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Peace Restored in Warsaw
When Cossacks Shoot, '
After'"Vatching Bloodshed and Pil
lage for Two Days, in "Which
. Christians Aid Jews, Sol
dicrs Disperse Mob.
WARSAW, May 2G. The demolition
of disorderly houses by the Jewish So
cialist organization called the Bund
continues today unchecked throughout
the city. Tne Jews nd Christians
joined forces this morning and are
working together to make a clean
sweep. Cossacks and gendarmes look
on as amusfd Kpectators, and tne po
lice are not to Tie seen.
After nearly 48 hours of mob law the
authorities this afternoon interfered, pat
rols of infantry and Cossacks specdly
dispersing the rioters who were engaged
Jn the demolition of disorderly houses. In
two Instances the troops fired on the
crowd, wounding, three persons. Fifty ar
rests were made, after which Order was
Nineteen persons were, injured during
the disturbances and at the hospitals
were three deaths of those who received
injuries in the rioting of Wednesday
Six thousand troops came to Warsaw
today from their Summer encampments.
Martial law was proclaimed late tonight.
Commission Proposes Abolishing
Minor State or Siege.
Council of the Empire has increased
the appropriation for public education
by $625,000.
Private reports from Zhitomir, prov
ince of Volhynia, say the tension be
tween the Jews and Christians is in
creasing and that both sides are arm
ing. The Ignatieff Commission for the re
' vision of exceptional laws, designed for
safeguarding public order, has pro
nounced against a continuance of the
minor state of siege which is annually
declared in many Russian cities. The
commission finds that It led to great
abuses and arbitrariness and furnishes
a pretext for domiciliary visits and
summary arrests.
The commission recommends "the en
tire abolition of the so-called minor
state of siege, and tho substitution at
times of great public stress of mar
tial law, so as to leave the cities cither
in a normal condition with tne civil
authorities in full sway, or entirely
under the control of the military.
Russians Rejoice at Raid.
ST. PETERSBURG. May 27.-(3:30 A.
M.) The news of the successful raid
by Mistchenko. as told in a dispatch Jrom
I-leutcnant-General Unlevitch i to the
Emperor, is a source of satisfaction to
the military authorities, not only because
of the resultantdamage to Japanese sup-;
plies and communications, but owing to
the fact that it is a manifestation of the
activity of the Russian cavalry and an
indication that the growth of green fod
der will permit the employment of the
Russian superiority in horse to greater
advantage in the preliminaries in the
coming battle than was the case at Muk
den. Governor's Assassin Captured.
BAKU, Trans-Caucasia. May 26. The
man who assassinated Prince Nakachldze.
Governor of Baku, Wednesday afternoon
by throwing a bomb at his carriage, was
arrested today at the Hartlsoff factory.
Oakdale Bank Wrecked by Acts of
Suicidal Cashier.
STOCKTON, Cal.. May 26. The latest
developments in the affairs of the Oak
dale Bank, the cashier of -which, Louis
Kahn. is lying at the point of death
from a self-inflicted bullet wound,
which it is generally conceded, even
by his relatives, -was fired with the in
tent to commit suicide, are to the ef
fect that the bank has totally col
lasped. It is believed now that the
loss of the bank through, loans which
Kahn made to himself in the course of
business, will amount to 550,300. This
loss will fail upon, the stockholders.
Bank Failure In Ohio.
WASHINGTON. May 2S.-The first Na
tional Bank of Barberton, O.. has been
ordered closed by the Controller of the
Currency, on the recommendation of Na
tional Bank Examiner Albertson, who
found between 540,000 and 550,000 doubtful
paper, consisting mostly of long-time
notes, which it is claimed was carried
contrary to the National banking laws.
Much of this paper was against the Bar
berton Pottery Company, which went
into bankruptcy this week. A plan was
on foot to merge the bank with the Bar
"bcrton Savings Bank Company, and O. C.
Barber, the match magnate, had made an
offer to take over the bank's affairs, but
is was rejected. The bank had deposits
and accounts amounting to 5220,000.
National Bank Examined George T.
Cutts has been appointed receiver.
Receiver for Manila Bank.
MANILA, May 26. The Attorney
General has petitioned for the ap
pointment of a receiver for the Amer
ican Bank at Manila, which was re
cently closed on the order of Governor
General Wright for the protection of
depositors. The bank Is capitalized at
Morton's Cabinet Experience "Se
cures Higher Railroad Office.
ington, May 23. Judging from the experi
ence of Secretary Paul Morton, of the
Navy Department, it profits a man con
siderably to serve in the President's Cab
inet. Mr. Morton was second vice-president
of the Santa Fe Railroad when he
was offered a Cabinet office. He resigned
his railroad position, which was paying
him much more than the Government
office would pay. . After serving 11 months
in the Cabinet, Mr. Morton made known
his desire to return to business, and im
mediately he is offered the presidency of
the railroad of which he had been second
vice-president. Incidentally, many othr
important offices of equally large salary
were tendered him.
