Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, October 25, 1905, Page 7, Image 7

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at Majestic Malleable and Charcoal Iron
The Majestic is made better 'and of better ma
terial than any other Range in the world. (Steel
has proven a partial failure in Ranges). Our
water heaters are more powerful, by 50 per cent.
The oven bakes more prompt and even. The fuel
bills are less, land, last, but not least, the repair
day is farther away than the others.
Thousands in use in Portland; hundreds of thous
ands used in 40 of our states, and nine foreign
' Awarded Two Highest Prizes Two Gold Medals at the Lewis and Clark
Centennial Exposition
Has Been the Verdict of Every Jury at Every Ex
position Where Majestic Ranges Have Been Shown
ItetotS anti Clarfe Centennial (Exposition' ;
fajestic Manufacturing Co .
"Ye 6eej to inform, you that the fury under Sroup.
awarded your (bzhlblt a Gold -Medal
. V-
on Material. Wprlcmanship and Warniftvf:iir nf ange?
binder the rules, you haue three days In which to file an appeal .
if you so desire.
ZKenry S. Dosch, ' . J'
Dirccfor of Exhibits. . t-
ICetofe anb Clark Centennial CxpoStfton
ajestic Manufacturing Co.--; :
")Ye &eej jto inform you that the jury under &roup.
awarded your (bzhibit a Gold Medals
on General .
' v
Tender the rules, you have three days in which to file an appeal
if uou so desire. "V ;
Jj. Zffenry S. SDosch,
Director of Exhibits.
6 Sons
First and Washington Streets . . . Portland Ag'ents
it shut t
Seals Win the Game in the
First Inning.
Ballplayers From Oregon Get but a
Single Hit Off Whalen and
Make Two Errors Irwin
Does Star Work.
Yesterday', Results.
San Francisco. 2: Portland. 0.
Xios Angeles, 7: Seattle, 2.
Oakland, 4i Tacoma, 0.
Standing of the Clubs.
Won. Lost. P.C
L.os Angeles 41 31 .281)
Oakland 42 36 .543
San Francisco 38 37 .S07
Tortland :c 58 ,492
Seattle 88 30 .478
Tacoma 27 41 .397
SAN FRANCISCO. Cal., Oct, 24.
(Special.) For nine spasms today the
Giants were swinging their heads oft
and only one of thom camo through
with a hit This lucky man was Van
Buren. Cates, for Portland, pitched a
big; league himself, but an error by
Atz in the very first inning made it
curtains for the Giants.
Waldron beat out a hit and Mohler
soused a nice one to Cates, who tossed
to Atz in the hopo of making a double
play. But Jakey failed to make the
sphere stick to his mlt. and as it rollea
away out to center, both runners ad
vanced a peg. Hlldobrand then re
sponded with a Texas leaguer to the
right garden that brought both home.
It was a magnificent pitchers" battle,
in fact, the best seen here in months.
Only three Portland men reached first.
The score:
Atz. ss 4 0
Van Buren. If 3 0
Mitchell, lb 3 .0
Ehlafly. 2b 2 0
McLean, c 3 0
McHaie, cf 3 0
Sweeney, 3b 3 0
McCredle. rf 3 0
Cates, p 3 0
Totals 27
1 24 11
Waldron. cf 2 1 1 2 0 0
Mohler, 2b 4 1 0 3 2 0
Hlldebrand. If 3 0 1 4 0 0
Nealon, lb 3 0 0 10 0 1
Householder, rf 8 0 2 0 0 0
Irwin. 3b 2 0 0 2 3 0
Gochnauer. ss 3 0 0 2 4 0
Wilson, c 3 O 0 4 0 0
Whalen. p 3 0 0 0 2 0
Totals 20 2 4 27 11 1
0 0
0 1
Portland 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Hits 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0
San Francisco.... -.2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Hits 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 1
Two-base hit Householder.
Sacrifice hit Irwin.
First bass on errors Portland 1, San Fran
Cisco 2.
Bases on balls Off C&tea, 2.
Left on bases Portland 1, San Francisco 3.
Struck out By Cates. 3; by Whalen, 4.
Hit by pitched ball Schlally.
Double play Gochnauer to Mohler to
Noalon; Gochnauer to Ncalon; Schlally to
Time of game One hour and 20 minutes.
