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reaten to Tie Up St. Peters-
Roads Unless
Given Suffrage.
progress the cty of "the Cstmcks are ;
coming!" was suddenly ratKMl and a panic
followed. Many persona were injured in
the crush.
Subsequently the crowd came In contact
with a detachment of cavalry, revolver
shots were flres by some of the civilians !
and small bombs were hurled among the '
cavalry- The latter thereupon tired two i .
voiiy with blank cartrid and, then 1 Canal. Engineer Says Great
Jlicl HIUI amicu. 1MHH MUCH Munw
Accepts Jlis Advice to Give
larger liberty and He Kcasons
V ith Strikers Mob Blocks
Moscow Telegraph Office.
PETERSBURG. Oct. S4. The fiov
. r -umed railroad service on a
t"ay. but under great dllfl
1 j dtdon of the railroad men
In ith ' t "ere tontgut to uciare
M f,".!k ha Immensely compllcatod
;r 11' m. Train left for Moscow to
- ,cr ti ' Nichols! road, but the !-
gfr- vti noiinefl tnat ooramuniouun
? e-iraiilcd only a far a Tver.
r.l attempts were made today to
-urt c mmunicatkm by teiefirujMt tna
-c U of Moscow, and the oihees
n guarded by Cossacks. Persons
- -r - , s, nd inesuuges had to light
ca were severely handled.
Il:e ':.k- has taken a violent turn m
burr-; r ,,f cities, from which reports
ruuntere between mobs and
anj troops.
i rhsorders have broken out in
( of Samara. The troop sent
ff include a detachment of ar-
li ating that the situation there
H: x utive committee of the League
L -K- Iihs adopted reeolutkMif
t!. t 1 . present moment was lavor
1 r r general strike of ail the pro
recommending doetorsi, law
j, rrs -(;-- and all otlier members of
organisations to cease all pro.
fomlscs Larger .Liberty, but Con
demns Other Demands.
FlLItSBURG. Oct. 34. At the
.r? ? nw railway- men held in the
r:-l t -ruRht It was decided to de-
ro a Mikf on an rattrosas operauns
It j St, tc-rsburs. beginning tomorrow.
a; - v -i decided to send deputations
Pi r Hilkoft. Minister of Railways,
. 1 r Witte, and present to them
- - i. mandlng political reforms,
1 iii 'iig them the convocation of
i -' t assembly elected by direct
- i 4 .ffnige.
I tn-. : remained In session until
: . '. the deputations, the time
y :;.;--d by further discussion of
s and the delivery of speeches
revolutionary character, aii
w . i - loudiy applauded. Those
c- . 1 lui.-d a large number of stu-
i C u'.O'.ona returned toward nrid
?! v.; "ut .succeeding in seeing Prince
1. ff They found Count Witte,, who
'-1:1 ih.-m. but be insisted that the
. . must be of a private character.
. . v!,(.nt of the Committee of Mln.
. no rigrht to accept mh ad-
H- .-aid, however, he had no ob
o ili publication of the con-
seriously. Man' of the wounded Avere
left on the ground when the crowd dis
persed. Strikers have nlnce plundered tbe gun
smith stores and navo armed themselves.
A number of bakeries have been de
stroyed and all Work has been stopped at
Scarcity of the necessaries of Hie is al
roady felt here.
Work Can Be- Done.
Czar Accepts AVItte's Conditions of
Accepting Promicrslilp.
ST. PJDTICRSBrRG. Oct. 34. The aa
neuncement made In these dispatches yes
terday that Count Witte would shortly
assume active direction of the government
a Premier and head of a responsible Cab
inet seems to be fully cdntlrmed. It can
be staled posUKely that the Bmperor has
tendered the ixmbion of Premier to the
Count, who. however, guarded his ac
ceptance with certain conditions, which
were placed before His Majesty in the
form of a written memorandum.
