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Given Decision In Twentieth
" Round of One-Sided
la&rhttac SulUraa'a mines are 11a la aofc
Eastern 3Ian Slakes Futile Rushes
and Fights" In Clinches, While
Brltt Avoids Him Cleverly
and Hits at Will.
cisco. July 2L Jimmy Britt is still the
light-weight champion of the world. He
was awarded the decision over "Kid"
Sullivan tonight in a 20-round contest.
In which Britt was the bright and shin
ing star. He outpointed Sullivan in nearly
every round, and, although, he did not
knock out the husky youngster from
Washington, he demonstrated beyond all
ioubt hjs superiority. As the referee said:
"It was a stake horse against a selling
Brltt gave a marvelous exhibition of
scientific boxing. His generalship was
perfect, and during the whole fight Sul-'
J Ivan never landed an effective blow. He
did very little leading, and did most of
his fighthlsr in the clinches, when he
would play his right against Britt's ribs.
Bulllvan made a number of futile rushes,
but Britt's clever footwork kept him
out of danger and' a straight left to the
nose would straighten Sullivan up and
stop his impetuosity. Britt was very
careful all through the fight, as he said:
"Why should I with my superior skill
mix it with a man like Sullivan, who
JinoWs nothing except roughing it? I
am confldent.that I am his master at that
game, but I had too much at stake to
take a chance. Sullivan isa good hard
fighter, but he does not possess the neces
tary skill to make a champion."
Round 1.
Both crouch lour. Brltt lands right and left
o face. Brltt lands again to face. Sullivan's
few leads are neatly blocked. Both men are
cautious. Sullivan forces Britt around the
ring, but dot not land. Lead by Brltt goes
high. He lands hard right to stomach as the
round closes. This round Is very tame. Sul
livan does very little leading and Brltt makes
occasional left leads, but does sot land with
any force.
Renin d 2.
Both men are cautious. Sullivan rushes,
but Brltt dances out of harm'a way. Sulli
van lands two hard rights In a clinch. SulU
van fights Brltt to & standstill In the center;
of the ring and lands hard right oer heart.
Britt places tralght left to Jaw. They clinch.
Britt lands hard right acroes the face. Sulli
van lands a vicious right on Britt's Jaw that
rendu him back. Brltt lands bard right to
otomach. Sullivan follows Brltt around the
ring, but does not land effectively. Brltt
puts hard straight left to body at the bell.
Honors even.
Hound 3.
Sullivan keeps coming up to the firing line,
always finding Brltt ready to meet him. In
coming to the California, Sullivan receives
a blow on the mouth that brings blood. Britt
'makes the better ebowlng, but no serious
damage Is done.
Round 4.
The pace becomes faster here. Britt paying
frequent visits to Sullivan's hleeduig nose and
mouth, and Sullivan directing blows against
Brttt'a bodr. Brltt does the better boxing.
Sullivan's ruahes fall to connect. Sparring
closes the round.
Round S.
Caution marks the opening work, but the
two begin soon, doing heavy exchanging. uli
ll.-.r. T. 1 M 1 .. .
4'uu Mituwj v ijcau wgK iviui a flora
right to the Jaw and forces the champion
around the ring. Britt lands hard on the
Kid's Jaw as the bell sounds.
Round 6.
There Is more rapid work In this round.
Brltt planning to do damage to the Kid's
face and putting In several stinging shots. In
the clinches Sullivan puts some hard blows
to Britt's stomach and kidneys. The honors
are even.
Round 7.
Furious fighting develops In this round and
continues after the bell has announced the
close of the 'round. The two send In stag
gering lefts to one another's Jaws and al
ternate with blows to the body. They are
separated and sent to their corners.
Round 8.
This Is decidedly Britt's round. He lands
some vicious blows in the early part and soon
has the Easterner bleeding again. Then he
puts Sullivan down with a right to the Jaw
and the Kid takes the count ot eight. Brltt
continues to attack Sullivan's upper works,
but the Kid finally rallies and fights hack.
Round 9.
Sullivan comes up fresh and begins bring
ing the fight to Brltt. He puts a hard one on
Jimmy's Jaw and aend his head back. Britt
returns the courtesy In kind. Sullivan gets
Britt on the ropes and swings his right, but
misses. An exchange of right swings ends
the round.
