Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, May 25, 1905, Page 15, Image 15

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Ten Cent Market for Oregon
Fruit Today.
Heavy Iiocal Receipts Yesterday Aug
mented by Straight Car From
Florin Advance In Front
Street Butter..
STRAWBERRIES Full supply of
Oregon and lower prices " expected to--day
BUTTER Advance in Front-street
POULTRT Bolter buying demandj
causes firmness.
WHEAT Strong on CaJifornia buying.
HOPS Traders awaiting fuller re
port; from England.
RICE Southern grades firm 'and
If the weather Is good today, there will be
the 10-cent Oregon strawberry market that
retailers have been looking for. It was prac
tically onT hand yesterday afternoon.
He e!pt In the morning -wore heavy from
Hood River. Southern Oregon and loeal points.
A' the opening an effort was made te sot
15 "rntfc a pound, but It was seen that
the big stocks could not be moved and slash
r.g began. Buyers took hold better at 1215
Tit?, but late in the afternoon 10 cents came
rearer being the ruling quotation. Even at
Ms low figure there was not a clean up.'
and a considerable quantity was carried over
to be worked off this morning.
The real cause of the weakness in. Ore
gon berries was the arrival of Hoskln's ear
from Florin. The Callfornias came in ahead
of time, and the first lots were put oh
the walk at 2 o'clock. Although th fruit
wsf three days In transit. It was in very
good condition, having come up under Ice.
The difference in price gave It the advantage
over Oregon fruit, and trading was conse
quently lively up to the close of business.
Only enough fruit was removed Horn the
car to fill orders, the rest being left in the
cooler, but several of the houses had to
fend down to the yards for a second supply.
The price held steady during the afternoon
at $1,256 1.35 per crate, city. This is the
last big lot of California berries that will be
General Advance in Southern Grades
,7apan Ik Firm.
The strong position of the rice market has
resulted in an advance of cents on
Southern. The rice mills of the South are
withdrawing their offerings on the prospects
of a decreased acreage and unfavorable
weat.her conditions.
Imported Japan rice Is also firmer. Last
year6 Japanese crop was heavier, but had to
meet with Increased consumption, owing to
he military opeiations. A Consular reprt
t late- dato says of the Japan eye-crop."' The
ri-e crop for 1S04 Is now announced to be
263.692,255 bushels, an increase, of 25.2S4.22S
bushels, er 16 per cent, as compared with
that of the previous year. The figures also
show an increase of 46,708,963 bushels.
21's per cent. In comparison with an average
'or the past seven years, from which the
most favorable year and the poorest year
are deducted, the average being taken from
the remaining five years. This unprecedent
ed jleld is due to the prevalence of good
weathfr in the country generally since the
planting out and to many agricultural Im
jrovements being made by farmers."
btste Fancy Creamery I Higher on Front
Light receipts of state brands of creamery
butter led to a slight advance in sonic quar
ters on Front street yesterday. 21U cents
being quoted as the top mark. The local eup-
rly has been so shortened by extensive stor
nge operations that ome pt the dealers can
not get enough butter for their regular custom
ers The movement In city butter was mod
erate, but a better demand "is expected arter
the first of the month.
Cheese was In good demand, but etocks were
i- plentiful that the market continued weak.
Ttift irUte most generally quoted was 13
cnts for full croam twins, but this was re
V 'ltd t have been shaded by t-oine dealers,
while others quoted up to 14& cents for
Reimportations at New York JJghter Than
There have been no developments in the hop
market tfils week. Evnryone is waiting for
later advices as to the condition of the Eng
lish crop, on which everything 'depends.
Should the first reports be orne out by
lster investigations, nothing tan prevent an
upward course of prices. Some of the local
dealers have received ,telegrams from New
Tcrk contradicting the first reports from
England, but others arc without advices.
New York Custom-House .statistics -up to
the close of business on May 19 -show that a
total of only 461 bates of American hops had
been reimport ed from London since the sea
son opened. It was reported yesterday that
Jim Linn, of Salem, had bought 50 bales
from Ralph Williams, of Dallas, at under
24' cents, but Mr. Linn codld hot be found
confirm !L .
But Dealers Do Not Quote Any
van cr.
The bulge in the San Franclteo wheat mar
ket did not induce local traders to quote elub
at over S6 cents yesterday. A fair quantity
tf business was reported to have beon trans
acted, but generallj In small parcels. Blue
.tem was unchanged at 99092 cents. Several
cars of Valley wheat arc said to have been
bought in last few days at 13 ' cents.
Oats were quoted stronger at ''$2029.50 for
all grades. A prominent dcater is authority
f 5r the statement that there arc' not cneugh
oats left in the country to last until the new
crop comes on.
There is a good oeal movement in flour
at the former quotations. Export trade is very
Vcrweat'Buyer Finds Oregon Sheep the Best
in the Country.
SHANIKO. Or.. May 24. (Special. The
famous Baldwin Sheep & Land Company ' a
?ew days ago sold to G. O. Dimmock. of
Mlfldlebury Vt-. 50 registered French Ram
boulett bucks for shipment to .South Africa.
t prices ranging from $25 lo $50 per head.
Mr. Diromoclc visited California before he
Came to Oregon In quest of fancy stock, but
was unable to find anything suitable. The
Baldwin Sheep & Land Company today
shipped to Bakersfield. Cal., seven of their
fancy bucks.
Owing to the eold weather In this vicinity.
sheep shipments have been delayed consider
able, the shippers being afraid of loss in
cident to shipment of sheep, but unless an
other cold spell l experienced will begin
noving about May 27. The first to move are
those of Haley & Saunders, of Salt Lake.
Poultry Move Better.
Three days have passed with unusually light
receipts of poultry- One firm was quite well
supplied yesterday, but others did not have
enough to go around. Should arrival be no
heavier during the remainder of the week,
quotations will likely be moved up. Tester
day's prices were unchanged, except for a
slight advance quoted In mixed chickens and
small broilers.
Eggs were again firm at IS cents for
candled stock, with not much prospect for a
change in the near future. '
Veal Again Weak.
Heavy, cbcipts of veal again weakened
the market yesterday and put off to a more
remote date the expected improvement. The
first hogs seen "In .several day came In In
the morning and were In good demand. There
was also a better inquiry foe lambs and
small mutton, receipts of which were light.
Marketing Heppner Wool.
It Is estimated by a Heppner authority
that .nearly 3,200,000 pound of wool will
be marketed at that point this year, as the
fleeces are averaging about 10 pounds each.
The average price paid will not fall very
far short of IS cents a pound. The" larger
part of the wool in that district has already
been sold.
Linseed Oil arid Turpentine Higher.
Advances In linseed oil and turpentine were
announced yesterday. .The new prices fol
low: Raw 'linseed, cases, 6Se; barrels; 63c;
boiled Hn2d, cases. 70c; barrels. 63c; five
barrels let, le- less. Turpentine, cases. f7c;
barrels. Die
Holiday In Produce District.
The Front-Street Produce Dealers' Associa
tion, at a meeting "Tuesday night, voted to
suspend all business after 10 A. M. on Thurs
day. June 1, the day of the opening jof the
Bank Clearings.
