Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, September 22, 1905, Page 9, Image 9

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Ceununj-Rocrn .Main -657
Managing Editor Main 030
Sunday Editor Main 0235
CHy Editor Main ica
Seelety Editor Mila 6233
Compoflnc-Bbom . ......Mala CSS
Ewperlntendent Building Red 2K20
EK Sid Office East 61
stret, bet. 6th and 7th Tonight at Ss
Arteek. the musical comedy success. 'The
BELASCO THEATER (14th and Washing
ton) Evening at 8:15. "Captain Jenka of
Harse Marines."
BAKBH THEATER (Third and Yamhill)
Tvalght at 8:15. the Merrymakers Extra va
gaaza Company.
3CMIIKK THEATER (12th and Morrison)
Twaigbt at 8:15 "FaMo Romanl."
ORAKD THEATER (Park and Washington)
OcaUtMMtts vaudeville, 2:30 to 10:30 P. M.
STAR THEATER (Park and Washington)
Oasrts&ueua vaudeville, 2:30. 7:30. 8 P. M.
"THE OAKS" m the O. W. P. & Ry. Co.'s
He-From 8 A. M. to 12 P. M.
AJrt Testtght at 8:15. organ recital. Will
iam C. Carl.
Wiiajam Sinclair Sesiouslt Injured.
Wltttarn Sinclair was brought to his home,
fee Bast Couch street, from White Sal
mon, o the Columbia, Wednesday night,
in a forkxis condition. While in company
with Mies B!la Hawthorne, who lives at
3SS Stanton street. Albina, making his way
from White Salmon to Bedouin Mountain,
a distance of about 15 miles, on horseback.
Die borse Mr. Sinclair and James Wall, a
"boy. were riding, slid from the narrow
jwnh they were following around the side
of the mountain. The boy was not ca
rta down, but Mr. Sinclair was carried
down about 109 feet before he could disen
tangle Mnreelf from the horse. The ani
mal continued to roll until killed. It was
then about 7:30 o'clock In the evening, and
growing darker. Mr. Sinclair was so badly
tutored that he could not nroceed nor re
turn to White Salmon, so the wholo partySJ
ha to spend the cold night on the. bleak
mountain. Mlss Hawthorne covered Mr.
Sinclair with sornc of nor own wraps, and
whoa daylight came she went to a house
for assistance, when the Injured man was
Brought back to White Salmon and placed
aboard the Bailey Gatzert for Portland.
Mr. Sinclair suffered a dislocation of his
tetp and other bruises. He Is a prominent
G. A. R. man, and senior vice-commander
of L4neoln-Garfle!d Post.
Coccxima "Ckivbrsitt Faccltt. Colum
bia TJalvorslty. at University Park, has
opened work for the collegiate year under
favorable auspices. President M. A. Quin
tan reports the enrollment so far very
satisfactory and the outlook for the year
encouraging. There have been some
changes In the faculty, which Is made up
as follows: Rev. M. A. Quinlan, C. S. C,
nrosidont: Rev. H. S. Gallagher. C. S. C,
vtee-presMont: Rov. M. A. Quinlan, C. S.
C, Bagtish: Rev. John P. Thillman, C. S.
C. modern languagcs;Rcv. P. Dalton, C.
S. C, Latin and English; Rev, Hugh S.
Gallagher, C. S. C, Latin and physics;
Rev. F. J. Pholan, C. S. C, Christian doc
trine; Brother Francis de Sales, C. S. C,
bookkeoping; Brother Jerome, stenog
raphy; B. E. Smith. Greek and history;
John Borchmans, C. S. C, drawing and
music; Brother Norbert. C. S. C, modern
hutguages: Francis J. Lonergan, L.L.. B.,
commercial law and history: Lambert M.
Motrin. B. Sc.. mechanical drawing and
mathematics; B. M. Smith, music; Andrew
L. Smith, physician.
Will Bnuumje Patton Home. Plans
and specifications have been prepared by
Architect T. J. Jones for an annex to the
Patten Home, at 976 Michigan avenue, in
Aibtaa. It is announced that the con
tract for erection of the annex will be let
some time next week. The annex will
practically double the capacity of this in
stitution, or home for the aged, and will
caaole the management to carry on the
work on a much larger scale. It will be
the soeoad time the building has been en
larged to meet increasing demands.
