Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, August 29, 1905, Page 11, Image 11

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Proceedings Are Begun for His
Removal by Councii of
St. Johns.
Councilman P. J Peterson Is Also
Included in the Proceedings,
and an Effort Will Be
Made to Oust Him.
Impeachment proceedings -tvera started
last night at the meeting of the St Johns
Council for the removal of Mayor W. H.
King and Councilman P. J. Peterson, the
charges being read by Councilman J. H.
Shields. All the seven Councllmen -were
present, and Mayor King presided.
The little room in which the meetings
of the Council are held was packed to
suffocation, and many remained standing
at the open windows outside to hear the
At the opening, after the minutes of
the former meetings were read and ap
proved, Mayor King said: "We will now
elect a successor to Mr. Edwards." This
started matters. Mr. Shields then arose
and read the charges on which to base
an action for the removal of the Mayor
and Councilmn Peterson from office. He
had scarcely taken his seat when Coun
cilman W. H. Brice was on his feet read
ing resolutions directing the City Attor
ner to prepare charges and specifications
and serve them on both Mayor King" and
Councilman Peterson. The City Attorney
was directed to proceed at once with the
preparation of the complaints and serve
on both the Councilman and Mayor, who
shall have five days in which to answer.
IiOng and Bitter Controversy.
Following the reading the articles of
Impeachment and resolutions there was
a short silence, when Councilman Shields
moved the adoption of the resolution.
Councilman Leggett, president of the
Council, arose and put the motion over
the head of the Mayor, and it was car
ried by four votes those of Leggett,
Shields, Brice and Edwards.
Then followed a long and bitter contro
versy between Attorney McBarry, who
represented Mr. Edwards, Attorney TV.
T. Vauhan and Ogelby Young, who rej
resented Mayor King and Councilman
Peterson. Mr. Peterson demanded that
Councilman Edwards be tried and his
name cleared of every imputation. The
other attorney contended that Edwards
was not a member. The squabble lasted
until 10 o'clock last night, and finally
resulted in the City Attorney being in
structed to go ahead with the proceed
ings against Peterson and the Mayor, on
There was some very bitter words be
tween Edwards and Peterson. Edwards
said that Peterson had reported he would
be ready to produce evidence when the
time came.
The text of the charges on which im
peachment proceedings against the Mayor
and Councilman have been started, is as
That your petitioner in Informed and be
lieves and therefore charges that P. J. Peter
son, a member of said Council, together with
one W. H. King, Mayor of the City of St.
Johns, have. In violation of their public du
ties, entered Into a conspiracy with other per
sons to disrupt the Common Council, disfran
chise the citizens and impose upon the city
other undesirable officials for the purpose of
permitting the applicants for liquor to exploit
the city to their own advantace.
That your petitioner is Informed and be
licres and therefore charges one P. J. Peter
son, a member of this Council, with basely
entering Into Illegal and clandestine negotia
tions with a certain liquor dealer to obtain
for him, for a valuable consideration, a license
to sell liquor to the City of St. Jobne.
That your petitioner Is Informed and believes
and therefore charges that said T H. King
has on divers occasions made offers and pub
licly announced his willingness to pay large
pums of money to certain members of this
Council in consideration of their withdrawing
from its membership and resigning their said
offices; that said offers and announcements
are of a character involving moral turpitude,
and were manifestly made by the said King
ior the purpose of corrupting the City Council
and bringing the members thereof into public
Infamy and disgrace.
That your petitioner therefore prays .that
the said P. J. Peterson and the said W. H.
King be suspended Iroxa participation in the
deliberations of the honorable body; that they
each of them be required to stand trial before
this honorable body upon the charges herein
made, and that if found guilty of such charges
that they and each of them be permanently
removed from their respective offices In ac
cordance with the provisions of the charter in
such case made and provided.
