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Russian Victory Means Anoth
er Season bf Ruleiby the?
ly demandlns 'compliancJe under pain 'Of
death. They have prohibited the payment
of all taxes to the government ajid have
reduced rents one-half. The landlords
fear for their lives and are afraid to re-
rfst. The committee regulates hours of
labor and the opening and closing of
shons and Is dlrectintr railroad strikes.'
r Disobedience Is punished by death."
Czar's "Will Is Unswerving.
ST. PETERSBURG. April 23. Receiving
the marshal of nobility of Kostroma re
cently. Emperor Nicholas ordered him to
communicate the following message to
the nobles:
"My will regarding the convocation of
representatives of the people Is unswerv
ing" and the minister bf the Interior Is
devoting all hiB efforts to Its prompt ex-,
Repressionist Editor Snys It Has Be
come a Vast Lunatic. Asylum, v
Advises -the Lpckins..T?p
of 3Iahy.&
ST. PETERSBURG. April 23.-(ll:25 P.-
21. i Not only the future of the war in
the Far East, but the fate of the whole
programme of internal reform to which
Emperor Nicholas stands committed ap
pears to await the issufe Of the approach
ing sea battle between Rojestveneky and
Togo. The government undoubtedly would
be greatly strengthened,- at -'least for the
moment, by a. victory decisive enough to
change the war situation. The liberals
are impatient at the delay and suspicious
of every move of the government.' They
are convinced that. If victory comes, the
bureaucracy, to which the realization of
reforms has been consigned by the Em
peror, will be able, despite the. clamor
thrnugho it the country, to keep the exe
cution of these. reforms In their own
hands, which, of course, in their own
opinion would mean their eventual dlsslr
patlon in a labyrinth of endless commis
sions. Moreover, they believe that the
Emperor might again . be persuaded to lis
ten to the necessity of the old style of
repr&sslon" of the present- agitation.
Practically the entire interior adminis
tratlon is being conducted through a po
lice regime. Already there are every
where evidences of return to Von Plehve
methods.- Domiciliary " visits and arrests
fry scores and hundreds are reported in
f very part of the empire,- and meeting? of
all classes of the people are forbidden and
broken up by the police under the direc
tion of the local governors.
Zemstvo 31eetlngs Closed.
Even Zemstvo meetings at Vladimir,
Elizabethpol, Orel, Tiflis and Llvadia have
been" closed. Of course, the government
argues that it cannot fold its arms and
see the flames, of revolution fanned by
agitators; but it is -.noticeable that such
spokesmen- of reaction as Prince Mest
chersky (editor of the Grashdanin) are
again boldly proclaiming the doctrine of
repression, cahracterlzing the constltu
tionalists and "intelligents" as lunatics.
"Russia has suddenly become a vast
lunatic asylum," says the papery "a.nd
unless many people arc locked up and
rlaced out of harm's way there is no pre
dicting where all this- idiocy will end."
Should Rojestvensky. be defeated, on the
contrary. theiJlberaJfcJbellov.c that .the
bureaucracy "oul'd jaapltulate and that
peace and a constitution would come.
In the meantime the Eastern holidays
and May day are awaited, with extreme
anxiety both by the authorities and the
people. The social democrats and revo
lutionaries have planned demonstrations
on an extensive scale and undoubtedly
many of them are armed with revolvers
and bombs, which have been smuggled
into the country to fight the police and
troops In case they should attempt to
interfere with the demonstrations.
Revolutionists Have Money.
The revolutionaries .seem to have plenty
of funds, furnished from both abroad and
by wealthy sympathizers in Russia. The
-wildest stories of plans for blowing up
the" members of the imperial family. Min
isters and palaces and of pillage and mur
der of the nobility and the wealthy are
current, especially In aristocratic draw
lag-rooms, and many society people.
thoroughly frightened, have already made
preparations to go abroad.
Reinforcements of troops, especially
Cossacks, have been brought to St. Pe
tersburg. Arrests and searching of the
lodgings of the suspects continues, but
even General Trepoff, although he is
taking every measure of precaution, does
not seem to know exactly what to ex
pect. That he anticipates trouble and
bloodshed is apparent frdm the fact that
he has notified all manufacturers to guard
against Incendiarism and through house
porters has warned every family that wo
men and children must remain off the
streets on May day.
