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Short Line
Wrangling and Display of Ill
Temper Are Features
of the Day.
ak Union Pacific
Through Pullman standards and tourist
I sleeplng-cara dally to Omaha. Chicago, Spo
kace; tourist sleeping-car dally to Kansas
City; through Pullman tourist sleeping-car
(personally conducted) weekly to Chicago.
Reclining chair-cars (seats free) to the East
McCredie and Klopf Get Into an Al
tercation, the Giants 3Ianager
Starts After Goodwin, and
Is Fined Five Dollars,
Yesterday Scores.
Los Angeles, 5; Portland, 2.
Oakland, 4-3; San Francisco
Tacoma. 4-7; Seattle,
Standing of Hie Teams.
Los Anpeles...
San Francls.
Standing of the Teams.
Wan. Low.
New York .
PlttFfeure -.
ft. Leute ..
'inetnnati .
Brooklyn . . .
Standing of the Teams.
Wn. Lost.
New York .
Cirvelan4 . .
hlcae ...
St. Louis .. on
That paphead -who permitted the hoist
ing of a pennant advertising a superior
cl?ss of canned goods above the American
flag at the ball grounds yerterday should
be taken out and hung by the thumbs. It
is not often that the American flag re
ceives such an insult without a protest,
jet 6009 people sat through yesterday's
all game, hooted at the umpire and
jpered and hissed at Pitcher Goodwin,
saw the Giants toss away a game that
they should 'havr won. without a word
of protest against the indignity offered
the stars and stripes, a flag men have
fought and died for. The person who suc
ceeded In getting his advertlwment placed
before the emblem of his country hasn't
enough patriotism in his make-up to fill
the eye of a needle. '
The big Easter Sunday crowd evidently
did not see, or could not read the adver
tisement. If the breezes that floated over !
the ground had ifipreadV it out, so it could j
cave been read. It is ten chances to one i
that there woiild have 'been some hauling
down of the flag that would have lived
long in the memory of those who were
responsible. Several times the crowd,
which, by the way. wore wretchedly
handled, were In a humor for almost any
old thing. The shame of it Is that they
did not note this flagrant insult. There
were several Joyal citizens who sat around
the press box who saw it and expressed
themselves in ppqn. .and impressive lan
guage about that piece of red and white
bunting that sm.othered the country's
flag. At yoon as they saw it. they made
a wish that the Giants should lose. They
got their wish, for Los Angeles took the
game in the twelfth Inning by the score
of 5 to 2.
Wrangling and Ill-Temper.
There was all sorts of baseball thrown
into these 12 innings. Good baseball, sin
ful miscues, wrangling and displays of
bad temper that should not be tossed
Into any ball game. Manager McCredie,
while Ptandlng on the plate disputing
Umpire Klopfs decision, had a ball
thrown directly at his head by Pitcher
Goodwin. It was a vicious and rowdy
act, and while McCredie was in a meas
ure not to blame for losing his temper
and starting after Goodwin, who fled like
a scared wolf when the Giants' manager
started after him. what followed between
Klopf and McCredie was inexcusable. For
his display of temper McCredie was fined
$5 and driven from the game. - This and
an error by Schlafly at a critical time of
the game, a time when Bert Jones vir
tually had them shut out 1 to 0. and the
fart that the flag had been insulted, wero
the causes of yesterday's defeat.
The game started Off as If it "was to be
one of those whirlwind affairs and a
pitcher's battle, but it degenerated Into a
rough-house affair before the end. It
was not until the third that the Giants
were able to get a man across the rub
ber. With Jones and Van Buren down,
McCredie reached first on Jud Smith's
error. He stole second and scored on
Schlafiy's two-bagger that went into the
crowd ir left field. This one run looked
as big to the Loo Loos as the Govern
ment building at the Exposition grounds,
for Bert Jones was the master of Captain
Dillon's ball-tospers. The hard-working
southpaw's curve department was work
ing like an eight-day clock. In the fifth
inning Cravath hit for two bags, but he
was caught at third by McLean and Run
kle. In the previous four innings 12 men
had faced Jones, and he mowed them
down in one, two, three order.