Ftnerai. or A. M. Osburn. The funeral
of Alexander M. Osburn, aged 73 yoars,
took place yesterday morning from his
late residence In Montavllla, under the
auapieos of Hawthorne Lodge, 111, A. F. ;
& A, M.. of which he was a member, j
Rev. G. A. Learn conducted the services
at tho house, and the Masonic order gave
Its funeral ceremony at the interment,
which took place In the Masonic Cemetery
on the Sandy road. Mr. Osburn was a pio
neer of 1S6L
For Assaulting a "Waiter. John Mil
ler and Jack Krutwig, of the Administra
tion restaurant at the Lewis and Clark
Reposition, were arrested last night for
asmuHing R. Payton. a waiter in the
Q&tafcttsttntcnt. Krutwig hit Payton on
the head with a frying-pan, inflicting only
a sHght wound, and it is alleged Miller
made an attempt to draw a knife. Krut
"w was placed in the County Jail and
Miller released on his own recognizance.
Boston Man Bora Propertt. Rev.
Hiram Vrooman. of Boston. Mass., yes
terday completed the purchase of a ten
acre tract of land near Lents. Mr. Vroo
man i6 so much taken with this country
that he may make his home here, and
also will have his relatives come out. Ho
is a Swedcnborgian New Church minister,
an one of the leading men of that church.
For Enticing Girls Saloons.
Charged with enticing young girls into
naioone. R. B. Moxley and A. D. Stout, in
company with Pearl Cad well, 18 yoars
old. and Sttde Sealblnder, 16 years old,
wore arrested last night by Detectives
Kay and HeJlycr. The girls will appear
as witnesses against the men.
Warrant Out for Kidnaper. Frank
Langsworth. who attempted to kidnap the
3-year-old son of Mrs. Etta Baker, at Ivy
street and Albina avenue, Tuesday morn
ing, left for Denver. Colo., Tuesday night.
He said before leaving that he would re
turn aivl take his boy from the mother.
A warrant is out for his arrest.
Mbubbrs and their families of all the
German societies and lodges who have
participated In German day celebration at
the Fair are kindly Invited to attend the
ban at Arlon Hall, Second and Oak. Fri
day evening, S o'clock, in honor of the
officers and crew of the German cruiser
Falke. No formalities. ,
Arrested for Stealing Salmon.
David Black, a longshoreman, was ar
rested at the Alnsworth dock at 11 o'clock
last night on a charge of stealing canned
salmon. Thefts, It Is said, have been
going on for several nights. Black was
caught In the act of putting three cans of
salmon in his pocket,
Falls From a Street-Car. Mrs. C. B.
Ross, of Parma, Idaho, living at the Good
nough building, fell from a street-car at
Fifth and Morrison streets at 5:30 o'clock
last night and was sllghly bruised about
the head. She was taken to her room by
a physician.
Takes Up Washington-Street Spur.
The Pacific Bridge Company, having com
pleted the embankment on East Wash
ington street, yesterday removed the side
spur extending from Grand avenue to
East Washington street.
For Allowing Minors in Saloon. E.
L. Keyser. proprietor of the San Francisco
saloon at Sixth and Everett, was arrested
last night by Detectives Kay and Jones,
on a warrant charging him with permit
ting minors in his saloon.
suffers From Convulsions. Dr. Rob
ert Lanier was picked up atz21 Morrison
street, last night, suffering from convul
sions. He was taken to Good Samaritan
Hospital In the patrol wagon.
Tbmtle Beth Israel. Dr. Stephen S.
Wise will preach this evening on "Things
Hidden and Revealed." The services be
gin at o'clock, and strangers are always
Launches for German warship at Mer
rill's boathouse. north-slde Morrison st.
Gasoline and coal oils from the Acme
OH Co. are the best. Phone East 7S9.
Fare 10c to stock show, Merrill's boat
house, north side Morrison bridge.
The Calumet Restaurant, its Seventh.
Fine luncheon, S5c: dinner. 50c
laundry Men Will Meet.
The semi-annual meeting of the Ore
gon and Washington Interstate Laun
drymen's Association will take place
In the Chamber of Commerce Hall,
Monday and Tuesday, when about 100
members are expected from Oregon,
Washington ' and British Columbia.
Headquarters will be at the Oregon
Hotel, and the banquet will be In the
Commercial Club, Monday evening.
