Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, March 10, 1905, Page 16, Image 16

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American Officers on
' Oyama's Way.
Russians Seem to Lack Tac
tical Skill.
team over the proposed portage railway
route to Celllo and return to Portland to
morrow night. This trip Is In tho na
ture of an inspection of the work done
and to be done on the portage railway.
Some Opinions Given on the Japa
nese General and the Reasons
lor His Continued Success
Against Kuropatkln.
Whether Japan's brilliant land vic
tories are to be accredited to a high
development of strategical ability in
Field Marshal Oyama or to inferior
generalship and fighting ability on the
part of the Russians, is a debatable
question in the minds of some who
have followed the war situation. Some
contend that Russia's repeated disas
ters are due almost solely to the ap
parently poor lighting qualities of its
rank and file as compared with the
Japanese army and the equally poor
judgment and tactical skill displayed
by their leaders. Among the local mili
tary authorities, however, there is a
general opinion that the Japanese suc
cesses are largely due to the clever
ness and capacity shown by Marshal
Oyama In conceiving and executing
strategical movements.
What Officers Say.
In an effort to obtain a. military opin
ion of the work 'of Field Marshal
Oyama, several of the loca. officers
wore interviewed last night.
General Constant "Williams, com
manding the Department of the Colum
bia, U. S. A., when asked for his views,
"Having no really accurate informa
tion as to the conditions under which
the war is being carried on, it is ex
tremely difficult to express an opinion
of the ability of any of the command
ing officers. At present we can only
surmise and await results.
"Without knowing the relative
strength of the oposlng armies and the
topography of the country over which
the battles are fought, it would be
hard to judge whether the flanking and
strategical movements of Marshal
Oyama were justifiable or not under the
modern theory of tactical warfare. A
successful flanking movement requires
usually a superior offensive force and
should at least be equal in numbers
to the opposing army. Not knowing
the exact number of troops on either
side In the present war, it Is therefore
impossible to say Just how much strat
egy has entered into the movements of
the Japanese, but the fact that they
have met with entire success would
seem to Indicate that the various at
tacks were well-planned and timed.
The latest move made by Marshal
Oyama before Mukden, in which the
flanking movement was successfully
carried out, was undoubtedly the prop
er thing to do in order to cut the. Bus
slans off from Harbin."
Not a Great Strategist.
"I hardly think that Oyama can be
called a great strategist." said General
Thomas M. Anderson, "but he has un
doubtedly shown great administrative
skill in handling and directing his troops.
There are not nough details of the op
posing armies at hand to allow the forma
tion of a correct judgment, but while a
very competent soldier, I do not think
that Oyama has shown any great bril
liancy, nor has he displayed any great
"His latest attack In which he flanked
on both sldea was an unusual method,
but I think was prompted by good gen
eralship and good judgment In being able
to read his opponents rather than due
to high strategical ability. He must have
had great confidence In his forces oc
cupying the center and In their ability to
form a strong defense. Good troops were
also a necessity as well as their number,
r!nce It is considered unwise to execute
a flunking movement unless with superior
What Russia Lacks.
"It seems to me that Russia not only
lacks the initiative, but courage, nerve
and good judgment, all of which quali
ties the Japanese have. If Kuropatkln
had similar troops I think the victories
would not be so easily won.
"Oyaraa's ability can be summed tip in
good sense, good generalship and good
judgment in reading his opponents."
General O. Summers, when Interviewed,
"I have great admiration for the strate
gical ability shown by Oyama. His move
ments so far have been up to the modern
Ideas of warfare and his work before
Mukden shows this especially. The most
dangerous thing that can happen to an
army is to have Its flank turned by the
enemy and the latter allowed to get Mn
the rear. Oyama's efficiency to develop
a strategical flanking movement was well
demonstrated in the last few days. Feint
ing at the center of tho Russian forces,
then at the left, the real movement took
place on the right and found the Rus
sians in a bcwlldored state, unable to
determine just where the attack was be
ing made. Of course, in such a move
ment his center might have been pierced
bat Kuropatkln would hardly dare take
the chance of leaving Ills wings unpro
tected -to attack Oyama's center, since In
that event the Japanese flanking forces
would simply pour in behind. In his work
Oyama has been ably supported by his
assistants, Generals Kuroki and NogU
nd these three have fooled the Russians
throughout. Like Grant. Oyama might
woll be called the sllent man.' He never
intimates what lie is going to do in the
slightest way and the Russians are never
able to solve his actions until too late.
