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Corbett and Roach Present a
v Fine Exhibition of Mixed
V .1-.
Atz Safe While Infield Watches the
Ball Drops Clean Two-Baggers
Are Made by Schlafly
and McLean.
Tcst-day's Scores.
Portland. 2; Seattle. L
Standlsg of the Clubs.
"Won. Lost.
Tacoma 50 34
San Francisco 50 39
Portland 40 40
Los Angeles 40 43
Oakland 36 47
Seattle 33 45
SEATTLE, "Wash., July fc (Special.)
Roach and Corbett pitched the same kind
of ball today, and Portland won because
the first run was a clear gift. Atz opened
the third with a ?xp-up that O'Connell
thought Frary would take, and the ball
fell at his feet. A sacrifice moved him
down and a hit scored him.
Seattle tied the score In the fourth, when
Kane opened with a three-base smack
and Frary sent him home with a double.
The next three hitters could not score
Frary. Portland won the game In the
sixth on clean two-baggers by Schlafley
and McLean, and after that Seattle was
never dangerous. Corbett's change of
pace had the locals popping the ball up
In the air.
Van Buren's spectacular one-handed
catch of Dashwood's hard drive was the
fielding feature of a game in which Port
land had It over the cubs. The score:
Walter?, rf . . .
Stlckney. cf . .
Kane. 3b
Frary. lb....
Houtz. If
O'Connell, 2b.
R. Hall, fs...
Dashwood, c.
Koach. p.....
... 4
... 4
... 4
... 4
... 3
... 4
... 3
... 3
... 3
1 5
Totals . . .
Atz. ts
Van Buren. cf..
Mitchell, lb
Schlafly. 2b....
Householder, rf.
McLean, c
Cates. If
Bunkle, 3b ,
Corbett, p
... 3
1 2
0 2
0 0
:T 2
0 1
grave Chicago a winning- lead In
first inning. Score:
Cleveland .2 7 lTChlearo 7 10 1
Batteries Bernhard and Bemis; Alt
rock and McFarland.
Spokane Gets BclUngham Franchise.
SPOKANE. Wash., July 6. The dl
rectors of the Northwest League, at the
head of which Is W. H. Lucas, former
ly president of the P. N. L-, have voted
Spokane the Belllngham franchise for
the circuit and the team will play Its
first game In Spokane on July IS.
Contract-Jumpers Win Case.
PITTSBURG. July 6. Judge Weiss
today dissolved the temporary injunction
granted by the County Court restraining
Pitcher Wiltce and Outfielder Hayden
from playing with the "York Trl-State
League. The two players Jumped their
Baltimore contracts.
Defeat Belgians In Final Heat Eton
Wins Ladles' Plate.
LONDON. July 6. The Leanders, who
yesterday defeated the Vespers, of Phila
delphia, by a length, today won the final
heat in the contest for the .grand chal
lenge cup, defeating the Belgian crew by
two and a half lengths In the pplrndld
time of C:55. This Is five seconds bettor
than yesterday, and Is- only five seconds
outride of the record.
Eton again carried off th ladies' plate,
defeating Christ's College. Cambridge,
by a length. Time, 7 minutes 12 seconds
Says He Can Win the Pennant In a
Good, Live Baseball Town,
Such as This.
OAKLAND. Cal., July C. (Special.)
.fete Lohman has said good-bye to Oak
land forever. He left at 5:30 o'clock this
afternoon on the Owl for Los 'Angeles
his home. It has been recently stated
that Lohman was to purchase an Interest
In .the Portland team, and he confirms
the statement. He states that next year
he will own a one-third Interest In the
club and Judge McCredle and his brother
dividing two-thirds between them. He
said further:
"I believe Portland Is a good, live base
ball town, and with the money which
they will allow me to spend. I feel confi
dent that we will have a pennant-winning
Lohman Is about 40 years old and came
to Oakland In 1891 and the very next
year produced a team that won the cham
pionship of the Pacific Coast League.
Totals 33 2 7 20
Dashwood out. buntlns third strike.
Seattle .
Hits .
