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Fancjr Grades Are Steadily
Onion Market Also Shews Much Im
prmnement Scarcity of Butter
Leads to Higher Prices
Small Interest in Hops.
The coarse of the potato market does' not
justify the, predictions made by shippers and
dealers at tbe commencement of tbo seaoan.
Instead of declining, prices have moved up
ward more or lps steadily of late. What will
be the future of the market is hard to say.
but growers feel confident that the present coo
dlUpus will lead to higher values later on.
Buyers are paying 95 cents at Portland for
fancy grade and the .course of the San Fran
clico market would seem to Justify even bet
ter prices, but If they have been offered the
fact has been kept quiet. Coos Bay potatoes
are selling In tbe California metropolis for
$1.40 and they are said to be well worth, the
rrice, for they are of the finest quality this
r-easou. Very few strictly fancy potatoes are
coming into this market but receipts of com
mon grades are large and they are hard to
move. There Is an urgent demand lor early
t-aed poiaioes and buyers are offering $1.50 to
II 76 per ICO. but cannot get adequate sup
tiles. Inquiries made as far East as Montana
tin to bring satisfactory results. There was
a short crop of early potatoes last year, which
accounts for the scarcity. -Farmers ha Wing
an? kind of early eecd varieties, especially
Early Hose, can get good prices by marketing
Oeir product now.
The onion market is also in better shape,
to far as best strk Is concerned, and &
trlgbt fancy article will bring up to $325.
There is a great deal of common stock coming
In. however, which Is hard to place at a range
ir SI il. DO. Sprouting -onions can with diffi
culty be moved.
WHEAT The wheat market is stagnant.
with r.o trading reported on Eastern or Cali
fornia account, and export business out of-the
question What buying was done In the past
week was by millers and was of a hand-to-
trouth character. Prices are weak in sym
pathy wjth the ateady decline in Eastern mar
kets Conditions In the European trade are
I reported by the London correspondent of the
Northwestern Miller of March 1 as follows;
The continued unfavorable crop reports re
ceived by cable -from India, backed up as they
arc by the abstention of shippers from offer
ing wheat at anything like the prices Which
"blank' sellers will accept, have Imparted a
good deal of strength to the market, more
(specially as It Is now believed that the Ar
gentine crop has turned out less than was ex
pected, while the- Australasian surplus for
Europe, It Is now tolerably certain, will not
teach 50 per .cent of that of last year, which
was about 40.000,000 quarters. So much.
therefore, depends upon India this year that
any prospective reduction of the supplies, to
oe expected from thence Is bound to have
fiflsir' effect.
j-a;e in .December I sent you a summary
te.-clved by cable, of what is known as the official memorandum of the condition
cf the crop and the area sown. When this
first report is made up, the full area Is not
known, and the success of tho crop atlll more
or less depends upon the weather. However,
that report, while it showed the area sown.
w far, To be a trifle less than last year, stated
that the condition of the crop was generally
rood and even excellent In the most Impor
tant wheat-growing part of India, via., the
Lnlted Province and the Northwest. Since
the compilation of that report, however, the
smtlook. has been impaired, first of all by the
failure of the late rains, and,' secondly, by
-Ibe extraordinary severity of the weather:
t.vers have been frozen over, which had nnw
seen In this state before, and communications
cave peen Interrupted by snowstorms. In
Bengal, too heavy rains at an Inopportune
time havo done damage. Thus it happens !'
while last December the outlook indicated a
trop little short of last year's abnormally large
field, -and thus caused a bearish Imprc&slon to
prevail, the majority of the private reports
bow received state that the crop may be
seriously short of last year's. Wo must wait,
however, until about the middle of next month
for a definite report, which will then be fur
ntrtied by the second official memorandum; the
third and final report appears in June.
Tbe first official report of the condition of
the French crop on January J3 has appeared
litis week, and f-hows the average condition 'to
be only 67.6. agalnFt 72.2 last year, and 70.4
In 1603. while the area sown Is rather less than
last year. For the purposes of these agricul
tural reports France Is divided into ten sec
tions, and from each of these sections reports
aro supplied by the prefects in ten different
From Russia the reports regarding the Autumn-sown
crops are not entirely favorable,
there being many auctions where damage has
been done by the severe frost where, the plant
Was not sufficiently protected by enow. The
pprtng-fown crop Is, of course, the most Im
portant, and It will be Interesting to know
whether the area to be sown will be equal to
last year.
Opinions are expressed, with which one is la
rrlned to asa,e. that the large draft on the
agricultural papulation for the purposes of the
war with Japan, and tho distress which pre
vails in many parts of the country may re
sult In a largely reduced area this year.
Meanwhile the Ice-free ports of Odessa. Nico
taleff Novorocralsk and Theodorla are shipping
tnuch more freely than was expected, the con
tequence being that the shipments to Europe
last wi exceed three million quarters.
FLOUR. FEBD. BTC The flour market
tffers no encouragement whatever this week.
She Orientals are disposed to buy for later
shipment April, May and June but at lower
prices and as the millers are not disposed to
sxoept their figures, a deadlock Is tho result,
tt was expected that some business might be
accomplished by chartering tramp atcara ton
cage, but It Is said by mill era that even a
(4 rate would sot enable the business to be
profitably worked. The Central and South
Americans, who bought liberally a short time
ago, are now out of the market. A small
amount of flour Is sUll going East. The local
tltuaUon is in a strong position, and while it
Is not announced that an advance Is In pros
pect. It Is equally certain that there will aft,
be a. decline.
The feed market Is strong with a heavy de
mand for mill products and local slocks not
heavy. Oata and barley are reported quiet,
and notwithstanding a good export movement.
prices are unchanged. There Is a large sup
ply of hay at this point and leading dealers
quote the weak.
HOPS This market Is quiet with not much
Interest shown except by speculators and lo
cal dealers. Effort made by bulls and bears
have, had no material effect In changing the
situation. The market Is still quoted as -weak.
Both, sides look for a change soon In the line
of their respective Interests. New York ad
vices of March 4 said:
No new developments were reported from up
the Mate or the coast. Offerings were lim
ited, there being no pressure fromgrowers to
market supplies ana mere were Buyers at un
changed prices. Locally th market presented
a tame appearance. Some dealers continued
to show a. willingness to purchase supplies at
prices last paid, but there was no active bid
ding for supplies. Business with brewers was
reported quiet.
The progress made la forming a pool of
English growers Is thus reported by the Kent
ish Observer of February 16:
An organisation, which has for Its object the
combination of holders of J 904 hops.4 for the
purpose of regulating the sale of same, and
preventing, as far as possible, excessive com
petition therein. Is making good progress to
wards completion. At the- first meeting of
growers, held January 23 last, the general
principles of the scheme were accepted and a
provisional committee waa appointed to ex
amine details and to report to a. subsequent
meeting. At tbe meeting held in London on
Monday last the committee was able to re
port that between 80 and 100 members hoMing
nearly 20.000 pockets of hops, had signed.!
agreements to pool their aoldlsgs. It was ulti
mately resolved to adjourn the meeting to
Monday next, February 20. at the Bridge
House Hotel. London Bridge, when the Bor
ough factors will be Invited to Join the grow
ers In consultation as to the best methods of
PRODUCE There Is a great scarcity of but
ter on Front street, and quotations on best
grades have been advanced to 324 cents. Many
firms with outside orders were unable to fill
them -yesterday. The advance, in California
shut oS supplies frost that quarter, and though
tbe San Francisco market later declined. It Is
not likely to havo a weakening effect here, as
Eastern prices have gone up and the Call-
fornians can do better by shipping East than
to the Northwest. The stresgth of the local
situation t only regarded as temporary, as
grass has become plentiful In the country and
receipts from the Valley and Coast creameries
are expected to Increase rapidly.
