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Oregon Guardsmen Prepare
for Encampment to Last
Ten Days.
"Wrestling With Baggage and Pulling
on Tent Ropes Gives the
Young Soldiers Very
Keen Appetites.
SEASIDE, Or.. July 13. (Speclal.)-The
Third Regiment, Oregon National Guard,
arrived at Gearhart Beach today for a
ten-days' stay in camp. Companies B, C,
, F, H and K and the hospital corps of
Portland arrived at noon and an hour
afterward the large field presented the
appearance of a canvas city.
A detail of men had been at Gearhart
for a week getting ready the staff officers
tents, and the boys from Portland soon
had their homes for the next ten days
ready for occupancy. The other ten com
panies of the regiment arrived on a spe
cial train at 6 o'clock and until a late
hour tonight the camp was a busy scene.
Companies were being assigned their
streets, orderlies rushing here and mere
and officers giving orders, but out of all
the confusion order is rapidly being re
stored. All day heavily-loaded wagons were
bringing the camp truck from "the depot
and by the time the first contingent had
their tents up the bugles called to table,
and the way the guardsmen devoured
their rations showed their appetites were
not Impaired by their journey. The ten
companies arriving tonight repaired im
mediately, to the mess tents for supper
before getting down to the hard work
of getting their tents up.
Colonel Gantenbeln Is in command and
the following staff officers are present:
Lieutenant-Colonel Poorman. Majors
Baker. McDonell, May. On the Colonel's
staff are: Captains Mears. Knapp. Winn,
Broslus, Gilbert, chaplain; First Lieuten
ants Lebo, McDonald. Johnston. Second
Lieutenants Hockyenos, Hibbard, Relt
cuspaduer. The boys all arrived In good health and
those who arrived first have had an easy
time, but tomorrow will begin camp life
In earnest. The camp grounds are in
fine shape, having only recently been
mowed. The drill ground is rough and
uneven and will give the soldiers a tasto
of real soldiering.
Sheriff Taylor Says He Is Ready to
Pay All Due the County.
PENDLETON. Or., July 13. (Spe
cial.) The county officials with the
expert accountants who have been at
work investigating the books of the
Sheriff's office will not complete their
labors for several days and refuse to
discuss the alleged shortage of $20,000
or (iiscnvc.rpii vftsterdav. District At
torney G. W. Phelps, who is conducting
an official examination or the recoras.
said tonight that it would be impossi
ble to determine the exact figures of
the shortage until the report of the
experts had been completed and sub
mitted to the County Court. He stated,
however, that the accounts were badly
jumbled, and that the deficit would
prove as large as at first reported.
Sheriff Taylor, speaking of the matter,
The experts have not a yet made an offi
cial report of their Investigations, but I be
lieve that the affair of the office will be
satisfactorily adjusted. I know that there
Ik some money to be turned over on some of
the tax rolls and I will not be able to ascer
tain the amount until a balance has been
made. If the experts find that any money Is
due the County Treasurer from me I will
make the amount good to that official as
Eoon as I am notified.
The Sheriff and his friends allege
there are no fraudulent features con
nected with the case, and that the only
possible offense was the unusual delay
In turning the funds over to the
County Treasurer at the proper time.
No explanation has been made, how
ever, regarding the alleged shortage
of $4000, dating back to the time when
Representative Blakely was Sheriff. C
P. Davis, who has charge of the tax
rolls, was the chief deputy under
Blakely and has had charge of the
finances of the office for the past seven
years. County Treasurer Somervllle
said today:
I expected the money to be turned over
June 21. as I desired to issue a call for war
rants. I visited .he Sheriff's office several
times o urge the money to be turned over.
Deputy Sheriff Davis said he had about
517.000 cash on hand, but no effort was
made to comply with my request until the
matter was presented to the attention of the
County Court. Of the amount $12,000 was
delivered to me yeoterday. 1 have reat-on to
believe that $4000 of this amount was se
cured from private sources.
Marquum Case Is Now Before the
Supreme Court.
SALEM. Or.. July 13. (Special.) In the
Supreme Court was heard today the case
of P. A. Marquam vs. the United States
Mortgage & Trust Company, the Title
Guarantee & Trust Company and J. Thor
burn Ross. The purpose of the suit is to
set aside the sale of the Marquam build
ing. In Portland, on the ground that Ross
was a trustee and the sale to him was
invalid because of his fiduciary relation.
P. A. Marquam seeks to set aside tho
sale, because if he succeeds his right to
redeem the property will be renewed.
Since the foreclosure sale, values have ad
vanced so much that he can easily raise
the money with which to pay off the debt.
The property Is worth- about $1,000,000.
