Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, August 18, 1905, Page 15, Image 15

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New York Order for 500 Bales
Being Secretly Filled.
Futile Attempt 3Iade to Suppress
the News Prices in "Washing
ton and California Arc
HOPS Eastern dealer quietly Ailing
order for 500 bales.
WOOL Movement In Oregon ollp In
Eastern markets.
FRUIT Scarcity of peaches In local
VEGETABLES Toraateos and ogg
7lant plentiful.
EGGS Market steady with tondency
to ad-ance.
BUTTER Buying at top price not
POULTRY Continued inquiry for
c'.l chickens.
Events of great importance to holders and
growers of Orogon hops are transpiring in
thi market. The biggest deal of the seam
Is bc!ng worked and it is likely to have a far- effect on the market. The greatest
Mrccy has been maintained by the partl&s
irtcrested, but enough facts have leaked out
to rreate a sensation in the trade.
A well known dealer of New York City, who
has been reputod heavily short-sold on the 1004
crp cf hops. Is reported to have placed with
a leal buyer an order for E00 balee of choicest
hps. The purchases are to be made as
qulet'y and quickly as possible for the pur
pooe cf precluding the sbert-sellor's name be
coming known In the transaction. It is said
that cf the recent sales In Yakima, two-thirds
cf the goods bought were for this dealer's
a-"cunt, and that he also has a large order
jZaced in California where stocks, however,
are too limited to permit of much business.
As Oregon still has a large quantity of the
finest goods remaining, It Is probable that
this house expects to secure the bulk of their
goods right here.
The price at whleh their representative was
instructed to buy the hops was not given out,
t-jt their agent was directed to use every
precaution to prevent the presence of this
crder from becoming known, and he was oven
requested to ship the goods East in hl own
roe, to bo diverted later, in order to insure
se-rcy. The telegram announcing this news
to received late Wednesday night and is
very positive in its tone. As the sender is
cne cf the most conservative and reliable
dealers In New York, it la regarded by the
trade as entirely authentic
The local buyer who Is carrying on this deal has an order for 1000 bales of 1005 hops
at 15 cents and 'phoned to several of the prin
cipal growers of Oregon reeterday, but thus
fa? t&s not been able to close any deals at
t:ls flcure.
Tills big transaction in 1004s can hardly have
an ether effect than to revive the market
ar l put It .on a firmer basis at advanced val
ues. Independently of this Influence, much
ct-ength has been given to the market by the
2cer.t advance in California and the rise in
"Washington, as shown by the latest Yakima
eale The firmness of the Northern and
Southern markets can no doubt be traced to
the heavy Eastern ordor.
There are still other orders In the market
that will probably be placed in the near fu
ture, and a considerable business Is looked for
as the month draws to a close.
The Yakima transaction yesterday that
showed the advance in that section Involved
147 bales. They were the 'best offerings of the
Pat Lynch crop and. were bought by Plncus
& Lachmund at 18 cents. Word was received
from Salem that Al Fletcher sold 03 bales
at IS cents to a North Yamhill man, prob
ably Paul Weldner. Catlln & Linn, of Salem,
bcught a CO-bale lot at 17 cents.
As a sample of the "bear" literature peddled
out to growers In an effort to demoralize the
market, the following from the Tacoma News
cf Wednesday is abouf the limit:
"The latest reports on 1004's crop shew
that about 22,600 bales are left on the Coast.
Of thece, California has 4800. Washington 4B0U
and Oregon 14,000. These hops will probably
be sold before the new crop Is picked, and as
only two or three weeks are left for the
grower to dispose of them, dealers expect a
break in the present price.
"That this year's crop will be a 'bumper'
can no longer be doubted. Cables and letters
from the most conservative hopmen In Eng
land and on the Continent predict 600,000
hundredweight for England, and they say
further that the German cron yvtild nnt
better. In view of thee conditions and with
New York looming up with an estimated crop
rf 80 000 bales. California from G0.000 to
Ko.000, Oregon 105.000 to 116.000. and Washlng
ton with 45,000, the few remaining 1004s will
.r.ot be able to bold tholr prices from 17 to
118 cents,"
' Writing to the Sacramento Union under date
fccf August 12. M. H. Durst, the California
Grower, cays:
tc camornia hop crop outlpok has not
changed very materially. Some sections show
a slight Improvement, others deterioration.
On the 4th of. August I saw the Pleasanton
hop'-ards. It wae reported that tho crop
would be not over one-third of an averace.
The yield last season was about 3200 bales.
Judging from the present outlook, I should
say It will be hard for them to pick 1500
bales this season. On the 0th of August I
was over the Wheatland district again, and
3 can confirm my statements made In The
Union's issue of July 28. The total crop will
be approximately what it was last season.
It is a question if the old yards will yield
as much as last season, particularly on the
Horst place, but there the new yards are
rrrj:h better than anything I have seen on
that place in years, and they will help bring
t.p the total. The reports from Sonoma, Men
dc'no, Sacramento and Yolo Counties are
about the same, and I still believe the crop
may nearly reach 60,000 bales, but I will not
be surprised if the total output does net ex
ceed 50 000 bales. Everything depends on how
the h-ps weigh out at picking time.
" I think the English crop reports deserve
c-nslderable space at this time, so I refer
t- the plantation reports from the las: Kent
ish Observer of July 27; also the reports of
Lapulin In the Mark Lane Express of July 24.
"From the quotations I conclude that the
cutlook for & crop in England must be con
ceded to be very good, but from many of the
section come reports of vermin, mold and
some spider. The reports from Blddenden,
Chllham and Chartham, Maidstone, Sheldwich
and East Sussex give one an idea how un
certain present predictions are. I have fres.
qucnt cable? reporting the crop and estimating
It at 500,000 to 000,000 hundredweights. But
everything must be very favorable to make
these figures. The acreage Is under 4S.000
a-res, and they can hardly count on having
mere than a crop equal to the best crop In
the last 20 years.
I submit here particulars of yield per acre
and total crop yield for the four best years
during the last 20 years for England.
Yield per Acre. Total Crop.
Year, cwts. cwts.
1690 , 12.76 031.37S
1901 12.70 049,387
1888 11. 07 776.144
1694 10.70 638,844
'Tho average acreage for the last 19 years
has been J56.235 acres and the average yield
per acre 8.30 hundredweights. The English
acreage last year was 47.749, and yield 5.01
cwts. dot acre.
"Now, then. If this year's yield per acre
turns out equal to the yield In 1809 the best
in 20 years and allowing 48,000 acres, -which
is In excese of the actual acreage the crop
voutd he 572,000 cwts. While If we take the
average yield for 10 year. 48,000 acres at 8.3
cwts. per acre, will give a yield of 308.008
cwts. for 1005. It seems to me that even with
the present bright prospects England cannot
possibly make more than 572.000. That would
be a erep per aero equal to the best crop
harvested in 0 years. Also it seems as if
the- chances for growing a. full average crop
of .398,400 acres were fairly good, but this is
by no means certain.
