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Ship St. Nicholas Brings Tale
of Suffering.
Member or Crew Says He-Will Go to
San Francisco to Prosecute.
Shipowners Want Early
and Accurate Reports.
ASTORIA, Aug. 18. The ship St. Nich
olas, 15 days from Nushagak River. Bris
tol Bay, Alaska, arrived in today with
lour of the crow of schooner Tolant
aboard, which was wrecked in Koskoquin
River, between EagJIe River and Queen
Haciralet, June 2L " The Yolant. while
laboring in a gale, lost both anchors.
Later she hauled up with a catch anchor.
A storm blow up and her chains gave
way. She struck on a mud flat and
started to pound to piccos. Captain Lut
gen and the crew made shore. Later
they -were brought to Nushagak on a
small schooner. The captain left for San
Francisco, where the vessel is owned,
after selling the wreck for $125 and tell
ing the crew that no law forced the Gov
ernment, to pay the passage of the crew
to this port. Captain Lutgen boarded the
revenue cutter Perry and sailed, leaving
the crew without any provision for pas
sage, Fred Fredericks, Frank Form. "Wil
liam Bowling and Hans Egglltzky were
brought hero on the St Nicholas. Fred
cricks will go to San Francisco and try
to prosecute Captain Lutgen.
The St. Nicholas lost Deor Hagen over
"board at Koskoquin under peculiar cir
cumstances. She brings 31,852 cases of
salmon, and would have packed 50,009 but
for a shortage of cans.
Vessels Should Be Known on Arrival
at Bar.
T. C. Frledlander. of the Merchants'
Exchange, of San Francisco, which cor
responds to Portland's Chamber of Com
merce, is here in the Interest of that body,
looking toward better service in regard to
the reports of shipping matters. The com
plaint of the San Francisco merchants and
shipowners is. the delay frequently in rc
pt ting the name of the vessels sighted
off o- entering the Columbia River. The
reason for such delay seems to be the
carelessness of many captains and mas
ters in hoisting their colors as soon as
they arrive off the bar. A good example
of this kind happened this morning. A
ship was reported off the bar, but the
r.ame could not be made out. As she was
coming in over the bar, the report was
sent up that it was the Oregon; some
time later the report was changed, and St. Nicholas was reported in at As
toria. Such orrors confuse the shipowners
end shipping men, and in many cases dis
concert their plans to a great extent, and
it Is this that Mr. Friedlandcr is seeking
to avoid. Mr. Frledlander came herewith
the Idea of employing a man 'for his home
exchange to act for them at Astoria, but
as soon as he ascertained the facilities of
the weather office and the Merchants'
Exchange here, he Immediately set about
to improve the conditions under which
the Portland men were working. And his
first move was to Interview Mr. Miller,
cf the O. R. & N. Co. and acquaint him
-with his desire and solicited his help in
improving the conditions. He asked Mr.
Miller to use his rood offices in having
an order Issued to tho captains of the
bar tugboats that as soon as they passed
a line to any vessel they insist upon the
captain or master of that vessel raising
Its flag and pennant. This, ft seems, is
the custom In San Francisco, where the
shipping is on a .very large scale and
every minute counts. Every captain wants
quick dispatch, and by complying with
the suggestions of Mr. Frledlander he
will help himself in getting it.
Mr. Frledlander saw Mr. Beals, of the
"Weather Bureau, and discussed the mat
ter quite thoroughly. Mr. Beals expressed
himself as ever ready to assist In the
matter. From here Mr. Frledlander goes
to the Sound to try and Improve similar
conditions there.
Forcastcr Beals Doubts Accuracy of
Gauge at Salem.
Mr. Beals. of the "Weather Bureau, re
turned yesterday from Salem, where he
has been making an examination of the
river gauges In that vicinity. Sometime
ago a steamer collided with the bridge at
Salem, tearing off the gauge. A new one
was Installed at once, as near as possible
to the old mark without, making an act
ual survey. It -was supposed to be correct,
but Mr. Beals has hls.doubts as to its ac
curacy. The difference, however, will not
be, in his opinion, more than one-tenth of
a. foot. A new survey will probably be
made, taking as a base the high-water
marks in the -vicinity. The gauge at Sa
lem yesterday registered zero.
She Blows Out One of Her Cylinder
The steamer Hassalo, on her up trip
from Astoria, and Just a little above Rai
nier, blew out one of her cylinder heads.
