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    THE M0K2OJS5 OKEG020AN, MAKCE zy3 1U0D.
Gets Decision Over Johnson in
20th at Bay City.
Colored Man Makes a Chopplng
Block of Louisville Man's Head,
Without Apparent Effect
on His Activity.
SAX FRAXCISCO. March 2S. (Staff
Correspondence.) After- 20 rounds o'f
hard and grilling- fighting, Marvin
Hart, of Louisville, Ky., was given the
decision over Jack Johnson, of Texas.
A big crowd -saw the fight and they
eaw the giant black Johnson, a 10 to
4 favorite, get the beating that has
been coming to him for many months.
This man of color has been touted by
certain fight fans as the only big fel
low In the fighting game capable of
hooking up with Jeffries. "Well, he Is
simply a shine, a very black one at
The fight tonight at "Woodward's
Pavilion was talked of because in eoxne
Quarters it was believed that the win
ner would be In line to meet the cham
pion. "Well, the fight is over and not
a man who saw the fight a good one
at that will conoede that Hart is In
Jeffries' class.
Even if Johnson had won and had
Jim let down the bars on the color
line, not a man who saw the looping
negro tonight would give him a look-in
with the ex-boilermaker. Jeff could
take Johnson and , Hart on in .the same
Born September 16, 1ST 6, In Jefferson
County, Kentucky. Height, B feet, 11
inches; weight, 175 pounds; color, white.
1900 '
February 12 Knocked oat "William
Shlller, at Xoulsvllle; 4 round).
April 2 Knocked out Cfaaxlea MeUner,
at Xoulsvllle; 1 round.
May 10 Knocked out Tom Williams,
at Louisville; 2 rounds.
June 12 Knocked out Xiouls 8etfksr,
at Louisville; 8 rounds.
June 28 Knocked out Harry Rogers;
at Louisville; 14 ronnda.
August 13 Won on foul from Kid Hu
bert, at Louisville; 7 rounds.
October 12 Knocked out Kld-Huhert,
&t Xoutsvllle; 6 rounds.
December 12 Knocked out ' Peter
Trainor. at Xoulsrllle; 17 rounds.
January 14 Knocked out At Wernlg
at Louisville: 11 rounds,
February 25 Knocked out Jimmy
Ryan, at Xoulsrille; 8 rounds.
March 29 Knocked out Tommy West,
at Louisville: IS rounds.
May 24 Knocked out Dan Creedoa,
at Xoulsvllle: 6 rounds.
Hot ember 1 Knocked out Jack Bcans
cholter, at Xoulsvllle; 10 rounds.
December 17 Knocked out by Billy
Hanrafcan, at Xoulsrllle; 1 round.
January 20 Knocked out Billy Stilt,
at Xoulsvllle: 2 rounds. -
April 7 Knocked out Dick O'Brien,
at XoulsvUlc; 4 rounds.
May 8 Knocked out Kid Carter, at
Ioulsvllle; O rounds.
August IS "Won from Bllrj- -Ettft, Chi
cago; 6 rounds.
October 16 No decision with- Kid Car
ter." at Philadelphia; 6 rounds.
November 10 lost to Jack Root, at
Chicago; 6 rounds.
November 19 No decision with Phila
delphia. Jack O'Bryan, at Philadelphia;
6 rounds. '
April 2 Won. on foul from Jack Bon
ner, at Xoulsvllle: 4 rounds.
May 15 Xost to George Gardner, at
Xoulsvllle; 12 rounds.
November 10 Xo decision, with Jo
Choynskl. at Philadelphia; 8 rounds.
December 1 Won from Kid Carter, at
Boston; 15 rounds.
January 5 Draw with George Gardner,
at Boston: 15 rounds.
January 25 Draw with John- Wlllo, at
Chicago; 6 rounds.
March "Won from Sandy Ferguson, at
Hot Springs; 20 rounds.
April 20 Won from Gua RuhUn, at
Philadelphia; 6 rounds.
