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on a, sacrifice and an out. Cleveland
played an almost -perfect fielding: same.
Attendance, 7G0& Score:
Cleveland ....1 6 Philadelphia J 4 i
Batteries Joss and Wakefield; Plank
and Powers.
Commuters Take Brace and
Play Snappy Game.
Goes Aground at Cliff Point
Early "in the Morning.
St. Ix) uls 5, Boston S.
BOSTON". Sept. XL St. Louis won a
poorly played same today. Boston's hita
were the better bunched, but the visitors
made theirs in conjunction with the mis
plays of the locals. Attendance, 3400.
St. Louis 5 7 5jBoston 3 7 4
Batteries Buchanan and Spencer; Gib
son and 'Armbrustcr.
Chicago 3-6, Xew York 2-2.
NEW YORK. Sept. 2L Chicago won
Big; JPortland Backstop Slakes tho
Glrcuit on a Sacrifice and an
(Error in tho Seventh
rAcinc coast league.
Yentcrday's Rsult.
Oa6. S; Pertlervd. 1. ,
HiMMm. 4; Seattle. 2.
Hr. Aftgolcs. 6; San Francisco, 5.
Standing of the Clubs.
Wen. Loot- P. C
Oa.Vton4 30 20 .000
ierU 28 21 .323
AnsolfS 22 21 .,512
7hm 21 25 .457
3le 20 24 .435
8u FratMlso 20 25 .444
SAJC- FRAJCCISCO, Sopt XL (Special.)
QaldtMtd wn today's game from tho
OtaM by hard hitting and snappy flold
teg. The Commuters scorned to take new
life rra the warm weathor, while the
mon from Oregon looked like a bunch of
4tac4 vtolots at the end of the game.
The Jto&l score was, Oakland S, Portland 1.
MoLoan saved Portland from a white
wash, making the round on a sacrlflco and
aa onr in the seventh. Garvin lost his
raslna early in the game, going to pieces
to tke fourth Inning. He braced for a
time, fettt in the last Inning Oakland hit
Mm alBMst at will. Four times he was
Tapped t for a two-bagger. The score:
Vms HUtren, of. 3 2 4 0 2 0 0
KinnSr. rf. 2 1 0 0 2 0 0
WlfiTT. t 5 1 2 0 0 0 0
MMtitmaa. lb. 4 1 2 0 13 0 0
Kelly. 2. 3 0 0 0 2 3 0
JtMtefcrfls, Sb. 2 1 1 2 1 3 0
psmaks, sb. 4 12 114 1
Bwm, C 4 0 0 0 4 1 0
p. 4 1 2 0 0 0 0
JtaakrU. lb. 0 0 0 0 2 0 0
744 S3 8 13 3 27 10 1
At Mi. 4 0 2 0 1 4 0
3Cree. rX. 4 0 1 0 1 0 0
'Brn,. r. 3 0 0 0 0 0 0
MtMHiq. lb. 3 0 0 0 10 0 0
Ctfjaflr. Sb. 2 0 0 1 0 2 0
at, . 4 i o o s 'i o
aufMwfe. mi. 4 0 1 0 0 0 1
Smaw. b 4 0 1 0 2 2 1
rv. b. 2 0 0 0 1 2 0
SMilt 30 1 S 1 24 11 2
Pw4 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1
UaM Mta 000220010 S
OaMattfl 0 0 0 3 0 0 3 2 8
Bate Mti 0 2 1 4 00 3 3 13
T w-bft e Wt Mesklman, Van Haltren,
.IHWiray. Ifeerg.
SafiOaf Mis Kruger, Van Buren, Kelly,
mm liaee errsr Portland. 1.
First kase R called balls Oft Iberg, 3; off
WLt. S.
Laft r bases Oakland 7. Portland 7.
Struck By Iborg 1. by Garvin 8.
Pmfcli play Kelly te Francks; Schlafly
m Ate t Mitchell.
WIM pilebes Garvin 2, Iberg 1.
Mmr mt laune One hour and 25 minutes.
Umpire ft rlne.
Win Out Against Errorless Ball of
San Francisco Team.