Hits ..
...0 0 0 1
...0 0 12
...0 0 10
...0 1 2 1
0 0
0 1
0 1
0 2
0 1
0- 4
0 2
0- 7
Earned runs Seattle, 1; Portland. 1.
Two-base hits Frary. Cates, Schlafly, Mc
Lean and Runkle.
Three-base htt Kane.
Sacrifice hits Houtz and Van Buren.
Stolen base Schlafly.
Struck out By Roach. 2: by Corbett, 3.
Passed balls Dashwood. 2.
Left on bases Seattle. 5; Portland. 5.
Time of came Two hours.
Umpire Bray.
Philadelphia 2, Boston 0.
BOSTON. July 6. Corrldon pitched a
good gamexfor Philadelphia and won
additional applause by his fearless
handling of hard-hit drives. Young
was also effective. Score:
R. H. E. R. H. E.
Phlladel ...2 7 0Boston 0 5 1
Batteries Corridon and Dooin;
loung and Moran.
Umpire Klem.
Mixed Events Will Xot Be on Pro
grammes Hereafter.
Under a new set of rules of the Multno
mah Rod and Gun Club, and the Sports
men's Association of the Northwest.
which have been drafted by a special com
mittee, mixed events will be abrogated
from the programme In future events.
The committee, consisting of W. F.
Sheard. of Tacoma; T. B. Ware, of Spo
kane: J. P. Holohan, of Wallace. Idaho;
E. E. Ellis, of Seattle, and Abrams of
Portland, has decided that In all shoots
conducted by the association nothing but
20-bird events will be held.
Under the old system of mixed events
targets consisted of 10, 15, 20 and 25 birds.
It was often necessary to have one squad
shooting In different events at the same
time, thus mixing up the programme and
delaying others, who had entered for spe
cial events. Many of the shooters, be
coming disgusted at the long waits, took
down their money, causing the rearrange
ment of many squads.
The season for the Multnomah Rod and
Gun Club has practically been finished.
The next shoot of Importance, before the
Interstate shoot which will be held In San
Francisco. September 12, 13, 14 and 15. will
be a cracker event at Medford. Or., at
which 1500 added money will be put up
for Oregon shotgun men. The meet will
be held September S.
The interstate meet at San Francisco
will be the largest that has yet been held
on the Coast, and will attract shooters
from all parts of the Northwest and Cal
ifornia. It is expected that more than
500 entries will be made.
Miss Sutton Has Now Only to
Face Miss Douglas.
American Tennis Champion Defeats
Kentish Champion for Honors
of AH England After a
Hard-Fought Battle.
LONDON. July 6. Miss May Sutton, of
Pasadena. Cal., today emerged victorious
from the big entry for the premier ladles'
tennis honor of all-England, defeating
by consistent work throughout all the
aspirants for the championship now held
by Miss Douglas, who on Saturday next
will meet Miss Sutton. A battle royal Is
expected, as the Englishwoman Is a re
markably fast player and a good general,
while Miss Sutton throughout the tourna
ment exhibited form never equaled a
That Miss Sutton's triumph Is most pop
ular was shown when she defeated In
two straight sets Miss C. Wilson, who
played beautiful tennis and only suc
cumbed after a hard fight. The specta
tors rose In a body and cheered the young
woman again and again.
MIfs Sutton defeated Miss Wilson, the
champion of Kent. 6-3. S-6.
Today's match proved to be the hardest
Miss Sutton had yet struck. There were
four deuce games In both sets. The
American was tired at the commence
ment of the second set. and the Kentish
champion seemed to be winning, when
Miss Sutton rallied and ultimately won.
She played a magnificent back-line game,
and her drives kept her opponent from
getting near the net.
In the ladles' open doubles. Misses
Thomson and Longhurst beat Misses Sut
ton and Morton, 6-3, 6-3.
In the doubles today the Britishers,
Smith and Frank Lcysley. defeated the
Australians, Norman Brooks and Walter
Dunlop. thus eliminating all but English
men from the men's all-England championship.
Cincinnati 6, St. Louis 1.
