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An Ideal of Public Duty That
Ouf ht Wot to Be Ignored.
Jlcre Is Matter llliat Ought to
Gie Paic-'aiHl Bring Itc
f lection 15a ok to the
FILVKRTOK, Or- Oct. JM-KTo the
T,tlit-.r.) Ver runny welJ-mcaniiig and
L rf ful peopk? are sadly ct down by
prevalent spirit of gmtl seemingly
J in tbe land, for ft mill titles so
- 1 y against their opinions. habit -
x pressed, that' progression i the
i human nature, and that mast
I J is- getting better and "wfnor, not
v, a' -landing occasional iRfwos Into
I . r n,,nsm.
. soltn e for such spells of de
I" - "n, thr-e jcood people must mod
c :lieir f xpeclationft ae to the rate
if pi offreuis, inuat lake Into considers -
1' tln-re are fluctuations, even
n i advan .!) tide; and. Indeed, they
i: tease t.( consider progression as
ii f .i fact n.J' )is volen. for whether
t - .-.-. 1 Id l i ".v elevates or depresses
a r wli'-'.lii-r it be one of progres-
.! reti f''r s8ion for man. depends
Lr .i I'lt- trond of his own exertions.
Jxjlciit.; moral" principles to the
fro : :.nd v"ufrglitig to reach them
Ti Ui-i.irned face, may mean
I ti.i. is, if we rate human
i ;in more than that of the
If . uin.iii the back to them and
... to ?' Ki'.ivitatlon of exces-
e "'l:inh"' --. viii surely land us in
;,e 'I'.iili ..I' moral despond.
i . . ii. . . rn.'.ke compromises with
e 4 H-n t - j.i.d yet o up In the
f be nK. thev are always to be
' .iiiu riveted. A man or nation
loV . II..- t
. ' it suh .iiiiiiiK a relapse. Why do
ple this Irrevocable, un-
t - c ildo i.iw i.f their being: when all
ni 'It individual experience
f 'i- .- no; .i injrfe Instance to the
.-.ssuiMM't ion Uiat the law of evo-
i is a' i i:iec;ip:blo force or cos-
ins- i i,. . . raising; man from sav-
-'prj" !i-s .f bis help or hln-
' . ilio .K , s..m'what of a fad. Is,
Uie ) -Aft :,n absurdity to all
:iniO(! l).irwii:iana. Indeed, how
i r ; h .in ;snmption cohere with
1 c o.- .y a. y fact patent to every
wipiria i :oul child, that exercise,
t - . v ise j.ine. is the only key
i . elevitf-d rr-g-toas of humar. en
Or it true that we gr.ther
- "f tl 'ins snd flics of thi&tleti.
pe. mind by the tumult
r '-'on cr :td.twe in brotherly love
i ir-ioiiii,cr filters of their projerty
r.ulits? The exerrise of a faculty
r '. v- it stiuiig', inaction makes it
A. i. ron devotes hit life to
- - -frcttlji' Mtt becomes exeeslve-
.ious; his altruistic faculties are
ied and the result is a moral
c t. :t loj -led human being. 15vo
1 r. , ran - ive no relhf without a
c' re of effort, of discipline. r, ruth-
h ba klidliur ! phatfe of the
t . 1:.W.
' crvice 1 not, stitiicietit If It
r-r-. J.dui D. Itoclcefeller tnlKht he
diM-ed . Christian. Iiut John D.
ii r. "f out cf line wia the times. Tie
5 in an cv ptloui! hypocrite, for.
- I ;iH tlu rafiiupr and other forms
f .'iiiption there is no jnck of etlri-
1 nT ifcssii.n Our principles ar" un
c c tit.riablp Most people, including:
li ' ''eller, think that is sufllcler;,
- 1 r, sist i, h- a plication of them to
f-'c' e Ai.j li. d Christianity is one
T 'n lost . riv; profeesloual Christi-
- ' acdiiiuc. is. easy. It tits the
r f Irin:' on your tainted money."
'1. com iii.oi. ement oratr at Har
! 'and v.ill sanctify it."
u-t con t rarity means hypoo-
f tile 1.:i-et sort, goes without
t It js everywhere, in the
i t tlht- shop, in the schools, in
r.'iipit. in the oollegres. In the Gov
t and ' is so befogged the aver
- " t.1 man there is no unvarying
. ,t stvm'ard of riBit and v rung.
