Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, June 06, 1905, SECOND EDITION, Page 4, Image 4

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cruiser Variag was raided one, but
an accident occurred and the vessel slid
down in a deeper positioh than "where
she was sunk by the Russians in the
battle of Chemulpo. She was after
ward raised a second time. The Ko
rletz was found to be not worth rais
street and Ashland avenue. When
found by the police he was insensible,
and was bleeding from a wound in the
head. He was taken to a hospital,
where it was found that several of
his ribs were broken. He will prob
ably die.
Maury Forest Reserve Created
by President.
Tract .in Crook County "Will -Protect
"Watershed for Irrigation En
gineer Xewell .Starts on In
spcction of Work.
lngton. June 3. President Roosevelt has
signed a proclamation creating the Maury
forest reserve, in Oregon. It is located
in Crook County, between the Great San
dy Desert and the western extension of
the proposed Blue Mountain reserve. The
original withdrawal for the reserve was
62.4M) acres, but on recommendation of the
Forestry Bureau this area was reduced
to 51,360 acres, which were embraced in
the President's proclamation.
The forestry officers say the chief value
of the reserve is the protection of water
sheds of great importance for irrigation
Purpose of Newell's Trip Through
Western States.
ington, June 5. Chief Engineer Newell, of
the Reclamation Service, left Washington
today for the West on an Inspection trip
of all irrigation projects now under way
and proposed. He will first go Into Okla
homa and Kansas, thence to Nevada to
witness the opening of the Truckee-Car-son
canal, thence to California, working
has way north Into Oregon. Washington,
Idaho, Colorado and Utah. He expects to
be In the Far Northwest early In July.
Will Pump Water at Minidoka.
ington, June 5. The engineer in charge of
the Minidoka irrigation project in Idaho
has been authorized to purchase a gaso
line engine for raising water for the use
of the office force and settlers In the
vicinity of the middle townsite for the
project. It is probable that headquarters
will be maintained at this point for at
least' two, years, and, while an abundant
water supply apparently exists at a depth
of about -100 feet, present facilities for
bringing It to the surface seem to be in
adequate. New Commandant at Bremerton.
ington, June 5. It was announced at the
Navy Department today that Commander
V. L. Cotton, now on duty at Mare Isl
and, Cal., is to be detailed for' duty as
commander of the Bremerton, Wash.,
navy-yard, to succeed Captain Bleeoker,
ordered to command the cruiser Colum
bia. New Washington Postmasters.
ington, June 5. Washington postmasters
were appointed today as follows:
Mayvlew, Garfield County, Bolle Curtis,
Mce Hiram Dickson, resigned: Proebstel.
Clark County, J. S. Paynter, vice Andrew
J Helms, removed.
(Continued from First, race.)
board the three cruisers at Manila, but
asserts that no report from Rear-Admiral
Nebogatoff has yet been received.
Survivor of Cruiser Ural Tells of
Havoc It Wrought.
TOKIO. June 5. A survivor of the
cruiser Ural, who is a brother of the
chief editor of the Russ and apparently
as well .educated, aid:
"The second and third squadrons joined
at the Island of Koh Tron, oft the coast
of French Indo-Chlna. Our Admiral knew
that Corea Strait was strongly guarded,
but, should a Pacific route have been fol
lowed, a neutral port would not have been
available In case of disaster, so it was
determined to rlpk the Tsushima route.
Nothing Important pecurred till daylight
of the morning of May 27. except the ap
pearance occasionally of Japanese ships
far out on the horizon.
"Our ship advanced in five rows, the
Jemtchug independent on the right ex
tremity, the second-class battleships in
single line formation In the second row,
the cruisers in the third, the Ural bring
ing up the rear apd the first-class battle
ships In the fourth row with the Souvaroff
leading and the Icumrud Independent on
the left extremity. Entering Tsushima,
the formation of our battleships- turned
slightly to the starboard for the purpose
of protecting our cruisers.