Kound 10.
They rush Into a clinch. Both miss. Britt
lands rtralght left on nose. Sullivan puts a
hard right to the stomach and. right to face.
Britt steps In with bard right to the Jaw.
Sullivan lands good etlff left on stomach and
repeats the blow a moment later. They rush
to a clinch. Both miss rights. Britt lands
right on face hard. He puts hard right on
Sullivan's stomach. Sullivan puts hard left
to face. Britt pokes his left to the face three I
times. They clinch. Sullivan puts hard right
to the Jaw. Sullivan puts left to Jaw. Brltt
. puts two straight lefts to Jaw. Sullivan
rushes, but gets hard left to stomach. Sulli
van fights back desperately In clinches, but
Britt does the best work In this round.
Round 11.
Britt steps In with hard left to face. Sulli
van comes back with the came hard blow.
Britt backs away, steps In quickly, and lands
a hard right to the Jaw. Britt puts a hard
right to the Jaw. Sullivan bores In. but falls
to connect. Brltt lands straight left hard to
Jaw.' Sullivan lands a hard left to the Jaw
and a right cross to the face. Sullivan rushes '
Jimmy, but Britt quickly comes In with hard '
right to the body. Sullivan rushes his man
around the ring, but fail to land. He Is
willing, but his blows do not find a landing
place. Britt puts straight left to Jaw and
uppercuts with right hard. Sullivan puts
hard right to wind. Sullivan receives a hard
left on the stomach, and as the round closes
he Is again the recipient of Jimmy's wicked
left hand. r
Roana is.
Sullivan bores In and lends left on face.
Brltt puts bard right to Jaw and repeats It
a second later. Sullivan puts hard left to
Jaw. Britt lands two hard lefts on face.
Sullivan forces Britt around, but. as usual,
falls to connect with the elusive James. Britt
puts left to Jaw. Sullivan lands two rights
to stomach as they go Into a clinch. Brltt
sends hard left to Tiead. SuUtran misses a
wicKea ieit swing and Brltt steps In with his
laroous ieit to the stomach. Britt puts right
and left to Jaw. Sullivan Is short with his
leads. Britt's footwork Is something wonder
ful. Britt pats stiff left to Jaw and right
to body. Round closes with men sparring.
Roqjb 3S
Pwriefetes work characterises this reunfi.
BrHt pea with a right to the Jaw ad Bui
lt vs refa with est "to tke tody. , a ter
ric astx-tv Mtews, la whtefe mcHl see hm.ry
The men begin work vigorously and ex
change lefts to the Jaw. Sullivan forces Britt
all ever the ring, but cannot land effectively.
, Blows are numerous en both tides, but neither
man cuffers damage.
Bound 15.
Sullivan begins with a rurh. but Britt lands
three lefts on the face and starts blood afresh.
Suim-aa'a own wild swing sends hlnv to the
floor. Brltt keeps repeatedly Jabbing the JOre
nose. In parting from clinch, both land hard
body blows. Britt's cleverness is shown in
this round.
Round 18.
The round opens with exchanges of right
and lefts. Sullivan gets in a hard right to
Britt's Jaw and later puts the left in the same
spot. Then Britt follows with a fusillade on
Sullivan's Jaw and ernds In f his left to the
stomach. Sullivan puts his left hard to
Britt's Jaw as the bell sounds.
Round 17.
Eulllvan rushes In. but is met with hard left
to stomach. Britt then puts & hard left to the
face. Sullivan sends a terrific right to
Jimmy's etomach and a second later repeats
the blow. Britt puts a hard left to the Jaw.
Britt reaches Sullivan's Jaw with another left.
Sullivan rushes, but bis blow Is wild. Sulli
van lands a hard left to the stomachSuUtvan
rushes Britt around the ring and gets a hard
right on the face for his pains. Jimmy is
very cool and collected. Britt puts hard left
to the face. Jimmy slips to the floor and
Sullivan graciously arrtsts him to rise. Brltt
rushes and lands hard with the left on the
stomach. Sullivan puts a hard right to lbs
stomach. They clinch and at the breakaway
Sullivan lands his left on the stomach, but
not much force goes with it. The round is
Round 18.