Eggs are on the upward march again and
sell readily at a cent over the quotations of
the first of the week. Receipts, though fairly
large, are Irregular. Indicating that Puget
Sound buyers are operating in the Valley. The
top figure quoted below was asked yesterday
on single case lots.
Poultry Is also firmer, as receipts, though of
good volume, have been readily absorbed.
Large quantities of California, produce have
come on the market In the past week and
have been disposed of at generally steady
prices. A number of early varieties of vege
tables have been received.
There Is a good local demand, for fancy table
apples, but the market Is overburdened with
common stock, which Is offering at 60 eents
and up. and hard to move at that.
sugar, exeept beet sugar, declined 10 cents
per hundred yesterday. Coffee Is weak and
teas quiet and unchanged. Rice is slow with
no alteration in the tone of the market.
Canned goods are generally firm and salmon
has an upward tendency.
Livestock quotations are maintained at the
yards, though there is lees strength ra cattle
and hogs. Dressed meats are firmer, par
ticularly veal and pork.
Grain, Flour, Feed, Etc
WHEAT Walla Walls, 83c; bluestem. S2e;
?alley. 87c per bushel.
FLOUR Patents. 44.60&4.85 per barrel;
straights. S4.3034.45; clears. 3.S5S4: Valley.
i4.10$4.2f: Dakota hard wheat, f6.5057.50;
Graham. $3.5034; whole wheat. 3494-23; rye
flour, local, S3; Eastern. S5&5.1U; corameel,
per case, SL90.
BARLEY Feed. $23 per ton: rolled. SZi'SZS.
OATS No. 1 white. $1.3331.40; gray. S1.40
61.45 per cental.
MILLSTUFFS Bran. $19.30 per ton; mid
dlings. 25: shorts. $22: chop. U. S. Mills. $10:
linseed dairy foods. $16; linseed oilmeal. car
lots. $29 per ten; less than car lots, $30 per
CEREAL FOODS Rolled oats, cream. SO
pounds sacks, $0.73; lower grade. $5Q6.25; oat.
meal, steel cut. 50-pound sacks, $S per barrel:
10-pound sacks. $4.25 per bale; oatmeal
(ground). 50-pound sacks, $7.M per barrel; 10
pound sacks. $4 per bale: solit Deas. $4 ner
100-pound sack; 25-pound boxes, $L15; pearl
Daney, t per iuu pounas; io-pouna ooxes,
S1.55 TIM- box- Tifrv flmir lO.tvronfl ao.Va
t $2.t0 per bale.
ha i Timothy. $14916 per ton; clover, lilt
12; grain. $11912: cheat. $1112.
Butler, Eggs, Poultry, Etc
EGGS Oregon ranch. J718c per dozen.
BUTTER City creameries: Extra creamery,
22c per pound: fancy creamers'. 30c State
creameries: Fancy creamery. 27V4fiK-32e: store
nutter, nvioc; uaiirornia, ayolc.
CHEESE Full cream twins, new, 1415c;
POULTRY Fancy hens. l4014Hc; old hens,
12H3?13c; mixed chickens. 1212c; old roost-
turkeys, alive. 16017c; do drersed. poor, 179
ic; oo cnoice. 2Si4c; geese, live, per
pound. SeSHc; do dressed, per pound. 10311c:
ducks, old. $S.50frO: do young, as to size. $99
10; pigeons, $11.2S; squabs. $2?.&0.
Vegetables. Fruit. Etc.
VEGETABLES Turnips, $1 per sack; car
rota. $1.25: beets, $L25; parsnips, $L50; cab
bage, California, lfcc; lettuce, hothouse, 25o
per dozen; parsley, sre dozen; tomatoes, $2.25
per crate; cauliflower. $2 per crate; egg plant,
10513c per pound; celery. 53.2593.50 per crate:
peas, luc per pound; peppers. 25c per pound:
sprouts. 6c; asparagus. l2HS16c pur pound;
noutiaro, sc per pouaa; cucumbers, sz.z5 per
ONIONS Fancy. $33.25; No. 2, $11.50;
POTATOES Ore-con fancy. S8D5c: com
mon. 7S60c. buyers price; Mercea sweets, 1H
RAISINS Loose Muscatels. 4 -crown. 7ic:
5-layer Muscatel raisins. ?Hc; unbleached seed
less Sultanas. C5io: London layers. 3-crown.
whole boxes of 20 pounds, $LS5; 2-crown.Sl.75.
vtiitiit tiiuix Appies, craporatea, usroiy:;
per pound: sundrled. sacks or boxes, none:
apricots. I0llc; peaches. SglO&c: pears, none;
prunes, Italians. 4&5c; French. 263'S&c; figs.
California blacks. 3c; do white, none; Smyr
na. .20c; Fard dates, de; plums, pitted, Gc
LUii.ainj jrui is-Apples, 4-tler Bald
wins, $1.2581.50; Spltzenbergs, $L75Q2; cook
ing. 40660c; figs. S5c$$2J0 per box; cran
berries, $12.50 per barrel.
TROPICAL FRUITS Lemons, fancy. $Z7BQ
3.73: choice, $2.75 per box; oranges, standard.
11.4502; fancy. $S32.2S; mandarins. 60g63o
per box; tangerines Jl-OOC- per box: grape
fruit. $2.7583 per box: bananas. 5&3Kc nr
Groceries, Nuts, Etc
COFFEE Mocha. 2632&C: Java, ordinary, lo
C20c; Costa Rica, fancy. l&S20c; good. 160
l&c. ordinary, 10$12c per pound; Columbia
roast, cases. 100s. 315.SS. 50s, $13.85; Ar
buckle. $14.&S; Lion. $14.88.
RICE Im lie rial Japan. No. 1. $5.37Vt: South.
em Japan. 43.50; Carolina, ViaCc; brokenheao.
SALMON Columbia River. 1-pound tills
IL75 per dozen; 2-pounds talis. $2.40; 1-peund
fiats. $LS5; fancy, 101tt-pound flats, $LS0;
ij.pound flats. $1.10; Alaska pink, 1-pound
tails. K5c: red. 1-pound tails. $1.45: sockeyes.
1-pound tkls, $Lb5.
SUGAR Back basis. 100 pounds: Cube. ILS0:
powdered. $6.05; dry granulated. $5.95; extra
vance ever sack basis" as fololws; BarrcU, 10c;
nau-Darreia, -c.; ova per iw pounas.
(Terms: On remittance within 15 days, ccduct
Vc per pound; if later than 15 days and within
i0 days, deduct Ho per pound; so discount
after SO days.) Best sugar granulated,
per 100 pounds; maple sugar, l&csi&c ner
SALT call lornia, i-n per ton. XL60 per bale.
Liverpool. 50a, $17: 100s. $16.50; 200s, $16;
half-ground. loOs, $7; 50s. $7.50.