Bank clearlngo ef the Northwfs:-rn ctties
testorday were as "follows:
Portland $557.75si
Seattle 869.020
Taooroa 460. 445
Spokane Slh.UUO
Grain. Flour. Feed. Etc.
WHEAT Club. S3gS6c per bushel; blue
stem. 9092c: Valley. 85c.
FLOUR Patents. S4.5ofi5.10 per barrel:
straights. $lfr4.25; clears. $3.75(34; Valley.
$3.904.25; Dakota hard wheat. $tS.50Q7.5i;
Graham. $3.5064; whole wheat, $4(b4.25;, rye
flour, local, (5; Eastern. f5.bUa5.UU; corn
meal, per bale. $LtKij2.20.
BARLEY Feed. $22.00 per ton; rolled, $239
OATS-r-No 1 white, feed. $2329.50 per ton;
choice milling. $29&29.50; gray. $2iS2a.50.
MILLSTUFKS Bran. $10 per ton; middlings,
$24.50; shorts. $21; chop, U. S. Mills, $11);
Unseed dairy food, $1S.
CEREAL FOODS Rolled oats, cream, 90
pound xack&, $6.75; lower grades, $5g6.25; oat
meal, steel cut. 5o-pound sacks, $S per barrel;
10-pound t-acks, $4.25 per bale; oatmeal
ground), 50-pound sacks, $7.50 per barrel;
li-pound &acks. $4 per bale; fspllt peat. $4 per
100-pound- sack; 25-pound boxes, $1.15, pearl
barley, $4.25 per 100 pounds; 25-pound boxes,
$1.25 per box; pastry flour. 10-pound sacks,
$2.50 per bale.
HAY Timothy. $1416 per ton: clover. $11
612; grain. $11012; cheat. $llCr!2. .
Butter, Eggs, Poultry, Etc.
EGGS Oregon ranch. 18c per dozen candled;
17V-c uncanQlc-d.
BUTTER City creameries: Extra creamery.
20$ 21 Ho per pound; state creameries; Fancy
creamfjry, 17U21c;- storo butter. 15316c.
CHEESE Oregon full cream twins. 13"c:
Young America, 141ic
POULTRY Fancy hens. 13313c: oW hem.
123713c: mixed chickens. 12012,sc; old roost
er. 8&0c; young roosters. Iltfl2c; Springs, Hi
to 2 pound. l&20c: broilers. 1 to 1
pounds. 20021c; drffsed t hickens. 13014c;
turkeys, live, 17Q18c; turkeys, dressed pKr,
17itfi,l&c; turkeys, choice, 20Jf22i4; geese,
live, pr pound. 7miSl4c; geee. dressed, per
pound, 0311c; ducks, old, $C&7.50; ducks,
younx as to size. $35; pigeons, $101.25;
squabs, $22.50.
Vegetables, Fruit, Etc.
DOMESTIC FRUITS Apples, table. $1,503
2.50 per box; common, 5oc&$l; strawberries.
Uttgon. 10Q12Vjt per pound; California. $1,253
1.5w per box; cherries, " $1 per box;
gooseberries. 4j5c per pound: apricots, $1.50
1T crate; Logan berries. $1.25 per crate.
TROPICAL FRUITS Lemons, fancy, $2,509
2.75; choice. $2.75 pr box: oranges, nav
ek. fancy. $2.25612.50 p;r box; choice, $2
.U5; standard, $1.501.75; Mediterranean
sweets. $2.25&2.75; Vl-nias. $3; srapefrult.
$2.50&3 per box. bananas, 405c per pound;
pineapples, $7.5U per dozen.
FRESH VEGETABLES -Artichokes. 50c per
dozen; asparagus. $1.50 per box; beans, 7JjSc
per pound; cabbage. 101Uc per pound;
cauliflower. $.75tg2 per crate; cucumbers, 50c
$1.25 per dozen; lettuce, hothouse. 25c per
cozen; lettuce, head, 12Vt15c per dozen;
parsley, 25 cents per -dozen; peas. 5Q6c per
pound; peppers. 25c per pound; radishes, 10
12c per dozen; ihubarb, 2&3C per jJOund: to
matoes, $3.25(24.50 per crate; squash, $1.25 per
ROOT VEGETABLES Turnips, $1.2531.40
per sack; carrots, $1.2521.50 per sack; beets.
$1,253? 1.40 per sack; parsnips, 50c per dozez:
garlic. 15iil7Vic per pound.
ONIONS California red, 2c: Bermuda Cc
per pound.
POTATOES Oregon fancy. $1.0531.15; com
mon. 95c6$1.05; Colorado. $1.15; new
potatoes. 2b2Wc per pound; Merced swteui.
l?c e- poi nd.
RAISINS Loose Muscatels. 4-crown, 7c,
&-laer Muscatel raisins, 7sc; unbleached
seedless Sultanas, 0?c; London layers, 3
crown, whole boxes of 20 pounds. 51. S5. 2
crown. $1.75.
DRIED FRUIT Apples, evaporated, CgCjtc
per pouna; eunonea, sacxs or boxes, none;
aDricots. lOJTllc: peaches. 9&''10'c: peats.
none; prunes. Italians. 45c; French, "W&
oc; ngs. fjauiornia niacxs. iuc; do white,
none; Sinrna, 20c; Fard dates. 6c; plums,
pitted. 6c
Groceries, Nuts. Etc
COFFEE Mocha. 20Sf2Sc; Java, ordinary.
!Sff22c; Costa, Rica, fancy, 18&20c; good.
luinbia roast, cases, 100s. $13.T5; 60s, $13.75;
Arbucklc 14.75; Lion,
RICE Imperial Japan No. 1. $3.37Hi:
Southern Japan. $3.50. Carollnas. 5S6',tc;
broken-head, -54c.
SALMON Columbia River. 1-pound talis.
$1.75 per dozen; 2-pound talis. $2.40; 1-pound
(Int. SI RS- fnrr Mlrnri fit tl MA- i
pound flats. $1.10; Alaska pink 1-pound tails.
b5c; red, 1-pound tails, $1.30; eockeyes, 1
pound talis. S1.&5.
SUGAR Sack basis, 100 pounds: Cube,
$6.20. powdered. $5.1)5: dry granulated. S5.s5;
extra C. $5.So; golden C, $5.25; fruit sugar,
$5.S5; advance over sack basis as follows:
Barrels 10c; half-barrels, 25c; boxes. Uxi per
1C0 pounds. (Terms: On remittance within ?5
day. dt-duct 'c per pound: If later than 15
days and within 30 days, deduct ic per pouno,
no discount after 30 days.) Beet sugar, granu
lated, $5.75 per 100 pounds; maple ugar.
per pound.
SALT California, $11 per ton. $1.60 per
lwle, Liverpool. VJs. $17; loos, xie.50; 300s,
$10; nau-grouna iw, ; wt,
NUTS Walnuts. 135ic per pound by sack, lc
extra for less than sack; Brazil nuts. 15c;
fllbtrte, 14c; pecans. Jumbos, 14c; extra large.
