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Russian Fleet Is Said Wow to
Be to the North of
Tells Government to Order, the Ves-
iscls of the Czar.ta Ieavo
for- the OpenS-jSea
at Once;
HONGKONG, April 18. It is reported
here that the Chinese government has re
celved information that the Russian fleet
under command of Admiral Rojestvensky
has taken refuge in a bay on the Chinese
coast north of Hong Kong.
It is stated that the Jananese govern
ment has made an urgent demand that
the Chinese government send -word to the
Russians to get out at once, and also that
Japan has told China that she will be
held strictly accountable should the .Rus
sians use neutral harbors for the purpose
of taking on stores or resting.
A report is in circulation here, but is
not confirmed, that the American Maru,
a Japanese scoutlntr ship, has boon dam
aged as the result of a conflict -with a
Russian cruiser. It is imposible to trace
the origin of this rumor.
Sighted Off Hongkong.
PARIS, April IS. A dispatch from St,
Petersburg to the Echo de Paris states
that Vice-Admiral Rojestvensky, with a
portion of his squadron, has been sighted
off Hongkong, sailing northeast. This is
not confirmed from other sources.
London Papers Are Discussing the
Kamranh Buy Incident.
LONDON, April 18. In the absence of
further information regarding the position
of the Russian and Japanese fleets, the
London morning papers are keenly dis
cussing the neutrality questions, for the
most part in a strong pro-Japanese tone.
The Morning Post takes the milder view
that Kamranh Bay is a mere fishing port
and unable to provide coal and other sup
plies to the Russian squadron, which
probably look shelter there to replenish
from its own colliers, and that, though a
technical breach of neutrality had been
committed, the French authorities could
hardly be held responsible unless it can
be proved that they had previous knowl
edge of Rojestvensky's intentions.
The Daily Mall's correspondent at Sing
apore gives a lurther report from the
North German Lloyd steamer Prinz Heln- i
rich that Friday, April 14, the Russian
cruisers Dmitri Donskoi and Rlon were
scouting outside the bay, while a tug was
bringing colliers alongside of warships.
which were coaling, and that many boats
were transferring provisions to Russian
The correspondent at Hong Kong of the
Dally Mail reports that the steamer North
Angna last Friday night encountered -a
strong fleet of cruisers off Bombay reef,
steering south and using searchlights. The
North Anglia was unable to distinguish
the nationality of the cruisers.
Russian Vessels Are Coaling and
SAIGON, April 17. It is reported here
that Admiral Rojestvensky's squadron is
at anchor in Kamranh Bay. where the
ships are coaling and revlctualing. Kam-
rann Bay is a port on the east coast
of Cochin China, north of here.
Japanese Make Seizure Off Cochin
China Coast.
SAIGON. Anril 17. Thr .TnnatiAoA rorpnf
ly captured a large number of colliers off
uie coast oi uocnin umna.
SIx men. suooosed to be Jananese. land
ed some days ago at Cape St James, near
mere, irom an Annamese junK, ana alter
a Drier stay re-em Darned.
A number of Russian warships are an
chored in Kamranh Bay.
The steamer Eridan, which was pur
chased by a local French firm, sailed yes
terday evening with a full cargo of pro
visions for the squadron.
The health of the Russians is remark
ably good. Only eight deaths from dis
ease nave occurred since their departure
irom Europe out or an effective total
ing zs.uuu men.
A Russian officer suffering from beri
beri is in the hospital here. The other
sick men who were brought here by the
xtusman nospitai snop Orel include Prince
Cantacuzene, but the reports that the
Orel has wounded men on board are un
founded, as here had been no fighting
up to me time or tne arrival.
(Prince Michael Cantacuzene, who mar
ried Miss Julia Dent Grant in 1E99, is the
neaa or me nouse, and is an officer of the
Imperial Guard. The Prinm nflntnmin
in the hospital at Saigon apparently is a
tack the 'Russian vessels without vlolat
injr France's neutralltv.
Many persons continue to believe the
xLussia.u squaaron. win BpecaUy leave
Kamranh Bay and continue Its voyage
Halts to Get Information.
PARIS, April) 17. The dispatch from
Saigon announcing the presence of Rus
sian warships at Kamranh Bay Is con
sidered as showing that Admiral Rojest
vensky is not moving northward as fast
as expected. The fact that Admiral de
jonquieres, the French naval commander
at Saigon, is Droceedlnrr tn Vn
and the deDartUre from Knftrnn Inst ntcrhf
of a vessel having on board a cargo of
.ikuositui stores combine to Indicate mat
tne Russian rendezvous Is not far dis
tant from Saigon, and that probably it Is
m ui near jvamrann .Bay.