CINCINNATI, July C Brown was hit
Hard in the first inning when the Cin
clnnatls scored enough runs to win the
game, Lwlng was hit very little after
the first inning, not a man reaching
intra; attendance joo. score:
R.H.E. R.H.E,
Cincinnati 6 9 2JSt. Louis ...1 7 :
Batteries Ewlng and Street; Brown
and Zearfoss.
Umpire Bauswlne.
Xew York 8, Brooklyn 1.
NEW YORK. July 6. New York eas
ily won from Brooklyn today, taking
a commanding lead in the first inning,
Aiicnaance 5uu. score:
R- H. E. R. H. E.
New York S 11 OjBrooklyn . . 1 3 4
Batteries Wiltse and Bowerman;
.ason and Bergen.
Umpire Johnstone.
Pittsburg 5, Chicago 2.
CHICAGO, July 6. The Plttsburgs'
fielding was ragged today, but by hard
hitting they won easily. Attendance
4300. Score:
R. H. E.
Chicago ...2 7 2jPlttsburg
Batteries Reulbach and
Phllllppl and Carlsch.
Umpire O'Day.
R.H. E.
.5 11 6
Detroit 4, St. Louis 3.
DETROIT, July 6. Detroit won the
worst-played game of the season from
St. Louis today in the ninth inning.
Both pitchers were effective, but poor
ly supported. Attendance 2100. Score:
R. H. E.l R.'H. E.I
5 3
hofl and Roth
Detroit ....4 6 6Bt. Louis 3
Batteries Killlan and Doran:
Philadelphia 7, Boston 4.
PHILADELPHIA. July 6. Hard hit
ting enabled Philadelphia to win a
well-played game from Boston today.
Attendance 5300. Score:
R. H. E.! R. H. E.
Boston 4 11 lPhUadel ...7 11 1
Batteries Winters, Tannehill and
McGovern; Coakley and Schreck.
Chicago 7, Cleveland 2.
CLEVELAND, July 6. Chicago de
feated Cleveland today, the two teams
being again tied for first place. Bern
hard pitched a strong game, but Dona
hue's home run with two men on bases
Seventh Regiment Tire Points Ahead
at Short Ranges. "
BISLEY. England, July 6. The Ameri
can team of riflemen from the Seventh
Regiment, of New York, was 5 points to
the good after remarkably close shooting
at the 500 and 603-yard ranges on the first
day of the contest for Sir Howard Vin
cent's shield, against the Queen's West
minster Volunteers. The teams each fired
15 shots at each range. This lead was
secured at the 500-yard ranges, the score
at COO yards being even at 360.
Captain Robert McLean said to a repre
sentative of the Associated Press that he
was satisfied with the result, and was
confident that the team would be able to
hold Us own at the long ranges of SCO and
100) yards. When the Americans left the
500-yard range with a five-point lead they
received a round of hearty cheers from
the onlookers. The Americans made 9
and the Westminsters 45 bullseyes at the
500-yard range.
The competition was one of the closest
ever witnessed at BIsley, and the keenest
interest was taken In It as the day's
shooting was closing. Tho Westminsters
fired quicker than the marksmen of the
Seventh, and finished 15 minutes before
the Americans. Becchus. one of tho
Westminster Reserves, led the scoring.
At 600 yards he scored 11 bullseyes and
four Inners. being but four short of the
possible score. Stevens, of the Seventh.
at 500 yards hit the bullseye 12 times, but
ne naa two inners and one magpie at GO),
and his score fell to 69. snolllnsr n cood
beginning. The next highest to Becchus
for the Westminsters was Mansfield, also
a reserve man. Crall led the Seventh
with 131.
After the shooting the teams were en
tertained at tea by tho Westminsters, the
latter s Dand playing during the func
day the Princess of Wales stakes were
won by St. Denis, ridden by Maher. the
American Jockey. Exchequer was second
and Lancashire third. Nine horses start
ed. Martin (American) rode Exchequer.
At St. Louis.
ST. LOUIS, July 6. Delmar Park race
Four and one-half furlong Mae Lynch
won. Mildred Grift cond. Hand)- Mlas third.