15c. almonds. 1. X. L.. 164c; chestnuu. Ital
ians, 15c; Ohio. $4.60 per 25-pound drum; pea
nuts, raw, 7Uc per pound, roasted, 9c; pine
nuts, 1012!tc; hickory nuts. 7c: cocoanuts,
7c; cocoanuts, 35fj90c per dozen.
BEANS Small white. 3Vf4c: large -white.
3Hc: pink, 3Uc; bayou. 3iic; Lima, tc
Mcati, aad ProvlsloBf.
BKEF Drcsscfi. bulls. -4ff5c per pound; cows.
4fi5c; counto' steres, 56c
MUTTON Dreted. fancy. 6Hfi?7tic per-pottnd:
ordinary. 4G4tc; Spring lambs. 7e74c
VEAL DrosAcd, UK? to 125 pounds, 6fCc;
125 to 2uo pounds. 4&ibci 200 pounds and up.
PORK Dressed. 100 to 150. 7g7Uc; 150 ana
up. 67c per pound.
HAMSr-10 to 14 pounds. 12c per pound:
14 to. 10 pounds. 12ic; 18 to 20 pounds, 12c;
California picnlc). Sc; cottage hams. Uc;
shoulders. Sc; boiled ham. lUc; boiled picnic
ham. boneless. 13c.
BACON Fancy breakfast. ISc per pound:
standard breakfast. 15Hc; choice, 14c: English
breakfast. 11 to It pounds. 13c; peach bacon.
SAUSAGE Portland, ham. 13c per pound;
minced ham. 10c; Summer, choice Cry, I7c:
bologna, long. lVfcc; welncrwurst, Sc; liver, uc;
pork. 9c; blood. 5c; headcheese. 6c; bologna
sausage, link. 4 tic
DRY SALT-CURED Regular short dears.
SHc wit. lOttc smoked; clear backs. 8ic salt.
lOUc smoked: clear bellies, 14 to 17 pounds
average, noee salt, none crocked; Oregon ex
ports. 20 to 25 sounds average. HOVic salt. lltte
smoked; Union butts. 10 to IS pounds aver
age. Sc salt. 9c (rooked.
PICKLED GOODS Pickled pigs' feet, bar
rels, $5; -barrels. $2.75; 15-pound kit. 51.25;
pickled tnpe. barrels $5; V barrels. $2.75;
15-pound kit. $1.25: pickled pigs tongues,
barrel. $6: U-barrels. $3: 15-pouno Kits. $1.50:
pickled lambs' tongue, -barrels. $3; -barrel.
$5.50; 15-pound kit. -$2.75.
LARD Leaf lard, kettle-rendered: Tierces,
fHc: tubs. 9!c; 50s. UHc; 20s. 10c; 10s, 10Hc;
6s, 1014c. Standard pure: Tierces, STic; tub.
Hc: 60s. OHc: 203. OVic; 10s. 9c: 5s. Oiic
compound: -.tierces, uc; tuw. tic; aus, uc;
IDs, 6?;c; 6c. 6c
Hops. Wool, Hides. Etc
HOPS Choice, 1904. 23Vi25c per pound.
WOOL Eastern Orrgon, average best: 100
224c; lower grades, down to 15c. according to
fchnnkago: Valley, 27fi2Se per pound.
MOHAIR-Cholce. 31ff32c per pound.
HIDES Dry hides, No. 1. 1ft pounds and ap.
ICSlCitc per pound; dry Kip, No. 1. 6 to 10
pounds, 11015c per pound; dry calf. No. 1.
under 5 pounds. 171Sc; dry salted, bulte ana
(Ust, one-third less than- cry flint; (cul,.
moth-eaten, badly cut, scored, murrain, halr
sllpped. weather-beaten or grubby. 2g3c per
pound less); salted bides, steers, sound. 60
pounds and over. OglOc per pound; 50 to 00
pounds, S'jQO: per pound: under 50 pounds
and cows. SgOc per pound; salted stags and
bulls, sound. 6s per pound; salted kip, sound,
15 to SO pounds. 9c per pound; Salted veal.,
sound, 10 to 11 pounds. Sc per pound; salted
calf, sound under 10 pounds. 10c per pound:
(green unsalted. 1c per pound less; culls, lc
per pound less). Sheep skins: Shearlings. No.
1 butchers stock. 25Jf30c each; short wool," No.
1 butchers stock. 40g50c each; medium wool.
No. 1 butchers stock, 608 S0c; long wool. No.
1 butchers stock. $191.50 each. Murrain pelts
from 10 to 20 per cent less or 12914c per
pound; horse bides, salted, each, according to
site $1.5082; dry. each, according to size, $1
1.50: colts' hides, 25950c each: goat skins,
common. 10S15c each; Angora, with wool on,
25c $1.50 each. ,
TALLOW Prime, per pound, SHS4c; No. 2
and grease, 23c
PELTS Bear skins, as to size. No. 1, $2.50
910 each: cubs. $132. badger. 25350c; wild
cat, with head perfect, 25 if 50c; house cat.
5G10c; fox, common gray, 5ofj70c: red. $3
cross. $5315: silver and black, $100200;
fishers, $596; lynx', $4.5y6: mink, strictly
No. 1. according to .fliie, $162.50; marten,
dark Northern, according to sire and color.
$10315; marten, pale. pine, according to
size and color. $2.5084; muskrat, large, 10ii
15c: skunk. 4050c: civet or polecat. 5
10c; otter, large, prime skin. $6&10; pan
ther. with head and claws perfect, $2f5;
raccoon, prime. 3050c: mountain wolf,
with head perfect. $3.505: coyote. 60cC$l;
wolverine. $638; beaver, per skin, ' large.
J5Q6; medium. $34; small, $101.50; kits.
BEESWAX Good, clean and pure. 204f22c
per pound.
C A SCAR A SAG RAD A (Chittam bark) Good,
44ic .per pound.
GRAIN BAGS Calcutta. 6Vlc.
GASOLINE Stove gaollne. cases, 233c; Iron
barrels, 17c: 6 deg. gasoline, cases. S2c; iron
barrels or drums, 26c
COAL OIL Ca see, 20V5c; iron barrels. I4cr
wood barrels. 17c; 03 deg.. cases. 22c; Iron
LINSEED OIL Raw. 5-barrel tots. 02c;
1-barrel lots. 63c; caw.- 6Sc. Boiled: 5-Uar-tel
lots. 6Se: 1-barrel lots, 65c; cases. 70c.
TURPENTINE Cases, 97c; Vood barrels.
WHITE LEAD Ton lots. 7Vic; 500-pound
lots, 7;c; lees than 500-pound lots. Sc
Prices Quoted at Portland Union Stockyards
Receipt at the Portland Union Stekyards
yesterday were 74 cattle. 33S1 sheep and 170
hogs. The following prices were quoted at the
CATTLE Best Eastern Orego nstcew. $4.25;
cows and heifers, $34Ja.5o; medium, $l.rf2.
HOGS Best large, fat hogs. $5: Mock and
China fat, $o.25?S.50: Blockers. $5.