NUTS--Walnuts. 13Vc per pound br sack, le
extra for less than sack; Brazil nuts. 15c; fil-
Dtrvs, ic; pecans, juajota, itc: rxtra large,
15c; almonds, L X U, 16c; 'chestnuts, Ital
ians, 15c; Ohio. $4.50 per 25-pound drum; pea
nuts, raw. IMc per pound; roasted, 9c; pine
nuts, 10 12 Vic; hickory nuts, 7c; cocoanutA
b5Q0c per dozen.
BEANS Small white. 4c; large white. SK7
pUXK, one, Duyeu, wvtci itua, ec
GASOLINE Stove gasoline, cases. 23c; Ircn
barrels. 17c; 88 deg. gasoline, cases, S2c; Iron
barrels or drums, 26c
COAL OIL Cases. 21c; Iron barrelo, 15c;
wood barrels, none; (S3 etc., cases. 22c; Iron
barrels, 13&c; Washington State test burning
oils, except headlight. Vjc per gallon higher.
LINSEED OIL Raw. barreU. 56c; cases, 61c.
Boiled: Barrels, 5!c; cases. 63c; lo less In 230-
gailon lots.
TURPENTINE Cases, S5c; barrels. 61c
WHITE LEAD Ton Jets, 7Uc; 500-pound
lots. 7&c; leas than soopouna. lots, cc
Meats andPro Titian.
BEEF Dressed, bulls, 33 4c; cows, 3H35hc;
country steers. -Hjattc
MtTTOX Dressed. SSTViC per pound.
VEAL Dressed. 100 to 125. 74 Sc per pound;
125 to 200. 434kc: 200 and up. 3V, 4c.
PORK Dressed. 100 to 150. 'ViBSc per pound;
iini oau up, v is-
HAJIE Ten. to 14 pounds, 12c per pound;
14 to 16 pounds. 12 Vic: IS to 20 pounds. l-ic:
California ipicslc), 8Hc; cottage cares, vc:
shoulders. S4c; boiled ham. 20c; boiled plcnls
ham. boneless. 14c
BACON Fancy breakfasts 16e per round:
standard breakfast, 14c; choice. 15c; English
breakfast. 11 to 14 sounds, 13c; peach bacon.
SAUSAGE Portland ham. 12Uc per pound
minced ham. 10c; Summer, choice cry. i7c;
bolosna. locr. 3V-c: weinerwnrrt. Sc: liver. 5c:
pork. Pc; blood. 5c; headcheese. 12ijc; bologna
sausage, iinx. t
DRY SALTED MEATS Regular short dears.
Mlc salt. 10c ctmnked: clear backc 9c salt.
10s smoked; Oregon export. 20 to 25 pounds,
average. 10c: salt. llHe smoked: dears, 9Ha
salt. 100 smoked; dear backs, 9c; Union
butts, 10 to 18 pounds, arrrage. S3 salt, 9e
PICKLED GOODS Pickled pigs feet. U-bar-rels.
$5; -barrels, $2.75; 15-pound kit. $1-25;
pickled tripe, w-aarreis. ; v-harreis. is
15-pound kit, $1.25. ptckled pigs tongues,
-barrels. $6: H-barrels, $3; lo-pound kits.
Xl.60: pickled lambs' toogaes, V-barrels. $8;
UJiarrels. $54S0: 15-pound, kits. $2.73.
LARD Kettle-rendered: Tierces, fHc: tuba,
9c; 60s. 9Ho; 20c Sc; 10s. lOiJc; 6s. 10c
Standard pure: Tierces. SSc; tuhj, STic; 5oc;
SJic; 20s, 9c; 10s, &e; 5s, 94c Coinpocnd:
Tierces. 6c" tens. Klc: SOsl C5ic: 10s. 7c:
is. 7c
Hops, Wool, Hides, Etc
HOPS 1804. Ziffttc per pound.
WOOL Valley. 39S20C er Mcnfl: Eastern
Oregon. 12317c; mohair. 252Sc per pound for
HIDES Dry bide. No. 1. IS TKrands and ct.
15815&C per pound: dry kip. No. 1. 6 to 10
pounds, lie: dry calf. No. 1. under 5 pounds.
16c; dry salted bulls and stags; one-third less
than dry flint; salted hides, steers, sound. Q
Sc. under 50 pounds and cows. 6V87c: stags
end bulls, sound. 464Vjc: xip, sound. 15 to V)
pounds, 7c; under 10 pounds. Sc; green (un
sslted). lo per pound less; culls. 1c per pound;
horse hides, salted. $1.5082 caeS; dry. SlffLM
each; colts hides. 2550c each; goatskins.
common, ivgix eacn; Angora, with, wool on,
tallow Prime, cer oound. 4S5c: No. 1
and grease. 21esc.
Prices Quoted at Portland Onion Stockyards
Receipt sat the Portland Unten Stockyards
yesterday were ISO sheep. The following
prices were quoted at the yards:
CATTLE Best Eastern Oregen steers. $4:
cows and heifers. $33.25.
HOGS Best large, fat hogs. $8: biaok and
China fat, $5.2595.50.
SHEEP Best Eastern Oregon and Valler.
Frlces Current at Tn--sT City, Omaha and
SOUTH OMAHA. March S. Cattle Rece4nts.
200. Market 10c higher. Native steers. $3.50
CCM; cows and heifers. $394.25: eanners.
$2.24.S0: stockers and feeders, $2.5084.35;
calves. $3S6.2S; bull, stags, etc, $24.
Hogs Receipts, 9500. Market 5c lower.
Heavy. $4.0055.03; mixed. $4.654.90; light.
$4,758-4.90; pigs. 43.754.60; bulk of sales,
Sheep-Receipts. ZSOQ. Market steady. West
erns, yearlings. $3.7536.73; wethers. $3.25Q
B.60: ewes. $4.75S.60; lambs. $6.5037.40.
CHICAGO. March 8,-Cattle Receipts. 21,
000. Market steady. Good to prime steers.
J5.2536J0; poor to medium. $3.754.75: stock
ers and feeders. $2.4024.00: cows. $2.754.50:
heifers. $335; earners, $1.6033.40; bulls, $2.30
4; calves. $396.50.
Hogs Receipts today. 35,000; tomorrow. 27.
000. Market steady to shade lower. Mixed
and butchers. $4.SS5.17!6; good to choice
heavy. $3.1035.2214; rough heavy. $4.0086.05;
light. $4.8035.10; bulk of sales. $5.0505.15.
Sheep Receipts. 22.000. Sheep steady. Good
to choice wethers. $5.6036.10; fair to choice
mixed. $637-75; Western lambs. $.507.73.
KANSAS CITY. Mo.. March 8. Cattle Re
ceipts. 6000. . Market steady to strong. Na
tive steers. $436.80; stockers and feeders. $3
4.80; bulls. $2.5034; Western fed steers, $3.75
C25; Western fed cows. $3?4.40.
Hogjt-Recelpts, 11.000. Market steady to 5c
lower. Bulk of sales, $4.6536.05; heavy. $53
6.10; packers. $4S.C5; pigs and light. $4.403
Sheep Receipts, 4000. Market steady. Mut
tons, $4.7535.75; Iambi. $6.5937.60; range
wethers. $3.2506.00; fed ewes. $4.7595.50.
