Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, June 01, 1905, Page 11, Image 11

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Every- Train Entering Union
Depot Is Packed With
Exposition Visitors.
Accommodations Are Easily Secured
by Visitors, and No Complaints
of Extortion or Exorbitant
Rates Are .Made.
All day long- yesterday Exposition vis
itors poured into tho city -from all over
the Pacific Northwest, and the Eastern
States as well. Every train brought its
quota, and hotelkeepera last night re
ported that the number of visitors In the
city today -would be a record-breaker.
For two days past the railroad com
panies, running Into Portland have been
taxed to their utmost, and nearly every
available piece of rolling stock has been
in uie. Yesterday travel was. particular
ly heavy, and all trains carried extra
The trains which arrived yesterday
evening brought hundreds of passengers,
nnri hntelmen arid boardlmr-house keener
were given the first dose of what they
mlgnihave to expect aunng .ne next iew
days of the Exposition.
The various accommodation bureaus be
gan active operations yesterday, and suc
ceeded in taking care of a large number
of people. They report plenty of rooms
available, and anticipate no trouble in
handling the large crowd expected to ar
rive today. Bates for good rooms are
nnt nrnhlhltlvp. and no comnlalnt has vet
been heard from any pdrson because of
unreasonable charges. People in the resi
dence districts have offered hundreds of
rooms to the bureaus, and a gTeat part
of the crowd is being' cared for in this
Can Care for Guests.
Hotel men report no trouble in caring
for guests, and anticipate no difficulty
over rates. The visitors naturally expect
slightly higher prices than usual, and are
prepared to pay them. No cases of at
tempted extortion have yet been reported.
The railroad officials expect that the
trains arriving this morning will be heav
ily crowded. Last night's travel was
very heavy, but this morning's will bo
even more so. Every facility for handling
heavy trains has been provided, and
the crowds of people win he orougnt to
Portland without the slightest inconven
lence. All trains arriving today will be
provided with extra sleepers and day
coaches, and from the advance sale of
tickets, even these will be packed. Ticket
sales in the Puget Sound cities have beon
remarkably heavy, and largo" delegations
are expected from Seattle. Tacoma, Van
couver, Spokane, walla walla and Wll
lamctte Valley polnta "While many of
these people will stay but one day to
witness the opening- ceremonies, a larger
part of them will remain in Portland for
a week or more to get a complete in
spection of the Exposition.
Last night, despite the Inclement
weather, hundreds of people were on the
.streets, many of whom were strangers in
the city taking an opportunity to get an
impression of Portland. All seemed to be
inoculated with the spirit of celebration
for the great gala day on tho morrow.
Stores Clpscd Today While Happy
Employes Throng the Streets
Leading to Grounds.
"To the. People of Portland: X, George
H., Williams. Mayor of Portland, do
hereby request and urge the people of
this city to attend the opening exer
cises of the Lewis and Clark Fair on
Thursday, the flrct day of June, and
help to inaugurate this grand centen
nial celebration with their unanimous
and enthusiastic support. The world
will have knowledge of what we do
upon that day."
All Portland will unite today in making
tho opening of the Lewis and Clark Ex
position the greatest holiday the city has
ever seen. Business will be at a stand
still, and the Fair will be the sole center
of popular Interest.
For a week business men have been
actively preparing for the gala' day.'
Down-town stores and business blocks
have been attractively decorated, and
flags are flying- at every staff. The red,
blue and yellow emblem of the Exposition
Is to be seen In a thousand places, as well
as the stately red. white and blue. Many
have erected handsome electric light dis
plays, and others attractive decorations.
Mayor Williams' request that the citi
zens of Portland do all In their power
to make June 1 a fitting day for the
opening of the Fair has been unanimously
complied with. Practically every store
and business place in the city will be
closed for the da, and through this
means thousands of employes will be
given an opportunity of witnessing the
opening ceremonies.
