Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, July 18, 1905, Page 13, Image 13

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wiVran-Ti. writ- n.rri . new .' ' Heato. LADIES. ATTENTION! SPECIAL NOTION STORE. ESTABLISHED MONET FOR SALARIED PEOPLE. Leather aad Fladlags. '
Studi fSSS- bwl The X-Radluta Medical Iastltute aad Saul- 10 years, with living iww lor 1450; cigar ANT WAGE-EARNER. NEEDING MONET 1
winner. ncmBraaot tmaio. Aoington piq-. .j-- tvELL-FURNISHED ROOM. FOR RENT MODERN HOUSE OF EIGHT tartum U one of the mail widely ksown and candy store, with Ilvln room. ?S3: Sefore payday can ret Is from us. No com- j. A. STROWBRIDGE LEATHER CO ES-
' Private tamllr new houe. every convent- room. desirable location, at 633 Kelly tUi medical Institutes on the Pacific Coast Tor dear store lor $330; partner wanted for missies or Interest In aUraace : no morl- tabllshed 1S38. Leather and findings:
WANTED TO KENT. g? excellent nVlchbrhood. waJWnc dU- rent 127.50. D. W. Hoelblng. 250 Stark st. disease, of women, During th. past years mannfactorlnr bMlne-j. 360: flour Hl. t or tedorier required. BPJ J Stockton ssle leather and cut stock; luU
tlrZe. Phone East IBS . - more successful cure. have been effected small capital will sYlt: partner wanted tor monthly or ml-raonthly In amounts fra lln. Eastern Jumbos. 183 Front st.
OWNERS AND AGENTS WILL FIND IT TO tance. I hone East lc. DONALD G. WOODWARD, 48 STARK ST. by Its specialists than at any hospital la reliable real estate office. 3M required; upward. th avoiding parent of
1 their advantage to Hat their vacant houses 2as irH LARGE FRONT ROOM. NEWLY Rents and Insurance. rkone MalnS. the Pacific Northwest. Ladles derive lm- saloon for J1CO0. paymenu easy: sawsslll. .ffL8 . ,,L"f, -,in THE B RE YUAN LEATHER CO.. SOLE
. or Aits with our free rental department. j2gntL T closet phone, tsl bath. ADMINISTRATOR OF ESTATES. mediate reller from Liquid Sunshine treat- 13300. If wanting a business call at 213 f wi.LTw v, WHr and upper leathers of all kinds; cut stock.
Oar vacant house directory bas become a pnatefamHyT baird it derfrefl; suitable . meat. Huad.rdes of testlmonUla and refer- Stark st. & Hlndley. 303 McKay bldg. findings and shoe store supplies. 72-74 3th.
reoocnlzed Institution la Portland, hup- KoS aa KADCERLT TRANSFER CO.. PROMPT AND J ences at our'offlcea. Consultation free and , loavs vrirF tt qat abtfd PEOPLE
dred. of tenants being weekly placed in ' g . reliable piano and furniture movers. Phoss strictly confidential. Treatment wlttla the WE ARB OFFERING FOR SALE A LIMIT- ,.;7n,T?m. an.i rtMnjlDlo Musical
wddlordsouM?'.!'. FOR RENT NEWLY FURNISHED ROOM. Mala ICS5. OSloe. 110 N. 3d reachof all. Send for our symptom blank ed amount ofSck of the Orepm Traction JSTtn 31-
whatever, and landlords shouid take ad- p-i-..- house- reasonable rates to perraa- . covering our home treatment. .Private san- Company, which Is now building 25 mile of tLxI- -liT pj J
erenrlinnr ncur no m'iS$2ki Oak. Phone MODERN 5-ROOM COTTAGE. 3 TILLA- am In eonnecUoa with lasutute. X- elecrallroS V cor!t Portland and CHATTEL LOANS THE TAVERN ORCHESTRA CAN BE EN-
Uon blaTv ft m io - we East 13 IS. k. "n..B J - "?Jf 'Voif Fcrt-t Grore. As a conserraUve lareatmcnt on rsonal'prortyTromtoa-houses a pc- gaged for afternoon receptions, functions.
rur ifVjhf rM- w2 wsit houses : Brush, agent. 510 Williams are. anj Morrison its, Portland. Or. Telephone we o no-j. tltr. For full par- dalty. etc For terms apply to Emll Thlelhorn at
fn Mxrf cltsnd Jubur"; B w MODERN ROOMS. VERT CENTRALLY LO- Main 2790. Office hours. 9 A. M. to S P. M. UcnUr. call oTlTy. Keady i Co.. rooms NEW ERA LOAN i TRUST COMPANY. . The Tavern, or 23a 3th. Phone Main 1394.
Saicte wSoTh lllb.UhonTFVonT 7 . " n, noon FACIAL DEFORMITIES AND BLEMISHES Xlon block. 2nd and Stark sts. 305 Ablngton Building. WOULD LIKE FEW SCHOLARS. PIANO
Rental De1.arSfAt. 185 S Vtl: IstsU ite Hotel Portland-Nlcely furnlehcd rooms. thing complete: for the months of July. detenUon from dally duUes; wrinkles. h.ol- demonsttg UierUcle In thle and other get on his note, without mortgage- . studio 375 Main? Phone Main
Rental Department, lbs to mi ist su tranelent. Phone Clay IB31. August and September. Address J 78. Ore- lows, unshapely nose. ears. lips, corrected: clSa wtth i intt succei- will pay 30 per Confidential. Month, ij-month. Week. uw
WE havp tfvavts FOR 7-ROOM FUR- gonlan. plttlac. birthmarks, pock marks, scars cent yearty- this will stand the strictest In- fSO Repay to us $13.33 or 5CC3 or 25 Marble and Granite
iIr 6B- Ut Board. FOR RENT-ALL OR PART OF FURNISH- rel etcT lh fihtuC SSS SS S 5 Sffi 5 S Sr JtS MARBLE 0 0" MONUMENTS-
fff3j.T 1? cd.rrinrM 1 cl.o FOR ALS A 13 TEN -CHAIR, -10 M'KAY BLDO.. 102 3D.
21. 26i Morrison. Main 4.. 5. board If desired. 2 blocks from MorrlKQ ply 0 Pettygrove during day or 24 after only one In Northwest under the direction barbtrTti lt oldfrt .lta cKr: MONEY FOR SALARIED PEOPLE AT Front, opposite Falling School; take S car.