SHEEP Best Ka"stcrn Oregon aad Valley.
sheared, $4; medium, $3.5053.75; lambs, $4.50
Prices Current at Kansas City. Omaha and
CHICAGO. May 24. Cattle Receipts. 28.00".
Market. 10i?13c lower. Good to nrime steers.
J3.G0g0.50; oor to medium. $4.2560.90; Mock
ers and feeders. $2.750u.2S; cow. $2.6096;
heifers. $2.5005.35: canncre. $1.502.40;
bulls. $2.6004.70; calves. $.Wi6.75.
Hogs Receipts, 33.000; tomorrow. 25.000.
Market. 5Q10c lower; mixed and burbrs.
$5.255.55; good to choice heavy. $A.4ft
5.52A; rough heavy. $5.2095.35; light. $5.30
S.52H: bulk of sales. J5.4035.5O.
Sheep Receipts, 20.000. Sheep and lambs.
10c lower; good to choice wethers, shem,
$4.60&5.25; far to choice mixed, shorn. $3.59
4.50; Weaiern shorn sheop. $I.)59h.25: na
tive lambc, shorn. $4.3006.50; Western lambs.
SOUTH OMAHA. May 21. Cattle Re
ceipts 4400; market 10c lower. Natlv
steers. $4.25 $"6. 10: cows and heifers, $3.50 (r
4.80; Western steers, $3.50 J? 5; eannors, $2
63.40; stockers and feeders, $2.75r4.50;
calve?. $34gT6; bulls, stags, etc.. $2.504.50.
Hogs Receipts 10,000: market 10c tower.
Heay. $5.1595.25: mixed. $3.15?5.20; light.
$5. 10 g 5.20; pigs, $493; bulk of sale. $5.15
6 3.20.
Sheep Receipts 10.500; market
lambs 10c lower; Western yearlings. $5tf
5.13; wethers, shorn. $4.40 ?5: ewos. shorn,
$44.75; Iambs, wooled, $0.50 Q-7.23; lambs,
shorn. S5.05ir6.40.
KANSAS CITY, Mo., May 24. Ottle
Receipts 10.CXK); market 10c tower.- Native
steers. $4,256-0.15; native cows nnd heifors.
$2.25 ft. '.25. stockers and feeders. $.25
4.00; bulls." $2.73e4.50; "calves, .SXifS.SU;
Western fed steers. $4.23 ?6; da cows, $3.25
Hogs Receipts 13,000; market 3ff7Yc
lower. Bulk of sales. . $5.25 fr-5.X5; heavy,
$5.30 tf 5. 35; packers, $3.23 tf ZJSZ; pigs and
light. $1.00 B5.30.
Sheep Receipts 70O0. Market steady to
10c lower; -muttons, $4 0 5.75; latrfbe. $5.7S&
7.33: range wethers. $4. 6595.40; fed -ewe.
$4,254) 4 75.
Washington Crop Report.
The Washington weekly crop Bulletin says
in part :
The week was one of unusually cool weather,
with frequent and coptous rain, except In
the middle counties, where they were lighter
and less frequent. The tenHerautre eah
day ww about 5 dgrces betow normal, and
there were heavy frosts on the 17th and
ISth In several districts.
The rains will probably be very beneficial
to grain of alt kinds later en. as H will
make an abundant store of motsture In the
soil when the weather become, dry and
warm. But the cool weather, with lack of
sunshine, has greatly retarded the growth of
all crops, except., perhaps, wheat and oats.
Gardens arc particularly backward. The
heavy frosts injured fruit, t-uch as apples,
cherries, etc., nipped field and garden vege
tables and cut down,.jrheat and barley on
low valley lands. On the high lands there was
no Injur" to wheat. The Spring wheat will
recover, but the frosted Winter wheat was too
far "advanced to recover so as to make grain.
However, the proportion of Winter wheat In
the districts where the Injury occurred was
relatively small.
For the most part both Winter and Spring
wheat, as well an oats and barley, while not
growing fast at rresenr. are In very promis
ing condition, and will make rapid progr&s
with the first warm weather. Hops are doing
well. There were some high winds In the
Eastern counties, doing some damage to orch
ards. In the southern counties haying and
strawberry picking have begun.
Idaho Crop Report.
The Idaho weekly crop bulletin said
Trees are Just oomlm; into bloom in a few
Eastern localitict. ana it Is probable that
frost wrought considerable damage In sueh
localities: In the warmer .portions of the
state fruit Is well set and Is .protected by
heavy foliage, and is therefore In a condition
to withstand comparatively tow temperature
without Injury- Some native strawberries
have been marketed, and in the Snake River
canyon in Elmore County early cherries are
Small grain has made fair to good growth
in Eastern counties; elsewhere progress has
been slow, but the crop is generally thrifty.
Corn is being planted in Latah) County.
Range gracs continues excellent; alfalfa
made good advance In many eastern localities,
but elsewhere growth was retarded by coal
Beet planting is still in progress, while cul
tivation of some early beets has been com
menced. Garden vegetables and early pota
toes suffered considerable damage from frost;
Melons are starting well.
Wool at St, Loals. .
ST. LOUIS. May 24. Wool, .fiqni, tsritop3
una uwirni mrsiunu, aairc: une xnraium,
21ff26e; fine, 21&23C
Rumored Northwestern Railroad
Agreement Is 3Iost- EfTectlvc
Force Back of 3Iarkct.
NEW YORK. May 24. There was sub
stantial strength in today's stock market, as
was evidenced by the length of the list of
stocks which were lifted between 1 and 2
points during the day's trading, and In a
few exceptional Instances more than that.
The trading offered a number of remarkable
features. One- was the small volume of the
demand In which the very notable gains were
effected. The cay s transactions fell below
those of either yesterday or the day before.'
If the buing was for the account of uncov
ered shorts, it was decidedly free from any
sign of urgency or such trepidation as the
bear trader short on stocks usually mani
fests. There was rather free selling during,
the first hourj. owing to tha wide advances at
which prices opened. Prices have made so
many false starts towards recover-that senti
ment nas become extremely suspicious of these
sudden advances over" night which have
melted away during the day in more than one
Instance lately. The same suspicious atti
tude was maintained by the professional' ele
ment today. At different stages of the ad
vance the market sank. Into practical stag
nation, but the ground yielded on such occa
sions was insignificant.
There was no newa to account for the
movement, and in fact some of the day's de
velopments might be regarded as additions
to factors recently regarded as unfavorable.
The grain markets still had their crop dam
age reports. The Chicago strike situation
seemed aggravated and In danger of spread
ing. The Secretary of War outlined fresh
Administration views for the . regulation of
corporations. But the consideration of thse
matters had apparently lost force. The
Northwestern Railroad problem, on the other
hand, showed a perennial freshness. The
revival of rumors that an agreement had
been reached among the railroad powers in
that field to refrain from hostilities was the
real effective force hack of the day's mar
ket. The special prominence of Union Pa
cific, St. Paul, Northern Pacific. Northwest
ern and Great Northern preferred wero thus
accounted for.