Count Witte is said to have Informed
the Emperor that he could accept the po
sition only on the condition that he would
be a real Premier with a working Cabinet
and not the mere iigurebead of an Irre
sponsible body.
According to a persistent report, the
ICmperor actually appointed Count Witte
Premier after accepting his stipulations.
This report is premature, but it can be
said that His Majesty has undoubtedly
oonlided to the Count the task of drawlna
up,. according to his ideas, the project
for a responsible Ministerial Cabinet, the
consideration of which was being tedi
ously dragged out in special conferences.
It can also be .said that, following the
advice of Count Witte. the powers of the
new Douma will be extended along West
ern lines and the franchise broadened. The
reforms will be accompanied by the prac
tical freedom of the press and of meet
ing in order to meet the 'tnpuiar demands.
Count Witte Instated that only In this
way could the country be tranquUhsed,
and the Umperor apparently heeded the
These radical changes In the Douma
project and the extension of the fran
chise will probably Involve the postpone
ment of the meeting of the national as
sembly until the Spring, but the disap
pointment will be more than offset by the
enlargement of the powers of the Douma
and the broadening of the suffrage. It is
understood that thus revised Douma plan
will be promulgated Immediately. In the
hope of stopping agitation by the Social
Democrats, under whose leadership the
railroad and other strikes are leing or
ganized and carried on as a political pro
test mainly against the deprivation of
workmen of the right to vote.
Pending the elaboration of a broader
law granting freedom of meeting, a new
statute giving a restricted right of as
sembly under police supervision has been
signed and will be published this week.
Many Strikers Wounded Whole Na
tion May Join Strike.
MOSCOW, Oct. 35. (Special.) -One of the
leaders in the strike movement told the
correspondent of the Publishers- Press
last night that, unless the present de
mands of the strikers were granted, every
kind of labor throughout the country will
be stopped. The object of the striker
Is to force the government to grant repre
sentation to worklngmen In the Douma.
a Hat t ie occurred at the telegraph ofHce.
fV'bere strikers were trying to prevent
telegraph communication, ana many were
wounded. Strikers are preparing another
assault on the telegraph butMiwg and It is
feared that serious bloodshed will result.
Member of Consulting Board Stiys
Americans Can Overcome Diffi
culties, but Condemns tins
Ifilgiit-HoHr Imw.
naia -ar rpnrt. All sa-h statements yea
wn as manarartuixr Hir rrport.
r. ;v rt. hm!.l we faU to arr. ru
our c-ms -.Htis a to the btt type of
U rbU- . wt and tn reaeaoaoie
time Uun Which wc beller the water
way can be roortraricd. I'mll we are ready
to .make our omctal auUMuemc we are not
Kir Ins; oat Individual Hal
.-iil out that the address coa-
demands which would not
.:. i m any country, and also many
!i v, r worthy of attention. He said
a .iistituent assembly was quite
r k lc , ;md contended that the suf-
other political demands had
- : with the question of rali
Th Count promlted that liberty
r. -1 i s and of the press would be
.v , ranted, and said that the con--1
V'ji ligation of martial .law to the
-1 was due to a misunderstanding
v. 'Ii b remedied. He declared that
v rrif ndly to alt reasonable de
' j Kberty. and promised to con
v. ' Piinee Httkoft as to the best
I allng with the question. At
iime ne aaviseo tne oepuiauon
H-.rlke. and then peaceably to
. tl.i demands of the men.
lib-ned to the report, the meet
1 :n )wstpone action until the
n had had an inleniew with
11' K"ff-
. 1 I
Linericans Offer to Build J tail roads
in Central Asia.
b7 7 r KRSBCRG. Oct. 54. Antlcipat-
pulustrial revival In 'Russia as
r r 1 'f the dose of the war. there
ux f foreigners a seeking com
: 'iv-rt unities and concessions, In
h liiteral jmrinkling of Americans.
" . the time is especially pro
. 1 - thorn.
