Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, May 31, 1905, Page 9, Image 9

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Counting-Room Main. 6G7
Itanasinjr Editor ...'...Main GC8
Sunday Editor. Main 8233
City .Editor Main 1C8
Societf . Editor ,..Maln 6235
Compogtns-Roora Main 685
Superintendent Building: Red 2825
East Eid Office East 01
bet. 6th and 7th) Bveninc at" 8:15. Chaun
cey Olcott In "A Romance of Athlone."
BELASCO THEATER 14th and Waahlng
ton) Evening at 5:15. "The Heart of Mary
land." EMPIRE THEATER (12th and Morrison)
Matinee at 2:15 and' evening at 8:15. "A
"Wicked 'Woman."
GRAXd'tHEATER (Park and Washington)
Continuous vaudeville. 2:30 to 10:30 P. M.
STAR THEATER (Park and Washington)
Continuous audevllle. 2:30. 7:30 and 9
P. M.
BAKER THEATER (3d and .Yamhill) Con
tinuous vaudeville. 2:30. 7:30 and 9 P. M.
RECREATION" PARK (24th and Vaughn)
At 3:30 P. M.. baseball. Portland vs.
Some Hepent Their Action. Some of
the patrons of the Sellw.ood School who
signed the petion to the Board of Educa
tion asking: that another principal than
Professor Strong be elected, for that
school the coming year, having said that
they signed under a "-wrong impression of
the Jrcumstances, and are now desirous
of righting the wrong they may have
done the principal. . Professor Strong, al-
thoneh avAr-ft in rii.-..ssin.r the Incident.
preferring- to leave -tle whole matter with j
the Board of Education, said yesterday it J
was simply a question of permitting the i
Janitor to do as he pleased with "regard
to the 'plain rules, which gives the prin
(p'al the authority to give the janitor
ordeiy. Janitor Hoard, said Professor
Strong, refused to take any orders from
him and declared that the principal had
no authority to tell him to do anything.
Under the circumstances Professor Strong
found it necessary to ask the Board of
Education to remove Mr. Hoard, but toot
until the Janitor had been given every
nnnnrtnnltv trt An Vile Intv Tho ipnlfnr
first resigned, but recalled his resignation . ?T'" CIiy ExPrcj;s wJn a-'e at
and went back to work. Things were im- ' ":4a p- fl- tor Tacoma. Seattle. Spokane,
proved .days the principal, but the jani- J Bytte. Helena Livingston Fargo. Duluth
tor again became insubordinate and his Minneapolis St Paul, and the East, and
dismissal was recommended and It was ! arrive from those points at ,;00P. M.
done. -Quite a' number who signed the Republican open-air rally tonight at
petition have stated that things were Sixth and Ankeny streets. J. P. Kara
misrepresented to them. Inasmuch as the ' naugh. A. E. Gcbhardt and others will
petition makes no charge against Pro- ; speak. Good music. Everybody attend.
fessor Strong, it is .not thought- at Sell
wood that the Board of Education will
give the matter serious consideration.
Pride of the River. The finest and
"most thoroughly ejuipped passenger
steamer on the river, the favorite "Bailey
Gatzert" will resume service on Port-land-The
Dalles route, commencing
Thursday. June 1. Steamer will leave at
7 A. M., stopping at principal way land
ings. Xext Sunday the steamer will make
her first Sunday round trip -excursion to
Cascade Locks, wharf and landing, foot
of Alder street Dalles 'electric sign.
Phone Main Sit
Will Support the Entire Ticket.
The Brooklyn Club was organized In the
Seventh Ward Monday night by the elec
tion of H. G. Wright president and A.
G. Rushlight secretary. There was a large
and representative attendance of Repub
licans from that ward. One object of the
club is to harmonize the Republicans. The
new club will support Mayor Williams
for re-election and the entire Republican
.Civil Service Examinations. Civil
service examinations for the position of
forest ranger in forest service. Depart
ment of Agriculture, will be held at the
following places In Oregon: Baker City.
July 24 to 26: Prlneville. August 1 to 3;
Hood River, August 9 to 11; Detroit, Au
gust 16 to IS; Grant's Pats. August 23 to
26; Lake View. August 81 to September 2.
Arleta School to Close. Arleta
School. District Xo. 47. will close on the
evening of June 9 with srradtiatinir exfr- I
cises. From the school there will be ten j
feiauuAiea, us nrsi ciass. as one of these
graduates left some time ago, his certifi
cate was handed to him. Professor R. F.