Definite Quotations Will Be Made at San
Francisco Within Ten Days
SAN FRANCISCO. CaL, March a (Spe
cial.) Several lots of new wool have arrived.
but sot sufficient to establish, prices. The
trade looks for definite quotations within the
next tea days. The wool already received was
contracted for some time ago at higher prices
than can now be obtained. Dealers say this
season Is not opening as firm as expected aad
the market may ease off at the start.
Hops continue quiet and .unchanged in all
The market Is overloaded with decaying
oranges which are selllag low, but fancy
found navels are comparatively scarce and
Una. " Prices, la consequence, have a wide
range. Eight carloads of navels were auc
tioned, the stoek being mostly peer, aad sold
low. but the small quantity of strictly choice
and fancy were snapped up at top figures.
Fancy brought $1.6531.70, choice 90o$1.76.
standard 55c$$1.0S. There is a limited de
mand fcr good apples at firm prices. A
j straight carload of Washington Ben Davis ar
rived aad la held at $1.40.
Fancy Oregon Burbank potatoes are scares
and firm. Should tho shipments on the Co
lumbia, due tomorrow, grade high, an advance-
will be obtained. Fancy onions are scarce and
dealers talk .higher prices. Asparagus and
rhubarb are easier.
Wheat was weaker on selling pressure, but
other cereals were well rustalned.
Butter and cheese are weaker. Eggs arc firm.
Receipts. 49,000 pounds of butter. 3000 pounds
of cheese and 21,300 dozen eggs.
VEGETABLES Garlic. 6310c: green peas.
439c; string beans. 12316c; asparagus, SQ
ac; tomatoes. oocg$i.50: egg plant. 15c
POULTRY Turkey gobblers, 19320c; rooet
era. old, $535.50: do young. S8.G037; small
$388.50; large, $434.50; fryers. $5.5036: hens.'
$&SrS.50; ducks, old, $538; do young. $637
CHEESE Toung America. 1313Kc; East
ern. 15316c
BUTTER Fancy creamery, 28c; creamery
seconds. 25c; fancy dairy. 25c; dairy sec
onds, zc
EGGS Store, 15316c; fancy ranch, 17c
WOOL-Lambs. 16318c
HAY Wheat. $10314; wheat and eats. $10
13: car ley. 53 10; alfalfa. $Sie.5e; dover.
stocks. $B87: straw. 4055
MILLFEED Bran. $21321.50: middlings. $26
HOPS Apples, choice. S3; do common. 75e
bananas. 75cS$2.50; Mexican limes, $434.50
California lemons, choice. $2.50: do common
5c; oranges, navel. 75o3$2; pineapple?. $234
FRTHTJ-AppJes, choice, $2: do common. 75c
bananas. 75c3-2X0; Mexican limes. $4e4.50
California lemono, choice, $2.50; do ooatmoH
i5c; oranges, navel, 75c3$2; pineapples. J 24
ITXTATOBS Early Rose. $1.5031.75: River
Burbanka. 75cg$l; River reds, 65375c; Salinas
Hurbank. nominal; sweets, nominal; Oregon
tsuroank. nai.0.
RECEIPTS Flour. 11.623 quarter sacks: barw
ley, inw centals; wneat, 1330 centals: oats.
jsjkj eenuus; wans, zsaz racks; potatoes, 186S
pacics; oran. sacks; middlings, 560 racks
nay. ;'r- ions; wool. 31 bales; hides. 280.
Mining -Stocks.
SAN FRANCISCO, March 8. OC&rUI clo.i
lng quotations for mining stck today were
as follows:
Alia. 2 .04) J HI a $ .OS
Alpha. Con. -. - - .13i Justice 03
.ifweniuok con.... .01
14IM exlcan L75
Best & Belcher.
i.uviucciaentai con., so
... 6.87
Caledeala .....
Challenge Con...
Choltar .
Con. Cal. & "Va..
Con. Imperial ..
Crown Point ...
Exchequer .....
Gould. & Curry .
.SOiOvorrsaa ... ,
.. ,10
Savage ,
Seg. Belcher .,
Sierra Nevada
.. .23
.. .07
.. .48
.. .62
OllSllver Hill ..,
Union Con.
Utah Con. 1
lellow Jacket .. .16
Hale & Norcron LIS
NEW TORK, March 8. Closing quotations
Adams Con. .. .$ .20lLlttle Chief ....$.06
Alice ... 70JOntario a.75
Breeee 25Ophlr ... 7.00
11 runs wick uon.. .UTiPheenix ... ..
Comsteck Tun. .-. .08 Potosl
Con. Cal. & Va.. 1.85 Savage
Horn Silver ... 1.55 Sierra Nevada,
Iron Silver 2.00 Small Hopes .
Leadville Con... .03jStandard ... .
BOSTON. March a Closing quotations
Adventure ...S C.OOjMIchlgan ..... 14.25J
Allouez 22.25Mohawlc S 55.25
Amalgamated. 7S.50jMont. C & C. :i.50
Am. Zinc ll.OOiOld Dominion. 26.00
Atlantic 16.25
Bingham 3L23!
Cal. & necla. C70.00jQulncy
. 105.00
.. 12S.00
. 10.6S
. 24.63
. 40.88
. 4.73
. 13.75
.. 16.00
Tamarack . .
Trinity ... .
Copper Range
Dalv West . .
U. S. Mining.
Dominion Coal
u. H. Oil
Franklin ..
Granby . .
. 30.6SUtah
Isle Royals . . .
Mass. Mining..
Dried Fruit ut New Torkl
NEW TORK. March 8. Evaporated apples,
-unchanged. Coram on. 4?rCi-c. prime. 53
c: chc4. Gg6e; fancj'. 7c
There seems to bo a better tone fr pruae.
although prices are still unchaaged at from
235c. according to grade.
Apricots, firm. Choice. i03 lie; extra, choice,
ll3'12c; fancy. 32015c
"Peaches are in fair dmtad itrd 2rm.
Choice. 1010c; extra diolee. 10310c:
fancy. 31812c
Ralslns developed no fresh feature. Loose
Muscatel are quoted from 464c: Eoadoa
layers. SI. 0531.25; seeded rslcias. S.S6c
Wool at St. Txml.
ST. LOUIS. March 8. Wool, steady- Terri
tory and Western "mediums, 2tS2o: fine me
.dihsu 22225s: nvluw. fine. 17316s.
Sharp Decline Caused by Favorable
Weather" for Fall-Sown Grain
Liquidation Is General.
CHICAGO. March & In a whirl of excite
ment today wheat for July delivery broke 3tjc
from th highest point of the day. Other
option shared In the weakness. Favorable
weather for the growth cf Fall-sown wheat
was largely the cause of the- sharp decline.
The closing price for July was almost at the
lowest of the day, the net loss being 2c
May was down lHGlHc Cora and oats are
practically unchanged. Provisions are 2H35c
The wheat market opened quite steady as a
result of comparatively firm prices at Liver
pool. May was unchanged to lie lower at
$L14fc3-L14i. July was He lower to c
higher at 965i396ic Trading, however, was
barely under way before a sharp break oc
curred la the price of the May option. The
break started on selling by a leading holder.
followed by general liquidation. The July
optica was affected by the upsetting of May.
but even more by favorable weather conditions
throvghout the West and Southwest. As the
session advanced the opinion, that the Govern
ment report due Friday will show a wonderful.
improvement In condition, of Fall-sown, wheat
gained many adherents aad In consequence tbe
distant deliveries became Increasingly weaker.
