Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, July 08, 1905, Image 9

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Countlng-Rocm Main CCT
Managing Editor Main CSC
Sunday Editor Main G235
City Editor Main '.88
Society Editor Mala 0235
Composlnc-Room Main CSS
Superintendent Building Red 2S26
East Bide Office East 61
between Cth and 7th) Matinee at 2:15 and
tonight at 8:30 o'clock, Kolb and Dill, in
"The Beauty Shop."
BELASCO THEATER (14th and "U'aBblng
ton) Matinee at 2:15 and evening at b:ia.
"The Conquest."
EMPIRE THEATER (12th and Morrlaon)
Matinee at 2:15 and evening at 8:15. "Lost
In London."
GRAND THEATER (Park and "Washington)
Continuous vaudeville. 2:30 to 10:30 P. M.
STAR THEATER (Park and Washington)
Continuous vaudeville. 2:30, 7:30, 9 P.M.
BAKER THEATER (3d and Yamhill) Con
tinuous vaudeville, 2:30, 7:30 and U P. M.
SORTS The Orrgonlan Is delivered by car
rier and is on Kale at the principal points on
Long Beach, SeaMde and Yaquina. Bay. It
Is also on sale at Gearliart Park. Collins' Hot
Springs, Moffett's Hot Springs and St. Mar
tin's Springs. Orders by mail will receive
careful attention. All mall subscriptions
must be paid for in advance.
Hold Lively Campfire. Tho veterans
camped in Scllwopd Park held a lh'ely
campfire Thursday night near the center
of the ground. There was a large at
tendance, many G. A. R, members being
present from tho city. Comrade Chapman
was chairman. The programme was
opened with a patriotic song by Comrade
Wolhforth. E. A. Is'ealy, of Washington,
delivered the main talk of the evonlng.
He went over some of the salient events
of the war and gave some entertaining
' reminiscences. Mrs. Georgo Dorris sang
two solos, wartime songs, touching the
hearts of the veterans. Comrade Adams
again spoke with excellont effect. J. A.
Newell, of Sumner Post, made a pleas
ing talk. Chairman Chapman also re
sponded to a call with remarks. W. H.
Lincoln convulsed the audience with two
Irish songs. The programme closed with
singing "America," which was given with
much spirit.
Want Grand Avenue Reopened. A
meeting of citizens and business men
Interested in the reopening of Grand ave
nue will be held in the East Side Bank
Monday evening. Proceedings for the
rebuilding of the elevated roadway be
tween Stark and Oak have come to a halt
for the reason that property-owners have
not paid In their money to pay half of
the cost of the Improvement. This meet
ing will name a committee to sec tho
property-owners, collect the money and
deposit it subject to the order of the
city, when the roadway shall have been
completed. The city will not start the
work until this money is deposited In this
way, subject to its order. S. C. Cobb,
formerly of the executive board, declared
yesterday that the condition of Grand
avenue was a disgrace and should be
remedied at once.
As Exciting Runawat. F. F. John
son, who owns a ranch southeast of the
city, had an exciting experience and
nearly lost his life In a runaway acci
dent yesterday. He and another man had
loaded a ton and a half of hay on to a
wagon and had started from the field,
when the horses became frightened and
started to run. Johnson and his helper
were on top of the load and were unable
to control the horses or leave the wagon,
which was being hauled at a lively speed
down the road. Gradually the entire load
went to pieces. Johnson was pitched off
and badly bruised. His right arm was
torn and cut, but the bones were not
broken. The other man was not hurt,
Johnson remained unconscious for some
time before being restored. Last even
ing he was resting fairly comfortably.
Threatened to Kill. Florence Revcrs,
of Arlcta Park, was arrested yesterday
on a warrant sworn out from Justice
Seton's court by A. "W. Bennett, charging
her with threatening to kill him. Clerk
James Craib, assisted by Deputy Sheriff
Robert Vance, served the paper on Mrs.