"- iv .. luitosui i. . i
Sft100, ""S ?CX0oX Superintendent, 4
will be present to talk to the class.
Will Exclude TEAiis.-rThe Lewis and !
Clark Exposition Company issues- notice I "E-zi-e." He was born In Liege. Belgium.
Mni-i6?0 0f 1de?fiPtIon wi e ex- I in Norember. 1S59. so that he Is Just 45
i .,Sl.v02l Exiwsltlon ground after years old. In the rery zenith of his powers.
Int !3 t0?a'' yJt and wU1 I He ve a recital under the direction of
fnr TLtt"f "orn- Misses Lois Steers-Wynn ' Coman at the
t? o J til LSOUney tmpCSra' I Mamuam "Grand last nlght to a crowded.
SeVrnl s ItSS0"1 fusiastic house, apd met withls cusl
n 0, . ., .?. . tomary triumph. There have been other
J? fnntn;f ,hC N,0?hcrn Pdflc1 great riollnlsts here, such as Krelsler.
S th" mmi l"al V." ServJ ! have pleased us. What thenjs the dlf
inoS, "ph,e,CW t?,?.t? b.?ference between great riollnlsts? Here the
STLv- -Pnrtinn,iS t "mlted analog- of high-class Pictures holds good.
Tacoma ats S i M 4,??V They are all painted by master art
Tacoma at 9.36 P. M. and S t cxceptlng that because of thelnevlt-
anwlll mltUe W d3? te t'o ?b -omothlng some of the pictures are
these points. 1 better thftn ocrs. In Isaye's playing.
Th'p "Pnfrnt a, i ?w,twv- i-l the Is a maturity and .settled convic-
the Puget Sound Limited train lp-be 1 1,0 whe Krelsler R alsn Tift rti
pjaca on tne run between Portland and,,j .,; " ,, JT
Tacoma and Seattle on Sunday. June 4, -unS. romantic, ands making his
will be placed on exhibition at "the Union 22,! TZ J?iM"S,
Depot Saturday eveniiiK irom 8:00 to 9:3a
and you are cordially invited to visit
the Union Depot between the hours
named and Inspect the train, n
CiTiznNS Meeting at Sunntside. A
citizens' meeting will be .held at the
Boys' Brigade Hall at Sunnyslde this
evening. Dr. Harry Lane. Senator C. W.
Nottingham and others will addre.s the
meeting and music will be furnished by
the Young Ladies' Elko Quartet Every
body Invited.
Stricken With Paraltsis. Autrust
Hoger. a well-known farmer living near I
Eagle Creek, Clackamas Countv. tvas
stricken with paralysis a .few days ago.
At first it was thought the attack might
prove fatal, but Mr. Horger is now im
proving slowly.
The new train schedule to take effect
on the Northern Pacific Sunday, June
4. provides four fjjTily trains to Tacoma,
Seattle and SpokiNie. three of which are
overland Eastern trains. The local train
will leave at S:S0 A. M. and arrive at
4:45 P. M.
The Northern Pailfic extends you an
invitation to visit the Union Depot Sat
urday evening, June 3. between the hours
of 8:00 and ,9:30 for the purpose of In
specting the new "train to be known as
the "Puget Sound tLlmlted."
OS and after June 4. the Northern Pa
cinc "North, Coast Limited" will leave
Portland at 2:00 P. M. for the Sound,
Spokane, Butte. Helena, Livingston, Bil
lings. Minneapolis, St Paul, Duluth and
the East 4
Steamship Roanoke, 2400 tons, sails lor
San Francisco ahd Los Angeles, calling at
Coos Bay and Eureka, en route. Saturday
June 3,8 P.M. Ticket office, 251 Wash
ington etreet Harry Young, agent Phone
Main 6SS.
Will Fire Centennial SALUTEvThe
Firsts Battery. Oregon National Guard,
will fire the .Centennial salute at the open
ing of the Fair "tomorrow. The assembly
will be at the Armory at 9:30 A. M.
The "North Coast Limited." the electric-lighted
obserratlon-car train will de
part -at 2:00 P. Ml for St Paul, Minne
apolis, Duluth and the East, and will ar
rive at J:00 A.M. t
The swell new train, the Puget Sound
Limited, will jdenartat 4:3for Chehalts
Centralla, Tenlno. Tacoma and Seattle,
and will arrive from those points .at
10:55 P. M. dally.
