Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, September 21, 1905, Page 7, Image 7

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Giant Pitcher Holds Oaklands
Jo a Single Run.
At Critical times the Northerners
Brace Up, and They Swat the
Ball Where It Counts
Yeitcrdra Result.
Portland 5 Oakland 1.
1.0 y Anreffes 3 San Francisco 0.
At S&atU--N game, rain.
Standing of the Clubs.
IW'on. Lout. P.C.
Qaktoad 20 20 .502
PrtMMt 23 20 .533
Lm Abcs 21 21 .500
Snattlr 20 23 .405
i San Franclseo. ........ .20 24 .455
"Taewoa 20 25 .444
SAN FRANCISCO. Sopt 20. (Special.)
Besfck was the goods today and held Oak
land down to a single run. His support
was poor, but at critical moments the
whole team rose -to the .occasion. Port
land ran up Ave runs with no more hits
Uma their opponents.
It -was a pitchers' battle, and two bad
errors by Sweeney almost turned things
a potest Essick. but twice, when It looked
&e though Oakland would send in a bunch
of runs, the men steadied and Oakland
was retired with men on bases. The score:
Vn Haltren. ct 4 1 2 0 2 0 0
Xrucr. r 4 0 1 O 0 O 0
Mmtm'WT, h. ....... i a ,
vuis it s n i n is o l I
Xj. 2 4 0 0 0 7 3 0
TtMtwird. fe 4 0 1 0 0 2 0
Franks, m 4 0 0 0 1 8 0
Jfaofeett. e 4 0 2 0 1 6 0
eohmMt. p 3 0 0 0 1 3 0
MglEi8 1 0 0 0 0 0 0
Tbk 35 1 8 1 27 22 1
J9aMe tor Schmidt In ninth.
A Vz. w 2 2 0 0 2 5 1
XoCVoMc. rr 3 0 2 0 1 0 0
Va Bwren. K 4 0 1 0 1 0 0
MMoferil. lb 8 0 2 0 15 0 0
StUalf. 2 3 1 1 1 2 5 1
e 4 1112 10
MdHai;. of 3 0 1 0 3 0 0
ty. . . 4 0 0 0 1 2 2
B 2 1 0 0 0 1 0
iWats 2S 5 6 2 27 14 4
PortlaC ......... 1 1 0 0 1 0 0 2 0 o
HHi 1 2 1 2 1 1 0 0 08
0kJn4 .0 010000001
MHa 0 2 2 0 2 0 0 1 18
Two-base bits McHale, Moxklman and Mc
Xxiji. SKiSae hits McCredle and McHale.
3trrt hae on errors Oakland 2, Portland L
Bsseiin balls-Off Schmidt. 3; off Eselck, X.
X.tft R kasee Oakland. 8; Portland. 3.
StrtMk ot By Schmidt, 1; by Essick, 2.
Hit V pitch or Essick.
OowMe ptej AIz to Mitchell.
TttM rf cam One hour and 10 minutes.
fHr I'errlne.
Seals Are Shut Out by Spectacular
Work In the Field.
LOS ANGELES. Sept. 20. Barring a
trifle of wlldncss, Baum was 'In good form
today, and with his team playing errorless
ball bohlpd him and shutting off possible
run by repeated spectacular plays, was
able to shut out San Francisco, with a
total of but throe hits to tholr credit.
Ilauni. in addition to fielding his position
perfectly, batted In one of the runs of the
locals and came home with another hlm
plf. The score:
Los Angeles 0 010 0110 3 8 6
Sa Francisco 0 0000000 00 3 2
Batteries Baum and Spies; Williams
tutd Shea.
Umpire Davis.
Chicago 0, Cleveland 0.
CLEVELAND. Sopt." 20. Clevoland had
the game today well In hand until the
oighth innlag, whon seven errors and six
litt gave Chicago olght runs and the vic
tory. Attendance. 1200. The score:
R.H.E.1 R.H.E.
Clovoland 6 13 SJChlcago 9 11 3
Batteries Bernhard, Donahue and
Clark: Walsh, Altrock, Sullivan and Mc
Farlane. Boston 7, Washington 1.