WANTPU-iTwi'nviHFn 5 OR 6-ROOM car line. Xrom Washington line; convenl- 7 1. M. ft a graduate iphyslcUn; suite 17-20. Sell- prtce X30OO; rntat retire on account of sick- rates you can afford; money loaned on furnl- Vn.hMf Y. r
IS iKPS? fVrrnei. e ent 10 rlr rron1. Pcttygrovs St.. : lng-Husch bldg, Washington st, bet. W. ccl AddfeS Mr Williams. JC3 E. Spruce ture. plano or personal property; beet terms Northwest llavrCo.
chiS R r n ' references ex- b.tWeen 20th and 21st. FOR ALL OR PART OF AUGUST. COM- Park and 10th sts. Phon. Mala 704. Mme. ctTseaiSeTwasi uiura, - la city; rcrns 218-220 Ablngton. Red 1726. T r.WTg T AJ,K .n MORR-WON:
changed. S 12, Oregonlan. pjetely furnubed house; East Side; 6 rooms. M. Vaughn. O. D. D. B. B. Mastea. M. D, ' - LE.1 BLDG.. PARK AND MORRISON
'Vnr-vr wnvtv npcmrc RQOM AND PORTLAND WOMEN'S UNION. 17TH TEAK; modern la every particular: flower, etc; CM. .. TARTT WISHING TO RETIRE FROM THE sts. Call or send stamp for Health Book.
XH-G JHA F-rJrrntnl. room, with board; u of eewlng-room; use of verr convenient to car line. T C Oregonlan. roomlng-howe hlamesslUwhaage good SPECIAL NOTICES.
,rA- Pr'v"e T'.i1!6 d 1 library: Woman's Exchange. Adore- Mr i AZA HOLMES - RIBBECKE. GRADOATK wtag housV FortUnd propW. The : Osteopathy.
Address J 12. Oregonlan. E. B. Hamlla. superintendent. 610 Flandars. FURNISHED 8-ROOM MODERN HOUSE. dermatologlit: sdentiac. featural correc- Healy Investment .210-214 i Ablngton.. ProposaU Invited. -rvQ . . ,T...
txr ,.glrc vnu' . Nob Hill; new furniture; sent S0; other tlenlst. beautlfler and restorer of youthful- 1WW Third rt. DRS. ADIX & NORTHRUP. 413-10-17 D3-
WE WANT FURNISHED HOUSES FOR THk LINDELL-NEW FAMILY HOTEL- r.ats and boum K5 to $100. EUls & Gib- ness. may be consulted dally free; every PROPOSALS FOR FXTRNISHINGS FOR Sim bldg, 3d and Washington.. Phones:
iifiii1. len ' J' -relghton & Market ;u, bet. Sd an4 4th; steam host. uc njom 21. 254 Morrlfoa su affllcUoa t the human face and scalp sai- PASTIME HALL BOOMING TOWN OF 2000. Bachelor Quarters. Offlce Isthmian Canal Office. Main 349: residence. Main 1303.
Thlrd 8t- electric light, gas. porcelain baths; all out- , ctssfuly treated; mature wrinkles, scars. wiilard fsiCbootlaK llerV and othTr CommUslon. Washington. D. C. July 13. East 1028. Examinations free.
L...TPr, , . nnn nnTTAfiE t-itr. lde rooms; exceedingly low rates. NICELY FURNISHED RESIDENCE. MOD- blemishes, etc, removed. Sanitarium and amusemenu; wnfecery. cigars, etc: godd 1908,-Sealed propcau. in triplicate. wUl be j
,OSl3:? J "i nT."to'nn T.T-t.,.. ..ttT r.' " Improvement, good location, reasonable school of dermatology la connection. Par- location? live TbuVtaesaVJ. Andersen. 191 received at the office of the General Pur- DR. L. B. SMITH. DR. CARYLL T. SMITH.
wished; state price. Y 12. Oregonlan. CHEERFUL ATTIC ROOM. WITH BOARD. rent. Phone East 11CI, 420 East Grant. lors 361 Morrison. Paone Hood 282. MorrSon. ' chasing; Officer. Isthmian Canal Commission. graduates Klrkvllle. Mo, 400 Oregonlan
t suitable for two or three people; free phone , , ; Washington. D. C, until 10:30 A. M, Au- bldg. Phone Main 1242
V,'-fiZr?D'iF0 5rB I' nStkr, FL,AT- FUR n,l ?rlVfte. hcS;. renable- Phoae FURNISHED lO-ROOM HOUSE. STRICTLY NOTICE DRAMATIC CLASSES NOW FORM- GOOD MAN AS PARTNER IN FIRST- gt 14. 18C5. at which time they will be 1
nlshcd. Box W 12. Oregonlan. Eat .22! &lt East Sth L. N. modem, wltbln walking distance of Expo- lag under the able direction of Waldemar class saloon and reuranl00 T miles from opened In public, for furnishing bedroom DRS. OTIS AND MABEL AKIN. 403-4 MAC-
1 Hfl.Bn ,vrt Trrv-TVf- Tmnf gtTtTART V rtUm- 1,101,6 Maln Koehler. specially cagaged from New York. Portland, clearing at least 40O Pr month. furniture hair mattresses, feather pillows. Ieay bidr. Tel. Clay 778. Examinations free.
BOARD AND LODGING ROOM. clirTAULL IMpUa ruaranieed positions and public ap- i? ' ' . "iiu tr.Z . n 20 wasbstand sets, student lamps, mosquito
WANTED MISCELLANEOUS. r two. th breakfast and "PW WELL LOCATED 5-ROOM COTTAGE. NICE- pearance. Vaude1Ue acting, stage dancing. f.J? ' Mcmsoa st, room -v. b&r3 eta Blanks and full information may Palats. Oils and Glass.
ir week, on Mt. Scott car line. Stewart ly fumubed. porcelain bath. M. S. Rentery. elocuUon: sketches taught; terms reasonable! loaT. be obulned from thU office or the offices of ' v"a
btatlon. inquire Block 1. Sherlock bldg. Newnutn;. School of Acting. 3313 Morrtsoa. COiiPANlES INCORPORATED: IF .leVoJkCuomllous New KASMUSSBX & CO.. JOBBERS, paints, oils.
THE PORTLAND AUCTION ROOMS BUYS .2 BLOCKS FROM FAIR. PRIVATE HOME, for RENT FURNISH ED FLAT. 5 ROOMS. laM IgJWZJi&g ti &J? Geo'S yfiS&Sg? 'street. "h doora- Cor- 2d and Taor-
all kinds of furniture, new or old. at 211 S29 Qulmby st.; take M car at depot, off bath, water. fZO. 514 East 2Ut. Woodstock- MRS. M. GILBERT. FROM LONDON-ALL l-,V Z v . ? 1 ? pmi2fcr llutl S?n f13''. SL-"nd Tacoma. Wash.; Patent Xawrers
1st st. Phone Main 6655. at 25th and Qulmby. 3d door from corner. Richmond car. kinds of feathers and boas cleaned, curled Kellogg, broxer. -4 Elllcott square, muz- .Lso from Chief Quartermaster. Department 1 atent --awyers.
1 and dyed: best of work: satisfaction guar- " of the Lakes. Chicago, and the Commercial , rnnrlr,.
