Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, August 09, 1905, Page 14, Image 14

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Those Who Failed to Pass
Before Examining Board
Are Indignant.
Dr. Panton of Medical Examiners Is
Accused of Pique; He Retorts
That-He Would Not White
wash Incompetents.
What promises to be a first-class row
bet-ween the v medical department of
Oregon State University and the State
Medical Board is now brewing:. It grows
out of the recent examinations held by
the board for licenses to practice med
icine -within the confines of Oregon.
Trie examinations resulted in the fall
Tire of a large proportion of the appli
cants to pass, many of -whom -were
graduates of the State University med
ical school, "who held diplomas from that
institution. Those -who failed feel that
they -were not treated fairly by tfie j
examiners, and the feeling has grown
RO Intense that a conference of the Je-
feated applicants has been called to I
meet in Portland the latter part of this j
week for tho purpose of Instituting an
action in the courts against the medi
cal board.
The grounds of the complaint are al- !
leged to be . unfair discrimination I
against the Oregon University gradu
ates and other Oregpn schools. !
They claim that the examinations !
were unnecessarily severe; that not
enough time -was given them in -which
to prepare answers lo questions and
that in marking the papers, the exam
iners graded them down on trivial er
rors of spelling and punctuation.
Old Practitioners Pass.
They also assert tha.t practically all
those -who passed -were old practition
ers from , other states who must
necessarily have been rusty on
the very particulars for errors
in which the young students, fresh
from school, were' o severely
marjted down. They argue that a man
who has been out of school for j-cars
could not possibly be as accurate in
matters of orthography as .members of
the class of 1905.
They assert that from 43 minutes to
an hour were given in which to pre
pare answers, each examination con
sisting of from six to ton difficult ques
tions and that owing to the limited
time allotted they were compelled to
write very hurriedly. Thus it happened,
they say, that there were many mis
takes in spelling and writing, there
being no time for care In the prepara
tion of papers. They consider the re
jection of candidates for such mistakes
is, under the circumstances, a rank in
justice. "I am going right ahead with my prac
tice," said one of those who "flunked"
yesterday. "Of course I will hav? my pre
scriptions written by another doctor, but
they can't stop me from earning my
living. I passed the most thorough Ex
aminations to get my diploma from the
university and on the strength of that
I'm going ahead.
"There are a number of physicians in
Portland practicing without licenses any
how. Several of them are white doctors,
and three or four Chinese, who are large
ly patronized by white people. Why don't
the Board get after them? We are going
to hold a meeting here in a few days
and decide on the course to pursue, but I
think it is pretty well settled that we
shall seek recourse In a suit against the
Board. The action of the Board was
prompted by pique.
Accuse Dr. Panton.
"We believe Dr. Panton to be respon
sible. A number of years ago he was
on the faculty of the University Medical
College, but retired.- Recently he tried
to get back and has been unable to do
so. Now he take's this petty means of
getting even and the other members of
the Board are standing with him. We
have every reason to believe that the
University will back us up and we are
going to push the case to the end."
In reply to the foregoing charges. Dr.
A, C. Panton, of the State Board of Med
ical Examiners said:
"The charge that I was actuated by
any other motive in making my gradlngs,
than that of duty to the public and the
medical profession, is most emphatically
not true. So far as feeling pique or spite
against any institution or its graduates
is concerned, I will say that no man
has a kindlier feeling toward our West
ern schools than L My sympathies were
all with the candidates who came be
fore us to take the examinations, and
had it been compatible with my duty
I should have been glad to see them all
pass. My duties on the Board are some
times painful ones, and I almost regret
that I ever accepted a place on it, but
when I did so it was with a fixed in
tendon to act impartially and honestly.
Will Not Be "Whltewasher."
"I will not be a whltewasher, and
when I conduct an examination I try
to be just and reasonable, but firm.
There is too much of a tendency to
let sympathy run away with one in mat
ters of that kind. I am ready to submit
the papers which I examined in the
branches which I had charge of and
on which my gradlngs were made.
"Most of them which failed to receive
passing grades were so badly written and
spelled as to be pitiful. It was apparent
that the applicants who prepared them
were wofully ignorant the ordinary
use of English, no matter how much
of a collegiate education they had re'
"I feel very .sorry for those who failed.