May 20 Draw with Qua Ttuhlln. at
Philadelphia; 6 rounds.
nighf, and beaP'both "of them u easy
as water runs down hllL There :may
be some 'attempt on the' part of some-'
of these San Francisco fight promoters
to pull off a match between Hart and
Jeffries. If they do they should be ar
rested for obtaining money under false
Of the fight there is little to telU John
son in the first two rounds looked like
an easy winner. He thought he had an
easy mark In Hart, and thought he could,
as he has always in his fights, loop along
and win on points. There was a surprise
in Btcre for the negro and for the crowd
also. For Hart began wading into' the big
piece of dark meat in front of him.
After Hart started he never let up.
Throughout the whole 20 rounds he was
on top of Johnson. First he would poke
his left into Johnson's face and then he
would whip his right to the stomach.
Only once or twice did Johnson assume
the aggressive. When he did he would
smother Hart with .wallops and jabs.
"But it never lasted long. Hart, who
is clumsily clever, would cover up and
get out of trouble. Hart Is the first
fighter that this negro champion has met.
He simply laid on top of him and fought
him every second of the thr co-minute
Before the big fight and after Fred
Landers beat the local pride,' Toby Irwin,
In ten rounds, Jabez White, the English
champion was introduced. White looked
like an old man. If appearances count
lor anything. Britt will whip him In a
hurry. W. G. M.
That Is Why Greggains Give Him
the Decision.
cisco. March 2S-Marvin Hart was award
ed the decision over Jack Johnson in a
20-round contest tonight that went the
limit, but ho was far from demonstrating
that he had qualified to meet Jim Jeffries.
Hart was as badly punished, a man as
has lateen seen in tho ring for a long time,
but he was game to tho core, and kept
Coring into the big colored man all during
the fight.
Johnson's much-vaunted cleverness did
not count for much. While be w&3 able
to hit Hart frequently, his blows did not
seem to damage the white man from Ken
tucky. The sympathies of the large crowd
present were openly with Hart, who was
the abort-ender in tho betting, and every
lead he made at Johnson, whether he
landed or not, was greeted with yells of
Hart managed to deal the -only effective
Wow in tho 11th round, when he landed a
right swing on Johnson's jaw that stag
gered the black man and nearly knocked
him over.
Referee Greggains stated that he gave
tho decision to Hart because all through
tho fight Hart did all tho forcing and
leading. According to Greggains, If Hart
had not pursued his tactics, there would
have been no fight, as Johnson merely
contented himself with countering. Hart's
face was battered to a pulp, but John-
son's- blows did 'not seem to have much
sting to them. Johnson. did a great deal
of uppercutting. but Hart covered up,
and the blows did not seem to hurt him.
The general opinion of those who wit
nessed the fight was that neither man
would stand any chance with Jeffries.
The champion would probably beat them
both in the some night.
Jabez White, who arrived yesterday
from England to fight Jimmy Brltt. was
introduced prior to the main event.
Battling Nelson also appeared, and said
that he would fight Brltt at .any time.
Britt did not appear, and it was stated
that he was in the country.
Weight Is Fixed at 133 Pounds and
Date Is April 25.
SAN FRANCISCO. Cal.. March 21
(Special.) Jabez White and Jimmy Brltt
were formally matched this afternoon to
fight for the lightweight championship,
nominally held by Joe Gans, of Balti
more. They will meet April 25 In Me
chanics' Pavilion. White and Britt met
for the first time at the conference.
The club gives them SO per cent of the
gross receipts. Mitchell, acting for
White, thought CO and 40 was a fair pro
portion, and Britt at once agreed to it.
On a $40,000 house, which the fight is ex-
pected to draw, the winner will receive
J12.0W and the loser 59000. In addition to
this, Britt will receive a bonus, which
usually amounts to about $3000.
The weight was fixed at 123. The
Queensberry rules were agreed upon. It
was decided to select the referee 12 days
before the fight.
The question of bandages was the last
detail decided upon. Mitchell wanted no
bandages, possibly thinking White's small,
bony hands would do greater execution
without them. Brltt said, he was accus
tomed to using bandages. It was finally
agreed that soft surgical bandages be
used. They are to come from the same
roll and are to be adjusted in the ring".
Mlsty's Pride Wins the Handicap In
Fast Time.
SAX FRANCISCO, March 2S. Seven
high-class sprinters met In the handicap.
Mlsty's Pride raced her field dizzy, and
then won In a hard drive from Letola.