A few small items of business were
transacted. There is now a doubt who
is Mayor of St. Johns, Mr. King, who is
under charges, or Councilman Leggett,
president, of the Council. It looks as if
there might le two city governments set
up in St. Johns. City Attorney Greene
took no part in the proceedings last
night, except to say that under the con
stitution of the state a public officer could
not be Impeached. Attorney McGarry,
however, held differently. The City At
torney said he would obey the orders of
the Council. Citizens of St Johns are
disgusted over the situation, and an in
dignation meeting will be held some
time this week.
"What the Press Agents S.
Favorite Comedian Presents New
Play to a Crowded House.
"Tbe host ever," was the verdict of the
crowded house as the people filed out of
the Marquani Grand Theater last night
after witnessing the comedian you all
know, Ezra Kendall, and his excellent
supporting company, in the beautiful
play, "Weather-Beaten Benson." That it
was a "drenching success" is true both
literally and financially you will have to
see this funny comedy-drama to appreci
ate the first, and the packed house will
verify the latter statement. Never before
has Mr. Kendall presented In Portland a
play that made the hit this one has.
Seven and eight curtain calls after each
act but slightly express the sentiment of
the big audience. "Weather-Beaten Ben
son" will be the bill tonight and tomorrow
night Begjnnlng Thursday night and
continuing tbe romainder of the week,
"The Barn Stormer." by Sidney Rosen
feld, will be presented for the first time
on any stage. The Marquam is on Mor
rison street between Sixth and Seventh.
Beats are now selling for the entire week.
Nothing So Successful as "Alice of
Old Vincennes" Ever Offered.
Belasco Stock Company struck itJ
very best gait last night when It pre
sented for the first time in the "West the
brilliant historical romantic drama, "Al
ice of Old Vincennes." A year or two
ago the most popular novel of the day
was this oplc story of the conquest of the
Northwest Territory by George Hodgers
Clark and his valient little army while
their compatriots on the Atlantic sea
board wore fighting the tyrinnlcal British.
Interwoven with the incidents of camp
and field is the beautiful love story of
Alice, the charming daughter of the wil
derness, and the brave young Virginia
officer. Miss Lillian Lawrence, recognized
as the leading stock actress in America,
made her first appearance as leading
woman with the Bolaeco forces and fairly
captured her audience. She and Will
Walling make an admirable team of
leading people, and the company now
ranks as the most perfect organization of
Its kind in the land. "Alico of Old Vin
cennes" will continue for an entire rfeek.
and theatorgoers will find it the best
theatrical entertainment in many months.
Celebrated Actor po Present "The
Pit" and "Trilby" at Marquam.
Wilton Lackayo and his 'company of
players will bo the attraction at the Mar
quam Grand Theater next week. Be
ginning Monday night, Soptomber A, and
continuing Tuesday and Wodnesday
nights, "The Pit" will be the play. Thurs
day, Friday and Saturday matinee,
"Trilby" will be presented. Mr. Lock
aye's engagement promises to be one of
the dramatic events of the season. Frank
Dekum, a Portland boy, is playing with
Mr. Lackaye.
Matinee Days at tho Baker.
Special attention is called to the mati
nee days at the Baker for this season.
Matinees aro to be given every Sunday,
Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.
; '
The accompanying photograph of a group of American miners Is from the
collection of J. H. Hutchinson and was taken at midnight June IS, 1805, at
Cape Prince of Wales, looking Into Sehrlng Sea at a distance of three miles.
Back of them was tbe Arctic Ocean, only thre miles away. East Cape ef Siberia
was only 40 miles distant '
There will be no performances on Sat
urday evenings, as the companies will
leave for San Francisco aftor the Satur
day matinee. A new company opons every
week with the Sunday matinee. This
week the Fay Foster company Is the at
traction, and has set theater-goors talk
ing as nothing else has done in a long
time. This company has always been a
favorite with burlesque lovers, but this
season it is larger and bettor than ever,
and presents many Interesting novelties.