Polish Cities in State of Siege.
Although disorders more or less serious
are anticipated everywhere, Poland and
the Baltic provinces probably are the
storm centers. General Maximovitch
Governor-General of "Warsaw, has Just
returned to this post after a. conference
here, clothed with falmbst dictatorial pow-
fers. All the Polish cities are now in a
state of minor siege, but the Governor
General is authorized to declare martial
law and ample troops will be furnished to
There are. many disquieting reports of
disaffection of troops, and the. names of
regiments, even in the imperial guards,
are given as having been won over to
'"the cause of liberty." The military au
t'hOritles,' however, declare that' the.rfe. Is
iio question of the loyalty of . the troops
and that orders will be obeyed. They
admit, however, that, the. revolutionaries
have pushed their propaganda among the
soldiers with great earnestness.
Special regulations have been Instituted
to keep -the army free from contamlna
tion, and theso have been enforced in in
dividual cases, .both of officers and men
ycho have been, found to- be In commu
nlcatlon with revolutionaries. Such cases,
the authorities declare, have been detect
ed, particularly among Jews, and severely
punished; but the authorities are' confl
dent that no units have been affected.
Anarchy in the Caucasus'.
.Independent investigation by the Asso
dated Press seems to bear out the off!
clal claim, except as to. the Caucasus,
where, according to private advices just
received, the troops are badly fed and
are on the verge of mutiny and ready to
join the. revdlutioparies. .These advices
represent that the situation borders on
anarchy, with the revolutionaries In prac
tical control.
'The local authorities," according to the
advices, "are powerless. The regiments
at Tifli's are mutinous" and unreliable. The
revolutionary - committee-has orders open-
s Firm Friend of Russia.
ST. PETERSBURG, April 23.-(ll:25 P.
M.) Much relief is expressed by the Rus
sian press with M. Delcasse's decision to
remain at the head of the French foreign
ministry, as" he Is regarded here as the
firm friend of the Franco-Russian al
liance, whose retirement now would be
considered a misfortune.
Radicals Stick to Programme.
MOSCOW, April 23. Despite the seces
sion of M. Shipoff, Prince Galltzin and
Prince Troubetzkol, the radical wing of
the Zemstvo has reiterated ' Its adherence
to the St. Petersburg programme of 'De
cember 12, 19(M, and elected delegates to
the ZemEtvo congress at Moscow on
May 5.
Doctors Meeting Broken Up.
UFA, Eastern Russia, April j23. As a
meeting of local doctors, called ostensibly
to discuss the cholera, was about to pass
illegal resolutions, the doors of the hall In
which they had assembled were burst
open and the chief of police, under orders
from the governor of the province, cleared
the hall.'
Bread Rises in Moscow.
ST. PETERSBURG. April 23. The price
of bread has trebeled in Moscow as the
result of the strike of 15,000 bakers. Only
municipal ovens are working. It Is
feared that the struggle will be protract
ed, although the masters are wllllng'to
grant considerable concessions.
Reporters "Want More Wages.
ST. PETERSBURG, April 23. (11:25 P.
M.) The epidemic of demands for hlghor
3alarles has reached the reporters of
local papers, who have formally submit
ted a claim for an increase from five to
six kopeks a line. (A kopek Is half a cent
in American money.)
Telegraph Petition Refused.
BENDERY, Bessarabia, April 23. The
telegraph office hero has refused to ac
cept a telegram addressed to the com
mittee of ministers at St. Petersburg
asking for action to relieve the position
of Jews In this region.
Black Sea Sailors Fill Places.
LJBAU, April 23. Large drafts of Black
Sea sailors are arriving here to fill the
complements of the ships of the second
reinforcing squadron, which is being made
Brutal Sergeant Found Guilty.
TASHKAND, Russian Turkestan, April
23. Sergeant Riblnsky has been tried and
condemned to three years' Imprisonment
at hard labor for torturing pri3oners with
Cholera Discussion Forbidden.
ROSTOV ON JXN, ApTil 23. A. meet
ing of physicians of thm-district called
to consider the cholera situation has been
Priests Against Intclligcncia.
