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Dane Seems to Have Acquired
. "the Weight at a
Jeffries Arrives in San Francisco and
Says He Will Referee the Go
"With Britt Xext Sat
urday Night.
SAN FRANCISCO. Sopt. 7. (Staff Cor
respondence.) Tbls town is fight-crazy.
On the streets, in the cafes, at the the
aters, in fact no matter -whore you go
there the morits of the Brltt-Nolson fight
is the topic of conversation. Never in the
history of ail the fistic events pulled off
in this place has there ever beon sudh &
discussion pro and con as there is over
the coming Saturday event.
Coupled with the question as to "which
will win Is the question whether Manager
Nolan, Nelson's manager, is Insane. If
you "wore to take a poll of the situation
tonight, the verdict -would be that Nolan
is Insane and instead of being a manager
of a fighter he should be in a stralght-
jaoket and In the insane ward of some
institution for incurables.
Jim Joffrles did not reach here until
after 11 o'clock and up till the time of
his arrival It looked as If Britt and Nelson
-would ontor the ring without a referee.
The b4g ex-bollermaker, brawny and as
indifferent as ever, arrived on the late
train from Los Angeles and declared that
He was here for the purpose of reforeelng
the flght. From the way things look lato
tonight nothing but a crazy act on the
part of Nolan can prevent Jeffries from
officiating Saturday afternoon.
Keeps Back the Betting:.
The squabble over the referee has kept
the betting back and not over $9000 has
been wagered on the event so far. Thero
were a few scattering bets made tonight
at 0 to 10. with Nelson at the short end.
Tb betting angle should not discourage
the Britt followers, for this is due to
countless crazy things which Nolan ha6
done during the last few days.
I was out at the Nelson camp this af
ternoon. Nelson is training at a road
house called Joe Millet's, and if the
crowd there this afternoon is a fair
amie of the crowd that has been fol
lowing the Dane during hie training, he
is sure in bad company. Nelson did not
look the part of a lighter prepared to go
a long route. He Is down to weight, but
he haa the appearance of having reached
that point in a jump.
Larry Sullivan was with me thh after
noon. Sullivan Is a pretty fair judge of
human nature, and after he saw Nelson
go through a few of his ""gym" stunts he
shook his head and declared that the CW
cagoan did not look good. There is noth
ing but consternation in the Ncteon camp,
while from the Britt camp there la noth
ing but confidence.
The Foolishness of Nolan.
There would have been nothing of this
Jeffries quibble but for Nolan. Instead of
Nolan being a manager of a lighter, he
should be tending bar, a calling which I
understand he Is moft fitted for. If some
one tomorrow .should swear out a com
plaint for insanity, he would be convicted
without the aid of an expert jury. A
month ago he declared that Nelson would
light Britt on the utraet. in private or In
public, with or without a referee. Now
he is so suspicious that he would have
the young goslings that run around the
garden of his training quarters arrested
for catching llies.
Mrs. Nolan doos the cooking for Nel
son, and Nolan has gone so far as to
have a scientist tost the food that the
Dane taats, so fearful is he that some
one will drop a bit of poison in Nelson's
broakfast food.
No Side Bet Placed.
All the advance talk of the side bet
of Jl 0,000 is a myth. The bet looked
good In print, but I learned today that
neither of the principals has come
through with the money. In fact, as
late as August the purse was divided
Of and 40. This agreement, although
signed in August, is dated Soptember 8.
This proves more than anything else
that the fight that Nolan is making Just
at this time is merely for the purpose
of "splitting the pot." He may gain
this, but it Is doubtful. W. G. M.
Responds to Voice of People.
SAN FRANCISCO. Sept. 7. Fully .de
termined to referee the Brltt-Nolson con
test .next Saturday. ex-Champion James
J. Jeffries arrived from Los Angeles to
night. "I have accepted the offer of $1000 to
referee the contest between Britt and
Nelson and I will be the third man in
the ring when the men meet and that is
all there Is to it," said Jeffries as he
stepped off the train. "1 understand that
Nolan fears that Nelson will not get a
square deal. But the public has demand
ed that I officiate, knowing full well that
I will .give both sides a square deal. If I
suspect that the least bit of crookedness
is going on I will call the fight off in an
George Slier, the veteran referee, who
has been spoken of as an umpire in the
event that Jeffries could not be finally
decided, on, arrived from Chicago today,
accompanied by the. father of Battling
Nelaon. They later went to the training
quarters of Nelson, whom they hope will
be the victor dn Saturday's contest. Slier
declared that "he was not anxious to
referee the fight and spoke as though
he would not take the place even if it
wore offered him.