Weather cloudy; track fast. Results:
Three and a halt furlongs Sir Edtrard
won. Tolo Girl second, Canopa third; time,
Futurity course Best Hair won. Redan
second, Tam CShanter third; time. 1:11.
Mile and a sixteenth Eiherln won. Cin
nabar second. Flaunt third; time. 1:48.
Mile Xorthwest won. Melsterslnger second,
AI Waddle third; time, 1:414-5.
Five and a half furlongs Mlsty's Pride
won, Xetola second. Princess Titan la thtrd;
time. 1:07.
Futurity course Military Man won. Judge
second. Eckersall third; time, 1:10.
Tangible Springs Surprise In Large
Field at Ascot.
LOS ANGELES. Cal.. March 28. Tangi
ble, at 20 to 1. furnished the big surprise
at Ascot today, winning from a large field
with ease. Elverraco was the only favor
ite to reward Its backers, the other races
going to horses quoted at liberal odds.
The free handicap at one mile furnished
a splendid race. Ethylene, El Otros and
Elle running on even terms for a quarter
of a mile and finishing noses apart.
Weather clear; track fast. Summary:
Six furlong Birdie Stone won. Dr. Tom
second. Dusky Secret third; time. 1:18U.
Mile and a sixteenth Tangible won. "Upper
cut second. Miss Mar Bowdlsh third; time.
Six furlongs Elrerraco won. Funny Sides
second. Beautiful and Best third; time. 1:15.
Mile handicap El Otros won. Ella second.
Ethylene third; time. 1:41.
S Unison course Sportsman -won. Seaside
second. Kins Thorpe third; ,tlme. 1:10.
Six furlongs Mac Flecknoe won. Amlnte
second. Pose of Bllo third; time, 1:15H.
Coach for Whiman Athletes.
WHITMAN COIJ.FXyE. Walla. Walla,
Wash., March 23. (Special.) Charles F.
Xaraopp. A. B., now Y. M. C A. director
at the University of Colorado, has been
chosen by the trustees as gymnasium di
rector and athletic coach of Whitman
College. He will assume his duties next
Karaopp is one of the best-known ath
letes of the West, being guard on the
All-Western football eleven this year. He
is also a trackman, with a fine record in
shot-put, hammer and quarter mile, as
well as a baseball player. He will coach
all these athletics and also haw Mhitm
of the now gymnasium. He is over six
ieei tan. weigns a and of very attractive
personality. Ho belongs to the Beta
j.neia -fi iratcrnity and is an active Y. M.
C. A. man.
Pugilist Cranston Exonerated.
PHILADELPHIA, March 23. Dorsey
txanston, better known as "Kid" Dorsev.
a colored pugilist, was today exonerated
by the Coroner's jury of all responsibility
for the death of John Hall, colored, who
died followinir a hoxlnsr hnnt -with Tlnp.
sey last Thursday night. Others under
arrest in connection with the case were
aisp aiscnarged.
Remainder of Mars' Crew Found.
TOKIO, March 2S. Two firemen of the
British steamer Mars have died of ex
posure. The rest of the men rescued
have arrived at Hakodate.
(The Mars, a steamer of 2497 tons
ter, commanded by Captain Ruffell, sailed
from Barry, Wales, on November 2S last,
bound for Vladivostok. On March 17,
while attempting the passage of Soya
Strait, she was caught In the Ice and
finally stranded off Rural Promnntnrr
part of the crew effected a landing on
the Island of Hokkaido, but the others
were missing, including eight of the of
ficers, who were last reported in a life
boat being carried seaward by the Ice.
The above dispatch very likely refers to
the misslQg portion of the crew picked
up by the Japanese, who have kept up a
continuous searcn ror mem.)
Lease of Sailors' Home.
Board of Supervisors today granted a
five years' lease of the Sailors' Home
to the Sailors Protective Society. The
home for 25 years had been conducted
py tne Ladies seamen s Friend Society.
. BiJUurl.
Shippers Want Transports
Here During Fair.
Large Fleet Is Lying Idle at San
Francisco, and Some of Vessels
Might Be Brought Here With
out Cost to Government.