A term in the Cabinet gives a man' a
standing in this country that he cannot
acquire otherwise; it brings hira In con
tact with jaoct of the great aen of the
Nation, and It Is a good thing for him In
every way. Paul Morton made a tem
porary financial sacrifice when he entered
the Cabinet, but In the long run he is a
great gainer.
Harriman Proposes Change of Man
agement of Itoads. '
SAN FRANCISCO, May 26. Follow
ing the retirement of James A. Agler
as manager of the Western system of
the Southern Pacific Company and the
reorganization of the divisions of the
road into two districts, comes a report
to the effect that E. H. Harriman and
his associates in the control of the
Western railroads have decided to
elect separate presidents and boards of
directors for each of their roads. The
first reputed step to be taken in this
direction will be made shortly, when
Harriman, who is now president of the.
four companies that compose 'his net
work of lines, will resign from all
these position, to later become chair
man of an executive board that will be
created at the proper time in New
According to the reports that have
reached the higher officials of tha
Southern Pacific Company in this city,
Vice-President and General Manager
Calvin will become the president of
that corporation, with his headquar
ters in this city; A. L. Mohler. vice
president and general manager of tha
Union Pacific, will be elected president
of that company, with future head
quarters in Omaha; W. H. Bancroft
will be promoted to the presidency of
the Oregon Short Line, and possibly
General Superintendent Park, of the
Union Pacific, or General Superintend
ent Buckingham, of the Oregon Short
Line, will be made president of the Or
egon Railroad & Navigation Company.
"Will Be Chairman of Executive
Board for His System.
NEW YORK. May 25. At the offices
of the Harriman interests here today it
was said that the details of the plan to
give the different Harriman properties
individual executive heads had not yet
been worked out, and that the proposed
changes may not be made for some
months. Mr. Harriman, it waB said, will
continue in complete control, through the
chairmanship of an executive board em
bracing all the properties.
3IohIer Knows Nothing of It.
OMAHA. May 26. Vice-President Moh
ler, of the Union Pacific, today stated
that the matter of electing separate pres
idents for the different integrals of the
Harriman lines had never been discussed
at a directors' meeting of those lines,
and that he did not believe there was any
truth in the report. He said he had re
ceived no notice of such intention.
Great Northern Line to Omaha.
LINCOLN, Neb., May 25. L. W. Hill,
vice-president of the Great Northern Rail
road, who arrived here tonight from Sioux
City, confirmed the report that the Great
Northern would build from Sioux City to
Omaha, and possibly extend to Ashland,
Neb., connecting at that place with the
Barrett's Opinion Increases Serious
ness of Canal Labor Problem.
ington, May 25. John Barrett, late Minis
ter to Colombia, Is not an engineer, nor is
Tie a physician; but he is a man who
keeps his eyes open and sees what is
going on. That is why a great deal of
reliance Is placed on his statement that
the health problem is the most Important
one to be solved on the Isthmus of Pan
ama. In this respect Mr. Barrett takes a dif
ferent view from the members of the
Canal Commission and others who have
to do with the construction of the canal.
The commission has endeavored from the
first to create the impression that yellow
fever was rapidly being eradicated, and
that danger from the disease was now
very slight. But along comes Mr. Bar
rett with a different picture.
His frank declarations, and his sum
ming up of the situation, will not lighten
the burden of procuring adequate labor
to dig the canal, for the chances are that
he is telling the exact truth when he
places the health problem above engi
neering and administrate problems yet
to be solved along the canal route.
Encampment In Northern Montanu.
BUTTE. Mont.. May 26. Senator
Thomas H. Carter today wired the
Havre Industrial Association that he had
interviewed General Bates, commanding
the Department of Dakota, and that the
latter was heartily In favor of holding
general Army maneuvers of the regular
forces and of the National Guard of the
Northwestern States at Fort Asslnlboine,
Northern Montana. Congressman Joseph
M. Dixon also wired he had presented the
plan to General Chaffee. Adjutant-General
Alderson, of the Montana militia, ,1s
taking up the proposition with the Na
tional Guards of Colorado, Minnesota.