Nolan Declares Against Jeffries.
SAN FRANCISCO. Sept- 7. Nelson
has done the hardest sort of work up
within the past day or so, keeping up
his grind, in fact, until yesterday evening
Today he took it somewhat easier. Britt
let up in his extremoly heavy work sev
eral days ago. cutting out all boxing
and his swim in the surf after his daily
-work. Nolan, Nelson's manager, said
this afternoon In regard to the referee:
"If they try to force Jeffries upon uh
there will not be any flght; that's all
thore is to It I've conceded everything
else to the Brltts and I do not intend
to concede this referee matter.
"I am even more determined than be
fore for I have received many telegrams
from friends informing me that the sure
thing men all over the East are trying
to get In bets on Britt. That-looks bad
to me.
"I don't know what was said In that
Delaney telegram to Jeffries which Willie
Britt dictated and which caused the big
fellow so suddenly to abandon his de
mand for $2000. For all I know. It might
ave guaranteed Jeffries ?1000 If he would
come and serve. I intend to stand on
my rights."
Notwithstanding Nolan's stubborn stand
in the matter, no. one thinks at this time
that the flght will be called off.
Marines Win Regimental Contest.
Hancock's Crew Wins Tyro.
SEA GIRT, X. J.. Sept. 7- The 14th
day of the military shooting tournament
was devoted to firing In the regimental
skirmish match, the Tyro company team
match, "the Ideal company team match
and the Columbia trophy match. The
regimental skirmish match was won by
the team representing the United States
Marine Corps, which is now the owner
of the $JW trophy. A team from the
"United States ship Hancock, capturing
first prize In the Tyro company team
match, the Washington second toam tak
ing third prize.
The Ideal company toam match was
won by Company F, Fifth Maryland,
with 3S8.
The Columbia match, for a trophy, open
only to New Jersey men, was won by the
second regiment, with 1072.
Turner Outclasses Long:.
'SACRAMENTO. Cal.. Sept 7. "No con
test," was the decision given in the sec
ond round of the fight tonight between
Rufe Turner, of Stockton, and Louie
Long, of Oakland. All bets were de
clared off. Long was so clearly out
classed that his seconds threw up the
sponge when Turner sent him to the floor
with a terrific smash to the stomach.
Norwegians Propose Arbitration,
Which Swedes Reject Norway"
Increases Force on Frontier.
KARLSTADT. Sopt. 7. The conference
of the delegates of Norway and Sweden,
appointed to discuss the dissolution of the
union of Norway and Sweden, adjourned
today until September 13. to enable the
delegates to return to their respective
capitals and confer with their govern
ments. The result of their deliberations
is uncertain.
Christian Lundeberg. the Swedish Pre
mier, who is one of the commissioners,
said that an agreement had beon entered
into to make no communication regarding
the proceedings of the conference. It
is evident, however, that the negotiations
have reached a point which necessitates
consultation by the commissioners with
their respective governmonts. Premier
Michelsen, of Norway, will remain here.
No special session of the Riksdag will
be convened, and this fact Indicates thit
the conditions submltU-d by the Swedish
commissioners are unalterable, and that
an amicable settlement will depend upon
the action of the Norwoglan Storthing.
It is probable that the Norwegians In
sisted on the formulation of an arbitra
tion treaty as the basis of further nego
tiations. The Swedish government, it Is
believed, will never agree to this, as it
would moan the arbitration of questions
arising from present conditions and the
recognition of the sovereignty of Norway.
The Norwegian government has. within
the last few da3s, concentrated a oon
sidorable rrtimber of troops fin the fron
tier and has removed other troops near
the frontier.
Dwellers In City Agitate for Free
Admission of Cattle.