SteaScer Redoxdo sails direct for San
Francisco and Los Angeles Friday. S P.
L; meals and berth included. C H.
ThompsorC.agent 12S 3d street
Avenarics ' Carbolineujc wood pre
server, kills chicken lice, bedbugs, moths-Fisher-Thousen,
Front and' Morrison. "
' Our stores kill be closed all day June L
F. Dresser & Co.. -Sealy Mason & Co.. D.
C. Burns.
MofrxxT Hot Springs, $L50 day; $5 and
$10 per week; bath, 25c Take Regulator
line-- m
Tis. RtCKBKSACK, eye, ear. AHky bls.
Catholic FobxSterb at Cedaj; Park.
The Catholic Order of Foresters held it
annual picnic at Cedar Park yesterday
afternoon and evening for the benefit of
St. Marj's Church at Alblna. A happy
day It was for all who gathered at the
park to enjoy the refreshments, the danc
ing and to witness, various- amusements.
The feature of the day -was the athletic
programme "Rblch consisted of a young
ladles', face, a married men's race, a .fat
men's race, races for the children and
several, other events equally as Interest
ing. Handsome and appropriate prizes
were given to all -winners
Gymnasium" Exercises Held. The
juniors and seniors of the Jewish Boys
Endeavor Society give their closing exer
cises fn the Bertram Wendel Wolfe gym
nasium last evening under the direction
of Prbfessor Robert Krohn. The pro
gramme consisted br a drill, turns on
matts and swinging ladders and exercises
.with the dumbbells and Indian clubs. At
the close of the, exhibition refreshments
"were served to the boyand their friends.
Requested to " Attend Fair. All
-women, members . of the Illinois Society
and of 'the. Auxiliary are urgently re
quested to be present at the opening of
the Fa"ir Thursday afternoon between 2
and 5 o'clock. They are requested to
meet at the Illinois buildlryr and wear
badges. The badges can be secured from
Y. H. Vaughn in the Chamber of Com
merce building.
Citizens' Meeting at Sunntside. A
citizens' meeting -will be held at the
Boys' Brigade Hall at Sunnyslde this
evening. Dr. Harry Lane, Senator C. W.
Nottingham and others will address the
"s if "
the oung Ladies' Elko Quartet Every
meeting and music will be furnished by
body '"ed.. ;
. E. beach & CO.. the Pioneer Paint
Co.. having .completed their -several large
glazing contract? on Fair buildings and
refitted their glass department since re
cent fire, are now prepared to attend
promptly to all orders for either plate' or
sheet -glass and glazing. 125 First street,
Commencing Sunday. June 4. the time of
the departure of the Northern Pacific's
electric-lighted "Xorth Coast Limited"
train -will be changed to 2:00 P. M. in
stead of leaving at 3:00 P. M. as at pres
ent Beall & Compant have moved their
jffice to their warehouse, 321 Hawthorne
avenue. Telephone East 3929.
For Sale. Concession of dining-room in
hotel. Gruber. C17 Commercial Block.
The. Calumet Restaurant 149 Seventh.
Fine luncheon. 35c; dinner. 50c
Ysaye Violin
' Recital
"Kreutzer Sonata," adagio ?ostenuto-presto,
molto adagio tempo I, flnale-preete (Beetho
ven), M. Tsaye et De Refve: "Concerto No.
3. B Minor," allegro non troppo. aadantino
qusAl allegretto, molto moderato ct maetsofo
(Saint-Saens), II, Ysaye; "Concerto (Tschal
koweky), "Pastorale Varlee" (Mozart), "Al
legro A.ppailonata" (Salnt-Saent). M. De
Befve; "Romance O Major"" (Beethoven),
"Abendlled" (Schumann). "Itoxvdo Caprice"
(Gulraud). M Ysaj; "Ballade et Polonaise-'
(Vieuxtcmps), M. Yeaj-e.
In passing through the art gallery where
the most famous pictures that the hands
of men painted are on exhibit, people
who know art unerringly pick out the
gems In the collection and pass by the
daubs. They value this picture at $1000.
and say that the other would be dear at
fo. "But," you object "both of these pic
tures show a blue sky and n. rocky shore.