305 12TH LARGE FRONT ROOM. NEWLY 4-ROOM HOUSE. UNTIL SEPTEMBER 15; an teed. 10Cs 6th. Fort&d Or FfcoSe CIat - Club, Mobile. Ala.-D. W. Rose. General It a WRIGHT. DOMESTIC AND FOREIGN
w furnished, large closet, phone, gas. bath, prl- cood location? on w line; aduUs. 470 Jef- Rcan uI3Sii TOR SALE OLD-ESTABLISHED RESTAU- Purchasing Officer. ' patents; Infringement cases. 004 Dekum.
"V BEAMS WANTED TO BE DELIV- vate family; board If desired; reasonable. fersoa . -cci.. v---. rant, bakery, confectionery. Ice cream. 1 ;
ered on or before AuguJt 15. 1903; two "I" . ... , V..V. DRESS SUITS FOR RENT. ALL SIZES XI wholesale and retail; bairaln 1f taken I mine- jJOTICE TO CONTRACTORS-NOTICE IS Plaster Ornaments and Staff Work.
beams. 4 Inches by 12 Inchcf. 35 feet long. HOTEL BROWN. 2.1 GRAND AVENUE FURNISHED HOUSES. ANY SIZE. LOCA- a month keeps your clothing cleaned and dlately. Address A 1. Oregonlan. hereby given that the undersigned will re- T.. PT .
properly bolted together to make a 10-inch ?,,ent rooms, single or es 1 suite; elevator. tion w price. J. V. Crelghtoa. & Co, 1C5H preaiwd. buttons sewed on. tips sewed up. ' . t.n.r cflre a'.a,ed U.ds . for ihe erect-on. construe- ANY KIND OF ATTRIBUTES IN PLASTER,
wide Undle. Cash on deliver-.'.' t. o. b. La bllllard-room; translenu; both car lines. ThlrJ at. Prompt calls and deUveriea. Unique Tailor- NATIONAL FINANCING CO, 208 MARQUAM tlon and completion of a two-story brick or staff statues: ornaments, etc 249 Columbia.
Grande. Or. J. L. Mare, contractor. iec Co 347 Washington, opp. lordrays. bldg.: capitalisation J50.0CO. Compaalea In- stone hotel building, to be erected In the -
' 1 GOOD BOARD AND ROOM OR ROOMS: pQR RENT 0-ROOM NEWLY FURNISHED ' ------. corporate, caplul secured, bonds, stocks. aty of PrtnevlUe. Or, up to the first day of Rubber Stamps.
WANTED USE OF HORSE AND BUGGY central location; nice neighborhood. 4S7 house. $45 per month. 104 17th st. N. The "Matrimonial Register." 10c. contains de- mine and real estate handled. August. 1905, at 1 o'clock P. M.. at her .
for few months; guarantee best care; might E. Ankeny. near Dth. scrlptions and particulars concerning several . , .... office In the City of Prlnevllle. Or, accord- P. a STAMP WORKS. 240 ALDER. TEL.
buy later If suited. 211 Commercial block. IF LOOKING FOR A FURNISHED HOUSE, hundred residents of Oregon and Wash, who PARTNER WANTED $750 REQUIRED. ln- to the plana and specifications thereof. Main 710. Rubber stamps, seals, stencils. -
. PORTLAND HEIGHTS DESIRABLE ROOMS call at 165 4th at. Hatfield dr. Smith. wish to marry. Interstate Introducing do- iaUT secured, duties easily learned: owner now on file, at the office of the Balvldere
WANTED MEN'S CAST-OFF CLOTHINO and bosrd for elderly couple or lady. 507 . dety. suits 24. Ruaeel bldg, 1C5U 4th. w,u guarantee purchaser ?123 a month. Par- Hotel. Portland. Or, ln charge of B. F. Rupture Cure.
and ehoes: highest price paid. Call at ths Myrtle st. Houses" For Ren t Fural ture For Sale. ' tlculars 245 Stark st. Allen. Mrs. C. E. McDowell. Prlnevllle. Or.
"Fair Deal" 62 N. 3d. Phone Hood 617. r. ,,nv, MANLY VIGOR RESTORED BY DR. ROB- I.t . . . ... DR. PIERCE'S MAGNETIC ELASTIC truss;
. FINE ROOMS. BY DAY OR MONTH. MOD- 14.ROOM HOUSE. PARTLY NEW FURNI- erts Nerve Globules. One month's treat- GROCERY STORE FOR SALE. SMALL Stockholders' Meeting. perfect retainer: positive eure; book free!
WANTED TO BUY SECOND-HAND OFFICE ern. with bosrd. 394 Columbia. Main 2219. ture. house fait roomers and boarder. ment. J2; 3 months. J3. Sent secretly town In Washington: good location, good Address Dr. Pierce. 208 Kearny at, S F.
railing or good partitions: must be In good - ; - - cellent locatlcn for transients; price reduced sealed by mall. Agents. Woodard, Clarke business, building, stock, fixtures. J2300 STOCKHOLDERS MEETING THE ANNUAL '
ehapc. 211 Commercial block. Portland Heights Desirable rooms and board one-half, cause, sickness. Hatfield & Smith. Co, Portland. Or. esh. B 12. Oregonlan. meeUng of the stockholders of The Title sfe9
. for elderly couple or lady. 5U7 Myrtle . jgjii Fourth st, Guarantee and Trust Comoany will be held . .
WANTED PLEASANT PLACE FOR BOY OF I WANT ADDRESS OF YOUNG MAN WHO 'WANTED PARTNER WITH S125 TO at the offices of the company. Portland. rjIEHOT n n,.nn rfroi- Hnnn h.nv.f-'
years. D. J. Stewart, 228 Larrabee Et, THE OZARK, 225 11TH BT.-ROOMS EN LOWER FLAT. MODERN. 6 ROOMS. NEAR was roughly handfed by policeman for re- take charge or half-Interest la an up-to- Ore. on Tuesday. July 25. 1W5. at 3:30 comfort" Dlebold flreDroof and
1 1 suite or single, board; hot and cold water. 1th y,mhlll ets, for rent; excellent fusing to buy ticket for street-car at Oaks. date restaurant la .good ruaalng order. P. M, T. T. BURKHART. Secretary. oreSf- the best? renaiS anS laH work
WB CALL FOR DEAD HORSES AND CAT- furniture, complete. 350; co-t over 00: Sunday afternoon. July Id. Address F 12, ISO Madison st, .. : Davis Bit 3d p J
tiyof all kinds. Phone East 2233. TUt. msp- EUU Gibson, room 2L 254 Morrt- Oregttnlan. GROCERY AT INVOICE. RECEIPTS 130 BUSINESS DIRECTORY. ' : .
5?E PAV $30.00 FOR MONARCH RANGES. E50 CORBETT ST, UPSTAIRS 6 BOOMS. 80a " SEX1NE PILLS DRIVE AWAY THE BLUES, dally; fine location, rent 140. Including .. ,,,.;. Second-Hand Machinery.
f H. E. Edwards. 185-101 1st st, bath, .ttc-iili: .kt '". " FURNITURE FOR SALE. HOUSE FOR put new life In your body. Price. 1 a box. 4 rooms overhead. J. V. Crelghton Co.. -accoruioa x-uu-g. SIMOv BRO DEALERS IN ALL.
r grocer,' "inetfH. Middle! r?iJ??1&& S''S AJV W rf MISS O. GOULD. 801 MARQUAM BLDG.: J kS o? setond-hand mchlne. plpe.