Revers without difficulty, she agreeing
to appear in court whenever wanted. The
difficulty arose, so it is reported, be
tween Mrs. Revers and Bennett on ac
count of the undesircd attentions of the
latter to the former's young daughter,
whereupon Mrs. Revers chastised Ben
nett severely. Time for hearing the case
has not yet been set, but the evidenco
will doubtless be somewhat sensational.
Clackamas Pomona to Meet. Clacka
mas Pomona Grange, Patrons of Hus
bandry, will meet in Milwaukle next
Wednesday under the auspices and as the
guest of the Milwaukle. Grange. Tho
Woodmen of the World Hall has been
secured for the sessions of Pomona and
a banquet will be spread at noon and in
the evening in tho Town Hall. The larg
est attendance In the history of the
Clackamas Pomona Grange is expected,
and Milwaukle Grange has committees
of arrangement, reception and entertain
ment at work making preparation to en
tertain its guests.
No Offer to Sell Made. Mayor W.
H. King, of St, Johns, said last evening
that the St. Johns Water Company had
not yet submitted a definite proposition
to sell its plant, notwithstanding the an
nouncement made last evening that the
Council had received such offer. A mem
ber of the water company said that the
company had not yet submitted any prop
osition, although the company .was will
ing to sell to the people of St Johns, but
did not give any figures as to the value
of the plant.
Drowned Bot Was Insured. Oliver
Mitchell, who was drowned in the Illinois
River, Southern Oregon, some time ago,
was insured in favor of his mother, Mrs.
E. A. Mitchell. 254 East Tenth street,
for $1503 in the Fraternal Brotherhood
and 5500 in the Maccabees' ordor. Oliver
Mitchell was 20 years old and was spend
ing his vacation on the Illinois River. He
"eras the only support of his aged mother.
Should you really want to enjoy your
self Sunday, go to the Cascade Locks on
the largest and fastest stern-wheel
steamer on the Pacific Coast. Steamer
Chas. R. Spencer leaves Washington
street dock at 9 A. M.. returning at 6
P. M. One dollar pays the bill.
Wilt. Build Warehouse. The Port
land Sash &. Door Company will erect a
two-story warehouse and factors' on
Union avenue, near East Taylor street
The company recently purchased a half
block at this point The cost of the new
building will be about $7000.
Bonds Are All Straight. Mayor W.
H. King, of St. Johns, said last evening
that the $10,0000 municipal bonds awarded
to Morris Bros. & .Christensen were per
fectly legal and straight, and that there
would be no hitch over their delivery to
the purchasers.
A Great Picture Free. Raphael's St
Paul will be given to each person attend
ing First Congregational Church Sunday
evening. Subjects of Dr. House. 10:30.
"The Worth of Great Convictions;" 7:45,
"Raphael's St. Paul."
For San Francisco, the elegant steel
steamer Redondo sails Saturday after
noon. $12 first-class, $S second-class: meals
and berth Included. C. H. Thompson,
agent, 12S Third street,
Dr. Joseph Hicket wishes to announce
that he has entirely recovered from his
recent illness, and is to be found as usual
at his office. No. S17 Dekum building.
Lents Grande Meets Today. Lents
Grange meets today in Davis' Hall in
an all-day session. A full attendance is
Cricket. Portland vs. Sandhurst: 3 P.
M., Ei 39th and Belmont. Sunnyslde car.
For Rent. Six-room new house, walk
ing distance. Kroner, 165& 3d street.
Acme Oil Co. sells the best safety coal
oils and fine gasolines. Phone East 7S9.
Official Sacajawea souvenir spoon has
signature of Pres. Eva Emery Dye.
The Calumet Restaurant 149 Seventh.
Fine luncheon. 25c: dinner. EOc
For Rent. Offices, Fenton Bldg.