The shipping men of the city have begun
an agitation of the subject of having sev
eral army transports hero during the
Fair. The matter ha3 been talked over on
the water front since the arrival of the
Buford. It is believed that if the proper
representations were made to the War De
partment, an order would be Issued, for
stationing several of the steamers here
this Summer. There are always several
transports lying idle at San Francisco,
and they would be under no more expense
here than there.
A great many people are waiting pa
tiently for the Buford to move to Green
wich dock, so they can make a closer In
spection of her. To many landsmen, an
army transport is more Interesting than a
warship. It Is a fact that when a cruiser
or gunboat has been thrown open to the
publlo here, the majority of visitors- have
taken more interest in the sleeping, liv
ing and eating quarters of the men than
in the big guns or machinery. On a mod
ern transport, the first consideration is
the comfort and accommodation of the
soldiers. On the Buford, which will carry
about 1000 men, these details are arranged
on a scientific plan, and the troopers are
better cared for than are the passengers
on many a commercial liner. The other
transports in service on the Pacific are
equally well arranged.
Six transports are now Iyinr disengaged
in San Francisco Bay, and thiee more aa
on the way to the Coast from the Philip
pines. Those Idle at San Francisco are
the Warren, Crook. Meade, Solace, Dlx
and Thomas. The Sherman is on the way
across from Manila, the Logan la proceed
ing eastward from Honolulu, and the
Sheridan is en route to this city from the
Philippines, via Nagasaki. The last named
steamer Is due here April 20, and It Is be
lieved that if a request were made to
Washington, her stay here could be pro
longed for several months, after which
her place in this 'harbor might be taken
by another of the transports. The cost of
maintaining the vessels here would be
practically the same as at San Francisco,
and they would have the further advan
tage of lying in fresh water, while, if re
quired for active service, no time would
be lost in getting them to San Francisco.
The officers and men of the Buford are
in hopes that they will be ordered here on
their return from Manila, as they would
much prefer spending the Summer in
Portland than at San Francisco or Mare
Island. The presence of such a craft in
the river during the Fair would add to the
attractions of the event, and could prob
ably be brought about by some of the
commercial bodies here making the re
quest of the War Department.
British Steamer Ocean Monarch Has
Encounters With Cruisers.
SEATTLE, March 28. Japanese
cruisers twice stopped and boarded the
British tramp steamer Ocean Monarch,
which arrived here today, 26 days out,
while she was in the Japan Sea, on her
voyage to this port from Kobe. On
both occasions the Monarch was in
formed of the cruiser's desires by a
shot fired across her bow.
The first encounter occurred during
one afternoon, the cruiser sighting the
Monarch from a considerable distance
and overhauling her rapidly. The sec
ond time was at night, tho Monarch's
first warning that a cruiser was near
being when she found herself in the
glare of a searchlight, a -shot across
her bows following immediately.
The Monarch had no cargo, being in
ballast on her trip over and, after ex
amlning the vessel and her papers, the
boarding officers allowed her to pro
ceed. Her officers report a rough voy
age nearly all the way over. They say
the coast of Northern Japan and Si
beria Is so thoroughly guarded that it
would be impossible to make a success
ful attempt at blockade-running.
C. Kennedy Is Lost on Laysan Island,
but Crew Is Saved.
HONOLULU, March 28. Tno United
States gunboat Petrel, returning today
from Midway Island, via Laysan. brought
the crew of tho schooner C. Kennedy,
which left here on February 9 with sup
plies for the cable station on Midway,
but was wrecked on the Island of Lay
san. The crew and some of the cargo
of the Kennedy were saved, but the
vessel is a total loss.
The wreck of the schooner occurred
March 3. the vessel being driven on a
reef at daylight by a tremendous storm.
Captain Schlemmer, his two mates and
the crew of six Japanese succeeded in
reaching the shore, after encountering
great peril and losing all their boats.
They were rescued by tho Petrel qn
March 23.
San Francisco Ships Reach English
Ports After Narrow Escapes.
LIVERPOOL, March 28. The British
bark Gunford. from San Francisco, Octo
ber 27, which arrived at this port re
cently, encountered a hurricane March
35 and was thrown on her beam ends. It
was found necessary to Jettison a con
siderable portion of the vessel s cargo.
The British ship Thalatta. from San
Francisco. October 31. which has arrived
at Ipswich, reports ihat during a hunt
cane beginning March 14 she was on her
beam ends for 4S hours. The vessel and
her cargo are much damaged.
