Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, April 20, 1905, Page 14, Image 14

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    THE OEGONIAK, . THURSDAY, " APRIL ' 20, 1905.
Correct Qothes for Men
Slaughter-House on fliacadam
Road Held to Be a
Each. Day of Portland Exposi
tion Will Hold Special ,
- -" , . Attractions.
n Hi
Completed. Ij 1st of Amusements and
Feature Days Is Issued Show
ing Broadest Programme in
History of Expositions.
The -schedule-of special events for' the
1x5 wis and Clark Exposition -was com
pleted yesterday. The schedule assigns
all conventions, city and state days
and special features, to dates set apart
for them. It covers a -wide field, being:,
perhaps, the broadest programme of fea
ture and special occasions ever planned by
an exposition. Every day Is taken up
with from one to half a dozen special
The eohedule begins -with opening day,
-which will be taken up by the opening
ceremonies, Innes band and the Washing
ton Agricultural College cadet corps. The
last day Is October 15, when the closing
ceremony -will consist of an impressive
oratorio in the Auditorium. The schedule
was issued from the office of Theodore
Hardee, assistant to President Goode, ,
ana is as touows:
Special Days in June.
June 1, Thursday Opening ceremonies, Innes'
Band, "Washington Agricultural College Cadet
June 2, Friday Innes Band, Washington
Agricultural 'College Cadet Corps.
June 3, Saturday Innes" Band, Washington
Agricultural College Cadet Corps.
Juno 4. Sunday Innos Band, Washington
Agricultural College Cadet Corps, oratorio in
, June 6, Monday Innes Band. Transconti
nental Passenger Association, lnterscholaEtlc
baseball championship, Salem and Dallas day.
June 6, Tuesday Innes Band, Transconti
nental Passenger Association, individual gym
nastic championship, - Eugene and Cottage
Grove day. -
June 1, Wednesday Innes Band, Transcon
tinental Passenger Association, individual
gymnastic championship, Pendleton and Hepp
ner day.
June 8, Thursday Innes' Band, Transconti
nental Passenger Association, boxing cham
pionships. The Dalles, Prlnevllle and Moro
June 9. Friday Innes Band. United Com
mercial Travelers convention. Oddfellows' day,
public school games, Oregon City and McMInn
vllle day.
June 10, Saturday Innes Band, Traveling
Hen's day, Astoria and HlHsboro day, handi
cap track and field events.
June 11, Sunday Innes Band, Sunday eervloo
in Auditorium.
June 12, Monday Innes' Band, California
Promotion Committee day, interscholastlc re
lay racefl. Albany and Corvallls day.
June 13, Tuesday Innes". Band, dedication of
California building, Interscholastlc relay
races, XaGrande and Union day.
June 14, Wednesday Innes Band, Daughters,
of American Revolution day. Flag day, Ash
land, Medford and Jacksonville day.
June 13, Thursday Innes Band, Oregon Ag
ricultural College Cadet Corps, dedication of
Oregon State building. Grants Pae9 day.
June 16, Friday Innes" Band, Oregon Agri
cultural College Cadet Corps, Pioneer day.
Knights of Columbus day, intercollegiate
championship track and field events, relay
races, Boseburg day.
Juno 17, Saturday Innes Band, Oregon Ag
ricultural College Cadet Corps, Nebraska Lum
bermen, Massachusetts day, intercollegiate
track and field events, relay races. Baker City
and Sumpter day.
June 18, Sunday Innes Band. Jfobraska
Lumbermen, Oregon Agricultural College
Cadet Corps, Sunday eervice In Auditorium.
June 10, Monday Innes Band, Nebraska
Lumbermen, Oregon Agricultural College
Cadet Corps, Lewis and Clark Pacific Coast
golf championship, Lewis and Clark five-mile
run championship, rope climbing, club swing
ing, kicking football, Olympla, South Bend
and Kalama day.
June 20. Tuesday Innes' Band, Pacific Coast
Electrical Transmission Association conven
tion, Oregon .Agricultural College Cadet Corps,
West Virginia day, Lewis and Clark Pacific
Coast golf championship, Spokane day.