Washington. Oregon. Utah and Idaho, and
the two Dakotas. The mobilization calls
for 10,000 men.
Capt. C. B. F. Reynolds, Engineer.
OMAHA, May 16. Captain C. B. F.
Reynolds, chief engineer of the Omaha
water works, is dead at his home In Flor
ence, aged SI years. Captain Reynolds
was chief engineer of the steamship Pi
oneer, which, in 1S6S, went to the relief of
the John Franklin Arctic expedition and
recovered the bodies of Franklin and six
Three Directors for Zionists.
BASLE, Switzerland, May 26. The
Zionist grand executive committee will
nronose to the Zionist Controls, in ho
pheld there beginning ;July 27, the ap
pointment oi a directorate for the guid
ance of the Zionist movement, composed
of Max Nordau, Professor Warburg of
Berlin and Professor Wolfsohn of Co
logne. A. Outterson, Pioneer Papermaker.
WATERTOWN. N. Y., May 26. Andrew
Outterson, aged 0 years, a pioneer paper
manufacturer, is dead here. He helped
his father erect the Jlrst paper-making
machine built In America, and ran off
the first sheet of bank note paper ever
made on a machine.
Scottish Golf Champion.
LONDON. May 26. A. B. Barry, of SL
Andrew's University, won the amateur
golf championship at Prestwick, Scotland,
today, defeating Osmund Scott "by three
up and two to play. Barry, who is only
19 years of age. Is the youngest player
who ever secured the championship.
Relna Mercedes In Commission.
XEWPORT. R. I.. May 26. The cruiser
Reina Mercedes, captured by the United
States in the Spanish-American War, and
recently remodeled at the Portsmouth, N.
H., navy-yard, went Into commission, as
a receiving ship here today.
Mwie JEye JUme4r Caret Eye:
Makes Weak Eyes Strog. Sooths Eye
raia. Do6cii't Smart.
Two Trainloads for Spokane
Day at tlie Fair.
Whole City Will Join in Boosting
Great Celebration for Eastern
Washington Metropolis at
Portland June 20.
SPOKANE. Wash., May 26. (Special.)
The O. R. & N. Co. is arranging to run
two excursions to Portland for visitors
to the Fair on Spokane Jay, June 20.
President F. E. Goodall, of the Cham
ber of Commerce, was asked what spe
cial efforts were being made for a
proper celebration of the Jay. He said
that an invitation had been extended
to the Mayor to take lunch with the
Chamber of Commerce next Tuesday,
its regular meeting day. after which
an informal conference would be held
in regard to ways and means for car
rying out a programme- that will be a
credit to the city.
'This I a time for the boosters tg
get busy," said Mr. Goodall, "and every
body should be a booster. There should
be no spasmodic effort, but from tills
time forward all should talk the sub
ject up and Join in taking advantage,
of the opportunity to advertise this
city iu the eyes of the thousands of
outsiders who will be at the Fair.
"It is probable that in a few days
the matter of selecting a hostess will
come before the City Council and Cham
ber of Commerce and a number of
names will doubtless be suggested from
which to make a choice. The hostess
will appoint her own assistants."
Mayor Daggett and Mr. Goodall will
confer tomorrow on the appointment of
a hostess.
Four Graduates in the Regular Col
lege Course.
ALBANY. . Or.. May 26.-(Special.)-An-nouncement
of the following programme
for commencement week at Albany Col- j
lege has been made by those In charge of
the same:
Wednesday. May 31 Concert by students of
the mivical department.
Friday, June 9 Graduating exercises of the
commercial class. Thta will be held at tho
college building and the address to the class
wilt be delivered by A. C. Schmidt; reception
In the evening.
Friday. June 9 Junior reception to wnlor
class at S o'clock P. M.
Saturday, June 10 Social and picnic to sen
ior class by Christian Endeavor Society.
Sunday. June 11 At the United Presbyter
ian Church. Itev. W. 11. Lee. the retiring
president of the college, will deliver the an
nual baccalaureate sermon at 10:30 Tclock
A. M.
Monday, June 12 The annual meeting of the
board of trustees will be held at 3 P. M.
Monday, June 12 At 8 o'clock P. M. the
Junior orations and medal contest will occur
in the United Presbyterian Church.
Tuesday, June 13 The college societies will j
El vc a. social from S o'clock to 11 o'clock
P. M. !
"Wednesday, June 14, at 10 o'clock A. M.
Thirty-eighth annual commencement orallom
of Albany College will be delivered at the
United Presbyterian Church. The graduate
and their degrees will be as follows: I.cns
Miller. A. B.; Oliver Hlckey. A. B.; John U.
