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Is the Kind Which- Flared Up in
Steiner, Then Died.
Love letters "Which Rich PIttsburger
Vrote--to St. Louis Put Burning
Sappho in the Shade for
Fierceness of Passion.
For concentrated essence of passion, the
love letters which "Klauss J. Stelner, of
Pittsburg, wrote to Edith GIbney, of St.
Louis, would take the prize in a world's
competition of such missives. "When Miss
Glbncy's suit against ilr. Stelner, in
Which she was given a verdict for $13,923
damages for breach of promise," was on
trial in Pittsburg, the plaintiffs lawyers
read about 5000 .words of these letters,
but these were only about one-tenth of
the total. Here is a sample, dated Sep
tember 15, 1903:
It is 2 A. M., dearest. I cannot sleep.
Have gentle compassion on me. Do not
judge me 111. Hear my story. Your letters
that cqme to me each day. bringing: with
them undisguised proof of your unutterable
beJIcl In me, and exhaling the very incarna
tion of love, together with my thoughts of
ou. have brought mc to a perfect chaos of
emotion and to a fierce -conflict in my mind.
I am like one possessed, and I know neither
rest of body nor of spirit. Good God, that I
should come to love a woman with, the pas
sion and with the depth of my soul as I love
j'ju If this be love, dearest. It Is akin to
pain. Pain finds us revolting against ill that
le and the cause thereof indiscriminately.
I am burning to possess you with a desire
that calm, rational argument cannot assu
age. And though reason says It cannot be,
love demands. "Why not?" and refuses to be
"Why sho.uld -you be so far away from me
that the very distance mocUs me and stirs
me to impotent rage? "Why should I. like a
caged animal, knowing only Us longing for
freedom, beat my body, every bone and
flnew of which cries out In want against the
rockbound bars qX present impossibility?
Encircle Her in His Arms.
"Why cannot I fly to you, and. casting
around you the spell of my visions, encircle
you in my arms and carry ypu off to that
r-astle In Spain existing now only In
Imagination, but which some day shall find
a place in reality and that shall prove a
lery haven to our troubled longing, and. like
a fortress, shall bristle with the arms' of
love, the very strength of which shall verve
0 repel aught but the contentment of a per
fect satisfaction? "Why doeB the time that
knows not your presence with me drag oui
its existence with Its leaden feet and palsied
Joints of tottering old age? Why but I
might demand of the air why, and expect
reply out or its thinness.
Sweetheart, it avills nothing my love for
you must undergo this trial of separation
and this Inexpressible longing that It may
be the fitter when the hour arrives In which
we shall be one. body and spirit. Would that
It were the morrow, but it may not be. Shall
I bid you to the feast ere the viands are
prepared? Oh. I adore yci. And I look to
ou with the same eager hope that men look
for salvation. Am In agony of impatience
and angry with the love in my heart that it
fan't perform miracles. The trouble and
the longing in me are almost more than I
can bear. It is not the future I fear, but
the present.
- Heaven Xot In 1t" "
My love for 'you is sp ,strong and- the con
viction of it so firm that 1 know we shall be
united in a bondage so everlastingly happy
that the millennium of heaven will not com
pare, and Just as surcjy as the sun rises this
day and God gives us light. The present,
however, I fear: the everlasting present that
hangs on with the length of a geologic age
and torments with Its hopes and Us desires
and. its aspirations, all borrowed without
leave from that time, to come, and in the
possession of Mhlch It finds Itself uneasy and
restless as the thief with that which Is not
his. '
You know that tho knowledge that you
long to greet me makes it all the hardcr for
me to abstain from that which would be un
justified under the circumstances. My dar
Jlng. what a burden of love I have in my
heart. I want you to do something for me.
When you happen to be near a Jeweler's get
him to give you the nlze of the ring that
will exactly fit your delicate fingers. (No,
not the little finger, but the finger, ha. ha.
Same Day, 3 P. M. Your sweet envoy of
the 13th insf, found me In a great state of
perturbation. I must tell you all about it.