Captain Conway, of the O. R. & N Co.,
was not notified until 1:30 o'clock, when
he dispatched Chief Engineer Henry Pape
with the steamer Elmore to the relief of
the Hassalo, and to tow her up to Port
land. No accurate information could bo
obtained late last night as to the amount
of damage done, although it Is not thought
that it wfll lay the boat up for any length
of time. In the meantime, the Harvest
Queen will run In the place of the Has
salo. Fishing Steamer Is Beached.
VICTORIA, B. C. Aug. 18. "Word is. re
ceived from Plumper Bay that the inter
national Fisheries Company's steamer
Edith, of Tacoma, which stranded in Sey
mour Narrows Wednesday, on route from
the halibut banks to her home port, is
beached there for temporary repairs, after
nhlch she will tow to Tacoma with the
Sea Lion. She struck a known reef while
steaming through the Narrows at low
tide, pari of the stern being torn away
and such damage done amidships as to
caus too great an intake of water to per
mit her reaching the nearest port, oven
"with all pumps going. It is believed the
strong tide swung her on to the reef. She
will be brought south Saturday.
German Warships Coming.
SALEM, Or., Aug. 18. Special.) The
German warshlp Falke will visit Portland
on September IS, and will probably remain
several days. Governor Chamberlain to
day received from Acting Secretary of
State. Alvey A. Adee, a letter conveying
this Information, upon advices from the
German Charge d' Affaires at "Washington.
The presence of this warship -will be a
great attraction In Portland during the
last days of the Lewis and Clark Fair,
and will be of considerable Importance
In Portland social circles.
Governor Chamberlain has -written to
Mayor Lane, of Portland, and Mayor
Suprenant, of Astoria, telling of the com
ing of the warship, and asking that the
usual courtesies be extended to the officers
of the vessel. The Governor has also
wired the Secretary of the Navy asking
that an American warship be sent to
Astoria during the annual regatta there
the latter part of this month.
Portland Vessel In Trouble.
According to a report received by the
Merchants' Exchange from San Francisco
today, the Germin bark Hcnriette was
sighted last "Wednesday in the Yellow Sea
with her fore and main masts and the
mizzca topgallant masts gone. Evidently
the Henriette had encountered one of the
terrific typhoons off the China coast, al
though the report gives no details as to
the cause of the, damage. The Henriette
left Portland for Tslngtau June 8 with a
cargo of 1,567,952 feet of lumber, valued at
$15,140, and furnished by the North Pacific
Lumber Company.
Telephone Ready for Trial Trip.
Under the superintendence of Chief En
gineer Albert Epperiy. Jr., the machinery
of the steamer Telephone Is fast assum
ing shape for Its initial run. The boiler
has passed Inspection, and the crew yes
terday were completing the covering of It
and the steam pipes with asbestos, and
the firemen were packing the -valves and
pumps. Tho painters will complete the
decorating and painting today, and if all
goes well the Telephone will make her
long-expected trial run in the very near
Ship-Yard Enlarged at Aberdeen.
ABERDEEN. "Wash.. Aug. IS. (Special.)
The second dry-shed at the Llndstrom
ship-yards is Being built. It will be 20)
feet long, 54 feet wide and 36 feet high.
It is wide enough to permit the build
ing of two ships at one time, and there
will be additional space between the two
sheds for a steam derrick, so placed
to permit the raising of timbers to either.
As soon as the shed is completed, th&
LIndstroms will Immediately start tho
building of their third steam schooner.
Potter Will Run Until September 3.
Beca&so of the heavy travel between
Portland and beach points this season, the
O. R. & N. has decided to continue the
Summer schedule of the steamer T. J.
Potter until September 3. According to
the manner in which the schedule was ar
ranged, the side-wheeler was to have de
parted from this city every other day next
week and on the same time the following
week. .
Brings Alaska Salmon.
ASTORIA. Or., Aug. 18. (Speclal.)-The
American ship St. Nicholas arrived in this
evening from Nushagak River, Alaska,
with the salmon pack of the Columbia
River Packers' Association Cannery.
"While tho vessel's manifest will not be
filed until tomorrow, persons ' who came
down on her say she has about 37,500 cases
of salmon on board.
Sailor Drowned at Sea.
TACOMA, Aug. 18. Barkentlne Aurora
has arlrved from Shanghai. 41 days In
passage. "When 24 days out. Charles Metz
ler fell overboard and was drowned. He
was 42 years old. and believed to have
lived in San Francisco. It Is said he was
shanghaied from Aberdeen. Wash., and
signed as ,a sailor on the Aurora to get
home. ",
Captain Stream Reinstated.