Scenery, costumes and electrical effects
are on a magnificent scale, and -are said
to eclipse anything heretofore seen with
this lino of attractions. Two lively trav
esties and a brilliant array of vaudeville
talent complete the bill. "The Mysterious
Mrs. Raffles" Is the title of the closing
part This is a take-off on the recent
hunt for Raffles, which caused such a
stir throughout the East Louie Dacre,
the happy girl, is seen as Mrs. Raffles.
"Cleopatra in Central Park" is the title
of the opening part
The Grand.
A male Anna Bva Fay is tho stellar
attraction at the Grand this week.
He calls himself the Great - Tatum,
and barring the speech which he
makes at the commencement of his
performance, he does a frood many
stunts which siiem to warrant his nom
de theater. He finds hidden articles,
answers questions, makes predictions
and generally mystifies his audience
with his alleged occult powers. Hart
Bessie & Co. do a character change
act which makes a hit, sbxne of tho
impersonations being very lifelike, par
ticularly those of Gladstone and the
late Pope Leo. The Do Fay team of
musical artists is one of the best re
cently seen here, the best feature of
their act boing the playing of "Alice
Where Art Thou?" by whirling metal
discs. The Buckeye Trio do an inter
esting acrobatic turn and Fred Purin
ton sings "Down on the Farm" very
Tho Star.
'Musical Kleist is the topllner at the
Star this week. Here is a man' who
seems to have a genius for novel ef
fects and his act is remarkably good.
His act Is the sort that the high
priced vaudeville houses in the East
feature and should prove a big draw
ing card at the Star this week. He
gives nls performance on a darkened
stage and tho weird effects produced
are little short of startling. It is alto
gether a commendable act The bill as
a whole, is perhaps tho beet ever of
fered by this theater, and includes
Melville & La Zelle in their funny
sketch "Jack tho Hugger," Tarick &
La" Londe in character changes, Walter
Perry, one of the best monologlsts in
the business, Roy McBraln's illustrated
song and tho moving pictures.
Accuses Saloon Man.
Complaining against the noises she al
leged continued in the Forestry Inn Sa
loon until a very late hour yesterday
morning, Mrs. L. M. Donaldson appeared
before Deputy City .Attorney Fitzgerald
yesterday and secured warrants for tho
arrest of M. Marks on two charges dls
turing the peace and quiet of the vicinity
and keeping his establishment open after
prohibited time. Tho arrest was made
last night
Mrs. Donaldson is keeper of the For
estry Inn House, next door to tho saloon
complained of, and says that her roomers
have been threatening to move unless she
could stop the noise alleged to have been
made by drunken people In the saloon.
The scene of all this trouble is Twenty
fifth and Upshur streets.
Expects to Find OH.
J. W. Hope, of Vale, Or., was In Port
land yesterday. He Is enthusiastic over
the prospect of discovering oil In paying
quantities in Malheur County, of which
Vale Is the county eeat There Is a strip
of sandstone fossil formation near Vale,
which runs for many miles, and which,
according to Mr. Hope, gives every indi
cation of being a rich oil region. No work
has been done in this line, but three
natural gas. wells have been discovered. WMlf Wnrv nnA tr-m-n nit- TT jr.
SarsapariUa is Just-tne medicine to restore
Heirs to Estate Make Charges
Against Attorney.
Dispute Arises Over Moneys Given
by Street Hallways to Compro
mise Suit Following an
Accidental Death.