Britt moves over quickly and lands two
rights to the Jaw. Then Sullivan puts a hard
right to the kidneys. Both rush In, bnt blows
are blocked on both sides. Brltt puts a
hard right over the Jaw that hurt. Sullivan
lands a hard left to the face. He ruches
Britt, but does not land. Britt puts hard left
to the Jaw. It is a damaging punch. Britt
puts a hard left to the body twice. Sullivan
works a hard right to the kidneys. Sullivan
rushes Britt across the rinr and lands hard
on the stomach. Brltt forces the fighting in
this round In the early stage, but the Kid
evens It up at the end, and the round is an
even one.
Round 19.
Sullivan comes in with a ruth, but Jimmy
lands his left on the Jaw. Sullivan rushes
again, but does not land. Britt puts his left
hard to the rtomach. Sullivan retaliates. Sul
livan forces Brltt around the ring, but Jimmy
eldesteps and slams a bard right to the Jaw.
Brltt puU a bard left to the stomach. Sulli
van lands a good right to the stomach. Brltt
lands three stinging lefts to the face. Eulllvan
again forces Britt around the ring, but Britt's
elbow is In the way and he can not land.
Britt puts hard right to Jaw. Sullivan puts
three hard rights to the kidneys In this last
Round SO.
The men ehnke hands and go to It like wild
cats. Sullivan forces Britt around, but does
not land. Britt puts two hard lefts to the
face. Britt lands his left to the stomach and
crosses with the right to the Jaw. Britt lands
hard left oh the Jaw. Eulllvan bores in, but
Jimmy dances away. He comes in quick as
a flafh and receives a hard one on the Jaw.
Sullivan lands again on the Jaw. Britt rushes
and lands a hard left on the stomach. Sparr
ing follows. Brltt lands both right and left
on the Jaw. Sullivan lands right twice to the.
kidneys. Jimmy puts two hard lefts to the
Jaw and works a right hook to the stomach
viciously. They clinch and Britt reaches the
Jaw hard three times.
The aet round Is of the hurricane order,,
both men fighting furiously throughout, but
Britt's left band finds Its usual resting place
on the Eastern lad Jaw and face. Sulli
van Is bleeding freely at the close.
Al Herford, Sullivan's manager, said:
"It was a good fight, and Brltt earned
the decision. Sullivan injured his hand
In the 10th round, and that handicapped
him a great deal. Sullivan says his hand
Is broken."
The general opinion was that If Sul
livan had had four hands and not used
them any better than he did his two
tonight, he would not have whipped Britt.
sisig n
McBurney's Wonderful Play
Excites the Greatest
Turn Terein Sports at Fair.
Tho Turn Vereln sports will take place
tomorrow afternoon on the esplanade at
the Lewis and Clark Exposition. These
sports consist of all kinds of gymnastic
stunts, such as climbing ropes, tumbling
and performing on the parallel bars. The
Turn Vereln is held under the Exposition
bureau of athletics and in connection with
the North Pacific Saengerbund. Teams
from all over the Northwest have entered
tor these gymnastics, and they give prom
ise of great success.
Officials for the Turn Vereln are: Ref
eree. H. W. Kerrigan; Judges. R. Krohn,
O. M. Babbitt, A. C. Gilbert, P. J. Loner
gan; Scorer. C A. Stockton; assistant
scorer, R. Grank.
Schedule for Today Promises the
Greatest Events Ever Witnessed
in the Northwest, When
. Best 3Iea Meet, -
8 A. X. Court 1. McBurney vs.
Gorham in the Lewis and a axle
10:30 A M. Court 2. McBurney or
Gorhsm.VE. Walker In the Lewis and
2:30 P. M. Court 1. finals Lewis and
Clark championship, McBurney. Gor
ham or Walker vs. .Echwengers. '
P. M. Court 1. finals International
championship. McBurney and "Walker
vs. Schwengers and Macrae.