LOS ANGELES, Sept. 21. Los Angeles
tofe&tod San Francisco today by superior
featitag. Tho visitors played errorless
"fcftM. and Toman made both of the er
rors credited to the home team in the
jtfih lnatag. Both pitchers were wild,
Gray giving seven bases on balls and
WfceeJoc six. Bernard secured a home
Tm lit the third inning with two men on
'bases. The score:
b a
Les Angeles 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 2 16 S 2
Sut Francisco 0 0001200 25 6 0
Batteries Gray and Spies; Wheeler and
Umpire Davis.
Vickcrs Strikes Out Thirteen Men,
but Allows Eight Hits.
SEATTLE. Wash., Sept. 21. A bad
orrr by Bennett, of Seattle, and a
fage hit by Tacomo, in tho ninth in
King today tied the score with the
fee ib e toam. In the tenth three more
hits scared two more runs, and the
ITigers won out. Vlckera of Seattle
streak out 13 men, but was touched
up fer eight hits. The score:
R. H. E.
Seattle ...0 10010000 0-2 S
T&ma ..0 00100001 24 8
Batteries VIokers and Blankenshlp;
Brown. Emerson and Graham.
Umpire McDonald. ,
Householder Is Now a Seal.
LOS ANGELES. Cal., Sept. 21. (Soe
alal.) Eddie Householder, formerly of
the tPoruand team, has been, signed by
J?arko Wilson, of tho San Francisco
itsam. and played in right field In to
day's frame hore. Spencer, who has
been playing right field, will be kept
t&s tne uuuiy ncioer.
Philadelphia 8-1,' Pittsburg 3-6.
PITTSBURG. Sept 21. Plttinger's good
Ttahlng defeated Pittsburg In the first
"game, and the ease with which Brady
was found In the second reversed the re
st. Attendance, 5600. Score:
First game
R.H.H.I ' R.H.E.
'Pittsburg 3 4 3PhIladelphla ..S 12 :
Batteries Phlllippe, Flaherty and Peltz
.Pittlnjrcr and Dooln.
- Second game
R.H.E.I ' R.H.E.
Pittsburg 6 12 . 0PhIladelphIa ..1 4
Batteries Lynch and Gibson; Brady and
Umpires O'Day and Kletn.
Detroit 5, Washington 1.
WASHINGTON, SepL 21. Detroit easily
defeated Washington In the opening game
here today. Mullln and Kitson were puz
zlcs to the local batsmen, while Hughes
was tut hard. Attendance, 1300. Score:
R.H.E.! R.H.E.
Washington ..1 C 4DetroIt 511
Batteries Hughes and Hcydon; Mulun,
Kitson and Warner.
Philadelphia 2, Cleveland i.
PHILADELPHIA. SepL 21.-iln the
trlghth inning, with the score tied.-Monto
'Crocc doubled .and scored, the winnta? run
) both games of today's double-header with
New xoric xtmoiy oatung won toe
J double -victory, and long hitting was a.
feature in both contests. Attendance. 6000.
First game
R.H.B-1 B.H.E.
Chicago S'9 OJNcw Tork ....2 .5 0
Batteries White and Sullivan; Cbesbro
and Kleinow.
Second game
Chicago 6 9 ljNew Tork ....2 7 3
Batteries Smith and McFarland; Orth
and Kleinow.
Holman Is Conditioned and Good
dell Has Minor Injury.
2L (Spoelal.) With the season Just fairly
beginning and the first, game yet to be
played, the freshman squad from which
It is hoped to develop a team that will
defeat theUniverslty of California young
stcrs, has suffered a severe setback in the
loss of two promising men, one of whom
will probably not be able to got Into the
game at all, and the other perhaps only
tempararily disabled.