Where Is the difference in the price:
Thn r.nn flnrtc rVirrr (e an titirtaflnnVito
something In the higher-class picture that
shows a real artistic genius, and the
dictum Is that there are pictures and
So with the great musicians of the
violinist class, like Eugene Ysaye, whose
nam ! nmnnnn - tr it ...
sonal appearance, for one "thing he looks
like a dignilled Indian chief glngcrjy try
ing civilization,' or a Spanish matador in
sane clothes. Who could mistake that
massive head of hair worn a la Liszt
that leonine head, and those mutton-chop
Frankly, Ysaye was a trifle disappoint
ing in the opening q the "Kreutzer Son
ata." but the coldness was dashed
away by a sudden, warm, quivering note
like a lark's song n the second move
ment The soul of tne artist had awaken-
ed and from tnen on his nL,'JnK met
witn one continued ovatioiu His tone
is bewltchingly sweet and his stopping
and .harmonics are little "short of marvel
lous. The most thrilling work was done
in Bpethoven's "Romance in G Major."
It was like a gorgeous exotic upon which
the gardener has lavished all his skill.
The most brilliant number was his rapid,
tempestuous playing ot the "Ballade et
Polonaise" (Vicuxtemps). Ysaye received
15 recalls, his encores being: Sarabande
Double et-Gavotte" (Bach), and "Mazur
ka" (Zarziky).
Monsieur DeBefvc is an ideal accom
panist and a good piano soloist His
worjc also pleased, his encore being one
of Schumann's songs. J. M. Q.
John 31. Pittenger for
Councilman fronu Ninth Ward.
The anti-graft candidate. : :
The law-enforcemnt'caidldate.
The antl-gambllng candidate.
The autl-hoxes tpr saloons candidate.
The automatic telephone candidate.
The Independent caridldate.
The nonpartisan candidate.
The better streets candidate.
The business men's candidate.
The 23 ydirs' resident candidate.
The people's candidate"
THE CANDIDATE not indorsed by the
liquor Interest- nor nominated by the Pro
hibitionists. The candidate that Is and will be in thlsJ
contest from start to finish.
This is the only through fast train
running.' from ocean to ocean. This
fast service will he Inaugurated hy the
Canadian Pacific June 4. Through
sleepers trill be run between the Coast
and St. Paul, Winnipeg and Montreal.
For full particulars call on or address
F. R. Johnson. 142 Third-street, Port
land, Or. . m
All the delicacies of the season at the
Portland Xect&nraat ine. private apart
at..for parti M6 Wash., star FKta.
Final Rallies to Be HekJ Sat
urday Night.
Democrats Will Hold Forth in the
Armory; When Governor Cham
i herlain Will . Be the
Star Attraction.
The crowning rallies of the campaign
will be held Saturday night by Repub
licans on the Plaza, in front of the Court
House; by Democrats in the Armory.
Tonight Mayor Williams wllf speak In
Burkhard Hall, on East Burnslde street;
Lane in Sunnyslde, in Firemen's Hall;
Paget In Drew's Hall, Second and Mbrri
sori streets.
Tomorrow no rallies will be held. On
Friday night Lane was scheduled to speak
In North Portland at Seventeenth and
Marshall streets, but a rally of citizens
has been arranged for at the Plaza,
which may hold him there.
At the Republican, rally Saturday night
Senator Fulton will speak; also Frank C.
Baker, chairman of the Republican State
Central Committee. Vice-President Fair
banks will be Invited to sit on the plat
form. Governor Chamberlain will be one of
the speakers at the Democratic gather
ing Saturday night
Republicans will hold a rally tonight at
Sixth and Ankeny street? J. P- Kav
anaugh and A. B. Gebhardt will speak.
Betting .Greatly Favors the Repub
lican Nominee for Mayor.
Betting on the election is still 2 to 1 on
Williams, but will probably loosen up to
24 to 1 In a day or two. In a down-town
sporting center $450 of a Lane man's
money is covered by J1000 of a Williams
man's cash, and $100 even money has been
offered that Williams will be elected by
1000 votes over Lane.
Captain E. W. Spencer has put up ?S00
on Lane at the ruling rate of 1 to 2, and
of this money, 5200 has been covered by
Frank C. Baker. Captain Spencer an
nounced yesterday that he was willing to
bet a pocketfm of mnnev on Lane at
1 to 2.
Sam Wolf, a Lane boomer, who has
money up on the Democratic candidate,
has been snooping around trying to nego
tiate a bet that Williams would not re
ceive 3500 plurality, but found nobody with
rash for such a wager.
"Whenever Democrats get cold feet,"
remarked Mr. Baker yesterday, "they be
gin to bet on pluralities."
rVlI but Two Cnnrfidntes Indorsed by
-Municipal Association.