The lower court found in favor of Mar
Rellly's Cash Book Shows Sale of
Rifle Before Salem Outbreak.
SALEM, ' Or.. July 13. (Special.) A
sensation was sprung today in the
Monte-Wright murder trial when F.
J. Lacey, of Portland, a witness for
the deferise. was impeached. Yester
day Lacey testified that the cash-book
kept by W. J. Riley, the gun dealer,
did not show a sale of a 30-30 rifle be
tween Mv 20 and June 10. 1902. Riley
had testified that, he sold a rifle of that
kind to Monte eariy in June.
The cflsh-book was Introduced in
nvtHenee. and taken to the jury-room
Svhen the Jury retired. This morning
It was learned that In hunting through
the cash-book one of the Jurymen
fnnnH a record of the sale of a 50-30
riflo on June 6. three days before the
prison .outbreak. It is asserted that
the entry is in Lacey's handwriting,
he bavins' been In the employ of Riley
at the time. The cash-book "was used
today to impeach Laceys testimony.
Yesterday Lacey testified that he
found this old cash-book on his coun
ter Tuesday, and did not know how it
came there. Today witnesses were
called who swore that last evening
Lacey admitted that he sent a boy to
Riley's house to get the cash-book
which contained the records of sales
in 1902.
Riley was a witness for the state,
and Lacey was called by the defense
to Impeach Riley's testimony. His own
Impeachment was, therefore, the more
The trial of Harry Wright as an ac
complice of Monte In putting the rifles
over the prison wall was concluded to
day, but the Jury had not agreed at a
late "hour tonight.
Ore In an' Old Shaft Runs $7000
to the Ton.
WEISER, Idaho, July 13. (Special.)
News reached here today of a phe
nomenally rich strike in the White
Rose claim, a property belonging to
the Iron Springs Mining Company.
While cleaning out a shaft that had
caved in a vein of peculiar looking ore
was encountered in the bottom of the
shaft. A sample was taken to the
company's assayer. who pronounced it
tellurium. A test was made of it and it
returned the extraordinary sum of
$7000 per ton in gold.
The ore is said to be covered wlih
free sold. A hoist Is being1 placed on
the shaft and the company will thor
oughly develop it. The property Is lo
cated In the northern part of this
county, about 100 miles from Welser.
Evidences have been discovered be
fore of tellurium In that section and
this find would appear to demonstrate
that it 1b there In paying quantities.
The chunks taken out were six or
eight Inches In .width.
Fugitive Bigamist From San Fran
cisco Is Allowed to Remain at
Hotel In Charge of Officer.
VICTORIA. B. C, July 13. George D.
Collins fought hard, though unavallingly.
this afternoon before Judge Larapman, to
prevent a remand being taken to allow
of officials and witnesses arriving from
San Francisco to prosecute him for per
jury in connection with the suit brought
against him in the Superior Court at San
Francisco by Charlotta Newman, who
alleges that Collins married her May 15,
1S&9. and his later marriage to Clarice
McCurdy at Chicago was -bigamous. His
application for dismissal on the ground
that the warrant was defective was not
granted, and he was remanded for six
days to allow officers arriving to conduct
extradition proceedings.
Collins was permitted by Judge Lamp
man to address the court in his own be
half, following Attorney H. D. Helmck
en. who is conducting his case. Collins
addressed Judge Lampman. advancing ob.
jections to the validity of the informa
tion upon which thf warrant for his ar
rest was issued, and outlining the Califor
nia law affecting perjury. He and his
counsel held the warrant secured for his
arrest was void, as it omitted to state the
perjury to be "wullful " They held this
omission was fatal.
They further objected that it was not
shown that the perjury was committed
before an official with Jurisdiction to try
the case, in connection with which it was
alleged to hav been committed; that It
is not shown that Collins was sworn, and
that it was not shown that the alleged
perjury was material, which Is necessary
under California laws, while unnecessary
under Canadian laws.
Frank Hlgglns. acting for the San Fran
cisco police, produced authorities to show
that the accused could be held on the
sworn statement that perjury had been
committed, without details being specified,
and quoted several extradition cases be-
lore lanaaian judges in support, me
Judge said he considered the warrant suf
ficient to hold Collins, and remanded him
for six days. An arrangement was made
so that Collins will not be held in Jail
but in the custody of a special officer.
whose expenses will be paid by him.'
