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Seals Fail to Secure a Run
From Portland.
Giants Complete Thirty-Six Consecu
tive Innings, in Which Their
Opponents Fall to Reach
the Home Plate.
Yesterday's Result.
Pertland, 3; San Francisco, 0.
Tafama. 2; Seattle, 1.
Oakland, 3; Los Angeles, 2.
Standing of the Clubs.
Won. Lout. P.C
Oakland 20 15 .371
Lm AftReles 17 18 .507
Taeema 17 1C .SIC
Sam Prp-nelsoe 17 17 .500
Portland 17 18 .4 SO
Seattle 11 20 .855
The habit oC shutting out Its opponents
has taken such a strong hold upon Port
land that It Is satisfied with nothing short
of a victory of the whitewash variety.
and yesterday broke all records on the
Coft by completing thirty-six consecutive
innings in which it did not permit a run
to cross the plate.
Ell Cates duplicated the performance
of Bert Jone by .sending the Seals to
the trolleys without a run, and in ad
dttton to this, like Jones, he allowed but
one hit. and only fell short ol tne soutn
paw's remarkable feat. becauje of hav
ing passed three more batsmen to first
on wide ones.
Wilson Somewhat at Fault.
Park Wilson was somewhat to blame
for the runs scored against Roy Hltt,
lor the veteran backstop was anything
but steady behind the bat. Park had a
couple , of passed balls and allowed a
counlc of stolen bases, in addition to
dropping an easy toss from Hltt, all of
which aided the Giants in acquiring two
of the three aces chalked on their por
tion of the score sheet.
Portland scored the first run in the
second when, with one out. Householder
walked and stole second. Eddie took third
on a passed ball, and Sweeney beat out
an Inneld poke, after McHale had gone
out, by a headlong dive for the bag,
Householder registering on the play. The
Sal brigade got angry at Perrlne's ver
dict in calling Sweeney safe, and the
rosult of the gabfest was that Charlie
Irwin was chased to the tall and uncut
timber. George Wheeler being Impressed
into action, and filling the erstwhile bel
ligerent player's shoes at the third sta
tion. The second score came in the third
inning on a combination of mlscues and
wildncss on the part of Hitt. Atz was
eouscd on the funny bone and ambled to
first, but was morgucd at mldstatlon on
Van's attempted sacrifice. Van stole
second and secured life at the third cor
ner on another passed ball , by Park.
Schtaily was passed and promptly stole
second. Wilson partially stopped a wide
throw by Hitt and the ball rolled to the
Inneld. upon which Van Buren tore for
the plate and was safe, because Wilson
Stopped the throw from Hltt, who fielded
tne ball.
Householder's single, a sacrifice by Mc
Hale, Sweeney's out, and a hit by Cates
ecored the third and last run of the game.
In the sixth inning.
Will Essick will endeavor to score an
other victory for the home guard this
afternoon, and "Slivers" Henley or
Wheelor will slab for the Seals.
Summary of the Game.
The score follows:
Atz. b 2 0 0 3 4 0
Van Buren. If 4 1 1' 2 0 1
Mftohall, lb 4 0 0 13 1 1
Sohlany. 2b 8 f 0 0 2 7 0
UeBfroboMor. rf 3 2 1 2 0 0
McHale. cf 2 0 0 0 0 0
Sweeney. 3b 4 0 10 11
Cnrad. c 2 0 0 4 3 0
Cates. P 3 0 1110
Tatalt 2S 3 4 2T 17 S
WaMran, cf 3 0 0 1 00
Mahler. 2b 4 0 0 1 5 0
HMdcbrand, If 8 0 0 1 0 0
Irwin, Ste 1 0 0 0 0 0
Wheeler, 3b... 3 0 112 2
Xeaten. lb 4 0 0 13 0 0
Spencer, rf 3 0 0 2 0 0
Goefenauer. '. 4 0 0 1 2 0
VMmm. c. .1. 3 0 0 4 0 1
2tt. p 2 0 0 0 0 0
Tetal 80 0 1 24 15 3
San Francisco 0 000000000
HH 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 01
Portland 0 1 1 0 0 1 0 0 3
HHi 0 1 0 0 1 2 0 0 4,
Ptruok eut By Cates. G; by Hltt, 4.
Banes on balls Oil Cates. 4; off Hltt. 3.
First base on errors Portland 2: San
FranoUoo. 2.
Left oa baaes Portland, S: San Fran
csee. 7.
