Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, April 28, 1905, Page 9, Image 9

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.Countlng-Room .....Slain 667
Managing Editor Main 638
Sunday Editor Main C235
City Editor Main 163
Society Editor Main 6235
Composlng-Room Main 685
Superintendent Building Red 2S2,6
East Side Office East 01
COLUMBIA THEATER (14th and Washing
ton) Evening at S. "Pink Dominoes."
EMPIRE THEATER (12th and Morrison)
Matinee at 2:15 and evening at S:15, "East
STAR THEATER (Park and Washington)
Continuous vaudeville. 2:30, 7:S0 and 9
P. M.
GRAND THEATER (Park and Washington)
Continuous vaudeville, 2:30 to 10:30
P. M.
BAKER THEATER (3d and Tamhlll) Con
tinuous vaudeville, 2:30, 7:30 and 9 P. M.
BASEBALL TODAY. 3:30 P. M. (Recreation
Park, 24th and Vaughn) Portland vs. Ta-
ARMORY (Tenth and Davis) Elks' County
Fair. Svcnlng.
Sectjkes Extension of Option. T. TV.
Clark, of the Clark "Woolen Mill Com
pany, "has secured an extension of two
months on hta option on the Sellwood site
of the Portland Woolen Mills. He hopes
by that time to he In position to proceed
with the erection and installation of tho
long-talked-of plant. If Mr. Clark does
not succeed, there are others with means
who are waiting opportunity to take up
the proposition of establishing a plant in
Will Extend Spur at Once. The St.
Johns spur of the O. R. & N. Co.
will be extended at once to the site of
the proposed. Weyerhaeuser sawmill. For
some time a party of surveyors has been
at work laying out the route of the ex
tension. It Is wanted to facilitate the
erection of the big sawmill plant. It Is
announced that the Weyerhaeuscrs will
begin building wharves as soon as the
material needed is on hand.
Elks Count Fair!
Elks' Countt Fair!
At the Abmort.
Ladies Free Tonight.
Ladies Free Tonight.
, Babt Show Tomorrow Afternoon
. At 2 o'clock.
Entries Close at Babt Booth Tonight.
Admission to Babt Show,
10c; Children, 5c.
Dancing Evert night.
Auction Saturdat Night.
Past Sachems' ' Railroad Excursion
to Albany and Corvallls Sunday next.
Tickets are now on sale at the stores of
B. B. Rich, Schiller's cigar stores, Rowe
&. Martin's drugstore. Sixth and Wash
ington, and S. P. ticket office. Third and
Washington. Scats for all. $L50 for
rouud trip. Don't miss this opportunity
to see the Willamette Valley. Daylight
ride. Trains leave Union Depot at 8:00
A. M. sharp.
Pioneer Woman Dies. Mrs. L. C.
Mann, who died of heart failure a week
ago yesterday at her residence. 975 East
Stark street, was born in Ohio In 183L
She crossed the plains in 3853. She is sur
vived "by three children, Mrs. J. H. Boyd,
of Spokane; J. C. Bpperly, of Shanghai,
China, arfd J. Eppcrly, of Portland. The
funeral services were hold at Butteville.
Dr. Wise's Lecture. At the Temple
Beth-Israel Dr. Stephen S. Wise will
preaoh this evening on "Caste and Class
in Our American Democracy." The pul
pit will be occupied during the absence
of .Dr. Wise by Rev. Roland D. Grant,
D. D., and Rabbi J. Bloch, L. L. D.
Services begin at S o'clock, and strangers
are welcome.
Hurt bt a Fall. James P. Hlckey,
aged S3 years, fell 16 feet to the cement
sidewalk at Eleventh and Morrison
streets yesterday afternoon. He was en
gaged with two others in painting a new
building. He was badly bruised, and his
wrists sprained. He was conveyed to St.
Vincent's Hospital in a patrol wagon.
Recovering Fnou Blood-poisoning.
E. C Cunningham, of Alblna, Is recover
ing from blood-poisoning, caused by a
slight scratch on a leg. At one time it
was thought amputation would be neces
sary to save his life. Mr. Cunningham is
now able to be about on crutches.
School Entertainment. The Teach
ers' and Mothers' Club will give an en
tertainment this evening in the assembly
hall of the Brooklyn School. A pleasing
literary and musical programme has been
prepared. It will' be the last entertain
ment the club will give this year.
Social at Grace Church. a social will
be hpld at Grace M. E. Church tonight.
AH members and friends of Grace Church,
and especially the new members, are In
vited. An interesting programme will bo
srlvon and refreshments will be served.