WASHINGTON. Sept. 20. Ed Hughes
ptUafaed a splendid -ball game for Boston
today, and the locals were easily defeated.
Attendance, 1500. The score:
R.H.E.1 R.H.E.
Washington ..1 .5 lBoston .7 15 0
Batteries Patten. Wolfe and Heydon;
Ed Hughes and Crlger.
New. York 1 Philadelphia 0.
NEW YORK. Sept. 20. The New' York
Americans shut out Philadelphia again
today. The winning run was made in the
niata inning. Attendance, 3000. The score:
R.H.E.1 R.H.E
Philadelphia ..0 3 OJNew York 1. 5 2
Battories Henley and Powers; Hogg
and Klelnow.
Chicago 5, Cincinnati 4.
CHICAGO. Sept 20.' Cincinnati's errors
sad two of Chech's passes gave .Chicago
-all its runs today. The visitors did the
most hitting, but fell short several times
whon a hit would have won for them. At
tendance, 2200. The score:
R.H.E.1 R.H.E.
Chicago 5 7 2Cinclnnati 411 5
Batteries Wicker. Brown and Kling;
Chech and Schlel.
Umpires Overall and Lundgren.
Boston 3-1, Brooklyn 4-1.
BOSTON, Sept 20. Boston won the first
game from Brooklyn today. The second
-was called after the eighth inning, on ac
count of darkness, with the score a tie.
Attendance. 1200. The scores:
First game
Boston 3 6 Si Brooklyn 4- 1
Batteries Young and Needham; Scanlon
and Rltter.
Umpire Johnstone.
Second game
R.H.E.1 R.H.E.
Boston 1 8 1 Brooklyn 1 8 l
Batteries Willis and Mo ran; Doescher
and Bergen.
Philadelphia JS-7, New York i-1.
PHILADELPHIA. Sept 20.-The.PhUa-ftelDhla
National League team closed Its
season here on the borne grounds today,
defeating New York In the second game
of a double-header. Attendance, 4300. The
scores: 1
First game
Philadelphia ..3 7 OJNew York 6 9 2
Batteries Nichols and Dooln;. Ames and
Bresnahan. ,
Umpires Klem and O'Day.
Second game
R.H.E.1 " B.H.E.
Philadelphia ..7 13 OJNew York 1 -7 2
Batteries Sparks and Abbott; Taylor,
McGlnnity. Wiltse and Brcsnaoon.
Umpires Klem and O'Day.
Former Baseball Magnate Visits the
ICrls and Clark Fair.
Daniel Edward Dugdalc, of Seattle,
baseball magnate and former manager of
the Portland tearfS, drifted into town yes
terday for a short visit to the Exposition.
"Dug" Is accompanied by his wife, and
from Portland they will travel east for
an extended trip.
"Well, Dug, how is baseball?" the genial
magnate was asked.
"Everything Is lovely," replied the
Rainier Beach chicken rancher. "I
thought I was out of the game, but they
won't let roe alone. So I reckon I'll stay
with It to a limited extent for a short time
In response to a query as to his busi
ness in the East, Dugdale replied: "I am
going partly on business and partly for
pleasure. I have worked hard on my
ranch this summer, as you can notice by
my appearance, and I think I have earned
a vacation."
The fat man is actually some 20 or 39
pounds lighter than when in this city last
spring, and looks In perfect health. He Is
still interested in the PaclflcNorthwest
circuit, and says that there are bright
prospects for a paying circuit next sea
son. He is somewhat noncommittal as to
the towns to be comprised in the league
"up North," but expressed himself as
confident that It would prove a success.
He will remain in Portland or a day or
two, taking in the Lewis and Clark Fair,
which he says Is the greatest exposition
for compactness that he has-seen in the
last 10 years, having attended Chicago.
Buffalo, Omaha and St. Louis. In his
opinion Portland surpasses those In
beauty of Its exhibits.
Baseball Team Elects Officers.
At the meeting of the indoor baseball
team of Company B, hold in the Armory
last night. A. Dorthery was appointed
manager and Buss Williams was olooted
Big Agrlc Practiced lor Hours In
Summer Vacation.
