Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, February 16, 1905, Image 4

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Cascade County Bill Is Now
Only a. Memory.
Aid Insurgents to Pass Motion Made
by Whealdon to Postpone Indefin
itely When Matter Is brought
Before, the Upper. .House.
SAIJBM, Or', Feb.- 15. Special.) The
Cascade County, -balloon burst today. In
the Senate and. collapsed' almost before
tho honorable "body had oolloctod its wlt5.
The -SfyiatorK felt mightily relieved.- fur
the proposed county 'had been bearing
heavily on them for .two. week?; A fav
orable Teport by the eommittcc on coun1
lies. :a motion by "Whealdon-of "v7a"co to
postpone indefinitely, a, standing vole of
IS ayU and U.'noes, and Cascade was put
hors d$ combat.
Failure pf "Whealdon and his insurgent
allies to sustain for "the Democrats the
Governor's veto on the Astoria charter
led Representative. Jayne to the idea that
tho Democrats would seek vengeance Jn
deserting ."Whealdon, and in giving tho
bill the necessary 35 votes to pass it
Therefore he had tho bill pulled out of
tho committee.
'But the Democrats did not dosert. The
Senators werte -drowsily listening to re
ports', of committees when all at once
"Cascade" pierced, their carp. At once
they were.nJI attention!
For rhore than a week the bill had been
held, back by the counties committee. Coe
and Hodson of "Multnomah and Tuttle of
Qlatpop. and bad bvn trotted up and
down the pike many times as nn admoni
tion to the insurgent force not to get too
giiy. but the ."VVhealdon-Haloes-Cartcr-Xottlngham
outfit. were not afraid of its
pacQjf. Hardly .had tn committee's re
port been read before "Whealdon moved
Indefinite postponement. The vote was:
Ayes Avery. Bowrman. Brownell. Carter.
Crfttsan. HhIik-8. Howe. Laycoek. Malarkey.
McDonald. Mlllrr, Nottingham, I'iercc,
Smith. Whealdon. Wright 16.
No Booth. Coe, Coke. Coshow. Farrar.
llodpon. Holman, Loughary. Rand, Slchol.
Tuttle 11.
Not voting Hobson. Kuykendall 2.
Abtcnt Mays.
Tho insurgents are jubilant over the
drubbing which they declare they gave
tho "machine," but so-called "machine"
workers say they were not particularly
interested in th proposed county.
All the county fights are now ended,
Jefferson having surrendered. Hot Lake
having been killed in the House and Cas
cade In the Senate. The political air Is
much clearer tonight than for a long
time. Cascade County has been worrying
many Important bills for two or three
jerty, both .tangible and Intangible, and the
collection of taxes and public dues and
revenue and shall be performed In -the
form, of a bill or bills properly indexed
I for presentation to the Legislature."
The, board is authorized to call for in
formation on all officers of the Govern
ment and ""on Individuals, partnerships
and corporations, tbelr off lcers,v managers, -1
agents or attorneys In fact, for Informa
tion bearing on the subject; to examine
books and papers, to summon witnesses
to appear and testify and to produce books
and papers before It at times and places
Xo be appointed by It, and the members
of said boards shall have power to ad
minister oaths or affirmations."
Each member of the commission is to
receive 51000 compensation. The "bill ap
propriates frpoo,
Senator Pierce vainly endpavored to
have'" the Senate place the appolnlmont of
the. commission In tho .Governor. As tho
bill came 'from the Hpuse It gave the ap
pointment to the Governor. - The amendment-
was recommended by the Senate
committee on assessment, and. taxation
will "probably be concurred in by
House. '
. Thp vote -in the Senate was: Ayes, 23:
noes, 5.
House Passed Bill Fathered by Sena
tor Sichel.
SALEM, Or., Vab 35. (Special.) Wife
beaters arc to recolvc punishment up to
20 lashes, for Slchel's bili 'to flog such of
fenders passed -the : House tonight by ja.
vote of 37 to 13. with S absent.
Only two Senators had voted against
the bill, but In the House Smith of Jose
phine voiced the opposition, calling the
measure a relic of the Dark Ages, which
would disgrace the family of every, man
so punished. Courts Were given too .much
power he thought, asa poor man would
Yecl the whip, while a richer man would
escape with a fine.
Linthicum and Mears of Multnomah de
clared whipping a just punishment for a
wlfe-beater. Twenty lashes Is the top
limit, and they are toNbe given within a
jail by a ShcrlfT. Constable or Policeman.