All candidates on the Citizens' ticket
have been indorsed by the Municipal As
sociation save two A. N. Gambell for
City Auditor, and L. L. Paget for Coun
cilman in the Third Ward.
No nominee has been indorsed for
Auditor, but T. C. Devlin. Republican,
will undoubtedly receive a large vote
from the Municipal Association's farces
for that office. Gamboll was nominated
in the citizens' conrentlon contrary to
the programme of the moring spirits of
that assemblage.
George D. Dunning. Republican, re
celves ihf support of the association In
stead of L. fe. Paget the Citizens' nomi
nee. Paget Is a Prohibitionist and as
the association considered the ticket
loaded too heavily with brethren ot that
faith, it was deemed best to leave off a
Prohibition nominee In the Third Ward,
whose sentiment is overwhelmingly
against Prohibition.
The Municipal Association's ticket has
been printed and will be circulated free
ly for the election. "In the Interest of
good government."' says the card, "the
Portland Municipal Association recom
mends the election of the following can
didates on June 5, 1005":
Mnybr Dr. Harry Lane. Democrat
City Treasurer J. E. Werlein. Repub
lican. Municipal Judge T. B. McDevitt Sr.,
Citizens. .
A. N. Wills, Republican.
A. F. Flegel, Democrat
R. R. Steele. Prohibitionist
Dr. S. A. Brown, QJtizens.
Harry W. Stone, -Citizens.
Ward Councilmen
First T. J. Concannon, Democrat
-Second Hugh W. Wallace. Independent
Citizens. Thirds-George D. Dunning. Republican.
Fourth -Tnhn fnrVtah Tnnnannni
Fifth W. Y. Masters. Republican.
Sixth H. W. Parker. Democrat
Seventh Sam Morrow. Prohibition-Citizens.
Eighth M. A. -Raymond, Citizens.
Ninth S. P. Anderson, Prohibitionist
Tenth W. T. Vaughn. Democrat
What the Pre Aeeats Say.
Distinguished Singing Comedian in
"A Romance of, Athlone."
Tonight at the MarQuam Grand Thea
ter the distinguished singing comedian,
Chauncey Olcott will begin an engage
ment tof three nights in his latest success
ful comedy-drama, "A Romance of Ath
lone," written by Augustus Pitou. his
manager. The play has genuine heart
Interest, plenty of romance and comedy
and Just enough pathos to satisfy the
,average audience, and gives Mr. Olcott a
"chance to show all his paces, the part of
Dick Ronyane calling for- strong dra
matic work, while the comedy Is most
bright and. witty. It also gives him fine
opportunity for his beautiful execution of
his popular songs, among them being
"My Wild Irish Rose." Seats are now
selling for the engagement
Belasco's Greatest Success Scores a
Tremendous Hit.
There has never been such an elaborate
stock production in this city as that
given by the Belasco company this week.
"The Heart of Maryland" is one of the
best American plays, and Its performance
at the hands of the great company which
Frederick Belasco has recruited is the
finest ever given aside from the original
New York presentation of the niece.
Lucia Moore Is the. greatest Maryland
since Leslie Carter and in some respects
her performance Is even better than that
given by that wonderful, artist Eugene
Ormonde Is matchless as the gallant
Colonel, and all the. reet of the oast hnv
epieedkl opertsaitlee and. make tfee
mot, of tfeem. The sceaery- aad eettlnga
are uw rreateat ever sees here la a stock
production in this city, and the attrac
tion as a whele is unexcelled la the his-
Jtory of American stock companies. Se
cure your tickets for tonight
Flay of Remarkable Interest at the
Empire This Week.
' At ' the Empire all this . week a melo
drama of more than ordinary Interest
strongly interpreted by the Empire Stock
Company, is "A Wicked Woman." Tell
ing as it doe? a story that in some phase
or other directly appeals to the large ma
jority ot homes. It will be found of ex
traordinary Interest to nearly everyone.
The Empire productions are complete' in
every detail, with large, perfectly
equipped ?tage. As there Is only one per
formance in the afternoon and one in
the evening, there Is no hurrying or
scrambling to get through, and Empire
productions are a source of pleasant rec
reation and amusement Matinee every
day at 2:15. Evening at S:lofl
Goodwin's Sale Tomorrow.
Tomorrow morning at S o'clock the ad
vance -sale of seats will open for Nat C.