"When three Japanese ships were first
righted, we fired, but ihe enemy's ships
were beyond range. Suddenly four Jap
anese battleships and some cruisers ap
peared on the scene, sending in an inces
sant. vigorous fire, which proved very
effective, and we were nearly thrown Into
confusion. Steering northeast we found
ourselves gradually pressed towards
Oklno Island. To force the passage north
was Impossible.
"The Ural wa hit on the starboard side
by a 12-inch shell, which penetrated and
burst In the englneroom, smashing eyery
thlng and causing the funnel and the
masts, to fall down. Owing to the shock
the deck also was rent asunder In many
places. The flesh and bones of 500 men
killed were scattered In every direction.
The horror of the scene Is beyond descrip
tion. The Ural sank at 6 o'clock in the
The narrator and 33 other Russians
drifted to the coast off the Province of
Nagato after 16 hours of exposure at sea.
British Steamer Captain Reveals New
Point About Battle.
VICTORIA. June 5. Captain . Mc
Kechnle, of the British steamer Ilford.
which carried a thousand Corean cool
ies to Salinas Crux, and came here
seeking a cargo, said today that -when
Togos warships jrave battle to the Rus
sian fleet, every Japanese vessel had
been fitted with new guns to replace
those used in the earlier part of the
war. Captain McKechnle says that he
carried thirty 30-ton naval guns made
by the Armstrongs, as. -well as 500
tons of cordite and j.wo torpedoboats
In sections to Kure from England, and
he knew of over x dozen steamers
which carried naval guns and explo
sives from England to Japan.
Captain-McICechnle says that "the
Togo and RoJcstvensky Exchange
Compliments on Their Valor.
LONDON. June 6. The Sasdbo corre
spondent of the Daily Telegraph sends the
text of the interview between Vice.-Admiral
Togo and Vlce-Admlral Rojestvcn
sky. The Japanese Admiral said:
"Although such things usually happen In
battle. I am orry you are wounded. The
conveniences at this hospital, unfortu
nately, are not the best In Japan, for
which I am sorry. I hope you will soon
recover and be able to return to your
country. I praise your valor."
Admiral Rojestvensky said:
"I thank you deeply. I greatly admire
the strength of your fleet, and deem It an
honor to have been wounded by so power
ful an adversary. Moreover, I deem it a
great honor to receive a call from your
good self, and I congratulate you upon'
commanding such a faultless fleet. I pray
for your health."
The correspondent says the conversation
on both sides was conducted in broken
Russia Abandons Hope of Becoming
Supreme at Sea.
HAMBURG, June 5. News has reached
here from Libau that German .seamen
who were employed there for service with
the fourth Russian squadron, when it was
Intended to send !t4o the Far East, have
received order to return home, as their
contract has been cancelled by recent
This Is considered proof that Russia has
definitely abandoned further efforts to
wrest the sea power from Japan.
Russian Vessels Stop Merchant
Steamers in China Sea.
HONG KONG. June 6. Vessels of the
Russian volunteer fleet are overhauling
merchantmen in the waters northeast of
this port, according to a report made by
the British steamer Ping Suey. which ar
rived here today. The commander of the
Ping Suey says lie saw four stoamors over
hauled 50 miles from here by two volun
teer fleet steamers.
Japanese Squadron Off Shanghai.
SHANGHAI, June 5. The flagship Tokl
wa, under Vlce-Admlral Uriu, and the
cruisers Nanlawa and Takachino and the
destroyers Murasame and Sazanami have
arrived oft Gutzlan Island. Hangchow
Bay. More cruisers are expected.
Vlce-Admlral Urlu came from the Tsu
Islands, around Formosa, looking for Rus
sian vessels. During the battle of the
Sea of Japan a shell passed through the
Tokiwa's aft, but did not explode.
Rojestven sky's Condition Good.
TOKIO. June 5. (2:30 P. M.) The chief
surgeon of the Sasebo naval hospital re
ports that Admiral Rojcstvensky's condi
tion is favorable. HI? pulse and tempera
ture continue normal. There Is no sign
of brain complications. On the Inside of
the right thigh there Is a bruins as large
as the palm of the hand and also a
pierced wound In the left foot. There are
no signs of pus.
Captive. Japanese Sealers.