Justice, -as well as Circuit Courts, have
Such a bill was recommended by Gov
ernor Chamberlain, so Senator Sichel. the
proud sponsor of the bill, feels -certain It
will become a law. Yet every Democrat,
except Fawk, voted ho to its passage.
The no votes were:
Barnes, Bramhall; Burns of Clatsop, Burns
of Coos. CaMvcell, Cavondw. Colwell, Grirfln,
Hermann. Ilolcomb, Jackson. Jacstr, lUler.
Smith of Josephine. Von der liotlen.
Governor Chamberlain Has
Three Judicial Jobs to Give.
Legislature Passes Bills for Judges
in Tenth and Second Districts
end District Attorney in
the Eighth.
Linthicum Scores Marion, rvlan Who
Supported Governor's Veto.
SALEM, jOr.. Feb. 15. (Special.) Repre
sentative Linthicum landed a body-blow
on Kay of Marlon today and got some
revenge for the part Kay took In sus
taining the Governor's veto to the Port
of Portland bill.
"I don't believe in this constant 'but
ting in' on local measures," is the way
Unthicum characterized Kay's motion to
cut out the proposed raise of 5500 in the
Falary to be paid the District Atto'rney
in Klamath and Lake Counties.
"I have tried to let other people's local
bills alone," continued the Multnomah
Ilepreseutativc. "but since others keep in
terfering, especially in Multnomah af
fairs. I am going to take a hand ray-self.
1 hear no complaint from the Representa
tives from the district affected, so I as
sume that the bill Is satisfactory o them,
and. If so, It should pass."
Kay responded that the salaries of Dis
trict Attorneys are paid out of the State
Treasury, so this is not merely a local
bill, but one In which he whole state Is
Nevertheless, the House took Linthi
cum'? view and voted down Kay's motion
to out out the amendment
Tho heavy hand of the House of Repre
sentatives fell upon the Haines bill for
tho relief of Louis Verhaag this after
npon, and the bill was defeated by a vote
of 52 to 6. The purpose of the measure
was to pay interest to Verhaag on money
paid to him by the state 14 years ago
for land to which he did not acquire title
because the land had not been surveyed.
The House defeated the bill because its
passage would establish a costly prece
dent in the payment of interest upon
claims against the state.
To grant an 'additional $200 a year to
the School Superintendent of Lane for
traveling expenses and 5150 a year for
clerical office aid while he is absent from
his ofilce, is now up to the Governor,
having passed both houses. The measure
was introduced by Representative Blng
ham of Lane.
Employes of state Institutions hereafter
will be -paid monthly instead of quarterly.
if Representative Kay's bill to that ef
fect shall not ie vetoed by the Gpvexnor.
Tho blir passed' the Senate this morning.
'Nottingham's bill to appropriate "money
for -.the Food and Dairy Commissioner,
fqr the enforcement of the law forbid
ding the Kile ' of adulterated linseed oil,
wag defeated in the House this afternoon
on account of the appropriation of 5350
-which it carried.
The 'good roads movement received a
4ift from the Oregon Legislature today
by -the passage of Senator Miller's bill to
appropriate foOO for the payment of the
expenses of annual good roads conven
tions. . "When the bill came up in the
House. Smith of Josephine opposed it on
the ground that It is. bad policy for the
state to begin making appropriations of
this kind. Ja'gger of Clackamas also op-
posed It on the ground that no good will
be accomplished by it.
"We have the best roads in the state in
' Clackamas County," said Jagger. "and
we have never had a good roads conven-
' tion. Hot air will not build good roads."
Newell of Washington spoke for the
appropriation, saying that the money will
1)0 well spent and will do much to edu
cate the people on the tjest methods of
constructing permanent highway's;
"Bills have passed both houses raising
the salary of the County Judge of Clat
sop from $900 to $1200 a .year, that of
the Sheriff from 51500 to 52000 and that
of the County Clerk from J1.&0Q. to
52000. and a Senate bill is in the House
to raise the compensation of the Asses
sor from 53 a day to 51800 a year.
Senate Passes BUI to Employ Attend
ants From the Asylum.
SALEM, Feb. 13. (Special.) For
transportation of insane persons to the
State Asylum by trained attendants
from that Institution the Senate today
passed 'Representative Newell's bill
against but five votes: Avery, Bower
man. Coshow. Laycoek and Whealdon.
The ayes were: Booth, Brownell,
Carter, Coe. Crolsan. Farrar, Halnos.