. rr--iiiative of an American syndi-
"is submitted elaborate plans for the
' 1 railroad connecting Trans-Cau-:s
- f' Asia and Tashkend with the
-.- t3 b t-ian and Tomsk line. The
" - i he expenditure of fi3,0N,0W.
C ut Off Water Supply and Stop Mails
and Telegrams.
MOSi'OW. Oct. 21 The strtkers
. v jiniaged the wwter conduit he-
i n .i"s ow ana styusntcnt, ant
tions of Moecow are without
v. r,
V rrr jiir of le.OOO strikers today
. 1 to prevont telegraphic oommu
. which already is becoming
1 r k r.s later began besieging the
r ' - 1 t. legmnh offices. Tley are de
- j t' I'revHit the dispalch of all
-1 it-h-grams.
II- -tnk- i speadlng in all directions.
( '( M -vow, Wtndau and Kybinch
niiip express could only reach
r i !rr .. k ' i aia station, and the passcn-
f. s w f nmpeiiea to warn to .Moscow.
At ! f M w and Kazan stations. 3U0Q
k ? - - .-rrrsii are watting. They are being
; '", h railroad admiitlstration. Mm
"I f f.-i.i . lass. S cents daily, and third
r - it-. On the St. Petersburg line.
inception of a train tonignt
iKht the Minister of Public
t a train was run today.
3Iartial I.ji'w rroposed for lolnnd's
Great I'actor.v City.
IOU'C. Oct. 34. The employes of e-en
factories struck today. There are now
aS,0W wwkmen on strike. The Oovernor
has asked. the Governor-General to de
clare martial law.
Meyer lo SHceced Bonaparlc When
the batter Succeeds Jloody.
CHICAGO. 'Oct. 24. A dtepatch to the
Tribune from Washington. D. C says:
3osn alter the return of Presldeut Roose
velt to Washington from his Southern
tour there will be a renewal, of the
rumors regarding Impending changes
In the Cabinet, and within six months
or no 'after the reopening of Congress
it is more than likely that the com
plexion of tbe Cabinet will be com
pletely changed.
This docs not mean that every one
of the present Cabinet of Ministers la to
go out. but there will be two or three
new members and probably three radical
changes in position before the close of the
current fiscal year.
WASHINGTON'. Oct. M. The Isthmian Secretary Shaw Is to go out of tbe Cab-
Canal OommifMlon coder made nubile a I lnet of his own motion as a preliminary
letter written by Isham Randolph, a mem- j to his formal entry Into the Presidential
ber of the Board' of consulting Engineers j race. The vacancy will be filled, accord -of
the Panama Canal, to 3Slna R- Carter. ; ir.g to the present outlook, by the trans
president of the Sanitary ObArlct of Chlvj fer of Postmaster-General Cortelyou.
cago. which embodies the views of Mr. Attorney-Gen-ral Moody has been ex
Randolph concerning canal matters. He pectins to resign for somothne. He tv
has recently returned from a visit to j mains at the tftad or the Department of
Panama with other members of the Justice largely. If not entirely, that he
board, and his opinions are Interesting, j may carry on tbe presecution of the beef
and. in view of the publication of this tra.t cases. His place probably will be
let ter. by the romnalsston. may be consul- filled by Charles J. Bonaparte, tbe pres
ered seml-oMclal. Mr. Randolph says: ent Secretary of the Xary. This, in turn.
What we do kuw b that H can be done: ! will create another vacancy, and the new
that AaMTteaas eaa do n, and that In ma
abort a time as so stapt-ndoas an uadertantng
ran be pat through. Hence we mtty reasnu
abi u.4 for tbe pasa of tbe great waa
frelgatcm from tbe (aribbeaa to )be Paelae
before our caleudara sre headed Via, How
murh hWore this, deponent aaltb ma. Tbt.
ia a easy trhunph for the balldera. who must
eaatesd with and riosW duTlcaltlea net
encountered tat tiar teamsrate sons. Piffst.
there are clteaatu: diCicaltlm whieh my ta
vesUKatiaaa force aae to blhtt have been
The qaestloa of psoper aoasaur has bees a
problem, but He solutJos Is pixiatrslag. and
it baa had to wait upon lumber which must
crane irom the States. The Planch left be
hind motor sao bulldiaam, watch are being
made aaMtable.