Ttal Eighth Inning.
Net a Loo Loo got a chance to plant
his spikes, on the third" cushion until the
fatal eighth canto. Cravath was first up
and. thanks to Klopfs generosity, he was
given a cushion on four balls. Schlafiy
fell down in handling an easy one dropped
down by Toman. Then a mlxup at
first, and a few other things that could,
only be expressed on asbestos paper, hap
pened and two runs were scored. This
gave the visitors a lead of one run, a
lead that the Giants tied when it came
their turn in the ninth. Murphy, who had
taken McCredle's place In right, was out
on a pop up to Smith. Schlafly walked
and then scored on Eddie Householder's
long drive that hit the fence. In the
tenth Los Angeles hit Jones twice, but
they didn't count for runs. The Giants
failed in their half of the eleventh, as
did Los Angeles. The twelfth was the
same for the locals, but it was curtains
when Dillon's crew faced Jones. Brashear
was safe, due to a collision between
Schlafly and Murphy, 'Cravath singled and
the pair were advanced on Ross sacrifice.
.Toman's two-bagger that Murphy mis
judged scored Cravath and Brashear. To
man scored the third run of the Inning
when Spies, who was batting for
Goodwin, flew out to Householder.
Schlafly took care of Bernard's pop fly.
This ended for Los Angeles. McLean
opened the twelfth for Portland with a
single, but there was nothing doing. He
was forced at second by Atz, but Atz died
at the same station when he was forced
by Runkle. Ely Cates, who was guard-
The completion of the repairs to
the opening of the coming Summer. It also means additional Are protection 10 a large part of the city.
Ten years age the reservoirs were built at heavy expense, but the hillside to the westward continually caved In, and they
expense of many thousands of dollars the reservoirs are again fit for service. The repairs were decided upon by the Water Board
ing the loft field, while Van Buren was j marked- the game today, Thielmatr being
playing third, hit to Toman and was out, . the only one of the quartet of twlrl
nt first. This ended the agony, incidental- j ers to perform well. Chech relieved
ly making it two all between the teams, j Ewing In the third and allowed six runs
Dillon's complaint about the crowds that 1 before the side was retired. Attendance,
have invaded the field during the past ' 17,200. Score: R, H. E.
week, while uncalled for before, were j Cincinnati S 7 4.
justified yesterday. Men and boys roamed ! st. Louis 12 12 2
back and forth at will and the game was . Batterles-Ewlng. Chech and Pholps;
delayed fully 20 minutos while they were xichols. Thlelman and Warner,
driven back. It is true that a big crowd i
is hard to handle, but there is no excuse
for the management permitting persons to
wander about and Interfere 'with the
game. A few dollars spent in proper po
lice protection would stop a repetition of.
The score:
R. IB. PO. A. E.
Van Buren. 11 4
McCredie, rf 2
Murphy, rf 2
Schlafly. 2b 4
Householder, cf., S
McLean, c 4
Atz, P 4
Runkle. 3b 5
Cates, If 4
Jenes, ft. 4
Totals 33
2 5 33 1.
AB. R. IB. PO. A. E.
Bernard, cf i... B -0 1 "2 0 0
Flood. 2b . 0 1 2 4 O
Smith. 3b 5 0 0 4 3 1
Dillon, lb 2 0 0 4 0 0
Brashear, lb 3 1 0 10 1 0
Cravath. rf 4 2 3 3 1 O
Ross. If 4 O O 2 0 0
Toman, ss 1 1 3 4 0
Eagar. c 4 115 4 0
Goodwin, p............ 4 0 0 1 0 0
Spies 1 O 0 0 0 O
Hall, p 0 0 0 0 0 0
Totals 43 S 7 38 17 1
Portland 0 010000010
Hits 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0
Los Angeles. .0 00 0000200
0- 2
1 5
Hits 0 0001001 120 27
Struck out By Goodwin. 4: by Jones, i.