Raymond Holman and Lane Gooddell
are the unfortunate athletes referred to.
both from Portland, the former having
been the crack quarterback on Hill Mili
tary Academy ever since its establish
ment, and tho latter having served the
Portland High School well for several
years at end and fullback. The immedi
ate cause for Holman's Inability to get
Into the game is an unusually heavy
course of studies which a deficiency in
entrance credits makes necessary. De
spite tho fact that the freshman material
is unusually large and excellent tnls
year, in the opinion of the critics the
former H. M. A. jnan had fine prospects
of, being the third successive Portland boy
to lead the freshman teams at quartor-
Gooddell's Indisposition is not of such
a serious or permanent nature. A slight
attack of blood poisoning arising from a
trivial scratch which he received in his
foot. Is the immediate cause of his re
tirement from the field. Aunough una
ble to participate In practice now, with
proper care the High School bos ought
to be able to get Into his suit again soon.
Gooddell has an excellent chance to make
a position on the team.
Makes Best Record of Year In Close
COLUMBUS. O., SepL 2L What is said
to be the best time record that the Grand
Circuit has ever known was made at -the
Columbus track today, when 16 heats
wore trotted and paced to an average of
2:07 11-16. Wentworth's victory in the
2:06 trot was the sensation. Gtrge G.
took the first heat and led past the half
in the second. There he broke and Went
worth nosed out Dr. Strong, the favorite.
Wcntworth took a record of 2:0i4 when he
won .this heat. The time is the .fastest
of the year and equals the race trotting
record of last soason. Time by quarters:
31. 1:01. 132, 2:04.
Albert C stood best in the summary at
the end of the fifth heat of the 205 trot
carried over from Wednesday and "was de
clared the winner. Results:
The 2:15 claea. trotting, purse 51000. three
in five Albert C- won third &nd fourth heats
In 2:09. 2:11. Evelyn Bird wen first and
second heats in 2:10V. -:00Vi. Bereazelle
won fifth heat la 2:11 U.
Board of Trade. 2:0b pace, nurse 42000.
three heats Citation won first and secend
heats in 2:06. 2:00. Peruna wen third heat
in 2:00.
The 2:12 trot, purse S1000. three In five-
Mainland won second;, third and fourth heats
In 2:llfe. 2:09V. 2:00Vi.. Helen Norte won
first heat In 2:09 V.
The 2:0G class, trotting, purse 51200. three
heats Wentworth won second and third
heats in 2:04. 2:07 George G. won first
heat in 2:00);.
The 2:06 class, pacing, purse 51200. three
heats Maude Keswick ''jwon three straight
heats in 2:04&. 2:04. 2:00.
Races at Gravcscnd.
NEW YORK, Sept. 2L Gravesend race
About six furlongs Ke&ter wen. Lochlavar
second. Bell Indian third. Time, 1:11 4-5.
Mile and a sixteenth Jocund won. Work
men second, Voladay third. Time, 1:50 4-3.
! lve and a hair ruriongs Jacobite won.
Arkllrta secend. Raven, third. Time,
1:0S S-C.
The Hindoo stakes, about one mile and six
furlongs Merrj Lark won. Cairngorm sec
ond. Chrysolite third. Time, 3:03 1-5.
Mlie and a furlong Grenade wen. The
Southerner seoond. Arsenal third. Time.
1:50 3-3.
About six furlongs Midas won. Lawsonlan
second. Larable third. Time, 1:12 1-t.
Dan Patch Paces Mile to Sulky and
Wagon at Allentown.
ALLENTOWN, Pa., SepL 21. (Spe
cial.) Dan Patch, unbeaten son of Joe
Patchen. at the Allentown fair today
oroKe me worja s recoras within an
hour. First ho paced a mile In 2:01
flat, taking two seconds off the world's
record on a half mile track to a sulky
Later In tne afternoon he went
against the world's -wagon record on
a half mile track of 2:114, held by his
sire. Joe Patchen, and reduced it to 2:35
flaL The feats were witnessed by 5,000
Association Football.
The last practice of the Portland As
soclatlon football club, before the tour
nament next week, will be held at the'
baseball grounds. Twenty-fourth "and
Vaughn streets, tomorrow afternoon at
4 o clock, when all association plnyers,
whether members of tbeelub or not,
are asked to attend, as the eleven to
represent -Portland at the tournament
will be chosen Monday. Portland is
showing up very well- this season In
the kicking game, especially In the
back division, and is being picked as
winner against the strong Ilwaco Club.