The girls here think It Is a subject of much
wonder that you and I "should write each
other dally. They say to me: "What in the
world can you ever find to write so much
about?" I tell them you are interested in
the political crisis in Kamchatka, and that
sou love nothing better than to argue on the
theories or the nebular hypothesis and like
subjects, which they, of course, swallow.
Going: to Be Her Czar.
Speaking in reference to a letter that
had been lost, he writes further:
Really, with the awful thought that one of
your precious messages was perhaps lot to
mc forever. I felt that the bottom had dropped
out of things and had one of my most valued
possessions disappeared 1 would not have felt
nearly so chagrined.
Ah. dearest, how I treasure- them! I could
do w,lthout three meals a day: I could do
without sleep, and I could do without the love
of my family, great as it is, but 1 cannot
miss your dally assurance that you love roc
with all your "heart. If you will make a czar
out of me, then a czar. I shall be. and 1 aaall
exact tribute of you juch ae the Czar of
Russia with all the fabulous wealth of his
empire conld not purchase. Edith, I love you.
How ardent a. lover was Mr. Stelner
was told on the witness stand by Miss
GlbneyVs sister. Marguerite, who said:
When Mr. Stelner came to our home In St.
Louis we took him In as one of the fam
ily, so that he might live aaone of us to see
and know Juat'how we lived and who we were.
, Before he had been In the house a day one
. would think Prince Bountiful was our guest.
He turned the house into a conservatory and
spent a great part of his time on his knees
'before my mother thanking her for having
brought Into the world such a girl as Edith
for his wife. '
The Human.' Option.
i But in the trial Mr. Stelner claimed
ihal he had a string to all-this love. He
admitted that he had a six months' op
tion on the girl, whlcR -caused her lawyers
Ito afterwards refer to .her as "the hu
iraan -option." This sho -denied, though
(she admitted that, at the request of his
Jfamily, she .had -extended the 1 time for
their marriage six months. "Whatever
the facts, he followed up all the outpour
ings qf his heart. by sending her the, fol
lowing business take note:
August' iooi. Edith- 1. GIbncy-My' Dear
Miss: I have exercised my right under our
rfgrecmerit and the engagement H terminated
herewith. Youw . very truly,
yLost of Teachers Dropped.
ABERDEEN. Wash.. May 15. (Special.)
The Board of School Directors has re
elected only eight of its last year's corps
of teachers and dropped 22. This is the
.result of' trouble in the teaching force for
some time, and caused the resignation of
Superintendent Harris. H. Cook, of
Colfax, has been elected superintendent
and P. A. Williams, ex-County Superin
tendent of Schools, will be the principal
of the .Market-Street School.
Visit the
Oa Third Fleer.
Lessons 9 te 12 and
I te 4 Dally
TieM4ffertat SUnw
ips an ill
As everybody knows, the great Metropolis of Chicago is ia the throes of a gigantic strike. Retail "busi
ness there has been paralyzed for weeks. Even the iaterveation of President Eoosevelt has been called
in to aid in a settlement of the diff icultiee that have about stopped the wheels of commerce in the great
Middle "West trade center. It is estimated that the "Big" store of Chicago such as Marshall Field,
Carson, Pirie, Scott & Co., Mandel Bros, and others ARE LOSING OVER A MILLION OF DOLLARS
OF BUSINESS DAILY in sales. Selling has fallen off to such an extent that they are compelled to
cancel orders by the wholesale, given earlier in the season to Eastern manufacturers. Such stores obtain
their goods from the same sources as the Olds, Wortman & King organization and we're asked every
day to take the goods canceled by the big Chicago stores of the finer sort. The result is a flood of the
greatest bargains that ever entered this store in any May month. As we buy, so we sell and we hand
over the bargains to you. Get your share today. The following specials excepting Suits are for today
A Surprising Millinery
For Today's Patrons in the
"Bijou" Salons
Second Floor Aaaex.
Women's Black Trimmed Hats
Special at $2.49
We shall, offer today in
the busy "Bijou" Millinery
Salons one ot the greatest
values of all the season. The
artistes in our workroom
have been busy for several
days past in trimming some
203 neat, stylish black Tur
bans. Some are all black,
while others have Just a
charming- touch of color.