There will be no charge.
Salvation Armt Services. Mrs. Briga
dier Stllwoll, who is In charge of the
women's social work of the Pacific Coast,
will conduct special meetings at the Sal
vation Army Hall, 265 Davis street, Fri
day and Saturday, April 2S and 29, at 8
P. M.
Death of Joseph Groeger. Joseph
Groeger died at his home, 20 East Tenth
North, April 25, aged 63 years. The fu
neral will be held tomorrow. Services will
be held from St. Joseph's Church, Fif
teenth and Couch streets.
See the Sea. At Seaside next Sunday
via the A. & C R. R. Excursion leaves
Portland at 8 A. M. Fare for the found
trip only JL50. A seat for every passen
ger. Tickets at 21S Alder street and the
Union Depot.
Round-Trip to Cascade Locks by
steamer every Monday, Wednesday and
Friday. Leaves 7 A. M.; return 6 P. M.
Landing foot of Alder street Fare IL50.
Phone Main 914.
Steamer Northland sails direct for
San Francisco Friday evening. Cabin,
S1S.0O. Steerage. 5S.O0. Meals and berth
Included. C. H. Thompson, agent, 123
Third street.
F. E. Beach &. Co., the Pioneer Paint
o., are selling their stock of damaged
paints, and are receiving shipments of
new goods daily. 135 First St, cor. Alder.
Moving Made East with our unsur
passed facilities for handling furniture,
pianos, safes, etc. Phone Main 16S5. Kad
derly Transfer Co., 310 North Third St.
Steamship "Alliance" sails from
Couch-street dock for Coos Bay and
Eureka Saturday night, April 29th. at 8.
F. P. Baumgartner, agent Main S51. .
B. and R-, homeopathlcs. now 307 Wash.,
Knight Drug Co.. agents. 'Phone 2593.
The Calumet Restaurant 149 Seventh.
Fine luncheon. S5c: dinner 50c.
Dancing. Tabor Heights Pav., Sat Eve.
Wooster's great fruit store. 7th-M6r.
Acme Oil Co., gasolines. Phone E. 7SD.
Opening of season, "Cedar Park, Sunday.
Heard in the
"The Grande Ronde Valley is one of
the most peculiar sections of the state
as well as one of the most profitable,"
remarked M. L. Causey, landowner and
frultralser at La Grande while sitting In
the lobby of the Imperial yesterday.
"On both sides of us the country Is cov
ered with sage brush, that is, where it
has not been cleared off, but formerly
only 'rabbit" brush grew In the Grande
Ronde Valley. I was there over 30 years
ago and there was not the least bit
of sage brush while the country surround
ing was covered with it
"It may be a little hard to believe, but
it Is nevertheless true that the soil In
the Grande Ronde Valley extends to a
depth' of more than 60 feet The soil
found at that depth is apparently the
same as that found on the surface.- It is
very "rich. It makes excellent farming land.
It Is very rarely, in other parte of the state,
that you will find the soil extending down-,
wards more than two or three feet In'
boring" for a well the other day a petrified j
log was-encountred at a depth of 275 feet i
The nark of the tree was petrified."
Mr. Causey ia the citizen of La Grande
who some flrae ago erected a glass build
ing near the depot station at that city
in which are displayed the many different
varieties of fruits and grains raised In
that vicinity. At night the building, which
is 40 feet in length, Is lighted with elcJU
triclty so that the people passing througn
on the trains can see the exhibit He
owns several hundred acres in orchards
and this Fall expects to plant fruit trees
on 1000 acres more. They will be mostly
apple trees.
"The Polk County delegates made
quite a sacrifice to attend the Oregon
Development League convention,'' 're
marked Walter Lyon, of the Inde
pendence West Side Enterprise, at the
Imperial Hotel the other ' evening.
"This Is our busiest season up there
In Polk County, and all of us are need
ed at home. The hops are Just coming-
child in that county, who lias no
other work to do, has been pressed into
service in the hopflelds.
"Independence is growing as rapidly
as any town In the sate." continued
Mr. Lyon. "So many houses are un
dergoing construction that the lumber
yards are unable to supply the de
mands. There are lots of people living-
in tents who have been compelled
to adopt this mode of living until they
can produce lumber to have a resi
dence erected. Most all the houses
that are going up are frame. There
have been several creditable business
blocks, built in Independence recently."