President Wills Defies Police to Close
Seliwood Readlng-Room.
President A. X. Wills. Rev. D. A.
Thompson. Rev. C A. Lewis and the
other officers and members of the Sell
wood Library Association, thought their
troubles were over when they raised
money to pay expenses, rented a room,
fitted It up and provided it with books,
but it seems that they did not reckon
with the Chief of Police and the police
men. "Because the boys who gather In
the reading-rooms to spend the evening
until 9:30. are a little noisy when they
are dismissed to go to their homes," says
Mr. Wills. 'a woman living in the neigh
borhood made complaint to the Chief of
Police, and I am informed that the Chief
of Police has threatened to close up the
reading-room if there are any more com
plaints made. If it Is true, as reported,
that he did say he would close up the
library and reading room if any more
complaints are made, thon let him try
It. I will make a fight on that propo
sition that will make his head swim. He
had better shut up some of the noisy
dives nearer by than to start on our
reading-room, where we arc trying to
teach boys to live useful lives. We keep
the boys quiet in the reading-rooms, but
boys are boys, and they will be noisy
when they get outside. The woman who
made the complaint complains also about
the school children. Why not shut up
the school? If we had a few more reading-rooms
it would be a good thing, but
as soon as something of the sort Is start
ed somebody tries to break It down and
destroy the good we are trying to do. The
Seliwood library and reading-room Is go
ing to stay, and It will take more than
one woman and the Chief of Police thrown
In to close it up."
It Will Be Organized to Play Domin
ion Day.
A meeting to organize an association
football club will be held this evening in
the office of George Cameron, 716 Chamber
of Commerce building. The club Is to be
formed at this particular time, as the
game hai not flourished very well hero
this Winter, and the 150 or more Cana
dians in town who know the sport wish
to .see a, match game on Dominion day,
July 1, at the Fair.
Association football can be played at
almost any time of year, so a meeting to
organize a club just as Spring is about to
come Is not so far out of season as might
appear. It is a good game, and should
flourish in this climate, especially as there
are so many men here who have played it
in England, Scotland and Canada. There
are already teams In Tacoma, Seattle, II
waco and South Bend. With one in Port
land as a connecting link, a schedule of
games could readily be arranged.
On Dominion day at the Fair the Cana
dians wish to have all their national
sports represented, the two most popular
of which are association football and la
Governor and Party Make Trip to
The Dalles and Beyond
Governor Georgo E. Chamberlain, Sec
retary of State F. I. Dunbar and State
Treasurer Charles S. Moore, constituting
the State Portage Railway Commission.
conferred with Major W. C Langfitt yos
terday In regard to tho Government
Celllo Canal. A t general discussion of
the present situation and plans was held.
but aside from the adjustment of a few
minor details in regard to the right of
way to be given the Government by the
state, no action was taken
Dalles last night, where they hold a con
fcrenco with Tho Dalles Commercial
Club regarding the state portage road.
This morning they will take a boat trip
from The Dalles through Three-mile-j
Open Evenings.
This evening and tomorrow evening our
store will be open until 9 and 10 P. M.
to accommodate the throng of people
wishing to register their order for a gen
tleman's suit, so as to get the elegant
silk shirtwaist suits, which go free with
each gent's order.
Remember, these are silk shirtwaist
suits complete, made ready to wear.
You will be surprised, as hundreds of
others have been. Read the following.
Fifth and Alder Streets.
Free! Free! Free!
With each order for a gentleman's suit
for the remainder of this weeV only no
longer. See our windows. Elegant gents'
suits $25.03 to $30.00. and you get a silk
shirtwaist suit worth nearly as much.
Store open this week until 8:30 P. M.
Why we do it to Introduce our line of
ladies' silk shirtwaist suits. For it is
well known that In the past we have not
handled this line of ladies' wear, an ad to
let every one in Portland know that we
have added this popular line of garments
to our ladies' suit and cloak business, we
make this remarkable offer for the re
mainder of the week, beginning this Frl
day morning. What we lose during this
sale would be a handsome profit for any
store. But it's not lost. It's advertising
the most expensive in the world, the
best In the world. We have been here for
years, and our old reliable motto is still
In force "It shall not cost you one cent
If you are not satisfied."