Umpire Davis.
Siwashcs Have a Crazy, Spell.
LOS ANGELES. Oct. 24. The eighth
inning was Seattle's undoing. In this In
ning, after two men were out, the locals
secured six runs on three bases on balls,
two singles and a double. Jones was
taken out in the middle of this Inning
and Miller substituted, but he failed to
check the run-getting. In this inning the
visitors lost their heads and threw the
ball around indiscriminately, allowing the
home team to run bases and to score
without off or L Score:
L.03 Angeles .1 0 0 0 0 0 0 fi 7 7 4
Seattle 0 0 0 110 0 0 0-2 S 1
Batteries W. Hall and Eager; Jones,
Miller and Blankenshlp.
Umpire Porrine.
est battles of his long ring career.
Lavlgne la contemplating a return to the
ring in six-round bouts, and Walcott said
that Lavlrnc seemed to him as good as
Emerson Holds Down Commuters.
OAKLAND, Cal., Oct. 24. Tacoma shut
Oakland out today. Emerson allowed the
local loam only four scattering hits. For
Tacoma, Eagan made a home run and
Durileavy rapped out a three-bagger.
Tacoma 0 0 0 01 12 0 04 9 0
Oakland 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0 4 2
Batteries Emerson and Graham; Blcx
rud and Byrnes.
Umpires Hackott and Hogan.
Baseball Players' Contracts.
NEW YORK, Oct 24. The following
contracts and releases were announced
today by President Pulliam. of the Na
tional Baseball League:
Contracts With Chicago," Jack Pflster;
with Cincinnati, Joseph J. Kelley, John
C. Barry and "W. W. HInchman; with
Pittsburg, Otto F. Knabe.
Releases By Chicago to Cincinnati.
Jake "Wclmer: by Cincinnati to Chicago,
Harry C. Steinfeldt and James D. Scbring.
Brltt Yearns to Sleet Nelson In tho
Ring Again.
KANSAS CITY, Oct 24. (Special.)-"!
used to fight for the money tfiero was In
it" said" Jimmy Brltt today, "but from
now on it's only for the sake of getting
In the ring with Nelson again. Honestly,
I would fight Nelson tomorrow for CO
cents, if I could get a chance. I will fight
Nelson six rounds or 600. as he likes. Nel
son can draw the articles of agreement
and I will sign them, no matter what the
terms may be. We have won a fight each,
and I. think public opinion is that he
should now fight the 'rubber.' "
Finish Fight for $15,000, if Kauff
man Whips- O'Brien.
LOUISVILLE. Ky., Oct 2 L Marvin
Hart, the heavyweight pugilist has ac
cepted the offer of the Colma Club, of
San Francisco, for a match with Al Kauff
man. The club's offer, made through
Billy Roche, calls for an unlimited round
fight for a purse of 515,000. The offer is
contingent on Kauffman's winning Friday
night over Jack O'Brien in San Francisco.
Walcott Begins Training.
DETROIT, Mich., Oct 24. (Special.)
Joe Walcott champion welterweight of
the world, started training here today for
a fight with Willie Lewis, of New York,
which will be fought under a big tent at
Falrvlew, Just outside Detroit October SL
Walcott will be coached by George La
vlgne. the "Saginaw Kid," with whom
Walcott fought and lost two of the hard-
Will Challenge for America's Cup In
Season of 1907.
LONDON, Oct 21. Sir Thomas LIpton
expects to challenge for the America's
cup in 1907. He declared today that he
was as keen as ever, and that while too
late to challenge for 1905. if all went well
he would be at Sandy Hook with a new
challenger the following year.
Multnomah Eleven at Practice.
The regular evening practice of the
Multnomah football eleven was fairly
well attended last evening, and the
boys were put through strenuous prac
tice by Captain Jordan. Coach Over
field was unable to be present, owing
to a slight cold which necessitated his
remaining Indoors, but as it Is not
serious he will be out this evening.
The eleven Is working out In antici
pation of a hard game with the Astoria
Commercial Club team which is sched
uled for next Saturday, and they hope
to make a better showing than in tho
Fort Stevens game, when the soldiers
scored against the clubmen.
Races at Jamaica Park.
NEW YORK, Oct 24. Jamaica Park
j-acc results:
Six furionps Water Dos: won. Inquisitor
second. Hector third; time, 1:15.
