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    THE HORNING?, OREGONlAN,;UIXrtrAY 16 1905.
Market Is Steady but Sheep
Will Soon Weaken.
Top Prices Paia for Wool In Eastern
and .Southern Oregon Strong
Demand for .Berrics--Tcxas
Onions Arrive.
LIVESTOCK Steady; active sheep trad
I ing In interior.
i "WOOL Firm, active: Eastern Oregon.
17621c; Valley. 2527c
HOPS Dull and nominal.
"WHEAT Steady; club, 84gS3c; blue
stem, 90S 92c.
OATS Firm: white teed and- milling.
2$29; gray, ?2S.
BARLEY Weak; whole feed. fi.30.
BITTTER Firm; city creamer-, 20c;
J State creamer'. 1820c
4 EGGS-Steady at 17,c.
POTATOES-Qulet; fancy Oregon. 90c&
,J f 1 : common, frOg'OOc
BERRIES Oregon, 1020e per pound;
I California, 50c?L25 per crate.
The livestock market holds ftcady and no
marked changes in prices are expected soon.
except on sheep, which, will shortly commence
to weaken. Reports from the interior dis
trict are pf increasing activity In this line,
and it it estimated that the Eastern Oregon
sheep counties alone will ship 230,000 head
this month. J. M. Yates, who is in Grant
County buying for Tim Kinney, of Rock
Springs, Wyo. will ship 24.000 head and his
other buyers will swell the number to 54,000.
The cheep will be delivered to Shanlko. Hcpp-
ner,' Arlington, Baker City and Huntington,
at which points they will be dipped under
the supervision of Government Inspectors. To
convey these 54.000 feeders to Eastern points
Tt 1U require 162 double-deck cars or seven or
eight trains. Mr. Tales Is looking for con-
V idcrable trouble at the different shipping
points on account of inadequate facilities for
dipping. He believe? some of the buyers
Will be up .against It when they arrive at the
railroad and are compelled to remain several
days in order to dip their bands. This could
be remedied he thinks by allowing the dip
ping to be done under the inspectorship of the
county stok Inspectors at convenient points
in the interior.
Trading in Lake County hae also been live
v. numerous sales of mutton pheep having
been made at $2.50. J. X. "Watson, buying for
McCo!Iough Bros., of Reno, bought about
6000 2 aiid 3-year-olds from S. B. Chandler;
500 from C. W. Dent- and 300 from J. E
Nerln Louis Gerber bought about 000 head
or mutton sheep from Arthur Bros., and
about 1500 from C. A. Rohart and others. I).
P Melloy sold 1000 head to E. A. Kitehing
and also bought 4000 head from S. B. Chand
Icr for Kitehing.
Are. Being Paid
in Both
Tie behest price over paid for Southern
Ore-Cf u-! put the Hcrrir. and Barron clips
into ne hands of Portland buyers. Th rale
i- rr.tdc si Ashland and the figure was
26 c 'x. Kelvin &. Son havo begun shear-
Ins. ir tr.peit to hve 12.000 rximia el I
wool c. tie ltteat clip. It is rtporttd tha;
'he t o? from th.s shearing will average I
,, . , , m i
f'i p?r shcop in value to Herrta & &jb. J
Shcf.lng has not yet begun at the Barron !
nh h, th i, ,.-( i..
K.00C pcunds.
Even McLennan, the largest ownr of sheep
in A caco Counj-. has sold his clip of wool.
arr".ntinK to about 150.000 pounds, to Frank
enstein & Cc. a Boston firm. The price is
reporiei to have been 2014 cents a pound.
Other sales of wool reported In that terri
tory t e: Wagner & Boycr. 7300 fleeces; Knox
& Caldwell. 2S00 fleeces; C. P. Ragtdale. 30.
000 pounds, and Donald McKay. 1900 fleeces.
All these purchases wero made by J. N.
Burgess for Koahland & Co. The McKay wool
brought 21 cents, the other lots 20 cents.
Heavy Receipts Yesterday by Steamer and
by Rail.
In addition to the heavy receipts of vege
tables received by steamer, four carlots of
rail arrivals were put on Front street. The
market was in first-class condition, having
been cleaned up of the previous week's sup
ples. Among the receipts was a car of Bermuda
onions from Texas. They wore packed In
neat 50-pound folding crates. The onions
were of excellent quality and sold well at 5
cents. Some new red California onions re
ceived by steamer brought 2H4?3 cents. Two
cars of cabbages arrived and another one
of Winnlngstadls is due today.
Liberal quantities of new carrots, beets and
vrnips, both sacked and crated, ami new
rarsnJps In crates were received. New po
tato arrived more freely and were quoted
at 22a cents. Beans, peas and most other
Z.nes of truck were a shade easier. The
Aral new cream quash of the season was
received and offered at $1.25 a box.
Not Enough Choice Fruit Is Received Call
foraias in Bad Shape.
The weather was Ideal for the strawberry
trad and anything at all marketable met
with quick sale. Oregon berries, while more
plentiful than last week, were far too short
sr the demand. Hood Jtivcr fruit brought 20
cents and berries, from other sections sold
for lOJflS cents. About 1500 crates of Cali
fornia berries came up in more or less bad
order because of the rains in that state.
It is promised that shipments later in the
week will be of better quality. Prices yes
terday ranged from 50 cents to $1.25 per
crate according to condition.
California cherries were also plentiful ana
(old better, quotations running from 75 cents
to $1.25 per box. Three cars of oranges were
received during the day and a quantity of
lemons came up by steamer.
Shipping Season Is N6u- Almost at an' End
Receipts Heavy.
Large potato dealers look for a weak and
dragging market from now on. Private ad
"v lees from San Francisco yesterday were of
an caster tone there, owing to the heavy
receipts of rlvera and Eastern stock. Shlp
nents of Btirbanka from this section are
about over. Buyers are quoting 90 cents to
$1 for fancy and' 8090 cents for common
stock. Th latter bring almost as much as
fancy potatoes , now, as but few fancy pota
toes are to be had. Garnet are selling read-,
liy at $2 .per hidrJdforJe4 purpose Thty
are quite i caret. -Colorado potatoes are
offering on the street at $ per sack.
Egg Marked Holds Steady.
The egg market held about Heady. Re
ceipts were- large and promise to contlnua
bo during the week, but the demand was also
A few coops of poultry came In by express,
and eorae were offered from last week's arriv
als, but the inquiry was slow, even at the
lower prices lately ruling.
Bank Clearing..
Bank clearings of the Northwestern cities
yesterday were as follows:
Clearings. Balances.
Portland $943,537
Seattle ... 8SS.62S
Taconia 094.275 4022
Spokane 656.791 t 160.716
Grain. Flour, Feed. Etc.
WHEAT Club. 846 85c per bushel; blue-
stem. 90fr92c: Valley. SSQPOc.
etralghtc, $44.25: .clears, p jj'fiit
$3.9034.-25; Dakota hard whcaU -.f:SJ'-?'
uranam. . wnoie .;r''
flour, local. S3: Eastern. SS.-sOtfOo; com-
meal. per bale. $L902.20.