Bases on balls Off Jones. 1: aft Goodwin, 4.
First base on errors Portland, 1; Le An
geles, 3.
Two-base hits Schlafly, Householder. Cra
vath. Toman.
Double plays Van Buren to Schlafly; Cra
vath to Brashear.
Left on bases Portland, 5; Los Angelc?. 5.
Sacrifice hit Rosa.
Stolen bases McCredie. Goodwin. Toman.
Hit by pitched balU--McCredIe, Atz.
Pacsed ball Eagar, 1.
Siwashcs Unable to Hit Tacoma's
TACOMA. April 23. By winning today's
double-header, Tacoma took five out of
the six games, from Seattle. Keefe was
very effective in the morning game, and
Seattle was unable to score. In the after
noon Williams was very wild, while rank
errors contributed to Tacoma's scor,e. Fitz
patrlck pitched a fine game. The scores:
Morning game
Seattle 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 3 2
lacoma 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 4 7 0
Batteries Roach and Dashwood; Keefe
and Graham.
Afternoon game-
Seattle 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 01 7 7
Tacoma 0 0 0 0-4- 0 2 1 7 10 0
Batteries Williams and Frary; Fitzpat
rick and Graham.
Oakland Wins Double-Header From
San Francisco.
SAN FRANCISCO. April 23.-Oakland
won both games from San Francisco to
day. The morning game furnished
splendid pitchers' battle between Moski
man and Corbett, but the Oaklander had
better control and was better supported at
critical times. In the afternoon San Fran
cisco outbatted Oakland, but fine fielding
by the victors decided the play. The
Morning game x
Oakland 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 24. 2
San Francisco.0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 01 4
'Batteries Moskiman and Byrne; Corbett
and Shea.
Afternoon game
Oakland 0 0 2 0 0 0-10
San Franclsco.0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1
Batteries Iberg and Byrne;
Wneeler and Wilson.
0-3 7
0-2 11
St. Louis 12, Cincinnati 8.
CINCINNATI. AprirS. Poor pitching:
the City Park reservoirs m'aiu that the higher
Chicago 1, Pittsburg 0.
CHICAGO, April 23. In a pitchers' bat
tle TPittsburg was shut out in a very pe
culiar manner. After two outs in the
olghth. Brown swung at what should
have been the third strike. It proved to
be a wild pitch, however, and Brown
reached second, scoring on Casey's two
bagger. An ideal day brought out an
Immense crowd. Attendance, 21,000.
Score: R. H. E.
R. H. E.
Chicago 16 3
Pittsburg 0 4 1
Batteries Brown and Kllng; PhlllippI
and Peltz.
Brooklyn 4, Boston 0.
BROOKLYN. April 23. Professional
baseball playing on Sunday was revived
In Brooklyn- today with a National League
championship contest between the Brook
lyn and Boston teams. The contest re
sulted in another victory for the homo
team, as the visitors wore shut out by
the same score as on Saturday I to 0.
Over 11,000 persons were present, and
there was no interference by the police
other than the taking of the names of
the players and the sellers of score cards.
Score: R. H..E.
Brooklyn 4 6 2
Boston 0. 7 3
Batteries Eason" and RItter; Young and
St. Louis 1, Cleveland 0.
ST. LOUIS. April 2S. Howell pitched a
great game and finally downed Cleveland
in the eleventh Inning. 1 to 0. Hess also
pitched a fine game, but weakened In the
final Inning. Howell allowed but four
hits In eleven innings and struck out ten
men. The fielding of both teams was fast
and accurate. Attendance, 1S.700.
Score: R. H. E.
' ' R. H. E.
Cleveland . 0 4 2-
St. Louis 15 1
Batteries Hess and Buelow; Howoll
and Sugden.
Detroit 3, Chicago 2.'