I d ther is no expectation or pre-r-
iliat m,'ii will he guided by the
fi rule and love each other as
ers. It is aufllcient If we koep
the .nlw and penitentiaries, and
standnrd of conduct may moan
1 i a re-pects the merits or de
. " s of me n.
declair.-d purpose of government
. I'nlt.-d States Is to establish
. e and )f the word Justice does
- in e i'i tlnew; it has no" shynM
' Kut '.f all the times since the
V- ;in Constitution made that
tV "'.itlon. the most uneiualiiess is
- Kverj Inly knows it. and there
t -n:Tle si -ns that the cataclysm of
, , 1 i- beKittning to re4ede. Highly
- T'. :tnt. is It not. of the hoggish -
s .f the times, that the President
' '" ( 1'nited States deems It neces
"d tit to repeat the exhortation
' , oountrj'inen for a "square deal,"
i mo that words without deeds are
ifs and that some strenuoslty is
't 1 to produce results?
v n earnest of his purpose to es
t 1 ph justice, he I doing )jIb part hy
r -dhng up" the grafters and apply
'F, " ( i rimlnal brand to them. He Is
a; quite a large lot of them In
((ki"- but the meshes of the law ar
- r - us and will permit many to e.s-
e And. indeed, the law at best is
t , successful separator of the
5" - p from the goats. does not
c ' h ill the delinquents and ontan
r r -mc who are less guilty. Pei
1 i - t 'a? is pnavoidablc as an lnci-c1-
t ten of an Intentionally Just
o: ftiiripnt. but the habit of judging
t - -s by the prude sanctions of stat--j
' ''w instead of the rules of rational
'! " is responsible for mucii of the
r. ' .lid miscarriage of government.
M c ves are now turned upon the ac
f i iiiid much remark is caused by
' t 1 .rp- number of them and their
-r'Mnnc in Government and society.
1 it very fact only goes to show
i v r conditions which produce critn
1" " arc broadly spread and of long
ft r.g Such harvests are of no mush
r i p rowth. no kin to Jonah's gourd.
TT 1 've been cultivating them for
i century. Swamp-land fraudt
nd frauds, desert-land frauds,
"-culture frauds, pre-emption and
r ' -tt-aj frauds why. all those are
est nut, and the people have
f r -id aad bore them, for the sake of
7- ditical parties, which gave the
'7T . a shelter. In the Interest of
But partlsatiism is declining
' Mit transgressors must stand
tT Mt ir merits. A few years ago if
- f- r made public protoet against
r- ;ftr In his own party, he was set
as a dlsturbon of the partisan
and- I doubt If j ten years
i nn Oregon Jury cpuld have
i ; f und to convict Sonator Mltch
' v ith all the proof exhibited
Mr. Honey. Then the prosecutor
v. Id not have had the active support
c National Administration and the
1 ppnKition. now faintly perceived.
J have baffled him entirely. And
" not a little ' queer that Sonator
T' .'s'ua should emphatically ropcat
t.s Frnalor Mitch oil's offonse was not
-i ttffit lmnr.orhl, that at most It was
iTiCKly technical? Must wo conclude
that the prevailing depravity has blind
ed every mnn in the United States Sen
ate? How uplifting It would be of the
whole commonwealth If persons would
regulate their conduct by the ought and
ought not of the moral laws that are
Inherent in the nature of things and
consequential -of the social state, in
stead of groping along the statute's
boundaries seeking how far they may
deviate from rectitude without coming
into contact with its penalties.
ProlMibly a majority of people have
small inclination to Improper conduct
and therefore feel no restraint from
penal statutes, and It would be well, if
public opinion derived from such seif
regulatlng units held to strict account
the wabbling fellows prone to disorder.
