Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, August 10, 1905, Page 16, Image 16

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"Irregular Financiering" He
Gives as Cause for Re- -moving
Drs. PoW, 1 Glesy and Wilson Arc
Appointed Retiring Officers
Say Politics Influenced
the Mayor.
, The old Health Board Dr. Mae
CarduMjll. Dr. TVlllItm Jones and Dr.
James BelL
The new Dr. Esther C. Pohl, Dr.
A J. Glesy and Dr. George F. Wilson.
About the first official act committed
by Mayor Harry Lane when he reached
his office yesterday morning, was to
file with the City Auditor a lengthy
quantity of reasons why the old Board
of Health did not look good to him. In
the next breath he appointed three
reputable local physicians to take their
places. The Mayor denies that he Is
playing politics when he took a summary
method of getting rid of the old Board,
while those whose scalps are dangling at
his belt are Just as certain that no oth
er motives could have Inspired his ac
tion. In a statement given out last night
they say that the Mayor summoned them
to his office In the City Hall ostensibly
for the purpose of considering the ap
pointment of a successor to Miss Lillian
Tingle as market inspector, but In real
ity to demand their resignations. Scon
after the Health Board had assembled,
all three members were colled into execu
tive session in his private office, and
their accounts all agree that upon enter
ing he told them In a Jocular way that
he wanted their scalps. Dr. Bell there
upon picked up a waste basket and said,
"I guess this will hold our heads," jr
words to that effect, when the Mayor
responded, "I mean it I want you all to
Dr. Mae Card well, seemingly endowed
with a woman's natural intuition, was
the first to realize that he was In earnest,
and promptly asked him for his reasons.
The Mayor t is alleged to have responded
that the Board having come to him from
the old administration, and inasmuch as
he was anxious to surround himself with
those In harmony with his policy, it was
Incumbent upon him to request their res
ignations, whereupon Dr. Cardwell is said
to have promptly informed His Honor
that she would not resign, and the male
members, being desirous of displaying
their gallantry, as promptly announced
that they would remain loyal to the stand
taken by the lady member.
The Mayor thereupon told them that he
would have to poll them, and proceeled
to ask each one separately, commencing
with Dr. Cardwell, if he or she would
step down and out, and upon, receiving
negative answers from ail hands, said to
them, "Well, you may consider your
selves dismissed."
All were completely taken by surprise,
bo they say, and without any precon
certed action, they Informed the Mayor
that their tenure of office under the char
ter contemplated various terms of years,
and that they were entitled to know the
written reasons for his course In ousting
them. He promised to enlighten them
without delay, and yesterday morning
he put the trinity of officials out of
their political misery in this style:
Mayor's Reasons.
PORTLAND. Or., Aug. 7, 1903.
Drs. Ma Cardwell, William Jones, James
Bell, clty-Dear Doctors: In compliance with
the provisions of the city charter I hereby
notify you that your services ,as members of
the City Board of Health will 'not be required
after thU date.
In furtner pursuance of the provisions of the
charter, which requires that you be notified
in writing in regard to the cause of your re
moval, I have to say that at this time the
board of which you arc a member has a pe
tition before the City Council praying for the
authority to pay out the sum of $1100 due
various persons in and about this city In
amounts varying from two or three dollars up
to two hundred and odd dollars.
This unfortunate state of affairs has been
brought about by the fact that you have
failed and neglected to require that requisi
tions be obtained before the Indebtedness was
Incurred, and hence have had no mich requl
sltlona as required by law to attach to the
voucher when claims were brought up for
In making up your claims for payment from
the treasury of this city you have failed and
neglected at all times to make out the proper
vouchers showing for what purpose such
moneys were expended. This neglect applied
not only to the amount for which you are now
praying for relief at the hands of the Coun
cil, but so far ae I can learn to every bill
for which you have ever drawn a warrant
during the terms of your existence as a body.
I do not believe or wish to say that one dol
lar of the city's money has been expended
wrongfully, but I do say that under the
method of drawing moneys pursued by you
there Is no way of telling whether It has been
done rightfully or not, nor Is there any way
of ever finding out. Such careless methods
of handling the people's money can only have
one result in the long run, and that not a.
pleaant one for yourselves, no matter bow
honorable or respectable you may be per
sonally. In regard to this matter, then, as It now
etands, you occupy the anomalous position of
having a lot of claims, aggregating the sum
of $1100, say, and of having the money to pay
them with, and the authority to do so, yet
owing to your own acts of neglect In proper
ly certifying them in a businesslike manner,
you are forced to appeal to the legislative
brant of the city government for permission
to do so. Personally I have every confidence
In your honor and good Intent, but Uttla In
your business methods and attention to de
tails. Again, under your appointment as a law
fully organized body you have had one of your
most Important employes, one upon whom your
work very vitally depends, cut off from the
payroll by the City Council for the alleged
reason of nonattentlon to duties, and so far
as I can see the Council has not been unjust
In Its action.