June 21. Wednesday Pacific Coast Electrical
Transmission Association convention, Oregon
Agricultural College Cadet Corps. Lewis, and
Clark Pacific Coast golf championship, Everett,
Snohomish and Belllngham day.
June 22, Thursday Innes" Band. National
Good Roads Association Convention, Oregon
Agricultural College Cadet Corps, Lewis and
Clark Pacific Coast golf championship, Re
tt' public. Northport and Colvllle day.
June 23, Friday Innes Band, G. A. R. day,
Oregon Agricultural College Cadet Corps, Na
tional Good Roads Association convention,
Lewis and Clark Pacific Coast golf cham
pionship. Port Townsend, Port Angeles and
Anacortes day. ,
June 24, Saturday Innes Band, Oregon Ag
ricultural College Cadet Corps, Lewis and
Clark Pacific Coast golf championship. Na
tional Good Roads day, Tacoma day.
June 25. Sunday Innes Band. Oregon Agri
cultural College Cadet Corps, Sunday service
In Auditorium.
June 26, Monday Innes Band, handball
championship, yacht races. National Editorial
Association day, Aberdeen, Hoqulam, Monte
sano and Cosmopolls day.
June 2T, Tuesday Innes Band, W. C T. U.
conferences, handball charcpIonFhip, yacht
races, Walla Walla, Pomeroy and Goldendale
June 28, Wednesday Innes Band, W. C T.
U". conferences, handball championship, yacht
races, North Yakima, Roslyn and Ellensburg
June 29, Thursday Llberati's Band, Women
Suffrage convention, handball championship,
yacht races, Dayton. Colfax and Pullman day.
June SO, Friday Llberati's Band, Women
Suffrage convention, Women's day, handball
championship, yacht races, Vancouver, Che
halls and Centralia day.
The Events of July.
July U Saturday Llberati's JBand, Woman
Suffrage -convention,. Dominion of. Canada day,
handball championship,' yacht races, Seattle
July 2, Sunday, Llberati's band. Woman Suf
frage convention, American Library Associa
tion convention, oratorio in Auditorium.
July 8, Monday Llberati's Band, Woman
Suffrage convention, American Library Asso
ciation convention, North Pacific track and
field championship, British Columbia week,
Boise City day.
July 4, Tuesday" Llberati's Band, Woman
Suffrage convention, American Library Asso
ciation convention, North Pacific track and
field championship, British. Columbia week,
Welser cay.
July 8. Wednesday Llberati's Band, Woman
Suffrage convention, American Library Asso
ciation convention. Connecticut day, BritSA
Columbia week, American Boy day, fencing
championship, scientific congress, Pocatello
July 6, Thursday Llberati's Band, American
Library Association convention. Red Men's
and Sacajawea day, British Columbia week,
scientific congress, Wallace day.
July 7, Friday Llberati's Band, American
Library Association convention, diving and
jumping championships'. British Columbia
week, scientific congress, Moscow day.
July S, Saturday -Llberati's Band, American
Library Association convention, British Colum
bia week, scientific congress. Lewlston day.
July 9, Sunday Llberati's Band, Sunday cer
vlce in Auditorium.
July 10, Monday Llberati's Band, North
west lacrosse championship, National Food
and Dairy Department convention, Anaconda
day. Wyoming day.
July 11, Taeaday-nklberati'e Band, American
Medical Association convention. T. M. C. A.
athletics, National Food and Dairy Depart
ment convention, Missoula day.
July 12. Wednesday Llberati's Band, Amer
ican Medical Association convention, T, M. C
A. athletics. National Food and Dairy Depart
ment convention. Great Falls day.
July 13, Thursday Llberati's Band. Amer
ican Medical Association convention. T. M. C.
A. athletics. National Food and Dairy Depart
ment convention, "Pure Food day, Boseman and
Billings day.
-July 14, Friday Llberati's Band, American
Medical Association convention. National Food
and Dairy Department convention, Helena day.
automobile tests.