Mile and sixteenth Sun Ray won, Wyeth
second, Flammula third; time, 1:43 3-5.
Five and half furlongs Leonora W. won.
Benevolent second, Montanus third; time, 1:07.
Mile and eixteenth Sidney C Love won.
Monet second, Gatnara third; time, 1:17 4-5.
Mile and quarter Hippocrates won. Mabel
Richardson second. Banker third; time,
2:07 4-6.
Five and half furlongs Meddling Dalir
won, Swell Girl second; Duenna third; time
1;08 2-3.
Roosevelt, Jr., as a Boxer.
NEW YORK, Oct 24 Theodore Roose
velt. Jr.. looked over all the athletic clubs
In and around Boston and Cambridge, and
elected to Join the Douglas Athletic Club,
a well-known boxing club of Chelsea,
says a dispatch to the World from Cam
bridge, Mass. Mr. Roosevelt decided In
favor of the Douglas Athletic Club be
cause of Its boxing, and he was voted into
membership at a special meeting of the
directors after presentation of his assessment
Gives Up In -Fourth Round.
BINGHAM, Utah, Oct 24. Klem
Groves, of White Lake, defeated Billy
Hale,, of Denver, in the third round of
what was to have been a 2W-round
fight here tonight
Hale was completely outclassed and
was being punished so severely that
his seconds threw up the spongo be
fore the end of the fourth round.
Robbed Iiife Insurance Company.
LOS ANGELES, Cal., Oct 24. A new
and entirely original form of life Insur
ance peculation was unearthed In this
city today. It was disclosed that the so
licitors of the United Patriots of Amer
ica, a local Insurance order, had been
writing the applications of persons burled
In the local cemeteries and after report
ing the applications at the head office,
collecting advance moneys due them on
the applications, amounting in the aggre
gate, it Is said, to a considerable sum.
The visitors disappeared a short time
previous to the discovery of their scheme.
Emerson: The crowning fortune of a man
is to be bora with a bias to soma -pursuit
which finds him in employment and happiness.
Review of Progress Made and What
Is Yet to Be Accomplished
In Various Sections.
OLYMPIA, Wash., Oct 24. (Special.)
Work on the surveys of the ten state
highways for which appropriations were
made by tho last Legislature Is practical
ly over for this year. The surveys of the
Cowlitz Pass road have been completed,
and, although this Is true of only the
one road, gratifying progress has been
made on several of the others.
Okanogan County, which has been one
of the backward ones in doing Its share
of surveys, has Just placed a force In
the field on the Methow Valley'road. The
work has been delayed. It Is o.Id. by In
fluence from the town of Brewster, which
now geta the Methow Valley trade by a
wagon road over the mountains. The
new road would divert most of this trade
to Pateros, at the mouth of the Methow
River. Okanogan County has partly com
pleted tho Chelan-Johnson Creek state
road, but has done nothing on the Loom-Is-Republic
Klickitat County Is Just completing tho
survey of Its portion of the road along
the north bank of the river from Lyle to
Washougal, and Skamania County has a
force at work on Its portion of the same
Chelan County has completed Its survey
of the Skagit-Chelan road, sometimes
known as the Red Mountain road, or
Leavenworth road. Skagit County has
done nothing on its portion of this road,
nor upon Its portion of the Slate Creek
or Chuckanut Mountain roads. Skagit
County and Whatcom County are the
two recalcitrant ones that refuse to per
form their part in state roadbulldlng.
8kaglt does not want the Chuckanut road
built, because It will divert tho trade
from the Samlsh Flats to Belllngham
from Mount Vernon, and Whatcom Coun
ty will not survey the Slate Creek road,
because Skagit County will not survey
the Chuckanut road. The Slate Creek
road la wanted by Skagit County to give
It the trade of the Slate Creek mining
district but most of the rood Is In What
com County. Suits have been brought
by the Attorney-General against the
Commissioners In both theso counties, to
compel them to order the surveys, and
the Whatcom County case has been heard
by tho Superior Court and Is now under
Jefferson County ha? completed the sur
vey of Its portion of the road traversing
Jefferson County. Clallam County, and
ending at Montesano, in Chehalls County,
and Clallam County has also surveyed Its
portion. Chehalls County has abandoned
about 70 miles of county road and laid
out n new county road along the line of
this proposed state road. Contracts for
building 30 miles of the county road have
been let to be completed In March. The
other 40 miles of the state road In Cheha.
lis County will be surveyed in the Spring.