Sacrifice alts McHale. 2.
Su!en bases Van Buren, Householder,
Hit by pitched balls Conrad and Atr.
Paarcd balls "Wllsen 2, Conrad 2.
Ten Innings Necessary to Decide the
Game With Oakland.
SAX FRANCISCO. Sept 7. Errors by
Brashoar. an excusable error by Dillon,
and passed balls by Spies were responsible
for Los Angeles short ond of the score
in the game with Oakland today. On
three hits In the Initial Inning. Oakland
scored two runs and held the lead until
the sevonth. With two out and two men
on basos, for Los Angeles, Byrnes threw
wild to second, permitting Tozier and
Spies to cross the plate, thereby tying
th score. Ten innings were played be
fore Oakland broke the deadlock, scoring
the winning run through a pass, a sacri
fice. Spies' passed ball and Dillon's error.
The score:
Oakland 20 0 000 0 001-3 5 3
Los Angeles .0 00000200 02 7 4
Batteries Graham and Byrnes; Tozier
and Spies.
Umpire f0avis.
Tacoma. Wins 2-to-l Game With
Seattle Team.
SEATTLE! Sept. 7. Fitzgerald, of Ta
coma. had the better of a pitchers bat
tle here today, and the Tigers took the
first game of .the series from the locals
by a score 6tl to 1. The score:
Seattle 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 01 4 6
Tacoma ...w 0000011002 7 2
Batteries Shields and Blankenshlp;
Fitzgerald and H'ogan.
Umpire Ralph Frary.
Skel" JtoACh. Starts Suit.
SEATTLE, "Wash., Sept. 7. (Special.)
"Skel" Roach, of Buss "Hall's pitching
staff, today filed a complaint In the Su
perior Court asking for $5000- damages and
J5GC.C7 loss of salary, as a result of the
action of the National Association of Pro
fessional Baseball Leagues awarding him
to Butte in 1901 and suspending hlra when
he failed to report. Scott Calhoun, active
in putting Seattle in tbe Coast League, is
his attorney. J. H. Farrell. secretary
treasurer of the National Association; W.
H. Lucas, J. H. O'Rourke. L. H- Sexton,
T. H. Murnane and W. 1L Kavnnaugn,
members of the board, are defendants.
The story of Roach's suspension In 1S0I
Is baseball history. He was claimed by
Butte as a reserved player, though in
sisting there was a non-reservation clause
in his contract of 1KB. He was awarded
to Butte In March and blacklisted for fail
ure to report In April. May 10 of last
year the National commission decided In
his favor and June 1 he signed with Port
land. On September 23 he was again sus
pended and October 4 again won his case.
He was drawing $250 per month for his
work when he was with Portland and
estimates his loss of salary on that basis.
Philadelphia 5, Brooklyn 4.
PHILADELPHIA. Sept. 7. Brooklyn
gave Mclntyre poor support today, and
Philadelphia won by mixing hits with
her opponent's errors. The foature of
the game was a home run by Shreckard
with two men on bases in the eight in
ning. The attendance was 2W0. The
R.H.E. R.H.E.
BrookljTt 9 SJ Philadelphia ..5 11 1
Batterlos Mclntyre and Bergon; Dug
gleby and Dooln. Umpire Johnstone.
Boston 1-0, New York 0-3.
NEW YORK, Sept. 7. In today's double
header with the Boston team the local
leaders In the pennant race broke even,
each side scoring a shut-out on the other.
The scores:
New York....O 5 3J Boston 1 2 1
Batteries McGlnnlty and Bresnahan;
Young and Needham.
New York.. ..3 6 lj Boston 0 3 3
Batteries Matthewson and Bresnahan;
Willis and Moran. Umpires Bauswlnc
and O'Day.
Pittsburg 11, Cincinnati 7.
PITTSBURG, Sept. 7 Cincinnati started
out like a winner with three doubles and
a single, scoring three runs in the first
inning, but could not do much with
Llofield after that. The attendance was
3000. The score:
Pittsburg ....11 17 1 Cincinnati ....713 4
Batteries Llofield and PeJtz; Overall,
Walker and Schley. Umpire Klem.
Philadelphia 3, Boston 2.
BOSTON, Sept. 7. Phladelpha won a
lS-lnnlng game with the locals today.
The attondance was 5100. The score:
R.H.E.I R.H.E.