The last day of the tennis tourna
ment has arrived and matches to de
cide the remaining championships will
be played today. Exciting- and Im
portant as were tho matches of yes
terday, those to be played this morn
ing and afternoon on Multnomah Field
will be of equal lnterestsand Import
ance. Because the came men had. to take
part In most of the matches, only threa
were played off yesterday, but In those
three, McBurney. of Spokane, showed
that he not only had great powers of
Endurance, but that he was a rattling '
good tennis-player. In the morning: j
he and Walker defeated Armstrong: and '
Benbam, of Tacoma,- In the semi-finals j
of the International, and thus earned
the Tlgut to meet Macrae and Hunter, of
Victoria, In the finals. And when these
two tenuis came together In the after
noon "the Spokane men were again re
turned victors over the men from Brit
ish Columbia. In the finals of the in
ternational singles, McBurney also
carried off the honors by defeating j
Kehwunirer!! nf 'Victoria, tinrl thti wnn I
the championship In this event. All In
all. he had a strenuous day, but he won
every match.
In the single match between Schwen
gers and McBurney, Schwengers won
the first set, 6-1. McBurney took th
next 6-2. The third set went to deuce
four times, and was finally won by Mc
Burney, 10-8 The fpurth set he won,
-3. It was a battle royal from begin'
nlng to end. The sun beat down hot,
and both men suffered severely from
the heat. Both, however, had plenty
of endurance, and played hard, driving
tennis to the end.
As In his match with Goss, McBur
ney showed wonderful depth and ac
curacy In his game. Unquestionably,
the best part of his game Is his ability
to anticipate his opponents play and
to conceal his own. His back-hand,
cross-court volleying Is great. He Is
almost never out of position, and Is
very rarely -mistaken In his conjec
tures of bis opponent's' stroke.
Schwengers also plays a strong,
steady game: His service today equal
ed. If it did not surpass, McBurney.
He makes some wonderful returns and
at times excelled McBurneyn bril
liancy. But he was defeated largely
because be did not anticipate McBur
neys strokes, and was frequently
caught eat of position. It occurred ta
several ef those who have watched his
game that. Strang, active and accurate
as he Is, he would greatly improve his
game by coming nearer to the net
when he charges forward. His slash
ing is very effective.
In the double match for the Lewis
and Clark championship. Hunter and
Macrae put up & strong game and gave
Walker and McBurney the closest run
they have yet had. Macrae's smashing
apd Hunter's placing deserve special
mention. Walker deserves much credit
for the victory, and played fully as
good a game as did his team-mate. As
the scores. 6-3, 1-6, 7-5, 7-5, indicate,
there was very little difference be
tween the two teams.
Today, when Walker and McBurney
meet Schwengers and Macrae, by far
the beat douDie match ever seen in
Portland will be the result. With
Schwengers as a partner, instead ot
Hunter, who. though a good man. Is
not Schwengers equal, .Macrae may
reasonably look forward to giving the
unconquercd team from Spokane the
battle of their lives. Who will win Is
extremely problematical, and predic
tion as regards the result Inclines sols
ly as prejudice dictates.
Schwengers also gets another chance
at McBurney in the finals of the Lewis
and Clark championship. Although
beaten yesterday, he Is eagerly await
lng the next match, and has high hopes
of redeeming himself. McBurney is
equally determined to add another cup
to his already large list.
Yesterday's results were:
McBurney beat Armstrong by da-
fault In the International.
McBurney and Walker baat Arm
strong ana isennam in the Lewis and
Clark. 6-1, 3-. 6-4, 6-4.
McBurney beat Schwengers In the
International, 4-6. 6-2. 10-S, 6-3.
McBurney and Walker beat Macrae
and Hunter In the Lewis and Clark, 6 -"3.
1-6. 7-5, 7-5. -.
Today the social features of the
tournaments will be emphasized. The
committee has arranged to make the
day particularly enjoyable by having
refreshments served. Mrs. W. II.
Chapln will preside over the table.
ana will be assisted by Mrs. William
Jones, of Boston: Miss Amy Heltshu.
Miss Rachel Joseph!, Miss Hazel Weld
ler. Miss Mabel Goss, Miss Marlon
Jackson and Miss Hazel Crocker.
Americans Lose la Tennis Contest,
Despite Brilliant Flay.