It is a very serious thing lor a young
man just leaving school to be refused
permission to practice his profession, but
the general good is of more importance
than the success or failure of those
'who failed.
"I do not think the examinations which
I gave were unnecessarily severe and
have submitted them to a number of
doctors who agreed with roe. Some of
the applicants themselves have told me
since the examinations that they did not
consider them too hard.
"I have heard nothing of any contem
plated legal action against the Board, and
cannot believe that those who failed will
be so foolish. It-Is significant," added
Dr. Panton, "that all those who failed
in the July examinations of which they
complain, failed also at the examinations
held by the Board in April.
Dr. Josephl's Statement.
Dr. S. E. Joseph!, dean of the medical
department of Oregon University, de-
clined-to discuss the question at length.
Ho had heard the complaints that the
recent examinations Tverc unnecessarily
severe arid that too little time was
given In which -to , prepare the papers.
He had sen only the qusetlons asked
in the examinations on nervous dis
eases conducted by Dr. Panton. and he
was inclined -to believe them too se
vere. He could not understand way so
many Oregon University graduates
failed, as the examinations they had
passed to secure their diplomas were
much more thorough than those re
quired by the board. He did not care to
discuss the matter of motives and was
not awaro that Dr. Panton had any
feeling against the school. So far as
taking legal steps was concerned he
thought it possible that the rejected ap
plicants might pursue such a course
and expressed a hope that they would
but said that the department of medi
cine had no money with which to back
them up, and would take no official ac
tion In the matter. He admitted, how
ever, that Individual members of the
faculty might lend their assistance.
The graduates of the medical depart
ment of Oregon University who failed
are: R- S. Armes, Henry B. Day, Bos
coe Field. Robert Grieve, Albert Ches
ter Hanson. Harvey O. Hickman.
George W Hill. Fred A. Llenallen, Ber
tha Taylor Patton, Fred Peacock and
Thomas W. Ross. If suit is brought
against theboard it will be at their in
stance. The State Board of Medical Examin
ers consists of: Dr. A. C. Panton, Port
land; Dr. H. E. Curry. Baker City: Dr.
W E Carll, Oregon City; ur. a. a. vu
11s", Salem, and Dr. B. E. Miller. Port
Warmest Summer Since 1S0G, and
Period of Extreme Heat Ex
ceeded in Number of Days.
rrront bad been the heat in Portland
in July and August no roports of pros
tration have reacned me v earner du
.0., or th -Police Department. This.
contrary to -conditions existing in the
East, is due to the cool nignis inai
are experienced in Oregon. July and
the warmest months that
have been recorded since 1S8S, and in
some respects the weather nas Dcen
this vcar than for the last 30.
The month of July was the warmest
since 1S96. when the mean temperature
was 70 degrees. July, tne mean ieiu
nnratjiro xcrh 6S doCTecs. The first week
In August, 1S&6, was four degrees hwcr
than the moan temperature oi Juiy,
but this year the mean temperature In
August is four degrees higher than the
preceding month.
The protracted heat speu in ut. wnicn
hntmn on the 13th. lasted until July 20,
and the thermometer registered above
W degrees for five or tnose oays. juiy
of the present year the protracted warm
spell continued from the 18th to the
istn but onlv on two of those days
was It warmer than 90 degrees.
Althmieh a longer' nerlod of heat has
been experienced this year than in 1S&5,
It is not as excosslvc as it was at tnai
time, and the nights on the whole have
been cooler.
Although the davs have been exception
ally warm, if former years are a pre
rnrtent tho snptli will not continue for
any great length of time. Although fore
casts are not made for any great lengtn
of time ahead, taking lormer years as a
criterion a few cool days are not far
In the future.
Charles Bogpus Wanted for Burglary
Finally Captured.
After a chase of three blocks, during
which time he fired two shots in the di
rection of Charles Boggus, wantvd on a
charge of committing burglary. Police
man Jodon made the capture with the
help of a school Janitor who. armed with
a baseball bat, threatened to brain Bog-
gua unless he stopped. Charles Peterson.
who was arrested on a warrant charged
with the same crime, was found on the
East Side and takon to the Station hand
Both men are charged -with robbing
Captain J. Olson's saloon on East Mor
rison Street between Bridge and Water
streets Saturday night.
When Peterson was arrested he made
a confession to the officers, saying that he
was one of the four who committed the
burglary. The other two men have not
yet been found.
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