CORVALLIS, Or., Sept. 20. (Special.)
Managor Stlmson received telegraphic
advice from Manager Decoto this morn
ing, fixing October 28, instead of Octo
ber 21, as the date for the O. A. C foot
ball game -with the University of Call
'fornia at Berkeley. The change was
made at the request of Manager De
coto, but was also desired by Manager
Stlmson, -who "will now be in a position
to close dates with other Northwest
teams for October games, negotiations
for which have been delayed sometime
pending settlement of the date for the
Berkeley game.
Hard practice takes place on the col
lege field each evening now, with two
and throe teams at work. Will Dunlap,
last year's guard, has Joined the squad,
and so have Finn, Little and others of
last year's second team, as well as
Rumbaugh, the former crack end on
the Albany College team, and two years
ago end on the O. A. C. eleven.
One of the new features Is that Cap
tain Root comes back this year as a
kicker of the first clas.s, promising to
equal cx-Captaln Pllklngton In that
very Important department of the game.
It is claimed that during' vacation.
while harvesting in the sagebrush re
gion, ho remembered that the Multno
mah and University of Oregon games
wore both lost by only a goal kick.
and that he spent hours and hours at
practice in booting, so that no calam
ity of the sort could happen this year.
Ex - Featherweight Champion Is
4 Knocked Out by Murphy.
PHILADELPHIA. Sept. 20.-George
Dixon, the cx-featherwelght champion,
wag tonight knocked out In the sec
ond ro'und of what was to have been a
six-round b6ut by" Tommy Murphy, of
New York, at the National Athletic Club.
The contest wag spirited while It lasted,
although It could be seen that Murphy
was master of the situation from the
The first round was a sparring contest,
but in the second Murphy assumed the
aggressive and succeeded in flooring Dixon
earls In the round. Later, after an ex
change of blows, Murphy drove a loft to
the solar plexus and Dixon went down
and out.
At Gravcscnd.
NEW YORK, Sept 20. Gravosend
race results:
About elx furlong Jake Sanderc won,
Bryan second, Cederstreme third; time,
Steeplechase, about two and one-half miles
Ruth'a Rattler won. Grandpa second, Pious
third; time. 5:04.
Five and one-half furlongs Arora t won,
Dodlna second, Cross Ways ' third; ft! me,
1:00 1-5. A
The Occidental Handicap, mile and a fur
long Proper won. First Mason second. Be
douin third; time. 1:55 2-5.
Mile and a sixteenth Bragg won. D'Arklo
second. Judge Hlmes third; time. 1:40 4-S.'
About six furlongs James Reddlok won.
Anodyne second. Brother Frank third; tlme.
1:12 1-5.
At Columbus.
COLUMBUS, O., Sept. 20. Grand Cir
cuit race results:
2:15 class pacing, purse tlOOO. three In
five, one heat run.Tuesday William W. won
second, third and fourth heats in 2:09,
2:10U and 2:11. Martha Young won first
heat in 2:10 and was distanced In second
2:19 trot, purse $10,000. Hoster Brewing
Company stakes, three heats, two run Tues
day Glenwood W. won first and third heats
In 2:09fc and 2:07. Pactolorodo won sec
ond heat In 2:10.
2:11 class pacing, puree $1000. three In Ave,
one heat run Tuesday Texas Booker won
three straight heats in 2:08, 2:05 and
2:13 class pacing, purse X1000. three In Ave
Julienne won three straight heats In
2:03. 2:00 and 2:08-.
Kentucky Stock Farm Futurity for 3-year-old
trotters, purse $0000. two In three
Susie N. won two straight heats in 2:10
and 2:09
2:09 pacing, purse $12,000, three- heats
Owyhee won three straight heats ln:2:05.
2:07 and 2:08.
2:15 class trot, purse $1000. three In five,
unfinished Evelyn Bird won two straight
heats in 2:10 nnd 2:09.
New Orleans Will Have Races.