BARLEY Feca, S-W per ion. juhvu.
23.50. . . . . , .
OATS No. 1 white. lecc. hvj-j j;r mu.
choice milling. ?2S-?29; gray, $2S.
MILLSTUFFS Bran. eJa per ion. J'JJJ.
$24.50; shorts. $21; chop. V. S. Mill. $19;
linseed dairy food. $18. .
CEREAL FOODS Rolled oat, cream, 90
pound icks. fC.73; loft-er grades. $5Ji.25; oat
meal etcel cut. 50-pound sacks. $8 per barrel;
10-pdund eaikf. $4.25 per bale; oatmeal
(ground). 50-pound sacks. $7.50 per barrel:
10-pound tacks. $4 per bale; spilt peas. $4 per
lOo-nound sack: 25-nound boxes. $1.15; pearl
barlv. $4.25 per 100 pounds; 25-pound boxes.
$1.25 per box; pastry flour. 10-pound racks.
$2.50 per bale.
HAY Timothy. $14016 per ton; clover, $11
(312; grain, $11012; cheat, $1112.
Butter, Egg. Poultry, lite
EGGS Oregon ranch, 17 Vic per dorcn.
BUTTER City creameries: Extra creamer'.
20c per pound; stale creameries: Fancy cream
ery. lS-ffZOc: store nutter, n-soiec.
CHEESE Full cream twins, uttibc; loung
America. 15'16c.
POULTRY Fancy hens. 14c: old hens. 130
134c: mixed chickens. 126 13V"": old roosters.
96 10c: young roosters. 120'lsc: Springs, lVs
to 2 pounds. zz:wuzr:: Droller, t 10 ivs
pounds, 2630c: dressed chickens-. loQlGc:
turkeys, live. irisc; turkeys, arcsseu poor,
KlSc; turkeys, choice. 20ff224c: gtcee.
live, per pound. 71jSVic; geese, dressed, per
pound, Oft'llc; ducks, old. $6f7.50: ducks,
young, as to sire, $79; pigeons, $ltfl.25;
squabs, $22.50.
Vegelablen. Fruit, Etc
VEGETABLES Turnlpf. $1.25&1.50 per
cack; carrots, $1.25L50; beet. $1.25ijrl.50:
parsnips, new, 5oc per doscn; cabbage. I!jtt2c
pound; lettuce, hothouse. 50075c: head, 12Vi
15c per dozen; partlcy. 25c dozen; toma
toes. Mexican. $3.2563.50: Florida. $464.50;
cauliflower, $272.2o per crate; tea. Califor
nia. 506c; Oregon, 70Sr: peppers. 25c pound;
asparagus. Walla Walla. 5oc$l per box;
rhubarb, 263c per pound; cucumbers. Ore
gon. $101.25: California, $101.25 per dozen;
artichokes, 75c per dozen: radishes, 1012c
pr dozen: garlic. 17VtQ'20c; bens, fcQlc;
squash, $1.25 per box.
ONIONS California red, 2s3c; Bermuda,
5c per pound.
POTATOES Oregon fancy. 90ef?$l: common,
8090o. buyers' prices; Colorado. $1.051.10:
new potatoes. 2j2Vjc per pound; Merced
sweets. 13ie per pound.
RAISINS Loose Must-atcls. 4-crown. 7?ic:
5-layer Muscatel raisins, "Vic: unbleached
seedless Suitana. 0?ic; London layer. 3
crown, whole boxes of 20 pounds, $1.85; 2
crown. $1.75.
DRIED FRUIT Apples, evaporated. 06i'.c
per ik) una; nunanc-d, sicks or boxes, none:
apricots. lOgllc; jeaches. l10Vic; pears,
none; prunfts, Italians. 4S5c; French. 2V5
3?ic; lies. California blacks. 5ic: do white.
nunc: Smyrna, 20c; Fard dates. Cc; plums.
pitted. Oc.
DOMESTIC FRUITS Apples, table. $1.50
per oox; common, wcvi: strawberries.
Oregon, loQ2oe; California. 50c$1.25 per box;
grapes. Spa nihil, $4. per box; cherries. 75o
$1.25 per box; gooseberries, 10f?12,ic per
TROPICAL FRUITS Lemons, fancy. $2.75
r3.25: choice. $2.75 per box; oranges, nav-
cl--. fancy. $2.252.50 per box; cholc-. $21
2.25: standard. $1.5031.75; Mediterratiean
sweets. $2.25?f2.75; Valencia?. $3; grapefruit,
?2.5'?3 per box; bananas, 4'iQ5c per pound;
pineapples, $i.50 per dozen.
Groceries, Nuts. Etc.
COFFEE Mocha. 26ff2Sc; Java, ordlnao1
18g22c: Cota Rica, fancy. ISO 20c; good.
"lOwlSc: ordlnao'. 10&12C per pound: Co
lumbia roast, canes, 1005. $13.75: 5Cs, $13.75;
Arbuckle. $14.75: Lion. $14.75.
RICE Imperial Japan No. 1. $5.37Vs:
Southern Japan. $3.50; Carolina, 4U'36c;
broken-head, 2ic.
SALMON Columbia River. 1-pound tall.
$1.75 per dozen; 2-pound tails. $2 40; 1-pound
flats. $1.S5: fanry, IfalVpound J1al. $1.80; t,
pound flats. $1.10; Alaska pink 1-pound tails,
fc5c; red. 1-pound tails, $1.30; sockeyes. 1
pound talh. $1.85.
..?&r'V:ZL, Pr.T..7 l-u'
SUGAR Sack 100 pounds: Cube,
extra. C. $5.35; golden C, $5.25; fruit tugar.
i5 8r,:, a(J.vanc? ?ytr ilsels.. nf" follows;
Bar.-els, 10c; half-barrels, 2.K?; boxes, 50c per
100 pounds. (Terms: On remittance within 15
days, deduct lir pr pound: if later than 15
days and within 30 day. deduct Uc pVr iwund;
no discount after 30 days.) Beet eugar, granu
lated. $5.75 per 100 pounds; maple tugar,
15?lSc per pound.
SALT California. $11 per ton. $1.00 per
bale. Liverpool. 50s. $17; JOOs. $115.50; 200s,
$10; half.ground 100. $7; 50s. $7.50.
NUTS Walnuts. 134c jwr pound by sack. 1c
extra for less than sack; Brazil nuts. 15c;
filberts. 14c; pecans, jumbos. 14c. extra large.
15c; almonds. I. X. I. lGic: chestnuts. Ital
ians. 15c; Ohio. $4.50 per 25-pound drum: pea
nuts, raw. 7tfcc per pound; roasted. c: pine
nuts. lotfj'UJ'.-c: hickory nuts. 7c; cocoanuts.
7c; cocoanuts, 3500c per dozen.
BEANS Small white. 3t4t4-: lan?e white.
3!c; pink. SUc; bayou, 3!c; Lima, Cc.
Hops. Wool. Hides. Etc.
HOPS Choice. 1904. 23'.A25c per pound.