Boston 2 9 3) Phladelpha ..3 9 2
Battcres Gbson, Tannehll, Crgcr and
Armbrustor; Coakley and Schreck.
Washington 11-10, New York 6-2.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 7. Washington, In
a double-header today, took two games
from New York by good batting, as
sisted by the visitors ragged fielding.
The scores:
First game
R.H.E.I R.H.E.
Washington 1112 3) New York 6 S 9
Batteries Patten, Wolfe. Falkonborg
and Hayden; Orth, Powoll and Klolnow.
Washington 1010 0) New York 2 S 3
Battcres Townsend and Knoll, Goode,
Hogg and McGure.
Detroit 4, St. Louis 1.
DETROIT, Sept. 7. Today's game was
without partlcluar feature. Detroit
played the better game at all stages. The
attendance was 1000. The score:
Detroit 4 11 1 St. Louis .1 9 2
Batteries Mullin and Warner; Glade
and Roth.
At Shccpshead Bay.
NEW YORK, Sept. 7. Sheepshead Bay
race results:
Five and one-half furlons-Mlntli. wen,
Toots Mack second. Reldmore third: time, 1:97.
Steeplechase, full course IMok Roberts wen.
Nitrate second, Trenot the Mere third; time,
Seven furlongs Hamburg Belle wen. Bur
letch second. Lady Amolla third: time. 1:25.
One rolle D'Arkle wen. Pronta second. Can
teen third; time. 1:40 2-5.
The Runsoll handicap, one mile and one
half on turf Jacquln won. Little Seoul sec
ond. Sailor Bey third; time. 2:37.
At Sacramento.
SACRAMENTO, Cal., Sepr, 7C-Results
of State Fair races:
Occident, Stanford pace, walkover Jurt It
won; time. 2:J9$.
2:16 class, trotting, purse fOOO Cuate won.
Wild. Bell second. Lady Jones third; time.
Six furlongr, running Potentla wen, Rice
Chief eecond. Pearl Stone third: time. 1:154.
One .rolle. Governor Pardee handicap, run
nine Good Cheer won. Water Cure second,
Firm Foot third; time. 1:40U-
At Hartford.
HARTFORD, Conn., Sept. 7. Charter
Oak Grand Circuit "races:
2:12 clans, trotting, three In Ave, purrw
?1000 Harrison Wllkca won third, feurth and
fifth heau In 2:124. 2:11, 2:11;
Maid won second heat In 2:ll?i; 1 Mllarso
won flrt heat In 2.12n-
Hartford Futurity, $11,000. two in three,
pacing, purse f2500, dlvtelon Mlea Abdell won
two straight henta In 2:1314. 2j10.
Hartford Futurity, trottlnc dlvUlen, puma
$8500, two In three Bon Voyage won two
Btralght heats in 2:12?;. 2:Vi.
Nutmejr etakeo. 2:14 clasi, trotting, three in
Ave. pume $2000 Kid Shay won three straight
heat in :W. 2:10. 2:12.
2:10 class, pacing, three in five, purso $1000
Stein won third, fourth and fifth heats in
2:00. 2i. 2:114: Ben T. won flrtt beat In
Hamburg-American Line Or
ders Numantia .Repaired.
Largest Vessel Ever . Raised by Port
land's Immense Floating Dry
dock 3Iay Induce Other
Owners to Use It.
When word was received yesterday by
the dryoock officials that the owners ol
the Numantia had consented to have her
drydocked here they were very much
pleased and when the word was com
municated to the workmen at the dock
to prepare for her coming all was bustle
and excitement.
There was Indeed reason for It. for the
Numantia is by far the largest vessel
to test the strength of the dock and the
first vessel requiring five pontoon? to be
upod In order to lift her. She has a gross
tonnage of 4371 tons and Is over 400 feet
long, SS-foot beam and 90 foot depth of
hold, and yet Superintendent Mcintosh
expects to raise her as easily as one of
the small river steamers.
At daybreak thl? morning she will be
moved down to the dock at St. Johns
and between 9 and 10 A. M. will be lifted
out of the water.