Finals in Tennis Tournament.
Tho finals in the Irvlngton tennis tour
nament will be played oft this afternoon
and tomorrow, when Ewing and Wicker-
sham will contest in the men's singles,
Ewing' has a small handicap over his op
ponent, and a close and exciting contest
is expected. The men's doubles betwen
Ewing and Herd man and Rohr and
Wilder are also attracting attention.
Good Prospects at McMInmille.
(Special.) Frospects for a strong foot
ball team this Fall are very good. Thus
far nearly all of last year's team has reg
istered, and several promising new ,stu
dents have signified their Intention to
try lor position. ,
Three Hundred Tons of CoaL-3Inst
Be Lightered Before Vessel Can
Be Floated Arrangements
for Lightering Made.
ASTORIA, Or., Sept. 2L Special.) The
British steamship Oceano Is hard aground
on the sands on the north side of the river
and will be compelled to lighter 300 or 40i
tons of coal before she can be floated.
While being taken to the quarantine sta
tion, shortly after 6 o'clock this morning,
the Oceano ran her nose on the sand spit
on the south side of the channel at Cliff
Point, about three-fourths of a mile be
low the quarantine station. The vessel
draws U feet forward and 16 feet aft,
and she ran onto the spit until she hangs
amidships, with her bow and stern both
In deep water. At the point where the
accident occurred the channel is not over
850 feet wide, and the red spar buoy that
formerly marked this spit has been gone
for more than a year and a half.
Captain Da vies came to Astoria this
evening and made arrangements to begin
lightering the steamship In the morning.
As the vessel grounded at the top of high
water, it is expected that not less than 303
tons of coal will have to be taken out.
Llfc-Snvlng Crew and Tug Make
Fruitless Search.
MARSHFIELD, Or.. SepL 21. (Special.)
The life-saving crew reached Port Or
ford at 3 A having made a thorough
search without finding any trace of a
wreck. The steamers Alliance and Break
water arrived in at Marshflcld at 9 A M.,
both reporting no signs of a wreck. Tho
Tug Triumph went out from Ban don at
4 o'clock in the morning and searched un
til 1 o'clock, and saw nothing.
Two boys say they saw something they
thought was the raft of a steamer lying
beyond a point, and it Is possible the
castaways have been picked up.
United States Inspector Passes on
Spencer-Dalles City Incident.
rv FRANCISCO. SodL 2L Captain
John Birmingham. United States Super-
islng Inspector of Steam vessels, toaay
sustained the decision of the local inspec
tors of Portland. Or., In the case of Cap
tain E. W. Spencer, but ordered tho sus
pension of the license of Captain G. H.
Cammon. The captains were In charge or
the river steamers Cnarles R. Spencer and
Dalles City at the time of their collision
on the river below Portland, May 31 lasL
Rcgulutor Lino Will Tow Dredge.
Manager Talbot, of the Regulator line of
steamers, reports a heavy traffic In wheat
from tho Upper Columbia and says he
anticipates that the amount of wheat
shipped out of the KHckatat this year
will be double the amount of last year.
In order to remove the sand at the up
per and lower approaches to the Cascade
Locks. Manager Talbot has offered to tow
a dredge to that place for the Govern
ment without charge.
His offer has been accepted by Major
. W. Roessler. United States Engineer.
and It is expected that dipper dredge No.
2 will be towed to the Cascade Locks some
time next week.
The dredge is now at work on the Wil
lamette above Salem but will finish there
Monday or Tuesday of next weok.
Rcgulnr Traffic Resumed.
tween Japan and Russia having come to
an end, the Toyo Kisen Kalsha, or Jap
anese Steamship Company, is to resume
Its regular mail, passenger and freight
service between San Francisco and the
OrlcnL It was officially announced today
that the service will be resumed on Sep
tember 28, when the steamship America
will leave Kobe for this city, arriving
here on October 17. On the return trip
she will leave here on October 27 for
Steamer America Catches Fire.
The Steamer America caught fire
near Llnnton yesterday morning sup
posed to have started from sparks from
the smokestack.