Richard W. Ruffln, an attorney, has
come up from Long Boach, Washington,
to face somo sensational charges that
have arisen lately in tbe County Court
relative to his connection with the estate
of Rudolph Jensen, who was killed Feb
ruary 6 in a street-car accident at Mon
tavllla. It is alleged that the Consolidated Rail
way Company compromised a suit by
agreeing to pay Jensen's heirs ?2K. and
that of this amount only about one-half
found Its way into the hands of Herman
Jensen, a brother to deceased, who came
out here from Wisconsin armed with a
power of attorney from other heirs to
settle up the estate. Information having
reached them that there was a chance to
get something out of the railway corpora
tion by suit for damages, on account of
Rudolph Jensen's death. It Is claimed
that advantage was taken of Herman
Jensen's lack of knowledge of the English
language to induce him to sign certain
papers disposing of important rights, but
It is denied by Ruffln and others inter
ested In the probate of tho estate that
there was anything crooked in the trans
action. Judge Wobstor stated yesterday that ho
intended to probe the matter to the bot
tom, and that every deall would bo in
vestigated this afternoon in the course
of the proceedings brought by Herman
Jensen to remove the administrator and
attorney of the estate.
She Charges Cruelty.
Delia Earl has sued T. C Earl for di
vorce in the State Circuit Court and in
quite a lengthy and spicy complaint
charges him with all sorts of cruel acts.
She alleges that he is an habitual drunk
ard, and besides has made life burden
some to her by accusing her of undue
relations with other men. They were
married in this city May 2S, 1SSS, and
have four children, Ethel (now married),
William H, 13, Homer B.f II. and Ruby
G., 7 years of age. She asks the cus
tody of the last named.
"Wood-Sawing Machine Suit.
In a complaint filed with the County
Clerk, Jacob Mann demands the return
of W& alleged to have been paid the
Roiorson Machinery Company on Juno
6 for a Stlckney gasoline wood-sawing
machine, besides J7L25 paid on account
of a new set of trucks, and $150 damagos
for tho loss and profits from the use of
the machine, claiming that it was not
as represented, and has been more or less
under ropalr ever since it was purchased.
Brings Partition Suit.
Henry Meister has brought a partition
suit in the State Circuit Court against
Abraham Meister and wife and J. H.
Peterson, asking that lots 5 and -8. block
13, Watson's Addition to Portland, bo
sold, and a referee appointed by the Court
for that purpose. Plaintiff claims to own
an equal share in the property with
Abraham Meister, and that defendant
Peterson holds a valid mortgage against
it for J4.!.
Seeks Divorce for Desertion.
Alice Goodwin has sued Edward H.
Goodwin for divorce on tho ground of
desertion. They were married in New
York City September 25, lSi. and have
one child. Helen, aged S years, which
Mrs. Goodwin asks the custody of. from
U.e Court, together with a decreo award
ing her a one-third Interest in all the
defendant's property, the value of which
is unknown.
Says Wife -Is Cruel.
Robert J. Woicka has asked the Stato
Circuit Court for a decree divorcing him
from Minnie R. Woicka on the ground of
extreme cruelty, consisting mainly In
charging him with being unduly Intim
ate with other women. They were mar
ried at Oregon City October 17, 1S9S. and
have two children, William R., aged 8
years, and Mildred. M., who is two years
and a half old.
Fite Incorporation Articles.
Articles of Incorporation of the Clatsop
Clay and Ochre Company were filed with
the County Clerk yesterday. Its princi
pal place of business Is In Portland, and
capital stock JSO.OW. divided into 503
shares of the par value of $100 each. W.
L. TJudley. L A. Yerex and William B.
Streeter, all of this city, are the Incor
porators. File Mechanics' Lien.
Rasmussen & Co4 yesterday filed a
mechanics Hen "on the Washington build
ing in tho Exposition grounds by virtue
of a claim of $128.41, alleged to be held
by them against the firm of .Carroll &
Llnne, on account of materials furnished
the contractors who constructed the edi
fice. "Wife Accused of Desertion.
C. A. Blakely has brought suit In tho
State Circuit Court against Emma Blake
llelDK desertfoa. They, were married
at Vancouver, Wash.. In May, 1BS6, and
sho is charged with having deserted her
husband July 15, 1S0L Both aro residents
of this city, and there are no children.