Collins, in an interview, said he con
sidered the proceedings the work of the
conspiracy against him at San Francisco,
This conspiracy was the work of a pow
erful minority, including both bench and
bar. The Indictment against him was
secured by the consolrators. because the
Judge who presided over the grand Jury'
which indicted him was a man who
sought to ruin him because he had the
Judge Impeached before the State Gov
ernor for conduct unbecoming to the
Another Judge worked against him be
cause he had strongly taken that Judge
to task In the Interest of a client, and
another was opposed to him because he
had upset many of the Judge's decisions
on appeal, and the press conducted
campaign of calumny against him. His
activity In support of the Schmidt admin
istration had also prooked antagonism
and knowing that he had been prejudiced
and was likely to be railroaded to the
penitentiary, he fled from San Francisco,
President Asked for a "Warrant.
SACRAMENTO. Cal.. July 13. Lewis
F. Byington. District Attornev of San
Francisco, has requested Acting Governor
Anderson to ask President Roosevelt for
a warrant of arrest for George D. Col
llns. the attorney who is charged with
bigamy, and who escaped to Victoria. B
C. Acting Governor Anderson immediate
ly complied by sending a dispatch to that
effect to Washington.
Collins Indicted for Perjury.
SAN FRANCISCO. July 13. George D
Collins, an attorney of this city, under
arrest at victoria. B. C. was Indicted
by the grand jury on the charge of per
Investigation Under Way on Uma
tilla Indian Reservation.
PENDLETON. Or.. July 13. (Special.)
Charles M. Robinson, clerk of the Uma.
tilla Indian reservation, has been suspend
ed from office by Major J. J. McKoin
United States agent in charge of the res
ervation, pending on investigation of the
affairs of Robinson's office. This action
on the part of the agent is understood to
be a result' of the Investigation of tho
affairs of the reservation, which is being
held by R. G. Valentine, private secretary
to Indian Commissioner Leupp.
it is understood the investigation is a
direct result of affidavits which have been
filed in Washington attacking the char
actcr of Robinson.
Eureka Cadets at Corvallls.
CORVALLIS. Or., July 13. (Special.)
Sixty-eight college cadets from the col
lege at Eureka, Cal-, who are on the
march for an eight days' encampment
at the Fair, are encamped here for
couple of days. Tonight they gave an
entertainment at the Opera-House and
tomorrow are to leave for the north
Thev are making about 16 miles per day
The youngest lad In the company Is but
10 years of age.
Harriman Officials the Guest
of A. B. Hammond.
Members of Party Refuse to Talk
and After Visit to Yaquina
Start Over Eastern End
of the Road." .
ALBANY. Or.. July 13. (SpecJal.)-Is
the extension of the Corvallls & Eastern
railroad across the mountains by the old
Minto Pass into Eastern Oregon contem
plated? Today a party consisting of A.
B. Hammond, nominal owner 6f the Cor-
allis & Eastern; A. R. Stickney, presi
dent of the Chicago & Great Western, of
the Harrlman system: General Manager
O'Brien, of the Southern Pacific Com
pany's lines in Oregon; the local officers
of the Corvallls &. Eastern and a number
of Eastern railroad men rolled Into Al
bany on the Southern Pacific from Port
land, and, without any ostentation or
comment as to their object, immediately
left on a special train Tor Yaquina Bay,
the western terminus of the railroad,
which has passed through many vicissi
tudes of fortune, and is yet the hope of
people along the entire length of Its line
and into the proposed territory of Cen
tral Eastern Oregon.
The party returned from Yaquina this
evening at 6 o'clock, and, without stop
ping, began the run through the moun
tains to Detroit, the eastern terminus of
the Corvallls &. Eastern. Members of the
party refused to be Interviewed, and
talked to no one concerning the object of
their tour of Inspection of the old Oregon
Pacific property.
The fact that Mr. Hammond, In his
periodical trip to his Willamette Valley
property, however. Is accompanied by men
high in railroad circles and In the con
fidence of the head of the great Harrlman
system, has again started the fire of hope
in the bosoms of those who have believed
the prosperity of the Valley contingent
upon the extension of the road into East
ern Oregon. It Is rumored Mr. Harrlman
has an option on the Corvallls &. Eastern.
The special will return from Detroit ear
ly enough In the morning to take the local
for Portland.
Corvallls Saloonkeeper Had Bctrnycd
Public Sense of Decency.
QORVALLIS. Or.. July 13. (Special.)
Because no Corvallls lawyer would de
fend him. Jake Blumberg. a local He
brew, had an Albany lawyer for his
counsel In a trial In which the state was
his profxutor yesterday- afternoon. The
case against Blumberg was violation of
the local option law.
Several weeks ago Blumberg pleaded
guilty before Justice Holgatc to the
same offense and was fined $50. By that
token local attorneys, from the stand
point of good citizenship partly, if not
wholly, refused to have anything to do
with his defense, and for that reason
when his case originally came up last
Saturday morning it had to be pomponod
in order to give the defendant time to go
to another town for a lawyer.
