Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, April 28, 1905, Page 2, Image 2

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The foremost
Store" on the
Pacific Slope
Exposition City
Tke'Dlffertwt Stare"
6 M.Wasklafr Sts
Tie" Different Stare -
Greatest .Store
1 04th
Grand f riday
1 04th
Grand Friday
School of Domestic Science.
Second Floor
Under Auspices of Portland T. W. C. A.
Tea. Coffee. Chocolate.
Milk In Bottles.
Clam Chowder.
Fruit Salad. . Tongue Sandwiches.
Creamed Eggs. . Hot Rolls.
Bread and Butter.' Tea Calces.
OLD PALEY'S MAXIM was "He alone discovers who proves." This store occasionally throws a glance over its shoulder at the past, as a winning runner, satisfied of first place, shoots a look hack to measure
the distance rearward, to where his nearest competitor is struggling from. Two years ago today this store discovered a way to turn one of the dullest business days of the week into one of the busiest.
Many people doubted the advisability of the experiment, as it involved a tremendous sacrifice of profits; we have certainly proven, however, that we invented something to good purpose when we launched our
first "FKIDAY ECONOMY SALE." The means devised have been found competent to the end proposed. Profits have been cut, but sales have increased in such proportion that the store has gained. A
look backward, over the two most prosperous years ever enjoyed by a Portland store only stimulates us to gather ourselves fdr a fresh dash ahead. This store is everlastingly THINKING AHEAD sure
All may share alike in this greatest low price event of the new season. This grand old store was never so ready and so able to help you save before. Watch for the yellow price-cards that serve as guide posts
to hundreds of economy resorts.
The Second Day of Tremendous and
Startling Price-Cuts in
. The Great Shoe Sale
The "Fair-Way" First Floor, West Ana ex.
Women's $3 Oxford Ties, $2.39
Women's "Champagne" color Oxford Ties; Blucher cut,
turned soles; large eyelets and wide ribbon ties; this
season's goods and very stylish Regular $3.00 value:
special sale price, the pair , $2.30
Women's $4 Imported Ties, $2.39
Bed Imported Kid Oxford Ties; Louls XV heels, turned soles
Our $4.00 value; special at, the pair $2.59
Women's $5 Oxfords, $2.59
Dark tan vicl kid Oxford Ties, with either turned or welt
soles Regular 54.00 and $5.00 values; special at, pair $2.89
Women's $1.50 Slippers, 94c.
Patent Colt One-Strap Slippers Regular $1.50 value; spe
cial at, the pair 94c
WOMEN'S OXFORD TIES in Russia calf, dark shades;
Blucher cut; stylish but comfortable heels Regular $3.03
value; special sale price, th3 pair $2,39
WOMEN'S LOW SHOES of black vicl kid. with patent tip;
military heels; splendid shoes Regular $3.00 value; spe
cial sale price, the pair.... $2.38
Women's $3.50 Oxford Ties, $2.39
Women's chocolate color vicl kid .Oxford Ties; mado Irom
the finest stock: one Jf the biggest bargains in this sale
Our regular $3.50 value; special sale price, pair.... $2.39
Women's Oxford Ties made of Russia calf; medium shade;
street soles; large eyelets and wJde ribbon ties Regular
$3.00. value; special sale princ, the pair ,. $2.30
Women's White Canvas Oxfords
These Shoes are built on stylish and good fitting lasts and
represent good snoe making; fine for Summer and outing
wear of all kinds Price, the pair $1.50
Women's $3.50 Shoes, $2.59
Women's tan vicl kid lace boots, made from top-grade slock;
Goodyear sewed Our regular $3.50 value; special sale
price, the pair ..v....... , $2.69
Men's $3.50 Shoes, $2.49
Men's Shoes, here in vlci kid and velour calf; lace style;'
the famous "Packard make" Regular $3.50 value; special
sale price, the pair - $2.49
Men's $4, $4.50 and $5 Shoes, $3.49
The celebrated "Pingree" Shoes for men, here In all the
different styles and In the best of leathers; some with
double soie, others with medium or heavy soles. These
Shoes have been selling for $4, $4.50 and $5; special sale
prjee, the pair $3.49
Men's $4 Shoes for $3.39
Men's tan Russia calf, lace and Blucher cut Shoes; brand
new goods, up-to-date in eery respect; made to sell for
$4.00; special sale price, the pair $3.39
BOYS' TAN CAIjF SHOES, made of good, honest leather all
tho way through; medium shade; Blucher cut; sizes 2
to 52 Our regular $3.00 value: special at. the pair. .$2.40.