BERLIN, Sept. 7. The price of cattle
on the foot today b 14?4c per pound and
live hogs 14c per pound. Those prices
caused the master "butchers of Germany
to petition the government today to ad
mit live animals free of duty. The butch,
ers are joined in the protest by the mu- ;
nicipal governments of M cities, among j
them most of the large manufacturing i
centers, where, it Is alleged. InHustry is i
much injured by the incroaaod cost of ex- 1
istence. !
me jserun iown council, anor a neaiea
discussion of the meat famine. nanl-
invunr imnvn wj uo.ii a. omTcnuwn Vi
tlie representatives of all German dtios
for the purpose of protesting against
the refusal of the government to open
the frontiers to the free importation of
food ainmals.
From the artistic viewpoint, as woll as
that of fashion, the October Delineator
will keep the high standard it has at
tained as a woman's magazine. About
GO pages, many In color, are devoted to
the styles of the month, additional space
being devoted to the New York and Paris
fashions, set forth with chic and indi
viduality by Helen Borkelcy-Loyd and
Kdouard La Fontaine. The literary side,
household topics and special features are
on an unusual plane of excellence.
Of widespread- Interest to parents,
teachers and all who lead or follow In
educational lines Is an exceptional article,
"Education for Life Through Llvlnsr.'5
by iUiam H. Maxwell, superintendent
oi iew xorK city acnoois: needless
say. the Information that comes from Dr. !
Maxwells pen is the result of ripe expe- ,
Mr6 WneltonQhUi kv PI '
holds the attention awakened bythe'prc- I
ceding chapters, and the Interest deepens i
as the denouement approaches: several i
short stories. "The Division Fence" and
"The Call of the Bull-Bat,' furnish In
teresting Action.
Stories and pastimes for children in
clude another chapter of "Son Riley Rab
bit," that has delighted so many little
ones, suggestions for Hallowe'en amuse
ments, and other subjects of Juvenile In
terest. The third installment of Miss Wlnslows
"At Spinster Farm" exhales the freshness
and fragrance of wood and meadow, at
the same time appealing to the natural
home-longing. N. Hudson Moore writes
Interestingly of old desks and secretaries,
giving the hallmarks that enable the ama
teur to place them correctly; Allan Suth
erland tells the history of "Onward,
Christian Soldiers," the hymn that is the
inspiration of the young; Clifton Johnson
takes the reader across the wild coast of
Devon Into the wilder country that was
Lorna Doone's.
The marketing of milk Is a vital public
question in that It deals with the health,
and consequently the life, of the child; it
is of deep Interest to the city dweller, and
his demands require the farmer or dairy
man to observe hygienic laws In the pro
duction and marketing of milk. In this
issue Mrs. Mary Hlnman Abel discusses
the milk question in various phases. The
title of another article, "Club Women and
me rooQ yuesuon. snows something of
how the campaign instituted In the In-
terest of pure food has spread. Dr. Grace
of "Th TtlfhtR nf tVio r"Hll m
me importance or sieen. a iimr.iv
Jecfis "Hardy Bulbs for Outdoor Plant
ing." by Ward Macleod, indicating the
many beautiful flowers to be had as a
result of the Autumn planting of bulbs.
Recipes and household hints of all kinds
round out a capital number.
On'September 16. 17, the Great Northern
Railway will sell excursion tickets to Chi
cago and return, S7L50; St. Louis and re
turn.. J67.60; St. Paul, Minneapolis and
Duluth and return, JG0.O0. tickets good for
going passage for 10 days; final return
limit. 80 days; good going via Great
Northern Railway, returning same or any
direct route; stop-overs allowed going and
For tickets and additional Information
call on or address H. Dickson, C. P. &
T. A.. Great Northern Railway. 122 Third
street. Portland.
For any case of nervousness, sleopless
esss. weak . stomache. indirection dv.
is sure in Carter's Uttl
Liver Pills.
Death Reaping Harvest in the
Grand Army.
National Encampment Opens With
Tribute to Dead Commander.
Women's Relief Corps IIiw
Political Fight On.
DENVER, Colo., Sept 7. The first
meeting of the legislative body of the
39th annual encampment of the G. A.
R. began at 10 o'clock today at the
Broadway Theater. With the excep
tion of a few minutes, during which
state and city officials welcomed tho
old soldiers to the city formally and
responding speeches were made by
Commander-in-Chief John R. King and
others, the sessions today were secret.