The Extreme ease In the money market on
the eve of tomorrow's $60,000,000 requirement
for the final Installment of the Japanese loan
subscription was a fostering Influence on the
strength of stocks.
The reception of th'e Iron Age's weekly
trade review was in marked contrast to the
depression caused a week ago. although that
authority's view of the trade has not altered
In any material respect. "Prices are weaker."
says the review, "and buyers are holding
off convinced Uat a somewhat lower level
In pig iron will be reached." The United States
Steol stocks, however, moved upwards with
the rest of the market, and the rush among
belated buyers made the closing tone very
Bond were firm. Total sal, par value,
J2.al5.WO. United States bonds wcte all un
changed on call.
bales. High. I.ew. bia.
Atchison 7,i) 70! 7b!a 7U
do preferred 400 lolfc 101-S 101ft
Atlantic coast Line. :.iw lib'i lit us
Baltimore & Ohio 11.400 lobfc 107 103
rto pi ef erred 00
Canadian Pacific .... 10,400 145 143U lUTi
Central of N. Jersey. 700 101 100 lWlj
Cbettapeake & Ohio.. S.t'ju 4b? 4:u Ms
unicago s Alton sz;t 3 ji-
do pref erred w
Chi. Groat Western. 5.900 10U 1M 10
Chicago & Northwest, l.wx) 211 20jk 2loH
Chi., Mil. & St. Paul 48.200 174 171 173
Chi. Term. & Transit 17
do preferred 200 32 31T 31;
C, C. C. SU L. S00 05U 15H 05i
Colorado & Southern. 1,000 26Vi 25 t ai
do 1st preferred.... 1.400 53. 54 5
do 2d preferred.... 1HW 34ft SI .IIIJ
Delaware & HuUun.
Del.. Lack. & West.
Denver & Rio Grande
do preferred ......
Erie "
do 1st prof erred....
do' 2d preferred....
Hocking Valley ....
do preferred
Illinois Central
Iowa Cenaral
do preferred
Kansas City Southern
do preferred
Loutsv. & Nashville.
Manhattan I,
Met. Securities
Metropolitan St. Ry.
Mexican Central
Minn. & St. IxHilt. .
M.. SL P. & S. S. M.
do preferred
Missouri Iaclflc
l.Oon lSlfe liVi Ibl
100 374
200 frSVa cTi h5Vi
Jl.OOO 40?i .-W - 40',,
3.300 77Vt 76U
1.100 13',, 64fe 65
2,700 150-J, 157 15054
200 2V 21 24
fsfH) 25
6,J'f 143i
WO 70! 76
3.400 II5S 115
5,70 1S! 181,
114 113
157 157
t'5H l7ti
241, 25y
57 58Tt
100 114
200 150
O.S'M) !)7ii
1.7U0 25Vi
2.00O 5ST
I Mo., Kans. & Texan
I dti oreferred
ilex. Natl. R. R. pfd.
- 33
Sew lork central..
N. Y. Ont. & Weit.
Norfolk & Western.
do preferred
Northern Pacific
V.. C. C. & St. L..
do 1st preferred....
do 2tl preferred....
Rock Island Co
do preferred
St. L & S. F. 2d pfd.
St. Lauta Southwest.
do preferred
11.300 140U 13.SU HO
4W 183
30.X) 134
o W
tti"4 '
Southern Pacific
do preferred 700 11$?, ligt H8i
Southern Railway ... 2,500 2V 2SU 2!4
dt preferred 200 V5t 05U- ti5K
Texan & Pacific 2,700 31T 31s 31
Tol.. St. L. & West. 1.000 36V, 35i W1J4
do preferred 1.9U) 54 Vj 53ft 51
Union Pacific 16O.S00 120ii Utifo 120
do preferred OS
Wabash 1.500 ISfi lSfe 1SH
do preferred 600 3S?i 33 3Si
Wheeling i- L. Erie. 100 13i 15i 15i
WtHCOnsin Central... 300 23; 2214 221$
do preferred 1,000 4Sm 47 47H
Kx press companies
Adams 212
American - 230
United States l
WelWt-Fargo 240
Amalgamated Copier .400 70; 76?; 7914
Amer. Car & Found. 2.00 21 32 34
do preferred 500 :1 jr 95H
American Cotton Oil 200 31?; 31);
do preferred 03
American Ire .590 5 5 5
do preferred Zi'
Amer. Linseed Oil... 100 Ii 16fc IK'.t
do preferred 43
American Locomotive 12,400 47i 43: 47H
do preferred 400 110 ion loo;
Amer. Smelt. & Ref. 34.000 111 lOOi; ill
do preferred WV) HS-i 117U 11S
Amer. Sugar Reiln. 1.100 1334 13014. I32H
Amer. Tobacco pfd.. 3n0 jw? 05; 95i
Anaconda Mining Co. 1.400 1033, JOlti 103
mn!lra T., r. -rr Vt flwl T.Oil -.T" ,.1I'
Brooklyn Rap. Traru 22.800
Colorado Fuel & Iron
Consolidated Gas. . . .
Corn Products
do preferred
Distillers' Securities.
G-eneral Electric
International Paper.
d preferred
International Pump..
41 30-4
35 Vj
400 187 lMYt
700 12 HVi
200 57H 57Vj
1.200 42i 41
4.600 173 170
1.100 10h lot;
do preferred
National Lead 1.700 43
North American .... 600. 90i
Pacific Mall 600 35
People's Gas I.COO.lOOi
rrersed Steel Car... GfW r.7?a
do preferred 100 92
Pullman Palace Car 2304
Republic Steel 2.9"H
16 itrr;
do preferred
6; 71 .
344 314
1024 JOrt
Rubber Goods
do preferred
Tenn. Coal & Iron..
U. S. Leather
do preferred
U. S. Realty
U. S. Rubber
do preferred
V. S. Steel
do preferred
Vlrg.-Caro. Chemical
300 103
4.100 764
1.100 114
1.400 sr.
i.iko no; 37
- 300 lor. lost;
89.400 27ii 20t;
S2.400 94 rev,
noo K :r :z:
100 107 107 104
do preferred
Wcrftlnghotis Electric 1.400 162 153 in-
Western Union ..... 700 a.i sci, u.i
Total sales tor "the day. 916.400 shares.
NEW YORK.May 24. Closing quotations:
"U. S. ref. 2 rg.!044IAtchIson Adj. 4s PC
do coupon 104 4'D. & R. G. 4s...l0P;
U. S. .35 res 103S N. T. C. G. 34s. 1004
do coupon 104 INor. Pacific 3s.. 764
U. & new 4s rg.132 "Nor. Pacific 4a. .I0r.;
do coupon... .132 "So Paelfic 4... 515
U. S. old 4s rg.lOlSn'Unlon Pacific 4s. 1064
do coupon 1044'Wis. Central 4s.. 94T
Stock," at Ixmdos.
LONDON. May 21. Consols for money.
90 71-16; consols for account. 90 U.