HARBIN. Manchuria, June 5. The
crews of five Japanese sealing scnoon
ers, numbering 60 men and IncluJIng
six American, have arrived here. They
wero captured by Russian torpedo
boats while poaching- near Odima Is
land. May Raise Threes Sunken Ships.
TOKIO. June S. The Russian cruisers
Admiral Nakhlmoff, Vladimir Monomach
and Dmitri Donpkoi having mink In com
paratively shallow water, it is possible,
to raise them.
Russian. Cruisers at Sen.
TSINGTAU. June 5. It is reported
that four Russian auxiliary cruisers
and one large cruiser were seen near
Somatow on June 4.
Portland Man Gets Windfall From
Rich Boston Relative.
BOSTON. Mass., June 6. Special.)
Over $$00,000 is disposed of in the will pro
bated today of the late Lyman F.
Rhoades, a retired Boston leather mer
chant. Among the bequests Are two of
13000 each to Frank D. Rhoades. of Port
land, Or., and Lewis Rhoades. of San
Jose. Cal., with 'similar amounts to rela
tives of the same name In Bar a boo and
River Falls. Wis., and numerous New
England relatives.
The nearer relatives get J200.000 and
J100.O00 each, while J100.0DO is left to
President Would Like to Carry Out
Bcrcsford's Idea.
WASHINGTON. June S. Naval men
here are greatly Interested In the sug
gestion made by Lord Charles Bercsford
that the United States and Great Britain
unite In Joint maneuvers in which would
be engaged the great battleships of the
two nations. The 'Idea, meets with con
siderable favor, though Its practicabil
ity at present is doubted.
President Roosevelt would like well to
see the Idea, carried out, and It is under
stood he is giving It serious considera
Sensation Promised Europe Within
Few Days.
LONDON. June S. The Copenhagen
correspondent of the "Dally Telegraph
"It la believed here that Norway In
tends to establish a republic, and that
important events may be expected within
a few days."
Rich Man Dies in Bath Tub.
LOS-ANGELES. June 5. Lee W. Foster,
a wealths' resident of this city and for
merly a wholesale grocer and capitalist
of Butte, Mont, and one of the pioneer
businessmen of that state, was found
dead in the bathtub at his home "here this
evening. His death had been caused by
a stroke of apoplexy. He was S years
of age and leaves a family. His fortune
Id estimated at about J35D.OO0. He came to
Los Angeles and retired from active busi
ness . ten years ago.
Take JSerfrtS' AcM rkovpkmie
It atitnulite branny livr cUvlty. rt
llerti eonrtipatlon, tick fceidache and mi
Judge Grosscup Asserts Rights of
Labor Leaders to Refuse Testi
mony Young Arrested for
Libeling- Thome.
CHICAGO. June 5. Cornelius Shea,
president of th"e International Brother
hood of Teamsters and leader in the
strike wnlch has existed In Chicago
for the past two months, was arrested
and taken to Jail tonight. With him
on the Journey from the saloon in
which he was arrested to the office of
the Sheriff and then to the Jail was
Hugh McGee, president of the Truck- i
drivers Union. Both men were taken
Into custody on capiases Issued on In
dictments charging them with con
spiracy, which were voted by the grand
Jury that adjourned last Saturday
The teamsters made overtures to the
emploers tonight by asking- for a. con
ference, but failed to meet the require
ments of the 'attorneys of the Employ
ers Association. t
Albert Young, ex-president of .the
International Teamsters' Union, for
whom a warrant was Issued charging
feim with criminal libel In connection i
with assertions made that Robert J. j
Thorn, secretary of Montgomery,
i'!.r jt- i-f. Jurt tttrA Jld.edi to hftv-
a strike declared against the rival
house of Soar. Roebuck & Co.. was
arrested late this evening-. He was
taken before the Sheriff, where ne gave
? bond of 515.000 for his appearance
when wanted.
Right to Keep Silence.
A notable decision affecting- conspir
acy proceedings was mane today by
Judge Peter S. Grosscup In the United
States District Court. He declared that
the Jailing- of the two labor leaders.