The Snoqualmle Pass road, leading
from Kittitas County to King County,
has been surveyed by Kittitas County, but
King County has done nothing cither on
this or upon the Nachez Pass state road.
The County Commissioners promise to
order the work done in the Spring.
Ferry County has completed Us survey
of the Republic-Son Jfoll road.
State Highway Commissioner J. M.
Snow expects the survey work to be all
completed early next year, with the pos
siblo exception of the surveys in What
com and Skagit Counties, where the pro
cedure depends on the outcome of the
mandamus proceeding mentioned above.
Discarded Suitor Kills.
SEATTLE, Oct 24. Joseph John Flatt
this morning shot and Instantly killed
"Lottie Nicholas because the woman re
fused to marry him, and escaped.
The woman and her slayer are Assyri
ans, each 22 years of age. The woman
was a widow, her husband having died
five months ago.
first euuM is UP Free to Men
Stock Sold by tho Sheriff.
ASTORIA. Or.. Oct 24. (Special.)
Eleven shares of the capital stock of the
Alaska Fishermen's Packing Company
were sold by Sheriff Llnville ttfls after
noon under execution Issued by the Cir
cuit Court in tho suits brought by the
Packing Company against C. C and Paul
C. Lutjcns and George C. Plummer &
Co. The purchasers were George C
Plummer & Co.. and the consideration
was the amount of the Judgments,
Reject Employers' Profit-Sharing
Offer and Hold Out for Advance.
Twenty Thousand Affected.
FALL RIVER, Mass.. Oct. 24. Al
though the Fall River Textile Council,
which held a special meeting tonight
to consider the refusal of the Manufac
turers' Association to grant a direct
wage Increase of slightly moro than
14 per cent, made no recommendations
to tho various unions, the Indications
point to a general strike before the
close of the month. Special meetings of
all tho unions will be held tomorrow
night to vote on the question.
The sentiment among the rank and
file of the operatives, union and non
union, appeared tonight to be strongly
in favor of a strike. Should the unions
declare for this action. It Is probable
that the strike will begin Saturday.
As many of the mills are now short
handed. It Is thought the manufacturers
have less than 29,000 hands on their
Why Cottonspinncrs Refuse to Grant
Full Advance Asked.
FALL RIVER, Mass., Oct 24. The re
ply of the Manufacturers Association,
denying the request of the Textile Union
for a complete restoration of the 12i per
jcent cut In wages of July, 1904. Instead of
the part Increase and part profit-sharing
plan proposed by the manufacturers, was
made public today. Among other things,
the letter says:
It U Impossible to grant your request for the
roll restoration of the schedule In force prior
to July. 1004, for the reason that the margin
existing between raw material and finished
product will not allow It. In making an ad
vance of fire per cent based on a margin of
73 cents, the manufacturers were governed
first of all by their ability to pay. aad sec
ondly to conform to the- spirit of an agree
ment made by your organisation and them
selvra with the Governor of the commonwealth
to pay this additional sum based on a mai;tn
which he should ascertain by an investigation
of their accounts. The Governor found this
margin to be 74ft cents, on which a dividend
of five per cent should be paid after It had
been In existence for a period approxiznaUng
three months.
The prodt-tharing offer U designed to give
to the operatives automatically and without
agitation sueh advance from month to month
as the scargin will warrant
Damage Suit for Injuries in
Iroquois Theater.
Ono of Party of Six Women Sues
Theater Company and Contrac-tors-Other
Damage Claims
Aggregate Millions.
CHICAGO, Oct 24. The first damage
suit against the proprietors of the Iro
quois Theaterv which was burned De
cember 30, 19D3, will bo commenced to
morrow In the United States Circuit
Court before Judge Landls. Edna S.
Hunt, who was badly injured in the
fire, has brought suit for $25,000 against
tho theater company and ' the Fuller
Construction Company, which erected
the building. Two weeks have been oc
cupied in securing a Jury. It was com
pleted late this afternoon and Charle3
R. Spencer made the opening statement
for tho plaintiff.