In th meanwhile, however, the market ex
perienced a temporary rally. Shorts were
active buyers of May. causing a recovery of
about a cent. Late in the day July was sub
jected to heavy selling by a big holder. Pit
traders also sold freely. The market again
broke under the pressure.' July dropped to
934c Tho dese was at S3Hc May was
comparatively steady the latter half cf the
zesxloa, trade being largely la the July option.
At the dose May sold at $L12S1.!S.
The corn market was firm throughout the
day. May opened unchaaged to a shade
higher at 47J4S4Sc and closed at 4 Sc.
Oats werb TaJrly active aad the market was
firm l sympathy with corn. May dosed at
Little Interest was manifested la trading
1 provisions. May pork dosed 2'.jC. lower
aad lard and ribs were each oft 28jc. re
The leading futures ranged as follows:
May $1.14
.96 -6!i
.47-Ji .4SVi
.48 .4i
.4S4 .49H
.311a .32V
.29 .2ai,
May . ....
beptemDer ....
May 12.70 12.75
July 12.85 12.99
May .......... 7.02a 7.05
July 7.15
May 6.S7 6.37
6. So
July 7.W i.02j
Cash quotations were as follows:
Flour Steady.
Wheal No. 2 Spring. $1.1231.15; No. 3. $1.04
31.13; No. 2 red. $1.14H-1.17?;.
Com No. 2. 464c; No. 2 yellow, 46Xc
Oats-No. 2, S2c; No. S white 33iic; No.
white, 31Si832Uc
Rye No. 2. 7687Sc
Barley Good feeding, 3SS41o; fair to cheice
malting, 44047c
Flaxseed No. 3, $1.26H: No. 1 Northwestern,
Tlmothy need Prime, $3.05.
Mess pork Per barrel, $12.603 12.63.
Lard Per 100 pousds. $6.87HJ6.90.
Short clear sides Boxed, $6.671586.90.
Short ribs sides-Loose, $6.750.87i.
Short dear sides Boxed. $6.S7!37.
Clover Contract grade, $12.83.
Receipts. Shipments.
Flour, barrels .,
16. 00
IVhAat, bushels
corn, bushels ..
Oats, bushels ..
Rye, bushels
Barley, bushels
Grain and Produce at New York.
NEW TORK. March 8. Flour Receipts. 18.
700 barrels; exports. 6900 barrels; sales, 4S00
packages. Market dull and lower.
Wheat Receipts, none; exports. 20,900 bush
els. Spot, easy; No. 2 red.. $L1SH. f. 0. b.
afloat; No. 1 Northern Duluth, $1.234. t. o. b.
afloat; No. 1 hard Manitoba, $1.10. i. o. b.
afloat. The wheat market was unsettled all
day and generally weak, showing & notable
decline in the last hour on bearish crop sews
and heavy stop loss selling of July. The
market closed at the lowest point and l32Uc
below the previous day. May closed at $1.12U.
July dosed at SS-ic and September closed
at 90c
Hops Steady.
Hides and wool Steady.
Grain at San Francifico-
SAN FRANCISCO, March fi. Wheat aad
barley, esayj
Spot quotation Wheat: Shipping. $103
$L55: milling. $L553I-65. Barley: Feed. $1.20
31.22; brewing. 31.2231.25. Oats: Red.
$1.4031.55; white. $1.423L60; black. $1,333
Call-board sales Wheat: May. $L44; Decem
ber. $1.2S. Barley: May. SI. Corn, 'large
yellow. $1.3531.40.
Wheat at Liverpool.
LIVERPOOL. March 8. Wheat March., nom
inal; May. 6s 9d; July. 6s 0d.
But Tone Ij Still One of Hesitation Con
spicuous -Buying In Coalers.
NEW TORK. March S. Prices recovered in
today's stock market, although there was little
improvement In the volume of trading. The
tone was by so means well assured aad hesi
tation was still apparent In the xqovemenL
Trading was largely In professional haads.
The smallness of tbe selling orders which re
sulted froai the diwnward tendency yesterday
eerved as an encouragement to holders of
stocks and as a warning to bearish profes
rlonals not to extend their short contracts
unduly. The whole character of the market
Is better defined, as a waiting ono than as
either strong or reactionary.
With the Northern Securities case decided,
the absence of large selling is regarded as In
dicating a feeling of confidence la future de
velopments having a favorable bearing- on val
ues. The postpone men t of announcements in
explanation of the plans whjch were supposed
lo be contingent upon the settlement of the
Northern Securities case Is -trying the patience
of holders of fht stocks Involved. Large at
tention Is given to the subject In the current
discussion In Wall street, but evidently more
concrete results are desired to revive any
speculation la tbe market. The effect of the
strike on the local transit companies was 'less
marked In diminishing tho attendance at the
Stock Exchange today.
The most conspicuous buying today was la
the coalers aad tha special prominence of
Reading was attributed to the activity of a
pool la the stock. The rlview of trade, condi
tions by -the recbgnlred organ -traa very cheer
ful, however, and doubt was expressed whether
the usual Spring reductloa ia the price scaje
would he adopted this year. Amalgamated Cop
per also was a. responsive stock to enthusiastic
trade rtpsrts and a speculative party was a!d
to be active in that stock. The sharp recov
ery la New Tork Central had a. ..good effect
on sentiment. Tnc movement lit Western
stocks connected, with the merger rumors wtfs
more moderate.
The crisis In the war la the Far East and
the threatened catastrophe to the Russian
army had the effect of checking activity rather
than of prompting acy definite position In the
market. In Paris the rumor of another Rus
sian loan seemed to have & strengthening Ef
fect and to neutraiizo the Influence of the
war sews. The London market reflected some
doubt la Its operations pendrag'the action of
the Baak of England tomorrow on Its official
discount rate. The tone of the money market
was easier here for both call and time leans;
but sterling exchange at Chicago widened. The
buoyant rise In Reading late In tbe day was
interrupted by some renewed pressure against
Union Pacific and the closing consequently
was slightly Irregular. '
Bonds were steady. Total sales, par. value.
$C43O,00O. Unlttd States bonds were un
changed oa call.
Sales. High. Low. bid.
Atchison 57.800 02 90 917,
do nreferred 2.300 10JK 102K 103
Atlantic Coast Line.. 6.5W 142H 140 1414
BaKlraete & Ohio 11.000 100. 108 & Jtfyi
do preferred ..... 96
Canadian Padfic .... 13,200 143U 1H 142
Central of N. J 900 2w04 lUSH 200?,
Chesapeake & Ohio. J 4.800 50 49V 50
Chteago & Alton 20O 39?, 3S, S3
do preferred TOO si si?, to
Chi. Great Western. . LOGO 22ft 221 22
Chi. &. Northwestern. 1.700 241 240 240
CaL. Mil. & st. Paul S.80O i73?i itzu ia
do preferred
do preferred
200 32 324
300 90 98
700 . 234 25
200 61 61
100 36 56
C C. C. &. St- L....
Colorado & Southern .
do 1st preferred. . . .
do 2d preferred
Delaware &' Hudson . .
T.40O lVZi. 16U
DcL. Lack. & West.