Bernard Mulligan and John H. Dona
hue, for alleged contempt of court In
refusing to answer, questions possibly
Incriminating them was "extraordinary
proceedings." Judge Grosscup's opin
ion, on account of Its salient character
and widespread applicability, attracted
much attention. Mulligan and Dona
hue, who had been hclj in contempt
of court by Judge Kohlsaat for refusing-
to answer questions before Master
In Chancerv Sherman wnlcn tne ae-
fendants were especially
ordered by
Judge Kohlsaat to answer, were re
leased under $500 bonds by Judge
Grosscup and a supersedeas was Issued
stavlnir the Kohlsaat order following
application for a writ of error by the !
In giving the opinion upholding th'
right of silence. Judge Grosscup said
Judce GroMcup Decltlon.
Tr Cmttttutkn of the VtM4 Stat" pre-
XN IHfll in VWC -.-. I
a wtmrr ag-alns: hunfrtf- The riRfct f 4-
trace thus given was among the root eher- I
. . - trt rt
-1 eiurant at DUr f UMSIRMttal WW. 11
Is ene ot the. distinctive gnarant of Antl
Saxen civil liberty. It use eual rank with
thoe constitutional preMbUlos In law f
the Individual as slnt the that frb!4
the Impairment of contract or the taking f
property without due prec of law and a
etltut!aal guarantee caiHMt fee ferfelted.
In the promotion f law and ordr It must
not be overlooked, tor the promotion of law
and order mu not lUelf b UlfA.
The Inquiry before the cwt. when- thl"
constitutional right b Invoked, always Is:
"Is the protection arked for Mraply mak
to cover th witness dkdneHnailoa to aiMwor
the question or ir the protecttos aked tor
In good faith, to sfcteid the wMsm acalntt
being; made a witness agalaK himself In what
may become a criminal prosecution? la the
danger of Incrimination ssbsUntlal. or la It
moreir fanciful?"
Fact Which Might Incriminate.
The testimony taken tend to ttoow. among
other tWHgP. that permits were tawed br the
wntoan to drivers In the case of good that
were to be alleneS delivery, prctftmtabty In
order that good not under the protection of
sch permits ibouM net be attewed delivery.
Jfow. wWIe the Itnuanee of a permit or a per
sea'a connection with It Issuance or tifc. or
his connection with an Inrtnscttea not to pick
up r deliver tb sood of a certain house
may not, standing alone, be criminal, the
fact that permits were It seed and that certain
Instruct tone were given and sTccepted ra- be
come potent links la the chain of "evidence
that leads up to the crime of coarptrac); and
In the proof of rach links, were Mulligan and
Doaohae to be Indicted and put on trial for
conspiracy, the burden woM be upon .the
prosecution, without any bp by compulsory
con'rctlon of the defendants to ettabHsh the
existence of such links. So that, good faith
In the Invoking of this constitution! guar
antee being asmtmed. It lr at leaxt legally
discernible that MulHgan and Donohue might
properly, refuse to clv to th Government
proof of the facts Inquired Into, for the right
of ollcnce Is not coanned to tb lat step
In the proof of crime; It t sot a mere partial
right, but a complete right, and accrues the
moment a right of the defendant ! struck
that, if followed up. would eventually uncover
the wttnemf connection with the crime.
I cannot help but feel that in all probabil
ity Donohue and Mulligan la good faith stood
In fear that the testimony taken before the
master might be used against them before the
gran3 jury and might lead aa a link In the
chain to their Incrimination. Under euch a
prellmlnar) showing the eae should be fully
Investigated by the Court of Appeals befor
the sentence l carried to execution. The
Judgment of the Circuit Court In this cas
wilt be stayed upon Mulligan and Donohue'a
giving ball In the sura of 300 oach.
D'unnc Answers Critics.
Mayor Dune has replied to criticisms
of himself contained in a report of th
grand Jury. In a formal statement the.