"A few minutes ' spent eonsUering past
crops and conditions shew how ridiculous are
such est I matt as 6.73,000 to 700,000 cwts. for
the 190S crop In England. I consider STS.OOe
cwts. within the range of possibility, but noth
ing over that, while 4OQ.000 cwts is not as
sured yet by any means.
"everything, will have to be favorable for
the United States to grow 280.006 to 248,0)0
bales. as against 265.000 bales for last year.
according to revised estimate.
The return for the last fiscal year ihow
a production of 4,945,629 barrels of beer, an
Increase of one and a quarter million bar
rels over the last year. At .85 of a pound of
hops, per barrel, 2SS.MS bale of 180 pounds
each would be required. The Increased pro
duction of beer can be counted on for 1&08
05. so we may add C500 bales of hops more
far increase, making a total requirement for
the United States of America brewing of
24.f00 bak.
"The reserve stock Is no doubt smaller than
ever and e practically a negligible quantity.
Imports alee do not amount to much. With
a large English crop we can count on export
ing 40.609 to 50.000 bales. With a small one.
00 per cont more. It seems to me everything
indicates a good, healthy demand for ever'
bale of hops we can grow in this country this
Good Demand for Old Hen, but Slight In
quiry for Spring Chickens.
Eggs( hM steady at 22 cents, the price at
which most lots were sold yesterday. Sont
bussnoK was reported a half-cent on each
sMe of this figure.
There ware no developments in the butter
situation. Dealers and creamer men report
that buyer are slow to take hold at the top
A local produce price current says of poul
try: "Market a Mttle better, especially for
good henc, which are in requdsL. Springs are
in good supply, and steady only. Hens, 190
mt&c. and Sittings. 15c. Geese and ducks are.
dull: gees 6e, and duck. lS4f14c, alive.
Turkeys are in firm demand at 18, 19, 20e
aHve oM, and good-sized young will sell tor
a good deal more. Squab pigeons, $2.59ffC
per dozen.
Cantaloupes Selling Better and Watermelons
Cleaning Up.
The scarcity of poaches continues to be the
feature of the fruit market. The demand yes
terday was very urgent and prices wore
strong. Ordinary stock brought 0&SS cents
and fancy. 85 cents a box. Good cantaloupes
sold at $1.502.50 per crate and poorer ones
around $1. Melons are cleaning up well, tho
demand being stronger on the brighter weather.
Egg plant is coming in freely and Is of
fered at $ L752 per case. Tomatoes are also
plentiful at 50f75 cents a box. Green corn
and cucumbers are slow. Heavy recolpU. of
potatoes and the lack of a' shipping demand
have caused a weaker feeling is this Use.
Bank Clearings.
Bank clearings of the Northwestern cities
yesterday were as follows:
Portland $ 009.47
Seattle 1.016.817
Tacoma 487.201
Spokane 457,413
$ 70.166
Grain. Hour, Feed. Etc.
FLOUR Patents. S4.50ff4.05 per barrel:
straights. (494.25; clears. $3.?5$4; Valley.
$S.9d4.10; Dakota bard wheat. J6.50S7.25;
Graham. J3.5Ug4; whole wheat. (464.25; rye
flour, local. $5; Eastern. (5.5035.00; cernroeaL
per bale. $1.9032.20.
WHEAT Club. '7071c per bushel; blue
stem, 74 975c; Valley, 74c.
BARLEY Feed. $20.50 per ton; brewing.
OATS No. 1 white feed. old. $26 per ton;
i gray. old. $27; white, new, $25028.50; gray.
new, $22 per ton.
MILLSTUFFS Bran, $19 per t&a; mid
dlings, $24.50; shorts. $21; chop. U. S. Mills.
$19; linseed dairy feed. $18; alfalfa meal, $18
per ton.
CEREAL FOODS Rolled oats, cream. 90
pound sacks. $6.75; lower grades. $596.25;
oatmeal, steel cut. 5o-pound sacks. $6 per
barrel; 10-pound sacks. $4.25 per bale; oat
meal (ground). 50-pound sack. 47.50 per
barrel; 10-pound sacks. $4 per bale; split
pound s&ckb. $2.50 per bale.
HAY Timothy, old. $13315 per ton; new,
flit 12.50, clover. $e9; grain. $889; cheat,
$7,506 u.
Vegetables. Fruit, Etc
DOMESTIC FRUITS Apples 0e$1.75 per
box; peaches, 6S85c crate; plums, 75otf$l
per crate; blackberries, StfOe per pound: can
taloupes. $12.60 per crate: pears. $1.592
per box: watermelons, liflViC per pound; crab
apples, 50c per box; nectarines, 75c per box;
grape... $11.50; Casabas. $2f?2.60 per desoa.
TROPICAL FRUITS Lemons, choice. $4.50
5.50; oranges. Valenclas, choice 3: fancy,
$4 per box; grapefruit, $2.50&S per box; ba
nanas, 5"4c per pound; pineapples, $2.50(73.50
per dozen.
dozen; beans. 164c per pound; cabbage. 1
lUc per pound: cauliflower. 75690? per dozes:
celery. 75JrS5e per dozen; corn. 8Oc per dozen;
cucumbers. 10ft 15c per dozen; egg plant, $L75
S2 per crate; peppers. 15c per pound; toma
toes, 3075c per crate; equosh, 5c pound.
ROOT VEGETABLES Turnips, $1.2501.40
per sack; carrots. $l.25$1.50 per sack; beets.
$11.25 per tack; garlic. 12V4c per pound.
ONIONS Red. $1.25 per hundred; yellow,
POTATOES Oregon, new. 75380c per rack;
Merced sweets, 3$c per pound.
RAISINS Loose muscatels. 4 -crown. 7c;
5-layer muscatel- raisins. 7i4c; unbleached,
fceedless Sultanas, 0"sic; London layers,
3-crown, whole boxes of 20 pounds. $1.85;
2-crown. $1.76.
DRIED FRUITS Apples, evaporated, "gee
per pound; apricots. 9Vi12c; peaches, 108
HVjc; pears, none; prunes. Italian, none;
French, 2Hi69ic; figs. California blacks. Sftc;
do white, none; Smyrna, 20c; Ford dates, 6c
Butter. Eggs, X'oultry, Etc.
BUTTER City creameries: Extra cream
er'. 27V430c per pound; state creameries:
Fancy creamery. 25SOc; store butter. 14
15V4c; Eastern creamery, "GMQtTc
DGGS Oregon ranch, 22c per dozen: East
ern. 2021c
CHEESE Oregon full cream twins, 13c;
Young America, 14c.
POULTRY Average old hens. 12y.3l8t!;
mixed chickens. 1212Hc: old roosters. 0&B
10c; young roosters. 11011c; Springs. 14 to
2 pounds. 1414Vic; 1 to 1 pounds. 14Hei5c:
dressed, chickens, 1314c; turkeys, live, 16tJ
19e; turkeye. dressed, choice. 20S22Hc: geese,
live, per pound. 8S9c: geese, drecied, per
pound, 910c; ducks, old, 13c; ducks, gray.
lc: white, 14c; pigeons, $1L25; squabs, $2
Hops. Wool. Hides. Etc.