The organization meets for social ses
sions only.
Treasury Department Regulations as
to Payment of Duty.
ington, Sept. TL Secretary Shaw today
made public Instructions ifsued to cus
toms officers governing withdrawals of
exhibits at the Lewis and Clark Exposi
tion. The instructions read as follows:
Under the special act Of Congress establish
ing the Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposi
tion, sales arc permitted during Its continu
ance, but delivery or goods aold It to be with
held until the close of the Fair.
Errorcement of this latter restriction de
volves properly upon the Exposition author
ities, who are In control of the local police
and responsible for the protection of ex
hibits. When duUes have been received by
the Collector upon merchandise contained In
auy exhibits, he will regard such exhibits as
released from customs control except so far
as concerns the supervision necessary to se
cure export, with refund of duty.
Any exhibitor Intending to dispose of all
or a portion of his exhibits will be allowed
at any time to make entry for consumption
for original full cases and to pay duties
thereon, subject to refund of the duty actual
ly paid upon any portion of the same, which
shell not be removed from the Exposition
until duly exported in bond therefrom.
Goods which have been Imported by exhib
itors in excess of those used as exhibits and
stored on this account In a bonded ware
house may be withdrawn at any time for
n6UP'tlon on payment of duty. Whenever
dutyja!d goods ot this class shall be ex
ported without having left the custody of
the Collector, duty paid thereon, less one per
cent, wiu be refunded.
Exhibit; entered for exportation without
pajisent of duty are not subject to appraise
ment. Merchandise comprised In any exhibit
at the Lewis and Clark Exposition and en
trd far tranuportatlon In bond to ether
ports must te appraised, and duties on same
will te collected at ports of delivery. Ex
hibits entered for consumption will pay duty
on appraised value and on such articles at
shall have suffered diminution or deteriora
tion fro mlncldental handling and necessary
exposure, duy if paid, shall be assessed ac
cording to appraised value at time of with
drawal for consumption. No claim will be
entertained for loss or damage occurring
after appraisement has been made.
Imported materials admitted as exhibits
an.l utilized at the Exposition In the con
struction and decoration of buildings, booths,
iitands, etc., should be formally abandoned
by owners thereof. If goods are not to be ex
ported or duty paid. They will be cold at
public auction or otherwise disposed ot to
the best advantage. The proceeds will, so
far as practicable, be applied to the payment
of expenses and duties, under the rules gov
erning unclaimed merchandise. Any Import
ed exhibits may be similarly abandoned, and
will be treated as unclaimed. Exhibitors are
requested to give formal notice of such aban
donment in order to facilitate tlte closing of
their accounts with the Government
Duty-paid permits, or permits for export
will not be issued unless the account of each
exhibitor Is entirely closed by entry for con
sumption, transportation in bond, export or
formal abandonment. The Collector must
receive due notice of propoted packing of
any exhibit for export In order that con
tents of packages may be examined and veri
fied by the customs officers.
If any articles In the Exposition shall have
become so injured by exposure and handling
at to have lost tholr commercial value, they
may be returned by the appraiser as of "no
dutiable value." No duty will be assersed on
reasonable representative samples used by
the Jury of awards, if so certified by the in
spector of customs. If imported materials
in legitimate use In the Exposition have be
come so Incorporated with other materials
as to have lost their Identity, thus prevent
ing separate valuation, the appraiser may
report the aggregate dutiable value, and the
collector may claslfy according te the mate
rial of chief value.
After thv close of the Exposition, no fur
ther deliver of samples free ot duly shall
be made.
As th protection of property at the Ex
position has devolved solely upon the Expo
sition authorities, the department cannot
consider claims for allowance on account
of losses resulting from theft or depreda
tions. Duties must, therefore, be paid on
all gores which are claimed to have been
stolen, or which are not on hand.
Article of the character enumerated In
paragraphs 503. 638. 640. 702 and 708 of thu
tariff, act of ISO" may be withdrawn front
the Exposition free of duty under the condi
tions jTt-scrlbed by said paragraphs.