Time. :K.
Seven furlonp Cardena. won. Thank Heaven
frcond. Chrlstelle third. Time, 1:32 2-5.
Four and one-half furlong Mrs. Murray
won. Caroline TV. cecond. Katnerine- L. third.
Time, :rS.
Six furlong Tyrolean won. Sorreltop sec
ond, Dobble May third. Time. 1:16 2-3.
Seven furlong! Eleanor Howard won. Flora
Levy second, Emma Meyer third. Time.
1:31 2-5.
One' mile RestofT won. Asadarco aecoad.
Wakeful third. Time. 1:45.
Wrldgvvay AVI II Try for Record.
NEW YORK. July 6. At 2 A. M. today
C. G. Wrldgway. former holder of the
1000-mile record, left here in his 24-horse-powcr
automobile in an attempt to make
a new non-stop record between this city
and Cleveland. Wr!dsrwv In thm aamn
car. recently covered 1000 miles at the
ungnton ueacn tracK m zo nours. cO mln-
iifpe. xchlrh KtnnA nn a rffnrrt until rSt,.
" UJ
Vaughn's record-breaking flight at the
Empire City track ten days ago.
AVII! Xot Race AVIthout Betting.
INDIANAPOLIS. July 6. The harness
meeting which was to have been held
here the week of August S. has been
abandoned because of the attitude of the
authorities relative to bookmaking.
Bout Xear Aberdeen Not a Prizefight,
Declare Prominent Men AVho
AVcrc Present.
ABERDEEN. Wash.. July 6. (Special.)
Justice Fox. before whom the examina
tion Into the charge of manslaughter pre
ferred against Jack Donnelly was held
this afternoon, discharged the prisoner,
finding the evidence did not sustain the
allegation of the state that Donnelly
killed Ross in the mill at Electric Park
the night of July 3. There was a for
midable array of witnesses, all spectators
of the contest between the two men.
They were: State Representative Bcnn.
President Bowes, of the Chamber or
Commerce: John R. Lewis, ex-president
of the State Bank of Aberdeen; Council
man John Anderson. ex-Councilman
Morgan, Manager Crary, of the Gray's
Harbor Electric Road; United States
Deputy Collector Hood. Dr. Campbell, of
Hoqulam. who was a witness of the
match, and also the Coroner who held the
autopsy; ex-Mayor Anstio and others
quite as prominent.
The testimony went to show that Ross
and Donnelly simply engaged In a boxing
contest for points and that Ross acci
dentally fell In the 15th round and struck
his head on the ground and nt no time
had he received sufficient punishment to
have caused death. The only blood spilled
was In the seventh round, when Ross'
lower Hp was cut. The physicians were
tunable to give the exact cause of the
hemorrhage of the brain, but Intimated
that It was probably caused by the fall
and not from any punishment Inflicted
by Donnelly, the men seeming entirely
friendly throughout.
All the police officers of Aberdeen and
Hoqulam who were present testified that
It was a boxing match and not a prize
fight, and that there was no violation of
the state law In regard to prizefighting.
Donnelly was congratulated on the out
come of the examination by his friends
Chief of Police Carter received a dis
patch this afternoon from Mrs. Ross.
saying she was on her way here from
Portland. The funeral of Ross will take
place tomorrow.
Science Is Discarded and Men Fight
20 Rounds With Xo Decision. .
DAWSON. Y. T.. July 6. Philadelphia
Jack O'Brien and "Twin" Sullivan fought
20 fierce rounds to a draw here the night
of July 4. No other decision could hove
been given, for both men were- put down
for the count in the last round, and it was
a give-and-take affair, with science
thrown to the winds, the men fighting
blindly, hoping to land the lucky punch
The men agreed to a clean break, and
thvtt hindered Sullivan, for he Is essen
tially an inflghter. nnA he was made to
look slow and awkward by the shifty
O'Brien In the early rounds of the fight.
O'Brien had the science ajid Sullivan had
the staying qualities. Sullivan played con
stantly for O'Brien's stomach, and though
Jack blocked most of the smashes, a few
got through with crushing force.