Takes First Placo Among Norwegian
Singing Societies.
At tho banquet of tho Norwegian sing
ing societies, held In Arion Hall last
night the beautiful silver cup was award
ed to the Portland organization for the
best chorus singing of any society which
participated in the concert at the Audi
torium on the Exposition grounds Sunday
night With an appropriate' speech, F. C
Hageman. who presided as toastmaster,
presented the trophy the Portland
singers. The Judges who awarded the
cup . were Madame Ragna Linne, Dr.
Moon, of Astoria, and Mr. Utness, of
Belllngham, Wash. All tho societies that
sent delegations to Portland entered the
contest and tho competition was very
Tho banquet was a great success, and
made a pleasant ending to the Portland
session of the Sangcrforhund. Over 250
covers were laid, and those present rep
resented all the principal cities of the
Northwest After the feasting remarks
were mado by a member of each delega
tion present and the evening closed with
In the afternoon the Sangerforbund held
a business session in the same hall.
Tho following officers for the year
were elected: L. Langlow. of Ta
coma, president; Dr. J. L. Rynning, of
Tacoma, first vice-president; P. L. Opsvlg,
of Everett second vice-president; N.
Christiansen, of Tacoma, recording sec
retary; J. Xavler, of Parkland, cor
responding eecrctary; O. J. Ekre, of Ta
coma, treasurer; John Blauw, of Tacoma,
marshal; Carlo A. Speratl, of Decorah,
la., musical director. The next session
will be held in Tacoma. The date has
not yet been determined.
Presiding Judge Has Quite a Time
Quelling the Disturbance.
WOOSTER, O., Aug. 23. Promptly upon
the opening of court today. Mrs. Grace
Taggart entered the room. In anticipa
tion of her appearance, the courtroom
filled rapidly, and' a large audienco was
Contrary to expectation, Mrs. Taggart
was not placed on the stand at the open
ing. A controversy occurred between the
attorneys about 'a letter referred to In
sqme papers received from the War De
partment by Mrs. Taggart's attorneys.
Mr. Weltz was pur on the stand and
asked some questions by ex-Judge Smyscr
about the letter. After considerable dis
cussion, the letter was read. It was
from Adjutant-General Corbln and re
ferred to the charges of General Miner.
It was to the effect that the report
had been shown to the Secretary of War
and he regretted this unfavorable report
from a man otherwise an efficient offi
cer; that Captain Taggart should bo
admonished about his conduct; that strict
watch should be mado that he keep the
pledge he made, and that for some time
a monthly report of his conduct should
be made to the War Department The In
ference made by Mrs. Taggart's attor
neys was that the letter had been re
moved from a number of papers received
from Washington. This was resented by
Mrs. Taggart's attorneys. As Mr. Weltz
loft the stand, ho made some remark
to ex-Judge Smyscr which the latter re
sented. At this point, Weltz called Smyser a
liar, and a great deal of confusion pre
vailed. The feeling was intense and bit
ter for a minute. Judge Eason finally
quelled the disturbance.
"Woman Charged With Battery.
A bloody battle took place on Thurman
street between Twenty-fourth and
Twenty-fifth streets, at 2 o'clock yester
day afternoon, with Mrs. Nellie Ryan and
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Knebel as the par
ticipants. It raged until tho attacking
party, alleged to bo Mrs. Ryan, took to
her heels to avoid arrest During tho
fray blows wore delivered from all sides
and Knebel suffered a badly scratched
Knebel hurried to Deputy City Attorney
Fitzgerald, who issued a warrant for the
arrest of Mrs. Ryan, charging assault
and battery. She was arrested last night
The case will bo heard before Municipal
Judge Cameron today. Just what caused
the trouble is unknown, but it Is said to
"have been Jealousy on the part of Mrs.
Ryan. She Is employed at "Fair Japan"
on tho Trail.
Death of a Centenarian.