"We are going to hold a big reunion of
the graduates of our school June 18 to
21 when we hold our Twenty-third An
nual Commencement" remarked Presi
dent E. D. Ressler of the Monmouth Nor
mal school at the Imperial Hotel yester
day afternoon. "We expect to have at
least 700 graduates attend the commence
ment and we are preparing fo entertain
and take care .of that many. The grad
uates of the Institution will be repre
sented from every county and every town
of importance in the state.
"Why, even the railroads are Interested
and we have been given to understand
that those who attend the commencement
will "be given a reduction from the regular
rates. We have been leading up to this
affair for several months quietly Inform
ing the graduates of the school that such
a reunion would be held and all those
who have received our communications
have become very enthusiastic. There are
about 20 graduates of. the Monmouth
school in Portland and nearly all of them
have promised to attend. W. D. Fcnton.
of Portland, who Is a graduate of tho
school, will be one of our most prominent
speakers. About 60 scholars will graduate
from our school this Spring."
"The Government always makes It an
especial point to have all the exhibits
installed and ready for. display at the
opening of any exposition it happens to
participate In," remarked Milton Brown,
chief special agent of the Treasury ex
hibit at the Imperial Hotel the other
night "It was ready at the Paris. Buf
falo, Chicago and St Louis expositions,
and you can feel assured that when the
gates open for the Lewis and Clark Expo
sition the Government will be fully pre
pared and there will b'e no more work
of Installation to be done. The cars,
loaded with exhibits, have been a little
slow In arriving, but more arc coming
in every day no we have no reason to
feel apprehensive so far as the Govern
ment is concerned."
Mr. and Mrs. j. C. Gallagher, of Hepp
ner, are guests at the Imperial.
State Representative Walter Griffin, of
Eugcno, is a guest at the Perkins.
E. C. Kirkpatrick, a hopgrower from
Dallas, is registered at the Perkins.
State Senator Nathan Whoaldon, of The
Dalles, is registered at the Perkins.
C. J. Robertson, a fruitgrower from
Hood River, Is a guest at tho Perkins
R. E. Walllns, president of -the Dallas
National Bank, is a guest at the Perkins
C. Sam Smith, of Prineviile, who is
Sheriff of Crook County, is "registered at
the Perkins.
Mrs. H. G. Van Duscn, of Astoria, is fn
Portland for a few days. She Is a guest
at the Imperial.
Miss Emelle Lobe, of Bellingham,
T ash., is in the city visiting her aunt.
Mrs. Simon Abraham, of 408 San Ra
fael troct at home Wednesdays.
Timothy Dore, secretary of the Idaho
Lewis and Clark Commission, is in Port
land, to remain until after the Fair. Mr
Doro, who lives at Salmon Citv, Idaho"
is a guest at the Imperial Hotel.
NEW YORK. April 27. (Special.)
The following persons from the Pacific
Northwest registered in the hotels
here today:
From Spokane E. Rosonthal, at the
Broadway, Central.
From Seattle S. Hill, at the Netiier
Ixr".,. BraIe'. at tho Hoffman; J.
W. Miller, at the York; E. W. Potter
at the Grand; Mrs. Van Ogle, at the St.
April 27. (Special. Major Frederick
P. Reynolds. Surgeon, U. S. A., has been
ordered to report to Fort William 11.
Seward, Alaska, for duty, relieving
Captain Jcrc 11. Clayton. Assistant Sur
geon, who will procood to Seattle.
All the delicacies of '.ha season at th
Portland Restaurant fine, prlvats apart
ments for parties. SC3 Wash., near 6th.
Train Killed His Horses.
SALEM, Or., April 27. (Special.)-Judge
H. L. Benson, of Klamath County, sitting
as Circuit Judge here at the request of
Judge Burnett, today granted a new trial
in the case of M. M. High vs. the South
ern Pacific Company. Mr. High secured
a verdict for over 5700 damages for the
killing of several horses by a Southern
Pacific train.
The eminent surgeon. Dr. Nicholas Senn,
after several voyages around the world
pronounced his trip to Tahiti the best of
JlJL Thflt the naaRaire ti'rj J a cmnntt
j there were beautiful rivers and mountains
iiuu uu&ui icl5vu iropicai scenerv. and the
natives kind and friendly. The Mariposa
iBiia lor jaiuu jiay zu. rteaueea rate for
this voyage. $125 round trip. Snd for clr
cular 653 Market street San Francisco.
Skin Diseases
are cured by
1 and I
Endorsed hy the Medical Profession.
By destroying germs, they as
sist nature to accomplish a cure.
Send thirty-five cents to pay ex
pressage on Free Trial Bottles.
Sold by t.ed!ng Dtej jijti.
Not geooiat ualeis lilel bar njr tifcstsre.