Bryant, B. S.; Volena. Smith, B. I
niuinra uu receives um iiiniiesi average
for work during his school life in Albany
College, will be awarded the Miller medal,
provided by.Horr. F. J. Miller, president
of the board of trustees of Albany Col
U. S. Assistant Attorney - General
Asks Questions in Salem.
SALEM. Or.. May 26. (Special.) The
visit of United States Assistant Attorney
General Charles H. Robb to Salem yester
day has stirred up considerable local in
terest in the appointment of a successor
to the late Judge Bellinger. So far as
can be learned. Mr. Robb gave no Indi
cation whatever of his opinion concerning
the qualifications of particular candidates
for the position and did not make known
the opinions he has secured from others.
He evidently came seeking the opinions
of others, for he called upon persons who
are not candidates as well as upon those
who are, and asked all sorts of questions
concerning the various men who are men
tioned for the position. He sought in
formation from Democrats as well as Re
publicans. Governor Chamberlain and
Ex-Governor Lord were among the promi
nent men who were asked for Informa
tion. Mr.. Robb had a complete list of the men
whose names have been mentioned for
the vacant seat on the Federal bench,
and It is said that when he Interviewed
various men he asked concerning each
candidate such specific question? as
would bring out their qualifications or dis
qualifications for the position.
Oregon City Merchants Plan Inde
pendent Line of Steamers.
OREGON CITY. Or.. May 26.-(Spccial.)
Alleged excessive freight rate charges
required of local merchants, has resulted
in the appointment by the Oregon City
Board of Trade of a committee of five
members to Investigate the feasibility of
bulkilng a public wharf at Oregon City
and operating an Independent line of river
steamers. The committee is composed of
Frank Busch, V. Harris A. Knapp. A.
Robertson. E. E. Brodles. C. G. Muntley
and L. Adams. Since only 25 cents per 103
is the prevailing uniform charge for
transporting freight to this city from
Portland, it is not exactly clear-to many
where there are any grounds of complaint
against the various transportation com
State Receives Gift From Honorable
, A. Bush, of Salem.
SALEM. "Or., May 26. (Special.) Hon.
A. Bush has presented to the State of
Oregon a llfesize oil portrait of George
Washington, the picture to be hung In
the Governor's reception room at the
Capitol. The painting is one that Mr.
Bush has owned a number of years and
it formerly adorned the parlors of the
Willamette Hotel. The picture will be
hung on the wall of the Governor's recep
tion room opposite a similar portrait of
Abraham Lincoln.
Clackamas County's Exhibit.
OREGON CITY. Or., May 26--(Spe-ciaL)
Superintendent Dixon, assisted
by the members of the executive com
mittee, is engaged at packing the
Clackamas County exhibit for the Lewis
and Clark- Fair. This exhibit will be
immediately skipped to Portland and
installed in the 'space that has been
allotted to Clackamas County In the
exhibition building. In addition to the
grain, fruit, etc, the exhibit Includes a
rare collection of Indian relics that
were gathered by Miss Mary Barlow,
of Barlow.
Holden Declared Insane.
HOOD RIVER, Or., May 26. (Special.)
Joseph Holden, of Mount Hood, who
attempted to commit suicide last Fajday.
night, has been adjudged Insane, and
will be placed in the asylum at Salem,
unless otherwise provided for by relatives
in the East.
French Police Arrest Anarchists for
Plotting Against King.
PARIS. May 26. Tho police authorities
are adopting the most stringent precau
tions against the presence of anarchists
hero during the visit of King Alfonso.
Five suspects were arrested today on in
formation from the Spanish authorities
to the effect that anarchist leaders had
left Spain, for Paris. .
France Will Send. New Squadron to
Far East.
PARia May 26. Marine Minister
Thompson announced at a Cabinet council
today that he had arranged to send a
second division, consisting of 12 small
warships, to Indo-Chlna. The departure
of this division will take place In August.
It will consist of two submarine boats,
four dispatch-boats having torpedo tubes,
and six first-class torpedo-boats of light
draft, chosen for the shalow waters of
the coast of Indo-Chlna.
The division will reach Saigon in No
vember, where it will Join a similar di
vision sent last year, thus largely aug
menting the naval strength of France in
the Far East.
Clerk Tells Humble Origin or Men
Who Stole Million.
LIVERPOOL, May 26. At a meeting
of the creditors of the defunct Storey
Cotton Company, of Philadelphia, here
today, a clerk of the company named
Harrison testified that 'the Liverpool
principals were Thomas II. Qulnlan, who
acted as secretary and treasurer, and a
man named Lambert, and these had not
been heard- of since -they left the country
in March last.
