set or followed In th mimintrir..
tton of this city's affairs by the former ad
ministration, and that T am t "Su,- w
hand," with no mercy to be rihown unto me. or
l" "ic ii i mane anv mfstavo uhitnr
That hedged about with ivn- 'r
reliable Information closed in , -h
help denied. I must feel my wav. and ift
. . tho .rrat load F ot material, "mountain high." to
of diplomas were secured through the ex- w,0n iu But "Wtthe e. I amgoVnl
v;v.ito msiHo liv orocon counties. niroo io maKe an effort fw ...t...
counties have made a remarkable showing inure to the benefit of this city! and by the tricts In Oregon do not attend school,'
In an inmnte varjety ot dMpnl , ""V'k.t"'; nP e sad Mr. Ackerman.
children In rural districts arc attend
ing schodl or growing up In Idleness
and vice."
This statement was made by J. H.
Ackerman, County Superintendent of
Schools, who says he Is preparing an
amendment to the present law which
ho will endeavor to have passed at the
next session of the Legislature.
Thousands of children In rural dis
and fled through the door where he on-
Mrs. Moloney screamed, after the flight
of the burglar, and awakened some of the
neighbors, who thought some one was
trying to harm her. investigation
showed, however, that she was alive and
well and perfectly able to take care of
herself. -No trace of the burglar has
been found, and no detectives are work
ing on the case.
Mnrlns Ere Remedv Cures Erea: Makes Weak
Eyes Strcnr. Soothes JSy Pain: Doesnt Smart.
v,q cthllshAR Orecon as a state of
Tcmarkable adaptability for the growing
of fruit.
Showing of the Counties.
Jackson County has the greatest numr
i,Sr nt nwords. It secured a total of 112,
of which IS are gold medals. 19 silver 41
ani 24 dinlomas' of honorable
m.nnn Wnsi-n has SO awards. 20 of
-rycxii ieoHe or this town. I am coinr to
muse a wieceos of If If T
For the heln. thn r i.,-. .
fir i .i.. vfiiicisms so
far given Jn this matter. I thank you. for
wave neinea to nnnn i,n A.
tod. I hoprnnal,;. TnT best of
all settled rIRht. Though you havi "blown
'7" "u pn com- on the same subject at
different times, as best uit.i i.
you have blown right, and whatever your!
tT' you Enau nave d"e credit
tor it. I have not had, nor do I expect fair
"Tho rural school population is In
creasing rapidly throughout the state.
Oregon Is receiving Immigrants from
all parts of the country, and her pop
illation Is growing in a rapid and sub
stantial manner.
"1 would not mind the absence of
rural children from schools so much It
they were working and were physical
ly able to do the work, but In a major-
them cold 22 silver. 21 bronze ana it treatment t V,,; vZ , , peci xair iy udjc to qo ihu wnrx, out in a major
!EL?. ,t hone-rob mention. Pao K!1 T J".1 know ywr jty of cases they are doing nothing.
has the greatest number of gold and sll- i the prlnt8 tJ)em Hy and after a few years of freedom from
ver medals. ITmatllla County. In third them day by day. - toll It will be Impossible to educate
i lmo 77 nunrds 16 bclnc gold medals.
11 silver. 26 bronze and 24 diplomas of
honorable mention. The standing of the
other participating counties Is as follows:
coItm- cmintv. 1 cold. 1 stiver. 7 bronze, Vi
VinniMf mention.
Ronton County. 2 gold. 11 fillver. 6 bronze.
14 diplomas of honorable mention.
Clackamae. 4 gold. 7 .Mlvor. 23 bronze. SO
-kio " 3 silver. 22 bronze. IS
honorable mention.
Pmnlr 1 AllVfir-
Douclas 4 gold, 5 rtlver. 10 bronze. 17 hon-
irV.lA mpntlnn.
t w,.., -is rnU in silver. 41 "'bronze, S4
honorable mention.
irlnmnth. 1 ETOld.
ij,.. 7 Kllver. 19 "bronze, 14 honorable men
4 Inn
t " silver. 11 bronze. 10 honorable
Linn. 8 gold, 10 sliver. SO brenzo, 34 honor
able mention.
Marlon. 8 gold, 12 silver. 25 bronze. 30 hon
mah1 mention.
r.thtr 1 irold. 1 silver. 0 bronze. 24 hon-
rirnhln mention.
Morrow. 1 gold, 'l silver. 4 bronze. 4 honor
able mention.
Multnomah. 2 gold, 5 tellvcr. 4. bronze. 1 hon
mM mention. .'