Whea the . laalpawat is oa hand and tbe
onuuMaatlaa pvrfeeted. at least SCses men
111 he rrqsirM la 'the vartowa eeparunenui
r iuduatry- The muttrcr of supply for labor
ao tar has bcea Jamaica. The ealehincy of
tbt labor la as low a S per; cent, taklna an
arenas laborer ia our latitude as the unit.
Tate ia aae ia part to tbe fact that the
suoDtr Is net now eauaJ to the demand, and
aa hpeadenee la thereby induced which 1
teads to wartaiessaeaa. If a foreman under
takes to make them do a fair day's work
they quit and move oa to tbe next cam.
where Itoey know that a Job awaits them.
Tbe totruducUon of the eight hoar system
oa the IsUunas ' seems a Istaentabir mistake
and one which adds about S per cent to the
labte coxt of tbe work.
Tbe whole line Is clattered up with aban
doned FreHch auKhJsee. the east vale of
which b) acid to reach $Mmum. This at
chbwry Is vaJuekws and out of date. 1 east
ao renectsoa apoa the' work of tbe French.
Tbey lefi behind them evidence of eagineer
bar -xklli and suctesafal battles with dim
cuhies whieh continea, me that-If the honest
workers had beea saMaiued and the vast
atuas which were dtverte) into robber chan
nels had been logitbaatHy applied. It might
today be the mliufcm of the failed States
only te enlarge the raaatna Canal.
on my last day in Panama, after boms of
trampirs ia the ram and tarnucb the mud of
tbe Oub-bra cut and mborlons climbing ap theV
bUK I arrived with twonMH-rs of our party
at a Uovrameai bashhwuse. We went m en
aanouaod aad ordered dmner. There was no
delay ia srevtng and- there was a n-asoaabir
variety of aell-eooked. whobvome food.
Tbf bojtab are a sourc' of pride lo our
Ym win n l-.ult have er-n statements
whii-h purport t" ia om- from mmtv-ri ;
our Board of f tu!tinr Knptii-t' fr.haa
head of the Navy, according to the pres
ent suite, will be George von I- Meyer,
the present Ambassador to St. Petersburg.
Aj'gwtaoBist In ytMinfr's Irene Hoforc
HeHiit;tmi Ctiurt-Mxrlial.'
MARE ISLAND. Oct. 34.-1 udge a. D.
Gear today argued for the defease before
the court-martial sitting upon the case
of Commander linden Young, charged
with neglect of duty as Captain of the
gunboat Bennington, and held account
able for the agploston of boiler B of that
vessel. Judge Gear" argument took up
the greater part of the afternoon session.
The prosecution will present its argu
ments tomorrow.
in bis argument Judge Gear asserted
that specification of the charge would
; never be allowed to stand In a. civil court.
He coum not unoersiana way i apiain
Young should be held accountable for
that Car which the Xavy regulations made
an engine r responsible. IsWver before,
declared he. bad there been such a case
as this, in which a Captain was coort
martialed becstuse a boiler exploded. As
far as Judge Gear could find in the evi
dence. Captain Young had done nothing
but obey orders.
Wood CoHNNMitds ill Philippines.
MANILA. Oct. 24. Major-General
Leonard Wood baa arrived here and
will assume command of the military
department of the Philippines during
tbe absence of ataior-General Corbin.
! The Agricultural Bank bill Is now being
discussed by the Philippine Commission.
The proposed capital of the bank Is
f,e4.t in gold.
Will Hire Xev InsiMjctors.
WASHINGTON. Oct. 24. -Contrary to
general expectations. Secretary Wilson
does not Intend to go outside his own de
partment for the additional inspectors of
meat It Is proposed to employ under the
Government's new plan requiting the
packers to pay - for their own labels.
