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Cuts Off Head of Jordan, the
Equitable Controller.
VestInghoiise Proposes Plan by
"Which Policy-Holders Would
Own All Stock and Rule
the Company.
NEW YORK, July 2?. Chairman Paul
Morton, of the 'Equitable Life Assurance
Society, today summarily removed as
comptroller T. D. Jordan and appointed
in his stead William A. Day. Assistant
Attorney-General of the United States.
Mr. M,orton save out a statement in which
he said:
"The reason for Mr. Jordan's removal
was his refusal to furnish me informa
tion regarding important transactions of
the society which I am investigating."
Has Taken Active. Part in Proceed
ings Against Trusts.
WASHINGTON. July 19. William A.
Day, the assistant to the Attorney
General, who was today appointed
controller of the Equitable X.lfe Assur
ance Society, probably will enter upon
nls new .duties at once, although his
resignation, when accepted by the
President, may not take effect until
September 1. Attorney-General Moody
consented to immediate withdrawal,
although -he was -anxious that Mr. Day
remain in the' Department of Justice
until Mr. Moody's -retirement from the
Mr. Day was formerly a special at
torney for the Interstate Commerce
Commission, was frequently consulted
by Attorney-General Knox during the
Government proceedings against the
Northern Securities Company, and eince
nls appointment in the Department of
Justice has been 'closely identified with
the litigation of the Federal Govern
ment against the railroads and against
the Western beef-packing interests.
Morton's Men Seek Information
"Which Jordan Refused.
NEW YORK. July 19. A. C. Judson.
assistant "bank cram'lnerr acting under
orders of P. D. JCiJburn. superintendent
of the State Banking Department, to
day appeared In tne offices of the Mer
cantile Trust Company, In the Equit
able building; and bean an examina
tion of the loans carried on the books
of that Institution. He will continue his
researches tomorrow.
Investigation Intd a mysterious loan
of $685..00O to t-hc Equitable Society,
carried on the books of the Trust Com
pany in the names of James W. Alex
ander and T. D. Jordan, trustees, it .is
said, is being conducted by the Insur
ance as well as the banking depart
ment. Mr. Morton, it was stated to
night In well-Informed, circles, re
oucsted Information from Mr. Jordan
regarding this loan, which was re
fused. Mr. Jordan declined tonight to
discuss bis dismissal.
Westlnghouse Proposes Plan to Ma
tualize Equitable Life.
NEW YORK, July 19. Expressing
the belief that the present trustee ar
rangement for control of the Equitablf
Life Assurance Society may only tem
porarily satisfy either policyholders
or the public, and that -a real solution
of the society differences has not been
reached, George , Westlnghouse has
suggested a nexv plan for stock con
trol of the society, by 5000 policyhold
ers. The Westlnghouse plan is out
lined in a letter to Paul D. Cravath. an
attorney of this city.
The letter was made public today.
The proposition outlined is that all
shareholders be invited to place their
shares with those of Mr. Ryan in the
hands of the trustees, with power to
vote for an amendment to the society's
charter providing that the stock shall
consist of 5000 shares of $20 each, In
stead of 1000 shares of 5100 each; that
no person uxeept a policyholder shall
be a director; that only one share shall
be held by any single person, who must
be a policyholder; that at each annual
election seven policyholders who have
not previously served shall be chosen,
and that trustees be directed and em
powered to offer for sale at $1000 a
share the 5000 shares contemplated by
the amended charter to the 5000 larg
est policyholders, and in the event of
any such offer not being accepted, then
to continue to offer said shares to the
next largest policyholders until the
whole 5000 shares shall have been dis
posed of.
Depew Is Hurrying Home.
NEW YORK. July 19. Senator
Chauutey M. Depew has returned from
Aix les Bains. says-a Herald dispatch
from Paris, and will sail for New York
Saturday. When asked a few days aso
whether he would Veturn to America
in view of the Equitable Society mat
ters, the Senator declared that he
would not break up his vacation.
(Continued From First Pace)
tem was found to' be out of order today
and it was necessary to resort to the use
of tons of ce. in which the bodies were
packed, and 50 bodies were hurried to the
potter's field.