HOPS Choice 1904, 1719c per pound.
WOOL Eastern Oregon averare het 19
21c; lower grades, down to 15c, according tJ
snnntcage; vauey. -MKt-ic per pound
MOHAIR Choice, 31c per pound.
HIDES Dry hides: No. 1. 16 pounds and
up, 1016Vic per pound; dry kip. No. 1 3
to 10 pounds. 11 15c per pound: dry calf.
No. 1. under T pounds. 17018c; dry salted,
bulls and stags, one-third less than dry
flint; (culls, moth-eaten, badly cut. scored,
murrain, halr-cllpped. weather-beaten or
grubby. 293c per pound less); salted hides,
steers, sound. GO pounds and over, 9910c per
pound; 50 to 00 pounds. SVi69c per pound;
.iotAa. .ft Ailflllk an4 OAW G0Qn - .4 -
salted kip, sound, 15 to 30 pounds, 9c per
pound; salted veal, sound. 10 to 14 pounds,
9c per pound; salted calf sound, under 10
pounds. 10c per pound; (green Unsalted. lc
per pound less; culls, lc per pound ls).
Sheep skins: Shearlings, No. 1 butchers'
stock. 25930c each; short wool. No. 1
butchers stock. 4050c each; medium, wooL
No. 1 butchers' stock. 60060c; long -wool.
No. 1 butchers stock, $191-50 each. Murrain
pelts from 10 to 20 per cent less or 129
14c per pound; horse hides, salted, each, ac
cording to size. $1.5093; dry. each, accord
ing to size, $191.50; colts' hides. 25950c
each; goat skins, common. 10915c each;
Angora, with wool on. 25c9$L50 each.
TALLOW Prime, per pound, 3 Vie 4c; No.
2 and grease. 293c
FURS Bear skins, as to size. No. 1, $2,509
10 each: cubs $132; badger. 25ff50c; wild
cat. with bead perfect. 25650c; heue cat.
5g 10c; fox. common gray. 50870c; red. $3
S; cross. $5015; silver and black. $1000
200; fishers $58; lynx, $4.5006: mink,
strictly No. 1, according to size. $192.50;
marten, dark Northern, according to slzs
and color. $10015; marten, pale. pine, ac
cording to !ze and color. $2.509 4: xnuskrat.
large. 10915c: skunk. 40 950c; civet or pole
cat. 5910c: otter, large, prime skin. $69 10:
panther, with head and claws perfect, $295:
raccoon, prime. 30950c; mountain wolf,
with head perfect. $3.5095; coyote. 60c9$I:
wolverine. $696; beaver, per skin. large. $3
96; medium. $391: small. $191-50; kits.
BEESWAX Good, clean and pure. 20922c
per pound.
CAECA RA SAGRADA (Chlttam bark)
Good. 3tJS'ic per pound.
GRAIN BAGS-Calcutta. 797Hc
Groceries, Nuts, Etc
COFFEE Mocha. 2692Se; Java, ordinary. 18
922; Costa Rica, fancy. 16920c; good. 169
18c; ordinary. 10912c per pound; Columbia
roast, coses, 100s. $13.75; 50s. $13.75; Arbuckle.
$15.25; Lion. $15.25.
RICE Imperial Japan No. 1. $5.37H: South
ern Japan. $3.50; Carolina. fS6rc; broken
head, 2Vc
SALMON Columbia River, 1-pound tolls,
$1.75 per dozen; 2-pound tolls. $2.40; 1-pound
flat, $1.65; fancy. 191-pound fiats. $1.80:
Vr-pound fiats. $1.10; Alaska pink 1-pound
tolls. 85c; red. 1-pound tolls. $1.30; sockeyes,
1-pound tolls. $1.85.
SUGAR Sack basis. 100 pounds: Cube. $5. S3;
powdered. $5.60; dry granulated. $5.50: extra
C. $5; golden C $4.90; fruit sugar. $5.50; ad
vance over cock basis, os follows: Barrels,
lOe; half-barrels. 25c; ?iJxei. 60s per 100
pounds. (Terms: On remittance within 15
days, deduct "ic per pound; if later than IS
days and within 30 days, deduct He per
pound: no discount after 30 days.) Beet sugar,
granulated. $6.40 per 100 pounds; maple sugar.
15916c per pound.
SALT California. $11 per ton. $1.G0 per bole;
Liverpool. 34. $17; lot. $16.50; SuOs. $16;
halt-pound. 100. $7: 50s. $7.50.
NUTS Walnuts. 13$c per pound by sack. 1c
extra for less than sack; Brazil auu. 15c;
filberts. 14c; pecans. Jumbos. 14e; extra large.
15c. almonds. L X. L.. 16c; chestnuts. lul
tan, 15c: Ohio. $1.50 per 25-pousd dram; pea
nuts, raw. 7Vzc per pound; roasted. 9c; ptae
nuta. 10912Uc: hickory nuts, 7c; coeoaauu. 7c;
oocoonuts. 354j90e per dozen.
BEANS Small white. 3K944c; large white.
3 Vc; pink. 3USHc; bayou. 4ic; Lima. 6;c
Dressed Meats.
BEEF Dressed bulls. 192c per pound;
cows. 3H94Vjc: country steers, 495c
VEAL Dressed. 75 to 125 pounds.- 697ttc:
125 to 200 pound. 466c; 200 pounds and up,
MUTTON Dressed fancy. 6e per pound,
ordinary, 495c
PORK Dressed. 100 to 150. 79"it: 1M
and up. 09 c per pound.
Provisions and Canned Steals.
HAMS 10 to 14 pounds. 13 Vic per pound:
14 to 16 pounds. 13Vc; IS to 20 pounds.
lSe: California (picnic). 9c; cottage haras.
9c; shoulders. 9c: boiled ham. 21c; bolted
pienlr ham. boneless. 15c
BACON Fancy breakfast. 19c per pouad;
standard breakfast. 17c; choice, lSfec; Eng
lish breakfast. 11 to 14 pounds. 14lc; peach
bacon. 13Jtc
DRY SALT CURED Regular abort clears.
1094c dry salt. ll?e smoked; clear backs. 10; c
dry fait, llc smoked; clear bellies. 14 to 17
pounds average, none; Oregon exports, 20 to
25 pounds a-erage. llc dry salt. 12;e
smoked: Union butts. 10 to IS pounds over
age, none.
PICKLED GOODS Pork, barrels. $18; half
barrels. $9.50; beef, barrels, $12; half-barrels,
SAUSAGE Ham. ISc per pound; minced
bam. 10c; Summer, choice dry, 17 Vic; hoiogaa.
long, 5 Vic; welaerwurst. be; liver. 6c; pork,
9c; blood. 6c; headcheese. 6c; bologna sau
sage, link. 4fec.
CANNED MEATS Corned beef, pounds, per
dozen. $1.25; two pounds. $2.35; six pounds,
J 6. Roast beef floV pounds, $1.22; two pounds,
f nr.. civ- uuiul.7 m. .nil
pounds, none; two pounds. $2.35; six pounds,
none. Lunch tongue, pounds, $8.15.