Goodwin, who comes to The Marquam
Grand Theater next Saturday matinee
and night June 3, presenting "The
Usurper" at the matinee and "A Gilded
Fool" in the evening. Georgia Drew
Mendum, a granddaughter of the late
Mrs. John Drew; Ina Goldsmith, for sev
eral seasons leading lady with Mrs. Pat
rick Campbell; Florence Parker, a little
Ingenue from the Lyceum Theater stock.
New York; Ethel Beale, from the Beer
bohm Tree forces- of London, and Ruth
Mackay. leadfng lady in one of the great
est of the English theaters, are Important
members of. the Nat C. Goodwin cast
Advance Sale for Bertha Crelghtpn.
The advance sale of seats for. Bertha
Creighton, who begins an engagement bf
three weeks at the Marquam Grand The
ater next Monday night, June 5. will open
next Friday morning at 10 o'clock. Miss
Creighton. supported by J, H. Gilmour
and an excellent company.- will present
the beautiful play of Revolutionary times,
"A Romance of '76," for the opening bill.
Xext Week at the Empire.
The Empire Stock Company made a
strong hit In their first comedy. "Our
Boyp." a couple of weeks ago, and It is
announced that next week the screaming
farce in three acts, 'entitled "Racket's
Wife," will be given by the full strength
of the company. It will start as usual
with the Sunday matinee.
Every Attraction to Invite and Xoth
ing to Which Objection
Could Be Raised.
The Oaks opened last night as a Sum-'
jner resort and amusement place. Lying
up the river on the East Side, and reached
by the O. W. P. cars, the resort contains
within its boundaries all that a person
should wish of an evening. It Is a com
bination of reformed Coney Island and a
Parisian cafe, with the river thrown In.
Moreover, It Is all fitted completely and
Is run "on the square. ' Those who go
out there with the idea of being rowdy
stand an excellent chance of being thrown
out It is a pleasant Summer outing re
sort, filled with amusements. There ia a
band, an assortment of sideshows, one or
two of them unsurpassed, a dancing pa
vilion, a place to eat and to drink, all
sorts of gay booths, and. best of all, the
Picnic p'arties used to land at the Oaks
because It was the prettiest spot on the
river. One might think it would be spoiled
by Its present use, but it Is not The
Oaks never looked so well as last night
All the natural beauty of the trees which
gave it Its name is preserved, lawns
spread 'out them, and in the cen
ter is the bandstand. Out on the end of
the spltof land is the restaurant, with
wide v'erandas, cool places In which to sit
in the cool evenings and hear the music
through the trees.
But most do not care for such quiet
diversion, and they are well cared for.
Primarily the chutes attract. Last night
'crowds stood in line for an hour for a
chance to ride, and have the glorious sen
sation ot racing madly down the incline
to splash with a thud into the pond at
the end. Then there is a maze, a "laugh
ing gallery" and something new and de
lightful, the "Chilcoot Pass." This little
arrangement Is a long inclined plane with
big bumps in it. The victim pays his
money, climbs 20 or 40 steps, and. seating
himself on the slippery plane, shoots
down, to the Intense amusement of the
The dance hall did a big business last
night. A perfect floor and a good partner
and music to. fit The girl who did not
bring along a man who could dance well
had herself to blame. And the place was
filled with pretty girls, with chaps who
did their best The hall Is surely bigger
than any In town, and has the advantage
of having the free wind frorii the river
circulate through It.
What characterizes the Oaks a re
sort Is the respectability of It Such
places opened on the outskirts of most
towns are Immediately patronized by the
worst element of the coinmunlty. but not
the Oaks It seems to have escaped that.
For of the thousands of people who went
out there last night, all behaved them
selves properly. There was one little row,
and that was the case of a man getting
punished for being too hasty In trying
to get into one of the chutes boats before
a lady. Jf the Municipal Association
should visit the Oaks it would immediate
ly indorse it
The Oaks? Is reachable by O. W. P. cars
running out First street, and by launches.
An ample dock Is provided for boats. The
service is quick and the ride up the river
route Is worth while in itself. It took
enterprise to build the Oaks, and money
to fit It out sp well as it is.- Particular
commendation is deserved for making it
Wins Ten-3Illc Race With Steam
Against Gasoline 3fotor.
CHICAGO, May 30. Webb Jay, of the
Chicago Automobile Club, carried off the
honors in the final day's racing of the
automobile meet at Harlem today. In a
ten-mile heartbreaking drive with Barney
Oldfield, Jay won the "$1000 cash prize In
the fast time of 9:49 2-5. In addition to
this the.. Chicago man defeated Louis C
Hevrolet, . the Frenchman, in a five-mile
special race for a jurse of 5500. Jay's
time in this event was 4:58.