July 15. Saturday Llberati's Band. Charltlee
and Correction convention, Anti-Cigarette
League convention, Butte day, automobile
Jul;' 16A Sundfjyp-Llbe.ra.U'- Band, Charities
A number of the students of the University of Oregon are spending their Easter
vacation in Portland. Tuesday afternoon they were given an automobile excursion
about the city by Miss Mary Lela Goddard, daughter of H. W. Uoddard, visiting
many points of Interest on both sides of the river. Following are the members of the
party: Alice Bretherton. Ella Doble, Mary Dale, Caroline Benson. May Gray. Grace
Gray, Jean Gray, Jean Slauson, Sadie Noyce. Grace Wold. Pearl Luckey. Alice Ben
son, Lulu Holmes, Henrietta Lauer, MJriam Van Waters. Imogcne Raffety. Frances
and Correction convention, Anti-Cigarette j and Clark Horse Show. Educational conference
League convention, Antl-Clgarette League day, Nosnles. Yuma and Tombstone day
Sunday svrvico In Auditorium. j September 2. Saturday Hawaiian Band,
July. 17. Monday Llberati's Band. Charities j Lewis and Clark Hofse Show, Educational con.
and Correction convention. Antl-Clgarette i Terence. Tucmn flax-
League convention, Japanese field day, tennis, i
Cnnm; Anr 1
Rock Springs day,
July 18, Tuesday Llberati's Band, swimming,
diving and water polo championships, tennU,
Laramie day. Charities and Correction con
vention. July 19, Wednesday Llberati's Band. Char
ities and Correction Convention, swimming,
diving and water polo championships, tennis,
Evanston day.
July 20, Thursday Llberati's Band, Char
ities and Correction convention. Gamma Eta
Kappa convention, swimming, diving and wa
ter polo championships, tennis, Sheridan. Cas
per and Newcastle day.
July 21. Friday Llberati's Band. Charities
and Correction convention. Gamma Eta Kappa
convention, Nord Pacific Sangcrbund, swim
ming, diving and water' polo championships,
tennis, Rawlins and Green River day.
July 22, Saturday Llberati's Band, Charities
and Correction convention, Nord Pacific San
gcrbund, Gamma Eta Kappa convention. Ger
man day, swimming, diving and water iok)
chapmionships, tennis, Cheyenne- day.
July 23, Sunday Llberati's Band, Nord Pa
cific Sangerbund, Sunday service in Audi
torium. July 24, Monday Llberati's Bend. Associated
Fratorhities convention, tennte. Turn Vcreln,
San Diego, Santa Ana and Orange day.
July 25, Tuesday Llberati's Band, Associated
Fraternities convention, Texas day. North Pa
cific regatta and open regatta, tennis. River
side, San Bernardino, Redlands and Col ton
July 26, Wednesday Llberati's Band. Asso
ciated Fraternities convention. North Pacific
regatta and open regatta, tennis, Pasadena,
Santa Monica, Whlttler and Redondo day.
July 27, Thursday DIerke's Band, Associated
Fraternities convention. North PaclAc regatta
and open regatta, tennis, Pomona, Monrovia,
Azusa and Duarte day.
July 28. Friday Dlorke's Band. Associated
Fraternities convention. North Pacific regatta
and open regatta, tennlf, Santa Barbara, San
Luis Oblepo, Ventura and Paso Nobles da.
July 29. Saturday DIerke's Band, Associated
Fraternities convention, Scandinavian day,
North Pacific regatta and open regatta, tennis,
Los Angeles day.
July 30. Sunday DIerke's Band. Sunday
service in Auditorium.
July 31. Monday DIerke's Band, tennl.
Bakersfield. Vlsalia, Hanford and Tulare day,
P. A. A. championships.
Many Features in August.
August 1, Tuesday DIerke's Band, William
Clark day. Kentuoky day, Fresno, lIodto,
Merced and Hayward day, P. A. A. champion,
August 2, Wednesday DIerke's Band, all
around individual track and field world's cham
pionship, Santa Cruz. Watsonvllle, Salinas.
Monterey and Pacific Grove day.
August 3, Thursday DIerke's Band, all
around individual track and field world's cham
pionship, San Joee, Santa Clara, Los Gatoa
and Palo Alto day.