CHICAGO. Sept 30. All doubts as to the
prompt opening of the Crescent City race
track at New Orleans were set at rest
today. Racing will begin November 30, to
continue upon the dates to he allotted by
the Western Jockey Club at Its annual
Portland Bowlers Win.
Swlnney and McMenomy won from Wfl-kins-and
Jenkins, of Seattle, by the small
margin of three pins for the total of ten
games at tho Oregon Alleys last night
The-match was very exciting up. to the
last frame. There will be a blind handi
cap tournament Sunday at 2 P. M
The Deshler Boats Will Ply in
the Orient.
Will Cater to tho Tourist Trade Be
tween Japan, China and Co
. re a Kobe Will Be tho
Home Port..
Consul-General Henry B. Miller, of Yok
ohama, Japan, reports to the Secretary of
State at Washington the establishment
of a. new steamer line In the Orient under
the management of D. W. Deshler, of
Columbus, O. The line Is to be known as
the Deshler steamers and Is to consist of
three boats named Ohio No. 1, 1019 tons;
Ohio No. 2, 135S tons, and Ohio No. 3, 9S2
tons. These are foreign-built steamers
to sail under the American flag. Kobe Is
to be the home port and steamers will sail
every" eight or nine days on tho following
route: Osaka, Kobe, MoJI, Japan; from
there to Fusan, Chemulpo and Chlnnam
po, on the coast of Corea; from there to
Chefoo and Shanghai. China; from Shang
hai they return by the same route, vlr.,
Chefoo. Chlnnampo, Chemulpo. Fuzan,
MoJI, Kobe.
This line Is to be especially fitted for
passenger service and It is expected that
it will secure "a large tourist trade. Here
tofore there has been much difficulty In
reaching Corea both from China and
Japan, and it is Intended that this line
of steamers shall provide a much needed
transportation service.
By Friendly Suit In the State Cir
cuit Court.
The question as to whether the Federal
Government or the Portland City Council
has Jurlpdlction and control over the nav
igable waters of tho United States is in
volved In a friendly suit in the State Cir
cuit Court brought by Harbormaster Ben
BIglln against Fred S. Morris, of the Ore
gon Water Power & Railway Company.
The City Council recently passed an or
dinance. Introduced by Councilman Rush
light which requires all launches and
rowboats to carry life preservers.
The launch and rowboat men claim that
the ordinance Is unjust and that It will
put them out of business, especially the
rowboat men. The claim life proservcrg
do not last long with the best of treat
ment and If they are left to the mercy of
the ordinary user of rowboats they will
soon be destroyed or lost, and the extra
expense will ruin the business. The
launch men claim that the Summer's work
on . the river shows that there Is more
danger on land in the city from street
cars with light fenders and overhead live
wirca It was learned at the Favorite
boathouKC that over 100,000 passengers had
been carried on thelraunchcs to"7jr from
me uajts witnout a single acciaenu
Ordered There by Dr. Earlc, Federal
Quarantine Officer.
ASTORIA. Ore.. Sept 20. (Special.)
Tne -British steamship Occano arrived In
this evening after an uneventful trip of
22 days from KuchnTotsu. Japan. Like
the Imaum, the Oceano came from Shang
hai before calling at the Japanese port,
and she brings 1700 tons of supposedly
plague Infected water ballast taken from
the Yangstse-KIang River. Dr. Earle. the
federal quarantine officer, has ordered the
Occano to the Government quarantine
station, on the north shore of the river,
where she will be thoroughly fumigated.
She will then be taken outside the bar to
discharge her infected ballast and replace
i,t with sea water before proceeding up
the river.
Captain F. W. Davies. master of the
Oceano. brings no consular bills of health,
but he has a Japancso bill of health,
translated, and the same certified to by
the American Consul at Nagasaki, a docu
ment almost identical with one brought
by Captain Pcmberthy, of the Imaum, so
this vessel will also be subject to a fine of
$5000 when she enters at the custom house.
Tho Oceano will be hold In quarantine
for five days.
Steamer Dakota) Makes Greatest
- - Long-Dlstancc Voyage.