CHICAGO, April 23. A record-breaking
crowd of 18,600 greeted the Chicago team
on their return home today and wit
nessed their defeat at the hands of De
troit. Detroit bunched their hits in the
ninth, scoring' two runs. Score:
R. H. E.
Chicago 2 4 2
Detroit .....I .'. 3 9 0
Batteries White and W. Sullivan; Mul
lln and J. Sullivan.
Multnomah Men at Practice.
Easter Sunday was a busy day on the
M. A. A. C. grounds, and In addition to a
hard-and-fast practice for the baseball
squad, two of the club's league games
took place. In the latter the Irish Giants
defeated the Dark Horses 6 to 3, and the
High Balls landed over the -Little Pota
toes with a score of 6 to 4.
4The groundB were In good shape, and it
might be said that the boys had the first
real practice of the year. In spite of their
late inactivity, the men were in- good
shape, and are ready now for the training
ahead. From now on regular practice will
be held each evening, and the teams will
be worked into shape as fast as possible.
Waverly. Team Is Beaten.
The game between the University Park
and Waverly baseball teams yesterday
was very much of a one-sided affair and
ended with a score of 14 to 1 in favor of
the Parkites. Moore of the University
had a good stock of elusive shoots with,
him and held the Waverlys down to two
hits. The University Park boys did well
in hitting and running the bases, while
the error column semed to be the favorite
for the Waverlys. The score:
R. H. E. R. H. E.
Univ. Park 14 -18 2jWaverly.... 12 7
portion of the West Side will be supplied
Republicans Struggle for May
oralty Nomination.
Supporters of Rowe, Albee
and i
Glafke Prepare for Meetings to
Arouse Enthusiasm on the
Part of the Voters.
Portland will hum this week with the j
coming clash of meeting and confer- i
ence. the objects of which will be the
selection of some preferred can
didate to run for Mayor of Port
land on the Republican ticket H.
S. Rowe will be the guest of honor at
a meeting called for Tuesdav night at
Allsky hall, at which his friends will
rally to his support by organizing a Rowe
club of many members. The supporters
of Mr Rowe have Issued invitations
calling the meeting and assurance has
been given that many will be on hand to
fill the hall. A club will be formed and
an executive committee will be appointed
to take charge of the active work of the
campaign from this time on.
During the time Mr. Rowe was absent
In the East the voice of his cause was
quiet, like the still small voice of con
science, not because there was no breath
to give it utterance, but that there was
no authority to proclaim his candidacy.
Now, however, since the candidate has re
turned to his home, he is in the hands
of his friends who are swarming around
his banner with the earnestness of those
who. knowing their chief, burn to fight
In his behalf.
The Republican Club will meet to-night
In AHsky hall, though nothing of definite
moment will come before the session so
far as is known. No other meetings are
scheduled for the week by the club at
this time, though plans may be laid at
to-night's meeting to be carried out dur
ing the rest of the campaign.
The Albee Club holds to the axiom that
the early bird deserves the wriggling ap
probation of the people whether it gets
it or not. and in this faith will have a
meetings of the executive committee this
morning to decide upon what may be
done. Darkness Is a thing to be shunned
and delay is dangerous, therefore the de
cision as to when and where the district
meetings scheduled for the week will
be held under the auspices of the club,
will be made this morning, as will the
question as to whether or not a mass
meeting will be called for the week ariti
also the advisability of opening head
quarters for the rest of the campaign.
A meeting will be held at some time dur
ing the week in. each of the districts of
the city, while it Is probable that the
climax will be reached by a monster mass
meeting during the latter part. The ques
tion of opening an Albee headquarters Is
also receiving attention and it is con
sidered likely that such action will be
W. B. Glafke and his friends are not
idle but on the other hand are very
active. The Glafke Club will also meet
on Tuesday evening' when It is expected
that a portion of the 'COO" will be on
hand to absorb enthusiasm for the fray.
The Glafke followers will also hold ward
meetings during the week and may have
a mass meeting toward the end, though
the latter event has not as yet assumed
tangible shape.