When Purchasing
Be Sure You Secure One ef Our Brands
108 end 1 10 Fourth Stro
fete XMctrtsttttra for Orecva. a4
Autos Are Too SrEEDr. Frequent com
plaints of automobiles exceeding the
speed limit on Washington streets be
tween Nineteenth and Twenty-third
streets has brought a report from Captain
Moore at police headquarters to Chief
Hunt requesting that two policemen bo
stationed there in order that numbers of
the machines may bo taken down. It is
said that autos speed along Washington
street at such a rate that the numbors
are not visible at a distance of 30 feet
Swedish Societt Installs Officers.
Tho Swedish Society Linnoa, last night
Installed the following officers: Chair
man, C. A. Arjderaoni vice-president.
Miss Olga Olson; recording secretary, J.
L. Wallin; financial secretary. O. Folin:
treasurer. E. Helmor: mastor of cere
monies, O. Rodin; librarian. Miss Axcllva
Enbom: vice librarian, Gustav Anderson:
trustee, C. F. Pearson.
Civil Service Examination. Tho
United States Civil Service Commission
announces that on August 1. 1&05. an ex
amination will bo held In this city for
the position of stenographer and type
writer. In the departmental and Panama
services, at salaries from $S40 to $1500 per
annum. Persons desiring to compote
should call on Z. A. Leigh, Postofficc De
partment, city.
First Presbyterian Services. First
Presbyterian Church, corner Twelfth and
Alder streets, services tomorrow at M:30
A. M. and 7:30 P. M. The pastor. Rev.
Edgar P. Hill, D. D.. will proa oh In the
morning. Organ recital by Professor E.
B. Coursen In the evening. Rev. Newell
Dwight Hlllls, D. D., will preach In the
Will Speak to the Veterans. Rev.
T. B. Ford, D. D., of the Sunnyslde M.
E. Church, has accepted an invitation
to address the veterans in camp in the
Sellwood Park tomorrow afternoon at 2
o'clock. The park -has been provided
with a speaker's platform and seats for
the audience.
To AuTOMoniLiSTs! Wanted. Automo
biles to take Sierra Club members to
Mount Hood, starting Monday morning.
July 10. returning Wednesday. July 12.
Road has been put in first-class condi
tion. Apply to J. B. Kelly, 214 Second
The White Temple. Sunday morning
Dr. Hillls preaches; night Dr. Brougher.
Subject: "Weighed and Found Wanting,
or the Tragedy of a Dishonorable Old
Age." Baptism, soloists, quartette, groat
glory chorus.
Talks on Jewish Ethics. Rabbi Emil
G. Hlrsch, the famous Chicago devlnc.
delivered an interesting and scholarly ad
dress at Temple Beth Israel last evening,
his subject being, "Tho Character of Jew
ish Ethics."
AproiNTiiD Water Inspectors. a. J.
Powell. J. G. Hansoll and O. Hallowell
have been appointed Inspectors in the
water service and Peter J. S. Kaalo and
A. H. Bauman have been appointed gate
men. Sats He Was Robbed. J. C William
son, of Arthur. 111., claims that he was
robbed of $130 in money and SIM in notes.
Minnie Mertie, was arrested and charged
with the theft
Hah Permission to Grade. The city
engineer has granted Rudolf Cassner per
mission to grade 150 lineal feet on Black
stone street from the north line of Wil
son street
Oregon Citt BoATs.-Dellghtful river
trips for your friends Sunday. Leave
Taylor street S:30. 9:30. 11;M A. M.. 1:30.
3:30. S:30 P. M. Round trip 25c.
Swedish Singing Club Columbia and
friends give a unique entertainment and
hop at Arion Hall tonight; 25 cents.
Bring your small change.
Opposition May Enjoin Directors
From Building Sclioolhouse.
It was war to the knife at the special
school meeting held In Arleta district
Thursday night and a big row is pending
over the resi'it This meeting was called
o vote on the question of Issuing bonds
for eretior of a modern sclioolhouse. and
hiich oircr &usmc5s as might come up.