Storms Throughout State.
Throughout New York State severe
thunderstorms with rain and high winds
served to moderate the heat. In Albany
a terrific storm in the afternoou caused a
fall In temperature from 92 to 70 within
five minutes. There were no prostrations.
One man was killed and two Injured in
this city by the collapse of a roof at the
Burden Iron Works during the storm.
Six deaths due to beat and 30 prostra
tions were reported In Connecticut. In
Boston one death was reported, due to
the heat.
While thousands of persons left their
hmcs in the city, going to the public
parks, seeking relief from last night's in
tense heat, by far the greatest crowds
gathered on the sands of the seashore at
Coney Island. Trains .arrived there even
after midnight, and were crowded, and
it is estimated that an army of Q.d
men, women and children, the latter being
in the majority, made beds ia the -sand.
A north wset Vee s4ew ever the sands.
bringing -much comfort to the people. A
large f orce of "extra policemen was kept
on duty and guarded the sleepers from
Animal deaths la great numbers were
Tepofted 'today. Cats, especially, have
suffered .from the -heat. 200 having -been
collected today. .
Cripples Electric Plant and Legisla
ture Has to Use Candles.
ALBANY. NY.,Julj- 19. A terrific
lightning, rain and wind storm passed
over this '.section-early this afternoon.
It was of short duration, but unusually
severe, 'ine inermomeicr ieii degrees,
from 92 to 70, in five minutes.
The street bar service, the afternoon
newspapers and many roanufacturlnsr'es-tabllshments-were
crippled for several
hours because ,of an accident to .thejfplant
of the Speirs ,FaSls Power Company. T"wll!ch
supplies electricity to the -city. Candles
were used in the Assembly chamber where
the Legislature was Jn session.
The humidity before the storm was
high, but fell with the temperature. There
were no cases of prostration from the
Suffering in -Congested Districts
Causes Gates to Be Opened.
CLEVELAND, O.. July IS. Beginning
tonight the Board of Public Safety has
ordered Edgcwater and ' Gordon Parks
thrown open to as many people as desire
to sleep there. This order will continue
during the continuance of the- heated
spell. It was brought about through; the
alarming condition existing In many of
the congested portions of the dly.
Extra park policemen, together with a
large number of th'e regular force, will
be detailed to guard the sleepers.
At 11 A. M. the thermometer In the
local Weather Bureau observatory regis
tered 78. being 7 degrees lower than at
the same hour yesterday. t
Three prostrations and one death have
been reported during the past 24- hours. -
Moderate Temperature and -Shotvers
Coming In Torrid Zone.
WASHINGTON. July 19. A heavy thun
der and rainstorm passed over the city
at 4:30 o'clock this afternoon, bringing
welcome relief from the oppressive heat
of the past week. In a few moments the
temperature dropped 22 degrees and to
night the conditions are exceedingly com
fortable. The highest temperature today
was 92. three degrees less than yesterday's
record for the year.
Showery weather is predicted by the
"Weather Bureau tonight for the Upper
Ohio Valley, the Middle Atlantic states
and New England, and local showers are
probable In the South Atlantic states. The
hot wave in New England and the Middle
Atlantic states will be-temporarily Broken
Thursday and then moderate tempera
tures are scheduled by the weather
prophets for several days.
Thunderstorms were general today In
New England, portions of the Middle At
lantic states and through tho Upper. Ohio
(Valley. High temperatures continue In
the south portion of the Middle Atlantic
states and the states in the Mississippi
Valley and locally in Eastern Now York
and Western Pennsylvania. Today's
showers were caused by the rapid de
velqpment of an area of low pressure
that stretched over the mouth of the St.
Lawrence and across New England.
There was ono death and fourteen pros
trations, the result .of the heat.
Hot All Over New England.
BOSTON, July 19. From all over New
England today came reports of record
breaking heat. Boston, at 1 o'clock had
a temperature of 90 degrees. This was
1 degree higher than yesterday at the
same time. Rhode Island cities were from
3 to 7 dgrees warmer than yesterday.