Tug Dauntless Saw Nothing of Men
of the Klose.
ASTORIA. Or.. March 28. (Special.)
The San Franchico tug Dauntless, which
has been .searching for the derelict
schooner C. A. Klose, arrived here this
Captain Shea says he ran as close to
the shore as possible all the way up
the coast, but saw 'or heard nothing of
the crew of the Klose.
Rushing Work on Lawton.
VALLEJO. Cal., March 28. A rush
order has been receix'ed at the Mare
Island navy-yard to complete the repair
work being done on the transport Law
ton, as It Is desired to place the vessel
in commission within six weeks. The
statement that the Russian vessel Lena
will be repaired by the Union Iron
Works o'f San Francisco has been confirmed.
Ran Blockade Six Times.
SAX FRANCISCO. March 27. The sec
ond mate and three seamen of the Ger
man ship Cassius arrived hers today from
the Orient .on the mall steamer Doric.
t .
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The Cassius succeeded in running the
Japanese blockade of the port of Vladi
vostok no less than six times, landing a
cargo of coal there upon each occasion.
Her captain, after making all the money
he could out of the Russians, ran Into
Kobe, where he succeeded In making a
sale, of the steamer to the Japanese. The
Doric also brought over the captain and
chief engineer of the British steamer
Sidonla, which they took out to Japan
and there sold to that government.
Lindstrom Will Build Barges.
ABERDEEN, Wash., March 28.
(Special.) John Lindstrom ha3 signed
a contract with the Columbia Contract
ing Company for the building of three
barges, each 9 feet deep, 34 feet beam
and i 130 feet long, at a total cost of
Marine Notes.
Tho schooner S. TJ Alexander has
cleared for Redondo with 810,000. feet
of lumber. t
The China steamer Arabia shifted
from Albina dock to the mills to load
flour. She will sail Thursday morning.
The German bark Nomia will leave
down the river this morning, bound- for
Taku. She carries 1,794,802 feet of
lumber, worth $13,890.
J. C Hinds, formerly first officer of
the British bark Dumfriesshire, has
been given the berth of master of the
British ship Lonsdale.
The steamer Cascade went down to
St. Helens yesterday to load ties, and
will come back to St Johns to finish
her cargo for San Franc'sco.
The transport Buford will move from
her anchorage In the stream to Green
wich dock Friday afternoon at- 2
o'clock. She will sail for Manila Sat
urday noon.
The steamer Alliance, from Coos
Bay, arrived early this morning. The
steamers Aberdeen and Harold Dollar
are due from San Francisco today, and
the Aurella tomorrow.
The German ship Henriette arrived
up yesterday afternoon, and moored at
Balfour. Guthrie & Co.'s new Centen
nial .dock, just north of the Albina
ferry landing. She is from Antwerp
via Port Los Angeles and brings ce
ment and other general cargo.
Domestic and Foreign Ports.
ASTORIA. M&cch 28. Arrived down at 4 and
sailed at "6 A. M. Steamer Columbia, for San
Francisco. Arrived at 2:30 and left up at S
P. M. Steamer Alliance, from Eureka and
Coos Bay. Arrived at 3:30 P. M. Schooner
Eric, from San Franclsso. Sailed at 5 P. M.
Steamer Bee, for San Francisco; steamer Whit
tier and barse Santa Paula, for San Francisco.
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flesh producer.
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Condition of the bar at 5 P. M.,"-moderate;
wind northwest: weather cloudy.
Sydney, N. S. "W., March 22. Arrived preach
bark Martha Roux, from Portland.
New York, March 28. Arrived Rhyndam,
from Rotterdam.
San Francisco, March 2S. Sailed at 11:30 A.
M. Steamer St. Paul, for Portland. Arrived
Steamer Peru, from An con, etc; steamer Coro
nado, from Gray's Harbor; steamer Central la.
from Gray's Harbor; schooner Henry "Wilson,
from Gray's Habor; schooner Eausallto, from
Gray's Harbor. Sailed Steamer China, for
Hong- Kong-, etc; schooner Charles Hanson,
whaling; steamer Eureka, for JCanalmo; steam
er Wellington, for NanaJmo.
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