H. C. Cummings was chairman. The first
proposition was that a building 22x43 feet
be erected to supplement the present tem
porary rooms used the past year, the
buildings being high enough .to use for a
gymnasium later on. This was voted
dvvr. Another proposition to erect a two
story building to cost $50W, but this went
down also. It was finally moved and car
ried that a two-room building be built and
furnished at a cost of $750 on motion of
W. H. Schooling. The vote on this propo
sition was IS to IS. and Chairman Cum
mings voted In favor of the appropriation.
This so enraged the opposition that it
tried to unseat him and, substitute Di
rector Charles Kadderly. who, however,
declared that he would not take the chair
under any circumstance, besides Mr. Kad
derly declared that Mr. Cummings was
the legal chairman. Following the vote
the question of issuing bonds was dis
cussed. It was announced that the
amount of taxable property was only
$147,780. 5 per cent of which would viefd
only about $7000. Besides the district owes
$2100. Some very bitter remarks were
made in the course of the discussion,
nearly resulting in a row.
Yesterday the opposition threatened to
contest the vote appropriating $760 for a
temporary structure, on the grounds that
Chairman Cummings had no legal right
to cast the deciding vote in favor of the
appropriation. The friends of the $750 ap
propriation laugh at the threat and de
clare that authorities say that the chair
man always has the casting vote in case
there is a tic vote. The diroctors will go
ahead with the $750 building, and let the
oppofitlon enjoin If it. wants to under
take it
For an enjoyable short ride on tho
Columbia River to Vancouver, take steam
er Undine at Taylor-street dock, leaving
as follows: Leave Portland at S A. M.
and 1:30 p. M. Leave Vancouver. 10 A. Si
and 4:45 P. M. Fare, 25 cents each way.
If Baby Is Cottlur Tertfa.
B nr ana sn that oia and well-tried remedy.
Ura. fVtnslow Soothlc; Srrup. for chlldrea
Uctblnr It soothes th child, softens th gutas.
allays all pain, curea wind colic and dlarrac.
Few bottles of any water except
White Rock, are now seen at any of
the swell hotels, clubs or cafes In any-city.
Ql-63-65-67 4th St
Portland, Or.
Vkhotrt a KlvJ
Discussion on Surgery Proves an
Important Topic for Considera
tion of Delegates.
Tho Homeopathic Medical Society of
Oregon, now In convention In Portland, Is
accomplishing much In detail work and
the execution of well-prepared pro
gramme?, and the papers read yesterday
and Thursday were pronounced by all
delegates as thoroughly interesting and
Instructive. There le a large attendance
and the programme Is closely followed.
At yesterday's session the morning dls
cusssion was devoted to materia medlca
and the afternoon to jwirgery. Dr. S. A.
Brown being chairman of the first and i
Dr. J. S. BlMhon of the latter. A naiur !
on alcohol by Dr. D. O. Webster, of Uni
versity Park, was widely discussed, and
"The Powerful Healing Qualities of Dis
tilled Extract of HamamelJs." by Dr. F.
G. Oehme. of this city, whs another which
called forth many expressions from the
delegates. Dr. S. A. Brown, presiding
chairman, discussed the subject of "Ar
senicum." Dr. Emma J. Welty. "Dust
ing an Old Stone," and Dr. H. W.
Schwartz had for the subject of his paper
"Voratrum Album."
Surgery proved a subject universally
popular with the physicians and surgeons
both, and when Dr. J. S. Bishop called
the afternoon session to order there was
a full attendance. Dr. II. C. Jeffords
gave a treatise on "Diagnosis of Surgi
cal Diseases of the Abdomen," which was
discussed by nearly every member present
after the reading. Dr. Isabel Sedgwick,
of Vancouver, read a fine paper on "In
dicated Remedy After Operation." "Cys
tic Tumors of the- Abdomen" proved of
great Interest as handled by Dr. Horbert
S. Xlchols, and "Spinal Anesthesia." by
Dr. E. R. Bryant of San Francisco,
commanded equal attention. The paper
of Dr. Bishop, the chairman, was on
"Country Surgery."