ABERDEEN, "Wash., Aug. IS. (Special.)
Captain Thomas Stream, who was in
command of the tug Cudahy and fined
because of alleged deficiency of his pa
pers, has been reinstated by the War De
partment, and has taken command of
the Cudahy again. Captain Stream Is one
of the youngest masters on the Pacific
Steamer Leggctt Crosses Out.
ASTORIA, Or.. Aug. IE. (Special.) The
steamer Francis H. Leggott crossed out
this evening for San Francisco with a log
raft containing 9,000,000 feet of piling. The
steamer has a cargo of 1,500,000 feet of
redwood lumber from Eureka for San
Wrestler Returns From Mexico.
COSMOPOLIS. Wash., Aug. IS. (Spe
cial.) The schoner Wrestler has returned
from a trip to Mexico, and Is being loaded
at tne urays .Harbor commercial Com
pany's dock for San Francisco.
Pulling Out Old Piling.
The launch Gazelle was engaged, yester
day afternoon, In pulling out the old pil
ing at the foot of Oak street, doing away
with another old eysore on the river front.
A Iargc Fleet of Lumber Carriers.
ABERDEEN. Wash.. Ausr. 18. fSrjeeinl.1
There are In the harbor 25 vesesls of all
kinds, which will carry away from this
port a total of 17,500,000 feet of lumber.
Marine Notes.
The Aurella, of the Russell &. Rogers
line of steamers, is expected to arrive
next Wednesday.
The Robert Dollar left down yesterday.
The steamer Newport arrived sometime
last night.
Major S. W. Roessler, United States En
gineers, will go on a tour of inspection
next week. He Intends visiting the mouth
of the Columbia.
Major W. C. Langfltt, United States En
gineer Corps, loft last night for Wash
ington, D. C, to accopt the office of as
sistant to the chief of the department.
The British ship Saxon Is reported char
tered to load wheat on Puget Sound for
The St. Paul encountered some very
strong head winds on her last trip up.
Twelve hundred tons of freight and a
full list of passengers constituted hor load
up. She sails tonight at 8:30 for San
Francisco, with a full passenger liBt and
a full cargo of paper, flour and grain.
The steamer Francis H. Leggett, with
monster piling -raft In tow, reached Asto
ria at 12:30 P. M. yesterday.
Steamer Telegraph has changed her
docking place. She has moved from Oak
street to Alder.
Domestic and Foreign Ports.
XSTORLC Aug. 18. Condition of the bar
at li T. M.. smooth: wind northwest, weather
clear. Arrived at 8:43 and left up at 11:30
A. M. Steamer Newport, from coast poru.
Arrived down at 12:30 P. M. Steamer Fran
clB H. Leggett, with log raft. Arrived down
at 10 last night and sailed at 2 P. 1L
Steamer Hobert Dollar, for San Francisco.
Arrived at 1:15 P. M. American ship St.
Nicholas from Alaska. Sailed at 5 P.
Steamer Francis H. Leggett, with log raft
for San Francisco. Arrived down at 7 P M.
and sailed at S:30 Steamer Whlttler.
San Francisco. Aug. 18. Arrived last night
at 8 P. M. Steamer Northland, from Port
land. German bark Henriette was spoken
August 19. 32 north 125ast, with loss of
fore and main top masts and rolzzen top
gallant mast. Arrived Steamer City of Syd
ney, from Ancon. Sailed Steamer Queen,
for Victoria; steamer Meteor, for Seattle.
Sailed at 2:40 P. M. Steamer South Bay.
for Portland.
Monterey. Aug. 17. Arrived Schooner
Monterey in tow of tug Dauntless, from
Laxative Bromo Quinine, tvorldwlie Cold Cure,
removes the cause. Call for full name and
look for elgnature cf E. W. Grove. 25c.
Cannot Solve Van Dran Mur
der Mystery.
Wild Theory Is Exploded as a Re
sult of investigation Con
ducted by the Deputy
District Attorney.
"With four city detectives. Day, Vaughn,
Resing and Carpenter, and Private Detec
tives" Mayer and Hartman working for
Deputy District Attorney Moser. the Van
Dran murder mystery Is as much unsolved
as when the detectives started work two
days after the crime.
"After a thorough Investigation of all
those who. 1 thought, could In any way
be connected with the Van Dran murder.
Including witnesses who had known the
Van Drans or were in any way connected
with Mr. Van Dran and his wife. I have
concluded that Van Dran or his sister.