Pawtucket reported 95 degrees at 10:30
o'clock. Vermont and New Hampshire
also reported higher temperatures than
yesterday, while Portland, Me., reported
a record of SS at S o'clock, which was
the highest for that hour ever noted by
the Portland Weather Bureau.
Breeze Tempers Chicago Heat.
CHICAGO. July 19. Breezes Trora' Lake
Michigan tempered the heat here today.
Light clouds broke the sun's glare and
aided in moderating the weather.
Nevertheless deaths from excessive heat
continued to be reported today. This is
doubtless due to the fact that last night
was the hottest of the year in this city,
thousands of men. women and children
sleeping on roofs, porches and fire-escapes
and in the streets and parks.
Slight Relief: for St- Louis.
ST. LOUIS, July 19. Occasional clouds
and a breeze reduced the temperature
slightly and the .stirring atmosphere ren
dered the suffering less Intense. Four
prostrations were reported. The maxi
mum temperature was SS degrees and hu
midity GO.
Thunderstorm Cools Pittsburg.
PITTSBURG. July 19. The torrid spell
was brokeh today by a thunder storm,
which caused the mercury to fall 19 de
grees In a few minutes. At 2 o'clock the
thermometer registered 6S degrees.
Three Deaths In Cincinnati.
CINCINNATI. O.. July 19. Three more
deaths from heat were reported today. A
brisk breeze this morning tempered the
heat somewhat.
Powers' Jailer Acquitted.
CINCINNATL July 19. Jailer Ploe-
ger. his two deputies and a man ar
rested with them on charges of disor
derly conduct and assault In connec
tion with the commitment of Caleb
Powers to the Newport. Ky., Jail, were
today dismissed from custodyMhe court
holding that the attempt of Mayor
Helmbold to designate wher Powers,
a Federal prisoner, should be Incar
cerated, was illegal, and that Ploegcr
and his assistants were Justified
slstlng the Mayor and the policemen
whom he called to his assistance.
Mayor Helmbold and two policemen
are now under bonds to the Federal
grana jury lor interferons: with Fed
eral officers and a Federal .prisoner,,
and a contempt charge in the same
connection must be answered.
Changes on Union Pacific. '
iDENVER. July 19 Superintendent
Henry C. Ferris, of the Union Pacific Rail
road, has resigned, and E. Stegner. asslrt-
am supennienaent or me Wyoming dlvis.
ion. has been appointed to succeed him.
H. L. Anderson, trainmaster at Green
River Station, has been appointed assist
ant superintendent of the Wyoming di
vision. Five DrowHed In Canadian Lake.
SHERBROOKE. Ourhrr. Jnlr TAr
Father Cuslclc. active administrator of
tne diocese of Sherbrooke, and four young
men. were drowned In Lake Palmer this
afternoon. Ts Mltfceat cast.
Norway Resents Proposed De
lay' by Sweden.
Commerce Makes International Re
lations Necessary Election In
Stockholm Shows 3Icd crate
Sentiment Growing.
CHRISTIANIA. July . (SpeclaL-Nor-way
Is .not disposed to await the pleasure
of the Swedish government in the matter
of adjusting the union crisis. Informa
tion from Stockholm arriving at this city
today, to the effect that the Riksdag
commission Is likely to recommend noti
fication that Sweden dissolves the union
but declines to discuss details for six
months, arouses Norwegian resentment,
although such action has long ago been
If the Riksdag vote for postponement
until January, Norway will also almost
certainly ask the powers for Immediate
recognition of her independence, if not
fully, at least partially. In order that
Norway's Important commercial Interests
abroad be not Jeopardized The Norwegian
government will not ask recognition as a
matter of pride, but as a practical neces
sity. Unwonted reserve and much mystifica
tion on the subject of Norway Is as
sumed by the Swedish, press. It is under
stood here that the Swedish official news
agency had 'orders to request the Swedish
newspapers to suspend discussion of the
crisis at present.
The defeat at the primaries In Stock
holm. Monday, of Professor Warburg,
who represented the element which wants
to " stand out "In defense of Swedish
honor." is regarded here as a jsign that
moderate sentiment is Increasing in
Emigration to America from Norway is
said to be normal and not to have been
affected by the crisis.