The officials here say that no govern
have been privately Informed that the1
xvusuian squaaron was on tne coast oi
Indo-Chlna two days ago, but are posi
tive that the squadron is now farther
north, probably sheltering along the coast
of Annam. This locality is considered
particularly dangerous, owing to the
rocky coast, the currents and the preva
lence of tropical storms.
The appearance of a case of berl-beri
at faaigon causes apprehension, as the
maiaay resemmes yellow lever and is slm
llarly Infectious.
The halt of the Russian squadron was
auo to .Admiral Rojestvensky's desire, to
have an opportunity to communicate with
St Petersburg and gather information re-
gaiuiug me movements or tne Japanese.
t Chance to "Whip Togo.
ST. PETERSBURG, April 17. A high
Admiral expressed to the Associated
Press todav the firm conviction that Ad
miral Togo would not give battle near
me .fescaaore Msianas, Formosa straits.
He said:
"It would be a rreat taetiral rrnr tn
concentrate his squadron S00 miles from
japan ana run the risk of having Rojest
vensky slip by when, by remaining in
home waters, Rojestvensky must come to
him in order to reach his only base.
v laaivostOK.
"All the Tokio dispatches about the
proclamation of martial law in th P.
cadore Islands and the probable presence
ot a Japanese squadron In Forrnosan
waters are sent as blinds. "We do not
know Rojestvensky's plans. He has
worked them out himself, and knowing
me Aumirai, as -i ao, nis own nag Cap
tain was probably in the dark when he
entered the China Sea.
"We have complete confidence in Ro
jestvensky's resourcefulness. He labors
under disadvantages so far as the speed
of his vessels is concerned, but the re
ports of the condition of his ships and
crews and the latter's skill In gunnery
as shown by their target practice are
oener man we considered possible, and
c iinaiy ueuevc ne nas more than a
ngntmg cnance or whipping Togo In an
open neia.
Guards Against Torpcdo-Boats.
or. -fXlSKSBUKG. Anrll 17 f11?K a.
M.). The news that vessels of the Russian
squaaron nave put Into Kamranh Bay.
north of Cape Padaran, off the east coast
oi -ocnm umna. bears out sttmnfc.
contained in these dispatches a week ago
io me enect mat Admiral Rojestvensky
probably would seek shelter oft that part
of the Cochin China coast and th
and make his final preparations before
emuarKing on tne final stage of his jour
ney. No definite information ij nhtain
able as to the lensrth
stay ajt . Kamranh Bay, or whether the
naiomjjs jiave aireaay sailed, tne Admiralty,-
even If it knows, being naturally
nuwil on U19 point.
xou may be sure," said an officer.
mat every nrecautlon wm Vi tov
against a torpedo attack. Rojestvensky
ranjoe renea upon to protect his ships."
Alnonir .naval mon th Mm tV- a r
ral Rojestvensky has divided his squadron
j nut viiwruuueu.
Allowed Belligerent Squadron Use
of Her Port,
J?u' prU 17--It: 13 calculated here
that the Russian squadron arrived at
Kamranh Bay at noon, April 12, and
therefore has been occupying the port 48
hours-when seen at noon, April 14.
I? nflnffntl0J? recelve regarding ves
sels of the Russian squadron being seen
at Kamranh Bay. April 14. reached Tokio
today, and was given to the publlo
through a brief communication from the
Navy Department The news was a sur
prise, because it was generally doubted
that France would permit the use of her
ports to a belligerent squadron engaged
In offensive operations.
The Japanese government Is silent on
the qriestions of its Intentions, but it is
expected that It will make immediate rep
resentations to France. The response of
France Js eagerly awaited, particularly
as to whether France admits the squad
ron is within territorial water. SVnnoa
denied that the Russian squadron was
wunin territorial waters, when off Mada
gascar. If she denies It In this Instance?
it,wniy japan, .an. ppjor.tuOit& Sa
Slglited Three Dozen Vessels.
HONG KONG. Anrll 17 Th r:r,n
steamer Brunhild arriv
irom bingaporo and reported that she
naa sioppca ior two nours by three Rus
sian cruisers, April 14, 30 miles north of
Cape Padaran. The Brunhilde sighted
altogether about S3 vessels steaming
noruieast at ten knots. The ships ap
peared to be In good condition. A report
Is current that a portion of the Russian
squaaron nas reached a bay In Chinese
waters northward of Hong Kong.