Sizes 11 to Z special sale price.'the pair. ...... $I.S9
Boys' $ 1 .50 Canvas Shoes, 99c
Boys' Brown Canvas Lace Snoes; calf trimmed; nil solid;
sizes 2 to 5' Regular $1.50 value; special at, pair. ...99c
YOUTHS' sizes in the same Shoes; special at, pair.. .89c
Children's $1.25 Shoes, 79c
Children's Vicl Kid Shoes; lace, spring heels; sizes 7 to 1014
Our regular $1.25 value; special at, the pair 79c
Children's $1.50 Shoes, 59c
53 pairs of Children's Vicl Kid Button Shoes, with patent tip,
wedge heel; all down-to-date styles; sizes 7 to S, widths
D and E Our $1.50 value; special at, the pair 89c
Children's $2.25 Shoes $1.59
72 pairs of Children's Patent Coltskin X.ace Shoes, with matt
tops, epring heels; in all sizes from S to 11; wide lasts
The Pingree Shoes and our $2.25 value! special sale price,
the pair $1.59
Children's $2.25 Shoes, $1.49
96 pairs of Pingree-mad'. Shoes, made of plump weight vici
kid; lace style; with spring heels Our $2.S5 value; spe
cial sale price, the pair $1.49
The Great Stock-Reducing
Sale of Pretty Jewelry
Continues With Unabated
Vigor in the Annex
First Fleer West.
r gross of Sterling Silver Thimbles; good weight; a splendid
article for 15c; this sale at, each 9c
5 gross of fine qualty Rhinestone Bar Pine; 20c 25c and 30c
values for 5c, 10c, 35c
One lot of high-grade brilliant cut White Stone Long Bar
Pins; fine quality mountings Regular $lcS5 values go
in this sale at, each $1.19
One lot of Stick Pin Sets, white and colored pearl tops, stud
ded with white brilliants Regular 15c value; come 2 on
a neat pad; this sale, per pad - .7e
One lot of Stick Pin Sets; 6 pins on pad Regular 15c value
go in this sale, per pad .. - 7c
Another lot of Stick Pin Sets; 3 on pad; put up In nice
white boxes; a variety cf styles A regular 36c article;
this sale at only - 10c
One lot of pretty Belt and Coff Pins; good quality rolled
gold mountings; set with brilliant cut emeralds, rubles,
saphires, amethysts, etc Regular 25c and S5c values:
your choice for 19c
We have made up one assortment of Stick Pins; Hat Pins,
Brooch Pins, Link Buttons. Beauty Pins, Belt Pins, etc.,
that we are going to offer your choice at, each .3c
Orte -lot of Collar Button Sets; 4 on a card; good quality
rolled-plate 25c value for 19c and the 10c values for To
One assortment of Gold-Filled Link Buttons; new designs
50c values for 30c and the 35c values for 19 e
Five gross of good quality Gold-Plated Beauty Pins Regu
lar two-for-5c value; this sale, per dozen.... lfc
500 25c Brooch Pins; a great variety of designs; your choice
In this sale at, each 12He
One lot of handsome 50c and 65c Brooch Pins go' In this
sale; your choice only . S9c
One lot of Gents' Cuff Links and Scarf Pin Sets; handsome
sterling silver designs 5150 value; your choice at.... 95c
One lot of Gents', pretty Gold-Filled Link Buttons and Scarf
Pin Sets Regular $1.00 value; your choice Wc
One lot of handsome Enameled Beauty Pins; 6 pins on card
Regular 35c value for 19c
One lot of pearl-top "Veil Pins; 20c pins go at lc In this
ale; 10c and 12c pins at, each, ...5c
t)ne lot of 35c Hat Pins, slightly defective, go in this sale;
your choice at. each ..$e
Fortune Smiles
On Women Who Have
to Select
Grand Salons Second Floor js
A fortunate underprice purchase enables us
to mark new and charming garments, the
product of one of America's leading man
tailors, Suits, Jackets and Skirts, at prices
less than actual cost of making. These spe
cial values are for balance of week only.
Those who shared yesterday have become to
day's best advertisers. A host of the best
values await Friday buyers.