It is the new Deal Club that is enjoy
ing life, however, for it has no mass meet
ings, no conflict of date and no booms.
It is' the tx-officlo central committee and
the umpire of fair dealing, or a divided
house in which dwell In harmony Glafke
men, Albee men. Rowe followers and all
the rest. The New Deal Club will meet
on Tuesday night and perhaps again dur
ing the week If conditions require such
No candidate is to receive the smile of
with water at a higher pressure than before.
were Anally abandoned,
over a. year ago.
Now drainage tunnels
the New Deal Club during the week, so
the leaders say, for it Is not for it to en
dorse. They are the central committee
in effect, and the members are to stand
by to see justice done until the central
committee is elected and qualified.
Well Represented at Oregon Devel
opment League.
HOOD RIVER. Or.. April 23. (Special.)
Hood River will be well represented at the
meeting of the Oregon Development
League, which convenes in Portland
Wednesday and Thursday of this week.
The delegation from this city will number
something over 100. and Includes nroml-
nent fruitgrowers from the "Vniim-
are evincing an active Interest In the work
of the Hood River Commercial Club.
E. L. Smith, president of the league, will
leave here Tuesday afternoon to arrange
matters needing his attention before the
convening of the convention. BnpnVinr- of
j the coming meeting. President Smith says:
xes, we expect to have the largest con-
ventlon of business men ever assembled
in tnis state so large. In fact, that the
active work will necessarily have to be
done in sections.
"One of the minor objects of the meet
ing is to bring these men together for
acquaintanceship and. consequently, for
more friendly relations. The speeches will
be brief and by representative men from
different sections of the country. We must
improve to the fullest extent the opportu
nities that will be presented this year for
investment, settlement and observation by
tne hosts that are coming from the states
east of the Rocky Mountains, and even
from foreign countries, and I anticipate I
happy results from our meeting this
week." !
The Hood River delegation will leave i
here In a special car at 5:30 o'clock
weanesuay morning, ine t'encins notei t
win oe me neaaquarters ior ine nooa i
River delegation while in the city, and it i
has hfpn arranepd that the dpletrntrv i
nas been arranged . tnac tne delegates
shall march In a body to the convention I
hall In the Marquam Grand Theater.
Inasmuch as Echo "has named two prom
inent O. R. & N. officials to represent that
city at the Development League Conven
tion. Hood River, not to be outdone, has
appointed E. H. Harriman and James J.
Hill. "While Mr. Hill will probably be
unable to attend the convention, we shall
look for a paper from this eminent rail
road man on 'How to Merge and Un
merge,' " remarked Mr. Smith.
Portland Bowlers Win.
SPOKANE. Wash.. April 23. (Special.)
Portland won the three-man match be
tween Spokane, Missoula and Portland
today. Score: Portland. 2788; Missoula,
2631; Spokane, 2605.
F W Flavely. Wau-lD F Murphy. S F
kesha T C Van Ness, do
B G West. Chicago J A Savage. Denver
J E Goldberg and A J Overholsen. S F
wife. New York. J C Haytes. Dallas
F W Porter and wife,
B B Mooney
R T 'Reid, Seattle
T Buford. St Louis
G J Wolf. Aberdeen
W S Sherwood, St P
N F Hill. Spokane
A Hamelman. S F
C W Stults. N Y
G B Pulfer. Detroit z
A R Kelly. S F
W G Ebbs and wife.
New Tork
G D Evans. G RapdslW M Laur, B C
F W Eckstroxn. S F
G W Upper. Seattle
H L Close, do
A W Williams, do
A H Wilson, do
E F Moot. Iola
J McKaian. do
F Burke, Seattle
C H Robinson, S F
G Abbott, do
E E Bralnerd, N Y
F. Charles, do
H Llndley. S F
R S Buck. St Louis
W H Crlbben. Chicago
K Bryan and wife, St
E L Watson and wf,
Worcester, Mass.
Miss T Brentand.