It burned fiercely for a time, but
quick work with tho fire apparatus by
the crew soon quenched the flames.
The Jossle Harkens stood by to render
assistance if necessary until tho flames
were extinguished.
Captains Will Be Tried Today.
The cases against Captain Sherman, of
the Bailey Gatzert, and Captain Bough
maun, of the Telephone, for exceeding the
special limit in the harbor will come up
for trial this morning at 10 o clock.
lively time Is expected as Harbormaster
Biglln is determined to enforce the law
regulating speed within the harbor limits.
Three Vessels Chartered.
Three vessels were reported char
tered yesterday. The Arthur Fitger to
load lumber for Australia, chartered by
J. J. Moore at 32s 6d.
The Ellbek by Kerr Glfford & Co. to
load wheat for South Africa and tho
Dumboyne to wheat for Europe.
British Steamers Get the Business
SEATTLE. Sept 21. Special. Brit
ish tramp steamers have been char
tcrcd to carry the 23,000,000 feet
lumber to be cut by Puget Sound mill
for delivery to the government at-Pan
a ma. Cheaper rates is given as tho
Russia Charters the Garonne.
ODESSA, Sept 2L Tre government has
chartered the American steamer Garonne,
which, with the Angara and the volunteer
fleet Dtearaer St Petersburg, Kostromla
and Nlzhnee Novgorod, will start for Jap
an soon to repatriate the Russian prison
Pilot Steamer to Be Repaired.
ASTORIA, Or., Sept.2L (Special.) The
pilot schooner Joseph Pulitzer left dp the
river this morning for Portland, where
new masts will be placed In her.
Flotilla Bcturns to Port.
pedo-boats Fox and Davis and the tor
pedo-boat destroyers Farm gut and Preble
have returned from Santa Cruz.
Captain Meyers Fined Hcavllj
SAN FRANCISCO, Sept 2L Captain
William Meyers, of Jths steamer Led ana. w,
-mn-ntfiiil cesibautSeB of ttvl& euabtr
asd low price. Thk cosbtBatieii u what makes
McKIBBIN HATS iir choice with joogei el
hit value cveryw&erc
today pleaded guilty In Judge De Haven's
court, to having permitted the escape of
Chinese cook. Captain Meyers expected
fine of 5101 but was fined 550). his viola
tion of the law Involving the necessity of
Imposing the heavier penalty.
Saunders Applies for Papers.
SAN FRANCISCO, SepL 21. Captain J.
W. Saunders, of the steamer Manchuria,
who was deprived of his master's and
citizen's papers, today applied In the Su
perior Court for first-Intention papers.
Marine Notes.
Work on the steamer Newport is being
rushed by the North Pacific Steamship
Company. She was placed In the drydock
at Oakland Creek yesterday.
Tho tug Daring, at Aberdeen, recently
hit a snag In the harbor, loosening her
wheel. She Is now on the marine railway.
having a new wheel fitted.
The American ship Berlin was moved
osterday from Band eld's dock to Mont
gomery docK ro. wnere sne will oe
loaded at once with wheat for San Fran
cisco. The German ship Oregon was shifted at
o'clock yesterday afternoon to the Ore
gon Water Power Company's dock, where
she will complete unloading her cargo of
The Swedish ship Clan MacFarlane was
moved yesterday afternoon from the
stream to W. P. Fuller & Co.'s dock,
where she will begin today to discharge
her cargo, a large part of which is glass
from the Belgian glass works.
Captain Sid S cammon resumed his po
sition as captain of Tho Dalles City
3'esterday morning, his license having
been returned to him by the Inspectors.
He will take out the Dalles City on his
run to The Dalles thlsmornlng.
Domestic and Foreign Ports.
ASTORIA. Sept. 21 Condition of the bar
at S P. M., modeate; wind norm; weatner
Arrived at 5 and left up at 8:20 A. M.
Steamer Columbia, from San Francisco and
steamer Roanoke, from Los Angele and way
Arrived at 7:30 and left up at 10 A. M.
Steamer Acme, from San Francisco.