August 4. Friday DIerke's Band, Lewis and
Clark track and field world? championship,
Vallejo, Napa. Benicla" and GHroy day.
August 5, Saturday DIerke's Band. Lewis
and Clark track and field world's champion
ship, Sacramento day.
August 6. Sunday DIerke's Band, Sunday
service In Auditorium.
August 7, Monday DIerke's Band, amateur
baseball (four teams), Santa Rasa, Petaluma,
Healdsburg, Uklah and Son Rafael day.
August 8, Tuesday DIerke's Band, Stockton.
Grass Valley and Placervllle day.
August 9. Wednesday DIerke's Band, navy
sports. Michigan day, Marytivitle, Chlco, Oro
yille, Truckce and Colfax day.
August 10, Thursday DIerke's Band, navy
eporus. Eureka, Redding. Red Bluff. Sieson
and Dunsmulr day.
August 11. Friday DIerke's Band, handicap
swimming events, Oakland, Alameda and Ber
keley day.
August 12, Saturday DIerke's Band, Lewis
day, handicap swimming events, San Fran
cisco day.
August 18, Sunday DIerke's Band, Sunday
service In Auditorium.
August 14, Monday DIerke's Band, Tennes
see day. Civics' conference, professional events
(bose races), Tonopah day.
August 15. Tuesday DIerke's Band, Civics
conference, Virginia. City day.
August 16, Wednesday DIerke's Band,
Trans-Mississippi Congress, Civics conference,
Goldfield day.
August 17, Thursday DIerke's Band. Trans
Mleslsslppl Congress, Civics conference, Mis
souri day, Carson City day.
August 18, Friday DIerke's Band, Trans
MlBslsslppl Congress, Civics conference, Arkan
sas day.
August 19. Saturday DIerke's Band, Trans
Misslsslppl Congress, Civics conference, Reno
August 20; Sunday DIerke's Band, Sunday
service in Auditorium.
August 2L Monday DIerke's Band. National
Irrigation Congress. Indian Affairs conference,
Indian athletic sports. Ogden day.
August 22, Tuesday DIerke's Band, National
Irrigation Congress; Indian Affairs conference,
Logan day.
August 23, Wednesday DIerke's Band. Na
tional Irrigation Congress. Indian Affairs con
ference, fly-casting, aquatics, log-rolling con
tests. Eureka and Brlgham day
August 24. Thursday Hawaiian Band. Na
tional Irrigation Congress. Indian Affairs con
ference, fly-casting, aquatics, log-rolling con
tests, Utah day. Provo day.
August 25, Friday Hawaiian Band. Indian
Affairs conference, Sprlngville and Park City
August 26, Saturday Hawaiian Band, Fire
men's day. Indian Affairs conference, Ram
sey day, Salt Lake City day
August 27. Sunday Hawaiian Band, Sunday
eervice in Auditorium, Norwegian Saengerfest.
August 2S. Monday Hawaiian Band. Lewis
and Clark Horse Show, Educational confer
ence. Phoenix day.
August 29. Tuesday Hawaiian Band. Lewis
and Clark Horse Show, Educational conference,
Prescott and Jerome day.
August SO, Wednesday Hawaiian Band,
Lewis and Clark Horse Show, Educational con
ference, Wlnslow and Flagstaff day.
August 31. Thursday Hawaiian Band, Lewis
and Clark Horse Show," Educational conference,
Jfiijbe. Thatcher, Solomonville ind Pima day.
September a Busy Month,
September 3. Sanda) Hawaiian Band. Sun-
A r, . 1 , .. ...
day service in Auditorium.
September 4, Mosday Hawaiian Band. Let
ter Carriers Association convention. Photog
raphers convention, Lewis and Clark Horse
September 5, Tuesday Hawaiian Band. Let
ter Carriers' Association convention. Photog
raphers' coavontlon. Lewis and Clark Hoise
September 6. Wednesday Hawaiian Band,
Letter Carriers' Association conventloa. Pho
tographers' convention. Lewis and Clark Hors
September 7. Hawaiian Band. Let
ter Carriers Association convention. Photog
raphers day, Lewis and Clark Horse Show,
Idaho day.