N H Gannett and wf,
Augusta, Me.
G Fulton. Cincinnati i Evansvllle. Ind.
J E Engart. do Mlss O Rosencfanz. do
C Ripley. Boston HW Minor, Chicago
J W Cooper and wife, J Burke. Seattle
Miss R Cooper, do H A Treat. St Paul
J F Ryan. Boston E H Van Zant, Denv
R V Boardman. LondlR F Brills. Seattle
P H Stack, St. Paul M R Thompson, Tac
G W Nlnemire, Mon-IA P Rose, Spokane
tesano C H Morris, Arllngtn
Mrs Nlnemire. do 'L Butcher, do
A D Newell. McMlnn'J C Caldwell, Wattsb
I A Morman, NewbgjM T Nolan, The D's
Mrs Morman. do
D Worthelmer. W W
W H Janos. Battle
brook Mrs Janos, do
E P Janos. do
A J Shrum. Antelopn
'J B McDonald. Montrl
H E Wicker. S F
B May, San Fran
There should be no "water famine" at
have been cut into the hill and at the
E Humennauf. PendljT A Barlow. Victoria
C C Hender5on. L .A(Scott Swetland. Vane
Mrs Henderson, do H M Freeman. Chlcag
Master Henderson. doiO Strong, Taeoma
D McLane, Saginaw ,F A Adams, do
Mrs McLane, do Capt. J S Anderson,
W M Kaiser. Salem Tacoma
J D Smith. W Walla J Robson, Albany
Mrs Cora Williams. IS G Tolla, do
Eugene !W Mlchan. Albany
P O Connor. Eureka II J Jones. Taoma
Mrs C B Hanson. lj C Brush. Chehalls
Greenback E R Zlmmr. Cent
Olive Dengief. do iw La Halle. Chehalls
P E Garcia. PasadnatG H Millor, Centralla
Mrs Garcia, do iC W Spuggs, Astoria
Miss Garcia, do !D H Welch, do
G H Hancock. WlnlkiMrs Welch, do
D H Preston. Athena Miss Nanrv Welch, do
M G Russl. Wasco IH P Kimball. La Gr
C P Upton. W Walla It. H Miller. Tacoma
Mrs. A Burke. Burke J Moffat, do
Mrs Anna Burke. do'G A Montell. S F
A S Bllton. Medford :P David, Tacoma
Mrs J O'Connell. UmiO S Johnson, do
Miss D 0'Coni.eIl. doi
R M Nlms. Oreg City
D Paton, N Y
D Thomas, city
C I Bergey, city
O MIkledson. Ast
J Keating, do
L R Smith, city
E J Brannlck city
K E Eddy. Buffalo
G Yund. Grand Is!
P M Roberts. Seattle
F N McCandless. Tac.
Mrs J S Clonlnger.
R H Wilcox. Pendletn
J A Fennel!. Boise
J B Glesy. Salem
LDP Quinlan and
wife. Corvallls
P A Fensuth. Dallas
M L Causey. La Gr
J M Nolan. Corvallls
Mf9. c.n? A?'
V Nolan, do
A W Talklngton. Sal
O J Ekhardt aad wf.
Belevllle. Ont
Miss Plerson. do
Miss A E Plerson. do
G W Hackersberg,
N Lampert. Chicago
iMrs C Lampert. do
W Konoven Pendletn
D W Mansfield. Lead
E E Johnston. Bveret
C E Daly. Newark
Ella Stetllmacher.
Ida W Stellmacher.