The banquet at the Commercial Club
last night, given for all members of the
society, was a perfect success, and tho
guests lingered long around the board.
The doctors forgot medicine and the suf
ferings for the nonce and became Just
as human as their fellowmcn In the en
joyment of things social. Tho toasts
were many and me ry, and aflr the ban
quet was finished the part took seats in
walling automobiles and had a fine moon
light ride over the city and out pant the
Fair grounds, where the illumination was
There will be morning and afternoon
sessions today. The programme contains:
10 A. M. Eugenics: George Wigg, M.
D.. chairman: H. R. Anidt, M. D San
Francisco. "Education -in Race Improve
ment"; J. K. Reader, M. D. Ashland,
"Kali Phos-Eugenetlcally Exhibited";
George Wlgg. M. D.. Portland. "Weed Out
the Bad"; Ella K. Dearborn. M. D.. Port
land. "No Danger of Race Suicide."
Third day. afternoon session. 1:30 P. M.
Gynaecology, Obstetrics; Byron E. Mil
ler. M. D., chairman: "The Avoidance of
Intestinal Adhesions Following Abdomi
nal Section"; Abdominal Section, Their
Manipulations and Toilet."
Ophthalmology. Otology and Laryngol
ogy: C. L. Nichols. M. D., chairman;
Philip Rice. M. D., San Francisco, "The
Mastoid Operation": C. L. Nichols. M. D..
Portland, "Adenoids"; E. C. Brown. M.
D.. Portland. "Rhinitis." Discussion
opened by Francis B. Kellogg, M. D.,
Los Angeles.
Kopa Astoria Kloshc Klataiva Kopa
Salt Chuck.
Spose Meslka Tikch Klatawa Slah Kopa
Astoria. Tikoh Nanlch, Hiaa Chuck Co
lumbia. Nanlch. Hlas Stick Hlas Stone.
Hyiu Sammon. Tenas Nanlch salt Chuck?
Hylu He-he. Iskum Smoke Boat Lurllne
Slnamox. Hyas Walch. Kopa Taylor
Ochut. Spose Tikch Wcght Kumtux Wa
Wa Tenas Chickamln Lope Tahkurn Tuk
amouuk Pe Klope Tahtlum.
The above Is Chinook Jargon formerly
spoken by the now almost extinct Indian
tribes of the Northwest In their Inter-
i course with the traders and trappers, and
translated signifies that if you desire a
' delightful daylight ride down the mighty
j Columbia and view all the scenic beauties.
take thi steamer Lurllne daily except
Sunday, at 7 A. M.. from Taylor-street
dock. For further particulars, call Phone
Main 613.
All tha delicacies or the season at tha
Portland Restaurant, fine, private apart
ments for parties. 305 Wash., near Fifth.
Watson's Restaurant, open night and
day; only first-class family restaurant In
1 the city. ICS Fourth street, near Wash-
I lngton.
The Butler. 145 1st, meals, merchants'
lunch, 25c; French dinner with wine, 30c.
! Crawfish at "The Empire." 192 3d street.
Eastern and Seattle races. Take Sell
wood and Oregon City cars. First anJ
Ilarris Trunk Company
Is headquarter. for Trunks and Bags.
Adulteration goes full
length in spices and flavoring
extracts you think it isn't
worth while to cheat in such
trifles four-fifths of "vanilla"
5s tonka; cost's one or two
cents for "$ i - w o r t h".
Schillings Best are entirely
pure ; at your grocer's.
From foreign sounds. No grate or rasp. A trial will
convince. Call and hear cne played. We have
special clerks to show them.
328 Washington Street. Bet. 6th and 7th
Open Now
Ocean and fresh water
links and tennis courts.