Preparing Terms to Norway.
STOCKHOLM. July 19. Both houses
of the Riksdag have concluded their
secret meetings, and a Joint committee
is preparing a bill embodying the sug
gestions of the different factions for a
settlement of the differences between
Sweden and Norway.
Sensational Speculation on Berlin
Exchange Caused by Struggle.
BERLIN. July 19. Sensational spec
ulation is going on on the Berlin
Bourse in the shares of the Deutsche
Luxemburgische Mining Company,
which today recorded a Jump of 20 per
cent, making a total rise of S3 per
cent since June 30. Tho Bourse is much
puzzled over the meaning of this spec
ulation, which recalls many features of
the great struggle over the Hlbernia
coal mines last Summer between the
banks and the Prussian Treasury De
partment, to secure control of tho
mines. Various rumors are in circula
tion In explanation of the present cam
paign. The Deutsche Luxemburgische Is the
creation of the Darmstadter Bank,
which reorganized ft three years ago
from two bankrupt iron companies, the
DIfferdingen and the Dannenbaum. Ac
cording to one version, another bank is
trying to secure control, but another
and apparently the more correct ex
planation is that the Deutsche Luxem
burgische Company Is about to enter
Into a fusion with several other con
cerns. The Deutsche Luxemburgische Com
pany has a capital of 5G.600.000 and
50Q.O0O in debentures. It owns furnaces
and rolling mills patterned after the
American system. The chairman of Its
board of directors is Director Dotn
burg, of the Darmstadter Bank, who
visited the United States in 1903 to
study American methods.
Restricts Immigration of Paupers
and Criminals to Britain.
LONDON. July 19. In the House of
Commons today the aliens bill passed Its
third reading by a majority of 93.
Premier Balfour. In winding up the de
bate, contended that the prspssed restric
tions were less severe than those Imposed
by any other nation. He referred to the
American immigration laws and asked
whether anyone would assert that the
Americans were Indifferent to freedom or
looked with unmoved eye on th suffering
and oppression, yet their restrictions as
well as the restrictions imposed by the
British colonies .were more severe than
those Imposed by "this moderate and rea
sonable bill."
The aliens bill Is much on the lines of a
measure Introduced in the House of Com
mons last year, which, was opposed by the
government owing to obstructions. It
prohibits Immigrants from landing except
at ports where an Immigration officer Is
stationed, and only with his consent and
after a medical Inspection. Immigrants
may be refused permission to land, it they
are unable to show that they are Jn a
position to obtain means to keep them
selves decently. If Insane. If on account of
disease or other causes they are likely
to become a charge on the taxpayers. If
they have been sentenced abroad for an
extraditable crime not of a political na
ture, or if they have been previously ex
pelled from Great Britain. The Home Sec
retary may order the "expulsion of an
alien on a certificate from a court of law.
The bill however, provides that an alien
shall not be refused permission to land
on account of want of means, if able to
prove that be or she Is seeking admission
to Great Britain solely to avoid persecu
tion for political offenses.
Rate Law Needed In Corca.
TOKIO. July 19. The Seoul & Fjusan
Railway Company, although heavily sub
sidized to encourage Japanese enterprise
in Cores, trebled the freight rates between
Seoul and Chemulpo and endeavored to re
coup on the busiest branch road the losses
sustained on the main 'line. Threats made
by the Chamber of Commerce to complain
to Toklo .that this action Is restraining
trade has forced the company to make an
apologetic reduction fn rates to go Into
effect Monday next. -
Close of Baptist Congress.
LONDON. July 19. The closing
meeting of the International Baptist
Congress was held at Cambridge today.
Dr. Morehouse, of New York, voiced
the thanks of the foreign delegates for
the courtesies which had been extended
Panama, Gunboat at Cokm.
COLON.. July IS. Panama's little
ruaVvat. tfee Orteata, arrived acre ys-
terday from New -York June 15, by
way or .Kingston. Jamaica.
Sacs Cable Company for Aid Given
to Revolutionists.