1QIt KEXT- ton, 017 Chamber of Commerce. SS&Fl&lFS&g&i Agency! Pollnt Cd S1U FOR SALE A RARE BARGAIN IN A COGN- rdlon and knife putting and pinking. ble. beUlng hardware; highest price , paid
io nir k hori hr niiinr nn or ad. T " - tor scrap iron ana metals. 244 Front.
ltoom' FOnR,S7CE .S? Siir. FOR SALE-NEW FURNITURE OF 11 "BOOK OF NATURE." "A SOCIAL LION." dresaT iTh. Dlxonlme.nDoug Asaayers ana An ysta. Main 2002.
' vv,.. . .. wnTrT 1"lu.ln ,lKht. wter J,rJd,te,Ine' In,iulre rooms, house for rent, flne location and a "A Modern Lover." "Rosa's Confession." County. Or. THR j n yisic ASSAYING OFFICE. 7 ' "
Eurpeanlan; flprSJf " .and mod- Fo PhnC 3t"3' rA Ilk1 SM&srSv "gZZSll' WANTED PARTNER 1"5 BLTS INTER AdgiSSSZ S"- B nres.
em; PratcsP reasonable; electric lights and NEW, MODERN 5-ROM FLATS. INCLUD- Fbooc min 50. each. lUts free. A. Schmale. 1 U, Wawa jj; aad metaUurglsts. 204 Whlngton st. THE LUTKE MANUFACTURING CO, COR.
bells. Blvam heat and I elevator. c ran Ing combination steel range-. lUleey and FeRNITURE 10-ROOM HOUSE. ROOMERS LOST POWERS RESTORED BY THE one who wants to go In show blx. 27th and vomtwa assvt office, -o stark t and Hoyt. Phone Main 1403.
direct to -Fair grounds ipass the r.legant Larrabee. Inquire 2&S Larrabee. boarders: permanent. good location. great Dr. Loreax Nerve Toalc Tableu; Sc Urehur sL T- Acuities- reasonaMe
cafe and bar in connection. Cor. Cth and .r-r, gTTI walking distance; no agenu; rent 30. a box. Write or call at EysaeU's Pharmacy. 1 St. Best faclUtles. prices reasonable. PORTLAND SHOWCASE & FIXTURE CO..
9:$&oX. "SiAS." Phone llaln 3142. 227 Morrison st.. between Irt and 2d. JJlr PAUL BAUMEL. A3SAYER AND ANA- 348 1st, near Market. Phone Cay 1044. '
llisSSV-Fil&SSr MeAcVL0lr PlT-tnFst.FURM- fnVtlo?.' "" fl AUoraeyg-at-Law. MME. ADWARD. SPIRITUALIST MEDIUM,
BBBfh cRBreJdFenc; l.ts free. Coin Co, lis N. 11th. St. Louis. mustelltnake o'ffer. gld.-I mak. specialty of deleatlng tax ..gj
da. 14 per iveek up. tourlsu tollciuo. H oNEONTA, 187 17TH ST, NEAR YAM- able offeV csldered: going away. Phone r : House. 228 Washington, parlor 4.
TOP -n'ry 1tl.,1n, - ST cor OF bill-New house, elegantly furnished apart- Front SCO. TURKISH BATHS. 3O0 OREGONLAN BLDG.; BARBER SHOP. TWO CHAIRS AND BATH Baalaess Colleges.
n-Ew ViiM?. lin.; PSrw and taeatJL- ln lu,le of 2- 3 Bd rooms; hot tnal C . gents all night, -dies all day. Mala 1333. for sale on very eaiy t"rw twit fb Into . cnr,. MRS. WALLACE. 23 YEARS PORTLAND'S
y.p"uzTtA rssssssssrfsLls-- n. x.-: ?is&D isssss ?siiugisirAsi!
sHr-SSIf 4s r -fsy-ra-y-y s-s-gs. y7ft' LT'VTTT " fflMESfS tSSjgWgSgttg: tUbsrtttSUSTi.
r? . ronc ciaj lii lake m. sin.le rooms in nicest brick block on rrnvteiirn MODERN IdISS MAKL graduate of Finland, massage opening In that business. B 100 Oregonlan. n' o"g. Y. M. C. A. bldg. Main 611 A M to 8 P M
or 5th-st. cars from depot. Katt Side; gas range, bath, etc Logan EHe7rms ICsM- lei?e- wcm?from baJts; ladles only. 404 Ablngtoa bldg. la ' X ' ' " 8
THE PHILADELPHIA. block. 10 Union aye. Phone Union 313. 3 1 at 1771 MTn CU-5! FACn -p scalp MASSAGE AT YOUR WANTED-TO INVEST 110O OR 150 WTTH Carpet Cleaners. PROF. BUSWELL. MEDIUM AND HEAL-
Flrst-clasVl 372 FIRST ST. THREE OR FOUR NEWLY fcUYS COOD FURNITURE OF SIX- dajexnl iSlW UJ?&tt&mog SANITARY CARPET CLEANING, suctloa ui rrVma1neW"tt
cold water ln rooms, baths free to guests; papered, furnished bay-window houwkeep- 2- BVf GO??An -h. 3ili ' gg"- s compreosed air combined; carpets cleaned on free magnetic treatments. ,
SnrJT,0,at:on' Ucig Kla3- Pbone Maln mg roomr, $18.00; also two unfurnished. W; fla:f 5i-10, rLri.? P K i"SS RAYMOND; MANICURING. FACE SALOON FOR SALE AT SACRIFICE. Do- floor without removal. Main 5534. -t -534. MRS c cORVFLn'S btt?ixf;; test mf
228- CJ6RrTHni AJSfeK. JT: "LZn? M HOUSE. " ggTg ggi- Cement Con-actors. f&FEFSZS? jg?
THE KINGSTON. OLD ESTABLISHED wished housekeeping roem-Tsul table for three any reasonable price accepted: roust leave spedalt. Sanitarium. 127 N. th. Mala 51 1 a. WT handle a 17.ROOM HOUSE- C. H. CARTER & CO, 048 E. 20TH ST. MR?; P, ,FINNICAN CAN BE CON-
and reliable-Rooms. 190 3d , adjoining people: laundr' and bath. Sherman. city account sickness. SO Park st. . Mrtenll to lve m ImSruSi Oldest cement contractors ln city; caeapest suited. 60 SelUng-Hlrsch bldg. Main 6170.
Baker Theater, centrally located, brick near Front. Watches, dlamoaos. easy payments; diamonds bull neL Nation cood 1 Phone Main O. xnd wP-to-date work. Phone East 1373. 7- ;
building; rooms suitable for two. 91 day: . EIGHT-ROOM HOUSE. FURNITURE FOR locght. W. H. Leah. 613 Dekum. Clay m business, .ocation gooa. s-none -tain , Storage and Transfer.