Arrived at 3 JO P. M. Schooner Monterey,
in tow of tug Dauntless, from Monterey.
Arrived at 4 P. M. British bark Drura-
Arrived at 4:43 P. M. Steamer Whlttler.
from Puget Sound.
Barge Monterey up at 5:45.
SAN FRANCISCO. SepL 21. Sailed at B
A. M. Schooner Virginia, for Portland.
Arrived at 10:30 A. M. Steamer Su Paul,
from Portland.
Arrived Steamer Daisy Mitchell. Coos Bay;
steamer F. A. KUbum, Coos Bay; steamer St.
Paul. Astoria.
Sailed Steamer Sierra, Honolulu; ship, Wil
liam Mitchell. Taooma; steamer Leelanaw,
Seattle; ateamer Virginia. Portland; steamer
May. Llndauer. Gray's Harbor.
LONDON. Sept. 20. Sailed Mera. from Ham,
bur?, for Seattle.
HONGKONG. SepL 20. Salled-Ernpresa of
Japan. Vancouver. Via. Shanghai, Nagasaki.
Kobe and Yokohama.
Spanish Government Given Address
In 3Iadrld. '
CHICAGO, Sept 2L A letter received
yesterday from Madrid by Julius Rotben
burg. 4S0O Prairie avenue, may aid tho
Spanish government m running down the
Spanish prisoner gang of swindlers whose
world-wide operations have extended over
a period of several years. It will be
turned over to Berth old Singer, tho Span
lsh Consul, with the request that the Mad
rid authorities bo notified.
The letter purports to bo from a friend
who Is in a Spanish prison for -bankrupt
cy, and it requests help to recover 3210.000
in checks, payable to bearer, which aro
said to be hidden In a secret compart
ment in a valise which, with other pieces
of luggage, has been seized by the au
thorities. In order to recover tho money.
the letter says, it will be necessary for
Mr. Rothenburg to go to Spain and pay
the registry fee for the luggage, and, as a
reward, one-third of the 5210,000 is prom
lsed to him.
"The prisoner" signs only "R" and en-
Joins Mr. Rothenburg not to write In re
ply, but to telegraph to a trusted servant.
whose addres is 4 Hileras Scgundo, Mad'
rid, Spain. Then follows tho postscript
'Above all, for superior reasons, an
swer by telegram and not by letter."
American Coat of Arms. Defiled hy
Unknown Miscreant.
WASHINGTON. Sept 21. Mr. Qucsada,
the Cuban Minister, this morning person
ally handed to the Acting Secretary of
State a copy of the following cable re
celved from Scnor Offarrlll. Secretary of
State of Cuba:
"This morning the coat of arms of the
United States Consulate at Clenfuegos
appeared defiled. Express to the Secre
tary of State how deeDlr the government
de'plores this occurrence, which must not
be Interpreted as a demonstration of hos
tillty on the part of the Cuban Vcople to
ward the American people, but as an Iso
lated act due to a criminal hand to the
end of creating difficulties to the gov
ernment An immediate and scrupulous
Investigation has been instigated to pun
lsh the author of such repugnant action.'
The Cuban government has also apolo
gized to Charge d Affaires Slopcr at Ha
Changes on the Great Northern.
SPOKANE. Sept 21. Harry M. Adams,
assistant general traffic manager of the
Great Northern Railroad at Seattle, while
in Spokane today announced several
changes. H. A. Jackson, commercial agent
of the road and general freight and
passenger agent of the Spokae Falls
Northern, becomes assistant general
freight and passenger agent at Butte,
succeeding Archibald Gray, appointed gen
eral freight and passenger agent of the
Wlllmar St Sioux Falls Railroad, at Sioux
City, la. E. S. Blair, general agent at
San Francisco, comes to Spokane as gen
eral a rent. Frederick. Rodsew, of Sioux
Ill 1MMW m III mM
and Rugs
Our fall showing embraces many new patterns and colorings, which are absolutely new and, ,
novel in designs. Many handsome effects in floral, Oriental and domestic designs. In Axmin
sters our splendid showing and the unlimited display offers an attractive assortment for selec
tion. Bundhar Wiltons in a variety of patterns and colorings, many of which are exclusive.