Miss Montclth, had nothing to do with the
death of Mrs. Van Dran." said Mr. Moser
yesterday. "I have given up that theory,
as a lot tf wild rumors, and that line of
investigation has been dropped. From my
investigation. I find that the relations ex
isting between Mr. and Mrs. Van Dran
were the most amicable. I do not care to
talk further on the case, and have noth
ing now to say for publication."
Said Chief of Police Gritzmachor: "In
my opinion, if someone docs not come for
ward to throw some light on the death of
Mrs. Van Dran, I believe the case will go
down as one of the mysteries In the an
nals of Portland crime. As to holding
anything against George Marshall in con
nection with the case. I believe that It Is
out of the range of possibility that he had
anything to do with it. Marshall Is fin
capable of earning out or planning such a
deed. My Idea Is that by reading the
newspapers ho and a companion became
possessed of the Idea that they could
frighten Van Dan into giving them money.
If they addressed threatening letters to
him." r
Letters addressed to Van Dran. by Mar
shall were compared yesterday and found
to be of the same handwriting. Beyond
this fact, nothing definite has been proved
against the man suspected.
Every detective employed working on
the case has A theory of his own, which
he considers to be the only plausible one,
but as far as real facts go. nothing defin
ite has been discovered. As Chief of Po
lice Gritzmacher said, the mystery will
probably remain unsolved unless a con
Dr. James Withycombe, instructor In
Oregon's School of Husbandry, has been
scattering the seeds of agricultural wis
dom for many years. He Is known to
every farmer, wljo has a hand to shake. In
this state. No weak encomium of mine,
therefore, can add luster to his universal
celebrity. I shall contont myself with
merely sketching roughly the more salient
points of his Interesting history.
It 1b disappointing that England has
monopolized the distinction of having
been his birthplace. There Is some com
fort, however. In reflecting that he came
to America early. Settling In Hillsboro,
he established himself in that classic call
ing which tho bulging-domed philosophers
tell us Is the cornter-stone of human
progress, and which the Inspired sonnet
eers of ages past have clothed In a robe
of Imperishable glory. In a word, he be
came a farmer got back to dear Mother
Earth, whence we all sprang, and whith
er we will return unless the brakes can
be put on "manifest destiny." The foun
dation for that superstructure of silo and
alfalfa wisdom w;hlch was one day to
startle the civilized world was laid under
iiillsboro's sunny skies.
The knowledge of vegetable life here
fession Is made or someone outside the
authorities can throw some light on tho
death of Mrs. Van Dran.
Dr. H. V. Schwartz Responds to a
Call Back to Heathen India.
A farewell reception will be given Dr.
H. TV. Schwartz by the Methodists of
Portland Monday evening at the homeof
B. Lee Paget, in North Alblna. Mr.
Paget, Rev. D. L. Rader, 'Dr. Osmond
Royal. T. S. McDaniels are the commit
tee of arrangements.
Dr. Schwartz will shortly leave for
the mission field in India, whence he came
about a year ago. with his wife and three
children. He spent 20 years In the mis
sionary work, and had returned to the
United States expecting to remain, but
the call for his services has been so
Insistent that he decided to re-enter the
work. Being a physician as well as
minister. Dr. Schwartz Is able to accom
plish much more than the ordinary mis
sionary. His Methodist friends will show
their appreciation of the personal sacri
fice he Is making In re-entering the
mission field at this reception.
Firemen for Thentcra.
Max Flelschner's resolution providing
for the presence of at least one fireman
6n the stage of every theater In town
during performances, was adopted by the
Executive Board without a dissenting
voico yesterday, and Mayor Lane appoint
ed Flclschner. Blagen and Montag a com
mittee of three to investigate the situa
tion and report their conclusions at the
next meeting of the Board. It is the In
tention of the committee to visit every
theater in town the coming week with a
view of studying conditions, as this is a
pet measure of Flelschner's, and he seems
determined to take such steps as will
have a tendency to prevent some of the
awful horrors that have afflicted numer
orus Eastern playhouses.
Special Policemen Xamed.
Tho appointment of the following special
pollcomcn was confirmed yesterday by the
Execlutlve Board: C B. Case, for the
Meier & Frank Company; James Lamplre.
Oregon Real Estate Company, Holladay
Park Addition; T. E. Maher. In the district
bounded north by Washington street, east
by Fourth, west by Twelfth, and south
by Taylor, vice Dan Connors, removed.