7CO 36S 360 36S
200 33 33 33
Denver &RIo Grande
do preferred ....... SCO
83 S7
47 46H
82 61-t
70 69
92 02
Erie 36.600
do 1st preferred 3.S00
do 2d preferred 2,100
Hocking Valley .... 3.10O
do preferred ....... J.4UO
93 91h
Illinois Central
600 158?. 158
Iowa Central
do preferred
"Kan. City Southern.. 900 30 20
do preferred 2.300 631 64 ft
Louisville & Nashv.. 4.100 142 141 141
Manhattan L 800 171 170 170
Metrop. Securities ... 3.400 - 85 84 84
Metropolitan St. Ry.. 4.70O 123 122 VS--
il exlcan, ceatrai .... j.800 -i -
Minn. & St. Louis... 1.200- 60 00 53
M.. St. P. & S. S. M. 1,000 118 117 117
do preferred . lO'J
Missouri Pacific .... 8.000 108 108 108
Mo.. Kan. & Texas.. 2.900 31 31 31
go preierrea 400 tHi tHV cu
NaUonal of Mex. pfd. 41
New lork Central... 13.Z00 13TU 155 155
.n. 1.. ont. t west. 2. too mi ssy.
Norfolk &. Western.. 11.800 84 83 84
co preferred 1
Pennsylvania 33.100 143
142 142
P.. C. C & St. L.
Reading 262,500
do lot prererred....
do 2d preferred 1.000
Rock Island Co. 10,100
do preferred
Et L. & S. F. 2d pfd.
St L. Southwestern 1.200
do preferred 200
Southern Pacific .... 19.600
ao preierrea
'00 US'. 118 118
Southern Rail-ray
. 5.600 35 33 35
ao preierrea
Texas & Pacific 8.700 39
Toledo. St. L. & W.
do preferred 500 53
52 52
Union Pacific
..103.3000 J33
152 133
100 99
do preferred ...
500 100
1.S00 23
700 v47
do preferred
Wheeling & L. Erie
Wisconsin Central .
62 52
dry preferred
Express comDahlee-
Adams .
united States
Amalgamated Copper 60,600 79
Amer. ,Oar & Foundry LSCO 33
77 ti
co preierrea eoo D4
American Cotton Oil
do prcfered
American Ice
do preferred 10O 3Si
30 VI
American Linseed OH. ,.
do preferred 600 4-4
American Locomotive 4.500 43
do preferred 300 112
111 111
Amer. Sm. & Refining 39.S0O 94
92 84?i
ao preierrea
d 2,800 121 119 120
Refining 12.200 146 144 145
pf. cert. 3.400 97 97 97
Amer. Sugar
Am. Tobacco
Anaconda Mining Co. 16.100 112 109 111
Colorado Fuel &Iron
5.600 51 50U, C0d
Consolidated Gas . . .
Corn Products
do preferred .......
Distillers' Securitlee?.
General Electric ....
International Paper..
do preferred
International Pump..
do preferred
National Lead
North American ....
Pacific Mall
0,600 213 211 2114
1.400 18 18 lStt.
9.300 37
3.700 102
36 36
301 102
200- .46
45 45
People's Gas
Pressed Steel Car..
. 3.900 110 109 110
' rvv c tin-
do preferred
Pullman Palace Car.
Republic Steel
do preferred
Rubber Goods
do preferred
Tenn. Coal & Iron...
U. 3. Leather. .......
d opref erred
U. S. Realty
U. S- Rubber...
do preferred
U. S. Steel
do preferred
Va.-Caroilna Chem...
dp preferred
Westlnghocoe Elec..
Western Union
"200 242
1.600 38.
200 25 25 25
BOO 304 304
BOO- 94Ti 94
. 3.500 42 41:
3.400 13R 311- 112
rjv nor ia
IS, 100 95 94 951
400 350"', 3Sf
400 04 93-;
Total sales for the day, 965.500 shares.
. NEW TORK. March 8- Closing quotations
U. S. re. 2s reg.104
Atchison Adj. 4s. 97
D. & R. G. 4s.. 101
ao coupon ...104
U. S. 8s reg. 304
do coupon ...104
U. S. new 4s reg. 132
do coupon 132U
N. T. Cent. lsts. 09
Nor. Pacific 3s. 77
do 4s 103 U
So. Pacific -4s.... 934
U. S. old 4s reg. 104 U
flo coupon ...105 (wis. Central 4s. 04
nion Pacific 4s. 105
Stocks at London.
LONDON. March S. Consols for money,
90 15-10; consols tor account, 01.
Anaconda ..... 5
Atchison 03
Nor. & Western. 83
do preferred ..94
Ont. & Western. 53
do preferred .105
Bait. & Ohio ..111 Pennsylvania
Can. Pacific ...146Rand Mines ...
. 10
. 47
. 40
. 36
. 70
unes. &. unio .. 5ilReadIng
C. Gt. Western.. 23l do 1st pref ..
v-. jl 6c bu Jt . .16- i do 2d pref
jjeueers ish si. Railway
D. Si R. G 33 ! do nreferred
do preferred . 91iSo. Pacific
Erie 48 lUnloa Padflc
do 1st pre-f .. 83; do "preferred ..302
do 2d- pref ... 72 IU S. Stel MS
Illinois Central. 162 do preferred .. 7
L. & N. 343 Wabash 23
M.. K. Sz T..... 32 do preferred .. 47
i.cuii,.jwjb npanisn -is aiv.
Money. Exchange. Etc
NEW TORK, March 8. Money on call
stdy. 2S2 per cent; closing bid. 2 per
cent; offered. 2 per cent. Time loans, easy;
60 days, 3 per cent; CO days, 333 per cent;
six months. 3Q3 per cent. Prime mercantile
paper. 334 per cent.
Sterling exchange strong, with actual busi
ness In bankers bills 'at $4.868034.8685 for de
mand, and at $4.846034.8465 for 60-day bills.
Posted rates. $4.S334.87; commercial bills,
Bar silver. 5Sc
Mexican dollars. 45c
Government and railroad bonds, steady.
LONDON. March 8. Bar silver, steady.
27 3-16d per ounce. Money, 233 per cent.
The rate of dlcoun. In the open market for
short bills is 2 7-1632 per cent; the rato of
discount In the open market for three-months
bills Is 2 per cent.
BAN FRANCISCO. March 8. Silver bars.
68c Mexican dollar, nominal. Sight drafts.
30c; telegraph drafts, 32c Sterling on Lon
don. 60 cays. $4.65;aslght. $4.87. -
Baak Clearings.
Clearings. Balances.
Portland - $759,610 $116,262
Seattle 926.213 171,735
Tacoma .. 412,559 18,945
Spokane ... iidv.siu , -.S-
Dally Treasury Statement.
WASHINGTON, March 8. Today's statement-
of the Treasury balance in the general fund
Available cash balance $142,423,642
GOId GS.836,81
MeUl M&rkeU.
NEW TORK. March 8. The recent excite
meat la the London tin market appears to
have pretty well culmlaated In yesterday's
advance and today's cables reported slight de
cllnes with, .spot closing at 135 5s end futures
at 1132. Locally the market was quiet with
spot quoted at 27.50g23c.
Copper was firm and higher abroad with
London closing at Its 3s 9d for spot aad at
6S lis 3d for futures. Locally the market
was qulst, but steady. Lake Is quoted at
15. 3743 15.50c; electrolytic. 135ai5.37Hc. aad
casting. I4.S7Mei5.25c
Lead was firmer abroad, dosing- at 12 5s
for spot ia London. Locally the market was
unchanged at 4.45fl4.60c
Spelter advanced to 24 In London and ruled
unchanged locally at &10S6.25C.
