Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, April 25, 1905, Page 16, Image 16

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Miss Lillian E. Tingle Is Ap
pointed as the Chief
- Inspector. -
Suggestions Regarding Food Bought
In the City's Shops Are Mailed
to Housewives for Hefer- I
ence as to Supplies.
Unclean markets must now look sharp
for the, city Board of Health yesterday
appointed as inspeptor to spy them out.
Miss Lillian B. Tingle, director of the
School of Domestic Science, -who "will begin
her duties hiight and early next Mon
day. "Until that time "women of the school
will spy on their- own hook and will
make out a "clean list" of markets where
housewives can find food free of filth
Miss Tingle will be empowered by the
city Board of Health to carry her author
ity wherever she llsteth, and should the
present ordinances of the city be inade
quate to enforce cleanliness, the School
of Domestic Science will ask the City
Council to enact adequate, laws. Miss
Tingle "and members of the school are now
digging deep into the charter and the
code of ordinances.
Must Obey Inspector.
A leader of the clean-market crusade
when asked yesterday if she did not fear
that" filth markets would rise In their
might and seek to decapitate the new in
spector, replied:
"So; 'they can't. They won't dare. Be
sides, they would be fighting, not the
inspector, but housewives of the city."
""But." was Interposed, "they might go
after her salary."
The Domestic Science leader smiled, and
"Miss Tingle Is now receiving twice as
large a salary as director of the School
of Domestic Science as she will receive
from the city as inspector."
The compensation of the inspector is to
be $65 a month.
Mailed to Housewives.
Leaders of the clean food crusade have
compiled a catalogue of suggestions for
housewives to follow in compelling mar
kets to drive out the filth evil. Screens
and glass cases for enclosing food goods,
scrubbed floors and shelves and counters,
clean aprons, washed hands, good air,
drained receptacles, earthen or porcelain
voseels. and many other germ-free things
should be demanded say the filth foes, and
they advise that housewives tack up the
following in the kitchens and send them
to their butcher and their baker and
their grocer, to-wlt:
Why should cleanliness or unrleanliness en
cage your attention? Is it all the same to
you? '
It is your duty, as a housekeeper, to in
form yourself thoroughly as to the sanitary
or unsanitary condition of the provision
markets and groceries where the food you
provide for your family Is stored and
handled. Tour should know what Is realty
implied by the term sanitary condition."
Re'member that any trouble or expense in
curred in securing sanitaryconditions is for
the safety, life and health of your family
and yourself.
In sanitary matters more than any other
personal individual service must go hand in
hand with legislation in order to make legis
lation effective.
The following questions have been drawn
up to help you in this matter. They are
generally no framed that an affirmative an
swer implies a satisfactory condition while
if the answer is negative the question sug
gests a. remedy:
1. Is the market enclosed with glass and
screens? (Screens alone will not keep out
2. Is it well ventilated and free from offen
sive smells?
S. Is the floor cleaned and the sawdust re
newed? 4, Are walls and shelves covered with such
material as can be easily and frequently
washed ?
5. Have you investigated the condition and
location of the sausage room?
a. Are you satisfied with the condition in
which poultry reaches you? -
7. Do the market men wash their hands
8. Are their frocks, aprons, -etc., as clean
as you would like those of your own cook
to be?
1. Are there suitable properly drained re
ceptacles where fish can be kept on ice?
2. Are .you critical as tothe condition of
the fish' you buy?
,3. I the shell-fish rinsed before being
'4. Are the places where oysters are opened
clean and well ventilated?
5. Are earthen receptacles and glass-covered
slabs used in the opening of oysters?
1. Are all the following food materials
kept under glass: Dried and salt fish, cheese,
cooked meats, honey, pickles, olives, sauer
kraut, mince meat, bread, cakes and biscuits,
lard and butter?
2. Are the utensils used as far as possible
of glass, earthenware or granlteware?
S. Is the food touched by hands as little
as possible?
4. Is there adequate provision for frequent
handwashing on the part of the salesmen?
5. Is the floor clean and free from ex
pectoration? 6. Can the walls and shelves be washed?
7. Are the drawers well fitted and dust
proof? 8. Are all flour packs raised above the
floor and protected from dust by an extra
8. Are eggs kept in a place free from
1. Are all fruit and vegetables placed high
and protected from contamination by dogs
or dust?
2. Are different kinds of fruit and vege
tables kept separate and absolutely free
from decaying matter?
3. With, the exception of green peas or
beans in the pod and green corn In the inner
husk, have the vegetables been divested of
all parts , not used for food or especially
liable to decay?
4. Are all fruits protected from files and
sold from clean boxes?
5. Is ail over-ripe or decayed fruit re
moved immediately from the premises?
6. Are dried fruits (figs, dates, etc) kept
under glass? . ,
1. Are you aa careful to see that the driver
does not handle your foodstuffs as you are
that he does not handle your millinery?
2. Do you know whether your . milk or
cream comes in cans-with lids secured so
that deckhands and expressmen cannot tako
casual drinks in transit?
3. Do you receive from the baker un
wrapped and much-handled bread? Is It
ever left on your own or your grocer's door
step? Do not hesitate to blame or praise. The
day is past when sickness was held to bo a
direct Interference of Providence as retri
butive punishment. Pestilence, fevers and
weakness are Indeed penalties for tin. but it
is the sin of ignorance. In this age of scien
tific enlightenment and invention and wide
spread information, ignorance of the primary
conditions of health and vigor Is unpardon
able. A knowledge of sanitary principles
should be regarded as an essential part of
every woman's education, and obedience to
sanitary laws should be ranked as It was in
the Mosaic' Code as a religious duty.