H retfor- at this reason -f th y-ar it
!as tw-en the onM'n to illsx-nsc with the
'ric-y of a of f:-- l lnsH-tor.
Capital Buns Short of Meat,
ST. PKTKRSBURG. Oct, 31. The strike
situation Is growing worse. Several more
of the smaller line were lied up today.
The few days paralysis of freight trafik
is already being severely felt. At Moscow
there is danger of a famine. The prices
of food are soaring.
St. Petersburg Is threatened with a
meat famine. Only 24 head of cattle hare
arrived here since Sunday, aad there are
about MM head In the yards. Unless sup
plies arrive soon the Capital will he with
out meat at the end of the week. There is
an ample supply of flour.
Befttses to Stop Prosecution of Stvift,
Meat Adulterator.
HARRISBl'RG. Pa.. Oct. 34. Governor
Pennypacker today declined to Interfere
in the suit brought by State Dairy and
Food Commissioner Warren against Y.
.1. Hall, agent for Swift & Co.. ia Phila
delphia, last July on the charge of sell
ing sausages adulterated with lard.
President Swift appeared before the Gov
ernor today and asked for tbe withdrawal
of the prosecution. Mr. Swift said that
his Arm had no intention of violating the
laws and promised that hereafter the firm
would make speciat efforts to comply with
the regulations.
air. Warrn was present and declared
that the food had been sold to contractors
furnishing meat to the National Govern
ment, and that the suit against Halt was
lwought at the instance of Secretary of
the Navy Bonaparte. The case will be
tried in Philadelphia on November 2.
Fever Case at Havana.
HAVANA. Oct, 24. The illness of a
sailor, who was recently taken from
the Ward liner Yigilancla, mid is lo
cated In a tever hospital here, today"1
developed Into yellow fever.
iDoes Yew I
n Heart Beat
Bombs and Bullets Answered With
Deadly Volley at Crowd.
K HARK OFF. Russia; Oct. 4. A je
t ..nflk-t between the troops and the
1 1 r-'r during which there were many
niialtics on both skies, occurred here
L i.iht. While a mcet'ng of 3t,CM
citizens students ar.J w -rkintn was In
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Illleheock Will Favor KectMiitnciHla
tltiu of I ii ml Ctimijiteelonor.
WARH1MOTOM. Oct. 21. Tne Pat
this mornlna; sar: Secrelary of the In
terior l-Itlrhcok has decided to Incot
Iorate in his annual report a rsQneat
for the abolition of all positions now
oeld by Land Of flee Receivers. There
are HA men fltlina; such positions In
the Western Slates and their combined
slloend reaches $2Se.Je a year.
Sir. Hitchcock believes land Office
Raalsters can do all the work of th
Heeeivers. and so requests.
A Wash in at qi dispatch to Tne Ore
Kouian. severs days ago. announced
that such a recommendation would be
made by W. A. Richards'. CoMtuiawtoner
of tne General Land Office.
heavily-laden cattle cars struck Mr. Rot;- I
era" special. The heavy construction of j
the Pullmans saved them from serious In- j
Jury, but the caboose was badly shat- I
tercd. " i
Mr. Rogera was asleep In his berth
and tne Impact threw aim across his
berth, striking hw head upon the wooden
The party left Humboldt, Kan., this
morning on the Santa Fe. passing !
through H oil May and rotntaa to Leaven- '
worth. Here the was transferred '
to the Missouri Pacific and left on the
rear o the regular northbound train for
Jackson. Miss., and Mobile, Ala., being
ext eptlons.
Mttrv Cases at Pcnsncola.
PBJfSACOLA. Fla.. Oct. 21. The yel
low fever report follow: New eases, 1;
total. 492; .le.nhss today. 1; total. 43;
cases di-eharpr-d, 33". The number of
nev eases slintivd jn increase of two
ov r tn.t i tl. tliv pr- ious.