Anaconda SVilNorfcIk & West. 7SH
Atchison I 4 do preferred... 94 4
do preferred.-..104 'Ontario & West. 47i
Baltimore r O.:ll0 'PenBsylvanla -.- CS '
Can. Pacific. ...1474'Rand Mines..... J"i
Ches. fe. Ohio.. 47iiSo. Pacific C2't
C Gt. Western. lSXReadlag 45 H
C. M A St. P . 175 do 1st prf 46
DeBcers 17?i? do 2d pref -3.)3
D. & R. Grande. 2SU!So- -Railway 2H
do preferred... SCHi do preferred... IH5
Erie ,t9 ii (Union Pacific... 120
do 1st pref. .. 7SU4 do preferred... 33';
do 2d pref... 13HHX. S. Steel.., 27U
Illinois CsnUal.lOlU! do preferred... 03 U
Louis. .'ash. . 143iWabash 19
Mo.. Kas. & T. . 25H' do preferred... 39
N. Y. Central.. .14li!Fpanlsl Fours... 91U
MoBey, Exchaage. Etc
NEW YORK. May 24. Money on call easy,
282i per cent: closing bid. 2 per cent; of
fered at 2Vi per cent- Time money, easy; 60
days. 3 per cent- 00 days. 3U per cent; six
month. 3US3S per cent. Prime mercantile
paper. SVfM'S per cent.
Sterling exchange, steady, with actual busi
ness in bankers bills at $4.S72034.S725 for
demand aad at $.S520S4.S523 for 60 days.
Posted rates. $4.S5fce.S and $4.S7H-.SS.
Commercial bill. $I.S5. -
Bar silver. 59Uc
Mexican dollars. 45c.
Government bonds, steady; railroad bonds,
LONDON. May 24. Bar silver. 274d per
Honey, Jliftl?; per cent.
Discount rate, short and three months bills.
21-16214 per cent. . . '
;AN FRANCISCO. May 24. Silver bars.
Mexican dollars, nominal.
Drafts, sight. 6c; telegraph. 7?ic
Sterling on London. 60 days, Jl.SOii: sight,
$4.S7?i. -
Firm Position of Barley Advance in Bran
and Middlings.
SAN FRANCISCO. May 24. Special.) Al
though a good portion-of the short Interest
in May1 barley has privately settled it? con
tracts on the basis of $1.23. the market,
after opening essler. closed strongly. On
'change 1000 sacks of new crop feed to ar
rive a few days hence sold at $1.25. Decem
ber wheat recovered from the early weakness
and closed strong at $1.34?i. Cash wheat was
very firm. Oats were lightly offered and
bring full prices as stocks are extremely
small.' Bran and middlings are 50c higher.
Hay is easier.
In the hop marker neither buyers nor grow
ers, are disposed to do business, and a dead
lock exists. There Is a email amount of con
tracting for new crop at 17 cents for choice.
Humboldt and Mendocino wools have ad
vanced to 30 cents, and everything else in the
list is practically sold out.. In the absence of
stock, quotations arc nominal.
The orange market was depressed, with
much decayed fruit offering. Nine carloads
of navels arrived. Ordinary fancy brought
$l(gl.S5; choice. P0eg$1.50; standard. 60c
$1.15. Receipts of cherries suddenly Increased,
and prices weakened. Apricots, peaches ajid
early plums wer in larger supply and lower.
The first black figs of the season arrived from
Arizona. '
New potatoes were weak at" 75c4J$1.25 un
der heavy receipts. Old Burbanks were
steady. New onions were firm.
Dairy products are unchanged. Receipts.
134.500 pounds butter; 13,700 pounds cheese;
30.100 dozen eggs. ,
VEGETABLES Cucumbers, 50c$1.50; gar
lie. 4fi7c; green peas. $1.23ffl.75; string
bear-, 25c; asparagus. 4HS3Hc; tomatoes.
$163. '
POULTRY Turkey gobblers. 17610c: roost
ers, old. $454.50; do young. $8.50g7.50: broil
ers, imall. $2.23tf2.7f.: do large. $353.50: fri
ers. $566; hens. ?4.5O??6.50: dscks. old. $586;
do young. $6t?7.
EGGS Store. 16V,JlSc; fancy ranch. ,21c.
BUTTER Fancy creamery, 21c; creamery
seconds. 18c; fancy dairy, 17Vic: dairy sec
onds. 17c
WOOL Spring. Humboldt and Mendocino. 2S
ff30c; Nevada. ICQ 20c
HOPS Nominal.
MILLSTUFFS Bran. $21322; middlings.
HAY Wheat. $11.50$ 14.50; wheat and oat.
$i013.50; barley. $7-ffll.50: alfalfa. SSfclO-IO:
clover. $7S10;. stocks. $3.5057.50; straw, 302
50c per bale.
FRUIT Apples, choice. $2; common, $1:
bananas. 7 5c $2.50; Mexican limes. $4f?4.5Q;
California lemons, choice, $2.50; common. 75c;
oranges, navel. 75&$2.50: pineapples. $2123.
POTATOES River Burbanks. nominal: Ore
gon Burbanks. $1.25fM.5r.
CHEESE--Young America. lOflllc; East
ern. ITS 1 Sc.
RECEIPTS - Flour. 22.13S quarter sacks;
wheat. 34P5 centals: barley. 1030 centals;
beans, 54 sacks; corn. 2732 centals; ivota
toes. 2105 sacks: bran. 565 sacks; middling.
123o sacks; hay, 300 tons; wool, 1S5 bales;
hides. 722.
Metal Markets.
NEW TORK. May 24. The London tin
market was firmer, following the declines of
the last few days, and spot closed at 136
15s and fuAircs at 135 129 6d. Locally the
market was aulet. but a shade higher In
rympathy. closing at 3030.35c.
Copper was higher in London, closing at
61 10a for spot and 64 12s 64 for futures.
Locally the market continues' quiet and a lit
tle easier, with lake and electrolytic quoted
at 15?. and casting at 14.75c.
Lead was lower at 12 5s in London, but re
malned unchanged locally at 4.50j?4.60e.
Spelter was unchanged at 23 12" Sd in Lon
j don. but weak locally at 5.4595.55c.
Iron closed at 50s In Glasgow and at 45s
ld In Middlesboro. locally Iron was quiet
and unchanged.
Grain and Produce at New York.
NEW YORK. May 24. Flour Receipts, 13.-
00 barrels: exports. 1800 barrels. Firm. Mln
nosoU patents, $5.60126.25.
Wheat Receipts. 27.C00 bushels: exports,
4150. Spot strong; No. 2 red. $1.09Vi. nom!
pal elevator; No. 2 red. $1.10ti. nominal f.
o. b. afloat: No. 1 Northern Duluth. $1.13H
f. o. b. afloat; No. 1 hard Manitoba. $1.01 U.
f. o. b. afloat. The wheat market was ir
regular all day over a cent range, but in
the main was firm on persistent crop Uamag
news from the Northwest. May shorts were
again squeezed, that option closing 2;c high
er. May closed at S1.074: July at OSc; Sep
tember. Sic. and December, S7c.
Hides and wool Steady.
Grain at San Francisco.
SAN FRANCISCO. May 24. Wheat and bar
ley, stronger.
Spot quotations:
Wheat Shipping. SM??1.52ti; milling,
$1.550 1. 66U.