ST. PAUL, Sept 20. The Great North
ern Steamship Company made public a
statemrtt today showing that the world
famous " run of the battleship Oregon
from the North Pacific to the North At
lantic during the Spanish War has been
outdone by the Great Northern Company's
steamship Dakota. The Dakota ran from
New York to Seattle, making her first
stop at CoroneL Chile, and another at
San Francisco.
The Oregon on her trip from Puget
Sound to Cuba made within 363 knots of
the steaming distance of the Dakota. Tho
Oregon made several stops. San Fran
cisco, Callao, Port Tamara, Rio Janolro,
Bahla nnd Barbadoes. This, with the
detour to avoid Spanish ships. Increased
the Oregon's mileage. She went through
the straits of MagellanX whereas the Da
kota went around the Horn. The Dakota
put in at Coronel for coal and at San
Franclreo to discharge cargo, but did not
stop an hour owing to defects. From
New York to Coronel for 30 days, the pro
peller went 2.7C0.O00 revolutions without
one stop.
Brings Mixed Cargo of Cement, Glass
and Liquor,.
. The Swedish ship Clan MacFarlane ar
rived in port yesterday from Antwerp via
Port Los Angeles with a mixed cargo,
consisting principally of cement glass
preserves and whiskies.
The ship encountered tho same rough
weather that partly wrecked a number of
ships bound for Portland, but came
around the Horn without any serious ac
cidents. She has not been chartered for
her outward trip and makes one more dis
engaged sailing vessel in the harbor.
Steamer Captains Arrested.
Captain E. W. Baughman, of the
steamer Telephone, and Captain Fred
Sherman, of th stpnmor rd na
zert were arrested last night by Har-
xiieiiu, on warrants
charging: them with exceeding tho
eight-mile speed limit on the Willam
ette River. Waves created by the two
steamers while racing1 through the
harbor are said to have parted the ca
ble which held the Oriental freighter
Arabia last at the flour mills; where
she is taking cargo. With the assist
ance of longshoremen, the big- freighter
was prevented from drifting down the
river. It took over two hours to bring:
the Arabia back to her moorings after
the cable parted. Both captains were
released on $50 ball.
J 3iarle Notes. ' j
'"'The -steamer Joseph W.'Kellon; will
Can't You Find a Place in Your
Home for One of Them?
Pine New Baby Grand Pianos and
Exhibition Uprights Hays Taken
the Place of Many Good TJaed
Pianos Will Sell Theie Now at
Aboit Half Price Many Standard
Makes Included Organs Aleo.
The remainder of these used, panos,
some of them really excellent Instruments,
must be disposed of at 'Ellers Piano
House within the next few days. What
ever make may be your favorite, you are
sure to find one or more specimens of It
in the collection now. and prices are sim
ply cut in two. Easy -payments, too, for
those not wishing to pay all cash.
Many a good used piano, slightly out of
date as regards case, perhaps, but sweet
toned and thoroughly deslranfer-ias come
to us during the past two weeks in part
payment ror nne new nicKenng oaDy
grands and uprights. Weber baby up
rights, grands and Pianola pianos, or for
one of those fancy exhibition styles of
the Kimball, the Crown, the Lester, the
Haddorff, etc.. etc.
Next week the free talking machine dis
tribution for Tho Oregonian Is to com
mence In real earnest and we shall need
every Inch of available floor space. We
are anxious to have every one of these
used pianos out of the way. Prices have
been pared down tothe core terms of
payment will be made tOv suit any reason
able buyer the Instruments will be guar-
ameeo. Dy us as to service ana quamy, or
money refunded, and If you are not pre
pared, even with these liberal Induce
ments, to buy, why we will rent you one
of these planos-for a mere nominal month
ly rental.
We cannot describe each Instrument
here. Suffice It to mention a few of the
names and sale prices, viz.: '
Guild z Co., $10: largest oak case Schil
ler. $1SS; fancy walnut Ivers & Pond. liS2;
very fancy mottled walnut Doll, J1S3: an
other nice, medium-sized mahogany Estey.
new, $200; Lighte, Newton &. Co. upright
$S6; a very showy new mottled walnut
Starr. $17S; a largest-size mahogany Em
erson. $17S; very fine, largest-size fancy
Lester, almost new. $2S5; a good-looking
Ludwlg, $145; another, the largest ana
showiest made, $1CS; a magnificent Pease
upright, $216; very fancy walnut Vose. $135.