62M Prince Street N. Y
Write far fre lBflsrsMtlax Bbot
'Gladden Returns to Attack on
Standard Oil.
In Addressing Congregational Clergy
He Again Denounces Accept
' anee or Rockefeller's Money
for Missions.
BOSTON, April 27. Rev. Washing
ton Gladden, of Columbus, O., moder
ator of this National. Council of the
Congregational Church of the United
States, left for the West this after-'
noon after a day's visit In this city,
during which he read a paper before a
committee of clergymen In protest
against the acceptance of a gift from
John D. Rockefeller by the American
Board. This address was made public
today. In an Interview Dr. Gladden
said that he intended to carry on what
he terms "a campaign of education" on
the subject of receiving money for re
ligious or missionary purposes as sug
gested by the Rockefeller gift
Referring to the report that the
American Missionary Association, the
Congregatlonallst home mission organ
ization, was about to receive money
from Mr. Rockefeller, Dr. Gladden
stated that he had Just received a let
ter from' President Bradford, of the as
sociation, in which the latter declared
that money-had not been solicited from
Mr. Rockefeller nor had Mr. Rockefel
ler offered any.
Dr. Gladden answered several of the
declarations made by the prudential com
mittee on behalf of the American Board,
repeating arguments previously made by
him in Interviews, particularly with ref
erence to the contention that the money
should not be accepted because of Mr.
Rockefeller's connection with the Stand
ard OH Company, which. Dr. Gladden
said, "is a matter of common knowledge
and has frequently been convicted, some
times out of Its own mouth, of transgres
sions of the laws of the land. .
"A Judge of the United States District
Court was quoted as having denounced
the Standard OH Company's system' of re
bates as 'gross, illegal and inexcusable.'
as being 'so wanton and oppressive that
it could hardly have been accepted by an
honest man having due regard for the
right of others.' "
Dr. Gladden reviewed at length the his
tory of the Standard In various states,
where he said there had been violations
of the law, and, he asserted, "the com
pany has played continually with stacked
cards and loaded dice."
The company's alleged system of re
bates was condemned as an "abhorrent
practice." and Dr. Gladden adAd:
There is nothing more (startling nor more
ominous in American history than the fact
that such a tremendous industry has been
permitted to ko on year after year with no
interference by the Government. Of Hits
kind ot extortion Mr. noekefcller has. the
credit of being the inventor.
We are asked why we single out this man
(Mr. " Rockefeller) for reprobation. If the
answer has not already been given, it is
enough to cay that we did not single him out.
It was the prudential commute who elnelcd
him out by xoUeltlng hl donation. We ob
ject to hl donation. Yc object to his gift
because it is now before u. for Judgmrjit.
It H said that there are olhirs from whom
a gift would be equally objectionable. Uvea
If that were true, no gifts have been offered
by thce others, and It will be time to de
cide about them when they are offered. If
we accept In our Christian work the alliance
of the Standard OH Company we can refuse
no other alliance with oppressors and de
spoiler? of the people. To Fay that we will
Inot testify against this Iniquity because oth
ers arc nearly or quite as heinous w practi
cally to say that we will testify against no
iniquity; that In the presence of all this wrong
we will shut our eyes and 3eal our lips. If the
church wishes to regain Its hold upon the
peoplft who Heard It master gladly, it muet
keep Iteelf free from such alliances a these.
Failure here will be the costliest blunder the
church ever made.
PIncc They Hold in Hearts of Port
land Music Lovers.
Tho following was taken from "Tho
Morning Orcgonlan" after the last ap
pearance of tho Knciscl Quartet In Port
land: "The return of the Knelscl Quartet to
Portland, under the auspices of the Mu
sical Club, was the occasion of an ovation
last night, such as Is seldom witnessed
here. It Is now a year since thla quartet,
which stands without a peer either
In the Old "World or the New,
made It? first visit to this city. That It
then won for itself a firm abiding place
in the heartu of Portland music-lovers
was proved indisputably by the warm
demonstration last night When tho four
artists appeared before the big audience
crowded into the First Baptist Church, all
in tho room rose to their feet, a pretty
compliment that is commonly extended
them In Eastern cities. The deafening
applause that runt the 'echoes of the
building furnished additional proor of
their welcome. Recalls followed quickly
on one anothor's heels after the various
numbers, until people forgot to count
Tho reception was certalnTy a most cor
dial one. such as indicated discerning en
thusiasm on the part of the people of
They will be heard at the Marquam
Grand Saturday night direction Lois
Steers-Wynn Coman. Seats now soiling.