Mayor asserts that the report Is grossly
unfair and unjust. Denial (s made to
the charge that the Mayor failed to
exert full authority. He says:
If the grand Jury means that I have failed
to call In the ml!i.!a. I answer that until I j
ran to get wagons tnreugn tne streets and
maintain law and order with tho police. J
have no right, legally or morally, to call for
the assistance-of the mllltla. I -do not Intend,
until It becomes necessary, to deal Chicago
and Its business Interests that hurtful bloK
The anlnrus behind the whole 'affair Is ap
parent. Over three weeks ago certain Inter
est In this city demanded that I call In the
mllltla. A ltuat!en under the law war
ranting such a call did net then and has not
since existed. I refuse to do so, and I -sill
refuse until It appears that sues a step Is
Immediately after his refusal to call
forthe mllltla, the Mayor asserts, he
was attacked "in the most virulent
manner." Continuing, he asys;
During the whole of the strike I have de
cided and acted upon all questions arising
during the controversy as though I were still
sluing on, tho bench, giving to each sido
what was Its legal right no more and no
less and my action In this zygxrd I submit
to the candid. Impartial consideration ot nay
fellow-citizens, having at heart tho inter
ests ot the whole people, without being
swerved from my course, by the cLunor from
either side..
Nonunion 3 Ian Slugged.
Nonunion men are still being- har
assed by sluggers. Albert Johnson, be
lieved to be a nonunion teamster, was
severely beaten today at Fourteenth
Strike Leader Arrested
Charge of Conspiracy.
Japan Has Raised Terms and Russia
Will Fight On.
LONDON, June 5. Accounts of Presi
dent Roosevelt's Interviews with Mr.
Takahlra. the Japanese Minister at Wash
ington. Count Casslnl, Baron Speck von
Sternberg- and other ambassadors', which
are alleged to have been along- the line of
efforts to bring mediation, are receiving
much attention here, but in diplomatic
circles It is not believed that they will
result in bringing peace. The belief Is firm
In all quarters that "Russia will refuse
them. Reports from Berlin. St. Peters
burg and Paris give not a single Indica
tion of peace.
At the Russian embassy It Is declared
that the war wil be continued and at the
Japanese embassy it is said there is no
expectation of a peace offer, while the
foreign office states that It does not know
of any movement toward peace.
As far as can "be ascertained, the British,
government' ha? made no attempt to
bring about Intervention.' although it un
doubtedly Is acquainted with the terms'
Japan will acceptNand Is in a position to
take up negotiations .with France, Rus
sia's ally, immediately, if such a move
ment will not meet with a rebuff. Among"
the many advocates of peace In the coun
try probably the most active Is Sir
Thomas Barclay, who was largely instru
mental In the powerful effort for media,
tlon between the .combatants a. few
months ago. He said to the Associated
"Three months ago the Japanese would
have agreed to these peace terms: F.lrst,
the evacuation of Manchuria by the Rus-
slans and its return to the control ot
mna unaer Japanese supervision: sec-
ond. a Japanese protectorate In Corea:
third, the surrender of the lease ot Port
Arthur and also the surrender of the Man
churian railway to International control
and the dismantling of the fortifications
ot Vladivostok. Since the naval battle.
nowever. u cevciops mat japan nas in
creased her demands to include terri
torial Indemnity, comprising Vladivostok
and probably the Island or Sakhalin. Rus
sia will never pay a money indemnity nor
will she sue for peace until she becomes
bankrupt. So long as she possesses funds
she will spend them on armaments."
Enraged Radicals and Rebels
Threaten Extreme Measures.
MOSCOW. June 6. 2:40 A. M. The
meeting- of the All-Russian Zcmstvo
Congress today, for which 245 dele
gates from various Zemstvos and mu
nicipalities, including- the Mayors ot
twenty-five cities, arrived here yester
day and at which it was proposed to
introduce resolutions calling- for the
Immediate cessation ot Hostilities, has
! been prohibited.
The order of prohibition, which ar
rived only late last night, has aroused
the greatest Indignation and resent
ment. Very many of the delegates are
determined to defy the government and
to proceed with the Congress, in which
case trouble may be expected. The
more radical of the delegates are pro
posing measures of an extreme type.
th nrob,blc developments todav.