The spirit that has caused the closing
of the stores has also caused the decora
tions In the business district. At the same
time, residence bouses in all parts of tho
city have been made beautiful by flags
and banners, which -will lend much at
traction to the general scheme. Lawns
and yards have been cleaned, and the
city made presentable on all sides, and
around every house blooms a profusion of
roses The rose Itself will be the em
blem of the da', and will be seen in
every buttonhole.
Postmaster Mlnto has announced that
the Postofflce will remain open for busi
ness today until ID A. 1L. at which hour
all departments will be closed. There will
be no delivery of mail In the business
district on account of the closing of the
stores, but business men may obtain their
mall by calling at the Postofflce before 10
A. M. One delivery will be made by the
carriers In the residence district in the
Freeh California Fruit.
J. H. Will, coatiaiseloKr of the Sac-
ramento Valley exhibit of the California
building, will receive two tons of fresh
fruit this morning by express. The ship
ment includes peaches, apricots, plums,
cherries, logan, goose and blackberries.
currants and tomatoes. Continuous ship
ments of fresh fruit from the Sacramento
Valley will be made from now on for ex
hibition purposes In the California build
ing. Should the orange season open
early it Is planned to give an orange day
at the California building-. This day wilt
be similar to that given in St. Louis
when more than 20,000 oranges were dis
tributed among the visitors.
Cadets Come This "Morning.
The Oregon Agricultural Cadet Corns
form Corvallls will arrive In Portland
this morning at 3:30 o'clock. The train
will stop at Yamhill street and the
cadets will fall In line for the parade In
which they participate. The cadets have
been drilling for several weeks in antici
pation of their participation In the open-
mg-oay parade ana present a very neat
and military appearance when In regular
Gomes to Portland for Opening Ex
ercises and Is . Enthusiastic
Over the Fair.
James A. Tawney. of "Winona, Minn.,
chairman of the appropriations com
mittee, and tho man whose reluctant
favor made possible the apropriation
for the Lowis and Clark Exposition,
is now glad that he did it. He sees
that he has ben instrumental In creat
ing a great Exposition and he is proud
of his work.
Mr. Tawney is a self-made man, first
a blacksmith, then a lawyer and now
a Congressman. He is a man of me
dium build and height, dark of com
plexion, and with a black eye that
sees everything and tells but little.
That he is the possessor of a disposi
tion which, having once formed an op
inion it is hard to shake is a fact easy
to see. It was this disposition that
stood for some time in the way of
Government aid to the Exposition, but
when once convinced of the wisdom
of his course there has been no one
in Congress more enthusiastic than
Mr. Tawney in regard to the Portland
Yesterday the visitor told of his trip
across the country from Washington
and spoke in high praise of what ke
had seen. He Is much interested In
the Northwest and Intends to see more
of It before returning to his Eastern
home. After having spent Friday In
.Portland he. In company with Mrs.
Tawney and several other members of
the Congressional party, will leave for
Seattle, Tacoma and other Washington
cities and will leave Seattle on Sun
day night for Alaska, where they ex
pect to remain until the middle of
the month. Returning, they will take
their homeward course by the way of
the leilowstone Park.
"I have not seen the Exposition,
said Mr. Tawney yesterday in discus
sing the trip, "other than the view I
had of the grounds from tho train as
we passed. I .am greatly pleased with
the appearance of the Government
building and think the builders have
done more than could have been ex
pected with the amount of money they
had at their command. If the rest of
the buildings are up to that standard
there will be no fault to find with
Mr. Tawney looks forward with
pleasure to his visit in Portland and to
his participation In the opening exer
cises of today. And he voices the
collective statement of the Congres
sional party In saying that he was
surprised as well as Interested in what
he has seen while passing through the
territory of the Northwest. He will
return to Washington with increased
kindly feelings toward the new country
growing here and more disposed to
listen to the calls for assistance com
ing from the West, and to aid in the
enterprises which may tend toward
the upbuilding of this section.