Peru maintains her protest against the'
Chile-Bolivian treaty, and agrees to nego
tiate regarding compliance with the treaty
of A neon.
The bodies of 12 Filipinos who died dur
ing the Exposition at St. Louis were
shipped to Manila yesterday for interment
in their native land.
The 390.000 acres of Kiowa, Comanche
and Apache Indians lands now leased for
grazing purposes to cattlemen are to be
leased on July 1 for agricultural pur
poses. The Hansen Empire Fur Coat Com
pany's store, and the piano warerooms ot
William Rohlfing- & Sons, adjoining, at
Milwaukee, Wis., wore damaged $300,000
by fire.
The Grand Duke of Mccklenberg
Schwerln has been attacked by smallpox.
The Crown Prince of Prussia and the In
tended bride have removed to the palace
of the Dowager Duchess to avoid conta
gion. The cast wing of the Clarinda, la., Hqs
pitil for the Insane collapsed yesterday,
carrying seven workmen with the debris,
although none was seriously injured. Loss.
The Japanese government has given to
Dr. Takamino three Japanese buildings
brought to this country for the St Louis
World's Fair, in recognition of Dr. Taka
mlne's services fo. the Japanese commis
sion, and for services in connedtion with
the medical department of the Japanese
It Is proposed that the Count of Flan
ders renounce His claim to the succession
to the Belgian throne In favor of his son.
Prince Albert, and to transfer nis allow
ance of i0,000 a year to Albert The So
cialists wish to stop the allowance, say
ing that King Leopold and the Count, both
being millionaires, should provide for the
The Illinois House, of Representatives
yesterday passed a bill establishing a
State Sanitarium for the treatment of per
sons afflicted with tuberculosis, and ap
propriating 430,000 for the purpose.
"With plans for new buildings valued at
more than J2.000.000 filed on Wednesday,
ail records of the kind for New York City
were broken except in a few instances.
So far this year plans have been recorded
In Manhattan alone for 615 buildings, val
ued at $33,732,732, compared with" 343 build
Ings, to cost $18,677,010, last year.
State Good Jtosds Meeting.
The State Good Roads Association will
hold a convention at Pendleton May 1C and
37. R. W. Richardson, secretary ot the
National Good Roads Association, who is
In Portland, having recently arrived from
Omaha. Neb., will attend the convention
and work In conjunction with the offi
cials of the organization in making the
meeting an unprecedented success.
John H. Scott of Salem, president of
the State Good Roads Association, yes
terday decided upon the dates when the
convention would be held. The large at
tendance from Pendleton to the Oregon
Development League Convention was
partly due to the desire of the citizens of
that city to create an Interest In the
convention. Citizens of Pendleton are
very enthusiastic, and will hold regular
meetings preparatory to the convention.
Made President of Students.
SEATTLE, Wash., April 27. (Special.)
Charles W. Hall, of Vancouver, Wash., a
veteran of the Spanish-American War, has
been elected president of the associated
students of the University of Washington.
He has been a member of the student
executive committee for two years, and
has been on the Intercollegiate debating
tarns of the, college for three years. He
is a. mmber of the Beta Theta Pi frater
nity. In spite of charges of Incompetency
and ring rule, and In spite of the fact
that dodgers were distributed by non
fraternity men, the students elected fra
ternity men as officers of the association.
One Year for Election Fraud.
PUEBLO. Colo., April 27. Zach Taylor,
a negro, was today sentenced to one year
In the state penitentiary, after being
found suilty of perpetrating frauds at .the
last general election.
Several sots of "Our Islands" for sale
cheap. A" few damaged sets at your own
price. Address or call at Orcgonlan busi
ness office.
Mrs W F Schwclzer, IF Flake. New York
Dayton. O T Buford. St Louis
W F Boardinan. S F J Goldsmith and wife.