NEW YORK. July 19. The Venezuelan
authorities have, according to a Herald
dispatch from Caracas, Instituted proceed
ings against the French Cable Company
for damages Incurred by the government
for the cable company's alleged partici
pation In the Matos revolution.
This Is different action from that de
cided against the company on March 31.
which resulted in declaring the company's
concession null and void, and assessing It
In damages for failure to fulfill the terms
of Its contract. Cablegrams form a large
part of the evidence claimed to be In pos
session of the authorities. According to
common report, they were taken .from the
cable office by an operator. They were
first offered to the French legation for
sale, but the proposition was declined, af
ter which they were sold to General Cas
tro. It was the common belief that the
French Minister. Charles R. Weiner, left
Venezuela for Paris In May for the pur
pose of settling the matter, but nothing
has come of it, and the long-deferred suit
has begun.
Takes Throne of Gotha.
GOTHA. Duchy of Saxe-Coburg and
GothaJuly 19. Duke Charles Edward
of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha assumed the
reins of government today on attain
ing his majority. His state entry Into
the capital was the occasion of mych
ceremonial. The new occupant of the
Ducal throne was received at the rail
way station with military honors, and
proceeded to tho castle of Frlcdensteln.
where he met his mother,- the Duchess
of Albany. The formal ceremony of
taking the oath of Installation oc
curred in the throne-room In the pres
ence of representatives of Emperor
William. King Edward and ether rul
ers, the Cabinet Ministers and a bril
liant assemblage of officials and depu
tations from various parts of the
- - i
Happiest Day or Princess Lire.
GOTHA. Duchy of Saxe-Coburg and
Gotha. July 19. Prince Philip of Saxe
Coburg and Gotha, In his application for
a divorce from his wife, the Princess
Louise, a daughter of the King of the
Belgians, charges her with unfaithfulness
and desertion. On the day of the Prince's
duel with Lieutenant Matassich-Kegle-vitch.
with whom the Princess eloped, she
telegraphed to the Lieutenant that it was
the happiest day of her life. Prince
Philip affirms that he paid her a wed
ding portion of S50.0CO and also paid, her
debts, amounting to S272Q0.
Spain Laid Waste by Storms.
MADRID. July 19. A hurricane has al
most entirely destroyed crops in the prov
inces of Saragossa and Ca ceres, thus
adding immensely to the general distress.
It has been decided to entirely suspend
all work as a protest against the lack of
provisions here.
AVlfl Take Spaniards Home.
MADRID. July 19. The Spanish gov
ernment. It Is announced. Is arranging
for 'the repatriation of the Spaniards who
were imprisoned In the Philippines by
the Americans during the war of 1SSS.
and who are still In the Islands.
Committee of New York Legislature
Will Settle Rights.
ALBANY. N Y:. July 19.-To devfce the.
best, means of distributing which
the nation owes the survivors of the Iro
quois Indian tribes In the state and to
study other local Indian problems. Speak
er Nixon today appointed a special com
mittee. The committee will visit the va
rious reservations during the Summer.
and Fall and, report to the next Legis
The large sum due the New York In
dians was derived from the sale of land
In Kansas, which was given them In ex
change for the old St. Regis reservation
in this state. After the exchange was
made, the Indians refused to go to Kan
sas and the land there was sold for their
benefit. It Is probable that, after ascer
taining the views of the chief men among
the Iroquois and their attorneys, the com
mittee will go to "Washington and con
sult with the commission on Indian af
fairs. Another subject to be investigated Is
the question of Indian citizenship. Many
of the Iroquois are prosperous and well
educated, and there Is a growing senti
ment in , favor of making them citizens
and no longer dependent on the Govern
ment, i
Found Even, on Isle of Pines.
HAVANA. July 19. Alfred Buck, said to
be the former cashier of the Mapleton.
Minn, State Bank, was recently arresetd.
at the Isle of Pines under the name of
W. J. McGregor, on the charge of de
falcation, and will be brought to Havana
for extradition to the United States.
ST. PAUL. Minn.. July 19. Alfred Buck
was cashier of the Mapleton State Bank
and 'disappeared about six months ago,
leaving the bank's affairs much Involved.