$ 1 5 Suits for $ 1 0.65
Cheviots and Venetians, blouse effects, with peplum, 9
gored plaited flare skirt: Bishop sleeves; braid and button
trimmed; colors, black, "blues and browns.
$35.50 Suits for $29.65
Cheviots, Panamas and fancy tweedish mixtures. In
blouse effects and with fancy Jackets with vest. Skirts are
fancy plaited and shirred. Trimmings of fancy braids, nov
elty buttons and ornaments. In blacks, blues," grays and
tans, in mixed effects and rich navys.
$20 Suits for $ 1 4.75
Tanama cloths and attractive fancy mixtures: blouse ef
fects: Bishop sleeves; skirts in both flounco and fancy
plaited effects, fancy braid and button trimmings; blacks,
blues, browns and mannish fancy mixtures.
$25.00 and $25.50 Suits for $13.95
Etamines and .fancy tweedish mixtures, Etons, blouse and
jacket styles; skirts fancy plaited, plain tailored and
trimmings of fancy braids, buttons and taffeta. Plain and
fancy sleeve effects. Blacks, browns, blues and handsome
Women's Handsome $12.50
Shirtwaist Suits for $7.93
Materials of the popular, durable dust-proof mohairs, in
black, browns and navys; Skirts and Waists in bpth single
and double box-plaited styles to match; Waists have
Bishop sleeves and fancy stock collars. Best regular
$12.50 values ever sold In the city Special for 5r
Thursday, Friday and Saturday only, at
Smart $ 1 0 Jackets $7.65
In both handsome Coverts and black Broadcloths: very lat
est style effects, corset-fitting, single-breasted and full
satin-lined. Some coliarless and others with notched col
lars; lcg-o-mutton sleeves, strapped trimming effects.
Best $10.00 values: special fcr last three days "7
of this week only, at
Women's New $5.50
Walking Skirts for $5.95
Beautifully tailored in full, round pedestriennc lengths, of
alpaca and Panama cloth; fancy plaited styles; some in
13-gorcu, otners in zs-gored styles; nigh plaited ana grad
uated plait 'effects. Blacks, navys and browns. A reg-
All above garments are rare bargains. The product of a leading New York maker, whose very successful models arc
famous for style and worth throughout the land. He sold them to us at a closing-ont price that enables us to mark them
at these matchless value prices. Get early selection is our well-meant advice. There's rare selection among these
wonderful bargains.
Stylish Millinery to
Trim at Home
BIJou Salons Second Floor Annex.
Unrrimmed Straw Shapes; very newest mod
els and colors. Some of them will surely
suit you the variety to select from is so
great- There are turbans with short backs,
little hats quirked and bent-up in startling
fashions for flower and , wing trimming.
Maxine Elliott and rolling brim styles and
jaunty, stylish sailors. A multitude of
shapes simply indescribable choosing is
generous. Black, white, browns and
navys. Usual Tic and 38c values LClr
Special today only, at choice for..."'-'-
Best Shirtwaist Sale Yet!
Tor Women's Pretty and
worth $3.75
Tue most bountiful and beautiful
collection ever shown at the regular
prices up to $3.75 by any Portland
store. More than a dozen styles and
very nearly 1000 Waists. Made in
exquisite workmanship and pe
culiarly attractive designs. A choice
of black satines, pretty light per
cales, and madras materials, the lat
ter with light and medium grounds,
co'ered with floral and vine pat
terns, dainty rosebud and Dolly Var
den designs, neat and attractive
polka dotted and pretty scroll ef
fects. In drabs, tans, blues, blacks,
black and white, pinks, green and
gray colorings. All have stock col
lars and ties, made in plaited and
plain styles, blouse effects, with
Bishop sleeves. Values to $3.75, and
the best In the city at the regular
prices. Special for today QXr
only at. each
Special Friday Bargains in
Children's Rompers and Jumpers
and Women's Petticoats
la the Annex Sal oh itSecond Floor. N
Sets of Cuffs and Collars, or Collars stamped in conventional and
English eyelet designs on fine and heavy white, black and ecru
linen: some with hemstitched edge or tinted designs Regular
value to 35c; special at Sc
Children's Rompers and Jumpers, made of dark linen, chambray
and denims In a great variety of styles. Ages 1 to 5 years.