C C Warren and wife, New York
Fryburp. Me M Hlllls. Victoria. B C
G L Parker. Denver J E Cronan. Dayton. O
F A Montgomery, T E Flaherty, N York
Boston iL Robinson, N Tork
M G Pflaum. MInnpls:II L Shafer. Chicago
.1 M Orals, do T M Banta, New York
Mrs J T Stceb. TacomlF H Rice, wife and
Mrs C Gillespie, do I daughter. St Paul
E Kawcski, New YorkiA M Campbell, Winnl
T R Hunt. Manila I peg
G I, Combes. New T Miss McTarrish. do
H F Hopper. Detroit Mrs Chuinaacro and
W FiRgcs, New York I maid. Helena. Mont
J E Dixon. San Fran iMiss Chumasero. do
W D Docker. ShebygnlMrs Bradwater. do
J Monroe and wife, IMiss Bradwater, do
Philadelphia IF F Maddleton. Detrt
J W Brown. Pittsburgh! H Sanders. N York
Mrs F Wilson. Chso ;C A Houpt. Pa
Miss Wilson, do !V V Lockwood, San F
E M Neuflcld. N York.M P Thomson. Vancvr
A Spacer, San FranjMlss N Thomson, do
F D Bacon. San FranjMlss M Thomson, do
J W Flnnlgan, San FjW H Hoofer. Chicago
R LlndenbergT. AstrjT Akutasawa. C.lcnp
P AvYohSj;, Spolvnnn iK Fuginioto. Chicago
E C Hales, New YorkiA II Blair and wife,
C Stout. Seattle ) Los Angeles
A J Oberholm. San FIA C Reese. Salt Lake
A C Hartnack. San Fill U Vosper. Sail Fran
J M Donoghue. SeattliA C Churchill, Newbg
D L Hornthal, N Yorkl
C G Roberts. H RlvcrjJ Cosgrove. Grants P
S Campbell. Warrentn F V Clhar. Wash, V) C
R W Burrell, NewportlS Gecr. Spokane
Dick Smith. CorvalllslMrs S Gccr. do
C H Walter, Chehalls'A E Wright. Chicago
C S Smith. PrlnevJllelMra A E Wright, do
J A Harbke, lone. Or(E 1 Parsons, San Fran
F W Bcadl. La CrossIJ R Lytle, Mononga
Mrs F W Beadle, do! hela. Pa
Master Beadle, do Mrs J R Lytle, do
Miss McDonald. Chgo Miss Lytle. do
Mrs A McDonald. do!w A Wann. Eugene
J P Anderson. Taenia N Whealdon. T Dallas
F T Rose. Denver. ColiL F Smith. Endlcott
P M Howell, Omaha,.! G McDonald. H Rivr
F K Groves, Los AnglMrs McDonald, do
A C Burdlck. CltyiD Crce. Minneapolis
J J Hughes, DetroittGrant Wade. Olex
Wm Belond. do IP Connaclier, Yacolt
J Allison. Seattle. WniMrs Connacher. do
Airs T A Hyland. Astr'F Lombard. San Fran
Esther Stevens. OakldIL F Aldrich, Sllvcrton
W F Horn. Grants PIMrs Aldrich. do
W M Gaddis. Wa8h-F C Graham. Astoria
Ington, DC iW C Albee, Tacoma
MIsh F Parks, Danvll
Allen Brown, City
Otto Alstor. City j
GMVard and wife,
R W McBrldc. wife
and children. Boise
T Dore. Salmon
E Lytle, Seattle
C P Miller. Seattle
F J Knight Seattle
J Fuhrman and wife.
iC H Mays. Los Ancls
a natnorn. Astoria u u James, citv
H Herman. New YklA Giant Chicago
A W Shearer. Medfrd Mrs H G Van Ousen.
F S Padcn. City i Astoria
B Stimson. San Fran;M L Tower, Ft Stevns
Mrs B Stimson. do
G E Johnson. Dallas
A Roberts. Waltsbrg
W A Lleber, San F
W R Boyd. Klam F I
C J Heldcman and
wife. Klamath F
H W Ogllbee. San F
C F Ncal. Boise
Mrs J A Reed. Seattle
Mrs E C Rogers and
child. Doty
B Kelsey and wife,
Klamath Falls
J A Shaw. Albany
iJ C Gallagher and
H D Collier. Seattle
wire, Heppner
T Dlngwald. S Cms ;Ethcl J Galbrcath,
C A Billings. Olympa Prairie City
A Coleman. TorontoJW M Preston. San F
H A Canfleld. ScattlejMra W Butler. Kelso
Mrs A Coleman. To-:Mr B G Sollars. do
ronto U D Daly, Portland
Miss Whlttemore. do
W H Phllbrlck. CltyiB W Graham. Bend
Jas Ashe. City .J P Staple. San Fran
T G Wlkstroin. St II
Miss Pearson. Kalma
Mrs A A Anderson, do
II L Smith. Spokane
A E McDonald, Evrtt
R A Moon. Eurene
Mrs C Pearson. - do'
Mrs S Smith. Albanyi
Mrs Henderson, do
J T Graham, Clatskn
N Merrill, do
J Cassady. Florence
Mrs GUI. Salem
John Bradley, Dayton
G S Allen. Fisher. Or'