They are made over wire
frames, covered with fancy
horsehair braids, with Jetted
edges, trimmed in chiffon
and flowers, foliage, ornaments, ribbons, etc The
creations are very aristocratic and stylish inJO Q
appearance and a surprielng value at
For today ealy.
Dainty French Lingerie at a Third
Abbcx LadrrmuallB Saloaa.
beautiful and exclusive patterns and models in French
hand-embroidered and hand-made lingeries, in laun
dered and unlaundered, made of the finest soft fin
ished materials, hand-embroidered or lace-trlmmcJ,
from the little neat dainty knot or flcur de lis
design to the most elaborately trimmed
Skirts from fAZB to 58.00 la value
Corset Covers from ?2.2o te. 9 15.80 la valac
Chemise from $225 to 818.00 In value
Gowns from S3. 08 to J27.59 la value
Drawers from $2.25 to $12.88 la value
Todays? Shoe Bargains on the
"Went Aaarx Flmt Fleer.
Great Shoe Special
For the Boys, Youths and Little
Genuine Box Calf Lace Shoes, made from selected
stock, with much pains taken in the making and fin
ishing; soles especially adapted to this climate
Boys' sizes. 2 to 6 Regular value 52.50 I O
special, pair I
Youths', sizes 12i to 2 Regular value $2.00; I
.special, pair t KJJ
Little Men's, sizes 9 to 11 Regular value I 0Z
$1.5t; special, pair 1
. Women's Turkish Slippers 39c
Turkish Slippers, In red, black and tan; all TQp
sizes; special at, the pair vjv.
Women's $2.50 Shoes $ 1 .79
Blaok Vici Kid Lace Shoes, patent tip. medium opera
toe. solid, good fitting; all sizes; widths from I 7Q
C to E Regular value 52.50; special, pair...
Women's $2.50 Slippers $1.95
All patent colt two-strap Slippers, made on a model
that Is entirely "new this season, has a high arch and
is very stylish, with a comfortable heel, all sizes -and
widths. ,Regular value 52.50 Q"5
special, pair 1
Smai! Wares Bargains Today
FIrit Floor.
Fancy Ruffled Garter Elastic, in black, red, pink, yel
low and lavender, stout English web. Regular
value 19c special, yard f 12c
Combination box "Shushlne" Shoe Polish, with felt
shoe pqllsher, regular value 50c special, box... 35c
15c DELT PIN BOOK 18c.
Belt Pin Book, containing 144 assorted sizes, solid Jet
headed toilet pins, regular value 15c spec'l, box.l8c
25c TOILET SOAP 16c.
Choice Toilet Soap, white, rose or heliotrope odors. 3
cakes in box, regular value 25c special, box l&c
29c CREPE PAPER 13c.
Fancy Decorated Crepe Papers, regular value 20c
special, roll i3
Box Writing Paper, containing 24 sheets paper and
24 envelopes, in white, pink, blue or gray tints,
ruled or plain. Values to 25c special, box 12c
Today's Fourth-Floor Bargains
in the Home-Fitting Stores
(Three Elevator Up.)
$2u88 HAMMOCKS $1.45.
Hammocks for Summer, very durable, large size, with
spreader, pillow and wide fringe, assorted colors,
stripes and plaids. Regular value 52.06 special,
each $1.45 couch covers ssjs.
Fringed Tapestry Couch Covers, Oriental colors and
designs, 60 Inches wide. S yards long, fringe all
around. Regular value 53.00 special. each....S3.15
An extra special, sale of white corded Renaissance
ijicc i,ui isins, v incues wiac. yarus ipitg. eignt
different styles to select from.
Regular value 3S.
-special for one day. pair
Greatest Store
"Bit Stere" ea the
Pacific Ceast
3 -.Wasbititm Sts.
mm;7 etc.
Second Floor.
Auspices Portland Y. W. C A.
Tea. Coffee. Chocolate. Milk in Bottles.
Cream of Asparagus Soup.
Crab Salad. Hot Rolls.