LARD Leaf lard, kettle rendered, tierces
lOVic tubs 10e. 50s 10c. 20s 10c 10s
11 He. 5s HV. Standard pure: Tierces 9 Vic
tube 9 c; M 0c. 20s Jfrc. 10s lWic 5s
10&C Compound: Tierces 6c. tubs 64c; 5Gs
6c 10s GKc 5i 6C
TURPENTINE Cases, SOc per gallon.
WHITE LEAD Ton lots, 7c; 500-pound
lots. c: less than 500 -pound lots. Sc.
GASOLINE Steyj -gasoline, eases. 23Uc;
iron barrels, 17c; StTdeg. gasoline, coses. 32e;
iron barrels or drums. 26c .
COAL OIL Casts, 20Vc; iron barrels, He;
wood barrelt, 17c; 63 deg., cases. 22c: Iron
barrels. lSVic
LINSEED OIL Raw. 5-barrel lots. 64c; 1
barrel lots. 05 e: cases. 70c; boiled. 5-barrel
lots, 66c; 1 -barrel lots. 67c; cases, 72c
FOR 75,000 TOXS.
Quiet Week In the Pig-Iron Trade.
Heavy Pressure Upon tho
Structural Mills.
NEW YORK. Aug. 17. In pig iron the week
has been rather quiet, taking the country as
a whole, eaya the Iron Age. Purchases by
the United States Steel Corporation will prob
ably net be mode until early in September.
In the East there has been a further moderate
movement in basic pig. one Interest taking
10,000 tons at a concession, while another
buyer took 4000 tons In addition to previous
purchosest of 8000 tons. In the Pittsburg- dis
trict a leading maker of cast Iron pipe has
bought 10,000 tons of gray forge pig. while in
the Chicago district one foundry is In the
market for 15,000 tons. In the East there has
been a little wavering in prices, one large
producing company offering iron at somewhat
lower figures.
Steel billets are scarce, and the situation is
rather acute, particularly in the Chicago dis
trict. At oerne points accessible to tidewater,
email lots of foreign billet have been sold.
Orders for steel rolls for 1905 delivery con
tinue to roll Into the works. The Horrintan
roads hove just placed 75,000 tons. It Is not
known whether this system accepted the offers
for Pacific Coast delivery made by works In
Eastern Germany who are not associated with
the other German mills.
The pressure upon the structural mills Is
exceedingly heavy, and the payment of pre
miums for prompt delivery and the importing
of occasional lots of foreign shapes seem to
foreshadow an upward movement. During the
week carbulMers have gathered in additional
work. It is expected that an order for 12,000
steel cars will be in hand either this week or
early next week.
' In nearly all the heavy lines the tonnage on
the books Is enormous, and further work can
not be taken in many Instances from sheer
Inability to meet even distant deliveries.
In the lighter lines, the most Important de
velopment is that a heavy buying movement
nas set in all along the wire trade. The ton
nage in sheets, toe. is picking up. but the
merchant pipe trade Is afflicted with sharp
eutUng of price.
In bars the agricultural Implement-makers
and other consumers who contract for their
requirements for six months and a year ahead
have now pretty well covered up. The aggre
gate tonnage has been very large.
Dried. Fruit at New York.
NEW YORK, Aug. 17. Evaporated apples
are quiet, but firm. Holders are asking 7Vi
7c for prime fruit for October to November
delivery, but buyers are not willing to pay
the price to any extent and business conse
quently la limited. Common. 5Q0Vc on spot;
prime, 7c; choice. 7".5c; fancy. Sc.
Prunes are unchanged. 4 US 6 Vic, according
to rrade.
Apricots are sold to be In fair demand on
the 'Coast, but the local spot market is quiet,
with choice quoted at Site extra choice SVJ
9S;c fancy SUtfioc
Peaches are unchanged; fancy. 11 Vic
Raisins are firm, owing to light offerings
and a moderate demand; loose Muscatels. 49
6&c; seeded, 5H97He; London layers, $19
Dairy Produce in the East. '
CHICAGO. Aug. 17. On the Produce Ex
change today the butter market wo firm.
Creameries. 17920c; dairies. 16916c
Eggs At mark, cases included, 129I3c
Cheese Easy. 11911HC
NEW YORK. Aug. 17. Butter, firm. Street
prices, extra creamery, 21 921 Vic; official
prices unchanged.
Cheese and eggs, unchanged.
Cotton Markets.
NEW YORK. Aug. 17. Cotton closed steady
with net less of 4 or 5 points. August.
10.32c; September. 10.36c; October. 10452c:
November. 10.55c; December. 10.03c; Janu
ary. 10.60c; February. 10.73c; March. 10,78a;
April. 10.60c; May. 10.82c
NSW ORLEANS. Aug. 17. Cotton, steady.
Middling. lOKc.
Heavy Transactions in Stocks
in First Hour's Dealings.
Union Pacific Conspicuous on Ac
count of Rumors Concerning
Great Northern De-
NEW YORK. Aug. 17. Nearly 500.000
shares of stocks were sold today In the
first hour's dealing on the stock exchange.
The transactions for the first hour ore the most
significant of the day. and are the crucial
test of the tone of the market In the ma
jority of casei. The extreme animation dur
ing that period of today was convincing evi
dence of the growth of speculative Interest.
Large orders came from various quarters. The
accumulated buying demand was fed eteadlly
during the whole of the first hour In the
process of realizing profit. The result was a
growing tendency to yield, which become more
marked as the accumulated buying orders
were worked off. But when this condition of
affairs began to be eVldent. there was a dis
continuance of the prefeure to sell, which
threw the market in the middle portion of the
day into dullness.
Immediate new events were of little conse
quence In the market, and nothing Important
occurred, in fact, to change the general con
ditions existing. Each day's news adds to the
confidence In the prosperous outcome of the
grain crops, and the grain carriers held their
conspicuous place in the day's market. Stocks
of Eastern railroads were notably held back
by the pressure to realize. Reading being the
conspicuous example, although that stock
touched a new high record during. Its period
of strength. So did Erie, which was the
strong exception In the group.
Union Pacific was again very conspicuous.
and was the subject of the most talked -of
deals and mysterious developments. These
rumors ba'e taken the form of eome Important
development regarding Great Northern pre
ferred, from which it Is said the expected bene
fit to Union Pacific will accrue, by reason of
its large holdings of Great Northern. The en
thuslaetlc forecasts of the corn crop helped
Missouri Pacific to an additional advance. A
special factor in the Southern group was the
belief that the yellow-fever epidemic In New
Orleans has come under control
The peace conference at Portsmouth was the
subject of attentive consideration, under the
belief that the critical stage of the negotia
tions had arrived. All signs continued to point
to a feeling of confidence in tne nsanciai
world, and a peaceful outcome of the confer
ence. and pessimistic utteroces from diplo
matic quarters seemed to have no power to
alter this feeling.