The circular closes with detailed routine
Instructions as to the manner of getting
exhibits through the Custom-House,
Is without doubt the finest roadhouse
In tho West. Old-fashioned Maryland
chicken, with corn fritters and cream
gravy is one of the many good things to
be had. Running dally an automobile
carrying twelve passengers will leave the
Oregon Hotel, stopping at the Portland,
Imperial and Perkins hotels, at 2, 4. 6, 8
and 10 P. M., making a beautiful ride of
14 miles (round trip) for JL Launches
may be had at MerrH's boathouse, foot
of Morrison street, which land at Clare
mont dock.
All the 'delicacies of the season at
the Portland Restaurant, fine, private
apartments for parties. Open all night
205 Washington, near Fifth.
The 26c merchants' lunch served at
Prima Cafe, on Fifth between Washing
ton and Alder, 11 A. M. to 2. P. M.. can
not be excelled. Try it and be convinced.
Reduced Freight Rate Made.
Transcontinental lines have made a re
duction from 75 cents to 50 cents the 100
pounds on strawboard in car lots from
Chicago to north Pacific Coast common
points, minimum carload weight 60.000
Cruiser Falke Like an
By Arthur A. Greene.
THE little cruiser Falke rides at an
chor down there In the harbor,
bearing false witness concerning the
prowess of a certain War Lord who
boasts that his navy is one of the finest
fighting things In the world. The of
ficers of this German man-of-war say
they are taking her home to tie her up
for keeps. That is one of the finest
ideas Neighbor Wiihelm ever had, for
the inefficiency of the Falke Is so ap
parent even to a rank land-lubber that
one cannot look at her and retain his
respect for the German navy. I may
be guilty of lese majeste in saying It,
but it's my unprofessional opinion that
the Bailey Gatzert with equal arma
ment and a crew of Uncle Sam's sea
fighters can lick the Falke for money,
marbles or chalk. Such a statement Is
not seemly perhaps, and the Ger
man commander may feel justified in
calling the bluff or worse yet bombard
ing the town, but really and truly the
Falke Isn't much ot a warship surest
thing you know.
She Is 18 years old, but 18S7 was not so
very long ago, and the Germans should
have built a better ship of her class even
then. A naval vessel 18 years old should
not be entirely obsolete. Surely, the Ger
mans didn't know much about building a
navy In 1S87.
Viewed from a distance, the Falke is
picturesque but not formidable looking.
She has three masts, one of them square
rigged, and carries a lot of canvas, and
her appearance generally carries one back
to the romantic days of the sea when
valiant old frigates of the line belched
broadsides at each other until they tri
umphed or died like the heroes of myth
ology. Tes, the Falke might be a wralth
ship from. Farra gut's fleet, trailed. jLciq.
callSed by the congregation
Will Preach Tonight and on tho
Occasion of the Jewish
New Year.
Dr. Wolf Winner arrived in Portland yes
terday morning from Meridan. Miss.,
where he has been at the head of the
Jewish congregation. He Is here In re
sponse to a call from the Congregation
Ahaval Sholom, to occupy Its pulpit tem
porarily. The call was made with the ob
ject of securing him permanently If sat
isfactory arrangements can be made, and
It was stated last night by Dr. Winner
and leading members of the local congre
gation that it Is altogether probable that
he will have charge of the rok from this
time on.
Congregation Ahaval Sholom. which last
year erected a beautiful edifice at Park,
and Clay streets. Is now in charge pf Rev.
R. Abrahamson, who has been associated
with the work of the organization for
nearly 20 years. Up to this time the serv
ices have been conducted according to the
Jewish ritualistic worship, and no ser
mons have been given. The membership
has increased until it now includes 100
families, and it Is thought best to Include
sermons In the work Hereafter, as is done
by many Jewish congregations. For this
work Rabbi Willner has been called to
Portland. Rev. R. Abrahamson will re
main here as cantor. 1
In discussing his new field of work.
Rabbi Willner said last night: "Ihave no
doubt that a satisfactory arrangement
will be made for my permanent stay In
Portland. The Congregation Ahaval Sho
lom has grown until It requires the serv
ices of two men. Rev. Mr. Abrahamson
has been doing very effective service for
the organization, and we shall share the
work Jointly. He will have charge of the
ritualistic work and part of the pastoral
duties, and I will deliver the sermons and
dex'Ote my time to the organization and
promotion of societies and clubs for the
study of Jewish history' and literature.