Pay us as you like. 15 a month or $4
on any of these used uprights..
Please bear In mind that EUers Piano
Houso guarantees every Instrument ex
actly as represented, and If not found
exactly so, money will be cheerfully re
funded. We will ship any of theso pianos sub
ject to examination and trial to any part
of the States of Oregon, Washington,
Idaho or California, upon receipt of de
posit to show good faith, equal to one
tenth of the sale price of the Instrument
In ordering please mention second choice.
Good Organs Too.
We have also a large number of very
fine organs for homes and churches that
we are closing out at Just about half
grlce, on payments of $2. $3 or $5 monthly,
end for list or call and see them.
Another Inducement: Any of these In
struments will be taken back by Ellers
Piano House toward payment of any new
high-grade piano, and wo will allow the
full amount paid to date of return at any
time within two years from date of pur
chase. Hundreds of homes yearn for a piano to
enliven the hours spent Indoors, but not
caring to Invest In a new piano, they have
been compelled to forego the pleasure they
would seek. Here Is the opportunity for
these homes to be supplied with a reliable
musical instrument at virtually half price,
nnd on terms of payment hardly equal to
ordinary rent
Call Immediately or telephone or write
PARTMENT, 251 Washington street
Portland, Or. Z.
Inspected today by Inspectors Edwards
and Fuller.
The steamer Zarena will arrive up sonw
time early tnls morning.
The steamer Ocklahoma. left down at 3
P. M. yesterday with the Drumcralg.
The steamer Aurella Is expected up
early this morning. So will discharge at
the Oak street dock.
The Star of Bengal was moved yester
day from Inman Poulscn's mill to tho
Eastern & Wrestern mill.
The Grace Dolla will arrive In port
Monday. She will load tics at Lyntton
and at Carrol's for San Francisco.
The steamer Eureka Is expected in this
morning. She will carry wheat to Cali
fornia. It Is expected she will make at
least threo more trips this Fall.
The .steamer South Bay arrived up at 2
P. M. yesterday and discharged her
cargo at Oak street She will load- lum
ber from the Portland Lumber Company
for a return cargo.
The ship St Nicholas will be shifted
from Astoria to Clifton today and tho
Sargent to Clifton tomorrow. Both will
go into winter quarters there awaiting
the opening of the salmon season next
The steamer South Bay arrived up yes
terday from San Francisco. Her captain,
A. Anderson, reports encountering a gale
from the northwest the first day out
then a calm and then a heavy blow from
the southeast which continued until yes
terday. She Is discharging her cargo at
Oak-street dock, and will load lumber at
the Portland Lumber Company for a re
turn cargo.
Domestic and Foreign Ports.
ASTORIA. Sept. 20. Condition ot the bar
at S P. M.. moderate; wind south, weather
cloudy. Arrived at 7 and left up at S:15
A. M. Steamer Czarina, from San Francisco.
Arrived at 2:30 and left up at -1:30 P. M.
Steamer Aurella, from San Franclscd. Ar
rived at 2:45 P. M. Steamer Eureka, from
San Francisco. Arrived. t 3:13 P. M. Brit
ish steamer Occano. froni HoJL. Left up at
4:20 P. it Steamer Eureka. Oceano la
quarantine on account ot water ballast.
San Francisco, Sept. 20. Arrived at 9 A. M.
Steamer Northland, from Portland. Ar
rivedSteamer Santa Barbara, from Se
attle; schooner Charles Nelson, from Seattle;
steamer Acapulco. from A neon. Sailed
German chip Magdalene, for Ireland; Brit
ish steamer Doric for Honckong-; German
ship Alsterdamm. for London; steamer City
of Topelca, for Seattle; schooner Santa Bar
bara, for Seattle; schooner Jennie Wanda,
for Gray's Harbor; steamer George Loomls.
for Astoria. .