R C McNamee, St PI
Mrs F Madlgan, do
E Held. Astoria
E II Watklns. Cathl
E E Brown. Kelso
W Brown. Seaside
A Beal. Astoria
Mm Beal. do
J F Enquist. Astoriat
K Inman. Astoria
J N Rice. Clatskanle
J J Jaggy. Vancouver
G Cunningham. Spok
Mrs Cunningham, do
M Norton, do
Mrs Norton, do
C J Crook. WllJonville
E H Cllne. Marshland
J Johnson. Astoria
J R Blaney. Grays R
m Nlnton. Marysvllle
Mrs Nlnton. do
S?3,"1" Astoria
(Mrs Johnson, do
H B Tulltson. SpokaniS Tlchenor. Clatskan
Mrs Tulllson. do ik s uienn, iiwaco
Rose Shubert. Spgfld Mrs Glenn, do
J E Cooper. S Bend Miss L Connors. Bostn
G L Morton PaSadna J N Allen. Mlnneapols
Mr Morton do F Davis, do
Mary Morton, do IW F O'Connor, S F
Ella Morton, do R Duffy, do
J L Lyons. La CentenT N Segar, Eugene
F Burch. Centralla IMrs. Segar, do
F L Brlttaln. do
R Segar. do
W H Harrison, do
W B Wing. Eugene
S C Tlchenor. Clatsk
J Ingham, do
E F Chapman, do
E P Mason. Boring
Mary Tlchenor. do
iMrs Mason, do
Agnes Tlchenor. ao
D Auer. Palmer
J C Korlnch. Salem J E Cooper, S Bend
Tscoma Hotel. Tacoma.
'American plan- Rates, SI and up.
Hotel DoBBelly, Tacoma.
First-class restaurant In connection.
Line Steamers
Steamers leave Portland
dally, except Sunday, 7
M. Connecting at Lyle. Wash., with Colum
bia River & Northern' By. Co. for Goldendale
and Klickitat Valley points. Landing foot of
Alder st- Phone Main 914.
S. M,' DONALD. Agent.
City Ticket Office, 122 Third St., Phone 680.
The Flyer and the Fast MalL m
For tickets, rates, folders and full Infor
mation, call on or address
H. DICKSON. City Passenger and Ticket
Agt.. 122 Third street, Portland, Or.
For Japan. China and all Asiatic Ports, will
Leave Seattle About May 16.
i i '
I UNION DEPOT. Leave? Arrives.
CHICAGO-PORTLAND 9:15 A. M. 3:25 P. M.
SPECIAL for the East Dally. Daily,
via Huntington.
For Eastern Washington. Walla Walla.
Lewlston. Coeur d'Alene and Great Northern,
lor the East via Hunt- rjiiiv Dallr
ingtoa. -
FOR ASTORIA and. 8:00 P. M. .3:00 P. V..
' way points, connecting Dally. Uaily.
with steamer tor llwa- except, except
co and North Beach Sunday. Sunaay.
steamer Haisalo. Ash- Saturday.
j st. dock (water per.) lu:QU P. M.
FOR DAYTON, Ore- 7:00 A. 3:30 P. .
gon City ana arahtli Dally Dally.
Klver uolnts. Ash-st. except except
dock (water per.) Sunday. Sunday.
. 1 :00 A. M. About
FOR LEWISTON. Monday. 5:0uP. M,
Idaho, and way poluu. Wednesday Tuesday,
from Riparla. Wash. Friday. Thursday.
i Sunday-
I TICKET OFFICE, Third and Washington.
, Telephone Mala 712. C. W. Stinger. City ilck
I et Agt.; A. L. Craig. General Passenger Agt.
S. S. CO.
Operating the Only Passenger Steamers fos
San Francisco Direct.
"Columbia" April 26: May 6. 16. 28.
Oregon" May 1. 11. 21. 31 and alternately
every dve days thereafter, from
i w ..i ua TTmTilk.a ta all
points in United States. Mexico Central an
South America. Panama. Honolulu. China Ja
' . . m 1 t ft.. .!!. V.w 7a.iIA.11l1
pan. ine rniiippin. jiujii .
and Round-the-World Tours.
JAS. H. DEWSON. Aaent.
Phone Main 263. 24S Washington eU
EAST vii
for Salem. Rosa
burg. Ashland,
auciamento. Og
den. San Francta
co. Mojave. Loa
Angeles. El Paao.
New Orleans and
the East.