Barley Feed. $1.22?iff'1.25; brewing. $1.25S"
Oats White, $l-.57H91.fiO; . black. $1.47HI3,
Call board sales:
Wheaf-May.. $1.46 hid. $1.494 asked: De
cember. $1-24;.
Barley May. $1.27 asked: December. 8Sic
Corn Large yellow, SI.37H81.42U.
Coffee and Sugar.
NEW YORK. May 24. Coffee futures
closed steady at a net decline ot 10315 points.
Sacs. 35.250 bags. Including May. 6.50c; July,
0.55 6. 65c; September. 6.70g6.75c; October,
6.0c: December, 0.350 7.05c; Spot RIc. easy
No. 7 invoice, i-ic; mild, qluet: Cordova
Sugar Raw. steady: fair refining. 3 ll-I6c
centrifugal. 96 test. 4 5-1 6c; molasses sugar.
3 7-I6c. Refined, steady; crushed. $6.55; pow
dered. $5.95; granulated. $5.85.
Dairy Produce ia the East.
CHICAGO. May 24.-On the Produce Ex
change today the butter market was firm
creamery. 164J21e; dairy. 16$ 19c.
Eggs. easy. 15c; extras, 184c
Cheese, easy, 10104c
NEW YORK. May 24.-Bulter, firm. Street
prices, extra creamery. 224c; official prices,
creamery, common to extra. 2022Uc.
Eggs and cheese, unchanged.
New York Cotton Market.
NEW TORK. May 24. Cotton futures closed
steady at a net gain of 1320 points. May,
62Se; June. 8.09c; July. S.17c; August. 8.16c
September, 8.15c; October. S.10cv: " November,
8.72c; December, S.26c; January. S.31c
Wheat at Liverpool.
LIVERPOOL. May 24. Wheat May. norn
lnal; July. 6s Xd; September,' Ca 7d.
Wheat at Tacoma.
TACOMA. May 24.--Wheat . Unchanged
blcttem. 91c: club. 82c
California Girl Marries Italian.
iFLORENCE. May 23. Miss Bernadctte
Robinson, of Colusa, Cal., has been mar
ricd here to Lieutenant David E. Trcxzl
Wheat Pit Sympathetically Affected
and Further Aided by Crop
Damage Reports.
CHICAGO. May 2i. Following higher prices
t Liverpool the wheat market here opentd
firm, initial quotations on July being up
Uc at OC-fiOO'ic In addition to the higher
cables, a continuation of unfavorable weather
in. the Northwest also affected the market.
Weather In the Southwest, however, was en
tirely favorable to the bears, clear s"kies and
rise In temperature Mng precisely the
conditions needed by the Fail-sown crop. A
lack of any definite damage reports Inspired
considerable confidence in shorts, who sold
quite freely with the result that tle market
was decidedly nervous during the first two
hours. After selling at 00?s9004c. July de
clined to S9Xc Sentiment, however, gradu
ally became more consistently bullish as fresh
reports of damage to the Spring wheat crop
were received. Sharp, advances at Minneapolis
and Duluth gave emphasis to the crop dam-
ge advices. While the news from the South
west was conflicting, tho preponderance ot
reports still claimed considerable damage in
that section. The sensational bulge In May
com contributed materially to late strength
In wheat, A few minutes before the close
July wheat touched the highest point of the
session, sales being at OOSeOOftc The mar
ket closed practically at the top. 'fTsC
higher for July at OOHttOOsic.
A sensational Jump ot 9c in the price of
May corn burnished fresh evidence of the
congested condition or the market for that
delivery. The scarcity of offerings was the
principal reason for the sharp upturn. A mod
erate demand from shorts forced the price of
May up from 5Sc. the opening .price, to 61c.
Toward noon the demand became extremely
active, resulting In a quick advance to 65c.
Near the close a revival of -the aggressive
demand from shorts caused a final upward
bound to Oic. The close was at 66"ac. In
sympathy with the strength in May. July
wa strong, closing at 49Vi43c, a gain
of S;ic-
Oats were bullish as a result of the strength
of other grains. July closed ic up. at 30sc
Tovisions were quiet and steady. At the
close July pork was up 7jc. and lard and
ribs were each unchanged.
The leading futures ranged as follows:
Open. High.
Low. Close.
$1.03 $1.03?;
S9-H .00?i
.S27i .S3
May S1.03 $1.00
July ; OOU .OOTi
Sept. S2?i .83i
May 5S'. .67
July (old) 40 .40?i
July (new) ISTi .40
Sept. (old) 489; .4S-i
Sept. (new) 4SH . -4S?i
May 30: .31 j
July 30 .30tt
Sept 2Si .2$H
M3- ;
July 12.55 12.60 12.55 12.60
Sept. 12.M 12.S24 12.774 12.S24
May 7.20 7.20 7.174 7.20
July 7.30 7.30 7.27 7.30
Sept. 7.474 7.174 7.174 7.474
May .'. 7.124 7.174 7.124 ".15
July 7.224 7.274 7.224 7.274
Sept 7.474 7.524 "474 7.5214
Cash Quotations were as follows:
Flour Firm.
Wheat-No. 2 Spring. $1.10-31.12; No. 3. $1.02
fll.lO; No. 2 red. $t.CVgl.0S.
Corn No. 2. 664c; No. 2 yellow, 664c
Oats-No. 2. 31ic; No. 2 white. 334c; No.
3 white. 31;324c
Rye No. 2. 7 4 Sc.
Barley Good feeding. 3942c; fair to choice
malting. 4Gg40c.
Flaxseed No. 1, $1.26; No.. 1 Northwestern,
Mess pork Per barrel, $12.5012.55.
Lard Per 100 pounds. $7.20$7.22i.
Short ribs sides Ioso. $7,1247,25.
Short clear sides Boxed. $7.25fJ7.374
Clover Contract grade, $11.73612.25.
Receipts. Shipments.
Flour, barrels' .
Wheat, bushels
Corn, bushels ..
Oata. bushels .
Rye. bushels .
Barley, bushels
Calumet & Hecla Dividend.
BOSTON. May 21. The directors of the
Calumet & Hecla Mining Company today de
clared a quarterly dividend of $10 a share.
Carries the banner on yields of wheat and
other grains for 1C04. This Is the era of
S1.00 wheat. 70.000 FARMERS receive $55.-
OOO.COO as a result of their Wheat Crop. Se
cure a FREE HOMESTEAD at once, or pur
chase from some reuaoie ceaier wnne ianas
are selllnc at Dresent low prices. Aooly for
information to J. N. Grieve. Auditorium bldg..
Line Steamers
Steamers leave Portland
daily, except Sunday, 7
A. M.. connecting at Lyle,
Wash., with Columbia River & Northern Ry.
Co. for Goldendale and Klickitat Valley
points. Round trip to Cascade Locks every
Monday. Wednesday ' and Friday. Landing
foot of Alder st. Phone Main 014.
S. M'DONALD. Agent.
City Ticket Office. 122 Third St.. Phono 680.
The Flyer and the Fast Mall.