The question of increasing the pay of
city detectives to 7115 a month, in con
formity with the provisions of the Shar
key ordinance, went over until next year,
it being claimed that the annual appro
priation of the present fiscal year Is
based upon salaries of $00 a month for the
Accommodations at Yellowstono Parle
The "Wylie Camping Company, of the
Yellowstone Park, wishes It understood
that they are equipped for handling a
large number of people. There will be no
difficulty In obtaining accommodations
with them If persons will notify a few
days In advance of arrival of exact date
of their reaching Gardiner. Wire or wrlto
The Wylie v.o.. Gardiner. Montana.
gained was recently applied to practical
account in preserving his "tender leaves
of hope" from the "chilling frost" of col
lege faculty criticism. Whether the anal
ogy to the late-lamented Cardinal Wolse
Iey ends here requires a better-qualified
political sibyl than I to say.
Before closing my present bequeest to
posterity, I would ask the leniency of
the reader while I say a few words- re
garding a scurrilous accusation which has
come to me from some anonymous scrib
bler. I am charged with being an apos-
tate to the honored craft of biography.
Specifically, it Is alleged that as many as
two facts have appeared In my recent
work. Facts and biography think of It!
Inconceivable! Preposterous! I have no
hesitancy In declaring that the author of
this infamous libel possesses a soul, a
thousand of which could abreast march
, through the eye of a needle In conslder
i atlon of the dignity of authorship, I scorn
ito take further notice of this defamatory
statement other than to say that I am so
confident it cannot be sustained that a
prize Is hereby offered of a free admlt
totuw In lha nV t)i fltv Tnrlr n
the first person discovering a single un-
adorned fact In these productions.
Southern Pacific and 0. R. &
N. Management.
Freight and Traffic Departments of j
the Two Systems Are United
and Officials for Both
Xamcd In Portland.
A complete reorganization of the I
local traffic department of the Ore- j
gon Railroad & Navigation Company !
and Southern Pacific Oregon lines la an- j
nounccd to go Into effect September 1. The i
change Is a' consolidation of the freight !
and passenger departments of the two
lines. Instead of the separate depart
ments that are maintained at present,
there will be hereafter but one set of
offices, which will have charge of the
Portland end of the Harrlman system.
R. B. Miller, at present general freight
agent of the O. R. Ac N.. beginning
September 1, will be general freight
agent of both the O. R. &. N. and
Southern Pacific W. E. Coman, who has
...ed .the office of general freight and
passenger agent of the Southern Pacific,
will be the first assistant general freight
agent of the combined lines. The second
assistant general freight agent will be
Paul Shoup. who comes to Port
land from San Jose, Col., where he was
district freight agent of the South
ern Pacific. Mr. Shoup takes the
placo of H. M. Adams, who was trans
ferred some time ago to the office of
assistant general freight agent of the
O. R. & N. at Seattle. A new office,
that of third assistant general freight
agent, has been created. It will be
filled by W. D. Skinner, at present
chief clerk in the office of R. B. Miller.
The passenger department will be In
charge of A. L. Craig, who will fill the
office of general passenger agent for
both the O. R. & N. and Southern Pa
cific. Mr. Craig Is at present connected
In this capacity with the O. R. & N.
Mr. Coman, who is now at the head of"
the passongcr department of the Southern
Pacific lines In Oregon, wilt have nothing
to do with this department of traffic In
his new office.
The Harrlman officials believe that
the new arrangement ""will give th
best possible results In tho Portland
traffic department. "The object of tho
reorganization Is to adjust things so
that there will be the greatest con
venience and dispatch In promoting
our work." said R. B. Miller last night.
"Economy Is another object In the
Since J. C Stubbs. traffic director of
the Harrlman lines, and P. C Stohr, the
assistant traffic director, came to Port
land, railroad men have had an Inkling
that some changes, were under con
templation, but the first confirmation
of these reports was made by Mr. Mil
ler last evening. Mr. Stubbs left Port
land Thursday night for San Francisco
after consulting the Harrlman officials
here and deciding upon the new plan.
Mr. Stohr remained In Portland several
days to be in touch with the situation
and to assist Mr. Miller In working
'out the details of the change.
Timber Cruiser Does Not Fear Lum
ber Famine.
"Not a quarter of the timber resources
of Oregon and Washington have yet
been 'exhausted." said James Mcintosh,
of Olympla, last evening.
Mr. Mcintosh is one of the most ex
pert timber estimators on the Coast and
has been engaged In that occupation for
25 years. He has been In the employ
of the State of Washington and with
the Blakely, Simpson, and Tacoma com
panies, i
"When our timber plays out." said he.