WOOL Valley. 25g27sC, according to flne
ncss; Eastern Oregon, average best. 17$j
21c: lower grades, cown to 15c. according to
MOHAIR Choice. 316321 per pound.
HIDES Dry hides. No. 1. 10 pounds and up.
lOQ'lCVic per pound; dry kip. No. L 5 to 10
pounds. ll15c"per pound; dry calf. No. 1.
under 5 pounds. 17QlSc: dry salted, bulls and
stags, one-third less than dry flint: (culls,
moth-eaten, badly cut. scored, murrain, hair
slipped, weather-beaten or grubby, 2Se jer
pound less); salted hldee, steers, sound, 00
pounds and over. flfflOc per pound; 50 to Go
pounds, S9: per pound; under 50 pounds
and cows. b2.i: per ound; salted stags and
bulls, sound. Cc per pound; baited kip, sound,
15 to 30 pounds. 9c per pound; salted veal,
aound. 10 to 14 pounds. 9c per pound; salted
calf, sound under 10 pounds, 10c per pound;
(green unsalted. lc per pound less; cullc, lc
per pound lees). Sheep skins: Shearlings. No,
1 butchers' ock. 25?t.t0 each; short wool. No.
1 butchers rs.oc'k. 40050c each; medium wool.
No. 1 butchers' stock. GOfi'SOc; long wool. No.
1 butchers' stock. $lgl.50 each. Murrain pelts
from Iti to 20 ptr ont les or 12&14c per
pound; horse hides, salted, each, according to
flze. $1.50Cjr2-, dry, each, according to size. $1
1.50: colts' hides, 25g50c each; goat skins,
commdn. IOISc each; Angora, with wool On,
25c$1.50 each.
TALLOW Prime, jer pound. 5W4e; No. 2
and grease. 2Sf3c.
PELTS Bear skins, ax to size. No. I, $2.50
10 each; cubs. $12; badger. 25650c; wild
cat. with head perfect, 25650c; house cat.
510c: fox. common gray, 50Q70c; red. $3
5; cross. $515: eih'er and black. $100200:
fisfoer. $5i?6: lynx. $4.50fl0: mink, strlctlv
No. 1. according to size. $12.50; marten,
uu.n. .vjwirm. atxvi uiut iu jmu color.
$1015; marten, pale. pine, according to
size and color. $2.504; muskrat. large. 104
15c; rkunk. 4&ftC0c; civet or polecat, 5Q
10c: otter, large, prime skin. S6&10: pan
ther. with head and claws perfect. $2&5;
raccoon, prime. SO 50c; mountain wolf,
with head jerfect. $3,508-5; coyote. O0c4j$l:
wolverine. $6g$: beaver, per skin. large.
$5SC; medium. $34; small. $11.50; kits, 5u
BEESWAX Oood, clean and pure, 20?22c
per pound.
CASCAKA saqkada (Cnlttam bark) Good.
4S4jgc per pound.
GRAIN BAGS Calcutta, CVJc,
Meats and Prorislon.
BEEF Dressed, bulls, 34c per pound; cows,
4Si5Vc: country steers, -44I5Vic.
MUTTON Dressed, fancy. 667c per pound:
ordinary. 5?4rc: Spring lambs. 7$57Uc.
VEAL Dressed, 100 to 125 pounds. 5tJCc;
125 to 200 pounds, -44i3C; 200 pounds and up,
PORK Dressed. 100 to 150, 7Q7ic; 130 and
up. Gfi7c per pound.
HAMS 10 to 14 pounds. 12tic per pound;
14 to .14 pounds. 12Vtc; 18 to 20 pounds, 12Uc;
California i picnic). 8c; cottage hams. &c;
shoulders, 8c; boiled ham. 19c: boiled picnic
ham. boneles. 13c.
BACON Fancy breakfast. 17c per pound;
standard breakfast, 15c; choice, ISVrc; English
breakfast. 11 to 14 pounds, 12&c; peach bacon,
SAt'SAGE Portland, ham. 13e per pound;
minced ham. loc; Summer, ehoice dry. 17Hc;
bologna, long, lc; welnerwurst. Sc; liver. c;
pork. 9c; blood. 5c; hradcheese. 6c; bolojna
sausage, link. 4t3c
DRY SALT-CURED Regular short clears.
SMe salt, luic smoked; clear back. 9c salt.
10c smoked; clear bellies. 14 to 17 pounds
avetoge. none salt, none smoked; Oregon ex
ports. 20 to 25 pounds average, 19W: salt, 11 lie
smoked; Union butts, 10 to IS pounds aver
age. 5c salt, 9c nokd.
PICKLED GOODS Pickled pigs feet. "fi-W-rcls.
$5; i.barrel.'$2.75; 15-pound kit, $1.25;
pickled'4 tripe,, 4-barrels. $5; U-barreW $.73;
15-pewt4 kit, $L25; pickled 4b" tofces
barrels, $; -barrels. $S: IS-pound krU. LJ:
pickled taMse ter. H-tarrels. ; .barre,
$3.50: 15-poond kit. C75.
LARD Leaf lartf. kettle-rendered: Tlereer,
9ftc: tube. flXc: 50, 9?c: 30. 10c; 10s. 10e;
5s. lOV-c Standard pure: Tierces, S!c; tub.
KVic; 50m. Hc: 9c; 16s. SKc; 5s. 9Sc
Compound: Tierces. Cc; tubs. 61ic; 50s. 6Jic;
10s, G?ic; 5s, Cjic
GASOLINE Stove gasoline, cases,' 234e; Iron
barrels, 17c: 86 dear, gasoline, case. 22c: Iron
barrels or drums, 26c.
COAL OIL Cases. 304c; Iron barrclf, lc:
wood barrels. 17c; C3 deg., cases, 22c: Iron
harrels. 15tc.
. LINSEED OIL Raw, barrels. 61c; cases. 66C4
Boiled: Barrels, C3e; cases. 5c: lc leas in
S-barrel lots.
TURPENTINES Cases. S4c per gallon.
WHITE LEAD Ton lots. "Pc; 500-pound
lots, 7?4c; less than 500-pound lots. Sc
Prices Qaeted at Portland Hales Stockyards
T.ecelpts at the Portland Union Stockyards
yesterday were 500 cattle. The following
prices" were quoted at the yards:
CATTLE Best Eastern Oregon steers. $4.25;
cows and heifers. $363.50; medium. $1.5092.
HOGS Best large fat hogs, $6; block and'
China fat. $5.25fi5.50: stockers. $5.
SHEEP Best Eastern Oregon and Valley.
54.50g3; medium. $464.50.
Prices Cur rest at Kassas City, Omaha and
' Chicago.
CHICAGO. May 15.-Cattle Receipts. 29.-
C00; 510c lower. Good to prime steers. $5.65
4?.C3; poor to medium. $4.S05.50; ctockers
and teeders. $2.7505: cows. $385.30; heifers.
$305.75: canners, $1.50-52.40: bulls, $2.75ff
4.75; calves. $366.75.