ISvidence Xot U.otI Asainsl TIumu.
WASHINGTON. Oct. SI. It is dented at
the Iepnrtmrat of Justice tnat the volun
tary testimony of the beef packers given
In the Department of Commerce and La
bor Inquiry a to the cause of the high
price of beef, has been UM-d in the Injunc
tion suits brought against the packers.
Wynne Wanletl as Witney.
I-OXDOX. Oct. . The State Depart
ment nas telexraphlcariy instructed Coa-sul-General
Robert J. Wynne to hold
kimir in readiness to nrocecd to Wash.
Ingtoh to testify In the legal prosecu-1
tlcm growing out of the investigation or
the postotnee fraucs.
Two Coite'uls Cniwe Iloiiie.
NBW YORK. Oct. Til. J. Martin Miner.
( American Consul-Gent ral at Auckland,
i New , Zealand, and Marshal Halatcad.
, An:erican Consul at Birmingham. Cng
i land, were passengers arriving here today
on tbe steamer Finland from Antwerp.
i .
J FrciRht Curs Bntt His Car ami I3i-
tnrli Ills Slumbers.
LEAVENWORTH. Kan.. Oct. it Tne
Henry II. Rogers special while standing
In the I'nion Depot yerds here late tonight
.-scaped serious injury by the slightest
chance. Every one on the train was se
verely shaken up and several panes of
glass In the coaches were shattered by
a collision with ten runaway freight cars.
The cars broke loose fr- m then- engine
on a heavy grade n' coasted dbwu
toward the oil magnate s at a rap
Idly Increasing rate of speed.
Trainmen, thinking the engine ti be stlU
I attached to :ho freight car?, signalled-. nt
Ian attenyt to t.'r It nut :hi I "ad ao
'effect i:fl H-r r- the t -i in th- m; naat
i could K .ir:i'l .-.! '1 lrik'y ;r):l'o! th-"'
Yellow Fever V!tcI Out hh! Quar
. untiitc Lifted AliMif? Gulf.'
XEW ORLEAXS. Oct. 24. Yellow fever
report to ST. M.r New cases. I; total.
SaSI; deaths. 2; total. S47: new focus. 1:
under treatment. 53: discharged. 3S73.
The dean record of New Orleans for th.e .
week wit bom a death from yellow fever .
was broken today, when two deaths wer
reported. Authorities attached no im
portance to this, but contend that the
disease -has been practically wiped out.
The new cases -have dropped to practically :
Meridian, Mis.. has finally thrown her
gates open to the world, and; that means
the complete resumption of travel over
the Queen Crescent road, from Cincin
nati to New Orleans x
Practically alt the towns along the Mis- ,
stsstppi and Gulf coast have removal
restrictions. Bitrei being the last. Large
numbers of persons who have been on tii
coast since the fever started are eomhi
into New Orleans for the President's re
ception. As the result of heavy frosts. ,
a large numot r or Mississippi towns have
discharged their. lnp-t n and ordered,
ine. removal ef atl embargo- on travel.
ftlBkes Thin,
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tvas for tea
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ered with
so It looked
like a dis
ease. Uave
mod Hal r-
about ten
dars and bars
no dandruff on any
p-ift of my scalj.
rru.-h healthier
IooLInf." P.II.
DHI1I0I3. 113
I'oslfircly removes dnndrrxff, stop
hsir fai!ii;jr. brings t ak ronf I.fol color to gray
hair. AM.-d W if WUTN V SOAP, heals,
tups Itehinir.proirofei Lr.r halrprowth. Large
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adv. Kree soap net g.ron by mpsists wtt&
out this entiri adv. aad 50c. for ilairhealth.
Xante. '.
fourth and sjuuirtoa Sts.
f eptiron Pilis
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the fctnetar:.. a diceMttbn. snd riv i Mrs
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r to omsala. . Ptnjuf' f r 1.
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