Ham Sandwiches. Bread and Butter.
Strawberry Shortcaakc.
Today's Bargains in
Women's and Misses'
Knit Underwear
and Hosiery'
Flmt FJoor.
Women's Balbrigipm Vests and Pants, made of fine
Egyptian combed cotton: Vests high neck, long
sleeves; Pants, ankle-length, with French Tr"
bands 50c quality: extra special, each JJ.
Women's Fine-Combed Maco Cotton Hose, high
spliced heel, French toe and white double sole
Our Imported Hosiery" 50c value; "r'
specJal, the pair
Women's White Cotton kneelength Pants; French
bands and lace-trimmcd at knee
35c quality; special at, the pair
Misses Black Mercerized Lisle Hose; seamless 25c,
30c and 35c regular price; special, in all I Or
sizes, the pair lJV.
Today's Attractions in "Royal
Worcester" Corset Salons
Second Floor Abbcx.
At Royal Worcester Corset Counter, Chamois Jewel
Bags, with three pockets, silk-bound and satin tie
ribbon; can be worn around neck or be attached to
your corset Regular 23c: special at 18c
The new Brassiere, a boned atay or bust support and
corset cover combined, especially adapted for- the
comfort and appearance of a full figure; made of
fine English long cloth, val. lace edging around
neck and armholcs. To introduce this new feature
in corsetdom wc will sell them today at
87 CENTS for the 51.25 grale.
9L39 for the 52.00 grade.
"Sndps" in the Women's Shops
First Floor.
Fine Tape-Edge Taffeta 24-Inc. Umbrellas, with new
down-to-datc handles, for rain or sun Regular
value 53.00; special, each ...S2.15
'Narrow Silk Ribbons. 1 to. 1 inches wide. In assortel
colors regular value to 15c; special, yard 5c
Wash Ties in black peau de sole and satin bows
Regular value 25c; special, each 15c
Richardson's Fine. Pure Linen Sheer Hemstitched
Handkerchiefs; six in box Regular value 51.25; spe
cial, box 72c
Specials Today
Jewelry Shops and Leather Goods
Went Abbcx First Floor.
A line of very pretty 35c Hat Pins in special, new de
signs Special at 2lc
Tuesday a special big sale of pretty new Shirtwaist
Sets, in gold, gny. silver, enameled and stone-set;
a large assortment to select from-MDur regular 33c
values for 21c
A novelty in a Brooch Pin, the "Violet" Our regular
15c value, today for 8c
SPECIAL Another lot of Black Patent Leather "Bus
ter Brown" Belts Regular 25c value, today 17c
One lot of "Envelope" style Purses, in black and brown
leathers Our regular 75c value for 48c
One lot of pretty Silk Shopping Bags, in black and
colors Our regular 51.00 value; special today,
for 88c
Today's Bargain Hints from the
lien's Toggery Shop
Flwt Fleer Wt Aaaex.
MEN'S 25c SOX 15c.
A new line of Spring and Summer Sox. in light tan,
with black and white stripes Regular value 25c;
special, pair - -....13c
98.88 SUIT CASES 94.S5.
A line of Leather Suit Cass, with round leather han
dles, heavy leather corners, leather-lined, brass
trimmed. Inside straps and ahirt fold The best 57.50
and 5S.00 values; special, each S-C95
Men's Golf Shirts of a woven raadras cloth, with at
tached collars. In blue, gray and tan effects Regu
lar value 51.50; special, each 87c
Men's seasonable weight Cashmere Underwear, in
light tan. perfect finish Regular value 51.23 a gar
ment: special, garment 5c
Men's Soft Negligee Shirts, correctly made, in plain
colors, blue and gray Our best J 1.2 5 value; special
at, each ....98e
Today in the Art Shop
Sccead Fleer Aaaex.