$4 week up; cars pbsk the door direct to THREE HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS TO sale, fine, residence location: full perma- . m cat fstatf mnuT ?nn nnrnnv Chiropodist aad Manicuring. :
Fair grounSi and depot. Phon Red S32. rent: centr lotlon and reasonable rent- nent roomer. Pbone Front 67L SHOES HALF-SOLED FOR 50c AT HOLLA- FOR .yy00 , . SAFES. PIANOS AND FURNITURE
C : . olwfwru : baugh's. 27 Taylor, bet. 3d and 4th, lC,?.m.H n T- Or,Von!An YOUNG LADY GRADUATE CHIROPODIST moved, packed Tready for shipping and
CLEANEST AND LIGHTEST ROOMS .IN JuereMU" A'(B'' iaKB )n BENT S-ROOM HOUSE: LOCATION 12 : of novelty; patented. Q 1- Oregonlan, permanently removes corns, bunions, cal- shipped: alL work guaranteed: large 3-story
the llty. newlj' furnWied, modern convenl- : very desirable; furniture for sale. Call er BALM OF FIGS FOR ALL FEMALE DIS- Tnn.v ,r... -Vi -n louses. Ingrown and club nails; pedicuring. brick fireproof warehouse for storage. Of-
ences. 50 cents to $1.50. Osborn Hotel. THREE NICELY FURNISHED HOUSEKEEP- address 34S MonUomery se. eases. 434 Alder St. Pbone Main 4532. CHAJ ihuJins indrnlkV 125 a week Mncri- manicuring; face and scalp specialist. Red flee 12S 1st. C. M. Olsen. Tel. Main 547.
Grand ave. and East Ash sts., on E. An- Jn rooms, reasonable, modern: watklng dla- " Jrjr,!ir rSji ZTxu. 1842. 10 -tenson bldg, cor. Sth and Mor-
keny car line. Phone Eat 375. tanceTno children"! ltton. 4OT 4trl .00 FOR FURNITURE OF 7 ROOMS. ence unnecessary. Call .48 Stark st. C. O. PICK. OFFICE 88 1ST. BET. STARK
bouse for rent, two blocks i from Hotel Port- LOST AND FOUND. KruT?nrr Mfyr t t arof nrvtvr ttnow and Oak. Phone 306. Pianos and furniture
212 7TH ST. COK. SALMON-NICE LARGE WELL-FURNISHED HOUSEKEEPING '-- Inquire at 192 .th U Jlbh. SSafe located lease cleMMW Wit DBVENY & ESTELLb DEVENY, THE moved and packed for shipment; comraodl-
alry rooms, beautiful trees, only 2 blocks rooms; can accommodate three persons; .v..-- - ,n pf., ,m,.gr rrr TEN DOLLARS REWARD THE ORE- loisoo monSprtii 0oa 312 Pine it. only scientific chiropodists: parlors rooms ous fireproof brick warehouse. Front and
from Portland Hotel. Postofflce and thea- t reasonable. 335 Clay st. FURNITURE OF 10-ROOM HOUSE FOR conlan will pay J10 reward for the arrsst to aw monm. pnee sjwu. -i net at. D bJfi lei ft. Phone Main 1301. Clay sts.
tero; tourist, trade solicited; prices reasoni kale. eay term-: houe making $10 to 20 4ai eoavlcUoa of any ens caught stealing cj.-f vivia tRtvn ...... nv .XTZ xhis la the long-haired geaUeman. H U .
able. Phone Main 2239. 205 WASHINGTON FURNISHED HOUSE- a week. Phone East -C3.. The Oregoalaa from the doors o 1U sub- buys twtlr lnlVrV. rn il iMntyrj. ths man you are looking-for. FRED BICKEL. STORES AT 31 N. FRONT
. keeping rooms en suite; single sleeping n .nnn., nnlKr nrrtrK; scribera. Circulation Maaaser. v crelghton Co.. 163 Third et. ; rrrT7T77Z t, household goods and furniture, pianos.
THE GARLAND, rooms vers- reasonable Red 19S2. FCRNITtRL OF S-ROOM HOUSE. .BIAX.Kb , . utwn --. wa - CHIROPODY. MANICURING, saVLP AND trunks, tool chests, sewing- machines and
C21 Washington sU between 10th and rooms xen reasonable jtea I9g Postofflce. 1400. Hatfield - Smith. BICYCLE TAKEN FROM ST. AT MACLEAY SALE-TWO SHOWCASES t-cnch treatment: experienced Udy. Room all moveable articles at reasonable T prices.
titennone. ?5-FURNISHED ROOM. USE KITCHEN; " tn bldg .. nd Wasgto st on he .nk ?S ancafdy 0, 251 Alder st. -
per &X?&nf Ztiui- ' lear Mr'phoMam SJ U SALE FURNITURE " OF 5-ROOM rrarke bl'ri Call 415 23d st. North, cor. Vaughn. j. LINDELL, EXPERT CHIROPOLIST; ALL TjVnt.
CLEAN -ELL-FURNISHED ROOMS EN Phone .t'EaaVVavi.".?.1 ,W return BeMlag Bros, 43 3d st. . ELEGANT NEW ROOMS FOR LEASE- terUUe1 TW ttara. New typewriters, all makes, rented, sold and
suke or single "ssiV fhlncwn st. next THREE FURNISHED HOUSEKEEPING t 31 h East Davis st. rnnAViini BOOK. CONTALN- Modern, ckwe In: for particulars Inquire Main 5J56. repaired. Coast Agency. 231 Stark. Tel. 1407
door to florV "opposite Pe?kins' Hotel; !?S?!Sf,ll?ft. 2,nh Kroun1 r; FURNITURE OF 5-ROOM COTTAGE; MUST -VTldSS fwSin Franclic nd Chemawa. at Calef Bros, 36S E. Morrison st. J. LINDELL. expert chiropodist; all lnstru- I , , n ,-
transient to traveling public; ratea reason- .fent reasonable. Itn East itn. im. house for rent. Call after 5 P. M, -ralaable memorandum; a suitable re- .n5014.TtooM ROOMING-HOUSf NICE tnenU lerl,,1fd- 702 Marquam. Main 5256. Wholesale urocera.
ab:c' PARLOR SUITE COMPLETE FOR HOUSE- 743 Unton avc. ?rZttsn ?elum to UaJtjr MMS,a- furniture, good business. no rent to pay thte KOR corns Bunions Tired. Achlns- Feet. ALLEN & LEWIS. WHOLESALE Grocery,
NEWLY FURNISHED ROOMS. REASON- keeping with piano, and other suites rea- FURNITURE ELEGANT FURNITURE OF S year, leaving city. G 0. Oregonlan. Benjamin, the Foot Speclahst. 7th and 1 Stark! cor. N. Front and Davis sts, Portland. Or.
atle, electric light and bath: G32 East sonable. 440 cor. College rooms or two flats, house fvr rent. Telephone jp PARTY WHO TOOK LADY'S UM- .vrtW.nnv -.Tj0nN , vfatjq- tfsqf ' : '. wvi ri
Morrln st. Phone East 3021. TWO DESIRABLE FRONT ROOMS. COM- l5W JSSSTrmL'fi . ociftO Cmmkaloa Mercaanta. ' Wood and Coal.