September S. "Friday Hawaiian Band. Let
ter Carriers day. Rhotographers convention.
Lewis and Clark Horse Show. Bible Stndnu
September 9. -Saturday Hawaiian Band. Hoo
Hoo convention. Letter Carriers' Association
Convention. Bible Students' convention. Lum
bermen's day. California day. Photographers'
, September 18. Sunday Hawaiian Band, ora
torio In Auditorium. Bible Students' conven
tion. September 11. Monday Hawaiian Band. Let
ter Carriers' Association convention. Masonic
Veteran Association convention. Governors'
week, soldiers' field day.
September 12. Tuesday Hawaiian Ban.
Governors' week, foldlers field day. Pacific
Coast Association of Fire Chiefs convention.
September 13. Wednesday Hawaiian Band,
Governors' week, cricket championship. Pa
cific Coast Association of Fire Chiefs' convert
tlop. September 14, Thursday Hawaiian Band.
Governors' week, cricket championship. Pa
cific Coast Association of Fire Chiefs conven
tion. September 15, Friday Hawaiian Rand. Gov
ernors Week, cricket championship, PaclHc
Coast Association of Fire Chiefs convention.
September 16. Saturday Hawaiian Band,
Governors' week. Multnomah Athletic Clab
day of sport. M. A. A. C. track and fleW
games. Portland day.
September 17. Sunday Hawaiian Band, Sun.
day service In Auditorium.
September 18. Monday Ellery's Band, Ore
gon State- day, wrestling championship.
September 1. Tuesday Ellery's Band. Tern,
pp ranee Congress. Independent Order of Good
Templars" da. Lewis and Clark Cattle and
Sheep Show, wrettllng championship.
September 20, Wednesday Ellery's Band,
Temperance Congress, W. C. T. U. day, Lewis
and Clark Cattle and Sheep Show, wrestling
September 21. Thursday Ellery's Band. Tem
perance Congres?. Women's Prohibition Club's
day. Lewis and Clark. Cattle and Sheep Show,
wiwtllng championship.
September 22, Friday Ellery's Band. Tem
perance Congress. Anti-Saloon League day.
Lewis and Clark Cattle and Shcop Show, la
crosse championships.
September 23. Saturday Ellery's Band. T'm
perance Congress. National Prohibition Alliance
day, Lewis and Clark Cattle and Sheep Show,
lacrosse championships.
September 24, Sunday Ellory's Band, Sunday
service in Auditorium.
September 25. Monday Ellery's Band. Lewis
and Clark Cattle and Shcop Show, basketball
championships. Caledonian games.
September 26. Tuesday Ellery's Band. Lewis
and Clark Cattle and Sheep Show, basketball
championships. Caledonian games.
September 27. Wednesday Ellery'" Band.
Lewis and Clark Cattle and Sheep Show,
basketball championships. Caledonian games.
September 28. Thursday Ellery's Band.
Lewis and Clark Cattle and Sheep Show, asso
ciation football,
September 29. Friday Ellery's Band. Lewis
and Clark Cattle and Sheep Show, association
September 30. Saturday Ellery's Band, asso
ciation football.
The Close of the Fair.
October 1. Sunday Ellery's Band, Sunday
services In Auditorium.
October 2. Monday Ellery's Band, lnter
soholastlc college and club football.
October 3, Tuesday Ellery's Band. Whitman
day, Interscholastlc. college and club football.
October 4. Wednesday Ellery's Band. Penn
sylvania day. Interscholastlc. college and club
football. '
October 5. Thursday Ellery's band, Inter
scholastlc, college and club football.
October 6, Friday Ellery's Band, Inter
scholastlc.' college and club football.
October 7. Saturday Ellery's Band, lnter
Bcholastlc, college and club football.
October 8. Sunday Ellery's Band, Sunday
services In Auditorium.
October fl, Monday Ellery's Band.
October 10, Tuesday Ellery's Band, Oregon
Knights of Pythias convention.