Before becoming connected with the
company Quinlan was a typewriter and
Lambert a -station master on the South
of England Railway, according to Har
rison. No books could be found in the office
showing dealings In cotton or how de
posits amounting to'joOO.OQO had been dis
pose dof. i
Mission In Mauritania Angers Disaf
fected Natives.
DEKAR. Sencgambia. French West Af
rica, .May 26. Commissioner Coppelani,
Governor General of Mauritania, was as
sassinated at TiJIkja May 12 by disaf
fected Moors. Governor Coppolanl had
recently established a mission at TiJIkja
and was preparing to return to St. Louis
when he was killed.
The Moors were pursued and four of
them were killed. Four native soldiers
were killed In the pursuit.
Fortune for Old Drinking Cup.
LONDON. May 26. A small sixteenth
century drinking cup, carved out of rock
crystal and mounted and enameled with
gold, was sold at auction here this after
noon for the remarkable .price of JS1.375.
It Is stated the cup was purchased for J.
Pierpont Morgan, of New York. It be
longed to John Gabbitask, of London, who
placed the reserve price at only $23,000.
There has been much discussion as to Its
authenticity, but the British Museum has
pronounced it genuine.
Costa Rica Will Refund Bonds.
SAN JOSE. Costa Rica. May 26. The
government of Costa Rica has closed a
contract with Speyer & Co., of New York
for a new refunding loan. It Is expected
that Congress will soon confirm the con
Marriage Wcensc.
Felix Lesser. 20: Ruth Halvrrson, 25.
Charles E. Griffin. 25, Vancouver. Wasn.;
Ida C. Abraham fon. la.
At St. Vincent's Hospital. Portland. Mar
25, Mrs. Roe Cavanaugh. a native of Ireland,
aged 45 years.
At East Thirty-first and GlUun streets. May
25. Emma Hylsher. aged S3 years.
At Gt$ Second street. May 25. Wong Kan, a
native of China, aged 44 years.
At Damascus. Or., May 25, Martin Van
Burcn Donley, a native of Pennsylvania, aged
C9 years.
At 555 Seventh street. May .. Mrs. Ciltle
Herman, a native of Hobach, Bavaria, aged
72 years 1 month and 2 days.
At St. Vincent's Hospital, May 25, Urban
La Croy. a native of Ohio, aged 25 years 7
months and 12 days.
At St. Vincent's Hospital. May 21. Henry
C. Morse-, a native of New York, aged 73
years and -I months.
At the Open-AIr Sanitarium. Portland, May
25. Mrs. Luella Conley. a native of Iowa,
aged 26 years 7 months and SO days.
At 234 Clay street. May 23. Infant child of
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Heggcrty.
At SGS Williams avenue. May 24. Henry O.
Stanton, a native of Minnesota, aged 32 years
4 months and 20 days.
At Good Samaritan Hospital. May' 22. George
Lalng. a native of Scotland, aged 68 years.
At Witch Hazel building. Portland. May- 24.
Peter H. Hagey. a native of Iowa, aged 75
years 5 months and 20 days.
At Forest Grove, Or., May 22. Mrs. EL
Thomas, -aged SO years; remains brought to
Portland for Interment.
At Good Samaritan Hospital, May 24. Eugene
E. Brainard. & native of New York, aged 27
years 7 months and 29 days.
At Woodstock. May lo. to the wife of Henry
J. Emrhet. a daughter. I
At 55S Borthwick street. May 24, to the wife
of J. E. Bunvlck, a dauchter.
At Portland Maternity Hospital, May IS. to
the wife of OlllTe Shepardson, a daughter.
At Portland Maternity Hospital. May 19. to
the wife of Douglas Lawson. a daughter.
At SOI' Nelson street. May 21. to the wife
of Sidney David Monnostcs. a non.
At 503 24Vj street. May 22, to the wife of
Oscar Grenquest, a daughter.
-U 1C11 Halght avenue. May 12. to the wife
of George J. Fourier, a daughter.
Balldlag Permits.
The following building permits have been
granted by the City Auditor:
Mr. Leadbetter. repair of frame stores, 244
and 246 Front street; $200. "
M. A. Walker, frame shed for auto., Oregon
street,' between Union avenue and Third street,
John Fitzsimmons, frame dwelling, Ganten
blen avenue, between Cook avenue and Fargo
street; $500.
Owens & Melli. frame booths. Thurman street,
between Twenty-fourth and Twenty-fifth; 30.