Cape Padaran Is off the east coast of
Cochin-Chlna, not far south of Kamranh
Bay, where It is reported a number of
Russian warships are anchored and re-
Tells of Cavalry Skirmish.
TOKIO. Anrll 17 f2:30 P. v.Th rt
lowing official report was issued today
Lium me neaaquarters or tho Japanese
armies in Manchuria:
"On the night of April 15 five squadrons
oi me enemy s cavalry entered Sanyen
ching, on the Fakoman-Fenghua road.
Our forces made a night attack and re
pulsed the enemy northward. The en
emy was panic-stricken and left eight
men dead on tho fleld. Our losses were
two men killed.
"Frequent collisions between cavalry
are occurring at various places. Other
wise there has been no material change
In the situation."
Sighted No War Vessels.
LABUAN. Borneo. Anrll 17. Thi Tinit
States torpedoboat-destroyers Barry and
uu.uni.-ey arnvea nere tnis morning from
the Philippines to join the United States
cruiser Ralejgh, which, however, had al
ready left Tho destroyers did not sight
any .Russian or Japanese vessels.
(The Raleigh left Lobuan, heading
north, on the morning of April It)
Seen at Turan Bay.
LONDON, April 17.-A special dispatch
from Hong Kong says that a portion of
the Russian sauadron whr spnn Rnn
Turan Bay, about 350 miles north of Kam-
rann $ay.
(Turan Bay is between latitude 15 and
latitude 17 north. According to advices
from Haifoncr to a Pnrts nnenon m
Russian vessels were recently sighted In
umi. lauiuQB steaming norm.)
British Steamer Confiscated.
NAGASAKI. Anrll 17. Tno nnrvooi
the case of the British steamer NIgrotia,
seized by the Japanese cruiser Tsushima
December SO. off the coast of Corea, and
condemned as a nrize Jsntmrv k v..
been rejected. The vessel and her cargo
nave oeen connscatea.
Plank Saves Sailor's Life.
SAIGON. Anrll 17. Tho Duselon n,.
who fell overboard in the Strait nf Ma
lacca, and who was rescued 12 hours later
on a plank, was brought to Saigon,
whence he has joined the squadron.
Japan's Firth Homo Loan.
LONDON. Anrll IS. The
at Tokio of the Standard says that a fifth
domestic loan of $50,000,000 has been satis
factorily arranged on the game terms as
the fourth domestic loan.
Torpedo-Boats Shipped East.
STTVASTOPOL.. Ami! 17. (few 1
tiedohoats which Lewis .Nixon, nf Vow
York, has been settinr ud here havi hn
completed and shipped to Vladivostok.
Included In Defense Zone.
Commissioner Garfield Inves
tigates Standard Oil.
Conditions in Texas. Will' Be Looked
Into and the Work Undertaken
Then Will Be Completed
In Kansas.
INDEPENDENCE. Kan.. April 17.
Commissioner Garfield Is holding a night
session In the office of Secretary Parker,
of the Kansas Oil Producers Associa
tlon. A mimhr nf oilmen am helne ex
amlned as to the methods of the Standard
Oil Company in this state.
Mr. Garfield will tro to Vendosha tomor
row and return here on Wednesday. He
will go to Kansas City Wednesday night
and expects to leave In a few days for
California. On the return from the Coast
he will investigate conditions In Texas and
complete tils work in Kansas. He will
then go East and investigate Eastern
Jewett's Answer Is Filed.
TOPEKA, Kan., April 17. Mulvane &
Gault attorneys for Warden E. B. Jew-
ett, today filed Warden Jewett's answer
in the oil refinery case, being the man
damus suit brought by Attorney-General
Coleman to compel State Treasurer Kel
ley and Warden Jewett to issue the oil
refinery bonds. Among other causes, the
answer sets forth that the oil refinery
law is unconstitutional for a number of
"That It does not dlrentlv annrnnriatu
the taxes provided therefor; that it cre
ates a public debt which is not a public
improvement or an expense of Govern
ment: that it makes the ntate a nnrfv tn
the work of internal improvement; that
it is against the Fourteenth Amendment
to the Federal Constitution, in that it
interferes with private business; that
the branch Penitentiary Is onlv a snh
torfuge, and that the real object of the
law is to ouiia me oil refinery."