r Dicxey. Salem
v H Fraslcr, Eureka
A Man. Salem
G Kerurhman. WshgliW A E Withers
f Kcrucnman. do if D Hudson
J A Foster, do 'M A James. Hood R
J" Smith. TT S A
W Davis. Gleneoe
IW H Million. Wiscb
C R Smith. Wasco
W Thomas. St Louis
A Lewis. Spokane
Anna Senecal. Dufur
Mary Loocler. Dufur
L Robinson. City
T S Jones. Oregon C
M Z Burton. City
2 N Seelye. Centralis
W P Dibble, Molalla
H A Shields. Troutdl
A E Burt. Iowa
Zj B Smith. Iowa
A Newman. "W Va
W K Sbanglc. Salem
ira Shangle, do
IR Hill
S Stlnson. North D
B Patterson. T Dalles
K E Person, -do
John Dethman
C Edwards. Curtis IV Grewell. "Warren
Lewis PIttman. do I A Mclntlre. Hammd
B Sanford. San FranlC N Proud. Holbrook
J E Cooper. So BendlE Thlbert do
W E Young. Oak Pt P. Hajc. Goldendale
j .inou, usk i-omi ij Kogcrs. ao
II L Andrews. Kelso
P L Reese. Tacoma
P H Reuter. Tacoma
T A Osborn. Elma
E Hayes. Gravel Pit
E Mason. Borlnir
J D Scharft City j
P H Robinson. Wasco
C Zimmerman, Arora;
S E Howard. Stella I
R Huggett Tacoma
F N Baker, San Fran
T Meserve, Grays R
W H Cooper. Stayton
R Mead, Latourell
Mrs Mason, do
c E Fernley, vancvr
S Murnhy. do
J Poison. Oak Point
B B Hayes. Ostrandr
P Dillon. Kelsn
11 Devereu. do
A Bedell. City
IB Herbert Goldendal
C Alpon. Seattle
J Appleton, San Fran
R H Williams, ClatsklW Daly. S "Francisco
Mrs E Dwyer. Rainier
T E Mills. San Fran
W L Walters. Rainier
E F Morsbach, Durnd
J T Andrews. C Rock
J Allen. Seattle
N Campbell. San Fran
illss Dwyer. ao
J Sullivan. Rainier
J W PArrlsh. Jetfersn
C Black. Eufaula
E L Cable. Astoria
C Shoemaker. YacoltiW I Dalley, San Fran
O Orenger, ciatsKan
Incorna Cotel. Tarnna.
American plan. Rates, 53 and up.
Hetel De&acHy, Taeens.
First-class restaurant In connection
Burnett's Extract of Vanilla
Is the leader the world over. Use no other.
Tor Infants and Children.
Thi Kind You Hays Always Bought
Bears ths
Signature of
Piano Buyers
"We ask you to .see our splendid
assortment of Pianos the finest pos
sible to procure comprising over 15
different makes and in their different
styles and cases, making a selection
of some 75 different instruments.
Surely you could find something
here to please you. It costs nothing
to look, and by so doing you may
save many dollars and also regrets.
Our easy-payment system will appeal
to you. Come and let us explain it.
$10.00 is all you need to start with.
(Steinway and other Pianos)
Corner Morrison and West Park Sts.
Park and Washington, Portland, Oregon
The School of Quality"
Open alt th year. Catalogue free
There is no other such deal
fag in
baVinr-ptnrder aplaa
eoffe &tveciaf extracts soda
as Schilling's Best; no othel
such goods; the goods account
for the dealing.
Saturday Night
8 ISO-
PRICES Lowrr floor, except last 3 rows, $2;
last 3. $l 0. Balcony, first 3, $1.50: sec
ond 3, SI; last C. 75c. Gallery, 7."c.
Bxes. $12.30. Loges, $15. Scats now
Quality considered, than asxj other
Needles, Oil, Repairs
82 TfashlactoB.
954 Morrfsoa Street.
MO William Avenue (Eaat Side.).
Pertlud. Orcsex.
Iff i 39
CURI05, Antiquities, Bought and Soli.
Indian Stone Knives Relics, Carvings and Idcb in
Ivory, Stone. Bronze, etc. War Clnbi, Spear. Bovx
HXAD5 aai H01NS ef Aatauls. WarMsiab.
rjative Body Ornaments and Drrst, Ancient Flint
Guns and Pijtcls. Coins, Shields. Antique Silver and
Armor, Shells. Send fcr Photos. Wholesale Dealer
Connoisseurs Understand That There Is Nothing Better
Whiskey. Old, mellow and delightfully palatable, it is the ideal stimulant
ERG & GOING CO . Taka "S" Car, ta H. 13t& aa Irtlns 3tJ.