"During the past the Temple Beth Israel
has taken the lead among the Jewish
organizations in Portland. Jt will be ray
purpose to put Ahaval Sholom on the
same footing with Beth Israel, so that
there will be two very strong Jewish or
ganizations In the city. Dr. Wise, who is
a personal friend of mine, will co-operate
with me in attaining this end. In my own
church I shall form clubs and societies
among both young and ol'd for the promo
tion of all the higher branches of Jewish
endeavor. I regard It as Important for
our people to understand Jewish doctrines,
literature and history, and this object
will be kept constantly In view. It Is
probable that there will also be lntercon
gregatlonal organizations formed among
the members of Beth Israel and Ahaval
Sholom to carry on this work."
Rabbi Willner Is much pleased with
Portland. He visited different points of
Interest yesterday and was agreeably sur
prised at what he found. "Portland is
simply delightful," he said. "It will be a
great pleasure to work here."
Dr. Willner Is an old friend of Dr. N.
Mosessohn, the orthodox Jewish rabbi of
Portland, who Is very glad to welcome
him as co-laborer. President J. Shaman
sky also expressed his gratification last
night with the bright prospects of the
Congregation Ahaval Sholom under the
direction of Its new rabbi.
The first sermon will be preached by
Rabbi Willner tonight at 8 o'clock, on the
subject. "A Declaration of Principles,"
and will be a forecast of his policies and
methods. He will also preach tomorrow
morning at S o'clock h "Judahism In Our
Dally Life." ,Rosh.Hashanah, the Jewish
New Year. September 30 and October 1.
will be observed by the Congregation
Ahaval Sholom. The Temple Beth Israel
observes only the first day of Rosh Hash
anah. and is expected to celebrate the
second day with the Congregation Ahaval
What the Frees Agrnta Sa.
Captain Jinks of the Horse Marines.
The Belasco- stock company la In the very
height of Its fame this week, on account of the
beautiful performances of "Captain Jinks of the
Horse Marines," which It has been giving
nightly. It is finished in every respect and
equal to any road production. It is one ef
tho finest theatrical offerlngh of the season.
Regular matinee tomorrow.
Not Enough Seating Room.
Manager Baker 1 wishing that bis popular
playbeure on Third street was twice as large
at the present time. The musleal burlesque
hta met with such decided favor that capacity
during week nights Is not unusual. There are
two remaining performance! f the Merry
makers Musical Burlecque Company, lonlghl
-and tomorrow matinee.
"Vendetta" at the Empire.
"Fablo Remanl," which is playing at the
Empire Theater is a dramatization of Marie
CoreiU's famoue novel. "The Vendetta," and
is a melodrama of Intense interest. The
scene Is laid In Naples about the beginning
of the Seventeenth Century, and deals with
Italian duplicity and vengeance. The en
gagement doseo tomorrow night. A regular
matinee will be given tomorrow.
"The Chaperons" Tonight.
The merry, musical comedy, "The Chaper
ons," is pleaeing crowded houses nightly at
the Marquam Grand Theater on Morrison
Ancient Ship of War
this far port after all theseMong and mo
mentous 40-odd years.
Nowadays a warship Is an unlovely
thing, a trifle more Inspiring than a
kitchen range, and as sinister as a section
of gas pipe filled with dynamite. It was
not like that In the olden days. else no
painter would have painted "The Death
of Nelson" or "Don't Give Up the Ship."
Because the Falke bears some resem
blance to those ancient glories of the sea
she is well worth looking at.
She lacks the spick and spanness of a
modern American fighting ship. Her decks
are of wood, there Is a great litter of
colled ropes, which show long service,
and her metal-work shows rust. Her
Jackies are less natty than they might
be with more soap and better uniforms,
but they look more like real sailors and
less like T. M, C. A. boys out yachting
than our official sailor lads. They are
nearer to the Captain Marryatt men-o'-war's-men.
those beautiful ideals of our
boyhood days. They go aloft and luff
and belay and know a foretopsaU 'yard
from a hopyard. I'm almost certain one
of them yelled at me to "avast there"
when I was aboard yesterday. He said
it in German, but it sounded like a tough
waiter In a ham and eggery calUng an
order for a "stack of hots." Reckon he
must have told me. "avast."
If they could have spoken English I'm
sure they would have said "shiver my
timbers," for they were the realest sail
ors I've ever seen. Almost like the kind
who chased Captain Kldd in grand old
three-deckers, "as he sailed, as he sailed."