, ' f
Delegates representing the Social
Revolutionaries and the "League of
T jz sir n 1 r In fh flfv ami an T
effort is being made among them to
agree on a basis for common action.
Russian Journalists Cruise on Steam
er to Pa; Reform Resolutions.
Union of Russian Journalists today
chartered a steamer and cruised in the
Neva for six hours so as to hold a
meeting free from p'ollce Interference.
The meeting passed a resolution de
manding a constiuent assembly and
hailing the advent of a Russion revo
Iabor 1CacIers Negotiate for Calling:
Out All Workmen.
ST. PETERSBURG, June 3. Labor
leaders are negotiating for the pur
pose of declaring a general strike next
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Rosen wald & Weil
W The Bast Hot Weather Medicine
Between. Underwriters
and Junk Dealers.
If Insurance Men Who Took Risk
Agree the Vessel .Will Be
Broken Up for Old
Again the fate of the wrecked steamer
Geo. W. Elder is up to the English under
writers. Captain MacFarlane Is awaiting
a cable from England before he announces
the decision. The question Is whether a
bid to raise the Elder and put her on the
drydock for the underwriters shall be ac
cepted or the bid of a Junk dealers' syndi
cate to buy the vessel for what phe is
worth be taken.
Anderson & Crowe put In the bid to
ralsa the Elder. Neither side will tell
what the amount of the bid was, but It Is
believed to be fairly low. W. Brannon.
representing Barde & Son. made the high
est bid for the Junk dealers, offering
about J3000.
Together with a number of other ship
ping men. Anderson & Crowe have always
maintained that Captain MacFarlane was
not trvlnr the rlcht methods In attcmpt-
I Injr to raise the Elder from the rock near
! Goblc. Probably J30.0CO has already been
; spent by the underwriters' In the repeated
attempts to get the vessel off the rock.
The Insurance hat already been turned
over to the owners, the San Francisco &
Portland Steamship Company.
Alliance Brings Last of Coos County
Exhibit for Fair.
Flanks cut from a tree 173 years old. but
showing not a sign of decay except at one
end. were brought from Coos Bay on the
steamer Alliance which arrived yesterday
morning. They are to form part of the
Coos County exhibit at the Fair. The
trunk from which th.e beautiful clear
white cedar planks were cut was found
prostrate on the ground. A tree six feet
In diameter, and showing by the rings
that it wa over 170 years old. had grown
upon the old trunk
Five tons of Coos
Bay coal, which will make a pyramid out
side the Coos County building, a fine col
lection of elk horns, and some bamboo
grown on the North Coos River were also
on the vessel. '
The Alliance will go down Wednesday
night, taking a quantity of logging ma
chinery among her cargo.
Hulk or llnyward Sold.
From one of the fastest and most
popular passenger boats of Puget
Sound and then ot the Columbia and
"Willamette Rivers, the old steamer
Emma Hay ward has fallen so-low that
yesterday she was sold by 'the Shaver
Transportation Company to James
Good, owner of the steamers America
and Republic, who will cut her hull into
two barges. The Hnyward was built
here in 1S71. and was taken to Puget
Sound, where she ran for several years.
Anna Coming for Orders.
It was. announced yesterday that the
German bark Anna, which left here Jan
uary 25 with lumber to Taku Bar. Japan,
wlir return to the Columbia River light
ship for orders. She has been at Taku
Bar since April 11. When she reaches the
Columbia she will probably be ordered to
come to Portland or to proceed to Puget
Sound. She Is now ready to sail.
Lumber Cargo for China.
Tomorrow the German ship Henriette
will leave down, loaded with 21.073 feet
of dressed and 1.S5.S73 feet ot rough lum
ber. Thl was taken on at the North Pa
cific mill, and will go to Tsingtau. China.
The Henriette has been here since March
19. and is. under charter to the Pacific
Export Lumber Company.
Leggctfs Raft Is Safe.
SAN FRANCSICO. June 5. The Fran
cis H. Legget arrived today from Stella,
Wash- having In tow the first big log
raft of the season.
Princeton Goes to Panama.