Ho other store In Portland can. truth
fully make the following statement:
We have not got a ladles' old-style or
last Fall and Winter garment in our store.
for about the 1st of February -we sold to
Wilson, the auction man. our entire re
maining stock of last season's garments.
In our salesrooms you will not be asked
No look at out-of-date, remnant, odd-and
end garments, as our stock Is fresh, up
to-date and every particle of it has been
manufactured since February 3 1905. We
were, by a. long ways, the first house in
this city to place on sale Spring-style
covert jackets, which we did January 7.
Having our own factory enabled us to do
A tremendous stock of woolens for
gents merchant tailoring.
Our old customers, when they come in
now, say: "My. but you have Increased
your stock.' So we have. It Is double
that of any concern in Portland. That
means, you can find what you want, from
the lower and medium grade of cloth to
the finest. We ask you to take nothing
for granted all linings, trimmings, etc..
will be exhibited for your inspection. No
dissatisfaction will be tolerated. "It shall
not cost you one cent if you are not sat
isfied" that is our rule; we will not break
It with any one.
The J. M. Acheson Co., Fifth and Alder
Streets, Merchant Tailors, Manufacturers
and Dealers in Ladles' Suits, Coats and
Find a Human Skeleton.
Workmon engaged in excavation opera
tions on the St. Helens road, near the
Lewis and Clark Fair grounds, unearthed
a skeleton late yesterday afternoon.
Deputy Coroner Baldwin responded to
a call and investigated the case. The
skeleton wa that of a human being, he
determined, but that it had been buried
for many years was evident. It may
have been that of an Indian, Deputy
Baldwin states, or it may have been one
of many deceased inmates of the old
pesthouse. which was near the place. It
was reinterred.
Ras Elba's Quick Trip.
The British steamship Ras Elba made
a fine run of hours from Seattle to
Astoria. She left up shortly after noon
and will begin loading cargo at Albcrs'
dock this morning. The steamer Is nartlv
The commission left Portland for TheJ. loaded with oats, -which were taken on
at the Sound port, and will complete her
cargo here with about 3BQJ tons of bay.
She goes to the Orient.
Government work Rt that point From 1 g- remedy, remove the cause. CaM for ruR
Big Eddy the. commission will drive by i cuse and lookJor tlsnature. . AV. Grov. 23c
The Meier (2b Frank Store
Children's Undermuslins
A two days' sale of Children's Under
mnslins of great importance to mothers
Thoasands of pieces of Gowns, Drawers
and Petticoats at considerably less than
valne Standard styles and materials
Misses' and Children's "White Cambric Pet
ticoats, 4 to 16 years, made with waistbands,
trimmed in fine embroideries and laces, inser
tions, clusters of tucks, also plain hemstitched
75 c values
68c each
$1.25 values for 97c each
$1.00 values for 87c each
$1.50 values for $1.22 ea.
$2.50 values for $1.98 ea.
$2.00 values for $1.63 ea.
Misses' and Children's Drawers, made of fine Cambric and
Muslin, trimmed in dainty embroidery, Valenciennes and Torchon
lace and clusters of tucks; all ages ; great bargains
75c values for 59c pair $1.00 values for 79c pair
Plain tucked Drawers, sizes 6 months to 4 years, pair 13
Plain tucked Drawers, sizes 5 to 8 years, pair 16
Children's Cambric and Muslin Night Gowns, high and low
neck, long and short sleeves, trimmed in dainty embroidery and
lace edgings, insertipns, headings and ribbons
$1.50 values for $1.19 ea. $1.25 values for 96c each
65 values for 59c each $1.00 values for 87c each
Children's fine Cambric and Nainsook Dresses, trimmed in fine
laces and embroidery edgings, insertions, clusters of tucks, bead
ing and ribbon; our best $2.75 and $3.00 values, Q
on sale for
"White embroidered Flannel, 85o values, yard 63p
Great assortment of Matted Pictures, many subjects,
great special value at v .... C
Colored Pictures of Animals and Scenes, framed in 2-inch
green frames, regular 65c values, on sale for -fC
Brass Toasts, 6x6 inches, special ..120
Passepartout Picture Frames, gray binding, white mats, 3tQ
three openings, 75c values . ..-C
All-Oil Paintings on sale at, each $2.50
Artistic Picture Framing at the lowest, prices.