It did not take long for the encamp
mnt tn cot. down to business. After
accepting the roll which had been pre
pared and printed In advance, formal
presentation of a diamond badge to tho
commandor-In-chief indicative of his
past commandership was made. At the
same time It was announced that tho
aides to ex-Commander-in-Chicf Wil
mon W. Blackmar, who died before the
expiration of his torm of office, would
present a loving cup to his widow.
The session was opened with an im
pressive prayer by Chaplaln-ln-Chief
J. H. Bradford. Washington, D. C
Welcoming addresses were made by
Governor Jesse F. McDonald. Mayor
Speer and General George W. Cook,
chairman of the Denver executive com
mittee In charge of the encampment.
General King then delivered his ad
dress. When he came to that part re
ferring to the Daughters of Votorans
Association, the memory of the recent
loss of his daughtor, a member of the
association, overcame him and he sat
down with tears streaming down hjs
cheeks. The paragraph was read by
Past Commander-in-Chief Wagner.
General King's address covered the
full terra, of which General Blackmar
sorved 11 months. Of pensions he said:
v Committee on Pensions.
The work of the committee or pesieB8 has
been mainly d'oted to urging the passage
of a service pension bill. The number of
certificates tuaued In 1905 was 1SS.2G7. mere
than 90,000 la excess of the year before and
still more In excess of former year. The
large number was due to the operation of
order So. 7S. the bureau granting 12.4M
original pensions and 34.540 Increased pen
sions tinder the order. Since the order was
Issued, April 13, 1004. the total number of
allowance under It was 66.812. most of
them, however, having been for lncreafte
The peafton roll now contains the name of
8S4.B08 survivors of the Civil War a against
000.792 at the clone of 1804. The deaths in
1W5 of survivors of the Civil War were
He urged vigilance to prevent Con
gress from depriving office-holding
veterans of their offices. He commend
ed the widespread observance of Me
morial day. He proposed that the War
department be asked to include in its
estimates appropriations for an am
phitheater at Arlington Cemetery and
for putting Lincoln's Gettysburg- ad
dress on tablets in all National ceme
teries. He predicted the oarly estab
lishment of an additional soldiers'
home in California. He spoke in
terms of commendation of the works
of the Woman's Relief Corps. He rec
ommended that the encampment aid
ex-army nurses in securing Increased
pensions. He commended the Sons of
Veterans and Daughters of Veterans.
In his report as Vice-Command er-in-Chlef.
General King expressed surprise
that so many veterans remained outside
the organization.
In reporting on a tour of the Southern
posts. G. W. Patton. Junior Vice-Com-mander-in-Chief.
stated that veterans are
employed In the parks at Vicksburg and
Shlloh. but at Chattanooga. Gettysburg
anA A.Ltm ,, noitinni v...i ...
lhe velerans were taken from under
Civil Service rules, after which the vot-
erana were discharged, one after another,
until all wore gone that any excuse could
be found for suspending. A United States
Deputy Marshal occasionally rides over
the fields, and the memorial and other
property is lft at the mercy of- thieves
and vandals who visit the fields .for plun
der. Decrease of Membership. .
Adjutant-General J. E. GUman stated
In his report that the membership June 30.
19(6. was 222.-455. The deaths during the
year were 91S2. The net loss for the year
was 14.SSS. The number under suspension
June 30 was 19,503. The total expenditures
for relief were JSS.&G3.
Quartermaster-General Charles Bur
rows reported receipts (including balance,
i0.82) of 526.261; expenditures of J15.S34.
leaving the balance, August 2, 15CG, JM.927.
Inspector-General Lc N. Eetelle report-
ed that there are 2S.354 members In the
National homes and 13.741 in the state
home8- State laws' he S1" ex"
soldlers a Preference In appointments
seem to be more ornamental than useful,
and are not enforced. He honed the laws
making it a criminal offense to play
games, have horse races, etc., on Memo
rial day, would not become a dead-letter.
Teaching of Patriotism.
Allen C Bakewoll. chief aid in charge
of military instruction and patriotic In
struction In schools, reported that the
teaching of patriotism to the pupils of
the schools has become vastly more gen
eral. Military Instruction in public
schools is growing to be considered an
Important feature of the curriculum.