' F. C. Hagcmann & Co. have secured
the contract for scraping and painting the
ship and expect to complete the work by
Saturday, In time to put her back Into
the water. This Is necessary' in order not
to exceed the limit of the new schedule
made by the drydock commissioners,
which allows vessels of the size of ,the
Numantia two extra days In the dock,
for scraping and painting, when they
have paid for one. The rate to veeeelis
of this class is IS cents a ton, which will
give the port of Portland an Income of
$7S6.7S for the use of the dock for throe
But it moans more to Portland than the
bare income. It proves to tbe world that
there Is a drydock here and a good one
that can be ussd with safety and at the
same cost as elsawhcre. It not only
moans that the Hamburg-American Line
can dock Its vessels here but others as
well, and It means that the now field
of labor opened up by the dock Is wide
and far-roachlng and in time will call
for a complete -shipbuilding plant and all
Its allied Industries.
Supposed to Be Used for Illegal
VICTORIA. B. a. SopL 7. An official
announcement is made by tbe officers of
tho marine department at this place that
one aid to navigation In tbe northern
waters of this province has been Inten
tionally destroyed, the work of destruc
tion having been undertaken by the Do
minion, cruiser Kestrel, Captain New
oombe. which has Just returned from ex
ecuting her unique commission.
The extinguished light was at Lower
Dundas Island, on an unsurveyed harbor,
and had en elevation of 36 feet. It had
otcn erected apparently about six
months, and It is more than suspected
that the builders were American halibut
fishers, who had been using the little
harbor as a base of operations. The
light, a white and fixed one, was Intend
ed to .serve as a beacon and to guide thorn
into their rendezvous In stormy weather.
The structure being razed, the xnoagor
machinery of the lighthouse was taken
possession of by the government steamer.
Extensive Changes Planned lor the
Tom H. Gregg, superintendent of
construction in'the lighthouse service,
is in Portland preparing- plans and
specifications for repairing: the light
house tender Manzanlta.
The department Intends to give the
boat a thorough overhauling and Mr.
Gregg will not only draw the plans but
will superintend the work.
New Line to South Atlantic
NEW YORK. Sept. 7. In confirma
tion of a dispatch to the Associated
Press it Is learned here that the Royal
"Steam Packet Company, which has
maintained a regular service between
England and West Indian and South
American ports for moro than half a
century, has decided to establish a
regular line between New York and
the same ports. The first sailing from
New York will be made on October 2S
for Kingston, Jamaica, thence to Colon
and other South American ports.
From Barbadoes the steamer will pro
ceed to the' Azores and Southampton.
England. The same itinerary in re
turning will be followed by the steam
ers. Sailings from either end will be
It is stated by the steamship officials
that the establishment of the new line
from New York is to a great extent the
outcome of the increasing- interest that
Is being taken by the American traveling-
public In Winter excursions to the
nearby subtropics. Development of
Isthtnian and trans-Isthmian freight
traffic has also had its influence.
Light for Green Island.
VICTORIA, B. C, Sept. 7. Construc
tion began this week of a new' aid to
navigation in the northern waters of
this province, which will be of the
greatest possible benefit to Northern
shipping of both the American and
Canadian flags. The light Is being
placed on Green Island, Inside Upper
Dundas Island, off Port Simpson, and In
the direct path of vessels plying be
tween" Skagway and southern coast
points. It was on this Islet that the
steam collier Bristol. Captain Mcln
tyre, was wrecked with deplorable loss
of life, on the 2d of January. 1901. The
Dominion government steamer Quadra
is now at the Island with men and ma
terial for the construction of the
much-needed light. Another aid to
navigation that Is promised is a fog
alarm at the Egg Island lighthouse,
Queen Charlotte Sound.
Strikes a Rock, hut Makes Port.
SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 7. The Brit
ish steamer Stanley Dollar, which
sailed from San. Francisco August 14,
for Kobe, Japan, stranded oh the rocks
70 miles cast of Yokohama, according
r- a telegram recel'-wd by tne e
chants Exchange today. She was pulled
off, leaking badly and with tho ford
hold full of water, proceeded to Yo
kohama 3IcLean Sails for Victoria.
VICTORIA. B. C., Sept. 7. Captain Mc
Lean Is reported to have sailed from
Clayoquot for Victoria In response to the
order of the local collector. Collector
Newbury today said he understood that
United State? revenue cutters might seize
the vessel on her way here. The clear
ance from Victoria for Acapulco was se
cured by H. J. Woodslde, of San Fran
cisco. Will Be Inspected This Trip.
The little coaster Newport arrived in
last night from BanJon. Yaqulna Bay,
Coqulllc River and Coos Bay, with a
good cargo of goneraf merchandise and
almost a. full load of passengers. Whilo
In port this trip she will undergo her
annual Inspection.