"which will not be for 100 years to come,
the timber of Alaska back of the Coast
range will supply the demand for an
other century. The people of our section
need not be alarmed. There Is Umber
enough m our mountains to supply the
needs of unborn generations. Billions
of feet have been cut but forest fires an
nually destroy more timber In these two
states than is cut for use."
Tke finest product of the scappemong.
the native North Carolina grape. A de
licious, refreshing white wine. Moderate
ly sweet a ladles' wine. W. J. Van
Schuyver & Co., Inc.. distributors.
1,1 ke Travelers' Aid Work.
Work of the same character as that
done by the Traveler's Aid Society Is
being accomplished by the Salvation
Army at Its Rescue Home. 392 East
Fifteenth street. Adjutant E. C. Cryan
Is in attendance at the Home and always
ready to assist women or girls who are
In need of help or advice.
If Baby Is Cuttlne Teeth
Be sure and use that old and well-tried rem
edy. Mrs. WlnsIoWs Soothing Syrup, for chil
dren teething. It soothes the child, softens
the gum. allays all pain, cures wind colic
and diarrhoea
When He Quit Coffee.
LJfe lnsuranca companies will not in
sure a man suffering from heart trouble.
The reason Is obvious.
This Is a serious matter to the husband
or father who is solicitous for the future
of his dear ones. Often the heart trouble
Is caused by an unexpected thing and
can be corrected If taken In time and
properly treated. A man In Colorado
"I was a great coffee drinker for many
years, and was not aware of the injurious
effects of tho habit till I became a practi
cal Invalid, suffering from heart trouble.
Indigestion and nervousness to an extent
that made me wretchedly miserable my
self and a nuisance to those who witness
ed my sufferings.
"I continued to drink coffee, however,
not suspecting that It was tho cause of
my Ill-health, till, on applying for life
insurance, I was rejected on account of
the trouble with my heart. Then I be
came alarmed. I found that leaving off
coffee helped me quickly, so I quit It al
together and having been attracted by
the advertisements of Postum Food Cof
fee. I began Its use.
"The change In my condition was re
markable, and It was not long till I was
completely cured. All my aliments van
ished. My digestion was completely re
stored, my nervousness disappeared, and,
most Important of all, my heart steadied
down and became normal, and on a sec
ond examination, I was accepted by the
life insurance company. Quitting coffea
and using Postum worked the cure."
Name given by Postum Co., Battle Creek,
There's a reason, and it is explained In
the little book. "The Road to WellvIUe,"
In each package.
HAIRHEAITH alw&TS restores color and
beauty of yontb to gray hair. Stops hair fall
ing. Positively rezsores dandraff, kills tho
germ. Makes hair soft, flossy, luxuriant.
Aided by HARFIXA SOAP soothes and heals,
destroys microbes, stops Itchlop and pro
motes fine hair growth. Mrs. Masoa, Nut
teUbursli. W. Vt., saya of Hay's
"Find Inclosed 52.75 for sir bottles HAIR
HEALTH. Am dellshted with bottle sent
me. Beta; eo youn?. It almost killed rae to
bare my hair setting- white ion 5 before I
was an old woman: bat. tSanxs to HAIR
HEAITH. no cray hairs can be found In my
bead. Haro not csed all of one bottle."
Larre 50c. bottles, druggists'. Take noth
ing without Pbllo Hay Co. signature.
FREE SOAP cllk&&
SIrn this, take to any of follow Inr drug
gists, and set 50c. bottle Halrbealth aad 25c.
cake Harflna Soap, medicated, both for 50c;
regular price 75c.; or sent by Phllo Hay Co.,
Newark. X. J.. prepaid, for 60c. and this adr.
Free soap not glTcn by druggist without this
entire adr. and 50c for Halrbealth.
Kane.............. ................... ...
Fourth juul TV axillae tax Sts.
Is especially YluabIo during tho
Summer season, when outdoor oc
cupations and sports are most U
yield to it, and It Is particularly
agreeable when used in tha bath
after violent exercise.
Deoart. AxrtTt-i
Yellowstone Park-Kansas
City. St. Louis Special
for Chehalls. Centralis,
Olympla. Gray's Harbor, .
South Bend. Tacoma.
Seattle. Spokane. Lew
lston. Butte. Billings.
Denver, Omaha, Kan
sas City. St. Louis and
Southeast S:30am 4:30 pm
North Coast Limited,
electric lighted, for Ta
coma. Seattle. Spokane.