J'ssf" f TislSsTnlasssBssssssssst ' "JMKKBKSB'SKk -gA
it ilsseSslsssssssssslessslssssssssVI',tBesBissV
Personnel of Vice
Presidential Party
T;HE Vice-Presidential and Congres
sional parties are composed of the
following people:
Vice-President and Mrs. Charles W.
Fairbanks, Mr. and Mrs. Warren Fair
banks, Frederick Fairbanks; Thomas
Noyes, of tho Washington Star, and Mrs.
Noyes; Mr. and Mrs. Covey, of Illinois,
and J. R. King, of the Vice-Presidential
party; Joseph G. Cannon, Speaker of the
House, and Representative and Mrs.
James A. Tawney, of Minnesota; James
S. Sherman, New York; Mr. and Mrs.
Charles L. Bartlett, of Georgia; J. A.
Beldler, of Ohio; Mr. and Mrs. H. C.
Loudenslager, of New York; Mr. and
Mrs. William A. Hodenberg. of Illinois;
Joseph C Sibley, of Pennsylvania; Mr.
and Mrs. Charles S. Legare, of South Car
olina; Mr. and Mrs. H. C Adams, of Wis
consin; George N. South wick, of New
York, Robert L. Henry, of Texas; John
H. Small, of North Carolina; James Mc
Andrews, of Illinois; Lucius N. Littauer,
of New York, Alex McDowell, clerk of
the. House; Henry Casson, Sergeant-at-Arms
in the House; W. H. Estey, Teller
In the House; Frank B. Lyon, doorkeeper
in the House; L. W. Busby, secretary to
Speaker Cannon, and Mrs. Busby; United
States Senator and Mrs. J. A. Hemenway.
and son George, and Miss Hemenway, of
Indiana; Senator and Mrs. Clark and Miss
Clark; Senator L. H. Ball and Mrs. Ball,
of Delaware; Senator L. S. Overman, of
! mami
Yfee-rreeidest ratrbanfci.
North Carolina; F. L. Flshback; Repre
sentative and Mrs. Humphreys, of Wash-
- '
Speaker Cannon on the Frost Sst la the
ington; United States Senator Samuel
Piles, of Washington; Barry Buckley, a
lecturer, of Washington, D. C; J. J. Mc
Grain, representing tho sergeant-at-arms
of the Senate
Daughters or American
Revolution Greet Mrs.
"A ULTNOMAH Chapter. Daughters of
1 I the American Revolution, gathered
to do honor to Mrs. Fairbanks yesterday
at the home of Mrs." Walter Barren, on
Hawthorne avenue. Mrs. Btxrrell and
Mrs. Mary Phelps Montgomery; state
regent of Oregon, were hostesses at a
breakfast. The hour was sot at noon, but
owing to tho lateness of the train on
which tho Vice-Presidential party reached
Portland, the guests did not sit down
until 1 o'clock. Mrs. Fairbanks had suf
fered the annoyance of having a trunk
lost on tho trip from Chicago and was
unable to appear In the gown she had
planned to wear.
Three tables were spread, tho center
table decorated with sweet peas, the
others with Portland's best roses. Sev
eral "daughters' were absent on account
of recent bereavement, these being Mrs.
Ross, Mrs. McCamant and Mrs. Gilbert.
Mrs. Mears was out of town. Other
guests present besides members of the
chapter were Mrs, William S. Ladd, Mrs.
C H. Lewis, Miss Henrietta S. Falling.
Mrs. Constant Williams, wife of General
Williams, in command of the Department
of the Columbia. United States Army;
Mrs. George Good,' Mrs. H. W. Goode and
Mrs. Carey, of Indianapolis, vice-regent-general
of the National organization of
the D. A. R. Mrs. Carey and her hus
band are hero with Vice-President Fair
banks party. Mrs. Warren Fairbanks
was not able to be present at the break
Mrs. Fairbanks and Mrs. Montgomery
have- long been friends and the latter was
called on by Mrs. Fairbanks three years
ago to respond to her address of welcome
at tho opening of the National Congress
In Washington.