Body Brussels in floral and conventional designs. Tapestry Brussels in many new iloral
and scroll effects. An extensive line of Ingrains in many new and well executed patterns and
rich colorings. ' .
French Wiltons, Amakins, Bundhar, Wiltons, Axminsters, Smyrna, Body Brussels, Tapes
try Brussels, and Ingrain Rugs in all sizesf in Oriental, domestic, and floral designs. Eco
nomically priced.
Today and Tomorrow
City, goes to Walla waua. n asn.. as
district nassenger and freight agent.
James Young, general agent at Milwau
kee, succeeds Mr. Blair at San trancLsco.
W. C. Wilkes, of the Oregon Railroad
& Navigation Company, at Moscow, Idaho,
becomes traveling freight agent 01 tne
Great Northern at Spokane.
Bay City Democrats Appoint Com
mittee for Conference.
Democratic Municipal convention met
tonight with Thomas W. HIckey pre
siding. After the appointment of the
usual committees a resolution was
adopted, authorizing fusion with the
Republicans. A committee of five was
appointed to confer with the Republi
cans on the selection of a municipal
ticket Another committee was namea
to select supervisors.
The convention adjourned to tne cau
of the chalr
Thnt Ha3 Terrorized Castle
Rock Is Broken Up.
CASTLE ROCK. Wash.. Sept 21. (Spe-
riai "Pok" fHarrv) Zenor. FranK uavi9.
William Reynolds ana itoy naywaru. ut
Castle Rock, have been sentenced at Ka-
lama, the first three to four years eacn
In the State Prison at Walla Walla, and
the last named to the Reform School at
Chehalls. Sentence was suspended In the
cfl-oe of Frank Davis, and ho Is to be re
leased on 5500 surety on condition of good
behavior. The boys were tried for bur
glary- Last November the boys iook a
ladder and gained an entrance to a resi
dence through an upstairs window and
took a number of article?, among wmcn
were two valuable watches. Zenor was
not with them at tho time of the robbery.
but he took the watches and disposed or
them In Portland. "Peg" Zenor is aooui
24 or 23 years old. Keynotes ana uavis
are apparently about IS or 20, while young
Hayward Is only 15.
The boys have been in a gang 01 rougn
young leiiows wno nave comuuucu u.
number of depredations during the past
lew years, iieyiiuiu? uuu uoj " & .
weeks ago went into the pasture of a
neighbor, a Mri Merrill, and brutally
slashed several $ws with a knife. Tho
All the boys and girls of Portland and vicinity. Commencing with
tomorrow, Saturday. September 23, and every Saturday and Sunday
hereafter, and during the present Summer season, at
You can come in our beautiful resort free of any admission to the
grounds. Tell all your friends, in and out of school, that Saturday
and Sunday is open to all children. Eemember, you take the 0. W.
P. & Ry. Co.'s cars from Pirst and Alder streets. They take you
direcfto the main entrance, rain or shine.
Watch the papers for our Great
Free Day and Night for the Ladies
D'Urbano's Soyal Italian Band every afternoon from 2 to 5. Every
evening from 7 to 11. Popular prices will prevail for the. rest of
the' season at
The Famous Oaks iavern
A cafe that has no superior in America. "The Oaks" open daily
, from 9 A. X. to 12 P. M. Admission -to grounds 10 cents Children
5 cents.
In our carpet department on the second floor is
shown the most complete and artistic assortment
of patterns in floor fabrics of e-ery description.
- SPECIAl SALE--Portieres,
,next day they went into Mr. Merrill's
barn and cut and stashed anotner nne
young cow to sucn an extent mm uju
animal bad to be killed.
Grand Ronde Farmers Are Pleased
With the Yield Shown.
LA GRANDE. Or. Sopt 21. (Special.)
The threshing season has- nearly closed,
there being but a few days of work
left In the heavy wheat-producing section
on the sand ridce. The general yield has
not varied greatly from the early esti
mates. Fields have been irregular and
the output for Spring-sown grain ranges
from 15 to 25 bushels to the acre and for
Fall from CO to 40 bushels.