Butte, Minneapolis. St.
Paul and he East.... 2:00pm. 7:00 am
Puget Sound Limited for
Chehalls. Centralla. Ta
coma and Seattle only. 4:30pm 10:65 pm
Twin City Express for
Tacoma. Seattle. Spo
kane, Helena. Butte,
Yellowstone Park. Min
neapolis. St. Paul and
the East ....11:45pm 6:50pm
A. D. Charlton, Assistant General Passen
ger Agent. 255 Morrison St., corner Third.
Portland. Or.
North Pacific S.S.Co.'s
Steamer Newport
Sails for
Yaquina Bay, Newport, Coos
Bay and Coquille River points,
Monday, Aug. 21,
at 12 o'clock noon, from Colum
bia Dock No. 1.
251 Washington Street
Phone Main 1314. H. YOUNG. Agent.
on the Columbia
You cannot go home without taking
the trip, Portland to the locks and
return, ou the splendid
Steamer Bailey Gatzert
Leave week days S :30 A. M., Sundays
9 A. M. Returning, arrive 5 :30 P. M.
Regular service Portland to Tho
Dalles, dally except Sunday, leaving at
7 A. M- Connecting at Lyle with C. R.
& N-. Ry. for Goldendale and Klickitat
Valley points. Dock foot Alder street;
phone Main 914.
S. F. & Portland Steamship Co.
Operating the Only Passenger Steamers tor
Saa IVancIsco Direct.
"Columbia" (3000 ton. Aug. 24; Sept. 3-13
"St. Paul" (2500 tons). Aug. 19-20; Sept. SJ.
From Alnsworth Dock at 8 P. M.
Berth and Meal Included.
rhone Main 208. 24S Washington St.
Oregon City Boats
Leave Portland (week days), S A. 1L.
11:30 A. M. 3:30 P. M.
Leave Oregon Cltr 10 A. IT.. 1:30 P. 1L.
3:30 P. M.
Sunday specials leave Portland S:30. 0:30
and 11:30 A. M. ; 1:30. 3:30 and 3 P. il.
Boats for Salem and ivay leave G:45 A. il.
dally except Sunday.
Oregon City Tran. Dock, foot Taylor st.
Leave Seattle 0 P. M.
JeffCTSou.' Aug. 20. 20.
"Dolphin." Aug. 23.
HAINES. SKAGWAY. Connects with
V. P. & T. route for Atlln. Dawson.
Tanana. Nome. etc.
On excursion trips steamer calls at
Sitka. Mctlakahtla. Glacier. Wrangel.
etc In addition to regular ports of
Call or send for "Trip to "Wonderful
Alaska." "Indian Basketry." "Totem
Frank "Woolsey Co., Agents.
232 Oak St. " Portland. Or.
. China, Japan and Manila
Boston Steamship Co. and Boston Tow boat
Co.. from Tacoma and Seattle.
Steamship "Pleiades" leaves on or about
August 20. 1005.
Steamship "Shawmut leaves on or about
August 30. 1005.
For rates, freight and passage apply to
Frank "VVaterhouse, managing agent, Seattle,
or to Frank Woolsey Co., agents, 252 Oak
at. Portland.
Excursions to Alaska
Seattle to Nome and St. Michaels. Steam
ship "Ohio" leaves Seattle about August 3,
Steamship "Oregon" leaves Seattle about
August 15. 1005. Apply
2-raak AVooIsey Co.. 250 Oak st Portland.
White Star Steamshla Company. 607 First
.aTeae, Seattle.
0 aas 'J
Through Pullman standards and tourist
; eleeplng-cara dally to Omaha, Chicago, apo-
kane; tourist sleeping-car daily to Kansa
City, through Pullman tourist sleeping-car
(personally conducted) weekly to Chicago.
Reclining chair-cars iscats free) to the Eaat
j datlr.
For Eastern "Washington. Walla Walla,
j Lewlston. Coeur d'Alene and Great Northern
I points.
for the Eta. st via Hunt
ington. 8 :15 P. M.
:15 A. M.
ray points, connecting
with steamer for Ilwa
co and North Beach,
steamer Hasalo, Ash
st. dock (water per.)
S:C0 P. M.
5:00 P. M.
10:00 P. M.
"T. J. Potter" for Astoria and North Beach
points ca follows: August 15. S:15 A. M.:
August 16, 0 A. M.; August 17. S A. M:
August IS, 0 A. M.; August 19. 10:4O A. M.