Isoir closed at Cis In Glasgow and 50s in
Middle' bo ro. The New York market Is flnn.
No. 1 roundry Northern, $1S.?5S13.25; No. 2
fotsfdry Northern, $17.50018; -No. 1 foundry
Southern and No. 1 foundry Southern soft,
Coffee aad Sogar.
NEW YORK. March S. Coffeo futures closed
steady at a net advance of 5 to. 10 points.
Sales were reported of 81.500 bags, Including
May at 6.40g6.45c; July. 6.606.650 Septem
ber. 6-Sic; October. 6.00c: .December. 7.05c;
January, 7.10c
. Sug"arRaw. firm: fair refining, 4J:;catr!
fugal. 96 test Stic; molasses sugar, 4&c; re-
fined', steady; cashed. 33.73; powdered. $5.15;
rranulated. $6.65.
Dairy Produce la th East.
NEW TORK. March 8. Butter, weak; West
ern factory fine to extra. 1923c; do Imita
tion, comnfon to extra. 22326c
Eggs Firm. Western firsts. 26c; seconds.
Cheese Firm.
CHICAGO. March 8. On the produce ex
change today the butter market was weak;
creameries. 21326c; dairies. J&S24C.
Eggs Steady to firm at mark, cases Included,
lCS19c; firsts. 19c
Cheese Firm. 12$13c
London Wool Sales.
LONDON, March S. The offerings at the
wool auction sales today numbered 14.112
bales. Fine merinos and exoss-bre-ds sold
readily, but all Inferior qualities were slow
and were frequently withdrawn. Cape of Good
Hope sold briskly. Home and Continental
buyers operated freely and Americans bought
choice New South Wales gee!ng wools and
cross-breds at full prices.
Nerr York Cotton Market.
NEW TORK.. March 8. Cotton futures closed
steady at a net advance of 709 points. March,
'.40c; April. 7.4Sc; May. 7.52c: June, 7.49c;
July, 7.4Sc; August. 7.32c: September, 7.34.
Mohair Wool Sale Bate. ,
DALLAS. Or.. March, S.-The Polk Csunty
Mohair Association has set April 1 as sale
day. The wool pool will close March 13.
Wheat at Tacoma.
TACOMA. March S- Wheat Unchanged;
bluestem. 04c: dub. 86c
Marriage Licenses.
Gottfried Gross. 3S; Pauline Rltter, 34.
Charles Barnes. 60; Mrs. Sarah Hopkins
Wemple. 50.
Thomas J. Alverson, 48; Catherine L. waica.
William BItUe Wells. 32; Mabel L. Parker. 31.
Frank J. Crupy, 35;. Carrie M. Gilbert, 21.
John M. Brooks, 34; Airale Lanudy, 20.
William Dairy. 41; Sarah EL Nash, 45.
Building Permits.
Parish & Gourlay. East Third, between Mult
nomah and Wasco, five dwellings; $12.5000.
Charted Williams, Upshur, between Twenty
fifth and Twenty-sixth, store building; $20c
Lllllara Da Keatcr, same, rooming-house;
Thomas Darling, East Ialn. between East
Twenty-ninth and East Thirtieth, dwelling;
$1150. ' .
H. B. Doscb, Taylor, between west .fart
and Tenth, alterations; $3500.
E. Mendenhall, Columbia, between. Fifth and
Sixth, addition; $600.
E. H. Cowing. Cherry, between Benton and
Ross, dwelling; $1750.
C Markatrom. Lorrabee and tiaisey. store
building; $3S00.
Multnomah County, repairs to Courthouse;
Emma A. Jackson. Rodney avenue, between
Going and Maegly, dwelling; $900.
Mr. Huber, Fourth, between "Washington and
Stark, repairs; $100.
T. Taylor. East Eighth, between Shaver and
Mason, dwelling; $1200.
Real Estate Transfers.
Andrew Kan and wife to R. W. Smith,
trustee, east 30 feet lots 5, 6, block .
60. City 5 1
H. H. Nortaup, guardian to A. Joffray,
parcel land sectioa 10, : 1
1 E
Florence K. Morey to CJE. Morey, lot
3. block 15. Car ulcers Addition
Fredrlch David and wife to E. L. loul
ton, lot 8, block 8. Miller's Addition
Peter R. Berg and wife to M. S. Gor
don, lot 1. block 8, Highland
George W. Brown to B. Kaecbt, lots 5,
a vTa-v t krlata T rV- Vn, 2
K Mnett 1" Arietfl. Park No. 2
J. E. Scott and wife to C R. Beck et
aL. lots 6. 7, block 154. Couch Add.. 3
rnnr W TtToxtrn tn TV. Pennon, lot 21.
hloole S- Arletn. Park No. 2 300
H.i4iiii Tvitnf rn lo Tl Hauer et aL."
lots 18. 19. 20. block 3. Buvolr.... 600
T r Tnlman in C ni.lAr 7.RT SCXCS.
section 15. T. 1 N.. R. 1 EL 2.800
Peter N. Worslev and wife to G. Ross,
lot 2, block "M," Portsmouth Villa
Vt HVrias Inr hcr T! corner lot
L block "M," same addition 230
n.l. ir. n TT i Unnrltt
lot 8. block 4. Barrett's Addition 100
Walter -H. Tiff aiur and wife to F. David
and wife, lot 8. block 8. Miller's Add. 200
"Mfm. "B" Tufts to TT C. Hurlbert and
wife, lot 4. block 3. Adams' Addition.. 250
John O. Wlckham to A. N. Ferguson.
north half lot 3. block 180. Couch Add. 1 000
Same to S. E. Going, south half lot 3.
block 160. Couch Addition 1.000
j. j. Ricnarason ana wire to a. u
Brown.- north 40 feet, south SO feet,
lots 11. 12. block 2. Hawthorne 1st
Addition 2,300
Aloys Harold to- L. Scott. lots 25, 26,
block 1. Santa Rosa park Addition oo
Fred Schroder to S. A. Tucker and
wife. 14 acres James Thompson D.
L. C. 325
N. P. LInd and wife to M. J. Deuohar.
lot 8. block 2. Second Electric Addition 2i5
Sheriff to First National Bank; lots 4,
5, block 15. Mount Tabor
El E. Merges and wife to S. Mitchell,
lots 2. 3. block 25. King's 2d Addi
tion, exeent 10x231-3 feet off S. W.
corner lot 3.... 4,500
H. B. Troason to M. E. Swlgert. loti
1 to 10. inclusive, block 19. Mount
Merchant!- National Bank, trustee, to
H. C "Campbell, lots 3 to 6 Inclusive.
S. 150 fe-st of lot 7, blocw K: lots 5.
8. S. 39 feet of lot 4. block. Q. Tabor
H. F. McEllroy. trustee, to ramr. lots
2 to 5. Indualve. block "S." Tabor
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Line Steamers
Steamer Regulator leaves
Portlaad 7 A. M. Tues
"day, Thursday and. Satur
day; arrives alternate days. Coanectlng at
Lyle, Wash., with Columbia River & North
ern Ry. Co., for Goldeadala aad. Klickitat
Valley polats. Landtag foot of Alder sr.
Phoae Mala OIL 6. MDONALD", Agent.
For South -Eastern Alaska
Carrying V. S. Mall aad Express.