Yesterday s trial was by Jury and the
conviction was speedy. The man whom
the state alleged bought the liquor of
him swore that he got It of another, but
Officer Onburn and Fred Ovcrlander
swore they saw Blumberg pass the bottle
to the buyer and saw the latter pass
something in return to Blumberg which
they took to be a coin. The fine was 530
and the costs $25 or $30. In the former
Inrtancc. though he had no license, Blum
berg avoided payment of a fine to the
roderal Government.
Mount Hamilton Ranchers Arc Ask
Ing for Assistance.
SAN JOSE, July 13. An urgent call
for help comes today from the Mount
Hamilton section, the fire cast of that
mountain having- broken out again
with fresh fury. It is now burning
towards the King- ranch. The fighters
are exhausted, and a rancher rode to
Lick Observatory from the scene this
afternoon and asked them to telephone
to this city for assistance.
Tho danger to the observatory has
long been past, but many ranches that
have hitherto been believed safe from
the flames now seem doomed. The
Gonzales. Crow, Hayes and several
other ranches have been burned over.
and at present the fire is having its
own way. as the exhausted ranchers
are helpless.
Davenport Bros. Loso $25,000,
With No Insurance.
HOOD RIVER. Or.. July 13. (Special.)
Daven -ft Bros. Lumber Company suf
fered a lo that will probably exceed
J2S.OO0 by the burning of their Green
Point sawmill last night. There was no
insurance. The mill had recently bce'n
Increased to a capacity of 125.000 feet of
lumber per day. Large orders are wait
ing to be filled, and every effort will be
made to replace the. machinery at once.
Two hundred men have been thrown out
of employment.
Rush at Seattle Land Office.
SEATTLE. Wash.. July 13. The
greatest Land-Office rush ever experi
enced hero occurred this morning when
400 men were lined up at 9 o'clock to
make filings on the newly opened Gov
ernment lands near the Qulnlault In
dian reservation, 50 miles north of Ho
qulam. Within an hour 300 entries
were made on the ?30 available timber
and homestead claims.
The land is valuable, and for some
time numbers of settlers have been liv
ing on it without filing. These and
scores of others got In line two hours
before the Land Office opened so as to
be able to enter their papers before
other claimants. There were many du
plicate filings made, but no trouble was
experienced in handling the crowd.
Wireless Stations on Coast.
VALLEJO. Cal.. July 13. Captain
Gearing. United States Navy, of the
equipment department. Marc Island
Yard, and Master Electrician George
Hanscom fro north on Saturday to lo
cate the remainder of sites for wireless
telegraphy stations on the Coast.
A location will be selected either at
Cape Flattery or Neah Bay and at
Bremerton. When completed, there will
be stations at a distance of 200 miles
from Bremerton on the. north to Point
Loma on the south.
Opposed to Admission of Coolies.
BELLINGHAM, Wash- July 13. In
response to a request from the Port
land Chamber of Commerce for co
-operation in seeking- to have a new
treaty made between the United States
and China on the immigration question.
the Bclllngham Chamber of Commerce
has passed a resolution asking that a
treaty be negotiated which will place
the travelers, students and merchants
of China on the same footing with thos
of Japan and European countries, and
providing similar guarantee for Ameri
cans in China. Strong opposition to
the admislson of coolie labor to
America was expressed by the Cham
ber. Divorce Suits at Oregon City.
OREGON CITY. Or.. July 13. (Spe
cial.) Kate D. McGuire, of Portland,
today brought suit for divorce from
Frank M. McGuire. alleging desertion
in 1903. The parties were married at
Ojjden, Utah. In ltfS6, and the plaintiff
prays for the custody of two minor
Judge McBrlde today granted a de
cree of divorce In the suit of Charles
Edward Miller against Daisy M. Miller.
The Injunction suit of Sarah A.
Chase vs. Oregon City was today dis
missed without prejudice.
Box Factory at Moslcr Destroyed.
MOSIER. Or.. July 13. Speclal.)-Care-
leseness permitted fire from burning saw
dust to destroy the Green & Feck box
factory at this place this morning. The
loss Is $4000. with no Insurance. The
firm Is also in debt for the plant. The
flames spread to dry grass and destroyed
over 100 acres of pasture. Fences were
consumed and only by "hard work were
a number of barns saved. .
Requisition Issued; for Lawrence.
SALEM. Or.. July 13. (Special.) Gov
ernor Chamberlain today issued a requi
sition upon the Governor of Illinois for
the extradition or Hal Lawrence, wanted
In Portland on a charge by C. B. Calla-
ghan of steallng$150. Lawrence Is under
arrest In Chicago.
Left Letters Jn Which He Says He
Had Not Slept for Two
ABERDEEN. Wash.. July 13.-(SpcciaI.)