LONDON. July 21. The tennis seen
at Wimbledon today in the opening
stages of the championship round for
the Dwlght F. Davis cup between the
American and English teams was bril
liant. Although the American repre
sentatives, Holcombe Ward and Will
lam A. Lamed, were beaten in the sin
gles, they succeeded In making Eng
lish hearts quake In the earlier rounds
of both games. t
Ward won the first two sets from
H. L. Doherty by playing the best ten
nis of the day. In the match between
Larned and S. H. Smith, the English
man waited for the Inevitable fault by
which he could put a point to his credit
and made the American play more
brilliantly, but his brilliancy lost him
the game.
The Americans are two points be
hind, but . they hope to win the doubles
Smith (England) beat Lamed
(American) 6-4, 6-4, 5-7, 6-4.
Dougherty (English) beat Ward
(United States) 7-9, 4-6, 6-1, 6-2. 6-0.
Secretary of A. A. TJ. Coming New
York Sending Team.
NEW TORK. July 2L (Special.)
James E. Sullivan, secretary of the Ana
teur Athletic Union and president of the
Metropolitan Association of the A. A. U..
today left for Portland. Or., to attend
the annual championship meet of the
Amateur Athletic Union of the United
States. He (till visit St. Louis. Kansas
City and San Francisco on bis way to
the Exposition.
The New York Athletic Club has de
cided to send a team to Portland the
members of which will be selected In a
few days. Before he left. Mr. Sullivan
said be was pleased to hear that the New
Tork Athletic Club, true to Its reputation,
would not allow a National champion
ship to pass without a Mercury foot
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Tvo Fatal Errors by Garvin
in the Eighth.
Some Good Plays Are Made, oat the
Giants Prove Uneqnal to Cope
With the Tigers In
Ball Game.
Yesterday's Result.
Tacoma. 3; Portland. 0.
Los Anseles. 11; Seattle.
Eaa Francisco. 5; Oakland. 2.
Staadtac ef the Chiba.
Woo. LosC P.C
Tacoma ............SO 39 .60S
Saa Francisco. .....37 46 .353
Los Aagtles 48 50 .490
Portland 43 43 .484
Oakland 43 33 .439
Eeattla 33 33 .413
Mara Garvin threw his own same
away in that fatal eighth Inning of yes
terday's contest between the Tigers and
the Giants, for his two wild pegs to first
were directly responsible for both runs
scored by the visitors.
The big fellow Is net yet In condition.
but pitched good enougn ball to win had'
he not butted In with the aforementioned
erratic heaves. It all happened in inning
the eighth, when Marse Garvin heaved
Cap Graham's dinky hit over Van Buren's
head and the tiger went to second. Bus
ter Brown bunted at the lengthy twirler,
who made another wide throw. Charlie
Doyle laced a single to center and the
catcher scored. Tommy Sheehan forced
Brown at third, and Nordyke fanned.
Eagan hit to Van Buren. who erred, and
Doyle scored the second and last run of
the game.
Toung Brown has developed into a very
clever twirler, and under the tuition of
Charlie Graham is likely to equal the
records of Keefe. Thomas and other stars
who have graduated from the brush
leagues with the Tacoma captain as their
Instructor. Tho youngster was touched up
rather lively at times, but his steadiness
pulled him out of several holes.
Yesterday's victory practically cinches
the pennant of the first half for the Ti
gers, and Mike Fisher was so elated last
evening that he threatened to buy a
It was ladles' day. and the fair sex
was present In force. The players were
on edge all through the game and
pleased the feminine fans, as well as
their escorts, by some excellent fielding
stunts. Runkle, Schlafly and Van Buren
figured In a fast double play that brought
forth plenty of applause, and Jakey Atz,
as usual, made several nifty stops and
throws. EH Cates performed a feat of
juggling of a, fly from Lynch's bat In the
seventh that brought forth some more
applause, for Ell held the balL
Cates relieved Garvin In the ninth, and
Corbett. who had batted for the Texan In
the eighth, went to left, where he dis
tinguished himself by pulling down a
couple of difficult files.
Ed Rabkln. the local umpire, officiated
In place of Davis, who is still on the sick
list, and performed In a highly creditable
Esslck or French will slab for the lo
cals today, while Fitzgerald Is slated to
work for the champions.