But sorry to ay they are not under the
social ban until they get caught by a
statutory penalty. Such relaxation of
social restrictions is not only a damage
to aoclet by Inviting disorder but Is
unjust to the apprehended transgressor
n;ho may be far lees a disturber of the
normal social status than one whom
the false public opinion tolerates and
accepts. The dereliction of duty charged
against Senator Mitchell- is slight as
compared with that of Senator Fulton.
aa.I yet Uie latter passos as an honor
able man. One infringed a statute hav
ing a penalty and is therefore a crim
inal, the other disobeyed the constitu
tion of his state and violated his oath
ABERDEEN. Wash.. Oct. 24. (Special.) Ocosta and Cosmopolls have, within two years, contributed In a small
way to the upbuilding of Aberdeen and HoquiRin. In the palmy days of Ocosta. when "values reached a wild and
ruinous point, and when the crash came and brought destruction to many, a large hotel was built, which, since the
coHap) of the boom, left the building, with many others, vacant. More than a year ago it was decided to move
the hotel from Ocosta to Hoquiam on scows, and the structure was cut In two. hauled to thTwater's edge and put on
the Hat ships of commerce.
All was ready one night for an early start in the morning, with six men to sleep aboard, ready for work when
dawn should break. In the night a storm came up suddenly, the scows wre torn from their mooring, and. suppos
edly, carried out to sea. Nothing was heard of men or craft for 24 hours, although searchers had been sent uu
but later on the buildings were located, high and dry on a sandbar, in an Inner harbor bay, with little or no damage
and no loss of life. .
The building was eventually (owed 'to Hoquiam, where it serve the purpose for which it was Intended originally.
Another novel experiment was the removal from Cosmo)olLs to Aberdeen on scows of the residence erected by
Dr. Nuns -la the days of llctklous values and excitement, the collapse of which ruined the owner of the house, as
well as others. Dr. Kims erected the building at a cost of $20,009. It was one of the how places of the harbor 12
years ago. and Is splendidly constructed and equipped.
of ofnee, for which there Is no legal
Jar. Fulton-is an experienced lawyer,
and has the skilled habit of probing
Into the .iffair.s of men and discovering
the motive therein, and he should not
object to being judged more critically
han one not so disciplined. His profes
sional practice hus made him an adept
at tracing the causes and tendencies of
human conduct, moral and immoral, and
he mut be held as intending the conse
quencets of his actions -when he pro-,
motes an Immoral game. It Is not neces
sary, therefore, to tell him the purpose
of the fnuners of our constitution in
declaring numbers of the Legislature
ineligible to ofttces elective by the As
sembly or created by it. during the time
for which they were elected. He knows
that It was to preserve the legislative
body free from the distractions that
must xrise when the members are per
mitted to engage in office seeking, and
as a consequence the perversion of the
power and Influence of public function
to private uses.
To what extent Mr. Fulton's candi
dacy s responsible for the log-rolling
legislation of that session, which was
in exeetis of any preceding one. may
not be determined, and though the Sen
ator may declare his innocence of any
Improifer enticements or bargainings,
he should Itnow and probably does
know that the mere fact of his being a
cai.dldate with a strong following con
ferred a silent power over legislation
which no prudent legislator would ig
nore or offend and thus multiplied the
source of corrupt legislation. Add to
this that a United States Senator can
reward his friends with official posi
tions and punish his enemies by a de
nial of them, and we have a combina
tion 'of promotive deviltry that should
appall anyone not given over to hard
ness of heart and a reprobate mind.
And this departure frqm the consti
tutional way by Mr. Fulton was not
the immediate result of a hasty impulse
or a seeming necessity to solve the po
litical complications which sometimes
arrest the governmental experiment On
the contrary it was done with delibera
tion, after months of preparation and
labor, and against a popular expression
In favor of another person. He pro
cured or accepted a nomination for the
State Senate, to which he was elected;
took the oath of office to support the
constitution of the state and. faithfully
perform the duties of that office, but
with the intention formed months be
fore to violate both constitution and
oath; oontestod stoutly through the
whole of the legislative sossion for an
election as United States Senator and
since has been rewarding his support
ers witlnthe spoils.
To find a more pertinacious contempt
for constitutional requlromonts and the
proprieties belonging to the public sorv
lce, one would have to go outside of the
state, perhaps as far as Delaware or
Of the 46 legislators who voted for
Mr. Fuljon. not one of them but knew
lie was doing wrong wrong with ref
erence to the constitution and his oath,
and wrong with reference to his obli
gations as a citizen and especially as a
public servant. Not one of them but
knew !t was an act of civic unright
eousness, and not onc but would shrink
from the task of publicly defending it.