Hogs Receipts. 50.000: tomorrow. 25,000: 10c
lower. Mixed and butchers. $565.40: rough
heavy. $565.25; light. $5.1565.40; bulk of
sale:. $5.3065.40.
Sheep Receipts. 20.000: 10015c higher.
Lambs, strong; good to choice wethers, shorn.
$4.0065-23: fair to choice mixed, $3,506-4.50;
Western sheep, shorn. $465.25; native lambs,
$466.50; Westerns. J3.50gG.50.
SOUTH OMAHA. May 15. Cattle Re
ceipts 2000; market steady. Native steers,
54.40tyC.20. cows and heifers. $3.1095;
Western steers, $3.5005.15: canners. $2
3.25; stockers and feeders. $2.75 4.S5;
calves, $3rC23; bulls, stags, etc.. $2,759
Hogs Receipts 2200; market 5c lower.
Heavy! $5.1065.20; mixed. $3.12Vi 5.15;
light, $5,1065.15; pigs, $1415: bulk of sales.
Sheep Receipts 3700; market 10c higher.
Western yearlings. $1.8565.35; wethers,
shorn. $4,406 LSD; lambs, $5.2566.10.
KANSAS CITY. Mo.. May 15. CattleRe
ceipts 7000; market steady to 10c lower.
Native steers, $4.2566.35; native cows and
heifers. $2.2565.30; stockers" and feeders,
$3.2364.90: "bulls. $2.5064.50; calves. $3
5.43; Western fed steers, $4.5066.15; West
ern fed cows. $3.2565.20.
Hogs Receipts 0000; market 56100 low
er. Bulk of sales. $5.10 63.27 "ft: heavy.
$5.20 8 5.30; packers, $5.15 6 5.27 H; P'ss and
light. $4.3065.20.
Sheep Receipts 5000; marl:et 10c higher.
Mutton, $4.230 0: Iambs. $5,5067.10; range
wethers. $4.7565.25; fed ewes. $4.2304.63.
Options Sell Up on Chicago's Sharp Ad
vance. SAN FRANCISCO. May 15. SpecIal.)
Wheat options had a quick return of strength
following Chicago's sharp advance. May sold
up to $1.49 and December $1.31U. the high
est figures in a long time. Another element f
strength was the report that the California
crop Is not showing up as well as expected.
Barley also showed firmness despite larger ar
rival?. Including good-sized lots from Ore
gon. Other cereals were firm but un
changed, with trade moderate.
The fruit market Is fast becoming of a
Summer character and showed much activ
ity. It being regular shipping day or Sound
ports and warm weather Increasing the local
demand. Peaches of fair size and quality
made their first appearance. Apricots were in
larger supply and cheaper, as their condition
was poor. Cherries were less plentiful and
higher, owing to Improved quality. Green ap
ples were slow. The orange auction was very
successful. Fourteen carloads of navels
cleaned up readily, as follows:' Fancy. $1.50
62.C0; choice. $1.1O02J15; standard. 90c$l-63.
Tropical fruits were steady.
The potato market was generally firmer
for old and new stock. A fancy lot of Ore
gon Burbanks from the steamer Oregon sold
at $1.60. Other grades of Oregon from the
steamer and car sold moderately at $1,256
1.50. Minnesota Burbanks brought $1.2501.50.
New red unions were firmer at $1.2561.40 on
lighter receipts and -northern shipping demand.
Green peas rose sharply.
Butter was steady. Cheese was weaker. Eggs
were rfcady. Receipts. 143.2t0 pounds but
ter. 22.300 pounds cheese. 49.8C0 dozen eggs.
VEGETABLES Garlic. S612i$c: green peas.
$1.50'52.75; string beans. 387c; asparagus. 4fe
07iic; tomatoes. $16-: egg plant. 15620c.
POULTRY Turkey gobblers. 18620c; roost
ers, old. $464.50; do young. $6.5067.50; broil
ers, small. $2.2562.75; do large. $363.50; fry
ers. $566; hens. $4.5066.50: ducks, old. $566:
do young, $667.
BUTTER Fancy creamery. Iflic: creamery
seconds. 17Hc; fancy delry. 17c: dairy sec
onds, 16e.
EGGS Store. 17617'ic; fancy ranch. 19c.
WOOL Spring. Humboldt and Mendocino,
24626c: Nevada. 16520c
HOPS Nominal.
MILLSTUFFS Bran. $20.50621.50; mid
dlings. $25627-
HAY Wheat. $11614-50: wheat and oats. $0
613.50; barley. $8610.50: alfalfa. $8910.50:
clover. $7610; stock. $5.5067.50; straw, 256
50c per bale.
FRUIT Apples, choice. $2; common. $1: ba
nanas. 75c6$2.50; Mexican limes. $3.5065;
California lemons, choice. $2.50: common. 75c;
oranges, navels, $1.2562.75; pineapples. $2
POTATOES River Burbanks, nominal- Ore
gon Burabnkc, $1.3061-50.
CHEESE Young America. lOgllc; Eastern.
RECEIPTS Flour, 25,014 quarter sacks;
wheat. .91 centals; barley. 13,046 centals;
oate. 125S centals; beanr. 612 sacks; com.
1200 centals: potatoes. 5606 sacks; bran, 11 63
sacks; hay, SS5 tons; wool, 471 bales; hides,
Mining Stock.
SAN FRANCISCO. May . 15. The official
closing quotations for mining stocks today
were as follows:
Alpha Con......$ .lOlJustlce 03
Andes 24McxIcan 1.70
l-Belcher .21Occ!dental Con... .84
Best & Belcher.. L45iOphlr 7.12
Bullion 33iOverman ....... .15
Caledonia S7Potosl 10
Challenge Con... .ITlSavage U7
Cliollar lfijScorplon 10
Confidence .70Sag Belcher .. ... .07
Con. CaL & Va.. l.S5Slerra Nevada .. .48
Crown Point 19iSlIver Hill 95
Exchequer 50UnionCon .73
Gould & Currle.. .20. Utah Con .03
Hale & Norcrots. 2.33iYeI!ow Jacket .. .26
NEW YORK, May lS.-'-Closing quotations:
Adams Con $ .20lLlttIe Chief $ .05
Alice 45'Ontario 4.00
Breece -25lOphlr S.00
Brunswick Con.. .05Phoenlz 02
Comstook Tun. . . .OSIPotosl .in
Con. Cal. & Va.. l.SOiSavage C7
Horn Silver . l.SOJSIerra Nevada .. .48
Iron Silver 3.00Small Hopes 23
Leadville Con... .04lStandard 2.00
BOSTON. May 15. Closing quotations:
Am. Zinc. . . .
Cal. & Hecla.
.$ 3.30
. 20.75
. 81.50!
Mont C. & C. .
.Old Dominion. .
. 90.00;
Osceola .
1 3-23 1 Parrot
-''-.- .......
645.00Shannon 7.23
z.i.eoiTamarack .... lin.oo
Copper Range. 72-23lUnIted Copper. 26.00
Daly West 14.50JU. S Mining.. 31.30
Dominion Coal 77.00JU. S. Oil 10.23
Franklin SJSWtah 42.73
Granby 5.73VIctoria 31.50
Isle Royale. . . 22.30 Winona. . , ip.oo
lass. "Mining. S-OOlWoIverlne .... 108.00
Michigan 1L23!