Contract Let for New Steamer.
HOQUIAM. Wash-. Sept. 7. The
Hltchlngs Shipyard Company has been
awarded a contract to build a steam
schooner for the Gray's Harbor Lum
bor Company, of this city. The price
Is $60,600 and the craft will have a
capacity of 600,000 foet of lumber.
Marine Notes.
The American ship C F. Sargent left
up at 5:30 A. M.
Both tho Isaac Reed and the Georgl
ana will leave early tomorrow morning-.
The Despatch arrived in late last
night wltn her load of tan bnrk from
Needles Rock, Cal.
The steamer Roanoke arrived up at
5:15 last night with a full load of pas
sengers and some freight.
It was reported that tho Australia
had been chartered at 26s 3d for Port
land loading.. She arrived at Acapulco
August 3.
The Diamond O line will barge the
entire cargo of tan bark brought up on
tho steamer Dispatch last night to
Weber Bros. tannery at Fulton.
The little trading steamer Sacaja
wett. built nt Felida by Smith & Davis,
was measured by the Customs officials
yesterday. She Is 64 feet long, 16 feet
.beam and five feet depth of hold.
The German bark EUbek finished dis
charging her cargo of cement at Green
wich dock No. 2 yesterday and was
moved down to the coal bunkers where
she will probably remain while waltins:
a charter '
The British ship PInmbrc loaded with
1.494.000 feet of lumber left down at
5:30 yesterday morning. She is dis
patched by the North Pacific Lumber
Company and Is destined for Adelaide,
South Australia
Captain W. H. Patterson, one of the
pilots of the Columbia River has been
confined to his house for two days with
a bad cold. He is better, however, and
expects to be at his work again soon.
Tho steamer South Bay after picking:
up portions of her cargo at Vancouver
and Linnton. dropped down to Car
rol's point where she will take on about
9603 ties. This will give her -about 475,
G60 feet, not quite a full load.
Domestic and Foreign Ports.
ASTORIA, Sept, 7. Arrived at 7:30 A. M.
and left up at S:30 A. M. Steamer Despatch,
from San Francisco by way of Needle Rock:
steamer Newport, from Coos Bay. Arrived
at 8:50 A M. and left up at 9:20 A M.
Steamer Roanoke, from San Francisco. Left
up at 6 A M. American ship C F. Sar
gent. Arrived down' at 5 A M. and sailed
at 7:30 A. M- Steamer Czarina, for San
Francisco. Arrived down at fl A. M? and
called at 7:40 A M. Steamer F. A Kllburn,
for San Francisco Sailed at 7:40 A. M-
British steamship Comerlc. for China. Con
dition of the bar at 5 P. M.. obscured; wind
southeast, weather cloudy with rain and tog.
San Francisco. Sept, 7. Arrived at 0:30
P. M. last night Steamer W. H. Xrucer,
from Portland. Sailed German ship Alice,
for Antwerp; steamer Geroanlus. for Co max.
B. C; steamer City of Pueblo, for Victoria.
Arrived Steamer M. F. Plant, from Coos
Bay; steamer Jeanie. from Seattle; steamer
Mackinaw, from Tacoma.
Hongkong. Sept. 5. Arrived Coptic, from
San Francisco via Honolulu. Yokohama, etc.
South Bend. Wash.. Sept, 7. (Special.)
The schooner F. W. Bartlett arrived In from
San Pedro last evening and proceeded
up the river to load lumber at the Slfer mill.
Bench Show Abandoned.
The local dog fanciers, who were plan
ning to bold a bench show at the Lewis
and Clark Exposition, have abandoned
the idea, as It has been found Imprac
ticable, owing to the necessity of erecting
a building in which to hold the exhibition.
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Arm Rocker
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and for other reasons which they are
not prepared to meet.
Stockholders Meetings Postponed.
Meetings of stockholders were called for
10 o'clock yesterday morning of the Ore-
195 Years Ago on This Day
The South Sea Bubble Burst. That was a long time before the
great eruption of Vesuvius. As you were not living then to enjoy the
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Woodmen's Night Emblems of Order.
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Oven door perfectly balanced with
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order. White enamel racks and
doors can be washed. No dirt
or grease can accumulate.
gon Railroad & Navigation Company, and
also of the San Francisco & Portland
Steamship Company, In the office of "W.
W. Cotton. Both meetings were post
poned for two weeks without the trans
action of any business.
i 1 ill Katflf
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