Hobson, Hodson, " Holman, Howe,
Loughary. Malarlcey. McDonald, Miller,
Nottingham, Pierce. Rand, Sichel,
Smith, Tuttle. Wright, Kuykendall 23.
Passage of the bill was advocated by
Haines of Washington, Pierce of Uma
tilla and Coe of Multnomah.
Crolsan of Marlon said Sheriffs were
as humane in conducting insane to the
asylum as any persons could be, and
that tho bill would increase the pat
ronage at the disposal of the asylum.
'Tou are helping the Salem hog.
remarked Crolsan. "I don't really favor
thb bill, but I'm going to vote for It
and stand In with tho Salem hog.".
SALEM, Or.. Feb. 15. Special.) Three
new judicial Jobs have .been created by
the- Legislature' and" the appointments
thereto vested In the Governor, and as
the' bills creating the offices carry emer
gency clauses. His Excellency will dis
tribute the plums at once. The jobs are;
Judge of the eighth district, composed
of Baker 'County.
Additional Judge, of the second district
composed of Lane.' Jouglas, Benton. Lin
coln. Coos and Curry Counties.
District Attorncv for the tenth district.
composed of Union and Wallowa Coun
That the Governor will appoint Demo
crats Is expected"!!! the Legislature: that
he will do so in the two Eastern Oregon
districts is practically certain, but that
some Republican stands a' chance In the
necond district is whispered m the corrl-
The appointees are. to hold the offices
until July, 1905, when their successors.
elected by the people, are -to get tho
places. The judges are to receive 53000
Three aspirants for the prize in Union
and Wallowa arc very much in evidence
about the Capital today J. A. Burleigh.
of Wallowa: C H. .Crawford and Turner
Oliver, of .Union County. All are camp
ing near the Governor.
To the Judgship In Baker two candi
dates aspire." Sam White and J. B.- Mcs
sick, and yet a third, for M. D.' Clifford
also has an eye on the job.
Democrats In the second district who
are said to be limbering up for the race
arc W. S. McFadden. of Corvnllls. and
Lark Bllyeu. of Eugene. Inasmuch as
Judge Hamilton, now on the bench in
the district, hails from Douglas, the sec
ond Judge is likely to be appointed from
Eugene or Benton. The Governor Is un
derstood to be pondering the question
whether he could make a good political
stroke by choosing a Republican. Hamil
ton Is a Democrat and the Governor can
carry out his theory of a non-partisan
Judiciary by naming a Republican like
Lawrence T. Harris, of Eugene, or E. R.
Bryson, of Corvalis.
Jurge Hamilton is expected to handle
tho judicial business of Douglas. Coos
and Curry and the new. appointee that
of Lane, Benton and Lincoln.
Wallowa. Union and Baker are now In
the same district with Robert Eakln. of
Union County, as Judge, and Leroy Lo
max. of Baker, as Prosecuting Attorney.
Baker Is set apart as a separate district
and Eakln is retained as Judge of Union
and Wallowa (and Lomax as Prosecuting
Attorney of Baker.
Uniform Grade Examinations.
SALEM. Or.. Feb. 15. (Special.) TJnl
form eighth-grade examinations for the
public schools of the state are provided
for In the House bill of McLcod, of Union,
which passed the Senate today. The bill
has been approved by State Superinten
dent Ackerman, as woll as several County
The tests shall be made up by the State
Superintendent and sent by him to the
directors of each district This will en
able a pupil of a rural school to enter a
town high school on the same standing
as the pupils graduating from town gram
mar schools.
MaJarkey's Impassioned Oratory.
SALEM. Or.. Feb. 1G. (Speclal.)-Re-ligion
came into a warm discussion be
fore the House committee on ways and
means this afternoon, when Rev. W. H
Selleck, a Salem Methodist minister, ob
jected to Senator Malarkcy's bill provid
ing state aid of 57 a month to institutions
caring for five or more wayward girls.
The mlnlsted declared that it would ben
efit only the Catholic Sisters' homes, and
was unconstitutional.
Malarkey made an impassioned speech.
and hot words flew fast The committee
decided to report the Jblll favorably.
Tillamook Independent Is Dead.
TILLAMOOK. Or., Feb. 13. (Special.)
The Tillamook Independent has
ceased publication. It was edited by R,
M. Watson, and was a strong advocate
of the saloons.
The plant was bought by Rollie M.
Watson, editor of the Herald.
ture. Such boards are to be created
where not now In existence. A health
officer, who must be a licensed physician.