The Meier 2b Frank Store
Complete Spring Showings
in Our Cloak Department
Our Mr. Ludwig Hirsch, Cloak and
Suit Buyer, returned yesterday from
New York City With his return we
announce complete Spring showings
in all lines of Women's Ready-to-wear
apparel The newest and most
attractive fashions in an immense
ek variety of styles and at prices to lit
cyct jf pmc Mum, o fcroumg
Cloak and Suit Store will, as usual, be
found prepared to outfit the women
of Portland and the Northwest in the
most satisfactory manner from every
pint of view Neither time nor
expense has been saved in our efforts
to gather metropolitan stocks, assort
ments and styles that would compare favorably with the
best efforts of the leading New York and Chicago stores
We'll let you be the judge
New high-class Dress Suits, "Walking Suits, Covert Jackets,
Novelty Jackets, "Walking and Dress Skirts. New "Waists, Petti
coats, Shirtwaist Suits, etc.
Men's Specials
Four worthy bargains in the
Men's Furnishing Goods Store for
Friday shoppers
Men's new nlaited Golf Shirts, in I
splendid patterns and colorings,
detachable- cuffs, all sizes, best
$1.50 values, for $1.29
Men's light-weight collarless
Night Shirts, plain white and
fancy trimmed ; best $1 f7kt
values, in all sizes C
Men's pure linen hemstitched
Handkerchiefs, big size, wonder
ful value for today,
70c for half-doz.; ea. 1
Men's new fancy Hosiery in Jac
quard and embroidered effects,
all sizes, 50c values, pr 390
"Hawes" Hats for Spring. All
the newest models in Derbys and
Soft Hats now ready, $3.00.
2290 Pairs of Lace Curtains 20 Patterns
Women's Low Shoes $2.12 Pair
Women's Shoes $2.12 Pair
Black, Tan Leathers-Spring Styles
Two great bargains in Women's Shoes New, high-grade
Footwear Spring styles in
the very best leathers All
sizes and widths Priced
down to what they actually
Ik cost to land in the store
800 pairs "Women's Lace Shoes,
in patent leather, vici Hd, pat
ent tip and velour calf, all this
season's best models; Shoes
that bring $3.50 a pair in every
store in town; today you. can
buy them here J
800 pairs Women's Low Shoes in tan leather, vici kid, patent tips
and patent leather soles, Oxford or Blucher cut, all this season's
new arrivals, all sizes and widths; great value 1 O
at, pair 1 v
There'll be lively selling in the Curtain Store all day today Few
housewives, hotel or boarding-house keepers will be able to resist
the great Surprise Sale offering of $2.25 to $3.00 Scotch net and
madras weave Lace Curtains at $ 1 .27 a pair 2290 pairs in the lot
Our share of a great purchase from a prominent manufacturer
Parties furnishing up for the Fair will find this an unequaled raoney
saving opportunity Curtains are from 50 to 54 inches wide and
ZJA yards long 20 patterns to select from Plain and figured
centers Renaissance border and insertion effects, Brussels designs,
bow knots, Battenburg and Cluny effects, etc., etc. The great
majority of the Curtains are $2.50. $2.75 and $3.00 values and
find ready sale at these prices every day in the year Quantities in
the different styles are large enough to supply any reasonable
demand Fifth-st. window display shows you a few of the bargains
If you've curtain needs better plan to take advantage
of today's great sole 3d Floor Take Elevators Pr.
50c Black Mesh Veiling, in fancy and
dotted styles,- on sale at, yard . .
Beady-jnade Veils in blue and brown,
plain and dotted, $1.25 val. for
All 25c Belts in red, blue, white and
black on sale today! at low price of.