A. L. Johnston, one and one-half story frame
dwelling. Manhattan street, between Union and
Grand avenues; J1200.
X.. M. Peterpon frame stores, Gladstone
avenue, between Fremont and Ivy; $50.
F. B. Halm on Vote Control.
PORTLAND. Or.. May 23. To the Editor.)
I wlsa to say that I feel somewhat slighted
at what your paper said regarding my re
mark that I control 2500 votes and that I
would get them all to vote against Mr. Mc
Nary for City Attorney. That Is a terrible
mistake, as it shoald be 35.000.
In respect to Mr. McNary,' I wish to say
that I am a McNary mas ant that I will
George Karachino, the Terrible Greek, World's
Champion Wrestler, Owes Strength and
Health to Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey.
Thousands' of Men and Woraen Owe Their Health, Strength and Long
Life to This Great Tonic-Stimulant.
It Is a Form of Food Already Digested.
The Terrible Greek, while In Aberdeen, "Washington, a few days ago, upon
being asked b some newspaper correspondent to what he owed his great
strength and restoration to health? replied
"I am now in my 2Sth year, and nave been wrestling professionally since I
became of age. I have met and defeated the best men In this country and in
Europe. A year ago I was troubled with serious indigestion, ami that was
followed by weakness. This attack served to unfit me for any matches, and I
thought at one time 1 would have to leave the business. Doctors advised me to
take Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey before eating, and after taking It for three
months I found myself as well and strong as when I used to tend my father's
Mocks on the hills of Greece.
"I would advise everyone suffering from weak stomach or poor digestion to
try Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey, as I feel confident It will cure them."
Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey
It brings into action all the vital force3. makes digestion perfect, enriches
the blood, stimulates circulation, builds up nerve tissue and gives -strength and
elasticity to the muscles. It Invigorates overworked men: nervous women and
sickly children
Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey curb and prevents coughs, colds, grip, bron
chitis, asthma, catarrh, pneumonia, pleurisy, consumption, and all diseases of
throat and lungs; dyspepsia. Indigestion and every form of stomach trouble:
nervousness, malaria and all low fevers. It is Invaluable In all weakening,
wasting, diseased conditions.
It Is absolutely pure, contains no fusel oil. and Is the only whiskey recog
nized by the Government as a medicine. This is a guarantee.
CAUTION When you ask for Duny'n Pure Malt Whiskey be sure you get the genuine.
Unfcrupulouii dealer-, mindful of the excellence of this preparation, will try to sell you
cheap imitutions and malt vhlnkey nubHtltutes, which are put on the market for profit
only, and which, far from relieving the hick, are positively harmful. Demand "DurTyV
anil be Vure vou jrrt it. It N the only absolutely pure malt whiskey which contains medi
cinal, health -si vinjr qualities. IlufTy'.i Purr Malt Whiskey I sold In sealed bottles only.
Look for the trade-mark, the "Old Chemist," on the label and be certain the seal over the
cork U unbroken. Beware of refilled bottles.
All druggists and grocers, or direct, 51.00 a bottle. Medical booklet free.
Duffy Malt Whiskey Co.. Rochester, New York.
vote for him and will try" and get any of the
voters I can Influence to do the same.
Being financially interested In the Standard
Carpet-Cleaning Comiony. against which Mr.
Fitzgerald Is making Mich a fight, and ha
made the remark that it la worw than a
daughter house and ought to be removed to
h . which plant he has never eccn and knows
nothing about. I. In behalf of the Standard
Carpet-Cleaning Company, extend to the court
and all the city officer!" and citizens of Port
land a cordial Invitation to the Standard
Carpet-Cleaning Company plcnt to Inspect it.
They will rind it perfectly ionltary and as
clean as anv htvlnw in the city.
If. after doing this, they can honestly say
that It U-. a nulsanee. I will shut down and
stop oi.eratinK- the jtfsnt. As you gave my al
leged remark concerning the 2300 votes some
considerable s'rumlaence. 1 will arfc you to
do me tbe courtesy of publishing this letter.
Yours rcsftfully. F. B. HAHX.
Cars Will Leave Exposition
Every Half Minute.
On June 1 a street-car will arrive at
and depart from the Exposition grounds
every CO seconds during the greater part
of the day. With thl? service the street
car company hopes to be able to handle
the crowds that will come to view the
opening of the big Fair.