Mo mm i; train
connects at Wood
burn dally except
Sunday with train
for Mount Angst.
S:30 P. M.
7:25 A. it.
8:80 A. M.
S:00F. if.
'Siiverton. Browns
ville, Sprlngfleld.
Wendllng ana Si-
4:00 P.M.
Albany passanger
cornects at Wood
burn with Mt. An
gel and Silvertoa
Corvallls passenger
Sheridan passenger
10:10 a. ar.
7:30 A. M.
H4:50 P. M.
5:30 P. M.
ttS;25 A. M.
Daily. HDally, mcept Sunday.
Leave Portland dally for Oswego at T:30
A. M.. 12:50. 2:03. a:33. .1:20. 6:23. 7:45. 10:10
P. M. Dally, except Sunday. 3:30. 6:30. S;S0.
10:23 A. M.. 4:10, 11:30 P. M. Sunday only.
0 A. M.
Returning from Oswego arrives Portland
dally S:30 A. M.. 1:53. 3:03. 4:33. 0:15. 7:33.
9:35. 11:10 P. M. Dally except Sunday. 0:23,
7:23. 0:30. 10:20. 11:45 A. M. Except Mon
day. 12:23 A. M. Sunday only. 10 A. if.
Leave from same depot tor Dallas and In
termediate points daily except Sunday. 4:10
P. M. Arrive Portland. 10:10 A. M.
1 The Independence-Monmouth motor Iln
operates dally to Monmouth and Alrlle. con
necting with S. P. Co. trains at Dallas and
First-class fare from Portland to Sacra
mento and San Francisco. $20; berth. J&.
Second-class fare. $15; second-clans berth
Tickets to Eastern points and Europe. Alia
Japan. China. Honolulu and Australia.
CITY TICKET OFFICE, corner Third and
Washington streets. Phone Main 712.
Depart. Arrlvt
Puget Sound Limited for
Tacoma. Seattle. Olym-
pla. South Bend and
Gray's Harbor points... 8:30 am 4:43 pa
North Cout Limited for
Tacoma. Seattle. Spo
kane. Butte, St. Paul.
New York. Boston and
all points East and
Southeast 3:00 pm. 7:00 ax
Twin City Express for
Tacoma. Seattle, Spo
kane. Helena. Sr. Paul.
Minneapolis, Chicago,
New York. Boston and
all points East and
Southeast 11:45 pm 7:00 pt-f
Fugai Sound-Kansas Clty-
St. Louis Special, for
Tacoma, Seattle, Spo
kane, Butte, Billings.
Denver. Omaha. Kansas
City, St. Louis and all
points East and South-
,alC 8:30 am 7:00 ara
All trains dally, except ob South Bend
A- D. CHARLTON, Assistant General Pas
senger Agent, 233 Morrison at,, corner Third.
Portland. Or.
Astoria & Columbia
River Railroad Co.
For Maygura. Rainier.
Clatskanle. Westport.
Clifton, Aatorla. War
renton. K lav el. Ham
mond. Fort Stevens,
Gearhart Park. Sea
side. Astoria and Sea
shore. Express Dally.
Astoria Express.
11:10 A.M.
0:40 P. M.
Comm'l Agt.. 248 Alder st G. F. & p. A.
Phone Main 80S.
For South -Eastern Alaska
Steamers leave Seattle.
S. S. Humboldt, S. S.
City of Seattle. S. S. Cot
tage City. April 11. 17. 13.
23. 25. 2S. Excursion S. S.
Spokane leaves June 8,22.
July 0-20. August 3-17.
Belllngham Bay Route.
Dally except Saturday at
X0 A. M.
ff ewr Nu
JO oscaariiiAj-JJ
y FS5 J J
I Leaves, f
S:00 A. M
7:00 P. M
Vancouver. B. C. Route: Monday. Wednes
day and Friday. 10 P. M.
Portland office. 249 Washington st.
C. D. DUNANN. G. P. A..
San Francisco.