In the ten-mile event with Oldfield the
.ue of steam as opposed to gasoline was
demonstrated by Jay. The Chicago man
used a steam machine, and, although hard
pressed throughout the entire race, fin
ished several lengths' in the lead. Sum
mary: Ten-ralle open (postponed from yesterday)
Won by Webb Jay. drivhss White Eteasser.
1 h. p.: Jesse Elllncwortti. drtvlsr Grey
TVelf. 24 h. p.. second; Dan Caaarr. driving
The Tomao, h. p.. third. - Time. 16:45.
Secsaa heat, fer the tea-mile &ptr. race fer
$1000 cm prlie Wob. by Baraey Oldfleld,
60 h. p.: J. A- KIHe, 46 h. p.. secBd- Time.
16:36. ITIM 3rst beat of this race "was nta,
Final heat Wa by Wekte Jay, If h. p.;
Saraer OMfteM. 86 S. p., ototmi. The.
9:49 C-i. This t4fcK4net treat the
Ftvt-'ralle nee. for en 114 a.t 3906O er
under Won by J. H. McDnSe, 3 R. ' p.:
J. W. Harden. IS h. p.. pecesd. Time.
6:46 2-5.
Flve-mllc match race Won by C. A. Coey.
40 b. p.; Elmer Appersoa. 40 h. p., second.
Time. 6:16 2-5.
Second heat, five-mile Intercity tem rac
for II. E. Thomas cup (continued from Sat
unity) Won by Lou In Chevrolet 80 h. p
Webb Jay, 15 h. p second. Time. 4:54 4-5.
3Iany Cases for Juno Terms.
The June term of the State Circuit
Court will be a" busy one. There are
already 60 cases on the trial calendar,
which is filled up until June 23, and
there are numerous cases still on the
trial docket to be set. Including the
usual grist of divorce suits. There are
numerous Important trials, principally
the Elliott, Rlner and Caywood Tanner-Creek
cases', the Coleman murder
trial and the Thomas, Bridges and
Wakefield Portland drydock bribery
cases. Besides, there are numerous
appealed city cases, and the grand Jury
will doubtless return more Indictments.
Pleas of guilty, which are frequently
entered In minor criminal cases on 'or
before the day of trlil, may relieve
the burden of the work somewhat
Detectives Are Graduated.
Barret's Detective School, one of the
most unique institutions" In the city, grad
uated a class of 3S at Its commencement
exercises, held in United American Hall
in the Alisky building, last evening.
Mr. Barrttt, the founder and chief ot
the school, delivered an Interesting ad
dress reviewing the work of the school,
during which he took occasion to com
mend in the highest terms the members
of the graduating class. In response,
each of the graduates spoke briefly, the
I expressions being unanimous in praise of
me -sgnooi ana Mr. .Barren.
After the regular exercises were over.
Newman's vaudeville company enterd
talned the students and their guests, and
refreshments were served. About 100 per
sons were" present.
'Suspected Thief With Skeleton Key.
Benton J. Frary. of Cleveland, O.. was
arrested last night by Detectives Kerri
gan and Snow on description for stealing
clothing from rooms at Third street
North, and 202 Jefferson. When he wa3
searched, a skeleton key, such as are
used by sneakthleves, was found upon
his person.
Should be the best obtainable. The Singer
sewing-machine Is acknowledged the light
est running, most durable and convenient
of any. Look for the red S.
3.M Morrison. st,
"4m2 Washington st,
510 Williams ave..
Portland, Oregon.
Bnrnett's Vanilla Extract
Is sold by ell the beat grocers everywhere, try it
See "The Girl In Blue.
Do you realize, why we use
this space every day saying
things to you?. Because, to
succeed, we must have your
confidence and assistance.
Then we'll be mutually bene
fited. Our bank will grow,
and your savings will grow.
L. o. RalAtoa, President
W. Cooper Morris, Cashier.
S. L. HAYS, Assistant Casbler.
Telephone Main 16.
The Latest and Greatest
of Interior Piano Players
Plays the entire keyboard of the
piano (SS notes). All other players
have a compass of only from 5S to
65 notes. Also has a transposing
device by which pieces may be
played In several different key3,
patented, and used only In these
Soule Bros. Piano Co.
Cor. Wr. Park. PORTLAND. OR.