One Bay at Independence.
INDEPENDENCE. Kan., April,, 17.
James R. Garfield. Commissioner of Pnr
porations, arrived here early today and
oegan nis searcn for facts and figures
Bearing on the oil cases.
Officials of the Prairie Oil R- fin rv.m
pany, a branch of the Standard Oil Com
pany, assured Mr. Garfield that they
would gladly furnish him all the informa-
uon iney nad and tendered him the serv
ices of their office force to assist him.
Mr. Garfield spent practically the whole
aay in me omce of the Prairie Company,
going over tne concern's books.
"We are getting a great deal of infor
mauon,- jir. uarneld said. "We are
finding the facts and that is what we
came ior.
TOKIO. Anrll IS. The naw denartmenf
today declared Tsugara-Stralts a zone of
defense, with the usual maritlma restrie-
i Jlons. -
Xew President of Panama Railway
Expected to Slake Good Showing.
NEW YORK. Anrll 17 Thi riiftrir,n.
neW bOaril Of directors of tVl Hanamo
taiiroad company was elected today:
xneouore v. snonts, J. F. Wallace,
Charles E. Magoon, Mordecal T. Endl
cott, Peter C. Hains. B. if. Harrod. O. R.
Ernest, William N. Cromwell, William
x. .rarsons, uiarence R. Edwards. J. R.
Obaldla, R. L. Farnham and Edward A.
It is understood that Mr. Shnnte win
be elected to the nresldenrv nf th t-
organized company. The new board went
into executive session Immediately upon
its election to organize. Secretary Taft
jeiL me conrerence anout that time, stat
ing his Intention to return immediately
to- Washington. It is understood that
practically all of the stock of the rail
road company Is now in the hands of the
uovernment. Before leaving for Wash
lngton Secretary Taft said?
"With Mr. Shonts at the head of the
Panama Railroad Company, it is certain
that its affairs will be ennduitH mncf
satisiaciory. His experience as a nrac
tlcal railroad man will ennhie him t.
operate this railroad just as the Panama
commission may desire, while the xrnrv
oi construction Is in progress. The en
tire omclal board of the company will bo
i-uiiiuriseu oi enner mpmwrs nr tho pon
ama Commission or of men who are in
tcrested In the work of constructing the
I eXDCCt that the canal onmmleelnn
will have concluded its investigation nf
conaiuons and will be able to report
our pians and recommendations in Con
gross In December. It is the Intontinn
the Administration to have nnnniniMt nf
an eariy date a board of consulting engln
eers. which will assist In this wnrv w
desire to have on this board a representa
tive from Germany, France and England,
and with this end in view, the three na
tions will be urged to annolnt one rep
resentative each.
'The Government is in comnlete con
trol of all the stock of the company.
It Is absolutely essential for us to
control" the affairs of the railroad In
tho interest of the work of 'construct
ing the canal. We desire to have the
affairs of the railroad conducted In
harmony "with the commission, nrhloh
will have charge of the general con
struction work.
The following officers were elected
by the new board: President, Theodore
P. Shonts; vice-president and general
manager, John F. Wallace: secretary
and treasurer, E. A. Drake; assistant
treasurer. Sylvester Demlnp: niitn
secretary, Thomas H. Rosbottom; gen
eral counsel, bum van & Cromwell;
traffic agent. H. I Walker: auditor.
John Adams: superintendent on the
isthmus, B. G. Prescott; executive com
mittee. President Shonts. Vice-Presi
dent Wallace, Charles E. Magoon. Will-
lam Nelson Cromwell and C. R. Ed
The board ordered the douhle-tracU
lnc and re-eaulnninc- of the ralirnari
and made an anpronrlation of S1.270.-
000 for that purpose. The directors and
officers of the company held a pro
tracted session, after which President
Shonts made an Informal statement
The directors adopted a resolution to
tho effect that the president, vice-presi
dent and general manager of tho rail
road shall draw no salaries excent
those to which they are entitled as of
ficers of the commission.
The directors will draw nn fen nr
attending meetings of the board. All
traveling expenses incurred in connec
tion with the work of the commission
or railroad company will be nald. Pre.
Ident Shonts said that he was not pre
pared to give any details regarding the
re-equipment of the railroad, and he
added that nothing has yet been done
toward the Increasing of the efficiency
of the steamship service to the isthmus.