TWO PARLOR BEDROOMS. WELL FUR- plctrty furnished for housekeeping; gas, FOR SALE ALL OR PART OF FURNITURE IM 77 Lovejoy caa get naj r"Qrns " trade month; sickness. 312 Pine st. HERMAN METZGER. PURCHASER OF PORTLAND FUEL CO, JHONE MAIN 830.
nlshed. bath, phone, gas. on car line; rates bath, etc.; 11 o. -11 Sherman. of elKnt rooms; all or part of same for rent. hides, pelts, furs. wool, mohair, tallow, old 334 Water st.
rcasonab,e. Phone East 30S3. FIVE NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS WITH Str SP&EhiVS 'S! Smercn SS?t Itf Toi '
VERY DESIRABLE FURNISHED ROOM, guarantee for four orflve months; adults Summer Resorts. Suraoon. blue checked tsi silk waist. on; cheap rent. 02 N t.h at. land. Or. Cash advanced on consignments. BANKS.
, TWO CLEAN CONNECTING FURNISHED superior medicinal qualities of theae springs T T rtF:riv f-f at FVPrt. !9a,nS,t3 "? m,t; enn'ne ,naD- Ca and commission merchants. Sherlock bldg:. The Oldest Trust Company in Oregon.
NICELY FURNISHED ROOM. 3 BLOCKS housekeeping rooms, flwt floor; gas; no chll- make them a favorite resort for invalids, nln Vl ih msU d?Amood t-'mnr 226 Morrison st. . Portland. Or. RESOURCES OVER 11.000,000.
SSSS. S', " 388 MtUB,"& rrar?. reu T; reward Djv Tllxtr. FORSALEBRICTC HOTEL. 63 ROOMS; aIUEN LEWIS. COMMISSION AND PRO- uff "iSo-
.44 a itn fet.. near Main. FURNISHED FIRST-CLASS HOUSEKEEP- analysis of water and full particulars, ad- Msrquam. -ood furniture, splendid lease; In Portland. OUOB nerchaats. Front and Davis sts. Port- iued 3 to 4 per cent Interest on short
FOR RENT-IN PRIVATE FAMILY. ONE lnK n,d ,iIPr rooms; must be seen to be cress A. A. Hofllnger. Foley Sprtags. Or. lOST-BETWEEN THE TAVERN AND - "rtr;0a r' call special certificates. Call or send for
large elegantly furnlshM room, splendid lo- appreciated. .08 Lvcrett st. ... cottarp HERMOSa PARK. "th and Taylor, nugget bracelet. Reward por SALE BLACKSMITH SHOP AND fYlnVr.or, book of "ILLUSTRATIONS."
cation. Phone Main 3213. 3 ROOMS AND BATH. NICELY FUR- X2St. SmM VM 10 V,0e i0T ntim T7 ith 4 leiUe- 4,0 extractors. BENJPI COHEN . 109 President
THE ALDER 435 ALDER ST NICELY FUR- tithed for housekeeping, strictly private. ern improvements; ruble ln coanectlon; lor 'ce CALL JOHN A. MELTON FOR OFFICE AND H l."pittOCK ".Vice-President
nlshed rooms, quiet and convenient; rates reasonable. 220 Grsnt. fer the season: a snap. Address 1L M. -orJSDA place TO HAVE HAIR MAT- FOR SALE. SNAP-DELICATESSEN AND store f-turea or carpenter work. Shop 2tkJ 3 LEE PAGET Secretary
reasonable, bath, phone HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS WITH GAS & JJA & t?T. Funch-too. 0.?! wPhoa Sfata GUaan; Pne 1,8T' J. O. GOLTRA Assistant Secretary
WELL-FURNISHED ROOMS. TRANSIENT ?tn nd ph,onc- CaU ernoons. 387 .- Mala 474. Portlaad Curled-Hair Factory. 4751. Carge-ter. and BalMers. t4DD & TILTON. BANKERS
or permanent; walking distance 374 Park. Washington . NECANICUM inn. tobiut hUlST-CLAbS Tn-Artr OF 120 FOR RETURN OF BLACK vrrn cnuinorniT trrrv-v ivn v : ESTABLISHED IN 1830.
. Telephone West 1047. LOVELY SUITE, COMPLETELY FURNISH- T J 13 ltg SJ$tT?ZA ?'g3&3?l . Tg,
ISyNE ROOMS: BOARD IF DESIRED; MOD- t "oor. every convenience, close In. exlent .eoked Cetff Nccan- Saturday exealag. to SCO .Davis , jALOON LICENSE. SMALL STOCK. Enterprise Planing MHL Phone lliSffi1 madT at po'lntl onPOfkvorable
Vn. private hou.e 03 1C 12th. cor. Wash- 331 "th lenm Station. Emily Pamann. rrop. LOST-SATURDAY NIGHT. A SILK UM- oo? location; must sell today. 312 PlnVitl East 3864. terral Letters of credit Issued available ln
inston. I hone -tss. THRFE XICFLY nmvinHPn FURNISHED 4-ROOM COTTAGE FOR RENT; fcrella with silver and pearl handle; reward. r.nnnnv mr;vTpn sWR, VE. Europe and all points ln the United States.
NICE NEWLY-FURNISIIEI .ROOMS 23C "IS'gSS fg. and ou rtcor renC Return to room 34. Selllng-Hlrsch. USK2S VifoVWo ' Jtf hStSi
r,eJ nlfVn.Kl0C.k ' 10 minute - H'l st. oportualtTfoT baker; CaU 570 MltL 00 LOST-DRYDOCK. ST. JOHNS. SUNDAY. w T. unCKNER oSlcs. store fixtures, reneral Lo". Denver. Omaha. San Francisco and
ride. 180 E. 31th et. 41S MA1N C0R. UTIf-NICELY FURNISH- dre E 1C. OregonUn. Chinese purse; owner-- name Inside Address FOItSJE. CHEAPSALOON. A NO. 1 jtnafOS Mala 583 L, various points taO.K
px-nvTRMFn nnns npwiuF psrlor. with use or kitchen; flne location; 311 Mill st. location. Call or address 204-206 2d st- - Idaho Montana and British Columbia
VPVC1 . KOA.n. lli-A&UN A1H.L children. TEAMS FOR ELK CREEK. rial nnnii 4 Exchange on London. Paris. Berlin. Frank-
V,?r1;,hthree bl0CkS somh ' Ilotcl n cumnn- . gaadle horses Md prelngT Goods LOST LADY'S GOLD WATCH. ON THIRD SALOON. 750. RECEIPTS 123 DAILY. J. CUlrvoyaats. fort. Honlkong. Yokohama. Manila arid Hono-
iornanq, -u mn. 30(J FLAN-DEns ST. UNFURNISHED OR shipped in our care will receive special jd Aider. Sunday night. Call phone Scott v. Crelghton A Co, I5 Third sL "VAN CORTLAND CLAIRVOYA2JT. lulu.