Pacific with vast, open
16 miles of rockless
Music at meals by
be made to satisfy the
Secure rates
Feifer's Union 5's
Exclusive Wholesale Cigars and Tebacce, PORTLAND, OREGON
Sea View
Sea View's select boarding cottage. The
only homo open for the public directly
facing the ocean. First-class table. Tran
sients accommodated. Address MRS. E.
A. PERCY, P. O. Box 9. Ilwaco. Wash.
. ir-rrm - -r a m
center ville, wash.
North Beach's favorite resort. Unsur
passed view of ocean, near fishing rocks,
good water, excellent table, all kinds of
fish. Special rates to tamllles. For par
ticulars address Mth. J. D. Porter. Lonx
Beach, Wash.
Vhe 2ery ffiest Clothes Uhat
the Pacific 9orthwest J&as to Offer
The Greatest
Kruse's Beach Hotel
(Forroerlr the Gearhart Hotel.)
Park, Clatsop Beach, Oregon
Best appointed hotel on an Oregon beach.
Rare advantages and attractions afforded
by the beautiful, natural surroundings.
bathing. Fishing and hunting. Golf
Situated in grove overlooking the
green In front. Riding-horses on hand,
bench for driving- and riding.
excellent orchestra. The table will
most epicurean taste.
at City Office.
Fourth and Stark
1'hoae Mala KS.
Seeking clear vision, fitted with.
properly adjusted glasses at our op- 5
tical institute, become our best ad
vertisers. t
Dr. Lyon's
Tooth Powder
Cleanses and beautifies tho
"Osed by people of refinement
foroTer a quarter of a century.
1 Ve convenient for tourists.
This Great Clothing House has for nearly forty
years stood pre-eminent in the clothing field of
the Coast. This is but natural, because we have
always been on the alert shrewd in selecting the
world's best makers of fine clothing. Every
model made under our personal supervision and
designed after our own dictation. We have won
the confidence of the people by having everything
right at the right time and at the right price.
Today You'll find our stock replenished by the
very recent creations selected bv our Mr. Stein
bach, who has just returned from his New York
buying trip.
New models In Outing Suits, Sack Suits, Eng
Hsh Walking Suits, Frock Suits, Prince Al
berts, Tuxedos and Full Dress Apparel,
Outing Trousers, Fancy Wash Vests, Haber
dashery of every sort, Trunks, Dress Suit
Cases, Valises and all traveling requisites
for men. Also the most complete stock of
Juvenile Apparel west of Chicago.
Clothing House in tiu
"Didn't hurt a bit," Is vrfeat tkey
ay ef
Dr. "W". A. TVle has Just returned
from an extended tour of Eastern
dental Institutions, and thoao bar
Ins their dental work done by them
will have the advantage or all new
and up-to-date methods.
Examinations free. Painless ex
tracting frea when plates or bridges
are ordered.
Faillae bldg., cor. 3d and Wash. sts.
Open evenings till 9 P. M. Sundays
from 0 to 11 Or Main 2029.
Ye Oregon
In the new Hotel
Stark Streets. Orchestra every evening after,
six o'clock.
Kodak Finishing promptly and
well done.
345 Wasblaston St. Portland. Or.
TOR (S.0O.
ETtalns. Monday
and Thursday, until 8.
d Fre&a, D. D. S.
CBS DekuB Bid.
$chwab Printing Co.
Of paint, now's the time to see about it.
Every day you put It off means so much
more deterioration of wood and metal, so
mu:h more paint required, so much addi
tional cost. Act quickly by getting our
color card and prices, then the paint itself,
and so get longer wear for the whole
Fisher, Thorsen & Co.
Front and Morrison Sts,
Oregon, corner Seventh am
Correct Gothes for Hen
Marks the clothes bearing
this label
REAL tailors wise to
everything necessary to
give grace and style and
combine comfort with
durability make them.
The makers' guarantee, and ours,
with every garment. Wc are ex
clusive agents here.
311 Mormon St, opp. the Poat-OSca