Mrs. Mary Gibbons Campbell, a native
of Ireland, died last night at the home of
her daughter. Mrs. Allle Campbell, East
Eighth and Fremont streets, at the ex
treme age of 101 years. Had Mrs. Camp
bell lived until next March, she would
have reached her 102d year.
Mrs. Campbell was born In County
Mayo, Ireland, where she lived until 1S70,
when she came to America and settled In
Cleveland. O. Eighteen years, ago she
came to Portland, where sho had since
Of her ten children, but three are living
Mrs. Allie Campbell, of Portland: Mlas
Mary Campbell, Ireland, and Nell Camp
bell, who is thought to bo in the State
of Washington.
Portland University Reunion.
What promises to be tho greatest of all
the reunions, of the former students of
Portland University will be held in the
Young Men's Christian Association build
ing. Fourth and Yamhill streets, tomor
row. The programme includes a recep
tion from 2 to 5 In the afternoon, and a
business meeting at S o'clock In the even
ing, after which tho banquet board will
be- the scene of activity. From the as
surances In the hands of the committee,
there will be a large number of students
present some frpm every state In tho
Northwest Such a gathering of old
friends, many of whom have not met for
years. It Is believed, will bo a most en
joyable occasion. f
Asks Revocation of Licenses.
Chief of Police Grltzmacher has ad
dressed a communication to the liquor
license committee of the City Council, re
questing the revocation of the license of
tho Tuxedo saloon, located at 2S5 Alder
streot This Is the place the proprietors
of which were fined 150 in the Municipal
Court last week for violation of the 1
o'clock closing ordinance, and which has
been In bad repute for a long time. Chief
Grltzmacher will also request the Council
license committee to revoke the licenses
of several "fake" auction houses on
North Third street, against which a war
has been waged of late by tho police and
Municipal Court officials.
Changes in tho Weather Bureau.
Harry Pldcoe. a printer at tho local
Weather Bureau Office, has tendered his
resignation to take effect September L
Ho resigns to take a position here.
John G rover, local assistant weather ob
server has relieved J. J. Kelllher. of the
North Head station,, who is oft for a
month's vacation.
If So. Leara About tho Very Xow O. X. .
September X 8. 9 and 10. the O. R. & N.
places on sale very low-rate long-time
tickets East account L O. O. F. Grand
Lodge meeting. Philadelphia. Pa. -Particulars
by asking at City Ticket Office.
Third and Wunlogton streets, Portland.
City Chief Executive Is Now
After Six Distinguished
"Doc" Robertson, Attorney Bennett,
3Iayor Matlock and His Brother,
Dr. Davis and Cattle King
Babb Arc Sought.
Mayor Lu is nngrj- because he has
been accused of releasing alleged
poker players, who wero captured In
a room or the. Imperial Hotel by
Headquarters Detectives Carpenter
and Resin?. He claims that he had
nothing to do "with the turning loose
or the alleged gamblers, and to show
his attttudo toward them and toward
gambling, he yeterda.jr morning di
rected Chief of Police- Grltzmacher to
have Detective Carpenter request
warrants for the rearrest of the whole
Detective Carpenter first went to
Deputy City Attorney Fitzgerald, who
referred him to City Attorney ilc
Nary,. The latter Is out of town, Jut Is
expected home tomorrow. The request
will then be made.
Those for whom warrants are
wanted aro L. TV. (Doc) Bobertson.
Attorney A. S. Bennett. Mayor Mat
lock of Pendleton, F. Matlock. Dr.
J. M. Davis, a Portland dentist;
Charles Babb, Eastern Oregon cattle
Mayor Lane refused to "stand for" the
release of. those notablo men who made
up a party of poker players in a room of
the Imperial Hotel last Friday afternoon,
and who were so rudely "pinched" by
Headquarters Detectives Carpenter and
Resin?. Therefore, he proposes to re
arrest tho whole bunch. Yesterday morn
ing Detective Carpenter appeared In the
Municipal Court and asked Deputy City
Attorney Fitzgerald for warrants.