And as these men stand well In society
and In their private affairs are consid
ered honorable and above "ways that
arc dark and tricks that are vain," how
are we to explain their departure from
rectitude when trusted by their fellow
citizens with the performance of a pub
lic duty? Many a sharper in his private
dealings will feel himself In honor
bound to be faithful to a trust, and wo
think, such is tho tendency of every
kindly-disposed citizen and every self
respecting rogue before they have been
drawn into the current of moral de
cadence which every community and
nation must experience when they rest
on their oars and cease to pull against
the tide of human selfishness, when
they cease to have an aspiration for
collective progress. The time was In
the early stages of our history when no
citizen who stood high enough with his
follows to receive their suffrages for a
ent In the Legislature would knowing
ly prostitute the public service for prl
vato gain. But such things for more
than a quarter of a century have been
of common occurrence, and In general
the people have not entered serious,
protest. More often the rascals havu
been confirmed by continuing them in
office while the so-called klckors have
been sent to the rear.
Possibly the people of Orcgan may
consider the language of this article
rattier severe as applicable to our pub
lic servants, but "The System which
receive -the excoriations of Tom Law
on, though more disastrous to the
finances of a few thousand persons, is
mild-mannered and orderly in compar
ison with the one I have beon ventilat
ing, for it vitiates the whole fabric of
representative government. Through
our failure to hold public servants to a
strict accountability by the enforce
ment of legal and social penalties, we
have been drifting away from the rep
resentative system. Can we get back?
Can we recover the lost .ground?
Soeiul Leader in Jersey Town Con
fesses Many Burglaries.
M1DDLETOWN. N. Y., Oct. S4. By the
alleged confession of Charles Boos, until
a few days ago superintendent of the
Walklll Transit Company's lines in Or
ange, a spectacular police mystery has
been solved. According to the police he
admitted to them yesterday that he had
robbed one of the largest deiMrtxnent
stores In the city, beside several resi
dences In the last few months.
Boos Jestingly reminded the police that
he, himself, had raised the hue and cry
one night a few weeks ago. when a
burglar was chased out of the residence
of F. p. s. Crane, a wealthy man. He
said the jKrtlce were so close to hint be
fore he got out of the liouse that he
ran ahead of them shouting "Stop, thief;
catch that men!" This ruse worked so
well that Boos resorted to It again a few
nights later when he had forc.d his wav
into the home of J. L. Pendleton, and
from which he was frightened bv an
Boos is regarded as a modem social
highwayman. He drew a large salary as
superintendent of the big transit corpo
ration and Jived In good style -In apart
ments on one of the best streets in the
city. He was popular In society and
dressed in the latest fashion. He wag ap
parently one of the busiest men In the
town, had no time for anything but his
work, and seemed an exemplary man of
Great was tho amazement when It be
came known last Friday that Boos had
been arrested and locked up. The cltarge
against him was made by officials of the
Transit Company. Jt was charged that
the superintendent had stolen a large
quantity of copper wire from the com
pany nnd sold it to? a Junk dealer. A sub
sequent search of Boos' fine apartment
revealed plunder for which the police had
long been looking, and which, it Is al
leged, was taken from a department store
and private residence. Confronted with
the goods. Boos, it Is said, confessed.
Boos' bachelor apartments were the
best in town and incidentals he had add
ed to their comfort by tripping the wires
of the company, from which he drew a
large salary, and furnishing his rooms
with five Incandescent lights.
Prosperity In Tutulla.
TUTUILA. Samoa. Oct. 10, via San
Francisco, Oct. 24. Tne quantity of copra
produced in the Island has so far this
year exceeded the production of all former
years, and before the end of the season
In January' next. It Is expected that the
output will be 50 per cent greater than
last year. The natives have abundance
of money, and are spending it In feasting
One small village of a little over 200 pe
pie has ordered 100 barrels of beef to com
memorate the prosperous year.
Governor Moore has ordered a mectin
of representatives of tho Islands to con
vene toward the end of the present month
at Pago Pago for the purpose of discuss
ing Island affairs. The people are now
appointing the representatives to attend
the meeting on their behalf. There will
be about 50 delegates to the Congress.
If Baby Is Cattlnc Teeth
Bp eurr and use that old and well-tried rem.
edy. Mn. Wlnlow Soothlnc Syrup, for chil
dren teething. It oothet the child. orten
the cum, allays all pala. cures wind calls
and dlarrhc-ta.
County Commissioners Have
No Jurisdiction.