Boast Was Xot an Idle One.
NORFOLK, Va.. April 17. Thomas
Tandaw, a conspicuous figure in Norfolk
for over 50 years, claimed up to the time
of his death that he was entitled to a
larire fortune In nallfnmln ITIvn --.
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San Francisco, Stockton and Oakland
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the asylum. Two years ago he died and
was burled In a pauper's cravA at thA
asylum. . A letter has Just been received
nere irom tne Pacific Coast stating that
xanaaw was entitled to a largo portion
- a esmiB m aiuornia worth over
Frost Creates Havoc as Far South
as Carollnas.'
LA FAYETTE. Ind., April 17. Re
ports received uy the Purdue Univer
sity Agricultural Experiment Station
today state the damaere donrf tn fmit
by frost was severe. In some locali
ties tne cherry and plum trees have
been stripped of blossoms. Apples and
peacnes nave also suffereH nvriv
The loss to fruitgrowers will be heavy,
LOUISVILLE. Kv.. Anrll 17 Ahnnr.
mally low temneratnre nnvili rr.n.
erally today, with heavy and killing
irosta as tar south as Southern Ten
nessee and Northern Georgia, and east
through Virginia, while Hcht fmt
are reported from Southern Alabama
ana zsorthern Florida. Snow flurries
occurred in the Ohio Valley.
HUNTINGTON W. Va.. Anrll 17
.-snow io ine aeiitn o two inches was
on tne ground xodav. and lee fnrmrt
in an small streams last night. The
weather was the coldest known here
for the season in many years, and all
truii is Deneved to have been killed
SPRINGFIELD. O.. Anril 17 farm
ers report that the freezing weather
has damaged the fruit
of dollars. They declare that the pear.
pium ana cnerry crops are badly dam
aged, u not TUined.
CAIRO. 111.. ADrll 17. A severe trntt
in tnis section has greatlv damna-ed
fruit and vegetables. It Is estimated
tnat fully 50 per cent of the fruit eron
is ruined.
NORFOLK. Va.. Anrll 17. Tho for
mation of ice throughout the vast
Norfolk country trucking section last
nignt aid great damage.
GREENVILLE. S. C Anrll 17 a
Killing irost visited this section this
morning, fruit and early vegetables
being badly damaged.
Robbed on Lighting Contracts.
NEW YORK. Anrll 17. Before the I.D.J.-
latlve committee which Is invesHcratin-
the gas and electric lighting conditions
in II11S CUV. KODert Urier Mnnrne nv
commissioner of water mmniv t?aJ on.i
electricity, today told the story of a com-
Dinauon mat prevented competitive bids
for the CltV lltrhtlnir rontraetc rftn4n
Mayor Low's administration. He testified
that at that time In 1902 there was abso
lutely no competition; that there was vir
tually but one bid for each kind nf ur).t
and that the city was "made to pay divi
dends and interest on an Inflated capital."
The price of oDen flame hiimer tnr-
street lamps was S17.50 per year, the
name price as oDiained 20 years before
when gas was $2.25 per 1000 to the private
Duel With Real Swords.
HAVANA. April 17. One of tne re
sults of the seizure on Anrll n hv !-
Nationalist Congressmen of papers in
me case oi aueged improper acts by
Nationalist Councllmen and officials of
the City of Havana was a duel with
swords today between Congressman
Carlos MonJIeta and Armando Andre n
government employe, who had written
a letter to a newspaper strongly con-
aemnatory or iuendieta and other Con
gressmen concerned In the seizure of
the papers.
Mendieta is said to have inflicted a
trlflincr wound on his ODDonent's arm
and' the honor of both the duellists was
tnereupon considered to have been sat
Lighting or Philadelphia.
North American tomorrow will say: An
ordinance will be Introduced in the
Council Thursday authorizing the ex
tension of the lease of the city's gas
works for 50 years from December 31,
1907, to the Equitable Illuminating Gas
Light Company, which is owned by the
United Gas Improvement Company. The
latter concern now has a 30 years lease
on the city's gas plants which" expire in
It is proposed that the gas company
shall pay Into the City Treasury' in one
lump tne sum of about $25,000,000.
Two Changes in Rank.
WASHINGTON. ADrll 17. As a re
sult of the promotion of Colonel James
Buchanan to tho trrade of "Brle-adler-
General, Lieutenant-Colonel G. P. Gor-
dee. of the Fifth Infantry, at Platts
burg, N. Y has been promoted to Col
onel and assltrned to command tho
Twenty-fourth Infantry at Fort Har
rison,, aiont.