Not wishing to "butt In" on the game
at this stage of the affair, Mr. Fitzgerald
instructed Detective Carpenter to go to
the office of City Attorney L. A. McNary
and seek warrants of him. Upon reach
ing there, the officer ascertained that the
city's legal adviser was at the beach and
will not return until Wednesday. The case
rests until he can be seen.
Those Wanted on Warrants.
Those for whom warrants will be asked
are L. D. (Doc.) Robertson, formerly a
Chief of Police in Portland; A. S. Ben
nett, of The Dalles, and known to fame
as the chief defender of Senator Mitchell
and now attorney for Congressman "Wil
liamson; Mayor W. F. Matlock, of Pen
dleton; F. Matlock, of Pendleton; D. J.
M. Davis, a Portland dentist and Charles
Babb, a cattlo king of Eastern Oregon.
All of th)c foregoing named citizens wero
caught red-handed in a poker game In
"Doc" Robertson's room In the Imperial
Hotel last Friday afternoon, and were
taken to police headquarters by Detec
tives Carpenter and Reslng.
At headquarters, the men, all of whom
are well-known In Oregon, protested that
they were not gambling, but that they
were merely enjoying a little social game.
Municipal Judge Cameron was called In,
but said he could hardly take a hand
In the matter at that stage, as he was a
Judicial officer. Upon his suggestion. City
Attorney McNary came and listened to
what the distinguished prisoners had to
say for themselves. '
"Will Not Shoulder Responsibility.
Right here, stories differ as to what
occurred, but at any rate all of the al
leged poker-players went to see Mayor
Lane. Now City Attorney McNary and
Judge Cameron claim Mayor Lane turned
the alleged gamblers loose, and he refuses
to have It that way; he says Cameron and
McNary did It and that when the men ap
peared In bis office at the City Hall, they
were free.
The matter has created a great deal of
talk about the city, and Mayor Lane has
concluded that he will not shoulder the
responsibility for tho release of tho pris
oners. It Is at his Instance that Chief
of Police Grltzmacher yesterday morning
directed Detective Carpenter to make the
application for warrants. Upon City At
torneyMcNary's return, the officer will
again apply.
And British Columbia, personally con
ducted, leaves Portland 8:30 A. M., August
21. September 5 and 10, via Northern Pacif
ic and ocean steamers Umatilla, Queen
and City of Puobla, calling Tacoma, Seat
tle. Everett Belllngham, Vancouver, B.
C, and return to Portland; five days out
ing, all expenses J 23. 73.
Office, Puget Sound Excursion Bureau.
Si3 Washington street Phone Main 223.
The Woodard-Clarke Drug Company
Ifs a different cigar.
An individual smoke.
The full-flavored, even-bodied, Cuban-grown leaf used
for the filler is blended in quantities sufficient to manufac
ture several hundred thousand cigars in one lot, insuring
that absolute uniformity which gives the smoker as
much satisfaction in his favorite cigar as the quality of it
Every step in the making of Cubanola cigars is carried
through according to the American Cigar Company's
perfect system, and on an immense scale which is abso
lutely the sole and only condition that makes the 5-cent
price possible.
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nessandRestConlains neilher
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Hoffman's HairTonic
HOFFMAN'S rfP IT Is now a popular expression. It made the
HAIR TONIC JYJ II hair gro for the young lady whose picture
you see in this advertisement. Miss Gertrudes Hynes, of 1854 Champa
street, Denver, Colo. "What it has done for others, it will do for you. We
have on file hundreds of testimonials unsolicited letters of gratitude, indi
cating that Hoffman's Hair Tonic is the only hair tonic that will grow hair
and positively cure dandruff.
$1.00 A BOTTLE
The following druggists sell and recommend it:
Tor Infants and Children.
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