- 1
Judge Webster nnd Mayor Lame Find
Supreme Court Decision Gives
- City Control of Bridges
nnd J'crrics.
There will bo no advertising signs
placed on the draw rests of the Madison.
Morrison and Burnskle-mreet bridges.
The bridges and ferries are the property
of the City of Portland, and the contract
let by County Commissioners Barnes and
Lightner-to Allan R. Joy. attorney, for
one year, is of no effect. This fact was
brought out during a conference between
Mayor Lane and County Judge""Vebster.
both of whom oppose glaring advertising
placards cn the bridges, and Mayor Lane
ban since declared tliat he will not per
mit .the advertising Hans.
The Oregon Supreme Court decided
years ao that the bridges and ferries
belong- to the City of Portland, and that
the County of Multnomah, by Legislative
act. is required to operate and maintain
them. The county In the beginning de
clined to have anything to do with the
Maryland Physician Cures Himself of
Eczema with Cuticura Remedies.
Prescribes Them and Has Cured
Many Cases Where Other Formulas
Have Failed Dr. Fisher Says:
" Jfy face was afflicted with eczema
in the year 1S97. I used the Cuticura
Remedies, and was entirely cured. I
am a practicing physician and very
often prescribe Cuticura Resolvent and
Cuticura Soap in cases of eczema, and
they have cured where' other formulas
have failed. I am not in the habit of
endorsing patent medicines, but when
I find remedies possessing true merit,
such as the Cuticura Remedies do, I am
broad-minded enough to proclaim their
virtues to the world. I have been prac
ticing medicine for sixteen years, and
must say I find your Remedies A No. 1.
You are at liberty to publish this letter,
or any part of it. I remain, very truly
3'ours, G. If. Fisher, 31. D., Big Pool,
Md., May 24, 1905."
Complete Treatment for Every
Humor from Pimples
to Scrofula
Bathe the affected parts with hot
"water and Cuticura Soap, to cleanse
the surface of crusts and scales and
soften the thickened cuticle; dry,
without hard rubbing, and apply
Cuticura Ointment freely, to allay
itching, irritation, and inflammation,
and soothe and heal; and, lastly, take
Cuticura Resolvent Pills to cool and
cleanse the blood. A single set, costing
but One rlnllfir fa nffon cnifti7nt
i cure the most torturing, disfiguring,
""""tit uuraing, ana scary son, scaip,
and blood humors, with loss of hair,
from infancy to age, when all else fails.
?r2? SP- Olataed, Rmtreat Xc (la
ijrm of ChoeoUie Cotttd mi, Stc per tUI of 16), tn nld
brioges and ferries, and the courts were
appealed to to decide Ihe respective posi
tions undor the law of the city and coun
ty In the matter. The Supreme" Court
having sakl that the city owns the
bridges, a contract for advertising on the
bridges cau only be let by the dty. and
not by the County Commissioners. Mayor
LatK coincides with the opinion expressed
by Judge Webster, and says there will be
no placards, and If Mr. Joy. who probu
Wy represents the billboard trust, seeks
to enforce his contract, he will havo to
appeal to the courts and reverse the -former
decree before be can proceed.
The Taxpayers' League and Chamber
of Commerce organisations opposed the
scheme. .nd the outcome will no doubt
bo a source of congratulation to all citL
zens who believe in civic improvement.
Salpan People Are Threatened With
.Famine Buildings ISnzcd.
AG ANA. .Guam. Sept. 27. via San Fran
cisco. Oct. 31. A severe typhoon 'pre
vailed from August to 3 In
this vicinity. No damage was done
on this Island, but on Scruembcr
-t a Japanese schooner arrived in
the port of Apra dtsmaated and much
damaged, reporting that in the neighbor
hood of Sal pan the gale bad been par
ticularly severe. Governor Dyer then dis
patched the station ship Supply with
medical and other store to the relief
of that island and cabled to Governor
SenpSft. of Yap. who Immediately wont
to the assistance of the people. It was
found on his arrival at Sjipau that while
the damage dene was extensive no im
mediate need was felt, as a German
steamer from Hong Kong had arrived
two days after the storm and provided
them with necessary stores and medi
cines. While the year's crop of copra and
other products bad already been gathered
the cocoanut trees, which are the main
dependence of the isfctnd. are In such con
dition that they will not produce for the
next two years. The government house,
store bouses, church and . many native
dwellings are in ruins.