75c Tray C!othsv49tc
Tray Cloth of fine white linen. 15x27 inches, wide hem
stitched hem. faucy draws-work and stamped in a
large variety of designs Regular price 75c; spe
cial at - 4e
Te the Levrln and Clark Exaealtlea glvea away te
each ef 28 Pertlaad ncheol pupils ey aeaalar vete by
0A, Wertmaa fc Klag. A vote goes with every 25c
purchase at the store. Contest ends Saturday, July
1, at S P. 31. Pupils voted for ust be regular attend
ant at some school in the city limits of Portland. Ne
aellcitlag ef vatea tt 111 be alleired la the atere by asy
eae. Employe ttIH aet be allowed te "elicit or re
ceive vetea fer aay bbbII or te 1b aay way laflBeaee
vetlag either by vford, act or lafereace.
Special Notice
Votes must be gotten at time of purchase. They al
ways go with every purchase at time It Is made
sent back in the cash carrier from the cashier. Posi
tively no votes will be Issued on duplicate checks.
Lllllas Ewfng. High School 4,871
Metta Seidler. Fatllag: School 2,8S2
Ida Dingle. Hawthorne .School 1,373
Henry Feldman. Higk School 1,261
Dorothy Allen. Ladd School 1,147
Gladys Crockett. Atlflanoa School 1,126
Hattie Hoben. High School 983
Lela Smith. WIIIIaBta-Ayeaue School 073
Adrian Smith. South Portland School 88S
Robert Ellison. Helladay School , 790
Ruth Murphy. Atklasea School 758
I Christie Smith. Atkianea School 051
Eddie Supllcke. W IIIIama-AveBiie ScHool sit
Wellington Gilbert. Ladd School 78S
Maud Thayer. Thowpaan School 622
Leo Bolre. High School 5S3
Francis Donahue. Atklaaoa School 388
Willie Madlgan. Coach School 374
Foster McLynn. Steveas School 365
Ambrose Phelan, University 362
First twenty
Scattering ..
. . . T
. 7,347
Total 2S6
Special Sales Women's Wear
Grand Salons Second Tloor.
Results of Fortunate Purchases at Underprices from
Leading New York Makers. Some are Garments
Made Up for the Foremost Apparel Houses of Chi
cago and Orders Canceled on Account of the Strike.
Portland Women Gain by Chicago's Misfortune.
New and Swagger Raincoats at abouf 4. 1 -r 7A
Half-Price! Values to $25 in Raincoats
Splendid garments for evening -wear at the Exposition, for' vacation and travel
ing. All in very newest models and latest styles. Cravcnettes and "Water
proofed Fancy Fabrics, in light and dark grays, tans and blue mixed goods,
belted and loose backs, with leg-o'-mnttoa sleeves and shirred girdle effects,
plain tailored and smartly trimmed in braids and buttons; 4b I "7Q
Mxmlar valnr tn S25.00. Todav onlv. for
Handsome Summer Etamine Skirts in the Sale .
Sharply Reduced!
Verv stvlish Skirts in soft gray etamines; also tan and plain whites, blacks, blues, browns, small black and
white Shepherd checks, walking and dress lengths, with dip train. Plaited and trimmed flounce styles, ef
fective trimmings of braids and taffeta silk to match materials. Reductions scale this way Today only:
$10 Skirts, qit $12.50 Skirts, x 79 $15 Skirts, f) xr
Special at 3 .MO special at Special at iV'Wvii
Today the Second Day of the
Great Suit Sale
Grand Salons Seconji Ploor.
Portland's Largest, Foremost Garment Store-
Largest Apparel Store for Women West of Chicago. Monday's selling made -a
new record among the Suits. Women were delighted with the bargains. Again
Today we sell Suits in plain and demi-tailored styles, coat, blouse and
Eton models, cheviots, serges, Panamas, broadcloths and fancy mixed tweedish
effects in handsome mixed fabrics; colors embracing navys, blacks, blues,
browns, greens and mixtures. All the latest trimming effects of strappings,
buttons and stitchings. Very newest and latest of the season's reigning styles.
On special sale as follows :
$35.00 TO $38.50 SUITS POB $27.95
$40.00 TO $45.00 SUITS TOR.. $31.65
$48.50 TO $55.00 SUITS FOE.'. $37.49
$58.50 TO. $68.50 SUITS FOR. . . . , $49.98
$75.00 TO $85.00 SUITS FOR $59.95
Third Floor.