The favorable condition reported by the
trade authority In the Iron and steel industry
had Its effect on the stock of companies con
nected with various branches of that industry.
There was some special activity In the Re
public Steel stocks. Induced by discussion of
the poralbie resumption of dividends on the
preferred stock. The extra dividend on United
States Reduction Sc. Refining explained the ad
vance in the stocks of that company. Re
ports that the often-projected lead merger
was again abandoned depressed Notional Lead
and had some effect also on American Smelt
lag. The money market continued easy. and.
therefore, received attention in the stock
The digestive procers continued up to the
close, which was made Irregular by the heavy
profit-taking in some stocks and the late rise
of about a point In the United States Steel
stocks and some others.
Bonds were steady. Total sales, par value.
J3.&S9.00O. United States 2s advanced per
cent on call.
Sales. High. Low. bid.
Adams Express 217
Amalgamated CODner 87.600 6U S5U bfl
Am. Cor & Foundrv. 8.800 3SV 37Vi 3SU
3p preferred 1.900 lOOVi 99H lCvVs
American Cotton Oil 10O a4 24 2a
-'do preferred 92
American Express
Am. Hd. & Lth. pfd. 200
American Ice 1,300
30 Vi
29 Vs
American Linseed OH
do preferred
American Locomotive 30.SO0
55 Vi
do preferred 1.900 118
Am. Smelt. & Refln. 12,300 130Vi
do preferred 6O0 121i 121S1 1214
Am. Sugar Refining. 6.000 143U 141H 144V&
Am. Tobacco nfd 2.200 103Vk 10S 102i
Anaconda Mining Co. 2,100 117 II6V3 llVi
Atchison 24.300 VI
do preferred 3.100 105
Atlantic Coast Line. DOO 169
104 V,
1C7H 167i
Baltimore & Ohio.... 16,500 114Vi H3Vi
no preferred
Canadian Pacific .... 3)600 1G04 150Vi 1501,
Central Leather 500 41U 43V UVi
ao preferred l.-iw lusvs 103
Central of N. Jeney.. 100 214 Vi 214VS
Chesapeake &. Ohio.. 17.800- 5SH 57;
Chicago & Alton
do preferred
Chicago Gt. Western. 19.200 22 Vi 22Vt
Chicago & Northwest. 1.900 224 V4 2221 223
Chi., MIL & St. Paul. 21,300 lfcCVi lS5?t 185?;
WBi. xerm. & rransu ...... ...
do preferred i
C C. C. & St. Louis 100 103
Colorado Fuel & Iron 16J9O0 47;
Colorado & Southern. 800
do 1st preferred.... 300
do 2d preferred.... 3.100
Consolidated Gas
Corn Products
do preferred ......
Delaware c Hudson..
Del.. Lack. &. West.
Denver & Rio Grande
do preferred
Distillers' Securities.
do 1st preferred....
do 2d preferred....
Gensrol Electric ....
Hocklnr Volley
Illinois Central
International Paper..
do preferred
34 Vi
83 Vi
300 450
1.100 35Vj
3.300 186
ISSVi 1S54
178 178
22tl 22U
DOO 179U
3,300 22 Vj
200 SOVj
International Pump,
do cref erred . . ..... 83
Iowa Central 200 234 29U 29
do preferred ......
7,000 77H 77 77U
77H M 77U
Kansas City Southern
do preferred
Louisville z Noahv..
Manhattan L.
700 ZS 27; 28
200 O0H. 50 Vi 59H
1.000 1514 151 151H
Met. Securities ....
2.0CO 834
WW Ml' CI i 7 r. .
Metropolitan St- Ry. 14.300 130H 129 1294
Mexican Central ... 12,000 24V 24H 24H
M.. St, P. ilc S. S. M
600 1434) 142 H1U
do preferred
Missouri Pacific ....
Me.. Kans. lc Texas..
do preferred
National Lead .....
Mex. Nat. R. R. pfd.
New York Central...
N. T.. Ont, & West.
Norfolk & Western..
do -preferred
North American . . .
Northern Pacific ....
Pacific Mall
HW loo? lUri 1631,;
SS.700 1074 106Vs 10SU
39 Vi
12.100 15CH 155V 135ti
7.1W DO. OCA B3;
8,000 S6H SOU
1004 iou4
213 2131,
400 101
6.40O 215
.... 22.S00 H5j 145U HJJSi,
People's Gas
, lw liw JUU
P.. C C. & St, Louis 100 SO 80 80
Pressed Steel Car.... 4.400 47 46U 4tfT
do preferred 1.300 96? P3i 9ek
Pullman Palace Car 700 25lu 254; 232
Reading C2.100 113Vi 1124 112v
ao in prcicirea. . . . om
do 2d preierred.... 1.4O0
Republic Steel S.M0
do preferred 0.000
Rock Island Co 35.500
do preferred 2.600
Rubber Goods 100
2 ?
do preferred 200 105
Schloso-Sheffleld .... 900 92
St, L. & S. F. 2d pfd. 1.400 707i
St, Louis Southwest.. 2,700 24
do preferred 2.300 61 V4
Southern Pacific 29.800 65Vj
ao preferred ....
Southern Railway
do preferred ...
600 HOVi 1191 110H
17,300 36 334 33i
-Art ftrti- nftl' on
Tenn. Coal & Iron... 11.700 91-fc
Texan Jc Pacific .... 4.100 37 -To!..
St, L. & West. 200 28 Vi
o preferred ...... doo 394
Union Pacific , 63.700 1374 136H 137
do preferred
U. S. Express....
U. E. Realty
U. S. Rubber
do preferred ....
U. S. Steel ...
100 111
106,400 87tJ
26 Vi
dy preferred
Vlrg.-Caro. Chemical.
do. preferred ......
do preferred
Wells-Forgo Express.
WeeUnghoune Elect..
Western Union ......
7 6. COO 105H 104? 1034
00 31U. 34
200 1074 107
0 1714 171
1.000 91H 93H
Wheeling & L. Erie. 300 lStl IS 18;
Wisconsin Central ... 6.600 29?i 29H 29
do preferred 2.600 5Sh 58 5SV
Total eales for the day. 1,194.000 shares.
NEW YORK. Aug. 17. Closing quotations:
J. S. ref. 2s reg.lOlHsD. & B. G. 4s...l02Vi
do coupon 104 H N. Y. C. G. 3Vs. 094.
S. 3s reg. ...103VNor. Pacific 3s.. 77
do coupon 10-ts Nor. Pacific 4S..106H
J. S- new 4s reg.l321i!So. Pacific 4s... 03i
do coupon 132Vi Union Pacific 4s. 103
coupon 101 Jop. 6s. 2d series 99 Ts
Atchison Adj. 4s BSVilJop. 4 Vis cer... 00 Ta
Stock at London.
LONDON, Aug. 17. Consols for money.
00 7-16; consols for account. 90H.
Anaconda 6 Norfollf & West. 89 H
Atchison P3HI do preferred
94 Vi
do preferred... 107 tOntorio & West. 38
Baltimore & O. .117V1 '(Pennsylvania ..