The Kaiser is wise In calling the Falke
home. She must have been a conces
sion to sea sentiment even at her be
ginning, and now she Is simply a ghost
of the past. She and her complement of
real sailors and officers are quite welcome
In this port. Hero's a stein to you all I
Prosit, and have a good time.
As a demonstration of WUhelm TVs
prowess on the sea, however, the presence
.of the old cruiser la. ourtterJj tfpr
from nytTirlrg '
Kreet. between Sixth and Seventh. This
clever pay and company will be the at
traction tonight and tomorrow night at 8:20
o'clock. Including a special rsaUnee tomorrow
at 2:20. Pretty girls, catchy music, bril
liant comedy, gorgeous costume are the
predominating features. Seats are now selling
for. every performance.
Seats Selling for May Irwin.
This mornlnr at 10 o'clock the advance
sale of teats will open at the Marquam Grand
Theater for that exuberantly mirthful person,
May Irwin, who will present her latest bril
liant comedy with music- introduced "Mrs.
Black Is Back." next Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday and Thursday nights, September
25. 28. 27 arM 28.
"On the Quiet" Monday.
This la "On the QuIeL" The funnlett play
ever seen In Portland will be- presented at
the, Belasco next Monday night. It Is the
piece In which WlUle Cotller made a wholo
nation laugh until Its sides ached, and the
Belasco stock, company will give It the beat
performance ever teen of the play since Col
lier cult doing It.
"The Ideal Burlesquers."
"The Ideal Burlesquers," which will appear
at the Baker Theater next week, starting with
the utual Sunday matinee; comet direct to this
city from New York. The company numbers
over 40 people with SO, beautiful young girls
In the chorus. A rpeclal bargain matinee will
be given Wednesday.
"The Convict's Daughter."
Tbe Convict's Daughter." the attraction
that will appear at the Empire Theater four
"nights of next week, starting Sunday matinee.
September 24, will be given this eeasoa with
an entirely new ecenic equipment, new cos
tumes, etc. and a stronger cast than has
ever been seen In the play before. The play
still retain that strength and Intensity that
has In the past won Its way Into the hearts
of the public.
"Sweet Clover."
At the Empire for three nights, commencing
Thureday, September 2S. "Sweet Clover," the
beautiful, wholesome comedy-drama will bold
sway. It Is a pretty story cleverly told and with
the original cast beaded by Otis B. Thayer
and Miss Gertrude Bondhlll. which produced
this play at the Marquam m successfully
last season, should be an entertainment ot
much merit. .
The Star Has a Good Show.
The Medallion Trio of Instrumentalists are
at the top of what Is probably one of the
best bills the Star has ever bad. The Medal
lions play on a number -of Instruments and
receive much applause. One of the best
Juvenile acta that ha ever been In Portland
Is that of the Gladstone children. The little
tots are very cute and are the biggest applause-winners
on the entire list.
Strong.Mcn at the Grand.
Of the many vaudeville acts showing feats
of strength, there la one at the Grand this
week which Is distinctly new In every reapect,
The DIetrlech brothers, three in number, are.
without doubt, wonders In the way of physical
development. Their act Is a series of feats,
not one of which has ever before been attempt
ed on a local ctage, nor with any circus. It
is an act that would shine on any all-feature
bill In the East.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Sonneuthell. of Galves
ton, Texas, are visiting Portland and the
Mrs. N. L. Curry has gone to Antelope,
Eastern Oregon, on a visit to her sister
for a few weeks.
The Misses May and Etta Cooper, ot
Santa Rosa. CaL, arc visitors at Portland
and the Fair for a few weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Luton, of SL Thom
as, Ontario, Canada, are visiting friends
In Portland and the Exposition.
WUUam C. Carl, of New York, one of
the foremost pipe-organists In the world.
Is at the Portland on his return from an
extensive tour of Japan.
W. J. Lyons, of the East Side Bank.
left yesterday for Newport on his vaca
tion. From Newport Mr. Lyons will walk
to Coos Bay and see the country In his
100-mlle tramp. He will return by the
first of the month.
Rev. Cull en E. Cllne. of Portland, who
has been a prominent member of the
Methodist conference of this state for sev-
Por Infants and Children.