They came up for the last round consid
erably slowed up. O'Brien landed a snap
py punch and Sullivan went down. He
took the count and came up fairly strong,
and almost Immediately he drove one of
those wicked rights to the body and Jack j
ten. ii seemed to be all ofT with him. but
he. struggled gamely to his feet and stalled
through the round.
The men agreed to fight again In Au
gust. Sullivan has Issued a challenge to
fight any 154-pound man In the world.
Bowling 3Iatches Played.
The Bakers defeated the Golden West
team bowling, two out of three, on the
Oregon alleys yesterday evening, with
the following scores:
uaie 128
E. Clossett J65
Flood 173
Rich ir.s
Keating n
Totals SO0
McMcnomy 1R5
Hyfmlth ICO
RoReburgh 16C
Roberts jos
Ti Clossett no
Totals TBS
The alley record for two
made last night, when R. Case rolled
266 and H. W. Pollock 222. a total of 4 SR.
Brill and Steele, the champion bowlers
of the United States, who are touring the
states, will arrive In Portland tonight,
and will bowl a match with Keating and
Ball on Saturday at 8:30 P. M.
19S 151
1S6 17'J
100 134
183 mo
131 1C7
SS4 S12
174 14S
127 102
11G IK!
194 13S
147 158
758 S2S
men was
Results of Day's Chess Games.
OSTEND, July 6. In the chess tourna
ment today. Janowski defeated Black
burn. Telchmann defeated Leonhardt. 1
jviaroczy defeated Tarrasch, Marco de
feated Tschlgorln; Burn and Tauben
haus drew. Marshall and Wolf and
Schlecter and Alapln adjourned their
They Will Take Place at the Expo
sition Stadium.
Pentathlon events, for which the Y. M,
C. A. has been making arrangements for
some time, will take place In Portland
July 11. at the Lewis and Clark Stadium,
all entries for the five events being re
ceived by Director of Athletics of the Y.
M. C. A. Rabbet. The Pentathlon will In
elude the 100-yard dash, throwing the 20-
pound hammer, running high Jump, pole
vault and one-mllo run. All entries re
ceived are from the Portland. Seattle and
Los Angeles Y. M. C. A. teams. From
showings made by those entered. Los An
geles appears to have the strongest team
Parsons, who 1b probably the best man
In running events In the South, will be
onierert ny the I-os Angeles Y. M. C. A.
Parsons has done the 100 vards In 0:10 flat
the 220 m 0:22.1. and the 440 In 0:50.1. The
southern team also has two men that
have run the 100 In 0:10 2-5.
Seattle and Portland will be represented
by the best material that can be procured
but the local team, unless new men are
brought forth before the games, will be
weak In a majority of the events.
In other events held under the auspices
of the A. L. N. A., however. Portland
stands an excellent chance. Julv 12. In
the afternoon, basket-ball and gymnastic
events will be held, and July 13 the
scratch athletic events will be held. Un
der the A. L. N. A.. Los Angeles has
entered nine men. Seattle seven. Tacoma
four. Chicago on" and Portland ten. Dr.
Fisher, head of the A. L. X. A., will be
here to referee the events.
At Brighton Beach.
NEW YORK, July 6. Brighton Beach
race results:
Sir furlong Brookdale Nrmph won. Mer
rick yecond. Devil Tree third. Time. 1:14 1-3.
Mil and one-sixteenth Major Dalngerfleld
won. Action second, Liberia third. Time.
1:47 1-5.
Sir furlongj-Dru!d woiv Dreamer wcond.
Hanieerra third. Time. 1:12 2-5.
The Jamaica Staler. Mx furlongs Nannie
Hodge won. Geranium second. King Pepper
third. Time. 1:13 1-5.
Mile and one furlong St. RelUne won. Mon
Fleur Beaucalre second, Abdell third. Time.
Five and one-half fur!ong-Sly Ben won.
Snow second. Quorum third. Time, l:0S3-3.
At Seattle.