' Service Pension Bill.
Charles G. Burton, of Nevada, Mo.,
chairman of the committee on pensions,
reported recommendations concerning the
policy of the National Encampment on
the pension question. His committee fa
vored a reiteration of the action taken
at' the last two National encampments,
which Is that a general service pension bill
be passed by Congress giving every man
who served SO days In the War of the
Rebellion and received an honorable dis
charge a pension of J12 per month after
he has arrived at the age of 62 years, and
a like amount to widows who had mar-
I rled the soldlers prior to the passage of
the act of June. ISM. This recommenda
tion was unanimously indorsed.
Great Interest was displayed In the re
port of General Louis Wagner, of Phila
delphia, chairman of the Stevenson me
morial fund. He said that $15,000 had been
raised, but that he intended to call for
further contributions. Sealmon G. Sim
mons, of Kenosha, Wis., who. though not
a member of the Grand Army, has been
a warm friend of the organization, con
tributed $2500. Others made pledges; some
as high as $1000, and at the end It was
stated that the fund had reached nearly
All resolutions today were referred
without residing "-to the resolutions com
mittee, except theone on the death of
Comander-In-Chlef Blackmar. which was
adopted by a rising vote, the members
standing with bowed heads.
George E. Henry, of Massachusetts,
was chosen Assistant Adjutant-General
to succeed Mr. "Stilting, elected Junior
Vice-Commander. The encampment then
made the election of officers & special
order for 10 o'clock tomorrow morning,
and adjourned until that time.
Acclaim Roosevelt "as First In War
and Peace.
MILWAUKEE, Sept. 7. The second an
nual reunion of the United States Span
ish War Veterans opened Its sessions
at Light-Horse Squadron Armory-today
with about 150 delegates present and 75
delegates to the ladles' auxiliary. Greet
ings were sent to the G. A. R. reunion at
Denver. Reports were read and resolu
tion? introduced.
"A resolution was adopted with enthusi
asm congratulating President Roosevelt
on "the unparalleled service for the
world's peace, which he has Just ren
dered, and making him to this generation
first In peace as-well as first In war."
Tomorrow the election of officers will
take place. The contest for next meeting-place
is between Washington and San
Veteran Signal Corps Election.
DENVER, Sept. ".The United States
Veteran Signal Corps Association has
elected the following officers:
President W. K. Burchlnell. Denver.
Second vice-president E. ' P. .Cbwell,
Third vice-president C. S. Bolton, Cam
eron, Mo.
Secretary and treasurer D. M. W.
Marcy. Boston.
Historian J. Wlllard Brown, East Bos
ton. Chaplain W. ZL McCreary, Lovcland.
The first vice-president and the quar
termaster will be appointed by the presi
dent from the city In which the next G.
A. R. encampment Is held.
Appear in Good Humor and Might
Have Made Up Taggart At
tacks Wife's- Lawyer.
WOOSTER, O., Sept. 7. (Special.) Cap
tain Taggart and his wife enacted In
court today a family quarrel scene to sat
isfy Mr. Sterling, the attorney, and both
found plenty of fun in doing it. It did
not seem at all as If the two had been
combating each other for weeks, and stor
ies of their troubles had gono all over
the world. And It was a very nice por
trayal of a family "ocrap," too that is,
as far as it went. The scene was sup
posed to be a duplicate of that on the
night of June- 30. 1&D8, when Captain
Pooro acted as escort home for Mrs. Tag
gart. Captain Taggart seized his wife by the
arm and tried to scowl. The wife tried
to jork her arm away and to look dag
gers. In this attractive "struggle" the
sleeves of' her waist wero supposed to
become torn. But somehow or other they
wouldn't tear. Neither would the scowl
ing or the dagger-looks bear up under
the strain. It all wound up In an out
break of merriment, the Captain and his
wife seemingly being In the best of humor.
Psychological Moment Lost.
Critics declared It might have been a
psychological moment for Judge Eason.
He might have loaned forward and or
dered: "Kiss and make up."
Thore were many in the courtroom who
would have been willing to wagor It
would have been the last of the Taggart
divorce case right there.