We do croivn and bridge work with
out pain. Our IS years experience In
plate work enables us to fit your mouth
Pr. W. A. Wife haa found a ate
way to extract teeth, absolutely with
out pain. Dr. T. P. Wise Is an ex
pert at sold filling and crown and bridge
work. Extracting free when plates or
bridges are ordered.
WISE BROS., Dentists
Vaillnc bid?., cor. 3d and Wnsh. stfl.
Open evenlnss till 0 r. M. Sundays
from 8 to 1'. Or Main 2023.
The Portland j
Do you love good music? You
can select your choice from a port
folio ot 500 pieces of popular music
of the world, and Professor Am
sterdam and his Hungarian orches
tra will render it for you.
Everything" to eat and drink, and
It costs no more in the
Portland Hotel Kathskeller
than elsewhere in the city. Every
weekday night from 9:30 lo 12.
Delicate enough for the soften
skin, and. yet efficacious in femovin
any stain. Keeps the skin In perfect
condition. In the bstb gives all tha
desirable after-effects or a Turkish
bath. It should be on every wash
Prompt anil cnref.jl attention Riven to
developing. Hnlshlnc and enlarging'.. Snap
ohotn developed one day. finished prints the
next. Photos for cuts a specialty George
31. Strong, commercial photographer. 163
West Park street.
in the richest grain, fruit and stock, section in
the world. Thousands ef acres of land at sctua
cost of irri ration. Deed direct from State of
MAP FREE. Deschutes Irrigation and Power Com
pany,6 1 o-i x-i 2 McKay BuBdinr, Portland, Orejot-
In your office equipment to promptly handle
the increased volume of business offering in
cidental to the Lewis and Clark Fair.
You should be fully equipped in your LET
COPYING "and general mail-handling systems
to care for the new conditions.
Check up your supply of loose LEAF LED
and OFFICE STATIONERY and place your
orders now, so that no delay will be experi
enced when tlie rush comes.
TTe have everything for the office. Filing
systems of all kinds in wood and steel. All
the latest time and labor-saving devices. New
things that are being used by the most up-tu-'date
big fellows East on exhibition and sale
in our. ground-floor salesroom, 123 First-st.,
opposite First National Bank, Portland.
Glass & Prudfaomme Co.
Don't Leave Your
Wife Alone
Jftthout some sort of protection against
burglars. We furnish and install a num
ber of electrical devices, such as alarm
bells. poliA calls and the like, which pay
for themselves In the sense of security
they afford. We do all kinds of electrical
wiring on short notice.
Western Electric Works
No. ei Sixth Street, Corner Plae,
Phone Main 1696. Portland, Or.
We are headquarters for
French ranges, portable
and brick set; cabinet bake
ovens, retinned and copper
restaurant utensils, steel
ranges and cook stoves.
Are too valuable to take chances with as you i
will realize when it is too late, if you allow
them to be tampered "with by incompetent f
operators. Trust your vision only to opticians- S
of reputation and standing1.
New York Dental Parlors
Prom 8:30 A. M.
Until 10:00 P. M. .
Our specialist ot world renown n ill treat
all who come with the courtesy and cars
that the New Tork Dentists are so well known
by. Wc do not try to compete with cheap
dental work, but do all kinds of flrst-ci&ss
work at About half that chars d by ctttets.
All operations are suarantced painless. You
can have your teeth out In the morning anl
go borne with your NEW TEETH "that lit"
the same day.
All work guaranteed, with a. protected guar
antee for 10 eare.
scientific methods' applied to the gums. No
sleep-produclns agents or cocaine.
These are the only dental parlors in Port
Ingredients to extract, fill and apply sold.
I crowns and porcelain crowns undetectable from.
I natural teeth. All work done by GRADU
ATED DENTISTS of from 12 to 20 years ex
perience, and each department in charge of a
specialist. Give us a call, and you will find
. us to do exactly as we advertlie. We will t'l
I you in advance exactly what our work will
cwtt by a FltBE EXAMINATION.
Sew York Dental Parlors
Hours: 8:30 A. M. to 10 P. SI.; Sundays and
holiday. S:S0 to 2 P. M.
Fourth and Morrison Streets, Portland. Or
A $12.00 FULL SET
FOR $0.U0.
Evenings, Monday
and Thursday, until 8.
Fred Prehn, 1). D. S.
405 Dekum Bid?.
fichwab Printing Co
.. .300