In closing I wish to say that you were gives
at opportunity to go out of offlc on your
own volition, and I respectfully stated to you
that such a course on your part would be
appreciated by me. This you refused to do
and have forced me to remove you, as la my
right -under the organic law of this city. In
all candor I wish to ay to you further l that
there is nothing personal In my action toward
you, but Inasmuch as I am responsible to the
people of litis city for the management of
such of Its affairs as come under my supervi
sion, as this does, I must, as I have the right
and is my duty, decline to assume such re
sponsibility In regard to the management of
Nhe Health Department If Its business affairs
are to be conducted In the manner which has
been the -custom In the past.
Very respectfully,
Later in the day lie announced the ap
pointment of Drs. Esther C. Pohl. A. J.
Glesy and George F. Wilson a.s members
of the Board of Health in place of those,
Deep Indignation chorused In the breasts
of those affected by the accusations of in- '
competency, and they, lost no time in
making a flat denial of the charges that
the business affairs of the board had been
run in a slipshod manner. In an inter
view upon the subject last night, Drs.
Jones and Bell, two of the deposed mem
bers, gave their version of the matter in
the following language:
Health Board's Defense.
"A requisition is required before any
article can be purchased. This requisition
accompanies the bill when it comes be
fore the board. It was not possible to
carry out this Idea In strict accordance
with the provisions of the regulations at
the time we were reconstructing the garb
age crematory, because of the fact that
many articles were required as expedi
tiously as possible In order to keep the
men constantly employed.
"This phase of the situation was rec
ognized by Superintendent Robinson and
also by the City Auditor, and they con
ferred together on the matter and ar
ranged that a blanket requisition should
be prepared to cover such matters of
"Had Mayor .Lane's suggestion "been fol
lowed to the letter, it would have resulted
in keeping many high-priced workmen
Idle for hours at a time -waiting for arti
cles of small value that could be quickly
ordered by telephone direct. All those
bills that are hold up as Irregular have
never been presented to the Board of
Health for approval or disapproval, but
were held up by Auditor Devlin."
Dr. Boll added that the present trouble
arose in connection with the situation
of affairs incident to the rebuilding of the
garbage crematory. The operations of
the plant were suspended on this account.
he says, but the garbage kept accumu
lating to such an extent that it became
necessary to dispose of it in any way pos
sible, and it devolved upon the manage
ment to Incur extra expense for this pur
pose. In some instances it was burled,
while various other methods were resorted
tp in order to meet the demand of the sit
uation. "Watch the new board," said the doc
tor, as a sort of parting salute, "and see
how closely they observe the Mayor's
ideas about requisitions for everything.
It is simply a preposterous proposition,
under certain circumstances, and the
Mayor will have to get a new Board of
Health every 2 hours If he is honest In
his contention that politics Is not the con
trolling motive in getting rid of us."
Superintendent Robert Robinson, Jr., of
the garbage crematory, vras equally as
outspoken. While he says that his resig
nation has not yet been demanded, it is
evident that he expects to Join the ranks
of the decapitated in very short order.
Emergencies Had to Be 3Iet.
"Relative to the bills that were sent to
the City Hall," said he, "they should have
been first sent to my father. Robert Rob
inson, Sr.. who is superintendent of con
struction, so they could be checked off
and the proper requisitions granted ac
cordingly, the idea being that tho bills
should "bo corrected before asking for tho
"Our understanding was that in emer
gency cases we could purchase tho goods
and get the requisition afterward. There
were requisitions issued by tho Auditor's
office for all the crematory bills that were
sent In prior to the meeting of the Board
of Health on August 1."
Instructive Feature In Utah Building
From Ogden School.
Six children from the Utah State
School for the Deaf, Dumb and Blind,
at Ogden, who arrived in Portland
Monday, save their first exercises in
the Utah bulldingr at the Lewis and
Clark Exposition yesterday. The chil
dren are from 6 to 10 years of age.
They will be at the Utah building for
four weeks, giving dally exhibitions at
11 o'clock in the morning and at 2
o'clock in the afternoon. Professor
Frank M. Driggs. Huperlntendent of
the school, brought the class to Port
land with their teacher. Miss Frances
Eddy. The exercises are conducted
under the supervision of Professor 'L.
A. Ostrien, director of the educational
exhibit at the Utah building.
The greater part of the exercises
consist of demonstrations of the
manner in which deaf and dumb pupils
are ' taught to talk and inter
pret tho actions, of a speaker. The
pupils are beginners. They themselves
are being taught to watch the lips of
people talking, so that In time they
can be able to understand persons
whenthey are speaking. The children
can tell when a person is walking near
them in a building, although they may
be out of sight. They foel the slight
est vibration of the floor. They can
also locate a piano when the Instru
ment is sounded through vibration of
the walls of the building. A large
crowd was present at the demonstra
tions yesterday.
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