ICICELY FURNISHED ROOMS WITH P&rtly furnished housekeeping rooms; no attention. N. D. Bain & Co, Seaside. Or. SS4- xvonnvvRn u tvttb ifi(T 303 Washington st, cor. 3th. merchants- NATIONAL BANK-
phone Main 4041. WELL - FURNISHED FRONT PARLOR Beach, on the ridge near lotel Breakers : money. Inquire 291 Grand ave. room 19. oa. who bw wa j. FRANK WATSON president
L.VRGS FRONT BEDROOM WITH ALCOVF with use of kitchen, bath, phone 322 tor the smjoo. Inquire of Beno & A WELL-FURNISHED 23-ROOM HOUSE tlon; vrUt tell the name of your sweetheart R. L. DURHAM Vice-President
Htnst. BallU. x,hone Main 44. BUSI CIIANCES. at bargain. Phone Hood 232. ,ou want to know. Hours. 9 to -rgffi
NICFLY FURNISH En ROOMS AT 433 keeping rooms, close In. iG 10th. near W0 J? 'or season; facing ocean. Mrs. THE AMES MERCANT1I2 AGENCY GI'ES cheap. Apply 3 N.. 3d st. FLORENCE K. WHITE. BUSINESS.
V" tSL1 F.D,n "?0 7MP -.1,0.5 Stark. G. Salndler, -Lon- Beach, Wash. Information on buslne. oppoctunlttes In any . LATE OF NEW YORK CITY. ' United States Depositary.
IrJS ill ' " Armorj. J line or mercantile business; parties looking MEAT MARKET FOR SALEj-V 3. Oregonlan. Trance Medium and Scientific Palmist. Drafts and letters of credit Issued, avall-
per eek. RENT 3 FURNISHED HOUSEKEEP- HONORL1N COTTAGE. SE.nEW. NORTH for locations, city or t coontrr. are Invited : Advice on huslnee. health, mining and able ln all parts of the world.
ROOM IN NEW COTTAGE FVERYTH1NG ing roTms; alsd single rooms. 103 E 6th. Beach tuatedonc block from beach, ex- to call: only leg lUmate propo-Ulsns eonsld- ,U affairs of life Test circle every Tues- Collection; a specialty.
?urn!,h;d sTrf rnth i"(i F sth ' ent table service, fine rooms. ered. pe Ames Mercantile Agency. Ablng- TniXSClAX day and Friday at S o'clock. Parlors. 288 .
et cor Aldlr AVITCH HAZEL, Front and Madison-Howe- .,ntn AVrt ton Wishlngtoa st, opp. Perkins Hotel. THE BANK OF CALIFORNIA-
st.. cor Aioer. keeping rooms, transient; bath, electric light. PRUATE BOARD AND ROOMS MRS. - . .. ' THE CRESCENT LOAN CO, 217 0REGO- (Established 1864.)
l1 313 14TH ST. NEATLY FURNISHED gcS IS'SHS m -Sn" SljJSS0 J.t.SthKa
&r?&Th0t CM VaUf- flJr ' housekeeping; phone and bath. COTTAGE AT LONG BEACH FOR RENT: .'g lii Zoi? J-lfSS
FAIR VISITORS WILL FIND NICELY FUR- 413 MAIN, CORNER 11TH NICELY FUR- cenloloru Inquire of E. P. Swetland. bDti. AddrL iTS' re OrttnU: n"t weekly or monthly payments. Pay- - Surplus and undivided profits 19.523.000
nlshed lolm? and good acwmmtlon? at niched suite, flne location; no children. 273 Morrison st. bipess. Address M 64. car, t-aiaa. ned la case of sickness. Conn- ' L-aaag. A General BankinB and Exchange Business
graeT1 1 '-Un; FUMED OKKEPING ROOMS. prRN ?HED SIX-ROOM HOUSE FOR RENT 7 &?&3k Daaclag and KnUen. -Poslt,
c-x- PTn privatf Pnn.T vn tb Ke. 164 North 10th st. Cfc Lujd (5- ta. gonlan. - a MRS. NINA LAROWES HALL. 23D AND A5,c.ounta Pned ror sum" o 10-and
hlnfIdcf1 3 HOasEKEEPING ROOMS. 2D AND . . 000 WILL BUY 48-ROOM FURNISHED w sty' Kearney. InqulryUll 1 P. M. Main 2330. jCA. MACRAE...... I.Manager
Oregonlan. Granfc The New Grant. COTTAGE AT TIOGA. LONG BEACH. REAS- lodglng-hoae. long lease at 1C0 per 'ntUl. F-tploycV Loan Co!.' room 718. the ' Deatbts. J- T- BCRTCHAELL Assistant Manager
SUITES OF TWO UNFURNISHED ROOMS V NFlJ RNISH ED HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS. o'bl rent. Phone Main 542. or Main 231X 9tJSI& In.tlga Pekum. 3d and Wash, ata. Phone 221. CHURCHMAN dentist. 324 Marquam UNITED STATES NATIONAL BANK-
-Hh F stove. $1.75 per week, 3S2 Ea: 402 3d st. Storefc tlon j. Lxndlraa. 184 Sherman, near CHATTEL LOANS MADE ON GOOD EE- wr, eth and orften. cm MalnlTeO. OF PORTLAND. OREGON.
Yamhill st. - Front. curlty at lowest rates; large amount. Northwest Corner Third and Oak Sts.
.......... ,,. v. ,-,, c , Honsra. STORE. 25x100. WITH MODERN PLATE- -. ...... THE HEALY INVESTMENT CO, rrateraal Isjaraaee, Transacts a General Banking Business.
THE HAM ANN. 135 N. 1STH ST. CLEAN . . rIsm front, on East Morrison st, li CASH GROCERY. OWNER PREFERS PART- H Ablartoo. 106 Third SC . . Drafts Issued, available In all cities of the
furnished rooms at reasonabls rates. Phone FOR RENT. block- west et Grand ave.; rent very low. ner to keeping help and will sell half-ln. , . ORDER OF-WASHINGTON, foremost frater- United States and 'Europe, Hongkong aad
Main 14O0. ;cw Colonial residence at Mt. Tabor, near Inquire of Calef Bros, 205 E. Morrison st. "terest for 30w: experience caaecesiary. but IMMEDIATE LOANS IN SUMS FROM 45 TO aal society of N. W.: protects the living. J. Manila."
. . 777, ... ,. ..- T'tt ave, one block from car line; 7 rooms. . purchaser must be hoeest; will pay you 1100 $300 on all securtUes. R. L Bckersos & Co.. L. Hitches. Sup. Sec. 612-415 Marquam blag. Collections made on favorable terms. .