Tired and nervnua mmn flm in
-Hood's Sarsajoarillsu.- la enriches their
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President of Society Indorsed
by Equitable Agents;
Forty General Agents and Managers
Keep Away From Meeting Whose
Attendants Are Pledged to
Decision Reached.
NEW YORK, April 17. To discuss and
take action on the unsettled condition of
the Equitable Life Assurance Society's
affairs. ISO general agents and district
managers of the society held a caucus
behind closed doors In the Hotel Nether
lands tonight and adopted a resolution
Indorsing President J. W. Alexander, of
the society, but containing an emphatic
request that the present factional strife
There are approximately 220 agents here
tonight, but the 40 Equitable represent
ees who did not attend the meeting
took no definite action so far as could be
learned. Every representative who at
tended tonight's meeting was pledged to
abide by the decision reached.
Gabe Tarbell, second vice-president of
the society: H. H. Knowles. superintend
ent of agencies, and President Alexan
der's" secretary, Mr. Pendrelgh, were at
the meeting.
E. A. Woods, general agent of the so
ciety In Pittsburg, directed the movement
which led to the caucus. He explained
afterward that It was desired to outline
some definite form of action so that Tues
day's general meeting of agents could be
President Alexander and Vice-Presi
dents Hyde and Tarbell will attend to
morrow's meeting. It Is understood that
Mr. Alexander. Mr. Hyde and Mr. Tar
bell will be given opportunity to make
any statements they desire.
Schiff Makes General Denial.
NEW YORK. April 17.-Jacob H. Schiff,
of Kuhn, Loeb &. Co., telegraphed from
Hot Springs, Va., today that at no time
and in no Instance haa he had aiiy syn
dicate entitled. "J. H. Hyde & Associ
ates," nor has he had any such Interest
with any officer of the Equitable Life
Assurance Society.
Satisfied With the Investigation.
ALBANY, N. Y.. April 17. Francis
Hendricks, superintendent of the State
Department of Insurance, today was
served with a copy of the order Issued
by Justice Scott, of the Supreme Court,
on application of Herbert G. Tull, a
policy-holder In the Equitable Life Assur
ance Society, requiring the superintendent
to show cause why he should not be re
strained from taking action on the
amended charter of. the society, which
has been submitted to him by the board
of directors for approval.
The order Is also directed against the
board of directors. It is returnable on
Thursday morning In New York City.
Superintendent Hendricks has requested
Attorney-General Mayer to represent him
on .too return of the order and a. repre-.
sentatlve- of the Attorney-General's de
partment will be present at the hearing.
Governor Higgins was asked tonight if
there were any developments that sug
gested the expediency of a legislative In
vestigation of the affairs of the Equitable
Society. He replied:
"I have not yet learned of . anything
which has convinced me that a legisla
tive Investigation of this insurance com
pany at this time would be of any value."
The Governor repeated his belief that
the investigation which Is being conduct
ed by the State Department of Insurance
will be entirely satisfactory.
Equitable Stockholder Would Pre
vent Mutualization.
NEW YORK, April 17. Leave to inter
vene In the action of Franklin B. Lord
against the Equitable Life Assurance So
ciety to prevent the mutualization of the
society, was granted today to H. Van
Rensselaer Kennedy, of New York City,
holder of 16 shares of Equitable stock.
Mr. Kenned, In the action, also repre
sented as administrator the estate of
Rachel Lennox Kennedy, owner ol four
The application was granted by Justice
Maddox. of the Supreme Court, In Brook
lyn, and was unopposed. A large number
of general agents of the Equitable So
ciety have arrived In tiii3 city from vari
ous parts cf the country. They will re
main here about a week, and will hold
meetings beginning tomorrow.
Coaldealers In Defense.
NEW YORK, April 17. A meeting
of retail coaldealers throughout the
country has been called for this city
May 9. to form a defensive alliance
against the mineowners and coal dis
tributers. The avowed purpose of the
movement Is to develop methods for
the quicker delivery of coal by the
operators and Its better preparation
for shipment.
According? to some of those Inter
ested, the retailers claim to have not
received fair treatment of late at the
hands of the shippers, because of
which many small dealers and a-few
out of
large ones have been
It Is said the new association will
not attempt to regulate prices beyond
trying- to secure lower freight rate
concessions from the carrying roads.
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