Another change will be made In the city
.service to become effective on June 1 and
to remain in force during the, course of
the Exposition, and by this change Mor
rison street will become a trunk line as
much as Washington street now is. Cars
will be run up Morrison from Front street
every minute during the day of the open
ing, and later in the season as? often as
the traffic demands. It will be possible
by this means for those coming from the
East Side to take the cars direct to the
Exposition grounds from the foot of Mor
rison and Front, as near as possible to
the foot of the Morrison and the Madison-street
bridges, thus avoiding the
crowding resultant from the up-town
traffic waiting at the points of intersec
tion in the main lines.
During the Fair there will be three
lines running close schedule cars between
the center of town and the Exposition
grounds the Morrison-street line; the
Third-street service, out Xorth Third and
t" the grounds by way of Glisan and
is the best I
tjiig for
aid i
It irvsvires j
ferfecl Gearv
irvess. with l
Safety. 4
cmv do heavy
work. A
rough voBV&n
caxv wash
deBcate j
fairies. '
srvore effective
tkuvthe best
b&r Soap. '
is the best forerv !
of the bestSo
Fourteenth: the Sixte.enth-street line and
the' Twenty-third street line.
On Thursday next the company will
have more than 250 cars In service dur
ing the busy part of the clay, and this
number will be maintained during . the
Summer at anv time the crowds wlil
"Work for Georgians.
. Macon Telegraph.
It Is up to the people of Georgia to
raise more hominy and. less homicides.
Don't wait until you are sick before try
ing Carter's Little Liver Pills, but get &
vial at once. Tou can't take them with
out benefit.
Line .Steamers
Steamers leave Portland,
dally, except Sunday, 7
A. M., connecting at Lyle.
Wash., with Columbia River & Northern Ry.
Co. for Goldendale asd Klickitat Valley
points. Round trip to Cascade Locks every
Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Landlne
foot of Alder st. Phone Main 014.
S. M' DONALD. Agent.
HQreat Northern
Cltr Ticket Office. 122 Third St Phono 688.
The Flyer and the Fast Mai I.
For tickets, rates, folders and full, infor
mation, call on or address
H. DICKSON. City Passenger and Ticket
Agt.. 122 Third street, Portland, Or.
For Japan. China a'nd all Asiatic Prts, will
leave Seattle about Juna 13.
(Class 100. AL Lloyds. Captain Gllboy.)
The largest and finest equipped passenger
and freight steamer in this trade, with large
cold-storage accommodations. Special at
tention to perishable freight.
(Carrying V. S. Mall.)
Connecting with Northern Commercial Co.'s
steamers for Fairbanks. Chena. Dawson and
all Tanana. Koyukuk and Yukon River
points; Golovln, Solomon. Topkok and all
ports on Seward Peninsula.
Through tickets and bills of lading Issued.
Righ to change steamer or sailing date is
For freight and passage apply to
438 Montgomery St.. San Francisco.
Superior accommodation. Excellent Culslae.
Tbe Comfort of Passengers Carefully Con
sidered. Single or Round Trip Tickets Issued
between New York and. Scotch. English.
Irish ana all principal continental points at
attractive rates. Send for Sook of Tours.
For' tickets or general Information apply to
aay local ageat of the Anchor Use or to
HENDERSON BROS.. Ges'l Agents.
Chicago, I1L
Short Lun
Aj Union Racotc
Through Pullman standards and tourist
sleeping-cars dally to Omaha. Chicago. Spo
kane; tourlnt sleeping-car dally to Kansas
City; through Pullman tourist sleeping-car
(personally conducted) weekly to Chicago.
Reclining chair-cars (seats free) to the 2ast
daily. .
UNION DEPOT. j LeavesL Arrives
CHICAGO-PORTLAND; 9:15 A. M. 5:25 P. M."
SPECIAL for the East Daily. Daily.
via. Huntington. i
For Eastern Washington. Walla Walla.
Lewlston. Coeur d'Alene; and Great Northern
for the East via Hunt- Daily " Dallr
ington. J J
FOR ASTORIA and 8:00 P. M. 5:0O P. M.
way points, connecting Dall- Daily,
with steamer for Ilwa- except i except
co and North Beach, Sunday. " Sunday,
steamer Hasaalo, Ash- Saturday.
Bt. dock (water per.) 10:00 P. M. .
FOR DAYTON. Ore- 7:00 A. M. 5:30 P. M.
gon City and Yamhill Dally, Dally.
River points, Asb-ot. except except
dock (water per.) Sunday. Sunday.
4:00 A. M. About
FOR LEWISTON.f Tuesday, 5:00 P. M.
Idaho and way points Thursday, Monday,
from Riparia. Wash. ( Sunday. Wednesday
TICKET- OFFICE. Third and Washington.