October 11, Wednesday Ellery's Band,
Pythian day.
October 12, Thursday Ellery's Band.
October 13. Friday Ellery's Band.
October 14. Saturday Ellery's Band.
October 15. Sunday Ellery's Band, oratorio
in Auditorium.
New Sellwood Republican Club.
. A Republican club was organized at
Sellwood last night, with the following of
ficers: President, W. M. La Force; vice
president. E. A. Austin; secretary, J. F.
McKirchln; treasurer, A. B. Hemstock;
executive committee, A. N. Wills, E. D.
Curtis. J. E. RInkle, T. J. Baldwin. A
constitution and by-laws were adopted
and the club regularly organized with the
above- officers In the interest of harmony.
Following the organization, A. N. Wills,
candidate for Councilman-at-Large, stated
his position. He said that no man, in
whatever business he might be, need fear
him so long as he kept within the law.
but he believed in the strict enforcement
of latv and that when a saloon was kept
open beyond 1 A. M. he should insist on
the license being revoked, but should pro
tect the saloon man as long as he re
spected the law. Other remarks were made
by Major T. C. Bell, E. D. JCurtls. E. A.
Gill. Florence Walrath, Florence Lilburn. Mildred .Walrath, Edna Church, Bessie
Church. Stella Love, Clementine Cutler, Jessie Goddard. Lela Goddard. Foster Gib
yon, Harry Raffety, Seth Kcrron, Ernest Bean. Robert Rountrce. Arthur Lcaoh.
Richard Hathaway, Eliot Holcomb. Lloyd Brooke, Omar Blttner. Richard Geary.
Arthur Mears. Ray Goodrich, Carl Ghormley, Dr. and Mrs. Condon McComaek, Mrs.
Timothy Wood and Mrs. H. W. GoEdard. . '
I con
Exploitation Bureau Is Ar
ranging a Number of
Special Excursions.'
One Hundred Thousand Visitors
Within 1000 Miles of Porthtnd
Will be Attracted by Low .
Railroad Rates.
The Department of Exploitation of the
Exposition has croated an excursion bu
reau which, .under the management of
Colin H. Mclsaac, Is expected to bring
to Portland during the Lewis and Clark
Fair more than 100,000 people from the
Northwestern district who would other
wise remain at home and pay no atten
tion to the show being held in Portland.
This bureau will have for its field all
the territory within a radius of 1000 miles
of Portland, and will begin at once Its
work of exploitation and its campaign
for the organization of excursions to the
Four or more excursion agents will be
appointed by the bureau and sent Into
different parts of the district. To thorn
will be given the task of arousing inter
est in the Fair and arranging for trips
to be taken to Portland on the days set
apart for the cities visited or for those,
contiguous to the territory.
The men will be first sent to Denver,
San Diego and Helena, where they will
commence their work. They will take up
with the City Councils, the commercial
bodies, the local agents of the railroads,
the newspapers and the influential citi
zens the feasibility of arranging a large
excursion to visit the Exposition on Den
ver day or San Diego day or upon the
day set apart. for Helena, as the case may
be. It is hoped by this means to arouse
public Interest to such an extent that
whole train loads of people will be
brought from each city.
From the far points the bureau will
have but one excursion, though as the
distance shortens between Portland and
the objective point sought more than one
trip will be" made, according to the popu
lation ajid the desire on the part of the
people to see the Fair.
Cities to Have Holidays.
In each town an effort will be made
to arrange a municipal holiday. In order
that the city officials and clerks In the
departments may be enabled to come on
the excursion. The city programme to
be followed at the Fair will be given Into
the hands of the city officials, or to a
committee on arrangements to be ap
pointed by them, and a programme will
be arranged for each day.
Mr. Mclsaac has conferred with the of
ficials of the transcontinental lines, and
they have made very satisfactory rates
for all distances within 500 miles of the
city, while the regular Exposition fare,
or less, will apply to those places out
side that limit. A rate of one and one
third fare has been made for any day
during the. Exposition, with a stopover
limit of 30 'days. For parties of 10, a one
fare round trip rate will be made, with
a stopover of 10 days from date of sale,
the party to go and come on one ticket.