Regular prices -- 35c C5c 75c $1.00 $1.50
Special at 34c 47c 0c .73 $1.19
Ladies Petticoats of light-weight pies de soie; deep flounce, ac
cordion plaiting and six rows of tucking; colors light blue,
pink, champagne, gray, green, tan and brown; an ideal Summer
skirt Regular price $3.75; special $2JS7
Women's Knitw'r & Hosiery
Contribute Special Values for Two Days Buying
Firiit Floor.
It don't take many days of such "sticky"
weather as we've experienced this week to make
lighter underwear needs apparent. Here's
women's and children's underwear and hosiery
bargains for today and Saturday that improve
upon closer acquaintance. Come nearer.
Women's very fine plain black Lisle Hose; Imported: very dressy;
full fashioned; spliced heel, double sole 75c value. pair....48c
A big lot of Women's Blaok Lace Lisle Hose; all lace and lace
front, with drop stitch bacjc; all finely finished and constructed
50c values; special, pair 35c
A snap for the children. Children's fine ribbed, full finished Black
Cotton Hose: double knee, hecL and toe; with white double sole;
medium weight. These are high-grade, imported Hose, but
prices are same as for the cheuper grades. The regular prices
are as follows
Sizes 5 54 6 tV, 1 7i S S4 9
30c 30c 32c 35c 37c 40c 43c 45c 50c
.Special at 18c iSc 10c 10c 20c 20c 25c 25c 30c
Infants' Black Lace-Striped Hose; seamless 15c value for, pr.,10c
Chldren's White Knit Waists; the M brand; 3ll well and strongly
made: ages 1 to 12 25c values for, each 15c
Women's White Swiss-ribbed, low neck sleeveless Vests; V-shaped
neck 20e value for. erfca I2e
Women's Merode Summer-Weight Merino Union Suits; long
sleeves, ankle and knee length; sljk-trlmmed $1.30 values for,
the suit - ?1.05
Women's White Rlchelleu-rlbbed Cotton Vests; long sleeves 25c
value; special, each 18c
What's In the Sale Involving
Silks and Dress Goods?
First Floor South Annex.
Listen to the story as 'twas told to me: "The
greatest values yet. A bargain feast generous
in scope and kind. Fabrics of the most popular,
wanted sort at prices that admit of profit to no
one but today's shrewd and thrifty buy
ers." That's what the dress fabrics chief said.
Come and see.
2600 yards of new 1905 Satin and Twill Foulards In all new, neat
effects and colors Our regular $1.00 per yard grade; special
for today only, per yard I. f gj
54-inch AII-W061 Suitings In neat checked and striped effects;
all the Spring coloring to choose from Our regular $1.50 goods;
special for today only, per yard tSc
Novelty English Alpacas, Brllliantines and Sicilians; all new, neat
patterns and colors
Regular $1.00 grade special, per yard s 99c
Regular $1.25 gTade special, per yard . ...i SOc
Regular $1.50 grade special, per yard :9$c
These are unequaled values at the regular prices.
In Wxwh Goads Aisle First Floor.
At almost half the moderate price charged
regularly and the wearing time is all ahead.
Better get the Summer dresses made up and
sewing over b of ore Exposition days are here. A
price like this helps the purse.
35c Dotted Mulls, 19c
2000 yards ilk dotted Mulls; ecru ground with colored silk dots;
very handsome, soft and silken in appearance Regular value
35c r special, yard 10c
AHurlagly Attractive Values la the
Women's Furnishings Shops
ST. GAUL APPMQ.UE, in handsome large designs Regular $5.50
value; Special Economy Price, the yard ?2J5
POINT VEX I SB APPLIQUE, in delicate floral designs Our $5.00
value; Special Economy Price, the yard 2.1S
ST. GAUL GALOOXS Our regular $6.00 value; Special Economy
Price, the yard IH.25
SWELL POIXT VEXISE GALOOXS Our $2.50 value; Special
Economy Price, th yard ., ?1.4S
LACE APPLIQUE, in white and ecru; very handsome designs
Our $3.50 value; Special Economy Price, the yard $L4S
POIXT VEXISE BANDS, in cream and white; 1 to 3 inches in
width Our 25c and 3oc values; Special Economy Sale Price,
the yard ....10c
CHIFFON APPLIQUES in black and white: beautiful patterns
Our $1.00 value; Special Economy Sale Price, the yard 48c
i Our $2.50 value; Special Economy Sale price, the yard $1.57
AT THE CHIFFOX COUXTEn A lot of tucked and shirred chiffon
In black; worth up to $7.50 the yard; Special Economy Sale
Price, the yard ." $1.43
PRETTY HAND-MADE STOCKS, with front tab and French knot3;
values from 40c to 60c.