He declared he would show by the
evidence that the building ordinances
were grossly violated by the theater
proprietors. He declared that there
was no flue pipe In the room over the
stage; that the exits were not properly
marked; that there was no automatic
sprinkler and that the appliances for
extinguishing fire were grossly In
adequate. Mr. Spencer announced that his first
witness will be the plaintiff. Miss Hunt
She was with a party of six young
women In the gallery. When the flames
burst out, she ran toward the exit
through which she had entered the the
ater. She was knocked down, trampled
on, bruised and burned, but finally es
caped with her life. Two of her com
panions were burned to death and the
others escaped.
Hundreds of other suits, aggregating
millions of dollars in damages, have
been brought and the evidence given
and tho verdict to be rendered In this
flrs trial Is of momentous conse
quence to all concerned.
How to Cure Epileptic Fits.
Miraculous aa it may seem, we have found
& way to aire epilepsy or falling fit. It Is
Elixir Koslne. the discovery of a well-known
Washington scientist, and we have so much
faith In It that we guarantee to return the
patient's money If it does not cure this dis
ease, which hitherto has been considered in
curable. Elixir Koslne gives Instant relief from the
terrible epllepUc fits and spasms, and makes
an absolute and laotlng cure, no matter bow
severe the case or how many doctors have
pronounced It incurable.
Do not despair. Elixir Koslne Is a scientific
remedy for the care of epilepsy or fits. It la
not recommended for any other disease, but
is guaranteed to cure this terrible affliction.
Price 1.0O. Mall orders Ailed. The Kcnlne
Co.. Washington, D. C. or Woodard. Clarice
& Co., Portland. Or.
are obtained by the use of Damisna Bitters, the
sever faHnx restorative, invigorative and
apkrodttactor both seaes. Send fcr circular.
Depot. 323 MVetJraragghtt
Man Medicine Receipt
The Great Prescription for Man
Medicine Is Sent Absolutely
Free the Power Proof of Per
fect Potency in Every Man
Now Within Reach of All
Tour youth can and will come back again.
Prove In your own discouraged body the
potent power of the marvelous Man Medicine
of the great Interstate Remedy Company.
We send the original prescription entirely at
our cost and not at yours, so you can set it
filled most anywhere. There Is no charge
for this, not a dollar, not a cent, not a penny
Sent in a plain envelope, sealed, wunout
any marks or writing on the cover to betray
the contents. Man Medicine will give you
back all the old time come and go of bein?
alive and young. New young power an i
the lift and life of first manhood over again.
Your whole body will mount again to the
strength and vigor of youthful manhood,
your flesh and blood will fhout out the fact
that you are right right right. You know
what that means every, man knows it
means full force and flre of vigorous man
hood. The flash and dash of man-life, the
man who lives again in every- part of hi
body being.
It means all .that does that. Do you
want to be that way? Do you want to be a
man man-like man-right and man-able ?
Do you want to be "game" again up and
coming? Man Medicine will make you so.
The proof is yours, tho prescription la yours,
free for the asking, absolutely free.
Your name and where to send It all you
have to do to get It. Get it. Prove It.
Know It. We'll send it. Our word is your
165 Xuck Building. Detroit. Mich.
I !
is interested and should ks ow
aoout we wonaenni
MARVEL Whirling Spray
I The new TfhU Sjrtsrt. Mtc-
ttonana Zuetten. ueit 8M-
eit Most conrenlest.
lik roar droxzUt fr It.
If ho cannot supply the
MlRVEIi. acceot no
oiner. oat sena suunp lor
lllmtr&ted boot It rives
full rarUcalart and illrecttom tn-
valuabls to ladles. MARVEL CO.,
44 K. SSd ST.. .VKU' YORK.
WcrodardU Clark M Co Portland. Oregs
CrV . GrirUal aad Only fiuaUt.
I ia KZD ui Cn!d Batillla bax. Miiel
jttfc bhu ribbon. Take slher. Kefue
Uarns. Bj f jr Drmjtlit. Mad 4. 1
H tT Purtlealam. TwMaiaaUls
aai "XcHtX far Ladle" fc Ur, by r.
tsnt H!L lO.fleOTutlBanlAli. SiMli.
Sasttta tMi ??. Mails Sonars. "Mti.i., pj