Is to be appointed by each counts court
or city council, and Is to be paid Hi
cents per year for each Inhabitant of the
city or county, up to 50.000 Inhabitants,
but no city shall pay less than 510 per
year and no county less than 5100.
, The health officers are - vested with
power to enforce quarantine regulations.
A deputy constable in Portland Is pro
vided for In Malarkcy's bill, which has
passed both houses. The deputy Is to be
appointed by tho constable and will re
colvc a salary of 5P00, to be paid by the
county of Multnomah.
Senator Wright's optometry bill has
passed both houses. "It Is a bill to pro
tect the gullible." explained Smith, of
Jczjephlnc, when the bill was read In the
Sneaker Mills also explulned that 'at St
lxiuis during the Fair a lot of Irresponsi
ble spectacle vendors plied their trade
and made people belicvo their eyes were
about to be ruined, by which means cheap
spectacles were sold at 53 to 540 a palr.
This bill is Intended to prevent sucn prac
tices at the Lewis and Clark Fair.
The bill provides for the appointment
of a state board of optometry examiners,
by the Governor. Persons desiring to
practice optometry must be examined.
paying an examination fee of 510. and. If
successful, a further certificate fee of Jo.
Persons now engaged in practice of this
profession may be given a certificate
upon payment of 3a.
To confine to surviving executors and
trustees the duties of their functions, a
bill, of Representative Muir's passed the
Senate today.
For inspection of fertilizers and regula
tion of their- salo Representative NcNveU's
bill passed the Scnato today. The -bill
came from the Agricultural College. It
provides that all fertilizers must be
labeled with a statement showing their
chemical analysis and samples of each
brand must be inspected at the Experi
ment station, the fee for which Is to be
Malarkey opposed the bill and it was
defended by McDonald. Smith. Haines
Nottingham, Crolsan and Pierce.
District Attorney Manning of Multno
mah is allowed a third deputy ar 51200 a
month by a bill of Representative Lln
thicum's passed the Senate today. The
bill was amended in tho Senate so as to
raise the salary of the Deputy District
Attorney of Yamhill from 5250 a year to
5400 and that nf the deputy of Linn froni
5400 to 56CO. The ifbuse Is expected to
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The next County Clerk of Multnomah
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the Senate today.
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Proceeds From Sale of Public Prop
erty Must Be Paid Into Treasury.
SALEM. Or.. Feb. 15. (Special.) A
pernicious systom. which has been open
to -great abuse in the past was abolished
todayr when the Housp passed Carter's
Senate bill 214. requiring that whenever
state officers or stato employes sell pub
lic property they shall turn the proceeds
Into the general fund of the State
. At several state institutions, where
farms and gardens are kept and where
livestock iy produced, there are many
articles on hand "which cannot be con
sumed. It also frequently happens that
the property purchased for Institutions
becomes unsuicd for the purpose and
must be thrown away or sold.
In cases such as these It has been the
practice of heads of Institutions to sell
property and use the money to purchase
other property according to their own
wishes. This custom gives some officials
the absolute power to expend money to
the amount of several thousand dollars
In a year, without th claims being first
audited by the Secretary of State, as re
quired by the constitution.
In one instance it Is known that where
a state institution desired to expend
money contrary to law, and the Secretary
of State refused to draw a warrant for
the-money, the head of the institution
sold public property and used the money
to pay for the articles purchased unlaw
fully. Hereafter all money thus obtained
must be paid Into the Treasury and paid
out only upon warrants Issued upon ap
proved claims. The abuse thus cut off
has been growing for years.
County and city boards of health are
created by Smith's S. B. 40. which has
passed both houses of the Leglsla-
Lawyers and Laymen Interested
Bills Under Consideration.
SALEM. Or.. Feb. 15. (Special.) With
the committees working overtime today,
many visitors were directly Interested In
measures. The following were carrying
their dignity about the Statehouse today.:
O. F. Taxton and E. M, Brannlck. inter
ested In Kuneys bin prohibiting peddling
of agricultural Implements.
S. H. Friendly, of Eugene, shaker of
bands and friend of the Jar no bill.
It 1. Hume. "King of the Rogue." active
again sines the bill aimed at his monopoly
bobbed up.
Dan Welch, of Astoria, the "old reliable"
of the lobby.
J. H. Albert banker, of Salem, defender
of the reputation of the capital city's water.
Walter Lyon, of Independence, who onc
jtat in the seat lie Id by Will Gateas In the
Governor's offlcc.