Can. Pacific 164 ?i! Rand Mines
Ches. & Ohi4... dO iReodlng
C Gt, Western- 22:il do 2d oref. ...
47 H
C. M. & St. P.. 191 I do 1st nref 4SVi
DeBeers 17 tSo. Railway 36i
D. & R. Grande. 36 J do preferred... 102H
ao preferred... 2Vi so. Pacific o.
Erie 50 Union Pacific. . .140
do 1st pref.... S0?i! de preferred.. .100
do 2d pref 77UiU. S. Steel 37 H
Illinois Central. 184 i do preferred. ..10S
Louis. & Nash. .133 HI Wabash 22
Mo.. Kas. A. T.. 34 I do nref erred. . . 43
N. Y. Central... 1 60 H 'Spanish Fours... 92 U
"Money, Exchange. Etc.
NEW YORK, Aug. 17. Money on coll.
easy. 1H$2 per cent; closing bid, li per
cent: offered at 2 per cent. Time loans easy
and dull; 60 days. 2H91 Per cent: 90 days,
393V per cent; six months. 4 per cent-
Frime mercantile paper. 494H per cent.
Sterling exchange steady, with actual busi
ness in bankers bills at $4.8675 9 4.8680 for
demand and at $4.847594.8480 for 60 days.
Posted rates. 51.S5Vi94.S7Vi- Commercial
bills. $4.84 H.
Bar silver. GO Vic
Mexlean dollars. 46Vc.
Government bends, firm; railroad bonds.
LONDON. Aug. 17. Bar silver, steady.
7 lid per ounce Meney. 1VS91 per cent.
The rate of discount In the open market for
short bllts is 1 13-ltf per cent: the rate of
discount In the open market for three-
months bills Is 2 per cent.
SAN FRANCISCO. Aug. 17. Silver bars.
60Hc. Sight drafts. 3c; telegraph drafts, 3c.
Sterling. 60 days. $4.85 Vi: sight. $1.87H.
Dally- Treasury Statement.
WASHINGTON. Aug. 17. Today's state
ment of the Treasury balances in the gen
eral fund shows;
Available cash balance $126,009,773
Gold coin and bullion 53.753.414
Gold certificates 23.410.970
December Wheat Weakened by Large
Receipts From Oregon Butter
Easier, Buying Light.
SAN FRANCISCO. Cat. Aug. 17. (Special.)
Members of the local grain beard at a spe
cial meeting adopted the following standards:
No. 1 dark feed barley, 424 pounds to the
bushel; rtondard brewing barley, screened. 47
pounds; No. 1 red cats. 32 pounds.
December wheat opened higher, following
Chicago, but large receipts of Oregon wheat
and liberal offerings of the Mine to arrive
soon weakened the market. Cash wheat was
easy, except very choice milling. December
barley had a sharp decline and spot ruled
easy, owing to a well-supplied market, Oats
were quiet and steady. Grain freights are
dull and nominal at union rates. FeedetutTs
are firm. Receipt of hoy ore lighter, as farm
ers are reluctant to sell on a weak market
and are storing their product.
Conditions In the fruit market were prac
tically unchanged, though peaches and grapes
showed some easiness on account of liberal
arrivals. Stocks of Gravensteln apples are
diminishing and fancy four-tier? now command
a small advance. Choice shipping pi urns and
prunes are In light supply. Citrus; tropical
and dried fruits are generally firm.
Arrivals of potatoes were moderate and the
market remained active and firm. Sweets
were easy. Choice onions were steadier under
shipping demand. Tomatoes were higher, but
other green vegetables were generally weak.
Butter was easier with prices being shaded
between dealerx. Receipts: were liberal and
a good amount is coming from cold storage.
Cheese was firm. Eggs were easy. Receipts,
81.000 pounds butter, 08,700 pounds cheese.
25.620 dozen eggs.
VEGETABLES Cucumbers. 20-3 30c; garlic.
334c; green peas; 34?4c; string beans, lfj3c;
tomatee. 40Q75c; okra. 75S5c; egg plant.
POULTRY Turkey gobblers. lfl21c: roost
ers, old. $4?4.50; rooster?, young. $4.5085.50;
broilers, small. ?22-50; broilers, large. $2
2.50; fryers. $34? 3. 50: fryers, young. $3(74.
EGGS Store. !Sg23c; fancy ranch. 30c;
Eastern. 17624c
BUTTER Fancy creamery, 25c; creamery
seconds, 22c; fancy dairy, 22c; dairy seconds,
WOOL Spring, Humboldt and Mendocino. 2S
630c; Nevada. 15910a.
MILLSTUFFS Bran. $20.50021.50; mid
dlings. $25027.50.
HAY Wheat, $7 13.50; wheat and oats. $69
12.50; barley. $&4y9; straw, $689; clover, $7S
10; stock. $1.5096; straw. 30fi50c per bale.
POTATOES-Sallnas Burbanks, S5c?$l.
CHEESE Young America. llVsS124c; East
ern. 14ViS154c
FRUITS Applet choice, $1.15; common. 40c;
bananas. $ljl.75; Mexican limes, nominal;
California lemons, choice. $4.50: common, $2;
oranges, navels, nominal; pineapples, $1.7533.
HOPS 18520c per pound.
REOEIPTS Flour. 16,500 quarter cocks;
wheat. 257.700 centals; barley. 4600 centals;
oats. 1915 centals; beans. 955 sacks; potatoes.
S500 sacks; bran. 1485 racks; middlings. 087
sacks; hay. S65 toes;-wool. 87 bales; hides,
Crop of Next Year Estimated at 33,000 to
40,000 Carloads.
LOS ANGELES. CaL. Aug. 17. From re
recent estimates made of the citrus crop for
next year. Indications point to a record
breaker. That there will be upward of
35.000 carloads is certain, and the aggre
gate may reach 40.000 cars. The current
year ends October 31, with shipments that
will total more than 30,000 cars, and the
dally overage now Is about 20 carloads.
If the estimates given prove correct, tho
crop next season win break the record by
fully 5000 cars, just as the present season Is
doing by about 3000 cars. Returns for the
shipments this season show that the South
ern California Fruit Exchange will have dis
tributed $7,000,000 to growers for fruit
shipped for its members. Close calculations
upon the output for next season place the
net amount that will come to the growers
at about $12,000,000.
Idaho Crop Report,
The Idaho weekly crop report says In part:
Rapid ripening of small grain la resulting
from the hot weather In sections where the
crop Is not already mature, and harvest is
progressing as rapidly as possible; this rapid
ripening wilt cause some reduction of the
yield In many localities, but the total crop
will probably exceed the average; this Is es
pecially true In many eastern localities, and of
Fall wheat In the northern portion of the
state; threehing Is making good progress In
the northern and southwestern grain-growing
districts. Hot weather Is of great benefit to
corn, which Is earing well.
Water Is falling so rapidly that there will
be very little third-crop alfalfa harvested, and
the yield from the second cutting in many In
stance Is considerably reduced, though In
fields where water has been abundant a good
yield is secured.