Telephone Main 712. C. W. Stinger. City Tick
et Agt.: A. L. Craig, General Passenger Agt.
S. S. CO.
Operating the Only Passenger Steamers for
San Francisco direct.
"Columbia" June 5, 15. 25: July 5.
"St. Paul" May 31. June 10. 20, 30.
Through tickets via San Francisco to all
points la United States, Mexico. Central and
South America. Panama, Honolulu. China, Ja
pan, the Philippines. Australia. New Zealand
and Round-the-World Toura.
JAS. H. DEWSON. Agent.
Phone Main 268. 248 Washington st.
for Salem. Rose
burg. Ashland.
Sacramento. Og
den, "San Francis
co, Mojave, Los
Angeles, El Paso.
New Orleans and
the East.
Morning train
connects at Wood
burn dally except
Sunday with train
for Mount Angel,
Silverton. Browns
ville, Springfield.
Wendllng and Na
tron. Albany passenger
connects at Wood
Durn with Mt. An
gel and Silverton
Torvallls passenger
Sheridan passenger
5:30 A. M.
4:00 P. ,M.
7:SO A. M.
114:50 P. M.
5:5ft P. X.
118:25 A. M.
?Daily. llDaily, except Sunday.
Leave Portland daily for Oswego at 7:30
A. M., 12:50. 2:05. 3:55. 5:20, 6:23, 7:43. 10:10
P. M. Dally, except Sunday, 5:30. 6:30. 8:30.
10:23 A. M.. 4:10. 11:30 P. M. Sunday, only,
8 A. M.
Returning from Oswego, arrives" Portland
daily 8:30 A. M.. 1:53, 3:05, 4:53, 6:13, 7:33.
0:53, 11:10 P. M. Dally except Sunday, 6:25.
7:23. 0:30. 10:20. 11:45 A. M. Except Mon
day. 12:23 A. M. Sundar only. 10 A. M.
Leave from same depot for Dallas and in
termediate points daily except Sunday, 4:10
P. M. Arrive Portland. 10:10 A. M.
The Independence-Monmouth motor Una
operate daily to Monmouth and Alrlie. con
necting with S. P. Co. trains at Dallas and
Flrst-clas3 fares from Portland to Sacra
mento and San Francisco, $20; berth. $3.
Second-class fare, ?13; second-class berth,
Tickets to Eastern points and Europe. Also
Japan. China. Honolulu and Australia.
CITY TICKET OFFICE, corner Third and
Washington streets. Phone Main 712.
Deoart. Arrive
Puget Sound Limited for
Tacoma. Seattle. Olym
pla. South Bend and
Cray's Harbor points 8:30 am 4:43 pnt
North Coast Limited for
Tacoma, Seattle, Spo
kane. Butte. Su Paul.
New York, Boston and
all points East and
Southeast 3:00 pm 7:00 ana
Twin City Express for
Tacoma, Seattle. Spo
kane. Helena. St. Paul.
Minneapolis. Chicago.
New York, Boston and ,
all points East and
Southeast - 11:45. pm. 7:00 pm
Puget Sound-Kansas City- r
St. Louis Special, for
Tacoma, Seattle. Spo
kane. Butte. Billings,
Denver. Omaha, Kansas
City. St-. Louis and all -points
East and South--
east - 8:30 am 7:00 ant
All trains dally, except on South Bend
A. D. CHARLTON. Assistant General Pas
senger Agent. 233 Morrison at., corner Third,
Portland. Or.
Astoria & Columbia
River Railroad Co.
Leaves, f UNION DEPOT. Arrives.
For Maygers. Rainier.
Clatskanle. Westport,
Clifton. Astoria. War
renton. Flavel, Ham
mond, Fort Stevens,
Gearhart Park; Sea
side. Astoria and Sea
diore. Express Dally.
Astoria Express.
Dally. J
11:10 Al M.
0:10 P. M.
:00 P. i
Comm'l Agt. 243 Alder st. G. F. & P. A.'
Phone Main 806.
For South -Eastern Alaska
Steamers leave Seattle.
S. S. Humboldt. S. a.
Clty of Seattle. S. S. Cot
age City. May 18. 22. 24.. aj.
i Excursion S. S. Spokano
leaves June 8-22. July 6-30.
August 3-17.
Belllngham Bay Routs:
Dally except Saturday it
10 A. Ml
Vancouver. B. C. Route: Monday, Wedaw
day aad Friday, 10 P. M.
Portland office. 248 Washington at.
C D. DUNANN. G. P. A...
Sas Fnnrlwii.