"Mrs. Taggart never struck your was
"No, she pimply tried to get away. I
did not drag her down the stairs. I told
her we would have an understanding be
fore she went upstairs, and took her by
the arm and wc walked down the hall."
he continued. The details of the alterca
tion were then again gone over. Finally
the scene was actually enacted.
TagarL Denounces Smyser.
Captain Taggart was re-examined at
great length upon the letters that passed
between himself and his wife. Speaking
of one written by Mrs. Taggart to the
War Department through her attorneys,
asking the department to take action for
a court-martial on Taggart, the witness
"It was the most scurrilous and dirty
letter ever written by a human being who
claimed to have a onclencc."
"You know. Mr. Smyser." said Tag
gart, "that you said you would take ad
vantage of your position as a Congress
man and your Influonco with the War
Department to bent me in this lawsuit."
"No, I did not ever say that." answered
Smyser, vehemently.
"Well, Mrs. Taggart said you did," re
plied Taggart.
Not Trying Suits as Congressman.
After recess a copy of the letter was
produced and read to Taggart. He looked
at the letter-book and said:
"There la no signature."
"I signed it," said Smyser. "It is not
customary to put the signature In a
"Did you sign It as a Congressman?"
"No I didn't try lawsuits as a Con
gressman." "Well, It .looks very much that way,"
said Taggart.
Fred Dow. the detective, who yesterday
testified against Mrs. Taggart, was mer
cilessly scored by police officers from
Cleveland today.
Arguments will begin in the case some
time tomorrow and continue over Satur
day. Czar at Thanksgiving Service.
thanksgiving service commemorative
of the conclusion of peace was cele
brated at Pcterhof this afternoon In
the presenco of Emperor Nicholas and
the state dignitaries.
To regulate the stomach, liver and
bowels and promote digestion, take one
of Carter's Little Liver Pills every night.
Try them.
Your doctor will tell
you why he prescribes
it for thin blood, weak
nerves. He will ex
plain why it gives
strength, courage, en
durance. Sold for over
sixty years.
XvalL XtM.
Texas Mob Inflicts Dire Pen
alty on Negro Beast.
Fierce Gale Fans Flames and
Quickly Ends Agony Husbnnd
of Negro's Victim Starts
Fire Great Crowd.
FORT WORTH. Tex., Sept- 7. A spe
cial to the Record from Waxahatchie
tells of the burning tonight of Steve Da
vis, a young negro, who confessed to out
raging Mrs. 8. P. Norrls, aged V). last
Sunday night.
A mob consisting of Si00 persons' tied
the negro to a piece of gas pipe that had
been set in the ground, piled fagots
around him and set the mass on Are.
The sufferings of the negro were of Bhort
duration, owing to the fierceness of the
fire, which was fanned by a gale of wind
which blew across the prairie.
The husband of the woman Is said to
have set the match to the tinder and
started the blaze that consumed tho
After waiting an hour In order that the
negro might bid goodbye to his brother
and sister, Davis was chained to the
stake. He pleaded and struggled vio
lently. A match was applied to the huge
pile of lumber and brush saturated with
oil, and the negro's struggles and moan
ing ceased In five minutes.
The fire burned SO minutes after the ap
plication of the match and nothing but
embers and charred remains of the negro
marked the spot of the awful tragedy.
The mob was comparatively quiet and
soon dispersed.
The bones and ashes of the victim of
the mob's fury were gathered up by his
brother and sister.
Davis was arrested last Tuesday and
taken before the woman, who at that
time was not sure it was he. She had
been desperately ill. Today he was again
taken before the woman, who on sight
of him fainted. When she recovered she.
Identified him, and his fate was sealed.
The negro finally confessed, detailing the
This Is the third negro that has been
burned in this section of Texas within a
short time. One of these waa lynched at
Sulphur Springs, and another at Waco.
Charge Against Three Dismissed,
Fourth Suspended Thirty Days.
Four patrolmen were on the mat before
the police committee of the Executive
Board, yesterday afternoon, the charges
against them all being dismissed with the
exception of one. who was merely sus
pended for one month without pay.