Pniv r cold. 5 sliver. 17 bronze. 87 honor-
Sherman, 1 gold. 3 bronze, fihonorable men'
Tillamook. 1 gold. 2 sliver. 2 bronze.
T-ninn a cold. 3 ellver. 9 bronze 4 honor-
ii M p. mention.
Umatilla. 16 gold. 11 rtlver, 20 bronze. 24
honorable mention,
w-fliiowa. 4 silver. ID bronze. 8 honorable
tYaaco. 20 gold. 22 silver, 31 bronze, 17 hon
orable mention.
Washington. 4 gold. 5 silver, 17 bronze. 27
honorable mention.
Yamhill. f gold. 11 eilver. 18 bronze, 1G hon
crablo mention
In His Peculiar Fashion Ho Presents
His Statement.
PORTLAND. Or., Oct. 25. (To the Editor.)
in ointinn to the. matter ot acceptance within
the past few days of bids for water pipe hy
the "Water Board of this city, and your crlti
ism of their action thereon, if you will
iifrmtt me. I would like to say that I find
mui-h difference of opinion as to the inter
I retatlon of section 135. page 54, of the
City Charter which governs the matter, which
reads as follows:
Section 135. No Councilman or other offt
,-rr nr nnnlavn nf the cltv pliall be Or be-
c ime dlroctly or indirectly interested In or In
the performance of any contract for the suppl
of labor or material to the city, or In the
rale of any article, tho price or consideration
cf which Is payable from the City Treasury,
or in the iwirchape or lease of any real estate
or any other property belonging or to be
tnkpn hv the cltv. or which shall be Hold
for taxes or assessments or by virtue of
irrai nrocpAses at the suit of the city. And
In case any officer or employe of the city
hnll be interested 'personally as a promoter
r stockholder or whareholdor In any firm or
corporation in any grant or privilege or iran
chtse sought by himself or his associates or
tirm nr corporation from the City of
Portland,' or any public utility which is sought
to be acquired or duplicated by the city or
which is offered for rale or leaso by the
fitv such officer or employe Bhall bo In
capacitated to take any part in the jiegotla
tinnx or nroceedlngs connected with the giv
ing or granting of such grant, privilege or
franchise, but au soicn necouaiions ana pro-f-prdinrs
and acts as would otherwise be con-
durted bv such officer- or employe fhall bs and done on behalf of the City
of Portland by such officer and employe aa
would have dono and conducted the came in
the absence of sucn interesiea omcer an
The custom of tho "Water Board and the
former city administration had been to con
sider that the wording of the second section
cf this clause allowed such contracts to be
TtartlciDated in by a member of the board.
the at the same time being a stockholder
In the company which submitted tho bid),
in the event that he did not take part in the
proceedings, and such bids were all along
received and all along accepted and con-
tracto for much city work has been done
under this ruling. In. looking tho matter
up I find that the late Mayor, Judge George
H. Williams, an eminent attorney, investi
gated the subject and decided it to be the
right thing to do and was governed by and
acted upon such construction of the clause.
letting large contracts for pipe under it. I
find also that the City Attorney filed no
protest against that interpretation of the
clause or In any wise pointed out. that It
was unlawful. I find that Thomas C. Devlin,
at that time, as now, the Auditor of tho city.
and an expert In such matters, found It the
right and proper construction of this clause.
and to show his ontlro confidence In this In
trepretatlon of iOdrew and signed warrants
.va vvjaence Ot VOUr fnJrnau T nail
. .. " " lno lacl lnat in your printed
wuoiauon irom the charter you gave a ren
dition of only the first half of the clause,
ana for reasons of your own. quite charac-
tucuc, omiiiea any mention of the last half
of the tame, which was the exact portion
upon the Interpretation of
iams and the Water Board had founded their
luiiHK iai year, ana at the same time no
doubt, was the one upon which von hacod
your argument when you endorsed their ac
tion: In so dolne: thl is
Js another. In an editorial by jou a while
imun, .uwoin you censured rae for allowing
w ? m' name,J. Doc Robertson"
and VUlllam Matlock." to escape prosecu
tion, and laid the blame entirely upon me.