The new variety known as Turkey Red
has. been quite extensively produced and
among a good many of the'farmers It Is
considered a first-class kind for the coun
ty. For Fall-sowing grain its especial
quality' Is that of standing severe weath
er and low temperature. Nearly all fields
of this variety have shown good yields.
The wind storm a few weeks ago did
some damage In shattering grain but this
loss as compared with the whole yield will
not be extensive.
Many farmers have their fields ready for
Fall sowing. The preparations for Fall
seeding are much earlier this year thaa
One of the best general grain yields of
the season in Grand Ronde Valley was
harvested by F. D. GaskllL who lives
about four miles from La Grande. Ha
had 160 acres which yielded a fraction
over 50 bushels per acre of flrst-grado
wheat J
Newspapers Left In Lurch.
ABERDEEN. "Wash.. Sept. 21. (Spe
cial.) The ordinance recently passed
by the Council requiring Itinerant
merchants to pay 515 a day license has
been prolific of good results to local
business men. but disastrous to the
newspapers. A Seattle firm which
dumped a" lot of goods here paid the
ileense a week, but suddenly de-
Sisters Are Exonerated.
ABERDEEN, Wash., Sopt 2L (Special.)
A letter alleged to have been sent by the
Sisters of St. Dominica, who control St
Rose's Academy, to School Director Rob
erts, who was temporarily Jn South Bend,
and which he declared he never received,
came back from the dead-letter office to-
Grilles and Curtains
day. The letter contained the informa
tion which Secretary MacFarlane, of the
School Board, required to secure an addi
tional S1000 from the state for school sup
port, based on the attendance at all
It was asserted that the Sisters -withheld
the Information because of thotr op
position to the public schools. The re
turned letter exonerates the Sisters.
Consul at Snn Francisco.
GUAYAQUIL, Sept 21. Miguel Aristiza
bal has been appointed Consul of Bcuado
at San Francisco.
When you feel languid, tireHj,
nervous and irritable, your vi
tality is low your supply 0$.
nerve energy, exhausted, and
your system-running down for,
lack of power,
The organs of the body are
working poorly, or not at all,,
and you are not getting the
nourishment needed. .This soon'
impoverishes the blood and in
stead of throwing off the im
purities, distributes it alf
through the body.' .This brings
disease and misery.
Feed the nerves x witfi Dr.
Miles' Nervine, a nerve food, a
nerve medicine, that nourishes
and strengthens the nerves, and
see how quickly you will get
strong and vigorous.
"My wife Buffered with nervousness
previous to a recent attack of typhoid
fever, but after her recovery from tha
fever, she was much worse, and could
hardly control herself being exceed
ingly nervous jshen the least excited.
She was very'restlcs3 at night, and
never had a good nlght'3 rest Sho
also suffered much from nervous head
ache. Dr. Miles Nervine was recom
mended by a friend. After the first
threo doses sho had a good night's
rest, and at tho end of the first week s
treatment she was wonderfully Im
proved. Continued use of Nervine has
completed her enUro cure."
1021 Chorry St., Bvansville, Ind.
Dr. Mttsa' Nervine Is sold by your
druoalotlVho will guaranteo that s
flrct bottlo will benoflt If It falls, ho
will refund your money.
Miles Medical Co"., Elkhart, Ind
Delicate enough for the softer
km, and yet efficacious in remorraj
any stain. Keeps the skin in perfect
condition. In the bath gives all tht
desirable after-effects of a Turkish
I bath. It should be on every -wasb
j stand.
These tiny Capsules are super km
to Balsam oi wplMjLA
CubcbsorlnjectionsundJ.IIDil 1
the same - diseases witel
' Sold Sjf all JrM2iti3.
vrco arc noa5eKpcwMii8n of
sexual sttsogth bodily rigoc need
Damiana. B ittrs.I t is mare's great
restorative. Made from the enaine
Mexfcaa plaat. Send for arraiar.
323MarfcetSc, S. F. All drnggitu