For parties of 100 or more a one way
fare will be charged for the round trip.
Individual tickets to be Issued, with a
time limit of 10 days.
As yet no rates have bepn made from
Montana points on the Northern Pa
cific, nor from Salt Lake west to Hunt
ington on the Short Line; nor on the
Southern Pacific from San Diego, Los
Angeles or San Francisco to Portland.
The Southern Pacific has made rates
from Ashland to, Portland: the Northern
Pacific from Spokane and the O. R. & N.
from Spokane and Huntington to Port
land. Special Round Trip Hates.
The, following special Exposition round
trip, three month limit rates have been
named from the following points: Denver,
S40:.Sait Lake. ELiS):.glsn. 53Q; El raaoJjrJlulafjr cfJ:M fflUkmjf
feO; Pueblo. $40: Colorado Springs, 540;
Cheyenne. $40; Dallas, $55.
Excursion rates have been fixed from
the following pointy as shown:
Spokane. Pa- iPendlcton $ G.00
louse. Coeur
Umatilla 3.00
d'Alene $10.00!
i Seattle
Grant's Pass.
Roseburg .
1. rto
2. i0
I Tacoma
North Yakima.
Ellensburg ....
Walla Walla...
Huntington . . .
Baker City
La Grande
.2. halem
j.OOiMcMInnvlHe .
Southern Pacific Rates.
The following rates for round trip coach
excursions from itoints on the Southern
Pacific lines in Oregon have been an
nounced by the passenger department of
thut road:
East .Side Division.
Ashland $0.00iCreswell $3.70
Talent .S5 Gohen
Phoenix' S.tl5Eugene 3.50
Medford S.50,Irvlns 3.:i
Central Point... 8.40Junrtlon -City. . . . 3.10
Gold Hill .S.00!Harriaburp 3.00
Woodvllle 7.75;Hahey 2.75
Grant's .Pass 7-SM'Shedrt 2.(15
Jlerlln t.. 7.2.iTaricent ........ 2.55
Leland 0.80. Albany ..
Wolf Creek .5 Lebanon .
Glendale 6.50 Jefferson
... 2.45
. . 2.75
. . . 2.23
... 2.05
... I.S3
... 1.05
... 1.50
... 1.40
... 1-.20
West Fork.
t.25 Marion . .
5.73, Turner. ...
5.5t.Salem ...
5.25 Brookn ...
5.10 Gervals . .
5.00, Wood burn
llyrtlo Creek...
Rbeeburg .......
Rice Hill
Cottage Grove. . .
'Hubbard 1.00
O.Aurora SO
4.40iBarlows S:i
4.25.Canby 80
4.00Xevr Era 70
.1.90 Oregon City 50
West Side Division.
.... 2.20 North YAnhlll.
. 1.20
. 1.00
2. l. Gaston .
... I.SO.Forest Grove
. .. 1.55:Cornetlus
... 1.40 Hlllsboro
... 1.30 Reedvllle
McMlnnvllle .
. . . l.aO'Beaverton 33
Yamhill DIvIhIod.
. . .Jl.BO'Dundeo
... 1.00;Netvbergr ...
... 1.75.Shcrwood . .
... 1.00Tualatin ...
.... l.O.liOswego ....
T. 1.001
Perrydale .
SherldaR ..
Ballston ...
La Fayette.
Woodburn-Sprinjrfleld Brunch.
Springfield .
Coburg .
Tallman ...
West Sclo..
.$3.50! West Stayton.
, . .'fjajAumsvllle ...
. . 2.7Tilacleay
.. 2.00!Sllverton
.. 2.2!Mt .Angel
. .$2.05
... l.J3
... 1.S0
. .. 1.50
... 1.55
Workman Falls From Scaffold Near
Top of Washington Building:.
Lewis Smith, a carpenter employed on
the Washington building, fell from a
scaffolding 45 feet above the ground, short
ly after 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon, and
was "badly Injured. That he was not killed
is little short of a miracle considering
the distance he fell and the perilous net
work' of scaffolding through which he
passed. His body struck two projecting
planks, but a'blded a number of others
and struck In the soft mud at the west
end of the structure. When picked up
and examined by a physician, he was
found to have sustained a dislocation of
the hip and a number of severe bruises.