The charges were ignored against Pa
trolman E. Burke, whose beat Is on East
Burnslde and East Third streets, and who
waa accused by Bernard Gobbl with bru
tal conduct while arresting him. July 22,
for riding his wheel on the sidewalk; Jo
seph Scallon. charged with extortion by
John Muchow. a saloonkeeper, of 333 First
street, and H. A. Galbralth, whom Ed
ward Stone, proprietor of a wood-sawing
outfit, claimed had been brutal to him
in connection with making an arrest for
violating a city ordinance by leaving his
machine on the street, and afterward
when forcing him to move on while he
was waiting on a corner. The testimony
against the officers did not prove suffi
ciently strong. In the estimation of the
committee, to Justify any stringent ac
tion, hence all the charges of misconduct
were dismissed.
In the case of Policeman R. J. Ellis.
who was suspended August 20 for not
being present at the fire which destroyed
the State-Room Inn rooming-house, near
the Fair grounds the morning previously.
It was shown that there were extenuating
circumstances connected with his absence,
hence he was let off with a suspension
f 30 days, without pay.
On sale August 24 and 25, also Septem
ber 7, S. 9. 10, 15 and 17, the Rock Island
Railway will sell round-trip tickets to
K astern points at greatly reduced rates.
For full particulas call on or address A.
H. McDonald, general agent. 110 Thirl
street, Portland. Or.
You Must
If you cannot, it is due to an
irritated or q-ngested state of
the brain, which will soon de
velope into nervous prostration.
Nature demands sleep, and
it is as important as food; it
is a part of her building and
sustaining process. This period
of unconsciousness relaxes the
mental and physical strain, and
allows nature to restore ex
hausted vitality.
Dr. Miles' Nervine brings
refreshing sleep, because it,
soothes the irritation and re
moves the congestion.
It is also a nerve builder; it
nourishes and strengthens ev
ery nerve in your body, and
creates energy in all the organs.
Nothing will give strength
and vitality as surely and
quickly as Dr. Miles' Nervine.
"During tho past winter I had two
vaiiacKS oi jaunppe
l attacks of LaOrlD
which left mo
'very 'weak, and In bad condition.
Tras bo nervotyt I could not sleep. My
wife, after trying- different remedies,
Trent for a doctor. The doctor Tras
out, and a ncljhbor recommended Dr.
Miles' Nervine, and she brought home
a botUe. I had not slept for some time,
and had terrible pains in my head.
After tnVlng a ftrvr doses of Nervine
the pain Tras not no severe, and I
slept. I am now taklctr tha second
bottle, and em verr much Imnroved."
HENRY ST. SMITH, Underbill, Vt.
Dr. MUa Nervlnt b old by your
druggist, who vHI pusrnta that the
flrit boKla vHI bcnoflh If It falle,- he
will rcfur.u your monty.
Mile Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind
pur. The critical ordeal through which the expectant mother must
pais, however, is so fraught with dread, pain, suffering and danger,
that the very thought of it fills her with apprehension and horror.
Thre is no necessity for the reproduction of life to be either painful
or dangerous. The uae of Mother's Friend so prepares the system for
the coming event that it is safely passed without any danger. Thii
great and wonderful
remedy is always
has carried thousands
of women through
the trying crisis without suffering.
Snd for free book containing Information
f priceless vales to all expectant mothers.
Tie Bratfltld Rifulator Cc. Atlanta. 6a.
JThe highest type of FAMILY SEWING
M A C H I N E the embodiment of SIMPLICITY
Don't Use Poor Oil
For use on sewing-machines, writing machines,
bicycles and all purposes requiring a fine lubricant
the best is cheapest in the end. Genuine Singer
Oil can only be obtained at Singer Stores
Sewing machines rented or exchanged.
At tKe Singer Stores
254r Morrison Street
402 Washington St. 540 Williams Ave.
' 'Prove all things, hold fast to that -which is good."
"We, the undersigned, know .of many people who have been cured
of the liquor and tobacco "habits" by the use of Trib.
Rev. J. R. N. Bell, the oldest living chaplain of the Grand Lodge
of the Masonic Order in the world".
L. P. Desmarias, pastor of the Ronian Catholic Church of The
Dalles, Oregon.
Hon. Samuel "White, Presiding Judge of the Eighth Judicial Dis
trict of the State of Oregon.