Coffee and Ssgar.
NEW YORK. May 13. Coffee futures closed
quiet, net unchanged lo 2 points higher.
Sales. 14.250 bags, including September, 6.95
67c; December, 7.2067.25c; Marco, 7.35c
Spot Rio. quiet; No. 7. Sc. .
Sugar Raw. nominal: fair .refining, 3 13-10c;
centrifugsX 5 test. 4 5-18c; mclaues sugar.
S'fk-lGc; refined,' 'quletr crushed. $5t? pon--dcred,
$5.-f graittttated.- 1M l '
Resumption of Professional Opera
atlons for AdvanceMerger and
Dividend Increase Rumors.
NEW TORK, May 15. There was some re
sumption of operations for the advance today
on the tock exchange, but they gave the
appearance of. being almost altogether la
professional hands. A striking feature of the
market was Its lapse into dullness verging ob
stagnation at the higher level of prices.
The renewal of operation on the long side
of the market was based on the conviction
that forced liquidation of wheat speculative ac
counts had been completed, and that It would
be possible to raise the level of prices with
out bringing out any unsupportable burden
of offerings. Very general confidence- Is still
felt In the soundness of the business and.
.financial situation and In the sufficient sup
plies In the money market for the use of the
immediate future. There are some sugges
tions of .disapproval on the part of Important
basking and money powers of any acUve spec
ulation at this time or any sudden and vio
lent movement of prices. But this did not
make itself evident today in active opposi
tion to the advance.
Some obstacles were met during the early
part of the day. but they were resisted and
ultimately overcome. The most notable of
these was the selling on London account, left
ever liquidation following the setUement mak
Ing Itself felt again In that market. But this
Influence proved less effective, than the com
prehensive revival of a full line of merger
and dividend increase rumors, which have
served the purpose of advancing prices sev
eral times already. Those bearing on North
ern Securities adjustments were especially
prominent and there was added to them the
new suggestion of a proposed retirement of
the Burlington -purchase bonds by an Issue
of new stock by the holding companies.
Among the industrials, old rumors of com
bination were revived by the news of a
plan for the absorption of the Rubber Goods
Company, by the United States Rubber Com
pany and by the wide scope disclosed In the
organization of the new American Smelter
Securities Company.
It was assumed In some quarters that x
growing investment demand for bonds could
be detected, which was to be ascribed to the
growing supply of capital seeking Investment.
But the fact Is that the bond market Is at
present slow and Inquiry made among bond
dealers discloses that large portions of re
cent new Issues are still In the hands of un
derwriters and are marketed with difficulty and
in some cases at a discount. The Journal
of Commerce has traced new Itsues of bonds
since January to a par value of upward of
$000,000,000. " Of these $236,000,000 was for
refunding or merger purposes, but It Is point
ed out that the output by railroads alone of
new bonds for the 4i months was $37,000,000
more than for the full 12 months of 1901. The
present sluggishness of the bond market finds
explanation In these facts.
Railroad officials reported ,most roads a hav
ing a surplus of cars now on hand, partly
due to the small movement of grain and to
competition by the Lake lines, but also to
large additions to the supplies of rolling stock.
The Increase In value of April exports of
agricultural products was regarded with sat
isfaction. -Large payments to the sub-Treas
ury on account of the return of Government
deposits by the banks left lU: money mar-
ket unruffled and confidence 4n the continued
ase of money Is undisturbed. The advance In
a number of public franchise stocks was at the
expense of the short interest. The profession
al character of the market was Indicated by
the disposition to take profits on the day's
rise. This movement reaueed the gains con
siderably and In spite of the running up of
St. Paul over - points in mo iinai acaungs.
the closing was heavy.
Rands were irregular. Total sales, par val
ue. $2,870,000. United States bonds were all
unchanged on call.
Sales. High. Low. bid.
Atchison 1.500 82'-: SITi 82
do preferred 1.500 192 101, lOITi
Atlantic Coat Line. 2v0 154 153U "
Baltimore & Ohio... 5.C00 109U 10S? 10i
do preferred 1UO Wti SWU WJ
Canadian Pacific ,3UU in UbH li'J
Central of N. Jersey 196
Cheeapeake & Ohio.
1.700 50
Chicago & Alton ...
do preferred
Chicago Gt. Western
Chlcaco & N. W. ..
21 8U
Chi., Mil. & St. P.. 39.500 176 174
CM. Term. Jt trans.
do preferred
C. C. C. fc St. L..
Colorado & Southern.
do 1st preferred....
do 2d preferred....
Delaware & Hudson..
Del.. Lack. & West..
Denver &. Rio Grande
do preferred
do 1st preferred....
do 2d preferred....
Hocking Valley
do nreferred
1.600 32;
POO lOOjfc
000 27'tt
100 57!
Illinois Central 600 16114 100'i lOuU
Iowa Central 25
do preferred J
Kansas Clt7 Southern 271i
do preferred 1.000 62i 61i tjlfe
Louisv. U Nashville. U.I00 140H i4a 140
Manhattan L ItH.
Metropolitan St. Ry- 9.10O 117U 115?; 1167
Mexican Central
2.700 21?s 21,
Minn. & St. Louis...
M.. St. P. Si S. S. M.
do preferred .
Missouri Pacific
.. 5.000 OS's
Mo.. Kaneas &. Texas
do preferred
Mex. Nat. R. R. Pfd.
591 50',:
35U 35
Kr York Central.. 12.900 14
143t, 143'
50 5V
N. Y.. Ont. & West. 900 50ll
Norfolk & Western.. 300 79
do preferred
Pennsylvania -
P.. C. C &. St. L
Reading 20.500 941, 93V
do 1st preferred....
do 2d preferred....
Rock IslanckCo
do preferred
St. L.- & S. F. 2d pfd.
St. Louis Southwest.
do preferred 1.300 634 62ii
Southern Pacific ....119.200 63i 62?i
do preferred 200 119U 119 118Vi
Southern Railway ... 2,800 2IH 301, 30
do preferred 95V
Texas & Pacific 3.200 33J 33 33H
Tol.. St- L. & West. 300 36H 36 36'1
do Drererreo v ..... oiii
Union Pacific 99.200 124U 122?i 123
do Dreferred 200 96?i 9G4 KCVi
Wabash - 1914
do prererrea w i i
Wheeling & L. Erie
Wisconsin Central .. 5.700 24 23Ji
do preferred 2,100 50i 49i
Northern Pacific... 3.400 196 103
Express companies
American -
United States
Wells-Fargo -' . ....