Rose. Show on Saturday.
The chief event on Saturday at the
Exposition grounds will be the Rose Show
In the Auditorium under the auspices fof
the Portland Rose Society. The show
wilt' start at 2 o'clock In the afternoon
and the Administration band will be In
attendance. At night at 0:30 q'clock there
win pa a. magnincent display of fireworks
from the pontoon on Guild s Lake.
Idaho Executive BeachcstPortland to
Participate In tho Lewis-and
Clark- Exposition.
Governor F. R. Gooding, of Idaho, and
staff, arrived at the Portland Hotel yes
terday, morning. The entire party.
althpugh a little tired, had enjoyed
every moment of the trip from the
Idaho capital. After av brief res"t the
party broke-up and some of them'made
a hurried -visit to the Exposition
grounds, while others, before the' rain
fell, drove about the city. Governor
Gooding and his entire staff are. de
lighted with the site upon which the
Idaho building stands and are priding
themselves (and Justly so), that over
95 per cent of the Idaho exhibit is
ready for the Inspection of the crowd
"Idaho is greatly interested In the
Lewis and Clark Exposition.' said
Governor Gooding last night. "We feel
as if, in a measure, it is our show. Ida
ho has a natural pride in the great
work that Oregon has done In getting
up the Exposition, for Idaho was a
part of the old Oregon territory. We,
in Idaho, realize that the Exposition
will do almost as much for Idaho as
It will for Oregon and the Pacific Coast,
and for that reason wo have been heart
and soul in our efforts to help Oregon
and the Fair.
T am Justly proud of the site on
which - the Idaho building stands. I
think it one of the best and most ad
vantageous spots on the ground. I am
also Justly proud of the great showing
that Idaho will make, and the fact
that over 95 per cent of the state's
exhibit will be ready In the morning is
another thing that has pleased me very
much. It must be truly gratifying to
the Exposition people, President Goode
and the rest of those faithful men who
have been devoting- their time and la
bor in getting the Lewis and Clark Ex
position ready, to realize that they
have it so near completion on the open
lng day. I am told by men who have
been .to most of the Exposition! held In
recent years that this Exposition will
be nearer .completion on .the opening
day than any they have attended.
. "It is hard to find sufficient praise
in mere language for the Exposition
officials and the tremendous work they
have acompllshed. The beauty and nat
ural grandeur of the location of the
Exposition is simply superb and I am
sure It will be a constant marvel to
all the people who come to Portland
to sea tho Fair. The Exposition will
be a success. It la bound to be and
Idaho will Join with her sister states In
the satisfaction of having- helped make
It a success."
The Idaho party consists of Governor.
Mrs. and Miss Gooding; General and
Mrs. David VIckers. Adjutant?General;
Lieutenant-Colonel and Mrs. John Mc
Berney, Inspector-General and Inspec
tor 8. 'A. P.; Lieutenant-Colonel and
Mrs. F. 8. BIbbey, Medical Director;
Major H. S. Worthman. Assistant
Adjutant-General; Colonel S. E. Mayer.
Quartermaster-General; Captain Joseph
Siegel, A. 3D. C
ray fir fi
Buildings Are Compile and Ail
Exhibits "Have BeeD
Attaches Will Be on Hand in. Every
Department to Answer Questions
Visitors 3Iay Ask .-Kegarct-ingr
the Exhibits.- 'V
The magnificent exhibit building pro
vided by the United States Govern
ment for the Lewis and Clark Expo
sition was completed yesterday. The
building and several outlying stations
and structures cost $250,000. It is one
of the finest exhibit palaces ever installed
by any government at any Exposition.
simultaneously witn tne completion
of the building announcement was
mace that every portion of the exhibits
were Installed. Early in the- day the
heavy force of men that has -been en
gaged In this gigantic work was re
leased. The doors were closed, only
heads of departments remaining there
in, to make final inspection.