Will Iatereat the Heaaewlve., Boardlagf-Houae aad
Decorated tbin China Cups and Saucers, with dainty
border, regular value 53.00 special, dozen $25
Cicalas oat n llae ot osea nteclc EaglUa Semlporcelala
Dlaarrware. with decorated grreen border pattern
special at, set 35
Cups and Saucers, set of 6 special ut, set .50c
Dessert Plates, set of 6 special at, set ", 3Se
Breakfast Plates, set of 6 special at, set 41c
Dinner Plates, set of 6 special at, set 47c
Individual Butters, set of S special at, set 13e
Fruit Saucers, set of 6 special at, set 20c
Creamers, special at. each .....4 10c
Bowls, special at. each 7c
Covered Dishes, special at, each .'....56c
Uncovered Vegetable Dishes, special at, each. ...
1C 13c aad 19c
Odd lines of Decorated Dinner Sets at Half Price
Soup Tureens, special at, each sec
9-lncb white Meat Dishes, special at, each 5c
12-inch Lawn Mowers, good quality, brass - bearing
special at, each .- ;t.-. ,&ute
TVoed-frame Clothes Wringer. 3-year guarantee, reg
ular value $3.5 special, each $2.75
Teethplcks, hard or soft woodV special, box-,...... 2e
3 WmsHW Sts. t
Sole Oregon Agents
Bonnet et Cie's
Today's Splendid Silk
Seula Abbcx First Fleer. 4
3200 yards of new Corded Japanese Wash Silks; all
this .season's goods and styles; all colors in the
lot. Including white Regular sOc grade; OCic
special for today only. yard.. jL-Jk.
Black Peau de Soieand Taffetas
21-Inch Black Taffetas and Peau de Soles Regular
51.00 quality; special for today only. tiCks
the yard ...OUt-
23-inch Black Taffeta Regular 51.10 quality; TOr
special for today only, the yard
27-inch Black Taffeta Regular 51.23 qualitv; vnr
special for today only, the yard v.
Stirring Values tor Today in the
Dress Goods Stores
Seath Aaaex -Flmt Floor.
4300 yards ALL-WOOL FRENCH CHALLIES, in dark
and light grounds, and an endless Variety of styles
to choose from Our regular 30c grades: "tnr
special for today only, yard vJV.
FahloB favorite fabric for Serviceable shirtwaist
NOVELTY ENGLISH 3IOHAIRS in brilltantinc and
Sicilian weaves; all wanted colors to choose from
Regular 51.00 grade special for today Tc
only, the yard OV.
Regular 51.23 graJe special for today XQf
only, tne yard vJ.
Regular 51.53 grade special for today i i o
only, the yard IJ I I VI
Regular 51.73 grade special for today I ttq
only, the yard 1
... ANOTHER ...
This Time Dainty, Beautiful
India Linens
Values to $6.00 at $3.95
This house famous for its great Shirtwaist sales never gave better values
than are included in Today's offerings, Bewitchingly pretty white embroid
ered Waists of dainty India linens, beautifully trimmed in laces and em
broideries, In floral and leaf designs. All-over lace cuffs, tucked and lace
yokes, fronts and back tucked, embroidered fronts, lace and tucked collars
and cuffs, fancy Bishop sleeves. The Waists are beauties. OX
Values to $6. Today only, choice for qJvf.FW
At the Linen Counter-
First Floor.
Table Linens 42c Yard
Genuine Scotch Homespun, Heavy Cream Table Linen,
58 inches wide; a good wearing quality; special at.
the yard 42c
Hemmed Napkins 54c Doz.
S00 dozen Hemmed Linen Napkins, with fancy striped
border; special at, only, Jozcn S4c
A Jaunty Turkish Fez
For the Lad or Lassie
Today Only 1 6c
These prett"headpieces for Children's wearin the
"JBalors' Store" Srceae Floor.
"Children's Turkish Fer. of heavy felt. with Iarge
black -silk tassel: colors, red. navy and brown; spe
v.cial at - , i..f lc