SAN FRANCISCO. June 5. The United
Slates- gunboat Princeton left the Mare
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Island. Navy-Tard this morning and is
now anchored -In San Francisco Bay pre
paratory to sailing for Panama. The
Princeton, which Is In charge of Captain
H. Sherman, goes to the Isthmus station
to relieve the monitor Wyoming, which
will then come North.
Marine Notes.
Loaded with lumber for San Fran
cisco, the steam schooner South Bay
left down last night.
The ,blg freighter Rapallo. which has
been loading lumber at the Inman
Poulsen mill. Is ready for sea.
The bark Tam O'Shanter was towed
up to the Inroan-Poulson mill last
night, coming from San Pedro for lum
ber. The Portland & Asiatic liner Numan
tla left out from Astoria yesterday aft
ernoon, bound for Japanese ports and
Hongkong with a light cargo.
The four-masted bark sighted off the
Columbia yesterday did not put in. but'
afterward stood out to sea. She- is
probably runlng up the coast to Cape
A. G. D. Kerrell. general passenger
acent of the San Francisco &. Portland
Steamship Company. Is In the city attend
ing the meeting of the transcontinental
passenger agents.
It Is reported by Taylor, Young & Co.
that the steamship Waddon. which is at
Port Townsend. was chartered yester
day to take lumber to the west coast
of South America, and will not load
here. '
The steamer F. A. Kllburn. for San
Francisco and way -porta left down last
night. On board were a number of pas-) The new Hotel Oregon, corner Seventh
sengers, MOO sacks of wheat for San Fran- ( and stark streets, has hot and cold run
cisco. and a quantity of general freight, nlng water and long-distance telephones
including 200 sacks of potatoes for Eureka, J In every room. ,
On the Afghanistan, which was rammed ; '
and sunk In the English Channel Satur- : ' BORN,
daj-. were 600 barrels of cement and 50 SWETT June 6, to the wife of Z. Swett, a
ton? ot potash salts, consigned to San son.
Nothing- is more offensive than an old sore liW&ItvUw
that refuses to heal. Patiently, day after day, it is treated and nursed, every
salve, powder, etc, that is heard of is tried, but does no good, until the very
sight of it grows offensive to the sufferer and he becomes disgusted and mor
bid. They are not only offensive, but dangerous, because the same germ
that produces cancerjpus ulcers is back of every old sore. The cause is in
the "blood and as long as it
remains the sore will be jn,:cafgo m blo?f P?lso f'
4.-1. j -; r the doctor told me I would have running sores for
there and continue to grow lifCj were dosed up result
orse and more destructive. Trould be fatah Tjnder this discouraging report r
The fact that thousands of left off their treatment and resorted to the use of
old sores have been cut out S. S. S. Its effects were prompt and gratifying!.
and even the bones scraped, It took only a short while for the medicine to en-
and yet they rettirned, is in- ,tirely cure up the sores, and I am not dead as the
disputable evidence that the doctors intimated I would be, neither have the
blood is diseased and respon- so"evf?' brSrenfroutPin-Q j0HN W
sible for the sore or ulcer. hing, W. Va., May 2S, 1903.
Valuable time is lost in experimenting with external treatments, such, as
salves, powders, washes, etc., because the germs and poisons in the blood
must be removed before a cure can be effected. S. S. S. cleanses and TJuri-
fies the circulation so that it carries
s ss
exhilarating tonic, jails the digestion and puts every part of tie body in
good healthy condition. Book on the blood, with any medical advice wished,
w. euarantea a cure In every ease we undertake or charge no fee. Consulta
tion frea- Letters confidential. Instructive BOOK FOR MEN mailed free in plats
wrannsr. ...
We cure the worst cases, of piles in two or three treatments, without operation.
Cure guaranteed.
It you cannot call at office, write for question blank. Home treatment succesafaL
Offlce hours. 9 to 5 and 7 to S. Sundays and holidays, 10 to 1Z.