25c Handbags in black only
Black and "White Girdle Forms, great
special value for today
New Handbags in big variety.
i Improved Dover Eggbeaters for vl2
au-quan uaivanizea water rails ..19
"WoodFiber "Wash Basins, each 150
Good Scrubbing Brushes, each -. .0
Round Asbestos Mats, each 40
Perforated Mixing Spoons, each g
No. 8 Copper-Bottom "Wash Boilers, each 840
Galvanized "Wash Tubs, medium size 630
Medium Zinc "Wash Boards, each 270
$3.50 Clothes Wringers, guaranteed ma
for three years, great value at-. i&Q
Men's Shaving
Supplies at Very
Low Prices
Shaving Brushes, pure bristle and
badger hair, assorted handles; great
values at
I9c, 33c and 39c
Henckle's celebrated Razors, every
one sold on trial; special prices
$1.25 values for 980
$2.00 values for S1.59
$2.50 values for $1.98
"Griffon" Safety Razors, put up in
Morocco case, every one fully "war
ranted to give perfect satisfaction.
$230 razor, complete, 1 blade $1.59
$4.00 razor, complete, 3 bids, 2.79
$5.50 razor, complete, 6 bids. $3.49
Famous "Gilette" Safety Razor at
$5.00 a set -with every Gilette
we give a pure bristle shaving
brush and a cake of "Williams shav
ing soap.
We carry a complete line of ffTor
reyV celebrated Razor Strops, in
Russia, shell horse and porpoise
horsehide Strop 130
Genuine shell horse Strop 490
Porpoise hide Strop 390
Full line 'of imported and domestic
Razors at low prices.
Special sale of Pocket Knives
2 and 3 blades, 50c values 330
3 and 4 blades, $L00 values 690
Military Hair Brushes, solid polished
-wood back, pure bristles, jneat
values 980
Solid ebony and rosewood back cloth
brushes, pure Siberian bristles,
great value , 980
Rutland cream-wove "Writing Paper,
Tlain or ruled, creat value, lb. 13
3 Cream-wove Envelopes to match the
above, special value, package 50
Large boxes of fancy Stationery,
best grade of linen papers in differ
ent colors, values from 75c to
.$1.25, on sale for.... 390
Souvenir Postal Cards at low prices.
Lewis and Clark Souvenirs in great
Go-Carts Low Pric'd
AdjnsUble, reclining and folding
Go-Carts at exceptionally low
prices All have handsome reed
bodies enameled gear, rnboer
tires Desirable models in many
grades at prices very interesting
to parties having baby-carriage
needs Third Floor.
(10.00 model, i-Inch c a Af
rubber tires at ....OVirv
PS.00 model. H-lnch (t
rubber tires at vitSr.eSr
Reclining Go-Carts, automobile
sear, handsome reed body, cushions
and parasol included
J12 value, ?i-inch tires, for..S
516 value, tf-lnch tires, for. S13.G0
318 value, -inch tires, for..l&25
$15.50 Reclining- Go-Cart. 14-inch
front wheels, 22-in. rear "wheels, Vr
in. rubber tires, heavy ruffled-edged
cushions, parasol, etc.; pja Ji
great special value at .?lv.6J i
Folding Go -Carta -with reed back,
automobllo gear, best e
$5.00 model, on sale for..J3'
Reclining Folding Go-Cart, perfor
ated back, -wood arms and seat,
best $5.00 value lor. A.m
Reclining Folding Go-Cart, reed
back, wood seat and arms, our
best $5.50 model on sale for.$4.3B
Reclining Folding Go-Cart, reed
baok. flat reed arms, cane seat,
reed dash, $7.00 value fS5
Bee the New English perambulatore.
Third Floor.
ts,v pn.voiin "Racs the largest and best selected stock on the Pa
cific Coast. Every good style and grade.
Sheets, Pillow Cases and Sheeting
Sale of Rugs at
Mill Prices
Still selling Axminster Hugs at
mill prices A Incky purchase
entwesus io oner tne sest wiwSbHHSHbK
styles in all grades at prices
Axminster Eugs, 27 inches wide, 44 to 56 inches long, Oriental and
uorai designs, Deantuui colorings, greatest Itug
bargain ever offered, $2.75 value, at low price of $ I &
Axminster Rugs, 36 inches wide, 44 to 63 inches long; Oriental
and floral designs, great variety, handsome color
ings, $3.50 values, great phenomenal values at
Axminster Rugs, 27 inches wide, 60 in'ches long, Oriental and
floral designs, newest colorings, immense variety to 52
select from; regular $2.75 values at this price P i -Oft
Axminster Rugs, 18x36 inches, new designs and color- QL
ings; best $1.25 values on sale at the low price of OOC
Axminster Rugs, 36x72 itiches, magnificent Rugs in superb de
signs and colorings; the'greatest Rug bargain C. 3t
Portland women ever shared in; reg. $4.50 value. . .