San Pedro, Sept .19. Sailed Schooner
Ethel Zane. for Portland.
Eureka. 8ept 20. Sailed at 0 A. M.
Steamer Alliance, for Portland and coast
ports. r .
Hongkong, Sept. -Ot Arrived prior to date
German steamer Nlcomedla, from Portland.
New Tork. Sept. 20. Arrived Prinzess
Irene, from Naples.
xSan Francisco, Sept 20. Sailed at 5
o'clock Steamer Redondo. Sailed at S
Stamr Ascnnclon.
Redondo, Sept. 20.-Arrived Isaac Reed,
from Portland.
Hongkong. Sept 20. Arrived Pleiades,
from Tacoma and Seattle, via Tokobama.
Horsemen Find "Way to Circumvent
State's Attorney,
CHICAGO, Sept 31 Horse-racing with
all the betting attachments is to bo re
sumed In the vicinity of Chicago. Ever
since last Spring, when States Attorney
Healy issued an ultimatum prohibiting
bookmaklng on. the results of the runners,
the gates to the Chicago tracks have been
closed. The officials of the Harlem Jockey
Club believe," however, that they have
found a way to circumvent the State's
Attorney's Office, and tonight announced
a running meet would be held at Liberty
vllle. III., beginning September 30 and
continuing to November L
The Llbertyvllle track Is localed on the
outskirts ' ot the iowa of that name, in
Lake County, and Jm about 3d miles from
Today, Friday and Saturday we will have a Special Sale of sample
pairs of Portieres, Madras and Silk-Stripe Curtains. These samples, being the
last of their stock have been reduced in price to one-half of their actual value,
thus affording an opportunity to 3ecure many attractive bargains.
Blue Tapestry Portieres, fringed, regular price
32.50 special, pair $1.25
Blue Tapestry Portieres, floral design, regular
price 6:00 special, pair 3.00
Tapestry Portieres in allover art n6uveau. design,
regular pricp $5.00 special, pair $2.50
Art Burlap Portieres, inured and green leather
applique, regular price $6.00 special, pair....
Brown Tapestry Portieres, fringed, regular price
$7.50 special, pair $3.75
Old Rose Tapestry Portieres, verdure tapestry
border, regular price $8.00 special,pr.$4.'00
Crinkled Tapestry Portieres, in olive and light
green, regular price 8.00 special, pr..$4.00
Maroon Sep Portieres, velour applique, floral
border, regular price $10 special, pr.$5.00
Heavy Mercerized Tapestry Portieres, in green
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Three Days Only
Chicago. The plant, which was built for
trotters. Is far more pretentious than
those ordinarily Intended for that pur
pose, and was constructed last year at a.
cost of 5150.000.
The meeting will bo under the Jurlsdle
tlon of the "Western Jockey Club.
Bay City Republicans Present Plan
for Campaign.
SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 20. (Spo
claL) The Republican municipal con
vention postponed Its meeting', which
was to have been held tonight, to Fri
day night In order to give the Demo
crats an opportunity to act at their
convention tomorrow night on the
question of fusion, as It Is understood
they wllL The Republicans will name
their section of the ticket Friday.
The Republicans, according: to the fu
sion plan, are to be allowed to name
the Mayor, In exchange for which the
Democrats will get 12 of the 13 Super
visors. The status quo will be main
tained In regard to all other city of
fices that Is, the Republicans will be
given a clear track for the offices they
now hold and the Democrats will be
allowed to All the city positions now in
their possession.
The Republicans will get tho Auditor,
Clerk, City Attorney, Tax Collector and
Treasurer. To the Democrats will go
the Sheriff, Recorder, District Attorney,
four Police Judges and Assessor.
Assistant City Attorney John S. Part
ridge is far in the lead for the fusion
nomination for Mayor.
It was learned tonight that the riot
In last night's convention was careful
ly planned beforehand by the Ruef cle
ment. Men's League. Is Organized.
ALBANY. Or., Sept 20. (Special.)