Do you believe these gentlemen would allow their names to go
before the public indorsing this remedy if they were not absolutely
sure that Trib cures the liquor and tobacco habits? And as we'know
the remedy and know from seeing many who have been cured in this
city that it will do all that is claimed for it, we will give you an
absolute guarantee with every treatment to cure you. It is our way
of doing business.
"We guarantee every treatment of Trib; price $12.50 a cure.
O REST, no sleep. Itch, Itcb. itch.
scratching until the tender skin
becomes Inflamed, sore and bleeding.
Hariina Soap
.Aided br Skl&health Treatment, -will si to the
lucenac little one msttnt reuer sna siep, ana
rriult 1b complete care. Unltltndea of "women
iaj Earfina haa bo eqTial for ebafla;. Irrita
tion, eruptions, dandruff, thin hair, acald heat!,
lledleatcd. antiseptic, deodorizing, fragrant.
-h. Breath f fine Balsam In Ererj eeke.
luxe 2Sc cakes; 3 cakes 65c.; dra?gtsta.
Sefote substitutes. No soap Is medicated
like Harflna.
Manufactured br Fhllo Hay Specialties Co.,
Newark. X. J. Take nothing without this
lmatcreou ry vrzr s
Fourth and YVsahingtoa bt.
mood poison,
Doien-- jrrtf -Tured. No failure.
poiency twg"iy "f: vith nlKht
; basbf.ilnVss. wiMioiT g1011 doI'rive you o your mannooJ- u2i'1T
fYMIDljLlAliiSSM:who from excesses and- strains have lost their
MAY POWEIU DISEASES, Syphilis, Gonorrhoea, painful, bloody urine
!GleftScttrV Enlarged Prostate! Sexual bebUlty. Varicocele, hydrocele. Kid
ney hind Liver TroubfeT cured wltnout MEHCUKY Oil OTHEK WOSOX1NG
tirttrs. Catarrh and rheumatism cullc.ii.
nr Walker's methoJa are regular and scientific He uses no patent nos
trums" or ready-made preparations, but cures the disease by thorough medical
treatment. His New Pamphlet on Private Diseases sent free to all men who
describe, their trouble. PATIENTS cured at home. Terms reasonable. All letters
answered in piam envelope. v.uuauju.uuu n cu u.uu. atiicuiy tuuuucuuiu. wutj.
on or address
DR. WALKER, 181 First Street, Corner Yamhill, Portland, Or
No woman happi
ness can be complete
without children ; it
is her nature to love
and want them
as much so as
it is to love the
beautiful and
to Youthful Color.
"Had beeen troubled "with dandruff a lonrtlme.
After nslnc one, bottle of Halrhealth I found tha
dandruff tone and ray hair, which was two-thirds
gxar (I am 43 years old) restored to its natural
auburn color. G. EICHMAN', La Crosse. Wis."
Halrhealth quickly brines back youthful color
to jrray hair, no matter how ion? it has been gray
or white. PosItlTely remotes dandruff, kills the
senn and stops hair falling. Does not stain skla
or linen. Aided by HARFINA SOAP and Skin
health, It soothes and heals the scalp, stops Itch
ing and promotes fine hair growth. Large 50c
bottles. druggists'. Take nothing without signa
ture Phllo Hay Co.
Frti Soap-Offer SlK!
Sign this coupon, take to any of the following
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hair. bath, toilet, both for BOc: or sent by Phllo
Hay Specialties Co.. Newark. Nt J., express pre
paid, oa receipt of 60c and this adr.
Hame .T.....
Address -
Following druggists supply Hay's Hiiriealti
and Harass. Soap la their shops only:
fourth and Washington Sta.
, " jj
Twenty Years of Success
In the treatment of chronic diseases, such as liver,
kidney and stomach disorders, constlpatlon.-diarrhoea,
dropsical swellings. Brigbt's disease, etc
Kidney and Urinary
Complaints, painful, difficult, to frequent, milky or
bloody urine, unnatural discharges speedily cured.
Diseases of the Rectum
bloody discharges, cured without the knife, pain or
Diseases of Men
gleet, feiricturu. unnatural losses, im-
Cure guaranteed.
emissions, dreams, exhaustlns drains.