"Just to think," exclaimed one of the
llean-up women yesterday, "we hardly
ever found a. hot water faucet in the
When asked what good a faucet would
accomplish the women seemed surprised
at the stupid question:
"For washing hands," she responded.
"We asked at one market whether the
men ever used hot water for washing
their hands, and got the answer that
about once a week they sent to a near-by
barber shop for a supply."
Another woman was quizzed as to why
she Insisted on markets using earthen or
porcelain vessels. This was a stupid
question, too, for she made answer:
"We can't use wooden tubs for our
laundry; why then for our food?"
The special meting of the Board of
Health yesterday afternoon did not at
tract many persons. In fact, there were
present but three members of that Board
beside the Mayor, and only two of the
ladies from the School of Domestic
As soon as the Mayor had 'called the
Board to order he stated that the object
of the gathering was to select a suitable
person to act as deputy health officer un
der the provisions of the resolution adopt
ed at the last meeting of the Council. He
also called attention to the fact that the
Council had not provided for the pay
ment of the Inspector, but explained that
the deputy could be selected and enter
into the discharge of her duties on May 1,
and that the Board of Health could make
provision in preparing the May expense
account for the salary of the new official.
One of the women of the Domestic
School inquired how the deputy was to
be reimbursed for carfare. She explained
that it would be necessary to Journey to
all parts of the city by saying: "We are
even now receiving telephone calls from
markets all over the city to come and In
spect them, and if we find them clean to
enter the names upon the clean list."
Mayor Williams replied: "Well, I guess
the deputy will have to pay her own car
fare. There is no .provision made in the
resolution for more than J65 a monti sal
ary, and it is not within my power to
promise more."
"The one that we would like to have
appointed is now receiving 5125 a month,
and It does not seem right to ask her to
take half that amount and then be com
pelled to pay her own car fare in the
discharge of her duty," was the rejoinder.
"It seems foolish for a woman to give
up $125 a month for a position paying only
$65, but as to the carfare there can be
no arrangements made at this time,"
answered the Mayor.
"Well, we would like to name Miss Lil
lian E. Tingle. She is a chemist and a
bacteriological graduate, and is thorough
ly capable, and it Is owing to the great
Interest that she takes in cleaning up the
markets of Portland that she has con
sented to serve. We have our Summer
vacation in the . School of Domestic
Science soon, and Miss Tingle has agreed
to remain here if the Board of Health
appoints here as a deputy," said the vis
itor. "When does the Fall term of your
school commence?" asked Mayor Wil
liams. "We have three or four months' vaca
tion. The resolution says that the office
just created shall1 exist until the ordi
nances now before the special committee
of the Council have been acted upon,"
was the reply'.
"The name of Miss Tingle has been
proposed by the ladles, and you are will
ing that she should be appointed?" was
next asked.
Miss Tingle Appointed.
There was no negative vote and the
appointment was ordered entered upon
the minutes of the board.
Superintendent Robinson, of the cre-
matory. asked permission to explain
that he was ready to begin the improve
ments at the crematory, but that he
could find no way of disposing of the
garbage now being gathered about the
city. It will take six weeks to repair
the furnaces and in the meantime some
disposition will have to be made of the
city's refuse. After some discussion the
superintendent was ordered to find a
suitable place to bury the garbage and to
burn as much of the paper as possible in
the open during each night until the re
pairs were completed.
Woman' Named as Inspector of the
Markets of Portland
Miss Lillian E. Tingle, who has been
appointed Market Inspector under the
now ordinance. Is directress of the Port
land School of Domestic Science and has
personal charge of the classes In practi
cal cooking. The course includes instruc
tion in marketing. Miss Tingle received
her general education at Cranlelgh House
Academy, London. England, and subse
quently spent two years in special study
in Germany and Italy.
She then studied domestic science in the
Educational Trust School of Domestic
Economy of Aberdeen, Scotland, graduat
ing from that institution In 1E93. This
school is considered one of the best In the
world and .its diplomas are recognized as
a teaching qualification by the British
government. She also took a two-years'
course in chemistry and physiology at
Gordon's College. Aberdeen, obtaining
advanced certificates in both subjects
after the government examinations, thus
becoming qualified as a teacher under the
British government regulations.
For two years following she held a po
sition as special teacher of domestic sci
encelectures and practice classes under
the Aberdeen School Board. She also
carried on a private course for ladles and
domestic servants and gave some demon
stration lectures at the Aberdeen Con
vent. She then studied another year at
Aberdeen University. In when the
State Manual Training School of North
Dakota was opened, she was appointed
teacher of domestic science and had en
tire charge of the equipment and organi
zation of the department.
She also prepared, at the request of the
Superintendent of Public Instruction, the
oourse of study in domestic .science to be
Miss Lillian E. Tingle, Who Comes
With the Highest Educational Recommendations.
adopted in the schools of the state. Miss
Tingle held this .position until she accept
ed the one she now holds in the Portland
School of Domestic Science. Certificates
and diplomas covering these qualifications
were presented with her application to
the Mayor and Board of Health yester
day afternoon. j
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