The male members of the First Presby
terian Church, of Albany, have organized
a men's league. This Is an auxiliary
corresponding to the various societies for
women, and will devote Its attention to
furthering church work along various
lines. Last evening the organization of
the league was perfected by the election
of the following officers:
S. N. Steele, president; William Fort
mUler, lce-presldent; B. H. Anderson,
secretary-treasurer; H. M. Crooks, chair
man devotional committee; E. E. Mon
tague, chairman invitation committee; C.
B. Winn, chairman social committee.
Charivari for Mock Marriage.
VANCOUVER, Wash.. Sept 25. Spe
cial.) Beating of tin cans, the raucous
voice of the horse fiddle and the shouting
of many voices threw a little party at
the home of Mrs. Tappendorff Into great
confusion tonight When the guests looked
timidly forth, they found about half the
population of the town gathered about the
News of a mock marriage, in which
August Tappendorff took the part of the
bridegroom, had been, bruited about town,
and nothing less than a treat would sat
isfy the charivari party.
Regimental Band MusteredOHt.
SACRAMENTO. Cal.. Sept 30. The
band of the Second Regiment National
Guard of California, is to be mustered out
owing to the fact that It refused to parade
on Memorial day In this .city because the
Ladles of the G. A. R. had engaged a non
union drum corps. It Is held by the au
thorities -that the' members of the band
refused to obey orders, which warraats
ii sp.eci.AlLi ' f
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Hese is an opportunity of improving your arch
way or door. Artistic Grilles, in plain and orna
mental designs, well finished, in 7-foot lengths
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Grilles by the running foot in 12" and 18-inch
widths, regular prices, per foot, 60c, 75c, $1.00
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and 65
Today, Friday, Saturday
their dismissal, srnd Governor Pardee, as
commander-in-chief, at the recommenda
tion of Adjutant-General J. B. Lauk and
Inspector-General Wllhelm. will order
that the band be mustered out.
Saloon Hold-IIp at Cheney.
SPOKANE. Sept 20. About 11 o'clock
last night, two masked men walked Into
the Judge saloon', at Cheney, covered with
revolvers the lr men who were there, and
proceeded to rob the entire crowd. Fred
Rift and Arthur Nutt two harvest hands,
on their way to homes In California, were
relieved of $133. every cent they had, and
have gone back to the harvest fields.
After clearing out the pockets of the
crowd the robbers vanished.
Opened AVith'Sweet Clover."
HOQUIAM. Wash., Sept. 20. (Spe
cial.) Hoqulam's reconstructed and
enlarged opera-house, on which $6000
has been expended, will be opened to-
Tho Kind You Have "Always
in use for over 30 years,
jwy , sonal supervision since its infancyw
f'&CUA& Allrrs?-nr nnftrtflprpivn vnn in thli?-.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and " Just-as-good" are bulr
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the? .health off
Infants and Children Experience against Experiment
What is CASTOR I A
i -
astoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Par
goric, Drops and Soothing' Syrups. It is Pleasant, It
contains neither Opium, jJIorphine nor other Narcotic
substance. Its age is Its guarantee. It destroys "Worms
nd allays Foverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and "Wind
CJolic It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation,
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Pood, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend,
Bear the
lie Kind You toe Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
Three Days Only
morrow night by Otis B. Thayer in the
play, "Sweet Clover." Every seat has
been sold, and delegations from Aber
deen, Cosmopolis and Montesano have
secured seats.
County Teachers Instltu
SALEM, Or., Sept 20. (Special.) Super
intendent of Public Instruction J. H. Ack
erman has arranged to attend county
teachers' institutes as follows:
Wallowa County, September 27 to 29;
Lano County. October 11 to 13; Grant
County, October IS to 20; Wasco County,
local Institute at Dufur, October 23.
President Murlow Married.
HELENA, Mont, Sept 20. Thomas A.
Marlow, president of the National Bank
of Montana, and a member of the live
stock firm of McNamara & Marlow, a re
puted millionaire, and Miss Louise Mlltz,
of Big Sandy, Mont, were married hero
this afternoon by Bishop R. L. Brewer-
BougM, and which, lias been
has Dome the signature of
has heen made under his per-
Signature of