Favorable reports continue to be received
relative to the condition of sugar beets, there
being few exceptions to the general rule. An
effort Is being made to save water for late
potatoes and garden vegetables, and these
crops will probably not suffer greatly In irri
gated sections. Melon are becomlnc fair!)
plentiful In southwestern markets, and quan
tities ore being shipped; they ore reported to
be a failure in Cassia County.
Downing, Hopkins & Co.
Established IS93
Room 4, Ground Floor Chamber of Commerce
One-Third of a Normal Yield
Is Expected.
Salem Will Probably Ship Out Sev-entr-Flve
Carloads This Season.
Market Xow Inactive.
Condition of Orchards.
SALEM.. Or.. Aug. 17. (Special.) Though
prunes have been dropping from the trees la
large quantities In some orchards. In others
the yield Is coming out mHch better than
was expected and the general result Is likely
to be not far from the early estimates. One
third of a normal crop, or perhaps 4.500,60
pounds. Is the estimate which H. S. Glle. of
Willamette Valley Prune Association, makes
cf the 1903 prune crop. In a good year Salem
ships 125 carloads of prunes, or about 3.730,
000 pounds. The crop in this vicinity Is saW
to be better than In most parts of the state,
and Mr. Glle thinks 73 carloads or about
2,230.000 pounds of dried prunes will go
to market from Salem.
The Improved condition of many of the
light-crop orchards is difficult to explain sat
isfactorily, but several explanations are of
fered. One is that the crop was not as
badly Injured as the growers thought and
exaggerated reports were sent In because
the growers were discouraged over tne out
look. Another explanation la that" although
the crop was as light as reported, the small
number of prunes on the trees, resulted i
their growing to a large size so that part
of the loss was gained. It Is also noted
that some growers wno nave ugnt yiei
neelected cultivation and did not suffer as
heavy a drop in the Summer. The more
general opinion is that poor cultivation dW
not prevent the drop or good cultivation
cause it. but that where there was a light
crop the trees held the prunes oetter unu
developed them to a larger size.
There Is nothing doing in the prune mar
ket In Salem at present, though the Wlllam
tt Vnitev Pnin Association made a num
ber of large sales earlier in the season. The
prices received were on a nasis ot
4 Vic cents for the 40 to 50 size and S$5Vt
cents for the 30 to 40 size.
Owners of commercial dryers are offering
45 cents a box for fresh prunes picked,
which is considered a good price.
Shorts at Chicago Later Turn Buy
ers and Prices Strengthen
at the Close. ,
CHICAGO. Aug. 17. The wheat market was
Inclined to drag early. Absence of frost pre
dicted for the Northwest caused support to
be withheld and resulted In an easy tone.
September opened at 81"i'gS2c and declined
to SIKc At this point, however, shorts, who
were ' at first Inclined to Ignore reports of
Interference of wet weather with the move
ment of grain In the Northwest and unfavor
able foreign news, seemingly became con
cerned for their lines. A sharp upturn re
sulted. September sold up to 82SJC. the ad
vance being well maintained during the re
mainder of the session. The close was firm,
a shade under the high point, at 8282e.
Corn was steady in the face of continued
favorable crop reports. September started
Vjc down at 53c and closed at that figure.
Oats were steady at a fraction above the
previous close. September closed at 26Vi. a
gain of Vic
Packers took offerings in provlstors and
brought about a fair advance over the previous
closing prices. The close was firm. Septem
ber pork making a gain of 12Vic at $14.32H
Lard is up 10c at -$7.724. Ribs are 12Vs
hlcher at $8.75.
The leading futures ranged as follows:
Open. High.
.$ .82 $ .824
. .88S -S44
. .S6U .SSjj
.. .53H .58Vi
.. .53 .53Vj
. .40H .46?
. .44H
. .44H .44H
. .26 .284
. .27 .27Vs
. .2ST, .29
.14.32Vi 14.35
.14.30 14.43
Low. Clone.
$ .814 $ .82
Sept. (old)
Sept. (new).-.
Dec. (old)
Dec. (new)....
May ..........
October ..
14.324 14.324
14.30 14.40
October ..
. 7.724 7.S0
S2Vi 7.00
.. 8.674 8.77V4
.. 8.75 8.87Vi
October ..
Cash quotations were as follows:
Flour Steady.
Wheat No. 3 Spring. S590c; No. 2 red.,,
Corn No. 2. SlViGMftc; No. 2 yellow. SSVSc
Oats No. 2. 25Vic: No. 2 white, 27itf2S;
No. 3 white. 26420Vic
Rye NO. 2. 3Sc.
Barley Good feeding. 3S30c; fair to choice
maltlrx. $1.06.
Flaxseed No. I. $1.16
Mess pork Per barrel. $14.3512114.40.
Lard Per 100 pounds. $7.80.
Short ribs sides Loose. $3.70gS.80.
Short ctear sldes-S-Boxed,. $S.75S.S7Vj.
Clover Contract grade, $12.25.
.... 01.700
Flour, barrels
Wheat, bushels ...
Corn, bushels
Oats, bushels .....
Rye. bushels
Barley, bushels ....
Grain and Produce at New York.
NEW YORK. Aug. 17. Receipts. 13.167 bar
rels; exports, 2502 barrels. Market, steady,
but dull.
Wheat Receipts. 24.000 bushels. Spot, firm;
No. 2 red, 874c elevator and SS&e f. o. b.
afloat; No. 1 Northern Duluth. $1.114 t. o. b.
afloat; No. 1 Northern Manitoba, nominal f. o.
b. afloat. Opening a shade lower on the bear
ish Price Current, wheat rallied, and for the
rest of the day was firm at about Vic advance,
Influenced by strength in the West, further
rains, bullish cables. light Argentine ship
ments and covering. Last prices were "4
net higher. May closed OlVJc; September.
87c December. S9Vc
Hops and hlde-Qulet.
Wool Firm.
Petroleum and tallows Steady.
Wheat Sales at The Dalles.
THE DALLES. Or.. Aug. 17. The 1005
wheat crop is beginning to be delivered at
the warehouses here. The grain is No. 1,
and buyers are offering 65 to 67 cents a
bushel, or about 13 cents below tbe prevail
ing price of a year ago. Very few sales
have so far been made, farmers believing
that the market will be better later In the
season. Most of them will hold at least an.
other month before offering any considerable
quantity for sale.
Grain at San Francisco.
SAN FRANCISCO. Aug. 17. Wheat, steady.
Barley, weak.
Spot quotations Wheat: Shipping. $t.439
1.53; milling. $1.57Vi 9 1.67H. Barley: Feed.
$191-02H; brewing. $1.0591.10. Oats: Red.
Call-board sales Wheat. December. $1.35fi.
Barley. December. 07 "sic. Corn, large yel
low. $1,409 1-42 Vs.
Minneapolis Wheat Market.
MINNEAPOLIS. Aug. 17. Wheat Septem
ber. 864c; December. Slie; May. S7"4c: No.
1 hard. $1.0Si; No. 1 Northern. $l.PVi: N.