Charles Nichols, who registered at the
Hotel Washington July 1 under the name
of Charles Hoyt, Chicago, drank carbpllc
acid early last night, and when found
was In a comatose state. He died this
morning at the hospital to which he was
Nichols represented that he was agent
for a Chicago house, and also acted as
collector for the Troy Laundry of Port
land. He remained about the hotel, and
seemed greatly worried when asked about
his bill, although up to this time he had
given no evidence of trouble. Since his
death it is learned that he gave a check
to the Anhcuser concert hall proprietor.
which proved to be worthless, and the
thought of arrest may have driven him
to end his life.
Among his effects were found .letters
which proved that his name was not
Hoyt, and he left a note to Mrs. Amanda
Nichols, of 514 East Oak street. Portland,
who was communicated with today, and
who arrived tonight to take charge of
the body. He left several notes, showing
great distress of mind, in the note to
his wife he said in part: ,
Good-bye. darling angel. Baby Amanda.
Amanda. Nichols. SH East Oak street. Port
land. Or. The swetest angel taut ever lived
good-bye I loved you beyond everything eWe.
but I was weak. My debts. were more than
I could bear. Fonjlve me. darling angel. Oh.
how I hate to die. I love you so. I - have
longed m for you. Good-byej sweet angel.
From yours.
From there on. over ten pages were
written in a similar strain, expressing a
wish in one place to meet his angel in
spirit if not in body. The unfortunate
man wound up with a statement that he
had not slept for two weeks and wanted
to die.
Nichols Tvas about Syears of age. light
complexion and fairly well dressed. His
face, on the lower part, was terribly
burned by the acid. A Coroner s Inquest
will be held tomorrow.
Charles Nichols lived at 514 East Oak
street, and was formerly Interested In
Charles Nichols &. Co.'s cigar store at
10o 'Fourth street.
Doctors Save Letcher's Life.
SAN FRANCISCO. July 13. Beverly
Letchcr. the bank clerk who yesterday
attempted to end his life with opium
was greatly improved today. Physi
cians at the Emergency Hospital
worked on him for hours last night
and the heroic treatment resulted in
his return to consciousness this morn
ing. He was removed to a private hos
pltal and his recovery seems assured
Sharrctt' Investigation Continues.
TOLEDO. Or., July 13. (Special.) The
grand Jury investigating tho Sharrett
murder case, in which Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Green are held on suspicion, has not yet
finished its work. The evidence before
the grand Jnry is voluminous, the at
torney? for the defense being permitted
to appear before the grand jury. The
return will be made tomorrow.
Lender of Convicts Still at Large.
TACOMA. Wash.. July 13. Of the eight
convicts who escaped on the Fourth of
July from McNeil's Island, only one.
George Wade, who was the leader, re
mains at liberty.
W.D. McCarty was shot in the leg at
Kllensburg yesterday when he refused to
surrender to the Sheriff. . C D. Castle
was captured nearby.
To Vote' on Free Textbooks.
ABERDEEN. Wash., July 13. (Spc
cial.) A special election was caned ba
th Board of School Directors today
to be held July 20, to determin
whether a special tax of 2 mills may
be levied to provide free textbooks for
the pupils of the Aberdeen public
Fined for Starting Fire In Forest
OLYMPIA. Wash.. July 13. (Spc
cial.) Joseph Keyes was fined $20 and
costs today for violating- tne new stal
law in regard to the starting of fires
In the woods. This Is the first con
vlctlon In the state under the law
passed by the last Legislature.
Young Woman Sent to Asylum.
ALBANY. Or.. July 13. (Special.) MI.h
Maggie Craft, daughter of C. F. Craft, of
Crab tree precinct, was today committed
to the state insane asylum by County
Judge Stewart, after the usual medical
examination. Miss Craft has been men
tally deranged for two years.
Chamberlain' Colic. Cholera asd Diarrhoea
Remedy The Bet la
T. M. Wood, manager of the White
County xews. Bceb. Ark., is . renrescn
tatlve Southern business man. who docs
not hesitate in expressing his good opin
ion of a well-known remedy. He says: "It
gives roe pleasure to recommend Cham
berlain's Colic. Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy, having used it myself and In m
family witn tne nest results, in fact.
believe It to be the best remedy of the
kind In existence." Sold by all druggists
Pays Penalty for Murder of
Mrs. L B. Jones.
XJoomed Man Dies With n Prayer on
His Lips, and "Without An.
other "Word Uttered ou
the Scaffold:
SALEM. Or- July 13. (Special.)