FOR DAYTON. Ore- 7:00 A. M. 3:30 P. M.
gon City and Yamhill Dally. Dally.
Ktver points. Aah-at. except except
dock (water per.) Sunday. Sunday
4:00 A. M. About
FOR LEWISTON. Daily. 5:00 P. M.
Idaho and way points except Dally,
from Rlparla. Wash. (Saturday. except
1 Friday.
Ticket Office. Third and Washington.
Telephone Main 712. C. WV Stinger, Cltr
Ticket Agt.; A. L. Craig, Oen. Passenger Agt.
or Sale, Rcae
lurg, Ashland.
Sacramento, Og
den, i'an Francis
co, Mojave, Los
Angele?. El Pasu.
New Orleans and
the East.
Morning train
connects at WooU
burn dally except
Sunday with train
for Mount Angel,
SUverton. Browns
ville. Sprlngnehl.
Wendllng and Na
tron. Eugene passenger
connects at Wood
burn with Mt. An
gel and SUverton
orvallls passenger
Sheridan passenger
Forest Grove
S:45 P. M.
7.25 A- M.
8:30 A. M.
3:55 P. M.
8:00 P M.
10:33 a. m;
7:30 A. .
4:60 P. M.
tl0:45 P. M.
5:50 P. M.
S:23 A. M.
fl:50 P. M.
tDally except Sunday.
Leaves Portland dally for Oswego at 7J
A M - 12-50 2:05. 4, 5:30. 0. 0:35. 7:45. 10.10
P M.' Dally except Sunday. 5:30. 0:30. 8.35.
10:25 A. M.; 11:30 P. M. Sunday only. 0 A. M.
Returning from Oswego, arrives Poland
dally 8:30. 10:10 A. M.. 1:35. 3:05. 4:5. 6 20.
735 9:35. 11:10 P- M. Dally except Sunday.
6:25 7:25. 0:20. 11:45 A. M. Exeept Mon
day 12:2S A. M. Sunday only. 10 A. M.
Le'avo from same depot for Dallas and In
termediate points dally. 6 P. M. Arrlva Port
land. 10:10 A. M.
The Independence-Monmouth motor lln
operates dally to Monmouth and Alrlle. con
necting with S. P. Co. trains at Dallaa anl
Flrst-claes farea from Portland to Sacra
mento and San Francisco. ?20; berth $5. bec-ond-class
fare. $15; occond-claas berth.
Tickets to Eastern points and Europe. Also
Japan. China. Honolulu and Australia.
CITY TICKET OFFICE, corner Third and
Washington streets. Phono Main 712.
Astoria and Columbia
River Railroad Co.
Leaves. UNION DEPOT. Arrives.
Dally. For Maygers. Rainier. Dally.
Clatskanle. Westport.
Clifton, Astoria, War
renton. Flavel. Ham
8:00 A. M. mond. Fort Stevens. 11:20 A. M,
2:30 P.M. Gearhart Park. Sea
Sat, only. side. Astoria and Sea
shore. Express Dally.
7:00 P.M. Astoria Express. 0:30 P.M.
Ex. Sat. I Day- ,
Coram'l Agt. 24S Alder st. G. F. & P. A.
Phone Main 000.
City Ticket Office. 122 Third St., Phono 680.
The Flyer and tho Fast Mall.
For tickets, rates, folders and full Infor
mation, call on or address
H. DICKSON. City Passenger and Ticket
Agt.. 122 Third street. Portland. Or.
For Japan. China and all Asiatic Ports, will
leave Seattle about August 19.
mm DAYS ON mm
"The Mediterranean of the Pacific"
Pays for S Jays round-trip to TACOMA, SE
Leaving Portland August 21. 28. 31, flrst
class transportation, meals and berths In
cluded, via Northern Pacific Railroad, and
The palatial ocean-going steamships, Uma
For full Information apply Pacific Coast
Steamship Co.. 240 Washington st.. booth
Manufactures building. Fair grounds; Puget
Sound & Alaska Excursion Bureau. Good
nough bldg., 3th and Yamhill sts.. Portland.
For South -Eastern. Alaska
Steamers leave Seattle 9 P. M.
S. S. Humboldt. S. S. City
of Seattle. S. S. Cottage City,
August 24. 25.
For San Francisco direct.
Queen, City of Puebla, Uma
tilla, O A. M.. Aug. 21. 26, 31
Portland Office. 240 Washington st Main 229.
a D. DUNANN. G. P. A..
San Francisco.