Only two days more of the great sale of Sheets, Pillow
Slips and sheeting Many reasons why yon should
boy here Sest grades, lowest prices, better values for
yc-pr money than can be obtained at any other store in
town We're demonstrating it to hundreds of shrewd
bnyers every day.
42x36-inch bleached Pillow Cases,
good cotton, great val., eacH 8
45x35-inch bleached Pillow Cases,
great special 15c val.. each 100
45x36-in. homstitcbed Pillow Cases,
matchless value at, each.. 130
Hemmed Marseilles pattern Bed
spreads, large size, great
Hemmed Marseilles Bedspreads,
large size, great special value
at $2.05
72x90 bleached Sheets, ood qual
ity, great value, each 420
SlxDO hemstitched Sheets, best
quality cotton, great val. 680
.81x99 hemstitched Sheets best
quality cotton, great bar
gain 730
81x90 bleached Sheets, great spe
cial value at, each 480
90x99 hemstitched Sheets, best
quality " cotton, great bar
gain 800
Brown Sheeting, 2 yards wide,
great value, yard 170
Brown Sheeting, 24 yards wide,
great value, yard 180
Brown Sheeting, 2 yards wide,
great value, yard 200
45-inch . Bleached . Sheeting, great
value, yard 110
Bleached Sheetin- 2 yards wide,
great value, yard 180
Bleached Sheeting. 24 yards wide,
great value, yard 200
Bleached Sheetinc. 2Y2 yards wide,
great value, yard 220
White and fancy colored, best 20c
quality, being sold all this week
at, yard 140
Coffee, Tea, Cocoa and Chocolate
Two Days' More of These Splendid Values
Baker's Cocoa, 1-lb. cans 42c
Gniradelir8 'Cocoa, -lb. cans 20c
Ghlradelli's Cocoa, 1-lb. cans.... 40c
Huylers Cocoa, -lb. cans 2Sc
lb. Huylor ready-to-serve Choc
olate - S6c
Epps Cocoa. .-lb cans 33c
Ghlradelli's Eagle Sweet Choc... 23c
Ghlradelli's Unsweetened Choc. .32a
Baker's Eagle Sweet Choc, lb. 25c
Baker's Unsweetened Chocolate.. 3ec
Mdtr A Fraak'a famous Mocha asd
Java CeHee Kual to the
best 49c grades lb.
Best English. Tea. lb 46c
Fancy English Tea, lb 3T.c
Best Gunpowder Tea, lb 4e
Fancy Gunpowder Tea, lb....wc
Uncolored or Spider Leg Tea, lb. 42c
SL & F. Co. Green Jap. Tea. lb..4e
Country Club Mocha and Java Cof
fee, 1-lb. cans, lb 3Se
Country Club Mocha and Java Cof
fee. 2-lb. cans lor sze
Green Costa. Rica, lb... 32c
Green Jaya Coffee, lb 18c
Green Mocha Coffee, lb......... 38c
Imperial Cocoa, li -lb: cans. l'Sc
Baker's Cocoa, -lb. cans arc
Great large California Navel Oranges, the size and quality being sold all i
over town at 30c and 33c dozen buy all you want here at. dozen IOC
Box of 10& dozen for. - .' XI. to
3-fold Draft Screens, in mahogany, oak
and white enamel, silkollne filled;
great special values for three q
days at.
Oak-framed Screens, with, separate rod
for filling, silkollne filled, handsome
styles, best $2.50 values, j
3-oId Oak Screens, filled with plain
colored, denim, best made, g-5
regular StSS values. JO
Weathered Oak Screens, filled with red
or blue burlap, regular $7.58
values, for. M....,...vV.jJ
Weathered oak and natural oak India.
Stools, new models, great Q"Kc
special value -
$3.25, $2.50, $2.75, $3 Values $1.27 Pr.