SEATTLE. July 6. Results of races:
Four and one-half fur!ong Bellona won.
Smller (-econd. Irabeau third. Time, :55ta.
Flvf furlongs Lady Nlnora won. Grenore
second. Bill Short third. Time. 1:C2H.
Sir and one-half furlongs The Pride won,
Dotterell second. Matt Hogan third. Time
Seven furlong J. H. Bennett won. Gold
Finder second. Dandle Belle third. Time
Seven furlongs IVhlricey King won. Sea
Air second. Blissful third. Time. 1:2C;.
One mile Uberto won. Hogarth second.
Expedient third. Time, 1:40&
American Jockey on AVinncr.
LONDON, July 6. At Newmarket to-
From Los Angeles by Auto.
One of the Interesting tours by automo
bile began Monday when H. G. Bemis
and his son Harry, starter from Los
Angeles In their Elmore Pathfinder car
for their two months' tour to Portland
and through Oregon.
Mr. Bcmls and son have taken off their
tonncau and placed a big trunk on behind
to carry their luggage In. consisting of
guns, fishing tackle and everything that
can be needed on a two months' trip of
this kind. Mr. Bemls thinks he has about
the Ideal outfit, and will start today at
noon, going north along the coast to San
Francisco, and then on through Grant's
Pass and Oregon; and. after visiting the
Portland Exposition, will tour through the
Northwest, hunting, fishing and camping
an along tne way.
Mr. Bemls feels so certain that he has
an Ideal camping arrangement that he Is
willing tn give anybody a jr. gold piece
wno can suggest any improvement to his
extensive outfit.
AVant Sysonhy to Race Cicero.
NEW A'ORK. July 6. Since Sysonby'a
victory in the Lawrence realization
stakes, enthusiastic ladmlrers of the
Keene horse, accepted as the greatest
3-ycar-old of the American turf, have ex
pressed the hope that a meeting might be
arranged between the colt and Cicero.
winner of the Epsom Derby, and star of
ni? race in England.
However, racing men assert that
there Is little likelihood of such a race,
as Sysonby undoubtedly will be kept busy
in this countrv thin Summer anH "E-n
with the prospect of being able to earn
vastly more money than he could nnui.
bly earn In England In any stakes in
wnicn ne mignt oe entered now.
Scliacfcr Defeated by Splnks.
SAN FRANCISCO. July 6. Jake Schao
fer. the "Wizard." and recognized as the
billiard champion of the world, was beat
en last night here by W. A. Splnks. He
defeated Schaefer at ls-lnch balk-line by
a score of -tOO to 36S at Morlev'n narlnr.
Schaefer was not playing up to form by
any means, his nign run was E2. The
ppectators were disappointed at his show
ing, but they were much elated by
t pinks victory. Splnks also did not play
to form.
AVII1 Play Cricket.
An Interesting game of cricket Is ex
pected tomorrow afternoon about 3
o'clock at the grounds of the Portland
Cricket Club. East Thirty-ninth and Bel
mont streets, when the Portlands will
face an eleven of British sailors from the
ship "Sandhurst." captained by Rev. A
E. Bernays-. The sailors have many ex
perienced players among them and It l?
expected that they will give the local
players all they can do to win. The
grounds can be reached by boarding
bunnyslde cars.
Handball Tournament.
In the soft handball tournament at the
Multnomah Club last night Watklns beat
Thompsln 21-14 and 21-19. Dunne de
feated Jones 21-4 and 21-7.
Athletic Team From Seattle.
SEATTLE. Wash., July 6. (Special.)
The Seattle track team that will com
pete In Portland Friday and Saturday
left tonlcht. The team, renresentlner
the Seattle Athletic Club. Includes:
Captain Dick Huntoon. Harris and VT.
Coyle, who will enter the quarter and
- t h
Here's your chance to get' a dashing, stylish, cushion-tire
rig at an irresistible price. We obtained a considerable num
ber of these nobby wagons under conditions which enable us
to make this sweeping reduction.