WILLAMETTE. 144 CT H-HALF BLOCK all modern wvlenc. piped for gas. FOR RENT STORE FLOOR SPACE. 14x21. a month. Call 21S Stark at, room 5. Washington bldg. Phone Clay 73. President -.7. C AINSWORTH
from Hotel Portland; rooroa 12.50 to $3 per grounds 86x100 feet; rent 23 a month to re- suitable for any business. 2S5 Burnslde Kara ess and Saddles. Vice-President W B AYER
wcek- sponsible tenant, or will be sold on easy MILLINERY STORE FOR SALE EXCEL- MONEY LOANED IN SUM3 OF AND UP . Vice-President R. LEA BARNES
7r,r-ix: rtrtoMg v-nn t-.i,, T-,er-nTTB- termf. Apply 10 the Title Guarantee & 0e. lent opporttmlty ln thriving town of 3O0O: on all kinds of security. W. A. Hathaway. THK GEORGE LAWRENCE CO. WHOLE- cashier R. W. SCHMEER
MODERN ROOMS r OR FAIR VISITORS. Trust Co, 0 and Chamber of Commerce no other millinery store; good reasons for room 10. Washington bldg. Phoae Clay .415. sal saddles and harness mfrs, leather aad Assistant Cashier. t a. M WRIGHT
$3.50 per week up. 327 Mill st. 5th-st. or lo owner. 1544 Belmont ave Phone FINE FURNISHED OFFICE FOR RENT; selling: price $HM If taken at once Ad- . saddlery aardware. Sd-S 1st. Mala 23d. Aitant Cashier W A. HOLT
car Union S4. 1-fst Iocs tlon in the city. Phoae Mala 4 OHO. drcoi N 2. care Oregselaa. LOANS ON FURNITURE. PIANOS AND . fc '"- - -
Call 122 Sixth, cor. Washington. ' other securities; lowest rate. S. W. Xlag. THE BRET MAN LEATHER CO, WHOLE- .trct vatiovai "haw
NEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS: REASON- A DESIRABLE S-ROOM HOUSE. NOT MOD- FOR SALE. A BARGAIN THREE BLOCKS room 45 Washington bldg. Paose Mala 16v. -ale saddles aaad baraesa mfrs.. saddlery FtttoT o? PORTLAND OR.
able rates. 129 Grand ave, nr. E. Morrison. ern. 113. PART OF GROUND FLOOR OR DESKROOM from Fair Ground. furaUhtd fiae tea beds, 1 aardware. leather of all kinds. 72-74 5th s. YiI,:tVrt "Flnnrf2l Aat
. 4-room flat. 110. rear Post office: reasonable S3 Alder st. honse mil of steady roomers. Income sow LOWEST-RATE LOANS ON FURNITURE. - ; ,, E e?2! xutS T Stite.
ONE FURNISHED SLEEPING ROOM IN C-room flat, modem. 117.50. . 1100; rent 13: will sell cheap for cash. pUnos, other seci-lUe. 444 Sherlock hSi! JOHNSON Jfe LUTHER. CUSTOM-MADK v..t r the halted States.
private family; rent reasonable 303 Sth st. 2 or 3 nicely furnished rooms, on car line. DESK ROOM WITH USE OF PHONE. 514 Telephone Mala M4& phoce Clay 536. Also real estate lui. t-raass. wholoair aad. retail. 54 6th st. cashier V. ".".".".."."..."'.'." .'j' "w. N-EWKIRK
20 COLUMBIA ST. NEATLY FURNISHED Cfflce 808 Union ave N, bet 10 A. M. Marquam bldg. Phone Main 630.. MOORE'S RESTAURANT. OPPOSITE .SUte funds loaned. 6 per cest. W. K. Theaas. JaaJt. Hides aaA PeHa. AMMni Cjer! . ..i.....'.W LVCRD
room, private family, bath, $2 per week. and 2 P. M. ROOMS AND WME HALLS. ALISKY aln eat-ace ttloaN for o astt agt, Mtn-ah Cs, 4 Chaas. Com. SHANK A CO, PIIKCKASaRS OS" ZnZufl"
FI-RNTSHED ROOMS. 269 HTH. NR. JEFF. GOOD 6-ROOM FLAT FOR RENT. CLOSE " , MONET TO LOAN ON ALL KINDS OF SE- Wrx tallow, aid rahbers. and the Eastern States.
Phoae 3. AccommodaUons for tourists. in on 18th rt.; rent 130; carpets and gas SUITE OF 2 FRONT OFFICE ROOMS. 15 14-ROOX HOUSE: CENTRAL LOCATION; rarity. Wm. Holl. rsa. 8. Washtegtoa Mdg. asrtato aad sack, 313 rrsac st. sight exchange aad telegraphic transfers
J- range for sale. Ellis t Gibson, room trt st. Phone Mala 1453. full ef regular rsMsers : good fantttsre: $SW. " ,, , Id, oa New York, Bob. Chteags. St
1S W. PARK ST. FURNISHED ROOMS. 21. 264 Morrison st. Hatfield Mil, H 4U st, 0.000 TO LOAN AT S AND S VSR CENT. XsuhlsiTy. Louis. Sc Paul Omaha. Saa Fra seise aad
r with or without board; very reasonable : Ksa. 'G. Beck, reeaa KT. the FatHag bMg: .1,.v. . WVT-rt g. w ' the PriBCii poiBto of the Northwest.
NEWLY FURNISHED HOOMS BY WEEK lavatory, stationary tubs, elevatcr. 716 East . dotef grd b-t4as. AMress S 4. car Ore- MONEY ON MORTGAGE. CTTT OR SCWIR- 4C Isgg- sa aesrfaery; hydraalte on London. Paris, BerHs, Fraaltfert-sw-tae-
or eeth. 402 3d st. Bush. Brooklyn car. FINE DAT BUT MEREDITH'S UXBREL- goals. haat soar tscsa. W. 8. Ward. UM Aktsky. eastiSK. All klads retired. W4 N. 4t)c Mala. Hoakx; Yekata.. Csaswhafeg.
1 . . repairing an recovsrlac: two storm, 1 Chrtetlaala. 9taclciiim. Sc. Petershrg, Me-
NICE SLEWING ROOM. 43 FIRST ST, W. PARK .ST. 5 ROOMS AND BATH; Washington aad fxh aad Morrison aad Kk. SMALL RBBTAURANT FOR SALE. CHEAP; ff&M TO LOAN" ATM XJsSULAJt XATBK THJ5 H. a ALB BE CO., SWCOND-KAMD caw. 2rich. HstMlata. ' . -
ru), 15. sO. with water. Sait aet for Alexsasfs d gkrrsa. Phm ustawraat.. Mi 3r- - - The PtrUaad Lsasi Oflee. 74 3d sc J ataeMaery. ss-wmWis, e4e. 34S frraad avs. J CUeUaa ea favsraWe term.