Without a word of farewell to the
world, George W. Lauth was executed
by hanging at the State Penitentiary
today for the killing- of Mrs. Leonora
B. Jones at Oregon City a year ago.
"into thy hands. O God. I give my
spirit." was the brief prayer the con
demned man whispered as the straps
were being- adjusted, and an instant
later the trap was sprung. The fall
broke the man s neck, and there were
no convulsions except a few twitches
of muscles by reflex action. In 13
minutes after the drop Drs. Calbreath
and Griffith pronounced the man dead.
"Lauth died a Christian." said Chap
lain E. W. St. Pierre, who has been a
daily visitor at Lauth's cell for several
months past. "He professed religion
soon after he was brought to the Peni
tentiary, and has been, happy and
cheerful ever since. He had no fear of
death. I have been with him all tho
morning, reading the New Testament
to him. He was more composed than I
and dreaded the execution much less
than I did."
There were only 31 persons present
at the execution, including seven or
eight prison officials. " Several -physicians
were invited, but did not attend.
making It necessary at the last moment
to send to the State Insane Asylum for
Superintendent Calbreath and Dr. Grif
Lauth's crime was the shooting of
Mrs. Leonora B. Jones, with whom ho
had been living in illicit relations. Mrs,
Jones secured all Lauth's money and
then left him. whereupon he shot her
and surrendered himself to the police
His defense was that his act was due
to insanity induced by jealousy.
Mnrlon Bar to Elect Delegates.
SALEM. Or.. July 13. (Special.) The
Marlon County Bar Association will hold
a meeting at the County Courthouse Sat
urday at 2 P. M., for the purpose of elect
ing delegates to the meeting of the Pa
cific Coast Bar Association at Portland,
August 10.
Ashland Elks Get a Charter.
ASHLAND. Or.. July 13. (Special.)
The Grand Lodge of Elks, In annual
convention at Buffalo, today granted a
charter to Ashland Lodge, No. 94-1. This
makes the total of Elk lodges In the
State of Oregon number 12.
Fined for Open Sunday Saloon.
INDEPENDENCE. Or.. July 13. The
cases of J. R. Cooper, charged with
keeping his saloon open on Sunday.
have been settled by his paying a fine
of 25 for each offense, after a plea of
Melancholy-Mad Spokane Man Al
most Severs Head of Wife From
Body In Sight of Neighbors.
SPOKANE. July 13. Frenzied by mel
ancholy and continued brooding .over al
leged Injuries, Charles H. Davis tonight
slew his wife, hi? 3-months-oId baby and
committed suicide in his house on the
outskirts of the city. Without a moment's
warning or uttering a cry the wife and
baby had their heads nearly severed from
their bodies by a razor in the hands of
tho hiband and father. Davis then
made three gashes in his own throat and
then fell weltering In a pool of his blood
in the kitchen. In the brief space of five
minutes tho entire family wag blotted
The tragedy occurred about 7:30 o'clock,
and so quickly and so thoroughly did the
man do his work that near-by neighbors,
enjoying the coolness of the evening on
their porches or in their front yards,
heard not a sound to apprise them of
the fearful deeds being enacted. Mrs.
Edwin C. Payne, swinging in a hammock
directly across the street from the Davis
dwelling, saw Mr?. Davis suddenly pitch
.forward from her chair in the front
room of her house. This started tne in
vestigation. ,
The position of the bodies indicates
that Davis approached his wife from a
rear room and seizing her by the hair,
swiftly drew the razor across her throat.
He made two strokes and her head was
almost severed from her body. He then
went Into the bedroom, where the baby
was sleeping, cut Its throat and carried
the body Into the front room, where he
placed It beside the mother. He then re
turned to the kitchen, where he killed
Davis, his acquaintances say, was mor
bid and melancholy. He complained that
he had not been given the help In saving
money a wife should give him.
Davis was 31 years old. He was em
ployed as a panelraiser In the Washing
ton Mill Company, where he got his time
last Saturday night, but he had another
Job In prospect. Mrs. Davis was also 31
vears old. Mrs. Davis was highly re
spected ami. the neighbors say, all that
a wife should be.
Charles M. Coglan.
SACRAMENTO. Cal.. July 13.
C. M. Coglan. who had for many years
hole the position of Secretary of the
State Board of Equalization, died at
his residence In this city this morn
Ing. Coglan was born at sea and was
5" years old.
William Allen.
ALBANV. Or.. July 13. William Allen,
a Linn County pioneer, who came to Ore
gon in the early '50s, died at his home In
Kaisey. this county. Tuesday. Mr. Allen
is survived by four children Ben Allen
and Wld Allen, Mrs. Monroe Miller and
Jennie Allen. '
Funeral of Mrs. G.W. Dunn.
ASHLAND. Or.. July inMSpecIa!.)