He Is alleged to have defaulted for about
J50,O. He is a son of a former Justice
of the. Minnesota Supreme Court, Daniel
(According to Dun's Mercantile refer
ence book. B. A. McGregor is the cashier
of the State Bank of Mapleton, Minn.)
Lewis' Bank Still a Fraud.
ST. LOUIS, July lS.-Judge Smith Mc
Pherson. In- the United States Circuit
Court, handed down a decision today up
holding the fraud order Issued by Postmaster-General
Cortelyou, against ths
People's United States Bank and E. G.
Lewis, the president, and denying the
flrmllfvit ffm for an lnlitntlnn tn t-Mtmln
the Postmaster of St, Louis from carry- f
ing out the instructions of the Post- 3
master-GeneraL Postmaster wyman will
now resume stamping "fraudulent" on
mall addressed to the bank and to Lewis,
and will return It to the senders,
Assayers Receive Stolen Ore.
CRIPPLE CREEK, Colo., July II. Six
assayers of this district have been ar
rested and placed under heavy bonds, upon
.a charge of receiving high-grade ore.
Knowing It to have been stolen. From a
net of books examined In one assaying
office it Is known that about $3000 profit
was made by the assayers in the last six
months. Other books lead the officers to
believe that upward of J1.&O.0CQ worth of
ore has been stoleiKin the district every
year and disposed of to assay officers.
Agitation on Itoyal Arcanum Hates.
NEW YORK. July 19. Announcement
has been made officially that the grand
council of New York State Royal Arca
num will meet la Buffalo, August 1. to
take action on the new schedule of rates
adopted recently by the supreme grand
council. It was Intimated In connection
with the announcement that the supreme
body of the order will reconvene Septem
ber 5. to take actios on the resolutions
which -will be adopted at Buffalo.
" '
Drowsed in Swimming Tank.
CHICAGO. July 19v Bernard C. Red
eal, a wealthy Jeweler this city,
was rowed. while swiamiitg I the'
pool at the jCfctoage AtMetfc AseocJa
ttea bttlWas; ere toeay.
Town Topics Blackmail on So
ciety to Be Exposed.
Mrs. Huntington and Judge Gary
Called .On to Tell About Their
Subscriptions, to "Fads
and Fancies."
NEW YORK. July lO.The books of
the Town Topics, Insofar as they deal
with the book on American society en
titled "Fads and Fancies," which was
sold by subscription and on which the
publishers realized approximately
$200,000. will be examined by repre
sentatives of the District Attorney's
office, no matter what opposition is
made to such a step. This announce
ment wa3 made today by Assistant
District Attorney Gans after he had a
conference with Assistant District At
torney Krotel; who Is In charge of the
investigation of the affairs of the con
cern. Mr. Krotel first came Into the case
when he was assigned to prosecute
Charles IL Ahle, who was arrested on
complaint of Edwin M. Post who
charged that Ahle attempted to black
mail him. Post declared that Ahle at
tempted to compel him to subscribe
J3000 for a book on New York society.
He alleged that Able told him that a
scandalous story involving his name
was in possession of a New York
weekly paper, but that It would not
be published If Post would subscribe
for the book. The money was paid to
Ahle In the presence of detectives and
his arrest followeJ. His case is now
awaiting the action of the grand Jury,
and Mr. Krotel has announced that sev
eral persons prominent in society havo
announced their willingness to Join
with Mr. Post in the prosecution. Their
willingness to appear Is conditional,
however, on the District Attorney's
promising that no questions shall be
asked them concerning stories which,
they allege, Ahle mentioned when he
solicited their subscriptions.
When Mr. Krotel examined the books
of the Town Topics Company yester
day, he was refused permission to In
spect some of the entries having to do
with the book "Fads and Fancies." He
learned, however, he said. that, while
the regular subscription price for the
book was J 1500. several persons paid
larger sums. Among those was Mrs.