NUNI. Novgorod, Russia. April 23.
The priests here are preaching against
the lntelllgencla.
Proposal to Establish International
Racing Rules.
LONDON, April 24. The Yacht Racing
Association has sent letters to the New
York Yacht Club and various European
associations inviting each of them to send
two delegates to a conference which It Is
proposed to hold In London next Winter.
The Prince of Wales has authorized the
vice-presidents of the association to ask
for him. The letter suggests that dele
gates may bring experts whose advice
they consider desirable.
The following is the secretary's letter
to the secretary of the New York Yacht
Club, enclosing the letter addressed to
the European associations:
"I am instructed to say that the Yacht
Racing Association hopes that the United
States will be represented at the proposed
conference, and I have been directed to
invite American yachtsmen to consider
the advantages that may result from the
adoption of international racing rules. I
believe there Is no central body In the
United States like the Yacht Racing As
sociation with which I could correspond
on such a subject, and therefore I have
addressed you, hoping that the New York
Yacht Club will deal with the question
in whatever way they consider most ad
vantagepus to American yachts.
"I shall be pleased to give further In
formation, receive suggestions, etc.
The proposed new rule Is to become
operative January 1, 190S.
Say Beef Trust .Investigation
Is on Wrong .Track..
Employes, After Giving Testimony,
Are Obliged to Report Qucs
' fions and Answers to the
Heads of Firms;
CHICAGO. April 23. (Special.) Com
placency Is the word which describes the
attitude of the Chicago packing firms
toward the Federal grand jury which is
endeavoring to find a violation of the anti
trust law and the interstate commerce
law in the operations of the various In
dustries at the stockyards.
From representatives of two of the
most prominent packing firms It was
learned today that the grand jury In
vestigation Is regarded as a failure thus
far. The prediction was made that noth
ing would result In the form of Indict
ments, If the Inquiry was conducted along
the lines that have been followed since
the grand jury convened on March 20.
The packers have been paying the clos
est attention to the work of the grand
Jury ever since the investigation began.
Each employe who has appeared before
the inquisitorial body has been required
to make a report upon the proceedings to
which he was a witness. They have c6ra
plied with this order by 'submitting re
ports In which they have set forth the
questions asked of them by the grand
jurors, and the answers given in return.
In this manner the packers have kept
in close touch -with the investigation, and
as a result thoy arc beginning to feel
confident that they are to escape punish
"The grand jury has failed to get the
right men on the witness stand," said
an employe of Swift & Co., who ha
been a witness. The Inference to be
drawn from the remarks of this emloyo,
who Is department manager, was that
none but the actual members of the firm
were cognizant of the Inside working of
the backing firms, and that if any 11
logal combination existed they were the
ones who could tell aoout It.
Whaleback FleetWIll Take Cargoes
From Chicago.
CHICAGO. April 23. The Tribune
says: It is reported that the "ore fleet"
of ten "whaleback steamers has been
sold to Eastern capitalists, believed to
be John W. Gates and his associates In
the' May wheat deal, the plan being to
fehip wheat direct from Chicago to
Europe. .
. The, fleet, which has been . operated
by 'the Pittsburg-; Steamship Company,
one of the subsidiary corporations of
he United States Steel Corporation, Is
now In drydock at Detroit, being re
modeled for "ocean voyage's." Some "of
these vessels have already crossed the
ocean with camoes of steel rails.
Mr. Gates declined to be Interviewed
T. J. Hyde, secretary of the Miners'
Steel Company, said he had not heard
of the fleet but did not deem it im
Xan Goes to Two Services.
NEW YORK, April 23. Nan Patterson's
third trial on the charge of murdering
Caesar Young will be commenced tomor
row. The jury was completed last Wed
nesday. when the court ordered an ad
Journment over the holidays preceding
Easter. In the Tombs today Miss Patter
sort attended both the Presbyterian and
Episcopal service. She was accompanied
to the latter by her sister, Mrs. J. Morgan
Body Found in River.
OREGON CITY, Or.. April 23.-(Special.)
The body of Sal Clark a halfbreed In
dian, was round floating in the river tins
afternoon. Clark was a fisherman, and
was last seen on the Island below the
falls, about three weeks ago. He left a
widow and three children.
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