B. F. Jones, of Toledo, who thinks Lincoln
County should have a Summer Normal
J. A. Burleigh, of Wallowa, draft horse
of Governor Chamberlain in that county.
W. R. Btlycu. of Linn, another cx-mera-ber
of the Rouse, of the well-known family
of the forks of the Santlam.
J. W. Bailey. State Food and Dairy Com
missioner, whose red vest looms up from
W. C. -Hale, of Grant's Pass, said to be
eligible for a Judgeship in Alaska.
D. M. C.Gault. erstwhile scribe Of Ullls
boro, one time enemy of the Lewis and
Clark Appropriation and now ita friend.
L. T. Harris, ex-Speaker of the House.
Paul Wessinger. never forgetful of th
Jayne local option MIL
ji. ueann, accompanied ny nis son, d
much interested in the sonnemann corpor
ation tax bill, as he Is one of the attorneys
of the Western Union Telegraph Company.
" -Wallace McCamant, Judge G. II. Blak-
ley. of The Dalles; G. T. Tufts, superintend
ent of the Anti-Saloon League; S. A. Lowell,
Frank Bollaa and W. S. C'lten.
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(Special.) Tho women's basket-ball
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ford team has won all its matches so
far this season.
Miss Mary E. Betz, - of Spokane,
Wash., who plays at guard, has been
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Amendment Has Been Made So That
Board Can Purchase Ground
It Sees Fit.
SALEM. Or.. Feb. 15. (Special.) Port
land's park bonding bill Is In grave dan
ger of defeat In the Senate, where it will
come up for passage tomorrow. Four of
the six Multnomah Senators present op
pose the bill Hodson. Holman. Notting
ham and Coe, and Malarkey and Sichel
are supporting It. Mays has not been
prosent since the organization of the
Legislature, five weeks ago. Under the
circumstances the other Senators arc
likely to leave the question with the ma
jority members of the delegation and vote
with them.
All that can save tho bill Is the pro
vision which submits the measure to
electors of Portland next June for their
approval or rejection. But for that pro
vision the bill would have failed in the
House last week.
The measure authorizes a' bond issue of
$325,000 for purchase of park grounds by
the Park Board, the chief aim being pur
chase of the Lewis and Clark Fair
grounds by the city. Not less than 510).
000 Is to be spent for grounds on the East
The delegation at a conference today
spllt evenly on the bill eight to eight.
Chairman Holman, who could have
tipped off the balance, and who opposes
I the bill, did not rote, for he desired it to
be killed by the wholo Senate rather than
by himself. Consequently the bill was re
ported back to the Senate without recom
mendation. Two weeks ago the bill Epllt the dele
gation, nine to nine. Speaker Mills, with,
the aid of Mayor "Williams and City
Auditor Devlin, modified the measure so
as to allow the Park Board to purchase
whatever ground they deemed best. Thu3
changed the bill passed the House.
Speaker Mills' bill to amend the Port
land charter passed the Senate today. It
contains the amendments recommendec
by the old charter board. Representative
Colwell's bill for a 2-mIll tax for l)rldge3
has gone to the Governor.
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Appropriation for Indian Veterans.
SALEM. Feb. 13. (Special.) An ap
propriation of $45,000 for Indian war
veterans of 1855-G Is carried In Repre
sentative Blakley's bill, which passed
tho Senate this afternoon. The appro
priation Is intended to supplement that
made by the last Legislature of $100,
000, which was inadequate to pay tho
claims advanced.
The claims are to be paid only to the
volunteers themselves and in no case
to their widows or heirs, unless the
volunteers shall have died after filing
claims. The money is to be paid for
military services, for which full com
pensation was not made by the terri
torial government of Oregon.
Delinquent corporations which refuse or
fall to pay the corporation license tax
can now be dissolved by the proclamation
of the Governor, Malarkey's bill for that
purpose having passed both houses. The
purpose of the measure was to clear the
records of corporations which have gone
out of business.
House BilpProvldlng for Commission
Is Pasted by the Senate.
SALEM. Or. Feb. In. (Special.) "To
examine tho whole subject of assessment,
taxation and collection of taxes and reve
nue and to make a tax code for the State
of Oregon," the Senate today passed a bill
of Representative Capron. The bill pro
vides for a commission' of three members,
appointed by the Governor, Secretary of
State and State Treasurer, to draw up the
code and report it to the next Legisla
ture. '
' "Such code VnaH include a .complete
system of tho "just and equitable assess
ment and taxation, of all forms of prop-
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