LIXEX COLORED STOCKS, made with front tab and piped with
blue, pink, red or white, and trimmed with small pearl buttons
Our 65c value.
WHITE LAWN STOCKS, with pleated front tab, trimmed with me
dallions Our 55c value.
BEAUTIFUL LIXEX STOCKS, with fancy colored medallions;
worth 55c.
These are all of them great yalues; Special Economy Sale OQr
Price at, each - J.
$1.35 GLOVES FOR 08c Ladies Outing Gloves; prix seam; Dent
styles; fit and wear splendidly; colors, mahogany and brown
Our $1.25 value; Special Economy Sale Price, the pair 0Sc
S8c AND 4c HANDKERCHIEFS FOR 23c Ladies Fine Pure
Linen Embroidered Handkerchiefs; some hemstitched and em
broidered, .others scalloped edges; suitable for making dainty
little collar and cuff sets and also for making corset covers
Our 35c and 40c values Special Economy Sale Price, each... .23c
The regular spring shipment is in. On
sale at Toilet Sundries Counter, 1st floor
Jn Economy Special
Bound to Interest the Men
In the 2Ien' Store First Floor A Vent Annex.
$ 1 .25 and $ 1 .50 Golf Shirts for 77c
We shall offer for today's Economy Sale special a line of Golf
Shirts, plain or plaited styles, in stripes and broken plaids; the
newest thing for Spring- Regular $1.25 and $1.50 values: Spe
cial Economy Sale Price, each ,77c
We Had May Movsngs in Mind
When Making These
There's a storeful of help on Fourth Floor
for the home starters and those further along in
the joys of housekeeping. We believe our as
sortment of house fittings, carpets, rugs and
decorations is larger and our prices lower than
anywhere else in town. Here's today's special
$2.25 Lace Curtains, $1.69
White Lace Curtains, in allover Brussels or with plain center
Renaissance design: yards long, Z0 inches wide; a splendid
bargain Regular value $2.23; special, pair 91.69
$1.25 Folding Tables, 90c
Folding Hardwood Tables; polished tops; light and easily handled:
for cards, porches, sewing, etc. Our rcgulur $1.25 value; special
at. each : OOc
I2ic Silkoline, Sc
Fancy Colored Silkoitne; full width; a nice assortment or patterns
Regular value 12J4c; special, yard Sc
40c Curtain Madras, 20c
Scotch Curtain Madras: snow-white; 53 inches wide; nice for bed
room, etc. Regular value 40c; special, yard SOc
Itlar tS 1) vnllln VinrlaT until nlnclni. ttma nf 5il t. JL -
urdaj- only. for'... D.VQ
The Kitchen, the Dining-Room
and the Lawn
Third Floor.
Here's & special sale of Silverware, Hot
Weather Stoves and Lawn Mowers that will
prove a vehicle of economy in buying for those
who would provide these seasonable and timely
needs today.
Wallace Bros.' Silverware
Tea Spoons, set of 6 Regular value 73c; special, set 43c
Table Spoons, set of 6 Regular value $1.30: special, set 00c
Desert Spoons, set of 6 Regular valuo $1.25; special, set SOc
Forks, set of 6 Regular value Jl.oO, special, set OOc
Sugar Spoons Regular value 25c each: special, each ir,c
Butter Knives Regular value S5e each; special, each 10c
Berry Spoona Regular value 60c each; special, each 30c
$ 1 .00 Pickle Caster, 49c
Pickle Caster; plated frame: glass cover Regular value $1.00; spe
cial, each 40
Lawn Mowers
12-inch size Regular value $3.00; special, each ..2.40
14-inch size Regular value $3.25;'pecial, eacn 32.00
16-lnch size Regular value 5C.S0, special, each r:.920
Coal Oil Lamp Stoves
Special sale this week of Coal Oil Lamp Stoves; one. burner, spe
cial SOc each; two burners, special at 78c each.
Coal Oil and Gasoline Stoves
Blue Flame Coal Oil Stoves; two burners: special at. each.... 34.15
Gasoline Stoves: two burners; special, each $2.75
Ovens, $1.25
Ovens for gaf oil or gasoline stoves; planished iron; two shelves
lined; special at, eacn