The exhibit is a complete one, rep
resenting fully the forces. of the United
States Government in every depart
ment. Especially fln& exhibits are made
In the Army and Navy departments.
THe exhibits are both interesting and
instructive. They were selected with
a view of keeping the interest of visit
ors alive during the entire time in
the building. This end has more, than
been accomplished and the Government
exhibits will, without doubt, prove one
of the greatest. If not the greatest,
drawing card at the Exposition.
The location Is ideal, the main build
ing .with its two wings and adjuncts
standing on the peninsula In Guild's
Lake. It Is In lull View of every part
of the Exposition and the great' towers,
which stand to a height' of 260 feet,
may be seen from many parts of the
city as well. The two wings contain
the Fisheries, Alaskan and incidental
exhibits. The Governmental depart
ments are represented in the main
There are nine departments, a3 fol
lows: State department. Treasury de
partment. War department, Postofflce
department, Department of the Inter
ior, Department of Agriculture, Depart
ment of Commerce and Labor, Smith
sonian Institution and National " Mu
seum, Library of Congress, Bureau of
American Republics.
With every exhibit will be stationed
a Government attache, whose duty will
be to answer questions. The inquis
itive visitor will learn much more than,
the sollent one, for these atendants
are uniformly courteous and have -a
large stock of valuable and Interesting
information representing the exhibits
they have In charge.
Work was commenced on the build
ing November 15, 1904, and hundreds of
men have been kept constantly at
work. During the past 30 days it
has been necessary to double the work
ing force to finish the building, as
there seemed soma prospects of a de
day. The Government insisted that no
delay would be brooked and the com
pletion of the great structure yes
terday saves the Government's past
Exposition record of never being tardy.
Governor Mead Will Speak, and
Souvenirs Will Be Given to
Those Visiting.
With a ceremony in keeping with the
dignity and high standing of Washington
among her sister states, the magnificent
edifice erected by the Washington State
Commission will be 'dedicated tomorrow
morning at U o'clock. The ceremonies,
short but impressive, will be held In the
east wing of the building.
President J. J. Smith, of the -Washington
Commission, will deliver a short ad
dress in which he will turn the building
over to the State of Washington. Gov
ernor Mead will deliver a short speech of
acceptance, congratulating tha 'Washing
ton Commissioners on the beauty- of the
building and its exhibits and .the com
pleteness of the structure on opening
day. President Goodo will then speak.
He will be "followed by United States
Senator from Washington, H. 8. Piles,
who will deliver a short oration. Vice
President Fairbanks will then adaresa
the assembly. Music will be furnish by
the cadet band from the Washington
Agricultural College. Tho most promi
nent citizens of Washington will attend
tho opening day ceremonies.
Governor Mead on Friday morning will
be escorted from the Oregon Hotel, whara
he Is making his headquarters while? in
Portland, by the Agricultural C&Uega
Cadets, SCO strong, to tho Washington
building. Vlco-President Fairbanks will
be escorted as usual by the Fourth United
States Cavalry.
" The first social function of the season
will bo held Friday night. Govfernor
Mead, and Mrs. Olive M. Leonard, of
Belllngham, will lead the grand march.
It will be under tho auspices of the What
com County delegation which will have
the Washington building lor social pur
poses all of next week. The different
counties will have the use of the Waefe
lngton building fos a week each 3nriBg
the Exposition.
Float at River Entrance.
A large float which will furnish dock
age facilities, has been moored In place
at the river entrance to the Exposition
grounds. This landing will not only ac
commodate all the up and down river
traffic but there will be several electrle
launches plying between Portland and
the river entrance during the Exposi
tion. This entrance leads to the Govern
ment building on the Peninsula.
Massachusetts Building Oyen.
The Massachusetts building- at the
Lewis aad- Clark Saosition grounds la
complete in every detail and will be
thrown open to the public today. The
fprJB&l dedication ce e.agnla& of the Wild
. is will net Vt belt until Juaer 17.