Offices in Van-Noy HoUL 62H Third at.
cor. Pine. Portland. Or.
nataner tnorousralv cured. Sto failure,
VOCXG aUKX troubled with night emissions, dreams, exhausting drains,
bashXulaesa, aversion to society, which deprive you of your manhood, UNFIT
MIDDLE-AGED HEX, who from excesses and strains have lost their
BLOOD AND SKIN DISEASES", Syphilis". Gonorrhoea, painful, c-loody urlne.
Gleet, Stricture. Enlarged Prostate, Sexual Debility. Varicocele, Hydrocele. KM-
acy and Liver troubles cured without MERCURY OR OTHER POISONING
DRUGS. Catarrh and rheumatism CURED.
Dr. Walker's methods are regular and scientific. He uses no pateat nos
trums or ready-made preparations, but cures the disease by thorough! medical
treatment. His New Pamphlet on Private Disease sent free to all men who de
scribe their trouble. PATIENTS cured at hosts. ' Terms reasonable. All letters
aaawered In plala envelope. Conaultatioa free aad sacredly confideatlaL Call
eg or adre
DR. WALKER, 191 Fkst Street, Qxir YamhM!, Portland Or
Diego and Portland. It Is expected that
Meyer. 'Wilson & Co. will soon put on an
other grain ship to take the place.of the
lost vessel.
Domestic and Foreign Ports. ,
ASTORIA. Or., June 5. Arrived down at T
laat rilght B&rkenUne Kohala. Left up at 7
A. ST. Barkentlne Tam O'Bhanter. 'Arrived
at 10 A. M. Schooners Beulah. from San
Franctaco. and Mabel Gale, from San Pedro.
Arrived down at 12:50 and failed at 2 P. Sf.
German steamer Numantia. for Honjkotuc
and way ports. Arrived at noon Schooner
0. SI. Kellogrjr. from San Pedro. Condition
of th bar at S P. ST., smooth; wind, north
west; weather, oloudy.
San Francisco. June 5. Arrived Steamer
Francis II. Lessett. with Iograft. from Co
lumbia River.
Indicted for Wlfe-Beatingi
Charles McGinty, indicted for aa
sault and battery on his wife, was -arraigned
before Judge Cleland yester
day, and allowed until Wednesday to
enter his plan. McGinty is confined In
the Counts Jail.
If Baby Is Cuttlnr Teeth.
Be sure ana usn .tnat oic and well-tried remedy
Ura. TYInsIoTc's Soothlcr Syrup, for children
Uethlnc. It aoothea the child, aoftcna th guaaa.
allays all pain, cur wind colic aad .dUrrhc,
The Denver & Rio Grande scenery la
even more beautiful In Winter than Sum
mer. Travel Kast via that Una and spend
a day In Salt Laka City.
rich, new blood to the parts and the
sore or ulcer heals permanently. S. S. S. not only
removes the germs and poisons, but strengthens the
blood and builds up the entire system by stimulat
ing the organs, increasing the appetite and giving
energy to the weak, wasted constitution. It is an
We treat successfully all private ner
vous and chronic diseases of men. also
blood, stomach, heart, liver, kidney and
throat troubles. . We cure SYPHILIS
(without mercury) to stay cured forever.
In 30 to 60 days. We remove STRIC
TURE, without operation or pain, in IS
We stop drains, the result of self-abuse.
Immediately. We can restore the sexual
vigor of any man under 50 by means of
local treatment peculiar to ourselves.
We Cure Gonorrhoea
In a Week
The doctors of this institute ara aU
reguiar graduates, have had many years'
expertne. have been known in Portland
for 15 years, have a reputation to maln-
certain cure can be effected.
Twenty Years of Success
In the treatment of chronic diseases, such as liver,
kidney and stomach disorders, constipation.' diar
rhoea, dropsical swellings, Brlght's disease, etc
Kidney and Urinary
Complaints, painful, difficult, too frequent, .milky or
bloody urine, unnatural discharges speedily cured.
Diseases of the Rectum
Such as plies, ttstulu, Ussure, ulceration, mucous and
bloody discharges, cured without the knife, pain or
Diseases of Men
Blood poison, gleet, stricture, unnatural losses, lia-
vjure guaranteed.