A hospital aid association is being or
ganized among the moat prominent native
women of the island.
The Governor. Commander George L.
Dyer. U. S. X.. has requested relief on
account of the state of his healith and
will leave for San Francisco with his
family on the station ship Supply at the
end of October.
Bryan and Togo .Meet.
TOKIO. Oct. 21 (C P. M.L-W. J. Bryan
was present at the reception in honor of
Vioe-Admiral Togo today, and he was in
troduced to th Admiral by the Mayer of
this city. There was a cordial exchange
of sentiments between the two. tne Ad
miral expressing himself delighted at the
unexpected presence of the distinguished
Pleads Guilty and Takes His Dose.
HONOLULU. Oct. 17. via San Francisco.
Oct. 24. Henry Kapea. the young Ha
waiian who was recently extradited from
London on a charge of embezzling 15030 In
securities from the Hawaiian Trust Com
pany, pleaded guilty and was sentenced
by Judge Robinson to 2fe years hard la
bor. Say "No" when a dealer offers vou a
substitute for Hood's Sarsaparilln. Insist
unon Hood's.
or .
Stomach Diseases
Discard. Inj-uriotas Drugs
A Harmless Powerful Germicide
Endorsed by Leading Physicians.
Send twenty-five cents o pay postage
on Frte Trial Bottle. Sold by leading
YVxrrr ton Fun Oooxirr oh rational TntAmtxr
or Disuse.
We treat and cure hundred. rjerj
month who aunr from 1'clvic nnd
ctber dictates or men, uch a Iljdro
cele. "Varicocele. Stricture. Mouiuca.
Ultlney ana Uladdrr ArXtutiou, ital
Weakness. Nervuu Decline. tiDyu
ttuvy. Nocturnut JLusm; and all iuj.1
lotti; train o syibjnuiMs and trounies
nhich arie from uuihXut error. or
c;ser excesses.
We have a new speciae treatment for
Gonorrhoea vhlch u prompt, sure, saft
nd painless.
' byphllls and all blood taints wo cars
to stay cured, and do not resort to pol
toaaui minerals.
Varicocele. Hydrocele; riles. Rectal
Ulcers and Cuucers vta euro elleetu
aily and without the use of the knlfa.
Consultation and examination frr.
Write tor symptom blank and book tx
you cannot calL
Ofnea Hours; 3 A. M. to S P. ILj
Ecnday. 10 to 12.
HeJicaiaaa n:,rt
Sartfca! UttLt M V
Cor. id and YamhJU Sta- Tertian!. Or.
4 y
Out skill has no superior and tout
tew equals In the practico of our
specialty diseases of men. To tho
study and treatment of chronic,
nervous, blood and skin diseases wo
have devoted special effort during
our entire professional life, and
have been rewarded by the discov
ery of the very best methods used
In specialty practice that elves us
complete1 mastery of these diseases.
Our system of home treatment Is
successful and strictly private.
Consultation In person or by mail
State Medical Institute
202 Second Ave.. South.
l,0I10r ff Pns,
yfek live
mnmiiiwinrrpTiir'iiiwniiiiii! ii'ii'iiiii'iiiin hi iimm
nr jar j&HfeDk
mffij'A i Union Pie
Reward -will be paid to any
person who can find one atom
of opium, chloral, morphine,
cocaine, ether or chloroform
in any form in any of Dr.
Miles' Remedies.
This reward is offered because
certain unscrupulous persons
make false statements about
these remedies. It is under
stood that this reward applies
only to goods purchased in the
open market, which have not
been tampered with in any way.
Dr. Miles' remedies cure by
their soothing-, nourishing,
strengthening and invigorat
ing effects upon the nervous
system, and not by paralyzing
and weakening the nerves as
would be the case if these drugs
were used.
For. this reason Dr. Miles'
Anti-Pain Pills are universally
considered the best pain remedy
"I have suffered for 25 years with
Fvero ptins In my head, heart and
back, snd have tried everything I
could gf t and could not find any relief
unUi 1 got a box of Dr. Miles Anil
Pain Pills. I suffered as long as 12
hours at a time with such severe
pains thst I fearrfl I would lose my
mind. The Anti-Pain Pills gave mo
relief In from 10 to 20 minutes. I do
not have to we Morphine any more.