For tickets, rates, folders and full Infor
mation, call on or address
H. DICKSON. City Passenger and Ticket
Agt.. 122 Third street. Portland. Or.
For Japan. China and all Asiatic Ports, will
leave Seattle about June 13.
(Class 100. At Lloyds. Captain Gilboy.)
The largest and finest equipped passenger
and freight steamer in this trade, with large
cold-storage accommodations. Special at
tention to perishable freight.
(Carrying U. S. Mail.)
Connecting with Northern Commercial Co.a
steamers for Fairbanks. Cliena. Dawson and
all Tanana. Koyukuk. and Yukon River
points; Golovln. Solomon. Topkok and all
ports on Seward Peninsula.
Through tickets and bills of lading Issued.
Right to change steamer or sailing date Is
For freight and passage apply to
433 Montgomery St.. San Francisco.
Superior accommodation. Excellent Cuisine.
The Comfort of Passengers Carefully Con
sldered. Single or Round Trip Tickets issued
between New York and Scotch, English,
Irish and ail principal continental points at
attractive rates. Send for Book of Tours.
For tickets, or general information apply to
aay local agest ot tne Alienor Line or to
HENDERSON BROS.. Gea'l Agents.
Cfcicags, 111.
am m.m
a Union Pacific
Through Pullman standards and tosrlst
sleplngcars dally to Omaha. Chicago. Spo
kane; tourist sleeping-car daily to Kansas
City; .through Pullman tourist sleeping-car
(personally conducted) weekly to Chlcajo.
Reclining chalr-cxra (seats frt) to tha East
UNION DEPOT. Leaves Arrives
CHICAGO-PORTLAND 0:15 A. M. 3:23 P. ii.
SPECIAL for the East Dally. Dally.
via Huntington.
For Eastern Washington. Walla Walla.
Lawiston. Couer d'Alene and Great Northtra
fggton? E"t vla Huat" '
FOR ASTORIA and 8:00 P. M 5:00 P. M.
way points, connecting Dally. Dally,
with steamer for llwa- except except
co and North Beacb Sunday, Sunday,
steamer Hassalo, Ash- Saturday,
su dock (water per.) 10:00 P. M.
FOR DAYTON, Ore- 7I00X. M. 5:30 P. Ji.
goa City and Yamhill Dally. Dally,
River points, Asa-st. except except
dock (water per.) Sunday Sunday.
4:00 A. M- About
FOR LEWISTON. Tuesday. 5:00 P.M.
Idaho, and way points. Thursday. Monday,
from Riparla. Wash. Sunday. Wednesday
TICKET OFFICE. Third and Washington.
Telephone Main 712. C W. Stinger. City Tick
et Agu; a. l. craig. General passenger
S. S. 00.
Operating the Only Passenger Steamers for
San' Francisco direct.
"Columbta" May 28. June 5, 15. 25.
-St. Paul'" May 31. June 10, 20. 30.
Through tickets via San Francisco to all
points in United States. Mexico. Central and
c- .v. . 1 .... UnnAlfiltt Pfeln. Ja
pan, the Philippines. Australia, New Zealand
ana nouna-tne-worm iours.
JAS. H. DEWSON. Agent.
Phone Main 263. 248 Washinttoa -
UNION DEPOT, f Arrtvss.
for Salem. Rose- 7:25 A. M.
8:30 P. ac
Durg. Asniand.
tacramento, Ox-1
den. San Fraacl-
cu, Mojave, LojI
Angele. El Paso,
New orlean anu
the East.
Morning train
Stfl A. it
L-onnuu at Wood.
3:25P. M.
burn dally except
sunaay wiin ir4ni
for Mount Angel,
silvertnn Browns
ville, spnngnsiu.l
Wencling anc ia.
Albany passenger
10:10 A. M
connects at wooa
burn with Mt. An
gel and Sllvertoo
7:30 A. M.
114:50 P.M.
Corvallls passenger
Sheridan passenger
Daily. ilDaily. except Sunday.
Leave Portland dally for Oswego at 7;30
A. M., 12:50. 2:05. 3:55, 5:20. 6:25. 7:45. 10:10
P. M. Daily, except Sunday, 50. b:o0, 8:o0,
10:23 A. M.. 4:10, 11:30 P. M. Sunday only,
0 A. M.
Returning from Oswego, arrives Portland
daily 8:30 A. M.. 1:53. 3:05. 4:55. 6:13. 7:33.
0:55, 11:10 P. M.. Daily except Sunday. 0:25,
7:25, 9:30, 10:20. 11:45 A. M. Except Mon
day, 12:25 A. M. Sunday only, 10 A. iL
Leave from same depot for Dallas and In
termediate points dally except Sunday", 4.10
P. M. Arrive Portland. 10:10 A. M.
The Independence-Monmouth motor Un
operates dally to Monmouth and Alrlie, con
necting with S. P. Co. trains at Dallas ana
First-class fares from Portland to Sacra
mento and San Francisco, $20; berth, $3.
Second-cias3 fare. $15; second-class berth.
Tickets to Eastern points and Europe. Aiso)
Japan. China, Honolulu and Australia.
CITY TICKET OFFICE, corner Third and
Washington streets. Phone Main 712.
Depart. Arriva,
Puget Sound Limited for
Tacoma. Seattle. Olym
pla. South Bend and
Gray's Harbor points 8:o0am 4:43 pra
North Coast Limited for
Tacoma. Seattle, Spo
kane. Butte. St. Paul.
New .York, Boston and
all points East and
Southeast 3:0Opm 700 as
Twin City Express for
Tacoma. Seattle. Spo
kane, Helena. St. Paul.
Minneapolis. Chicago.
New York. Boston and
all points East, and -
Southeast 11:45 pm .:00pn
Puget Sound-Kansas Clty
St. Louis Special, for
Tacoma, Seattle, Spo
kane. Butte. Billings.
Denver. Omaha. Kansas
City. St- Louis and all
points East and South-
east 8:30 am T:0Osri
All trains dally, .except on South Bsnd
branch. ,
A. D CHARLTON, Assistant General Pas
senger Agenr, 253 Morrison St.. corner Third.
Portland, Or.
Astoria & Columbia
River Railroad Co.
For Maygers. Rainier.
Clatskanie. Westport.
Clifton. Astoria. War
renton. Flavel, Ham
mond, Fort Stevens,
Gearhart Park. Sea
lde. Astoria "and Sa
hre. Express Daily.
Astoria Express.
11:10 A. 2C,
9:40 P. H.
S:00 A. M.
Comm'I Agt.. 24S Alder st- G. S. & P. A.
Phone Main 906.
For South -Eastern Alaska
Steamers leave Seattle.
S. S. Humboldt. S. a.
City of Seattle. S. S. Cot-
ige uty, Jay is. . , ia,
Excursion S. S. SDokans
leaves June 8-23: July 8-20.
August 3-17.
BellinghsTm Ba Route:
Dally except Saturday at.
10 A. M.
Vancouver. B. C. Rpute: Monday. Wednes
day and Friday, 10 P. M.
Portland oiflce. 249 Washington st. .
C. D. DUNANN. G. P. A.,
San Fraacisee.