Thi Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears tha
Signature of
The grocer would be too
comfortable if all his goods
were like Schilling's Best and
backed by the maker as they
are. ,
Moneyback '
No matter what
gloves you once
fancied the Gor-
j ri ? J
uon vjiovc is a sure winner,
.dry or muddy weather.
Gordon Gloves (T
S TTbea drestlsc yea will find a
I oat Skirt
fl a delight to pot on. If the garment is white,
H the CnUh Is perfect. If colored, the fabric
S $x.5 and more
eral years has started for Montana, where
he has been appointed superintendent of
the Kalispel misiton,
C W. U pshaw, of Kansas City, Mo.,
and wife are the guests of the former's
father, Rev. W. L. Upshaw. new pastor
of the Mississippi-avenue Congregational
Church. Mr. Upshaw is here on a vaca
tion, but may make Portland his home.
United States Senator William Warner,
of Missouri, will arrive In Portland this
afternoon to remain, until Saturday night.
He Is a member of the Board of Managers
ot National Hornet for Disabled Volun
teered Soldier?, and is West on a tour of
CHICAGO. Sept. 2L (Speclali) Oregonl
ans registered as follows:
From Portland R. Codman. at the
Great Northern; R. E. Norton, at the
NEW YORK. Sept. 21. (Special.)
Northwestern people registered today
as follows:
From Portland T. W. Valle, at the
Astor; B. I. Colburn. at the Holland.
From Spokane J. Brown, at the
From Seattle H. Hill, at the. Hol
land; Mrs. R. Boyce, at the Gllsey; E.
Marino, F. Marino, ,F. Beety, at the
Half Block Is Sold.
A half block on Irving street; be
tween Fourteenth and Fifteenth
streets has been sold by William
Reldt to the Wakeman-Morse Transfer
Company. The consideration stated In
the deed is $1. and- the actual price has
not been disclosed.
It is no longer necessary to take blue
pills to rouse the liver to action. Carter's
Little Liver Pills are much better. Don't
forget this.
I sold more Pianos than any other
houso in Portland in proportion to
help employed and expenses entailed.
This fact, in connection -with another
fact that I am the only Piano dealer
in Portland (with the exception ot
one on Third street) who buys for
spot cash, explains the reason "why
you can do better in buying your
Piano from me than from any other
Fair Visitors
During our special cut-price sale
of the world's finest pianos we will
also refund Fair visitors their rail
road fare to Portland and return
If thev Durchase their nlano from
our Portland store before the close
of the Fair. You will find our
prices much lower now than any
other Portland store, .quality of
goods considered. We ouy all our
feods "DIRECT" from Eastern s
actorles, at lowest possible prices.
You buy DIRECT from us, save
by the short cut. No use of your
contributing to the support of local .
agencies, commission men. etc A
comparison of our pianos and prices
with other dealers will show you
the wisdom of buying here which,
if you do. will also entitle you to a
refund of your railroad fare there-
by giving you a free rido to Port- e
land and return. Isn't this worth
your while? It costs you nothing
" to investigate, uo rrao it now.
Bring this notice with you It con-
tains our name, address, etc
i Soule Bros.Piano Co. I
372 and 371 Morrison, cor. W. Park.
The Portland
Do you love good music? Yoa
can select your choice froaa a pert
. folio of 00 nieces of popular rnusla
of the world, and Professor Am
sterdam and iCi Hungarian orches
tra will render it for you.
Everything to eat and drink, and
It costs no more in tho
Portland Hotel Eathskeller
than elsewhere In the city. Evry
weekday nitfbt from 9:30 to 12.
The classes of the Holme Business
College are being held in the Y. M. C
A. building pendhqr construction of
new quarters.
By special arrangement we extead
to our students all the privileges of
gymnasium, natatorium, handball court
bath, reading-room, etc, that go witb
membership in the Y. M. C A-
These special privileges are FREE
extra tutbea charge whatever.
Watch for announcement concerning-
our new location. Finest quar
ters in the city, being- specially
built and equipped for our use.
Write for information about com
mercial course, or call.
27-31 Y. .X. C. A. BUc-, T ertlMd, Or.
Connoisseurs Understand That There Is Nothing Better
Whiskey. Old, mellow and delightfully palatable, it is the ideal stimulant
- &
"We e.o crown and briflraworfc wltSout pain.
Oct IS years prleiO In plats work
enables u to fit your taoatb comiort&blr..