Unless ho received internal Injuries of a
sorlous nature his recovery Is assured.
He was taken to St. Vincent's Hospital.
This accident Is the first one of any
seriousness that ha3 occurred at the Ex
position. The lack of fatalities is re
corded as remarkable considering the
large force of men engaged and the dan
gerous positions In which many of them
have been employed.
Room in the Fine Arts Building Set
Apart for Exhibit.
Relics of the Lewis and Clark expedi
tion are to have one of the rooms in the
Fine Arts building at the Exposition. This
was decided yesterday, and arrangements
will be made at once for securing a large
number of relics that are known to bo ac
cessible as loans. Major O. F. Clark,
grandson of the explorer, has a fine col
lection of powder-horns and other pieces
of equipment, and Mrs. J. K. Clark, a
granddaughter living In New York, has a
camp chest which was given to Captain
Clark by Marqdis La Fayette. These,
with many other interesting remnants of
the great expedition, will be secured for
the room in the art gallery.
Fishermen Under Arrest.
OREGON CITT, Or., April 19. (Special.)
Constable Trembath tonight arrested
Carl Johnson and J. J. Edgren on the
charge of fishing without a license. Both
men are fishermen residing on the Clack
amas River, near this city. They were
recently arrested on a charge of fishing
during the closed season, but at a trial
by jury In the Justice Court they were
acquitted, the jrft-osecutlon failing to estab
lish the fact tnat the Clackamas River Is
James 31. Xcal and Associates Are
Flshtinj; Against Determined
Attempt to Close
' Their riant.,
Deputy City Attorney Fitzgerald yester
day morning filed a third charge against
James M. Neal and his associates in the
Pacific States Packing Company, operat
ing a slaughter-house on the Macadam
road and Seymour street. It alleges the
establishment is a public nuisance. In a
hmarior anil more eenerul sense than is
set forth In another complclnt. filed last
week. '
A battle royal I? on between the city
and the defendants in this case, for the
latter are fichtlns: for the right to con
duct their slaughter-houi?e In the corpo
rate limits of Portland, while the prose
cution Is determined to close the plant.
Defense to Be Heard Today.
Today the defense is scheduled to put
In Its case before Municipal Judpe Hoguo,
and it is probable the prosecution, before
closing its case, will introduce evidence
to supplement that given Tuesday, when
sensational disclosures were made in court
regarding the manufacture of sausage
from putrid pork.
Realizing that the testimony of wit
nesses formerly In the employ of the
company in relation to the manufacture
of sausage at the sluughter-houi-e. If per
mitted to go unlmpeached. may lead to
criminal charges against them, the de
fendants. It Is sold, will make an . effort
to show that not only Is the plant In a
clean condition and inoffensive to the
community, hut that none but pure meats
are used In the manufacture of sausage
It is expected that the defense will call
numerous witnesses, including employes,
in its efforts to disprove what was shown
by the prosecution.
Operates Under City Franchise.
It Is expected that the defense will also
call witnesses to show that the company
is operating the slaughter-houte under a
franchise granted by the City Council,
and will attempt to show that this has
never been nullified, as charged by the
Government Inspector Loveberry will be
one of the star witnesses for the defense.
By him they hope to prove that the plant
Is in a sanitary condition; that meats used
there are strictly pure, and that no of
fensive odors arise from there.
Haggard and Booth-Tucker Leave.
NEW YORK. April 19. H. Rider Hag
gard, the novelist, sailed for Liverpool
today on the Majestic. He was -accompanied
by his daughter and Commander
Booth-Tucker, former head of the Snlva
tion Army In this country.
Oddfellows' New Grand Secretary.
ALLENTOWN, Pa., April ID. Robert E.
Wright, grand sire of the Oddfellows in,
the United States, today appointed J. B.
Goodwin, of Atlanta, grand secretary of
the Sovereign Grand Lodge, to succeed
the late J. Frank.
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