Amal. Copper 67.300
Amer. Car & Found. 1.200
do preferred ...... 400
Amer. O)tton OIL... 600
do preferred
American Ice
do preferred
Amer. Linseed OH
do Dreferred
S3 841
35Vi 35"i
32U 32U
American Locomotive 64.200
53V4 51V,
Amer. Smelt. & Ref. 36.200 118 116V4 UTi
do preferred ew i i: izi?;
Amer. Sugar Refining 1.400 137H 13d 1371,
Amer. Tobacco pfd ..... 95Vi
Anaconda Mining Co. .3.200 110 108 109
Brooklyn Rap. Trans. 24,500 63U C0i 62V,
Colorado Fuel & Iron. 3.600 46T, 45 46
Consolidated Gas 10,700 190 1S4W 188U
Corn Products 300 12?; 124 12Vi
do preferred zoo eo t i9W
Distillers Securities. vw
General Electric
International Paper.. 100
do preferred ...... ......
International Pump
do preferred ......
Xatlona.1 Lead 7.100
41U , 44H
20!i 20
North American .... 900 101
Pacifio Mall
People's Gas 18.600 100V4
Prascd Steel Car... 400 40
do preferred ...... ......
Pullman Palace Car. :
Republic Steel 2.300 19U is4
do preferred 300 - 76 T3H
Rubber Good 7.900 38 35H
do preferred 700" 19 106
Tenn. Coal & Iron.. 2,900 84 U
U. S. Leather
do preferred ...... ..... 105
i . s. iieauy .....
U. S. Rubber ...... 2,000 41V4 40
do pre frrrrd ...... .....
U. S. Steel 17.SQ9 31 31
do preferred 14.900 MtJ 96
Vlrr.-Cara. .Chemical 509 3H 35
do preferred ...... ...... ............
Westtnghouoe Electric
WKrn Union , ...... .....
ToUl sales for the day. 57f).add afe&rec
Downing, Hopkins & Co.
Eatatsh4l IStS
Room 4, Ground Floor
S. r.s reg 103 tN. T. C. gen 3..ieWi
do co&Bon 104 INor. Pacific 3s.. 6ii
U. S. new 4s re. .132 do 4s 105Ji
do coupon.... :i33 153. j'acino
U. S. old 4s reg.lOI.iiUnlon Pacific -is.lOSh
do coupon lOIHiWIs. Cent. 4s. ... ai:t
Stocks at LeRdea.
LONDON. "May 13. Consols for money. SK:
consols for account, 00 U.
Anaconda SHlNorfolk & West. SO
Atchison SIS! do preferred... 4
do preferred... 103 (Ontario west,
lalt. & Ohlo...lll?iPennsylvanla ... 69
Can. Pacific ...152!iRand Mines .... 1?
Ches. & Ohio... SlUIReadlng su
C Gt. Western. 20i do 1st pref 47
C M. & St. P.-170'i do 2d pref-..-.lH
DeBeers 17H (Southern Ry.... 3tt
O. & R. G 30HI do prererrea... us
do preferred... 88 .Southern Facinc.
Erie 43ilUnIon Pacific... .12i
do 1st pref.... S0HI do preferred. ..iw..
do Sri nref BO .U. S. Steel 32'4
Illinois Central. 1 65 li do preferred. ..101 ti
Louis. & Nasb..I4Pi wabasn
Mo.. K. & T 27H do preferred... 42H
N. Y, Central... 147HISpanIsh Fours... MH
Moaey, Exchange, Etc.
NEW TORK. May 15. Money on call.
steady, 2U8-H Pr cent; closing bid. - per
cent: offered 2U per cent. Time loans, easy
and dull: 60 days and 90 daysi. 3i per cent:
sir months. 3Hfi3ti per cent. Prime mercan
tile paper. Zi&4Vt per cent.
Sterling exchange rm. with actual busineta
In bankers' bills at $4.868054.8655 for de
mand, and $1.S4C5SLS!)0 for 60-day bills.
Posted rates. $4.S3V464.S7H. Commercial
bills. $4.835464.844.
Bar silver 5744c
Mexican dollars 14Uc
Government bonds,- steady; railroad bonds.
SAN FRANCISCO. May r5.-Silver bars.
Mexican dollars, nominal.
Drafts, sight. 2Jic; telegraph, 5c.
Sterling on London, 60 days, $4.S5H; sight.
LONDON. May 15. Bar silver, firm, 26Hd
per ounce.
Money, 2 per cent.
The Tate of discount in the open market
for short bills it 2 3-1692U per cent; for
three months bills. 2 3-1652!i per cent.
Grain and Produce at New York.
NEW YORK. May 15. Flour Receipts. 17,-
600 barrels; exports. 3600. Firm and quiet.
Wheat Receipts. 8000; spot, firm: Tio. -
red. DOUc nominal elevator; No. rea.
51.00U. nominal f. o. b. afloat; No. 1 North
ern Duluth. $1.06?i f. o. b. afloat: No. 1
hard Manitoba. 974c f. o. b. afloat The
day began with wheat active and stronger
and much hlger on bullish cables. Subse
quently further advances occurred oh the
big visible supply decreases and. covering.
but reactions followed and the close was ;'
lower to He higher.
May closed 9SHc; July closed 92Uc: Sep
tember closed SOTic
Hope Quiet,
Wool Firm.
Dally Treasury statement.
WASHINGTON. May 15. Today's statement
of the Treasury balances shows:"
Available cash balance.
, 61.777,396
Dried Fruit at New York.
NEW YORK. May 15-. Evaporated apples
continue quiet, with demand light, but hold
ers steady. Common to good. 4Ue4;c; prime.
3.2003.30c: choice. 6$6Hc. and fancy. 7c.
rrunes seem to be In slightly better job
bing demand, which Includes about all the
kites, but which has not yet had any quot
able Influence on prices, which range from
2ia3iic. according to grace.
,prlcots are attracting Utile attention at
thei present time. Choice. lOglOHc; extra
choice at 11, and fancy. 12f)15c
Peaches are quiet Some sales of futures
are reported, but generally speaking, buyers
are holding off for lower prices. Choice en
pot are quoted at 10f"fI0ic: extra choice, 10i
ei0ic..and Jancy. llH?12c.
Raisins are reported in a Arm position. Dut
demand Is .quiet Loofe muscatel are quoted
at 4;6Vlc: seeded raisins. 5Vifj6?c, and
London layers at $1 til. 13.
Metal Markets.
NEW YORK. May 15. Spot tin In the Lon
don market was unchanged, while futures
were a shade higher at 133 17s 6J. Locally
the market was quiet and easy, with spot
closing at 29.73g29.90c.
Cooper was easy In London, closing 6t los
for both spo and futures. Locally the mar
ket Is a little steadier In tone, but outside
prices aro still extreme. Lake is held at lfr
15.25e: electrolytic. 1515.12Hc. and casting
Lead was unchanged locally, while London
reported an advance to 112 7s 6d.
Spelter continued easy locally, with spot
at 5.5585.63c. London was unchanged at
23 10s.
Iron closed 32s In Glasgow and at 54s 9d
In MIddlesboro. Locally Iron was unchanged.
Dairy Produce la the East.
NEW TORK. May 13. Butter Weak:
Western factory, common, to extra. UglOc;
do imitation. 20c; do firsts, 19c
Cheese New, easy; old. firm; new state full
cream, small, colored itnd white, flne. 12c;
old stale full fancy. 14V4c.