I wish you would publish this so that
other sufferers may nnd relief."
R. P. D. No. t. Salem. Ind. .
Dr. Miles' Antl-Paln Pills are 6old by
your druggist, who will guarantee that
the first package vll benefit. If It
falls he will return your money.
25 doses. 23 cents. Never sold in bulk.
Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind
Delicate enough for the soflcsi
skin, and yet efficacious in removing
any stain. Keeps the skin In perfeel
condition. In the bath gives all tha
desirable after-effects or a Turkish
bath. It should be on every wash
City Tickrt Ofilcc. 12i Third St., Phone 0S0.
The Flyer and the Fast Mull.
S:W A. M.
11:43 P. M.
i-.m a. m.
:50 P. M.
Via teat tie
J:I3P. M-f Via Spokane
J (O. It. & X. Co.)
Sailings from Scuttle.
S. S. MInneiota. Nov. o; S. S. Dakota. Dec. 10
Fur upan and China Ports und Manila.
(Japan 3Iall tteamlilp Co.)
Sails From Seattle for Japan, China and All
A.tiutlc Ports About December 12.
For tickets, rates, berth reservations, etc..
call oa or address
II. DICKSON. C. P & T. A. Portland. Or.
Portland, The Dalles Route
Regulator Line Steamers
Leave Portland and The Dalles daily
except Sunday 7 A. M., connecting
with Columbia Eiver & Northern
Railway for .Klickitat Valley Points.
Direct line for Moffets, Mineral,
St. Martin's and Collins Hot Springs.
Landing and wharf at foot of Alder
'Phone Main 914.
"Jefferson." Oct. 10. 20. 30, 3 1. 31.
"Dolphin." Oct. 5. 15. 23, 0 P. 31.
HAINES, SKAGWAY Connects with
W. P & Y. route for Atlln. Dawson.
Tanapa. Nome, etc
Oa excursion trips steamer Calls at
Sitka. Metlakahtla. Glacier. Wrangel.
etc.. In addition to regular ports of
Call or send for "Trip to Wonderful
Alaska." "Indian Basketry," "Totem
Frank Woolsey Co., Agents
232 Oak St. Portland. Or.
S.F.& Portland Steamship Co.
Operating the Only PassenKer Steamers for
3 an Fruncloco Direct.
Sailing Datea From Portland October 2S;
November 2. 7. 12. 17, 22. 27; December
2. 7. 12. 17, 22. 2T.
From Alnsworth Dock (End of 3d st.) at
S P. 31.
Berth and Men! Included.
Phone Jlaln 268. 246 Washington St.
Tbroush Putlmaa at&ndaxda ana tourist
lecplaccars daily to Omaha. Chicago, apo
kaae: tourist IeeptnB-car dally to Kansa
City; through Pullman tourist aleeplnc-car
(personally conducted) -weekly to Chtcaca.
Rrcllnln- chair-cars Ueat free) to tho Eajl
U:15 A. M.
SPECIAL, for tho ral
I via Huntington.
iiM P. it.
0:15 P. 1L
1S:W A. it-
For Eastern Washington. Walla Walla.
Letvlston. Coeur d'Alenu and Great Northara
tor th East vu Hunt- 3 '11?.L
T:13 A. if.
Kl Villi SCllKUULK
3:u P.
way points. connecUng
with ateamer for llwa
co and North Bea-h.
steamer Ha&salo. Ash
st. dock (water per.)
10:00 V. M.
FOR DAYTON. Ore-I:00 A. M.
on City and Yamhill I Daily.
Hirer points. Aan-scj except
dock (water per.) Sunday.
i:30 P. it-
For Lewis ton. Idaho, and way polnu frota
Rtparla. Wash.
Leave Rlparia 5:40 A. M. or upon arrival
train No. 4. Sunday. Tuesday and ThursKlny.
Arrlve Rlparia 4 P. M.. Monday. Wednes
day and Sa.urday
Ticket Office. Third nnd Wah!nctm.
Telephone Main "12. C. IV. Stlncer. City
Ticket Act.; A. L. Cralr. Gen. Tassencer Act.
EAST via
U t U X.-.V.-
'or le. rtuac
Jure. Asbtund.
acu. can Ir'ranu
cw. ixojavt), Lu
Auseletf, 1 Paso.