You who are judges of vehicles, read this description and
say whether this rig is not high class and an amazing bargain:
CUSHION TIRES Not solid rubber,
but the latest wrinkle in ij-inch reversible,
resilient rubber hollow cushions; last long
est and ride easiest.
color; took 30 days to apply, dry and polish
the six coats of paint, oil and varnish; will
hold lustre indefinitely.
light, seasoned poplar so as not to shrink,
warp or check; piano finish; sanitary, open
bottom spring Seat cushion.
1000-MILE AXLES Self-oiling and
dustproof; high Roman arch with patent
fifth wheel, so axles are not weakened by
shape; doesnt crack or warp.
in wheels, shafts and gearing, double braced.
RUBBER CARPET full length; rubber
oil; no holes bored in 'em; no binding or
There's nothing about this rig to rattle or squeak.
See one of them in our Morrison-Street window (near the bridge) ; also in Front street
window, just south of Morrison. Then come in and ask more about it. This is the kind of a
bargain worth waiting a year for; snap it up now you have the chance. .
half mile runs; Grant and Dohm. pole
vault and Jumps: Tom McDonald and
Alex Gardner, weights: Lawrence, dis
cus throw, and Iko Dow.l and Brackett,
In the hurdles: Adnms in the mile run.
Ralls for Crater Inkc Hoad.
MEDFORD. O.. July 6. (Special.)
Dr. J. M. Keene. secretary of the MeJ
forl & Crater Lake Railroad Company,
returned from Portland this noon.
While In Portland In company with A.
A. Davis, prealdent.'and the Fee Bros.,
who are heavy stockholders in the
road, he completed tho purchase of
rails and fixtures from the Southern
Pacific Company for the road as far as
Eagle Point. The steel for the siding,
where tho Medford & Crater Lake
Railroad Joins the main line of the
Southern Pacific line, will bo laid at
once and then will commence the de
livery of the steel and material for
the construction of the road without
Dr. Keene says they will be laying
steel within 30 days ami the road will
be completed as soon as possible. When
asked regarding the construction of
the road beyond Eagle Point, about 12
miles from Medford. he said grading
would be pushed right along, but the
policy for extending the road had not
been fully decided upon.
Fire Starts In Early Mbmlng.
LEWISTON. Idaho. July 6. (Special.)
Fire which started in the Owl Cafe at 4
o'clock this morning did damage amount
ing to about J2S.0O). covered by one-third
Insurance. Following are the losses:
J. Q. Moxley, brick building and drug
store, loss $700. fully covered: Ben Gruhs
& Co.. O. R. & X. saloon, loss 5400O. par
tially Insured: saloon building owned by
H. Squler. loss J1S00. no Insurance: A. O.
Staab. restaurant, loss $150, Insurance $275;
J. O. Moxley, frame building. loss $S00. no
Insurance; P. Quarles. Owl Cafe, loss $1000.
Insurance430: R. L. Latimer, Owl saloon,
loss $3000. Insurance $1000: J. M. Fix. two
frame buildings, loss $2S0O. Insurance $1030: '
S. A. Copplnger, fruitstore, loss $500, no
Insurance: J. M. Fix, general merchan
dise, loss $10,000, Insurance $1000: Scully
brick building, los3 $250, fully covered; S.
Wlldenthaler. brick, loss $350, fully cov--ered;
C. Farrell, brick, loss $250. fully cov
ered; Clark Sisters, frame, loss $250. fully
covered; L. C. Neal, brick, los3 $100, cov
ered. Complains of Losses at Gambling.
OREGON' CITY. Or.. July 8. (Special.)
Tom. a well-known Chinese of this city;
today complained to the authorities that
during the last two nights he had lost $55
playing "21" In resorts in this city. He
demands the return of his money.
The gambling situation remains un
changed In this city. When games were
resumed In this city last Saturday, an
nouncement was made that the thin?
would not be tolerated after the firemen's
tournament, which was concluded yester
day. Mayor Sommer Is In San Francisco,
but games were running today as they
have been conducted during the last few.
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WHITE CLOVER CARTON, the only Butter on the Pacific Coast protect
ing its consumers in this important matter.
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