Dr. Vt. A. tVlsa bis found a f way to
extract teeth absolutely without pain. Dr.
T. P. lYlie la an expert at sold filllsx
and crown and brldrework. Extracting frt
it ten plv.t or bridges are ordered.
WISE BROS., Dentists
ratlins Butldlnr. cor. rhlrd and 'Wash. SU.
Open even In till 8 o'clock. Sundays from
9 to 11 Or Slain 2023.
4 Msee. 1S to 8&e Each.
SANTAKLLA CO.. Makers. Tampa, 71a.
6ERSQK& HART, Distributers, Portland, Or.
are held by our graduates all over the Pacific NorthwesjL Calls for
office help pour in daily; from 3 to 6 being the average. Quality
counts; reputation means something. It pays to attend our school.
It Will Cost Nothing
to examine into the advantages we offer. You can make compari
sons; we can hardly do so. Visit our school, if possible. If not, send
someone in your place. Seeing is believing. "We know we have the
best, hence our urgent invitation
our school will bear it. Open
work, business forms,
Park and Washington Streets
Our jiight school is in session on Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday and Friday evenings from 7 to
9:30. Open the entire year. Night pu
pils receive as careful attention,
as day; same teach
ers in charge.
PPTJWT.WfiltfEB BITCTOFCC mi TITOT steakns block.
Willamette University
Nine Schools and Colleges, 45
Professors and Instructors; new
and thoroughly modern labora
tory equipment.
College of Liberal Arts in
creased its attendance 60 per
cent during the past year.
Opens September 26. For cat
alogue and particulars, address,
Salem, Oregon.
The Alien Preparatory Sciioo
Corner East Twelfth and Salmon at. Fits
for all Eastern colleges and scientific schools.
Fl opportunities tor outdoor sports. Firth
year begins September 25. 3905.
Tor catalogue addreaa MARGARET v.
ALLEN. Principal. 912 Kelly at., Portland.
Or. TIeaosis "tfala C43S.
No Kitchen Complete
Without an annunciator to- tell the serv
ant, maid and the cook your wants. We
can so wire it that the mistress needs
but to press her foot on a button con
cealed under the carpet underneath the
table to summon the waitress. All kinds
of electrical wiring and materials to be
had here.
Western Electric Works
No. 61 SIXTH St. . Portland, Or.
Phone Main 1696
Children suffering from defective vision and
consequent eye-strain cannot do good, school
work. We "will examine little men's and little
women's eyes free this week and supply glasses,
if needed, at reduced rates.
We are headquarters for
French ranges, portable and
brick set; cabinet bake
ovens, retinned and copper
restaurant utensils, steel
ranges and cook stoves.
TJks "S" Car ta. N. 13th ariif into Sis.
CURIOS, Antiquities, lomantaniSeli.
Indian Stone Knives Relics, Carvings and Idols in
Ivory; Stone. Bronze, eic War Clubs. Spears. Bows.
Masks. Baskets. Boloi. Mats, Skulls of all Nations.
HEADS and HORNS sf Animals. War Medali.
Native Body Ornaments and Dress, Ancient Flint
Guns and Pistols. Coins, Shields. Antique Silver and
Armor, Shells. Send for Photos. "Vholesaiii Dealer.
Nathan Joseph,M4MercliaiitSt.S.F.C4
X J 12.00 FULL. SEX
FOR $8.00.
XTanlns. Monday
and Thursday, until a.
Fred Vrebn. D. D. S.
m Deltas Bldx.
$chwab Printing Co.
to call.
Investigate critically
the year. Catalogue, pen
Call, telephone or write.
A. P. Armstrong, LL.BV Principal
Sixth and 3forrkea.
MAIN 590
X Protestant Boarding and Day
School for Girls
Certificate Admits to Smith. Wellesley aad
Other Colleges.
Unusual Advantages In Music Piano, Vlolls
and Vocal Fine Art Studio.
Writ for Illustrated Catalogue.
1'or Further Information Address
Julia P. Bailey, Principal
Caaaoa Hill, Spokane, Wash.
Incorporated boarding and day school tat
boys ab&Te age ot eight. New bullalngs oa.
elevation near city. Dry and lavlgoratlag
atmosphere especially beneficial te thee
Ircia Coast rejlon. Ttsxhera cotlece gradu
ates; Careful supervision and p-rtpratka
for college or buslnes. Add re -