Colhs P. Huntington, widow of tho
multi-millionaire railroad promoter,
who was credited with paying $10,330
for her subscription for a copy of the
book. Mr. Krotel said today tha( If It
Is possible to reach Mrs. Huntington,
she will be asked to testify as to tho
condition under which she paid more
money than the regular subscription
That the District Attorney Is deter
mined to question other prominent persons
in addition to Mrs. Huntington with re
gard to the subscriptions for "Fads and
Fancies" was shown today when sub
penas were issued for ex-Judge
Elbert H. Gary", chairman of the execu
tive committee of the United States Steel
Corporation, and Giovanni Moroslnl, a
wealthy banker.
Justice Deuel, of the Court of Special
Sessions, a director of the Town Topics
Company, sent a letter to the District
Attorney's office today in which he said
he had no objection to Mr. Krotel's
making a thorough examination of the
company's books. He suggested that an
interview with Edward Lauterbach. coun
sel for Town Topics, might bring about
the desired result. The partial exam
ination of the books which was made
yesterday was by consent of Mr. Lauter
bach. A subpena was served on Mr. Moro
slnl. whose legal representative said that,
while Mr. Moroslnl wa? not at all well
because of the heat, ho expected to leave
his house in a few days and would do
all he could to assist the District Attor
ney's office.
Announcement was made tonight that
among the subscriptions to "Fads and
Fancies" were those of John Jacob As
tor. Clarence H. Mackay and Senator
Chauncey M. Depew. for $3500 each and
Perry Belmont for $1500.
Mr. Lauterbach had not replied to the
District Attorney's request for a thor
ough examination of the company's books
tonight. A reply was expected tomor
row. In case of a refusal. It Is said, the
District Attorney's office will refer the
whole matter to the grand Jury- -
Murderer Is Found Hanged.
LANCASTER. Mo., July 19. The
dead body of Alonzo Jackson, one of
the best-known of Schuyler County
farmers, who yesterday .killed his 17-year-old
wife in a fit of Jealousy, was
found banging to a tree early today
with a bullet hole In his brain. It Is
conjectural whether he was lynched
to avenge the death of his wife or was
overcome by remorse and committed
Burled Head Downward In Sand.
CHICAGO. July 19. The body of a man
burled head downward In the sand was
found this evening In Lake Michigan
about 30 feet off the end of Indiana street.
The body was so tightly fixed in the sand
that It could not be removed. After sev
eral hours work the bodv was rlearf
as far a the waist and the police then
W -J .V- . . . All . '
omuiuuiKu uic Ruin. u.iiii tomorrow,
Formerly loctd
at 233 Alder St.
corner Third.
To the larre brick
balldlsr at S. E.
corner of Tint aad
Storrlioa SU.
I62K First St.
Ur. C. Gm tt'e. ta Great CfelaeM
Doctor. U welt kno'wn. aaa fanous
throBsnout the U. S. beeasje his ttob
derful and marvcloas care; hire bees
heralded broadcast ttirourteeat the
lencth and breadth of thU coentrr.
Ha treat any and all dleasa wtta
powerful Chinese roots, feerbc bads,
barks and vegetables that are es
tlrelr unknown to medical tcteaee la
this country, and throvffc the se ot
these harmless 4medles. He raar
antees to cure aVtarrb, astama. lass
troubles. rheuraatletB. aerrottsaess.
stomach, liver, kldaer. female troub
le and all private dUeates
ThU famous doctor cares wttheat
the aid or the kalfe. wltheat uslar
poisons or drags. Ki4redi aC tea-
Umonlala on ale at Ma of&eex. Call
asd e him. Charzes moderate.
Patleats t vC the cstr writ for
blank and eersvUr. ladeee 4e lUms.
Alters she C e We Chfeeae Xedl-
aM Ce IK &U Cer. Xarrfees.