Are the
A large stock of records of popular
music. Catalogues on application.
345 Washiagtea St
Portland, Or.
Park and Washkgloa, Portland, Ongos
tbe School of Quality"
0?m alf tfc yr. Catoltgwrfre
ROTHCHILD BROS,, Portland, Or.
Feifer's, Union 5's
Per Ton
Rolled Barley, SO-lp. sacks $
Choice Washington Feed Oats
Rolled Oats 30.00
Shelled Corn 25.00
Craqked Corn 26.00
Middlings, very fine, 30's 20.50
For delivery
13th and Kearney Sta.
The largest variety In the city. Tne lowest prices. We Invite you to call
and examine
Anti-Doc 9 4.00
Improved Red Cross $ 5.00 No. 1 Faradlc $ 18.00
20th Century 6.001 William's Dial 812.00
New Home No. 4 $ 7.50 ! No. 2 Faradlc $13.80
Double Dry Cell Perfec- ' No. 1 Comb. Faradlc and Gal- '
tlon v $ S.00 ! vanic .v 920.60
Also comb, brush, roller, back, wrist, ankle and cup electrodes. Write
for circulars.
Xo. 61 Slxtb Street, Portland, Or.
I IKJ ft la rl T U? ILOIrtUIrtM I AJJUD
We do crown and bridge wprk with
out pain. Our 18 years' experience In
plate work enables us to fit your mouth
Dr. W. A. WIee has found a. safe
way to extract teeth, absolutely with
out pain. Dr. T. P. Wise Is an ex
pert at cold filling and crown and brldee
work. Extracting free when plates or
bridges are ordered.
WISE BROS., Dentists
Falllne bide., cor. 3d and Wash. sts.
Open evenings till 9 P. M. Sundayi
from 0 to 12. Or Main 2020.
dr. t. v. wisr.
The Portland t
Do you love good music? You
can select your choice from a port
folio of ECO pieces of popular music
of the world, and Professor Am
sterdam and 1C3 Hungarian orches
tra villi render it for you.
Everything to eat and drink, and
It costs no moro In the
Portland Hotel Rathskeller
than elsewhere In the city. Every
weekday night from 9:30 to 12.
We are retiring- from business and
will close out all of our Ladies' and
Children's Fancy I5ry Goods at
Don't miss it. Come now while lines
are unbroken.
L. MING & BROS., 88 Sixth St
A S 12.00 FULL. SET,
FOR SS.00.
SvaalBfs. Monday
aad Thursday, until 8.
Fred PrehB,D. D. S.
4 OS Dekaa Bldr.
KOGAjK developing -and
t&l - W-Pajhc Sr.
are obtained by the we of Damana Meters, the
sever hXag jotoratrre. invigorative aad
aafarddBuC Mf both aees. Send foe circoUr.
., Per Ton
I Shorts-. 80s 331.30
M Bran. 60s and 66's
,! Wheat. No. 1. Club or Red 36-50
! K. Washington Timothy Hay.- ir.eo
li Idaho Timothy ...V 15.80
; Alfalfa
add 50c per ton.
Phone Main 5307
; 9 Cell Galvanic e.6
Phoae 3Iala 1696.
A pair of long-distance Field Glasses or
natty Opera Glasses many times during t
the Fair. To reduce stock we will sell j
them to you at a trifle above cost for a 5
short time. -
We are headquarters-for
French ranges, portaSKT
and brick set; cabinet bake
ovens, retinned and co&aer
restaurant utensils, steel
ranges and cook stoves.
Heels of
New Rubber
Experimenting with cushion heels Is
like flying In the face of Providence. 1st
other folks sample the new proposition
that Is known only to the maker and stay
with 0' Sullivan Seels that) are known to
the whole world as new rubber.
. Without new rubber the cushion Is lost.
Without the cushion the mission is lost.
0' Sullivan Heels are the only new rub
ber heels in any shoe store. They are
pioneers which, through benefiting man-
hue n jr ox ujues eo
fleece a confiding public wlthMunle-ruhbar
Both makers and dealers help along the
game beeause they see more'money in the
You caa have O'Sullivan's anywhere far
80c. pair, attached if you insist,.
Of Shoe Dealers everywhere.
Delicate enough for the softest
skin, and yet efficacious in rmoyini
any stain. Keep the skin in perfeci
condition. In the bath fives all
desirable after-effects of a Turkkfe
bath, it should be on every waefc
xchwab' Printing ,Go