2 Northern. $1.04.
Wheat at Liverpool.
LIVERPOOL. Aug. 17. Wheat September.
Qa 7"4d; December, ds ;d. The weather In
England today was fine.
Wheat at Tacoma.
TACOMA. Aug. 17. Wheat, unchanged; Wue
stem. 74c; club, 71c: red. 67c.
Prices Quoted Locally for Leading- Lines
The following prices on livestock were quoted
in the local market:
CATTLE1 Best Eastern Oregon steers. $
3.26; good cows. $24J2.50; common cows. $1.50
1.73; calves. 125 to 130 pounds, $5; 200 to
250 pounds. $8.504.
SHEEP Best Eastern Oregon and Valley,
$K.25; medium. $3; lambs. $4.50.
HOGS Best large fat hogs. $6.256.50; bteek
and China fat. $6.23; good feeders. $3.
Prices Current at Kansas City. Omaha and
KANSAS CITY. Aug. 17. Cattle Receipts.
5000; steady to 10c higher; native steers, $X.75
5.50; native cows and heifers. $1.754pA;
stock era and feeders, $2.5O4.10; bulls. $26
3.25; calves. $2.505.25; Western steers. $S.25
4.90; Western cows. $23.25.
Sheep Receipts. 2000; 10c higher; muttons.
$4.255.75; lambs. $S.50$7.25; range wethers.
$4.5045.75; fed ewes. $3.904.65.
SOUTH OMAHA. Aug. 17.-Cattle Re
ceipts. 1400; market, steady. 10c higher; na
tive steers. $3.755.50; cows and heifers. $2.3
4.25; Western steers. $3414.40; Texas steer.
$2.7&3.75; cows and heifers. $2$S.40; can
ners. S1.5O02.-JO; stackers and feeders. $2.23ff
4.10; calves, $2.755.25; bulls, stags, etc.
Hogs Receipts. 6400; market. &19c higher;
heavy, $5.805.95; mixed, $5.S5g5.90; light.
$.906; pigs. $5$5.75; bulk of sales. $5.33
Sheep Receipts. 35C0; market. strong;
Westerns. $55.50; wethers. $1.555.15; ewes,
$1.255.90: lambs. $6.507.
CHICAGO. Aug. 17. Cattle Receipts
6000; market steady to 10c higher. Good to
prime steers. $5,400-6.10; poor to medium.
$4 3.25; stackers and feeders. $2,256 4:
cows. $2.254.25; heifers. $25; eanners.
S1.253.50; bulls. $2.10&4; calves. $3
6.60; Texas fed steers. $3.504.50; Western
steers. $3.30 4.75.
Hogs Receipts today. 21.000; tomorrow,
17.000; market strong to 3c higher. Mixed
and butchers. $5.736.20; good to choice
heavy. $66.15; rough heavy. $5.653.S0;
light. $3.756.23; bulk of sales. $3.90 0.13.
Sheep Receipts 10.000; sheep. 10915a
higher; Iambs. 10 15c higher. Good to
choice wethers, $4.90$5.50; fair to choice
mixed. $4.504.80; Western sheep. $4,600
5.40; native lambs, $5.25 7.73; Western
lambs, $(J7.50.
Mining Stocks.
SAN FRANCISCO. Aug. 17. The official
closing quotations for mining stocks today
were as follows:
Alta $ .02JustIce $ .04
Alpha Con
Best & Belcher.
Caledonia ,
Challenge Con. .
Cob. Cal. & Va. . ,
Crown Point
.05tKentuck Con.
.15jLady Wash. Con.
1.20Oecidental Con...
.33 Ophlr
.19 Petosl
1.13 Seg. Belcher
.08Slerra Nevada
.4S,Sllver Hill
Gould & Curry.
.12. Union Con
Hale & Norcross 1.50 irtah Con.
Julia 03 Yellow Jacket.
NEW YORK. Aug. 17. Closing quotations:
Adams Con $ .27 Little Chief $ .05
.5ttOntar!o 2.WO
Brunswick Con..
Comsloek Tun...
Con. CaL & Va. .
Horn Sliver
Iron Sliver
Leadvtlle Con. . .
.41OphIr 6.00
.ltiil'noenlx 02
.07 Potosl 01
l.i5fi?avage 37
1.73Sl9rra Nevada... .30
3.40iSmall Hopes 2S
.utf.Standard 1.33
BOSTON. Aug. 17. Closing quotations:
Adventure ... .$ 3.23iMohawk $ 54.30
Allouez 34.23.Mont. C. & C - 3.13
Amalgamated. 86.00;OId Dominion
Am. Zinc 10.00Osceola
Atlantic 18.00iParrot
iJiRgnam ..... SO.oOlQulncy
Cal. & Hecla. . 670.00Shannon
24.73iTamarack . . . .
"Copper Range.
Daly V est
15.00Unlted Copper.
Dominion Coal 7S.00,U. S. Mining
12.50jU. S. Oil...
. 10.63
. 43.30
. 12.25
. 119.00
Isle Royale..
Mass. Mining
7.00Utoh ...
S.50i Winona
Michigan 14.00(Wolverlne ..
Metal Markets.
NEW YORK. Aug. 17. The London tin mar
ket lost ground slightly, closing at 140 10s
for spot and 143 17s 6d for futures. Locally,
there was little change, with the market at
Copper was higher In London, with spot
closing at 169 10s and futures at 69 6s 3d.
Locally, there was no change, lake and elec
trolytic being quoted at 15.62"415.874c. and
easting at 15.238 15.50c
Lead was steady at 4.6064.70c In the loaal
market and was also unchanged at 13 ISs 9d
In London.
Spelter was higher at 24 15s In London,
but remained quiet locally at 5.7O.80c
Iron was unchanged abroad. Glasgow clos
ing at 60s 6d and MIddlesboro at 47s 4 rid
Locally, quotations were unchanged.
Coffee and Sugar.
NEW YORK. Aug. 17. The market for cof
fee futures closed strong at an advance of
15 to 2S points. Sales were reported of 204.
750 bags. Including September at 7.15S7.23c;
December, 7.457.55c; January, 7.60c; 3Iarch.
7.707.80c; May. 7.857.95c; July. Sc. Spot
Rio. firm; No. 7 Invoice. 8Tc; mild, steady;
Cordova. 10S13e.
Sugar Raw. steady; fair refining. 34c; cen
trifugal. 96 test. 3 Vic; molasses sugar. 3Uc.
Refined, steady; crushed. 6c; powdered. 5.40c.
Wool at St. Louis.
ST. iOUIS. Aug. 17. Wool Steady. Me
dium grades, combing and clothing. 23331c;
light fine. 2127c; heavy fine. 18 22c; tub
washed. 32f?42c.
Very Low Ninety-Day Tickets East Offered
by O. R. Jt N.
August 24. 25. September 15. 17. the O.
R. 8s X. sells 90-day special excursion
tickets to Eastern points; stopovers grant
ed going and returning. Particulars of
C "W. Stinger, city ticket agent O. R. &
N. Co.. Third and "Washington streets,