Pttxe atevUoa thie peeir.
v e)
The disease that has done more ' v5) "PUTgllV
than any other to wreck, rain and lnCrM.!
humiliate life, is Contagious Blood Poison. Sorrow, shame and suffering go
hand in hand with this great enemy, and man has always hated and fought
it as he has no other disease. It is the most powerful of all poisons; no mat
ter how pure the blood maybe, when its virus enters, the entire circulation
becomes poisoned and its chain of horrible symptoms begin to show. Usu
ally the first sign is .a. small sore or ulcer, not at all alarming in appearance,
but the blood is being saturated with the. deadly poison, and soon the mouth
and throat begin to ulcerate, the hair and eyebrows drop out, a red eruption
breaks out on the body, copper-colored splotches and sores make their
appearance and the poison even works down into the bones and attacks
the nerves. Kot only is the disease hereditary, being transmitted from
parent to child, in the form of scrofula, weak eyes, soft bones, weak, puny
constitutions, etc., but is also so highly contagious that many a life has
been ruined by a friendly hand shake, or from using the toilet articles of
one infected with, the poison. To cure this blighting, deadly curse the
first begins to expel the poison and build up and strengthen the system.
S. S. S. is guaranteed purely vegetable. We offer a reward of $r,ooo for
proof that it contains a particle of mineral of any kind. Book on the dis
ease, with instructions for home treatment, and any advice desired, without
Nothing so far found about the body
tends in any way to identify it.
FoV "Using Malls to Defraud.
COLUMBUS. O.. July 19. William A.
Inakeep was given a preliminary hearing
tJTbe highest type of FAMILY SEWING
M A C H I N E the embodiment of SIMPLICITY
Expert vSewing-MacHime
Also sewing-machine oil of absolute. purity and the
best Needles and Parts for all machines
at Singer Stores.
Sewing machines rented or exchanged.
At the Sing'er Stores
254r Morrison Street
402 Washington St. 540 "Williams Ave.
Two Ways
The Northern Steamship Co. will operate steamship "North-West"
between Duluth and Buffalo and steamship " North-Land" bet-ween;
Chicago and Buffalo, calling at intermediate points of interest. Return
rail tickets good for this water route on slight additional payment.
American Plan includes all expenses on one ticket.
S.S. "North-Land" leaves Chicago Saturdays.
S.S. "North-West" leaves Duluth Tuesdays.
For fuU particulars apply or write to H. Dickson. CP. & T.A.. 1 Third St., Portland. ;6r.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
Capital $8,700,000. Rest $3,500,000.
Portland Branch, 244 Washington Street.
E. A. "Wyld, Manager.
Available in all parts of the. world.
""118-Branches in Canada and the United States. .
Drafts Issued on Any Branch.
Transfers of money to or from any part of
Canada by letter or telegram.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
sbbbHbS Jdssssssssfl'
.... - .
Vam ttTl mUtnr7 lastrasUv BOOK JFOR ItEK mailed re la p)ai
"wTeurt taa worst, easts at silt la tiro or tires treats eats, witaeat operaBesj."
Csr trsarsjiteeL
V y caaaet eaU at , writs far attest! Mask. Hems treatrseat swssfc
OM rs, ItoS aadTU-S.- feys aad feaHdayz. Is ta 12.
Diood must be purified, and nothing will do it so
quickly and surely as S. S. S. It goes down to the
very bottom of the trouble, drives out every particle
of the poison and makes the blood clean and strong.
It does not hide or cover no anvthinir. but from the
today and was bound over to the United
States grand Jury on a charge of fraudu
lently using the malls In the propogatlon
of an Illegal concern. During the hear
ing a telegram was received from In
dianapolis saying Inskeep's agent ther
had been arrested and had confessed.
East by Water
We treat nceesatally all private aer
tous a&d chronic diseases of men. alj
blood, atomacn. heart, liver, kidner and
throat troubles. We cure SYPHILIS
Citaout mercury) to stay cured forever,
la 39 to 68 days. We- remove STRIC
TURE, -without operation or pain, la U
We stop drains, the result et self-abuaa.
Immediately. We can restore the 'sexual
Titer ot any man under SO sy means oi
local treatment peculiar to ourselves.
We Cure Gonorrhoea
In a Week
rv Aaetsrs 8f tbls SSStltUtS SX a
' regular xradBatea. have had many years
ECrlcIi.C save ewa nna m rwum
for IS years, have- a reputation to raaia
tain ""M will undertake no cass ualcs
certals cure caa bo effected.
xnr!trtaka or chares Bo tM. Coasalta.
TmfcMti. or.