The funeral of Mrs. G. W. Dunn, wife of
the Jackson County Judge, who died at
Jacksonville Tuesday evening, was held
here today, and was notable for the large
attendance and the marked respect shown
for the deceased. The county, offices at
Jacksonville were closed, and places of
business in Ashland were also closed dur
ing time of the funeral. The deceased
was a native of Linn County, aged 41
years, and was a daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. E. M. Miller, old residents of this
city. Death was sudden and due to a
complication of peritonitis and appendi
citis. Three children are left by the de
Fire In a Wallace Theater.
WALLACE, Idaho. July 13. The upper
part of the Coliseum Theater was gut
ted by fire, which started at 7:30 o'clock
this morning. The blaze was a stubborn
one and required several hours work by
the firemen before It was extinguished.
The damage to the theater building and
to the stock and fixtures is estimated at
between iiWO and $3000. Mrs. Sarah John
son, the owner of the building, carried
$2000 insurance on the building and $1000
on the furniture and fixtures. William
Falrman, who managed the theater, ear
ned JUQO Insurance.
The building occupied by the Royal
Cafe, which Is owned by Alex. Muir, of
Farmington. Wash., was slightly dam
aged by fire and water. The loss Is cov
ered by Insurance.
Suicide Committed Years Ago.
VICTORIA. B. C July 13. The body of
Hiram Nelson, a lonely trapper, has been
found In a cabin in the forest near
Adams River, B. C, by the provincial po
lice at Alert Bay. The body was lying
in bed with a bullet hole through the
skull. It Is evident from examination by
the police officers that the body had
been lying in the lonely cabin for five
years, he being last peen In 1900, when
he went to Alert Bay for provisions, part
of which were found in'his cabin.
Nelson had seemingly become ill and
falling to secure assistance, had commit
ted suicide by discharging his rifle with a
small piece of stick, the bullet passing
through his forehead and lifting his skull.
To Prevent Resignation of Berteaux,
Rouvler Kills Measure Duel
Is Due to Quarrel.
PARIS. July 13. Parliament adjourned
for the Summer recess tonight, after an
exciting scene In the Chamber of Depu
ties over the clause in the amnesty bill
passed by the Senate Wednesday, rein
stating those convicted of drawing up
secret reports concerning the conduct of
army officers, during which M. Lasles
(anti-Semite) violently attacked General
Andre. ex-MInlster of War. calling- him. a
M. Berteaux. Minister of War. vigor
ously defended his predecessor, and stated
that he declined to continue bis support
of the government's amnesty bill In con
sequence of the charges made. The MIn
Ister then left the chamber.
M. Berteaux" s action aroused such con
fusion that the sitting was suspended.
and at an Impromptu ministerial council
it was decided to withdraw the bill. ,
On the resumption of the sitting. Pre
mier Rouvler announced the" prorogation
of the chamber, thus annulling the am
nesty bill. In order, however, not to dis
appoint the public on the occasion of the
national holiday, it has been arranged
that the amnesties will be granted by
Presidentlai decree.
There was some gossip in the lobbies
tonight regarding the probable resigna
tion of M. Berteaux. but it is thought
Senator Prevet was severely wounded
in the forearm this evening in a sword
duel with Senator Delpeche, as the result
of a dispute over the question Involved in
the amnesty bill.
British Admiralty Completes Plan of
Concentrating Great Fleet.
LONDON. July 13. The Admiralty has
just completed the scheme of naval re
distribution outlined by the Earl of Sel
borne, ex-first lord of the Admiralty,
in December last, by the addition of nu
merous battleships to the Channel, At
lantic. Mediterranean and Reserve squad
ron. There are now concentrated in
nearby seas no fewer than 45 battleships.
all of modern construction. 15 armored
and 27 other cruisers with their accom
panying torpedoboat flotillas, all ready
for war at an Instant's notice, as well
as reserve vessels provided with the
nucleus of crews. AH of these squadrons
will be in Immediate touch with the Ad
The Eastern fleet will consist of three
groups, with bases respectively at Hong
kong. Aden and Sydney, while another
cruiser division at the Cape of Good
Hope will form a connecting link.
This new concentration has been ar
ranged much earlier than had been ex
pected. owing to the fact that naVal de
velopments in Far Eastern waters per
mit the recall of battleships from China
Naval Officers From Visiting Fleet
"Welcomed by Loubet.
PARIS. July 13. More than 100 Brit
ish naval officers from the visiting
squadron at Brest arrived here today
and were met by representatives of
the Minister of Marine and a large
party of French officers. Rear-Admlr
al May headed the British delegation
while leadlnc French Admirals were
among those who received the guests
who were shown about the city. Presl
dent Loubet will give a reception in hon
or of the British officers tomorrow.