Eggs Irregular; Western storage, lSVi1
lSHc; do firsts, 18c.
CHICAGO. May 15. On the Produce Ex
change today the butter market was easy:
creamery. 18022c; dairy, 10920c.
Eggs steady at mark, cases Included. 15c;
extras, 18c: cheese. I2gi2hc
Grata at San Francisco.
SAN FRANCISCO. May 15. Wheat strong
er. barley steady.
Soot quotations:
Wheat Shipping. $1.4381.31U: milling. $1.53
Barley Feed. $l.lS?;ei.21U: brewing, $1.22H
Oats Red. $1.4051.60; white. S1.421.60:
black. $1.321561. 13.
Call board sales:
Wheat May. $L4S; December. $1.31.
Barley December. 86Tic
Corn Large yellow. $i.32H8L37Vi.
Visible Sapplj' Grain.
NEW YORK. May 17. The visible supply
of grain Saturday.- May 13. as compiled by
the New Tork Produce Exchange Is as fol
lows: , .
Bushels. "Decrease.
-Wheat 24.170.000 2.165,000
Corn 6, 103, COO 2.801.000
Oats 1 10.653.000 2.151,000
New York Cotton Market.
NEW YORK. May 15. Cotton futures closed
steady at an advance of 609 points. May.
7S6c: June. 7.70c: July. 7.80c: August. 7.8lc;
September. 7.87c; October, 7.91c; November,
7.93c: December. 7.97c: January. Sc
Elgin Butter Is Lower.
ELGIN. May 15. Butter ruled weak on the
Board of Trade today. Prices were quoted at
22e. a decline of 2Hc from last week. Sales
for the week were 618.000 pounds.
Wool at St. Leuki. , '
ST. LOUIS, May 15. Wool-Strong; medium
grades combing and clothing. 27332c; light
fine, 26C29c; heavy fine. 10f23ct tub washed,
Leaden F.i change Will Close.
LONDON. May 13. The London Stock Ex
change will be closed May 27.
Wheat at Taeema.
TACOMA. May 15. Wheat Unchanged and
nominal; bluestem. 91c: club. S2&
W00LF00L. . .
The Tamhill County Livestock Associa
tion's wool pool Vill be offered for sale
at McMrnnyille. Or.. May 27. 1996. The
right te" reject any or all W&s tvHI be
reserved 5y the zsewtlatkHi.
Chamber of Commerce
Close Is Weak at Near the Lowest
of the Day Sentiment Jn Corn
and Oats Pits Bullish.
CHICAGO. May 13. Weakness In the wheat
market developed soon after the opening. In
fluenced by higher prices at Liverpool, result
ing from a considerable decrease In tha
world's shipments, initial quotations here for
July were In some cases Vic higher, at S7,c '
Almost immediately, however, prices experi
enced a severe setback on profit-taking "by
small holders. July sold- off to S3T4c The
decline was in turn succeeded by almost as
sharp a reaction, which carried prices back
to about the highest point at the opening.
The upturn had Its Inception at Minneapolis,
where May wheat showed 5 cents gain and
July over 2c. The strength In the North
western market was attributed to flood con
ditions In the Red River Valley. Prospects
of Improved weather conditions started re
newed selling of July. As a result the price
again sagged off. A feature of trading was
increased .business In the September option.
The market closed weak at near the lowest
of the day, final quotations on July being at
Sentiment in the corn pit was decidedly
bullish as a result of the decrease of nearly
3.000.000 bushels In the vUIdble supply.
Shorts and cash houses were active bidders
during the greater part of the day. The
market closed at the highest point of the
session. July opened Vic lower to "liUc high
er, at 47Vi47Uc to 47Vic. sold between 476rt7Vic
and 4Sc. closing at the top. .
A heavy decrease In the visible supply was.
the principal Influence In the oats market.
Strength of corn had considerable effect.
Trading was quiet and the tone was firm
the entire day. July opened unchanged at
29-Sc. sold between 2Uc and- 29itS295c. ana
closed at 29H329;c.
Notwithstanding a decline of 10 to 15 cents
In the price of live hogs, a Arm tone pre
vailed In the provisions market. The caus
of the firmness was a fair demand from
packers for pork and lard. The advance in
corn also exerted immense Influence. At the
close July pork was up 74$10c lard was up
2Hc. and ribs were a shade higher.
The ltadlng futures ranged as follows;
ODen. High. Low. Clos,
$ .95ii $ .96i.i $ .95 $ .QZV,
.88" .88
.81 8t
.40H .50-i
.47& .48Vi
.47li .4814
.47 .47?
.47 .47VS
July toiQ).
July Inew)..
Sept. (old)...
sept. tnew).
30?i .30" i
.297s .2DH
..... ,2S -2Sfs
rrrriibi-i'25 i2!5o
12.05 12.70
May ...
July ...
"sept. ..
May ..
12.42V4 12.50
12.65 12-70
July ..
bept. .
May .
July .
.... 7.3i) 7.30 7.27V
7.42V4 7.50 7.171.3
.... 7.021,4 7.05 7.00 7.03
.... 7.22V4 7.25 7.221 7.25
.... 7.45 7.50 . i.4o " .oO
May ..
July ..
ept. .
Cash quotations were as follows:
Flour Firm.
Wheat No. 2 Spring. $1.0031.03; No.. 3. 32c
$1.01; No. 2 red. 97c$1.00?i.
Corn No. 2. 30Jic: No. 2 yenow. oic.
Oats No. 2. 31'-c; No. 2 white. 32VdS3c;
No. 3 white. SOnnc.
Rve No. 2. 77'4J&78c
Barley Good feeding. 3740c: fair to choice
malting. d3ft48Vc.
Flaxseed No. 1, $1.25. (
Timothy seed Prime. $3.
Mess pork Per barrel, $12.3012.35.
Lard Per 100 pounds, $7.157.17
Short ribs sldea Loose, $77.12Vj.
Short clear sides Boxed. $7.12Vg7.:
Clover Contract grade, $12312.50.
Receipts. Shipments.
Flour, barrels....
wheat nusneis...
, 3.000
Corn, bushels ....
Oats, bushels
Kye. bushels
Barley, bushels...
Wheat at Liverpool.
LIVERPOOl May 15. Wheat May. 6s SUd
July. 6s SVsd: September. 6s .Vid.
Line Steamers
Steamers leave Portland
dally, except Sunday, 7
A. M.. conuectlng at Lyle.
Wash., with Columbia River & Northern Ry.
Co. for Goldendale and Klickitat Valley
nolnts. Round trio to Cascade Locks every
Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Landing
toot of Aider st. .rnone Jiam
City Ticket Office, 122 Third St.. Paras 686
The Flyer and tha Fast Mall.