Sailing from 6eattls 5. S.
8. S. RAMONA, 9 A. M.;
From Tacoma samo day, 5:45
A. M. and 5 P. M.
RAMONA March 6. via Vic
toria aad Skagway-. March 18,
via! Victoria, and Sitka.
HUMBOLDT March 10. via
Vancouver and 'Skagway;
March 22, via Vancouver and Skagway.
COTTAGE CrTYr-March 29, Vancouver, and
All shins will m&it regular Southeastern
Alaska ports of call. Above sailing dates sub.
jeet to change without notice. S. S. Humboldt
will not call at Port Townsend.
for Vancouver.
CITY OF SEATTLE leaves Seattle. TuesdavB.
Thursdays. Sundays. 10 P. M.; call at Everett
aad Bdllngham. Returning" leaves Vancouver
Monday-, Wednesdays and Fridays' calling at
jseumgnaza ouy.
Steamers connect at Saa Francisco with com-r.-inT'a
et earners for rxjrts In California. Mt
ico and Humboldt Bay. For further Informa
tion obtain folder. Right is reserved to change
steamers or zaiung caie.
Portland 243 "Washington st.
Seattle... .113 James sr. and docks
Saa Francisco....... 10 Market st.
C. D. DUNANN, "GU. Pass. A t.,
10 Market St., san. Francisco.
asp Uniom Pacific
Thr0Urh Pullman st&ndard Knrt ntTr1t IeeT.
lng-cars dally lo Omaha. Chicago, Spokane:
tourist sleepisg-car daily to Kansas City:
through Pullman tourist sleenlne-car (person
ally conducted) weekly to Chicago. Reclining
ciair-cars i seats Ireej to the East daily.
UNION DEPOT. Leaves. Arrives.
CHICAGO- PORTLAND 9:15 A. M. 5:23 P.M.
SPECIAL for tbe East Dally. Dally.
ia Huntington.
I Dally. I Dally.
For Eastern Washlnsum lv.ii. -tvoii. i
Iston. Coeur d'Alene and Great Northern polnta.
8:15 P. M.
7:15 A.M.
lor ICO MSt via ilin.t
tegton. Dally.
FOR ASTORIA and.8:00 P. M. 5:00 P. M.
way points, connecting Dally. Daily,
with Kieiuner for Ilwa- except except
co and North beach Sunday. Sunday,
steamer Hassalo, Ash- Saturday,
street dock (water per.) 10:00 P. M.
FOR DAYTON. Ore- .m y a-srtPM.
goa City and Xamhiil '-Sinv naPv
Klver points. Ash-street Mf.
aock (water permmlng) 3UD aUn-
FOR LEWI3TON. 5:40 A. M. About
Idaho, and way points, Daily. 5:00 P. M.
Iroax Klparla. Wash. ex. Sat. ex. Fri.
TICKET OFFICE: Third rntH "Wahinitoa.
Teiepnone Mala 712. C W. Stinger. City TlcK
t Agent; A. L. Craig. General Passenger Aganu
S. S. CO.
Tickets on sale at
S. E. Columbia, March 17, 27, April 6. 36.
S. S. St. Paul, March 32. 22. April 1. 11,
Leaving Alnaworth Dock at 8 P. M.
Through tickets to all points beyond San
Francisco. JAS. H. DEWSON. Ageat.
Telephone Main 2SS.
for Salem. Roso-"
ourg. Asniand. bac-
8:30 P. M.
7:25 A.M.
Iramento, Ogden, Uun
uVancisco. Jiojave,
uos Angelea. Ei
.-aso. New Orleans
nd the East.
Morning train con
S:30 A. M.
8:00 P. M.
nects at Woodburn
.daily except Sun
aiJ wltn train lor
jiount Angel. Silvcr-
lo n. Browndviue.
anrtngfleia. Wena-
hing and Natron.
4:00 P. M.
Albany passenger
1010 A. M-v
connects at wood-
burn with. Mt. Angel
land Sllvertoa local.
7:80 A. M.
1H :50 P.M.
corvtllta passenger.
5:50 P. M.
11825 A- M.
Sherioaa passenger.
"Daily. IIDally. except Sunday.
Leave Portlaad daily for Oswego at 7:30
A. M.. 12:50. 2:05, 3:35. 520. 625. 7:45, 10:lo
P M. Dally, except Sunday, 6:30, 630, 8:30,
1025 A. M.. 4:10. 11:30 P. M. Sunday, only.
A. M. ,
Returning from Oswego arrives Portland dally
S:30 A. M.. 1:55. 3:05. 4:53i 6:15. 7:35. 953.
3310 P. M. Dally except Sunday. 6:25, 725.
9:30. 1020. 11:43 A. M. Except Monday. 32:25
A. M. Sunday only. 10:00 A. M.
"Leave from samo depot for Dallas and Inter
mediate polnta dally except Sunday. 4:10 P. M.
Arrive Portland. 10:10 A. M.
The Independence-Monicouth motor line oper
ates dally to Monmouth and Alrlle. connecting
with S. P. Co. trains at Dallas aad Inde-
V Ftot-dass fare from Portland tc- Sacramento
andEan Francisco. $20; berth. $5 Second
rlaas tare. $15; second-daas berth. $2.50.
Tickets to Extern points aad Europe. Also
Jaoaa. China, Honolulu and Australia.
CXTY TICKET OFFICE, corner Third and
-Washington streets. Phono Main 735.
Depart. Arrive.
Puget Sound Limited fcr
Tacoma, uezuic, uiympia.
South Bend and Gray's
Harbor points.. 8:30 am 4:45 pes
North Coast Llmlteu for'
Tacoma. Seattle, Spokane. v
Butte. St. Paul. New York. . -
Boston and all points East -
and Southeast..... ..3:00 pm 7:00 am
Twin City jcpres ror
Tacoma, aeatue, spokzae,
Helena. SC Paul. Mlnae- . -
apclia. Chicago. New York.
Boston and ail points East
and Southeast M. ... .11:15 pm 7:00.prsl
Puget Sound-Kansas ctty-
St. irfJUls coeciu, lor
Tacoma, Seattle, Spokana, '
Butte. Billings, Denver,
Omaha, Karens City, St.
Louis and all points East
and Southeast.. 3:30 aax 7:00 ana
All trains dally, except oa South Bend branch.
A D. uiLUiuiu.1, Auiwuu uescoi . aj
rrp Azent. 255 Morrison nt-. corner Third.
Portland, Or.
Astoria & Columbia
River Railroad Go,
For Maygers, Rainier.
Clats-kaale. "Westport,;
Clifton. Astoria, war
renton, Flavel, Hrua-;
mond. Fort Stevens,
Gtarhart Park. Sea
8:00 A. M.
11:10 A. M.
side. - Astoria aad Sea
Express Daily.
Astoria Exprrai.
7:00 P. M.
9:40 P. M.
CommTl Agt.. 248 Alder st. G. F. t P. A.
Threat Northern
City Ticket Office, 123 Third St., Jfaess 636.
Tbe Flyer and the Fast Mall.
Tar tickets, rates, folds rs aad fall" la
formatlon, call on or address
BT. DICKSON, City Passenger and Ticket
Agt., 122- Third street. Portlaad. Or.
Foe Japan, China said all Asiatic TerU, nill
LeaTO Seattle about Marck 10. '
O ca-DitmASTtOl