when aa a matter of fact the police who
muuc me arresis were, not allowed to have
mc warrants necessary to make the arrests,
the City Attorney positively refusing to
Issue them. You knew this, for I went to
The Oregonian in person and asked for a
statement to that effect from you. The City
Attorney. Mr. McJfary, also stated to The
Oregonian that such were the facts.' "With
utter indifference you allowed tho stigma of
negieci oi auty, so lar as you were con
cerned, to rest unjustly upon my shoulders,
and do yet. In my opinion you are now do
ing the same thing in respect to this water
pipe and tho specifications for the same. You
know that the board must necessarily bo
largely governed In its selection by the ludc-
mcnt of Its engineer. He Is supposedly an
expert in that line, they are not; so far as I
am concerned, however, as a member of the
board. I will say that if you or anyone else
can show that sheet-steel is best and cheap
est for the city, then sheet-steel It will be,
though I will have to be governed much by
the Judgment ot the engineer In charge of
the work. In relation to the statement
made by you that the specifications for steel
sheet pipe wore marie onerous In certain re
quirements regarding "double tosts," "In
side caulking" and "burnishing," I havo to
say that the specifications were obtained In
the East and are what is known as "Stand
ard Specifications" and are such as are re
quired on all work now being done In East
ern cities, and In nowise are pecullnr or ex
ceptional, as you well know. Also you know
that the bid of the Martin Pipe Company,
while it purported to be $1800 lower than
any other for castlron pipe, was an Irregular
bid, for the reason that It omitted all of the
castings for one thing and put in an excep
tional clause for .anothor whloh compelled
the city to make a final acceptance of every
Inch of the pipe at Birmingham. Ala., which
Is a Jong way from here, and Is directly In
conflict with tho specifications of the city.
which required Its acceptance here, lou
have not at any time made mention of any
of these matters in your dUcusolon of thi
affair, and that you havo not shows plainly
that you are not fair, and do not Intend nor
care to uc iar.
To close I will say that the contract for
castlron pipe would not have been signed by
me tand to this eaect i gave uue uoum i
those concerned), and the result would have
been exactly what It Is now. wnetner you
had protested the act, as you ao now. or
ondnrswl It. as you did year ago. when
Williams carried a similar contract to com
pletion, or as ypu did tnat oiner time wnm
vou carried out one like It yourself." Bc
sjocttully. a HAKIIYLAJCE.
The Oregonian quotes uuiuciuuu
the charter to show that Mr. Ladd was
disqualified to act as a member of tho
Water Board, and tnat tnc waier-jnpc
contract was Invalid. It mlcht Havo
quoted many other sections of the charter
bearing more or less immeaiaiciy on uus
matter, but It did not deem it needful to
a clear and fair understanding by the
public; not was It needful. The Mayor
would, moreover, be in bofcter position
to Impeach The Orogonian -for unfairness
If he manifested a more -candid and im
partial purpose himself to give 'all the
facts, Ho quotes section 135 of the city
-charter, which 'he accuses The Oregonian
of garbling, and omits the followlngi
which Js tho orux of the wholo discussion,
and caused the wator-plpe contract to be
Invalidated: -
"If any officer or parson In this section
designated shall violate the provisions of
this section he shall forfeit his office, and
all such contracts, grants, privileges and
franchises In the hands of others than a
purchaser without notice for valuo shall
be void."
The Mayor will probably say that ho
quoted all of the section that was neces
sary to his argument. "We reckon jhe did.
The Oregonian challenges the accuracy
of the Mayor's statement that the speci
fications were "not peculiar or exce
tlonal." It thinks they wtre. The unsuc
cessful bldJerrc complain of this very
thing. Finally, the Mayor -asserts that
The- Oregonian has not "mentioned In its
"Tho rural school problem In Oregon
Is especially hard because df the unset
tied character of a large percentage of
the population.
"We hope to establish additional
county high schools soon. The five
counties possessing theso higher Insti
tutions have demonstrated the need of
them all over Oregon
Policeman's Wife
Scares Burglar
Mrs. Patrick Mnloney Tuts to
Flight nUdaiKht Marauder
"Who Entered Her Home
BURGLAR who entered tho res!
dence of Patrick Maloney, at Ful
ton, Tuesday night at 11 o'clock.
did not know that he was invading the
home of a policeman. Ho was, however,
and notwithstanding the fact that tho
head of the house was walking his beat
down town at the time, the intrudecraet
with a reception that frightened him so
thoroughly that ho undoubtedly will re
member it for a long time. He was put
to flight by the officer s wife.
The burglar entered the 'house through
the rear door, using a skeleton koy. He
made a noise going through a room, and
awakened Mrs. Maloney. She leaped out
of bed. started to hunt the Intruder with
a revolver and would have taken a shot
at him had he not learned of her presence
- - WARD - -
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Catcarett and after ailnr them I can wlllls clr and
cheerfully say that they bare entirely cured me. I
therefore let you know that I shall recommend
then to any one snfierine from such trouble!."
Chas. U. lialpua.ira RlTincton St.,KeirTork,X.T.
mf Cf The Bowels
fe. candy cathartic &r
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