The visit of the British officers
Paris is part of the Anglo-French na
val amenities, which arc considered
significant in connection with the Mo
roccan controversy.
Tittonl and Rouvler Will Confer on
Affairs of Crete.
ROME. July 13. The Patrla, announc
insr an approaching meeting at AIx
France, between Signor Tittonl, the Ttal
Ian Foreign Minister, and M. Rouvler.
the French Premier, says they will ex
change views on Important questions of
foreign policy, and especially regarding
common action by France and Italy in
the Mediterranean.
The paper says they will also discuss
withdrawing their detachments of Inter
national gendarraerls on the Island of
Crete in order to satisfy the Cretans
ami the substitution of a Greek garrison.
but that they will maintain for the pres
ent the sovereignty of the Sultan of
Turkey over the island.
Non-Committal on Contraband.
LONDON. July 13. In the House of
Commons today. Mr. Robertson asked
Premier Balfour whether there had been
any further representations in regard to
the international conference proposed by
President Roosevelt, and whether the
government was prepared to agree to the
President's proposal to Include in the sub
jects for discussion the question of mak
ing private property not contraband of
war free from capture .or destruction.
Mr. Balfour replied that the -government
cordially welcomed the proposal of Presi-
Mrs. Willadsen Tells How She Tried Lydla
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound Jist
In Tloe.
Mrs. T. C. Willadsen, of Mann in sr,
Iowa, writes to Mrs. Pinkham;
Dear Mrs. Pinkham :
" I can truly say that you hava saved ay
life, and I cannot express my gratitude to
you in words.
11 Before I wrote to you, telling you han 1
fait, I had doctored for over two years steady
and spent lots of money on medicines besides,
but it all failed to help me. My monchly pe
riods had ceased and I suffered much pain,
with fainting spells, headache, backache and
bearing-down pains, and I was so weak I
could hardly keep around. As a last resort
I decided to write you and try Lydia E. Fink-
ham's Vegetable compound, and X am so
thankful that I did, for after following your
Instructions, which you sent me tree of all
charge, my monthly periods started ; I am
regular and in perfect health. , Had it not
been for you I would be in my grave to-day.
" l sincerely trust tnat tms letter may lead
every suffering woman in the courtry to
write you lor neip as i am."
When women are troubled with ir
regular or painful menstruation, weak
ness, leucorrhcea, displacement or ul
ceration of the womb, that bearing-
down feeling1, inflammation of the ova
ries, backache, flatulence, general de
bility, indigestion and nervous prostra
tion, they should remember there is
one tried and true remedy. Lydia E,
Finkhanrs Vegetable Compound at once
removes such troubles.
No other female medicine in. the world
has received such widespread and un
qualified endorsement. Refuse all sub
stitutes. Mrs. Pinkham invites all sick women
to write her for advice. She has guided
thousands to health. Address, Lynn,
dent Roosevelt, but Great Britain. In.
common with other nations, reserved the
right of considering what should be sub
mitted to the conference. The Premier
added that there ha"d not been any fur
ther negotiations on the subject.
Balfour Opposes Conscription.
LONDON. July 13. In the House of
Commons tonight Premier Balfour re
ferred to the speech of Field Marshal
Lord Roberts In the House of Lords Mon
day last, in which the latter said that
the armed forces of Great Britain as a
body were absolutely unfitted and unpre
pared for war. and declared emphatically
that the choice lay between conscription
and some practical system of universal
training. The Premier said he could
never be led- to believe that conscription
could be successfully adopted In England.
Morgan May Invest In Belgium.
LONDON. July 13. King Leopold"., of
Belgium, came to Dover from Ostend. to
day for the purpose of seeing J. Pfer-
pont Morgan who lunched with his Ma
jesty on board the latter's yacht. After
a prolonged Interview, Mr. Morgan re
turned to London. It Is reported that
the meeting concerned the financing of
Important schemes for the development
of the Belgian littoral.
Must Keep Cuban Cities Healthy.
HXVANA. July 13. President Palma
has vetoed the action of Congress which
continued In effect the budget for tho
fiscal year ending June 30. His reason
for so doing Is that the old budget did not
Include any provision for the sanitation
of cities.
After Automobiling, Riding, Golf
ing, Tennis, or any outdoor sports,
a bath with Cuticura Soap is most
refreshing, cooling, and soothing.
For preserving, purifying, and
beautifying the skin, scalp, hair,
and hands, for irritations of the
skin, heat rashes, tan, sunburn,
bites and stings of insects, lame
ness and soreness incidental to
summer sports, for sanative, anti
septic cleansing, and for all the
purposes of the toilet, bath, and
nursery Cuticura Soap, assisted
by Cuticura Ointment, is priceless.
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