New urlcaiu oUJ
the EodC
Morning 'train
.QUUccU at Wood,
burn dally except
eunaay with irxi&
tor ilauut Acal.
silvcriou. iirowas
vltle. bprinkUtfia.
Wcndlln ua Na
tron. Eugene pa&senrer
Connects at ooJ
burn with ilu An
Cet and- Sllvartoa
Jorvullis paasenser
Sheridan (umri;;
Forest Grovs
S:43 P. II.
7.23 A. it
S:30 A. it-
3:53 P. iL
'S :00 P. iL
10:32 A. U.
7:30 A. M.
:50 P. M.
tl0: P. il.
3:50 P. II.
!S:23 A. It-
1:50 P. M-
Dally. jDaily except Sunday.
Depot. Foot of Jefferson Street
Leave Pertland dally for Oswego at 7:30
A. it.; l-;ul. 4. ti:33. 7:43. 1U:l
11 :M) P. M. Daily except Sunday. 3:30. GiSO.
J;33. 10:5 A. it. Sunuay only. 0 A. M.
Returning ttax 0wck. arrive Portland,
dally. b.JO A- M.; 1:33. 3:03. 4:33. 0:20. 7-iK.
a. 33. 11:10 i it-. 1U:33 A. il. Dally except
Sunday. :U3. 7:1!3. 0:30. 11:43 A. M. Sunday
only. 10 A. '.
Leave fiom same depot for Dallas and in
termediate, points. daliN, 0:00 P. M. Arrive
Portland. 10:10 A- M.
The Independence-Monmouth Motor Lln
operates daily to Monmouth and Alrtle. con
necting with S. P. Co.'a trains at Dallas and
First-class fare from Portland ta Sacra
mento and San Francisco. $20. Berth, ii.
Second-class fare. 513. Second-class berto.
52 30.
Tickets to Eastern points and Europe; also
Japan China. Honolulu nnd Australia.
CITY TICKET OFFICE, corner Third and
Washington xtrcets. Phone Main 712.
City Ticket Acent, Geu. l'u. Azt.
DcsarC Arrlr.)
Yellowstone Park-Kansas
City. St. Louis Special
for Chehalls. Centralla.
Olympla. Gray's Harbor.
South Bend. Tacoma.
Seattle. Spokane Lew
Iston. Butte. Billings.
Denver. Omaha. Kan
sas City, St. Leu Is and
fcoutheojt 8:30 a ra 4:30 pa
North Coast Limited,
electric lighted, for Ta
coma. Seattle. Spokane.
Butte, Minneapolis. Su
Paul and the East.... 2:00 pm 7:00 a a
Puget Sound Limited for
Chehalls. CentrallaT Ta
coma and SeattU only. 4:30 pm 10:33 p a
Twin City Express for
Tacoma. Seattle. Spo
kane. Helena. Butte.
Yellon-ston Park. Min
neapolis. St. Paul and
tho East 11:45 pm 6:60 p a
A. D. Charlton. Assistant General Passen
ger Agent. 223 Morrison st.. corner Third.
Portland. Or.
Astoria and Columbia
River Railroad Co.
For Maygers. Rainier.
Clatskanle. Westport.
Clifton. Astoria. War
renton. Flavel. Ham
mond. Fort Stevens.
Gearbart Park. Sea
tide. Astoria and Sea
shore. Express Dally.
Astoria Express.
6:00 A. M.
11:20 A. IL
:00 P. M.
9:50 P. M-
(Comm'l Agt.. 243 Alder st, G. F. & P. A.
Phone Main 800.
For South -Eastern Alaska
Steamers leave Seattle O P. M.
S. S. Humboldt. S. S citv
Wkot Seattle. S. S. Cottage City,
October 10. 13. 17. 21. 23. 27.
For San Francisco dlxee
,p Queen. City of Puebla, I'uu.
tllla. U A. il.
October 10. 13. 20. 23.
Portland Office. 240 ashlngton st. Main 229.
C, D. DUNANN. G. P. A.,
San Francisco.
Steamers Altona and Oregona
For Oregon City. Buttevllle. Champoeg.
Newberg. Salem and way landings. Leav
Taylor street. 0:43 A. M. dally, except Sun
day. Oregon City Transportation Co.. Fbons
Mala 40.
n m