"The score follows:
ATI Tt 1T on i t?
Atx, ss. 4 0 2 1 4 0
MeCredle. rf. 4 O i a n i
Van Bursa, lb.......... 4 0 1 II 0 2
nousenoicer, ex......... 4 0 1 0 0 0
McLean, c 4 0 0 5 0 0
Cates. If aad c. 4 O o n n n
Schlallr. 2b............. 3- 0 1 2 r o
Runkle. 3b............. 3 0 112 0
aarvin, p 2 0 0 0 4 2
Corbett, If 1 .0 0 2 0 0
Total 33 0 T 27 12 S
Dorle. rf 4 1 2 0 0 0
Sheehan. 3b.......... 4. 4 0 1 2 2 0
Norarxe. lb 4 o 1 8 1 0
Earaa. ss 4 0 12 10
McLaughlin. If 3 0 0 4 0 0
Lrncb. cf 4 .0 O 1 0 0
Caser. 2b 4 0 14 2 1
Graham, c 4 1 0 7 2 1
Brown, p............... 2 0 0 1 1 0
Totals -...33 2 8 27 9 2
Tacoma 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 02
Hits 2 1 1 a o o 1 1 0 s
Portland 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Hits 1 o 1 o o z z 1 07
-Struck out Br Garvin. 4: by Brown, 6.
Two-basa bits Eaan and Caser.
Left on bases Portland 6. Tacoma 8. '
Here's a timely special Dainty, decorated Glass Lemon
ade Sets, exactly like cut. Two-quart Pitcher, six Glasses
and decorated Tray. Prettily decorated in blue and gold
the glassware the dainty, thin kind, just the thing foi
serving a refreshing drink these warm evenings. Cooly
crisp, comfortable and cheap. t
Regular Price
One to a customer
Southeast Cermer Fertk aad Washington Streets,
Pioae Pacific 115. PORTLAND, OREGOX.
"We know everything: that there is to be ltnown afiout all the horses
starting- In today's races. You can set this information at qur offices for
a dollar. If you can't come up yourself, phone us, and wb will deliver It
to you. AVe supply IcaeiTledge, sot saeaaiTerk.
Double' play Runkla to Schlallr to "Van
Buren. '
First errors Portland 1, Tacoma S.
Sacrlfico hits McLaughlin and Brown.
Stolen bases Atx. Van Buren, McCredle
and Runkle.
Innings pitched Br' Garvin 8. br Cates t.
Find It Easy to Koll TJp Eleven
LOS ANGELES. July ZL The locals to
day found C. Hall to their liking' and In
-the four Innings that they hit the ball
safely, they scored a total of 12 hits that
netted 11 runs. Score: R.H.E.
Los Angeles .2 3 3 0 S 0 0 0 11 12 0
Seattle 20000 00 0 02 5 1
Baum and Spies; C. Hall and Blanken
shlp. .
Puts Seals on Easy Street lor Rest
of Game.
SAN FRANCISCO. Julr 21. Pierce
was batted so hard In the first two in
nings of today's game, which was won
by 'San Francisco from Oakland bya
score or -s to 2, that he was substituted
in xne tnird inning- by Hogaiu In
initial lnninsr Pierce walked thre t
t6 first. The winners played an error
less game. The score: R.H.E-
San Fran.. ..2 1 0 r0 0 0 1 a 8
Oakland ....1 0001000 0 2 8
Batteries Hitt and Gochnauer;
gan. Pierce and Byrnes.
Umpire Perrine.
New Fish Iiadder for
of the inefficiency of the fish.
the power dam of the Golden
lng Company, on RoSLe "River-
city, steps are now nkder way to build,
a new one. Master Fish "Warden "Van Du
sen has made an investiralon- aui in
conference with the Golden Dcift man
agement has decided that the flanway now
in use Is altogether. Inadequate. A flsh
way of an entirely djfferent. iype will be
constructed. The ode now In place at
the- dam was built after small model
and is a success in theory only
si Si
oa e
Allen & Lewik
Mi'Mfl Ml tf M ft ft Si a aaaaa.aa aba a a a a a, a a ts a.a a.a a mAm..m mm mm Jraaaa
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