For tickets, rates, folders and full Infor
mation, call on or address
I H. DICKSON. City Passenger and Ticket
For Japan. China and all Asiatic Port, will
leave beanie aooui -y xo.
rciau 100. Al Llords. Captain GUboy.l
The largest and finest equipped passenger
and freight steamer in this trade, with large
cold-storage accommodations- special at
tention to perishable freight.
tCarrying U. S. Mail.)
rnnnectlnr with Northern Commercial Co
steamers for Fairbanks. Chena. Dawson and
all Tanana. Koyukuk and Yukon River
points; Golovln. Solomon. Topkok and all
ports on Seward Peninsula.
Through tickets and bills of lading issued.
Right to change steamer or sailing date Is
For freight and passage apply to
438 Montgomery SL. San Francisco.
Superior aoeemmodatten. Excellent Cuisine.
The Comfort of Passengers Carefully Con
sldered. Single or Round Trip Tickets Issued
between New York, and Scotch. English.
Iritte and all prtaelpal costiaental points at
"attraetlve rates. Sead for Boole o Tours.
For tickets er. geaeral I&fenaUn apply ta
asnr lee&l ageac of the Aaecier- Xane er to
XKNDEKSON. JSROS Sea'l Areata. .
," , " Calaage.IU.
Short Lwi
Axt Union Ruanc
Through Pullman standards and tourist
steep rag-cars daily to Crash. Chicago, Sps
kane; tourist Sleeping-car dally to Kansas
City; through Pullman tourist sleeping-car
(personally conducted) weekly to Chicago.
Reclining chair-cars (seats feet) to t&s East
"UNION DEPOT. Leaves Arrives
CHICAGO-PORTLAND 9:13 A. M. 5:25 P. M.
SPECIAL for the East Daily. Dally.
via Huntlntton. J
For Eastern Washington. Walla Walla.
"Lewiston. Couer d'Aleae and Great Northern
points .
S:15 P. M.
for the East via. Hunt
ington. 7:13 A- M.
FOR ASTORIA, and 8:00 P. M
5:00 P. M.
way points, connecting Dally. Dally,
with steamer for llwa- except except
co and North Beach Sunday. Sunday,
steamer Hassalo, Ash- Saturday,
st. dock (water per.) 10:00 P. M.
FOR DAYTON, Ore- T:o0 A. M. 5:30 P. M.
gon City and Yamhill Dally Daily.
River points. Ash-st. except except
dock (water per.) Sunday Sunday.
1:03 A. M. About
FOR LEWISTON; Monday. 5:00 P.M.
Idaho, and way points. Wednesday Tuesday,
from Riparla, Wash. Friday Thursday,
TICKET OFFICE. Third and Washington
Telephone Main 712. C. W. Stinger. City Tick
et Agt.; a. I, craig. General passenger ai-
S. S. 00.
Operating the Only Passenger Steamers for
&an jnncisro airecv.
"Columbia" May 16, 26; June 5, 15. 25.
"St. Paul" Mav 21. 31: June 10, 20. 30.
TVi tf.v via. Ran Francisco to all
points In United States, Mexico. Central ana
South America, Panama. Honolulu. China. Ja
pan, the Philippines. Australia. New Zealand
and Kouna-tne-woria iour.
JAS. H. DEWSON. Agent.
Phone Main 263. 248 Waeblngton su
EAST vii
for Salem. Rose
burg, Ashland.
Sacramento, Os
dc'n. San Francis
co. Mojave, Los
Angelee. El Paso.
New Orleans and
the East.
Morning train
connects at Wood
burn dally except
Sunday with train
for Mount Angtl,
Sllverton. Erowns
ville. Springfield.
Wendllng and Na
tron. Arrives.
8:30 P. M.
7:25 A. M.
8:30 A. M.
8:25 P. M.
Albany passenger
10:10 A. M.
connects at wood
burn with ML An
gel and Sllverton
7:30 A. if-
CorvalUs passenger
Sheridan passenger
5:50 P.'M."
118:25 A. M.
4:50 P.M.
Daily. JlDaily. except Sunday.
Lea-e Portland dally for Oswego at 1:30
A. M.. 12-50. 2:05. 3:55, 5:20, 6:25, 7:45. 10:10
P. M. Dally, except Sunday, 5:30, 6:30, S:30,
10:25 A. M.. 4:10. 11:30 P. M. Sunday only.
9 A. M.
Returning from Oswego, arrives Portland
dally 8:30 A. M.. 1:55. 3:03, 4:55. 6:15, 7:35.
9:53. 11:10 P. M. Dally except Sunday, 8:25,
7:23, 0:30, 10:20, 11:45 A. M. Except Mon
day, 12:25 A. M. Sunday only, 10 A. M.
Leave from same depot for Dallas and in
termediate polnta dally except Sunday, 4:10
P. M. Arrive Portland, 10:10 A. M.
The Independence-Monmouth motor line
operates dally to Monmouth and Alrlle, con
necting with S. P. Co. trains at Dallas and
Firat-class fares from Portland to Sacra
mento and San Francisco, $20: berth, 35.
Second-clas3 fare, J15; second-class berth.
Tickets to Eastern points and Europe. Also
Japan. China. Honolulu and Australia.
CITY TICKET OFFICE, corner Third ana
Washington streets. Phone Main 712.
Puget Sound Limited for
Taeoma. Seattle. Olym
pla. South Bend and
Gray's Harbor points..... 8:0 am
North Coast Limited for
Tacoma, seattie, Spo
kane, Butte. St. Paul,
New York. Boston and
all . points East and
Southeast 3:00 pra
Twin City Express for
Tacoma. Seattle, Spo
kane, Helena. St. Paul.
Minneapolis. Chicago,
yew York. Boston and
all point East and
Southeast .' 11.45 jm
7:00 an
:00 pns
Puget Sound.Kaneas Clty
St. Louis Special, for
Tacoma, Seattle. Spo
kane. Butte. Billing.
Denver. Omaha. Kansas r
City, St. Louis and all
points East and South-
east 8:30am 7:00am
All trains dally, except on South Bead
branch. CHAKIjTOjj Assistant General Pas
senger Agent. 255 Morrison st.. corner hlrd.
Portland. Or.
Astoria & Columbia
River Railroad Co.
Leaves. UNION DEPOT. Arrives.'
Dally. For Maygers. Rainier. J5Jly." .
Clatskanle. Waatport,
Clifton. Astoria. "War
renton. Flavel, Ham.
8:00 A. M. mond. Fort Stevens, u:10 x. M.
' Gearnart Park. Sea
side. Astoria, and Sea
shore. Express Dally.
7:00 P. M Astoria Express. 8:40 P.M.
L Dally.
Coma'l Agt.. 248 Alder st. G. F. & P, A
Phone Mala 906.
For South -Eastern Alaska
Steamers leave Seattle.
S. S. Humboldt. S, S.
City of Seattle. S. S. Cot-
ige city, May is, . st, s.
Excurs4on S. S. Seokaae
leaves June 8-22. July 6-2-9.
Aeust 3-17.
Belllngham Bay Rente:
Dally exeeet Saturday at
18 A. M.
Vancouver. B. C-. Route: Maeday. Wedaes.
day and Friday, 18 F. X.
Fertla . S44 WsKi ten at- :
-V a D. DCKANN. G. P.-A..
Sob. FraJMiMe